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Ömer and Zehra, from two completely different worlds, get into a pretended marriage under a secret agreement, each for their own altruistic reasons and despite their distaste for each other, have to maintain the happily married couple's act for Omer's family while hiding everything from Zehra's.

Genres: Drama | Romance
Station: TV8 (TR)
Rating: 9.75/10 from 8 users
Status: Ended
Start: 2016-09-19

Adını Sen Koy Season 1 Air Dates

S01E01 - 1.Bölüm Air Date: 19 September 2016 14:10 -

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Ömer a rich entrepreneur and Zehra an office assistant from a low-income family in Istanbul begin their day. Zehra's mother chastises her about her dad not making money and as Zehra is going out, she pulls out the last bills of money from her wallet so now Zehra has no money to get a cab to work. She is late, and her boss is miffed. Ömer's chauffeur drives him to work a fancy building belonging to his business Kervancioglu Holding. Yener arrives down the road with his sister Mehtap. He fancies Zehra and stops by the bus stop to give her a ride. Zehra does not like him and accepts reluctantly. Yener forces Mehtap to go to the back so Zehra would sit beside him. Mehtap is angry that Yener is not taking her first and gets off the car. He says he'll take a short cut for Zehra.

Alev goes into Ömer's office and is upset that Ömer is not accompanying her on a business trip to Germany. Alev clearly likes Ömer. Ömer is cool. He says he has a meeting and leaves again back in the car with the chauffeur. Ömer's driver misses a stop sign and hits Yener's car on Zehra's side. Yener jumps out and keeps saying you almost killed my girlfriend. Ömer comes out looks at Zehra in the car in the distance and Yener. He takes out a bundle of cash from his wallet and gives to Yener and gets back in the car. At the meeting he fires his chauffeur.

Yener's car won't go. Zehra gets out and despite Yener's bidding leaves on foot. She is fired and can't go in the office. Her friend Leyla consoles her at the door when a call comes from the hospital that his father had a workplace accident at a construction site and is being operated on. She runs to the hospital distraught. Ömer is talking with his sister Ayşe on the cell when Ayşe passes out. She is rushed to the hospital and Ömer goes there. Ömer and Zehra are in the same hospital. Ömer finds Ayşe who is there with their mother. He is concerned that her cancer might have returned. Zehra sees her father. He is recovering from the operation. She goes to register him. By the time she comes back her mother and sister have come and taken her father by force out of the hospital because her mother is scared that they won't have the money to pay. She is running looking for her father when she runs smack into Ömer's arms as his group is leaving the hospital. She just gets herself together and runs off looking for her dad.

Next day Ömer takes Ayşe to hospital the doctor tells him the cancer is back and she only has six months to live. He does not tell Ayşe. Ayşe tells him that she wants him to find love and get married. The doctor has said that they must keep Ayşe happy and worry-free. Mehtap gets an interview for Zehra with Nihat Ayşe's husband who is the HR manager at Kervancioglu Holding. Nihat is a bit flirtatious and Mehtap thinks they have something going on. Ömer suspects Nihat is playing around. Nihat agrees to interview Zehra. Zehra's mother likes Yener and wants Zehra to marry him. Zehra goes to the interview. When she is leaving, her necklace falls off and Nihat and her go down at the same time to pick it up. At the same time Ömer and Ayşe arrive. Ömer walks in earlier and sees them in an odd position and thinks something's going on. He looks back and does not want Ayşe to think her husband is cheating on her. He goes in grabs the necklace and when Ayşe comes in, he clears the situation by saying he and Zehra are seeing each other.

S01E02 - 2.Bölüm Air Date: 20 September 2016 14:10 -

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Zehra leaves the office without challenging Ömer's statement. Ömer goes out and on the side insults Zehra and says she is an immoral gold digger. Zehra slaps him and gets in the elevator.

At home Ömer snaps at Nihat and accuses him of cheating on his wife. Nihat tries to explain that he was just interviewing the girl and did not know her, but it falls on deaf ears. Outside, Ayşe tells Ömer he will have to invite Zehra over. Ömer decides to go ahead with the lie for Ayşe's sake. He finds out Zehra's address through Nihat and goes to her place. In the meantime, Sevim, Zehra's mother is trying to set up a meeting with Yener and her husband Salim so Yener can ask for Zehra's hand.

Sevim leaves to shop. Ömer arrives at Zehra's door and tells her to come over to his place. Zehra wants her necklace. He says it is not yours. He thinks Nihat has bought it for her. He finally convinces her to go to his house to get her necklace. She says she'll go only for the necklace not the party.

Later someone brings a package for Zehra. It is a dress. Ömer's note says wear it to the dinner. She is insulted and stashes it in the closet deciding not to go. Meanwhile at Ömer's house Ayşe is preparing for Zehra's arrival and tells mother, Müzeyyen and Hediye, the housekeeper that they are in for a surprise guest. Alev arrives from Germany. She is Ömer's and Ayşe's step cousin and lives in the house. Müzeyyen is Ömer and Ayşe's step mom and Alev's real aunt.

At night Zehra sees preparations and finally realizes Yener is coming to ask for her hand. She runs out. Ömer's chauffer is at the door to pick her up. She says no one is taking me anywhere. She sees Yener and Mehtap coming with flowers in their hand. She is frazzled and jumps in the car and tells the driver to drive off. Yener and Sevim are shocked. What's going on?

Zehra arrives at Ömer's house in her house dress and flats. At home Alev is very curious about the surprise guest. Everyone is dressed to a tee and waiting in the guest room. Nazan, the junior housekeeper tells Ömer in his ear that someone is at the door. He goes and sees Zehra's state and tells her to get lost. Ayşe arrives and takes her in with great affection. She takes her to the guest room and tells everyone she is Ömer's girlfriend. Everyone looks shocked by Zehra and her appearance and the fact that Ömer may have a girlfriend. But most of all Alev.v.

S01E03 - 3.Bölüm Air Date: 21 September 2016 14:10 -

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Zehra can't fit in. Alev goes up and starts smashing things in her room. Müzeyyen goes up to calm her. Müzeyyen tells Alev that Ömer looks at her as his sister and she should get it together. Ömer is very uncomfortable. Ayşe takes Zehra to see her daughter Asya. She hits it off with Zehra. Asya goes and brings in Ömer and he feels uncomfortable about letting "this woman" into his life. In the kitchen Nazan comments on Zehra being lower class. Hediye tells her to mind her own business. Alev is upset but she gears up for war and comes back down to join the party. She starts questioning Zehra and putting her down. Ayşe tries to fight back with kindness. But Zehra gets upset and says she has to leave. Ömer goes after her and gets her in the car to take her home.

At home Sevim tries to calm Yener telling him that all is well Zehra probably had something important to do because she was fired and is looking for work. In the car Ayşe calls Ömer and wants to talk to Zehra. Zehra wants to tell her the truth but Ömer forbids her. Ayşe apologizes and asks her not to get offended and come back soon. Zehra does not respond much. Ömer and Zehra fight. She tells him to stop the car and when he doesn't she tries to open the door while in motion. Ömer's emergency break makes Zehra hit her head. He tells her to get out. She does. It is a deserted road. He drives off but soon backs up but cannot find her.

She gets home in a cab. Her mother snaps at her. Back at home Alev defends her behavior to Ayşe saying this kind of girl is not what Ömer could even look at. Ayşe is upset. Ömer arrives and hears it at the door and to make Ayşe happy tells Alev that she is forgetting one thing and that is "Love"! Ayşe blooms. Ömer is happy. Alev is miffed.

Zehra finds his father in pain. It is morning. She goes out to get him his medicine. She runs into Yener and he grabs her arm and asks about the car last night. She pulls her arm out and tells him it is not his business.

Alev goes to Ömer's office and tries to fish for something. Ömer brushes her off. He tells his friend Demir about Ayşe's sickness and then calls Zehra and tells her that he is sending his car to pick her up because his sister wants to see her. She says no and not to call her again. He says she is at fault for putting him in that situation and then tells her to name her price. She is shocked and hangs up.

Meanwhile Yasemin has found the dress in the closet and taken it to sell. Zehra wants to return it. Ömer decides to go home to try and tell Ayşe the truth. At home Ayşe is in bed and looks sick. She asks him to give love a chance. She is very upset that they have hurt Zehra's feelings. Out the window Ömer suddenly sees Zehra entering the garden. He goes down to meet up with her. She presses the dress in his chest and asks for her necklace. He says it is not hers. She says the necklace means a lot to her and she does not measure everything by its price tag like him. They quibble. Ayşe arrives and passes out. Ömer runs to her. Zehra looks concerned.

S01E04 - 4.Bölüm Air Date: 22 September 2016 14:10 -

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Ömer and Zehra go to Ayşe. Zehra takes out a bottle of water and sprinkles some on her face. She wants to call an ambulance but Ömer wants to take her to hospital himself. He rushes her into his car. Zehra helps. Ömer is taken aback by her help. She runs in the back of the car and holds Ayşe's head. They drive off. Ökkeş informs the rest of the family, specifically Nihat who drives in soon after. When Alev hears from Müzeyyen, she quickly calls Ömer. They are wheeling Ayşe into the hospital. He takes out the phone asks Zehra to answer it and goes with Ayşe. Zehra says Ömer cannot answer right now and hangs up. Alev recognizes her voice and is angry. She goes to Nazan and tells her that she has to inform her of anything that happens in the house. Ayşe is fine in hospital and thanks Zehra for being there for her. Ömer goes out to call home. Zehra follows. Ömer snaps at Zehra and asks why she is still there. She is about to leave when Demir arrives and meets Zehra. He follows Zehra and tells her that Ayşe used to be sick with cancer and that is why Ömer is very concerned. Ömer arrives and asks Demir what he has told her. He assures him that he hasn't said anything about the current sickness.

In the hospital Ayşe reveals to Nihat and the doctor that she pretended to pass out because Ömer and Zehra were having a fight and she wants them to be together. She asks the doctor to tell Ömer that he should make sure his sister is not upset in any manner. He accepts saying in his head that the recommendation is true after all.

Zehra goes home and her mother pulls her hair and really harasses her about going out and not accepting Yener. Zehra's father asks her again about her necklace. She says it is being fixed at the jewelers. She decides to go and get it. She is about to step out when someone brings her flowers with a note from Ömer apologizing. She goes to Ömer's office and forces her way in. She drops the flowers on her desk and says I just want my necklace. Ömer looks at the note and realizes that Ayşe has sent them. He calls the security guard to take Zehra out. She leaves and is indignant.

Ömer goes home. He sees Ayşe with Asya sleeping beside her in her bedroom. She talks about death. Ömer walks into the garden and is very upset. He gets up and appears determined.

At night in Zehra's home preparations are being made for Yener's arrival. Zehra is sitting in her room refusing to join in. She keeps telling her mother she does not want Yener. The doorbell rings. Zehra's mother forces her to go open the door. It is Ömer. She is shocked. She says "What do you want here? Do you want to throw me out of my own house too?" In his head, he says "For Ayşe. For my sister!" so he swallows his pride and tells Zehra, "Will you marry me?"

S01E05 - 5.Bölüm Air Date: 23 September 2016 14:10 -

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Ömer says this is a job offer, not a marriage proposal. For six months you'll marry me and pretend we are ahappily married couple and you will get paid for it. Zehra tells Ömer that his marriage (job) proposal is akin to hell for her. She would not join his lies and would never ever accept his offer. He says I'll give you time to think about it because he considers his offer once in a lifetime opportunity for her. He leaves.

Sevim once more pulls Zehra's hair and verbally abuses her. She says she has to marry Yener because they have no money and there is no other way for them to pay their way. Zehra goes crying in the yard and finds the bill from the hospital. They owe 127 thousand liras. She hides it but Sevim finds it and is even further set on marrying Zehra off to Yener. Yener arrives with gifts and asks Salim for her hand. Zehra has begged her father to refuse him. Salim (her father) tells Yener that these things cannot be rushed and that he will think about it and let him know. Yener is angry and leaves. Sevim is also angry with Zehra and Salim. She tells her husband that he has to call Yener right away and tell him that we have thought about it and they can get married. When he refuses, she throws both Zehra and Salim out of the house and locks the door and does not allow Yasemin to open the door for them. Salim is not well. Zehra begs her mother to at least let her father in. But Sevim ignores her pleas.

Meanwhile driving back home, Ömer calls and discusses the preparation of an agreement. He goes home. Ayşe is in bed. He tells her that he has made a decision and will let her know tomorrow. She is puzzled and wonders if it is a marriage proposal to Zehra. Rain and thunder begins!

Salim gets wet and finally passes out in Zehra's arms. She taps on the window and gets Yasemin to call an ambulance. They take him to the hospital and the doctor says he has to be operated on right away but they need to pay 60 thousand liras first. She begs them to go ahead and do it and she will pay later but they say there is no way for that.

It is morning. At breakfast Ömer is missing. Ayşe says he has told her that he has something important happening that day. Alev says it is probably about their business trip to Dubai because it is very important and they are going for six days. Ayşe is a bit disappointed. At the office, Alev tries to talk to Ömer about the trip but he just cuts her off. Then Demir comes and when he realizes what's going on tells Ömer that he has to think more about the lives of the people he is involving in this game. Especially that of Zehra. He also says if she comes, he believes, she would come for Ayşe not the money.

Yener goes to visit the family. He asks about the ambulance. Sevim says Salim was just about to call him and let him know that he could have Zehra's hand when he fell ill and had to be taken urgently to the hospital. He takes Sevim and Yasemin to the hospital. When they realize the situation Sevim tells Yener that Zehra loves her father and if he manages to get the money for his operation, she is sure to marry him. So he goes to get the money. When Zehra hears this, she says she would not let Yener into her life. She goes to Kervancioglu Holding building and to Ömer's office. Ömer sniggers when he sees her. She says if I didn't have to...He says you will be paid but first you have to sign this agreement. "Agreement?" Zehra is surprised.

S01E06 - 6.Bölüm Air Date: 26 September 2016 14:10 -

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Zehra is only thinking about her father being at death's door. She says give it to me to sign. Ömer is surprised that she will do it without reading. She signs and then he says name your price with his checkbook in his hand and a smirk on his face. She is embarassed. She feels demeaned but swallows her pride. She can't mention the amount. He gives the blank check to her to write. "You know how to read and write, right?" he degrades her again. She writes 187 thousand. He looks at it and again is surprised that this is all she wants for the six months. She takes the cheque and asks if it can be cashed right away. He says of course; it has my signature under it! She runs to the bank. He also gives her a card and says you have to be there at two. She says she has something important today and cannot. But he is not willing to listen. Demir comes in and is surprised that she took money. Ömer says this is the kind of woman she is.

Yener is trying to put together the money. Betton, his old friend is released from prison and he is going to use him from now on as muscle! Zehra brings in the money to the hospital, pays them off and they begin operation but the doctor says the delay has been long and nothing is certain. Her mother and sister come. Her mother is surprised that the operation has gone ahead. She degrades Zehra for being away. Ömer calls and tells her she must go to the appointment. Zehra gets up and leaves. Sevim is angry. Zehra goes to the address. It is a boutique. They have instructions from Ömer to give her a complete makeover. But she feels the dresses they are giving her are too exposed. She calls Ömer and says I will not wear these. He says if you think you are going to appear before my family in the rags you have been wearing you are mistaken. Meanwhile Ömer tells Alev that she is going to Dubai alone adding that it is a very important deal for him so if she gets it she will become his number one in the company. She is miffed that he is not coming. Nihat comes and continues with Ayşe's game telling Ömer that Ayşe is very concerned about Zehra. Ömer tells him to get out and not to mention Zehra because Ömer thinks there is hanky panky between them. He gets up and goes to the boutique.

Zehra has just put on a white and black polka dot sleeveless dress. He is taken by her. She wants to change but he does not let her. This is fine and he asks that they throw away her old dress. He gets her in the car takes her to the house and tells Ayşe and Müzeyyen that they have set a date for marriage in three days. Ayşe is beside herself.

Meanwhile Yener gets the money brings it for Sevim and asks how come they are operating. She says because they begged them to go ahead but stil they have to pay right away so she takes the 60 thousand. She goes to pay but they say the account is paid. She is confused but decides to keep the money and not tell Yener. Yener is angry that Zehra is not there. Sevim calms her. He wants the engagement rings to be exchanged. Sevim says all has to wait for Salim to recover.

At Ömer's home, Müzeyyen asks about Zehra's family. Ömer says Zehra is an orphan. Zehra is upset by that. Her telephone rings. She does not answer. She says I have to leave. She runs out and is about to leave. Ömer goes after her and says you must come back. She says you have to consider that I have a family too. What am I gonna tell them? He says you should have thought about that before signing. She goes to the gate. If you leave you have to return the money right away, he says. She ponders at the gate.

S01E07 - 7.Bölüm Air Date: 27 September 2016 14:10 -

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Ömer says it is not only the money he has given her, she will have to return even more. She is about to return when Yasemin calls but she cannot get through. She thinks something might have happened to her dad so she just turns around and runs out. Ömer goes back in and tells others that from now on there will be no mention of Zehra's parents. He sits in the living room. Ayşe says what about the wedding party. He says he does not want any party and no fuss. Ayşe and Müzeyyen acquiesce but Ayşe says she would not relent about a wedding dress. Ömer agrees to go with her and Zehra to the boutique. She is happy beyond limits and goes to make an appointment. For a moment, alone with Müzeyyen, Ömer seems to be about to tell the truth to her but it turns around and instead Müzeyyen ends up congratulating him and forecasting the steps of his little ones in the house bringing more happiness to the family.

Zehra runs to the hospital. He mother is shocked at her appearance. She sits with her dad alone. She reads the agreement and sees that it puts her completely under Ömer's control and is shocked by its complete disregard for her. She will also have to return millions to him if she violates the provisions of the agreement. Her father comes to slightly and in a daze begs for forgiveness for not being about to take adequate care of what was left in his keeping. Zehra does not understand.

Later she goes home and changes. Her mother again comes and pulls her hair and accuses her of running around. She keeps assuring her that she had done nothing wrong. She finally gets out and goes to Ömer's office. Yener calls Mehtap and tells her we are going to the hospital tonight to exchange the rings with Zehra. Mehtap is surprised.

At the office, Zehra says I have read the agreement and will abide by it. Without telling her anything he just tells her to follow him. When they are leaving, Mehtap spots Zehra getting in the elevator with someone. Yener comes to Sevim's home and asks for Zehra. She is not there and Sevim says she is probably at the hospital. They go there. She is not there so Yener is again being rowdy. Mehtap calls Yener and tells him that Zehra was in the Company with someone. Yener leaves in a rage.

Ömer and Zehra go to a photo studio. The photographer puts make up on her and takes photos for the marriage documents. Then she wants to go. He says it is not over yet. Getting in the car, Zehra almost falls. Ömer asks if she is OK. She looks around. A street vendor is selling simit. She goes and gets one. Ömer is surprised at the simplicity of her taste. She sits quietly beside him in the car and eats the simit in tiny pieces.

Yener goes to the entrance of the Company and starts shouting Zehra's name. Mehtap is there and tries to defuse the situation. Seucirty guards throw Yener out. Nihat arrives and asks Mehtap if she knows him. But Ayşe calls and he has to leave.

Ömer and Zehra go to the wedding boutique. Ayşe is excited and says she has chosen some of them but Zehra can choose whatever she likes. Zehra says I am sure I'll like what you have chosen. Ömer notes this and is relieved by her niceness to Ayşe .

Yener goes to Sevim and screams about Zehra. He gets Betton to stand guard at their home. Zehra starts trying on wedding dresses. Ömer looks at her and each time is taken by her beauty. At the door, Zehra tells the group she needs to leave. Ömer and Zehra get in the car. He drives her to her house and tells her that she should be in his house tomorrow. She asks him to drop her off on a side street. She walks home and Yener is there at door interrogating her and asking about the car that dropped her off.

S01E08 - 8.Bölüm Air Date: 28 September 2016 14:10 -

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Zehra returns home. Ömer finds Zehra's keys in the car and calls her. She says, while arguing with Yener, that she will get them tomorrow. Yener is there. Yener grabs her and they struggle. She falls, hits her head and passes out. He puts her in the car and kidnaps her. Ömer returns to give her the keys, no one's there. He calls her but she is in the car, passed out. Yener throws her phone out of the car. He takes her to the rotten cabin. She tries to escape. He ties her up and says you will stay here until you agree to marry me.

Ayşe is redoing the bedroom. Ömer goes home. In the morning the doctor sends him Ayşe's results and he sends them to the doctors in the US. He is concerned that Zehra does not answer her phone. He tells Nihat to find Zehra. Doctors from the US call and say there is no hope for Ayşe . Ömer is distraught and thinks to himself that he will do anything to make Ayşe's days happy. Demir comes in and tells him not to lose hope in her recovery

Meanwhile Sevim takes Salim home and they keep wondering where Zehra is. Sevim then realizes that Yener is also missing and is happy thinking they are sure to be together and the deal is done. Nihat takes Mehtap to lunch and she tells him that the guy who came to the building was Zehra's fiancé without letting on that he was her brother. Nihat tells Ömer, Zehra has a fiancé and shows him Yener in the security footage. Ömer thinks to himself then this guy is not only Zehra's partner, he is also her lover. So he is now more convinced that Zehra is deceitful and dangerous. But he is determined to make Ayşe 's dream come true. He tells Nihat to get out and forbids him to ever slander his future wife again.

Now that he has Yener's name, he gets information on him. Ömer finds Yener's hideout. Zehra tries to escape but is caught by Betton. Yener goes crazy and this time puts a gun to her head and says you have to marry me. He is just about to put the ring on her finger when Ömer sees them from the broken windows and all. Ömer thinks they have eloped. He breaks in and struggles with Yener. He goes in. Struggle and gunshot.

S01E09 - 9.Bölüm Air Date: 29 September 2016 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Zehra is shot. Ömer hits Yener unconscious and goes to tend to Zehra's wound. Ömer chides her for taking the money and running away with her fiance. Zehra tells him he had kidnapped her. He does not believe her. Sevim thinks everything is done since Yener and Zehra are both missing. Zehra begs Ömer to let her visit her father. Ömer thinks it's another trick.

Nihat tells Ayşe that Zehra is missing. Ayşe stumbles. Ömer takes Zehra to the hospital. While they are tending to the wound, Ayşe calls Ömer and is upset that he has lied to her. She passes out while talking on the phone. Ömer loses it and drags Zehra home.

Yasemin is sent to check on Yener and he meets a boy named Koray. He likes her but she plays hard to get.

Ömer gets off the car and runs to Ayşe . Zehra stays by the car a bit lost. Okkeş says hi. Nazan looks at Zehra with disbelief. Asya comes and takes Zehra to see her cat in its secret hideout. They together take the cat out of the cellar to give it some air in the garden.

Ömer visits Ayşe. She is sleeping. He is angry at Nihat for upsetting her. Hediye arrives and tells Zehra that Ayşe has passed out again. Zehra runs to her room. Just as Ayşe asks Ömer why she didn't tell her Zehra was lost, Zehra enters the room. Ömer says she was mugged and they had to go to the police. Nazan calls and informs Alev.

Betton gets Yener out of the cabin and they begin driving to Zehra's home to find her. Yener calls Mehtap to find Zehra and asks about the guy who is with her. Mehtap thinks it is Nihat and is angry at Zehra for stealing him from her.

Ayşe is happy again. She shows Ömer and Zehra their room. Zehra gets the guest room. Ömer goes to her room and threatens her against trying to get away. Zehra once more asks to go see her family saying her father is sick. Ömer forbids it. Zehra calls him cruel and he loses it and corners her at the wall and threatens her.

Yener is a loan shark and forces people to sign more and more IOUs. Ayşe goes to Ömer's bedroom and apologizes to him for thinking he had lied to her. Yener stalks Zehra's the house. Ömer checks up on Zehra. She is sleeping on the chair. When he leaves Zehra gets up to go. Asya is also up going to her kitty in the garden. Zehra runs out and Asya sees her shadow and thinks it is a thief. She runs and falls triggering the sprinklers in the garden. Everyone wakes up and goes to get her. She is scared of the thief. Ömer goes to check Zehra's room.

S01E10 - 10.Bölüm Air Date: 30 September 2016 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Sevim checks on Yasemin and sees that Zehra is in her bed. She begins yelling and Zehra gets angry saying Yener kidnapped her. Sevim says since she was missing for two days, she told her dad that she was staying with Mehtap because she was sick. She also forbids her to tell her father about the kidnapping. Zehra is angry that she told her she was at Yener's but goes to her dad and tells him that she has found a job. It is a live-in job taking care of the child of the family because her mother is sick. He says he is not happy if she stays there all the time. But she says it is too late because she has signed a six month contract and considering their debts, it is a good opportunity. Sevim makes a fuss and tries to make her stay but she packs and leaves.

Yener and Betton had fallen sleep in the car. They go to the office and call Mehtap. Mehtap says she is going to see Zehra. On the street she sees her but Zehra gets in the cab and does not talk to her. Mehtap tells her brother so Yener goes to Sevim and begins fussing. Sevim says he should not have kidnapped her and now Zehra is too angry with him. Yener is beside himself. Zehra goes to Leyla and gives her her address telling her not give it to anyone. She just tells her she has a job.

Zehra goes to Ömer's house. Going in, Ömer comes down the stairs and sees her. She says she has said goodbye to her family and brought some things to keep them from suspicion. He is about to scold her when Ayşe arrives. Again he goes to her room and demands that she abide by his rules. Ayşe comes and says he should leave because they have lots to do on the wedding day. Asya, dressed in white, comes and asks Zehra whether the kitty could come to wedding and she says of course. She runs out and Alev follows her in the yard. When she goes in the cellar, she locks it and Asya is stuck there. Alev then goes back.

Demir goes to Ömer and tells him that they have lost the Dubai bid to Hilmi Yilmaz and that Alev left before the bid. He sees red. Alev goes to Zehra's room and tells her she is not fit for Ömer and that she will find out what game Zehra is playing. Zehra says there is no game but love. Ömer comes in and takes Alev to his office and fires her. She is shocked.

Ayşe prepares the bride and asks Hediye to go get Asya. Müzeyyen is surprised to see Alev. Alev is angry that she has not been told about the wedding. She tells herself anyway the wedding will not happen because hell will break loose soon. Asya is missing. Ayşe passes out crying. Everyone begins looking for her. Zehra comes and consoles Ayşe. Ömer and Demir and Okkeş are looking for Asya in the garden. Zehra suddenly remembers the secret place and lifting her wedding dress runs there. She open it and goes down there but the door locks again. The cables in the cellar have broken off and there are small explosions everywhere. She tries to keep Asya in safety but a waterpipe also breaks and the situation gets worse.

S01E11 - 11.Bölüm Air Date: 03 October 2016 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Zehra continues protecting Asya from the dangers of the crumbling cellar. She ties the cracked pipe with her veil. Okkeş tells Ömer and Demir that Asya kept a kitty in the cellar. They go there. It is locked so they are about to leave when Zehra bangs on the door. Ömer opens it and Zehra falls into his arms with her soiled dress and smudged make up. They freeze in the moment. Ömer jumps to get Asya and Zehra runs down the stairs behind him to catch a dangling cable from hitting them. Ömer is angry with Zehra thinking why she should be there. They go to the house and Ayşe is beside herself to have her daughter back. Asya tells them all how Zehra saved her from the many many dangers and even used her veil for the rescue. Alev is going crazy inside.

Meanwhile Yener goes to Leyla's house and ties her up and tells her she has to tell him where Zehra is. She won't budge. Late at night Yener goes and gets Sevim and brings her to Leyla's house and says you must convince her. She is shocked at first but decides to help Yener.

Asya insists that the wedding should go on. Ayşe tells Ömer to get the registrar and she will take care of preparing Zehra. Hediye says she will take care of the preparations. Alev goes to the room and threatens Zehra again and forbids her to say yes at the ceremony. Ayşe brings her own wedding dress and fixes Zehra up.

Ömer sees Zehra walking into the arch. She is beautiful but he is angry that she is wearing Ayşe's dress. He goes to her. They walk up to the registrar and both of them with long hesitation says yes. Ayşe wants Ömer to shout it out. He says it louder for her. The family lines up to give gifts and congratulations. Müzeyyen gives her a set of diamond studded jewelry. Ömer is irritated. Ayşe gives her an antique broach. A family heirloom. Zehra wants to refuse but Ayşe says this belongs to Ömer Kervancioglu's wife. Then she takes out Zehra's necklace saying this is what my brother got you. Ömer takes it and puts it on her neck saying in her ear, so you finally got what you wanted.

Alev says to Ömer and Zehra, strange you both look so worried. Ömer puts his hand on Zehra's waist and says they're fine. He warns Zehra to be careful with Alev; she is too cunning. Zehra says I think she already knows everything. Ömer says prove her otherwise.

Zehra goes up to Ömer's bedroom and enters after much hesitation. Alev is stalking the bedroom. Ömer comes up later and also goes in after hesitation. He takes of his ties and begins walking toward her opening his jacket buttons. Zehra backs into the window and squeezes her fists. She presses against the window sill. Ömer observes every inch of her actions as he approaches her. Alev's scream pulls Ömer away. She has thrown herself down the stairs so Ömer would not be with Zehra this night.

S01E12 - 12.Bölüm Air Date: 04 October 2016 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer runs out and takes Alev to hospital with Müzeyyen. She is fine but has to stay the night at the hospital. Ömer stays but also remembers Zehra's face walking under the arch in the wedding dress. Alev calls for Ömer and demurs. He is serious but concerned.

Zehra is worried about keeping the priceless broach. Ömer brings Alev back in a wheelchair. She relishes his attention. Ömer then goes to the bedroom. Zehra is asleep in the couch. The wedding dress is on the bed. He is angry. He wakes her up and tells her to remove it from the bed and return it. She takes it to Ayşe. Ayşe says it is their real mother's wedding dress that is why Ömer cannot stand it. Zehra returns to the room and Ömer snaps at her for going out in her pajamas. She is lost because he asked him to take it to Ayşe right away. He then says put on proper clothes. She goes and gets the yellow pants and orange top and wears it. When she comes out he is not there. She does not know what to do so she goes down. Nihat is there and tells her that he should be thanked for bringing her and Ömer together and laughs. Ömer sees them together as Nihat laughs and is angry. He tells Niaht to leave and snaps at Zehra for coming down. Ayşe comes and talking about breakfast Zehra says she was thinking of doing an omelette. Ayşe is surprised. Does she not know that Ömer has allergy to eggs? Ömer is angry and takes her upstairs. He tells her to close her mouth and not say anything or else she'll ruin everything and he will ruin her. Meanwhile He sits her down and says she has to take some notes about his likes and dislikes and his history and then memorize it all. She begins writing.

Sevim is trying to help Yener get info out of Leyla. Leyla is there with her hands tied. She finally manages to get away and Yener is now beside himself. Sevim tells Yasemin Leyla knows where Zehra is. Yasemin goes to ask her; Leyla opens the door knife in hand. She tells Yasemin about Yener's actions but does not mention that Sevim was there too. Leyla tells Yasemin that she does not have Zehra's address. When Sevim hears that from Yasemin she tells Yener.

Ayşe and Müzeyyen go shopping together and tell Nazan to take care of Alev. Alev sends Nazan away and calls Ömer and asks him to wheel her out to the yard. He goes and is wheeling her out when Zehra comes down. Ömer's phone rings and Demir asks him to come to the office. Alev says Zehra can wheel me out. Alev wants to go by the pool. She begins to interrogate her but Zehra says she doesn't like to talk about herself that much. Zehra is walking around the pool with Alev behind her and Zehra suddenly falls in. Alev realizes Zehra can't swim. She holds back.

S01E13 - 13.Bölüm Air Date: 05 October 2016 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Alev gets off her wheelchair. She can walk perfectly and looks. Then she goes back, sits in the wheelchair and starts pretending to call for help. Ömer is at the office. Demir says why are you here. I told Nihat to tell you there is no need for you to come. Ömer asks for Nihat. He just left for home. He is angry and leaves. Alev shouts. Someone jumps in the pool and gets Zehra out. It is Nihat. He tries to revive her. She is out.

Ömer arrives and tells him to leave her. He starts performing CPR. She slowly comes to. Their visions of each other arrest them. Ömer picks her up and takes her to the bedroom. When Ömer breathes into Zehra's mouth, Alev is angry. In the bedroom, Ömer drops Zehra on the bed, gets towels and throws them at her. You are so clumsy, he says. How come you don't know how to swim. Zehra explodes. I did not grow up in pooled houses like you. Ialmost died, you are so cruel, he says. Ömer snaps at her to get dressed. She goes in the bathroom and cries.

At the table they mention that Ömer loved to be a lifeguard. They are surprised she did not know. Nazan fixes their bed and find the notes with Ömer's information under the pillow. In the bedroom Ömer snaps at Zehra for forgetting he did lifeguarding and tells her to continue studying. She can't find the notes under the pillow. Nazan gives the notes to Alev. Alev thinks Zehra was studying Ömer before in order to get him to marry her.

In his study at night, Ömer remembers Zehra's face when he saved her. In the bedroom Zehra remembers Ömer's face when he saved her. In the morning Ömer goes to the bedroom and is angry that she is not ready. He wakes her up and tells her to get dressed quickly and go down. To put on something proper and fix her hair. Demir is at the table. They start.

Zehra comes and hesitates before sitting. She is beautiful. Ömer gets up and pulls out a chair for her. Alev takes out the papers and tries to make something of it. Ömer is angry and says it is private. It is a game they play together with Zehra to see who knows more about the other. Ayşe says it is so romantic. Alev is miffed. Ömer is losing it and in the study he tells Demir that Zehra is constantly creating problems. Demir says however that in his opinion, she is handling things well.

Nihat suspects Alev of throwing Zehra in the pool or not trying to help her. Zehra goes up and gets her telephone out and calls Yasemin. Her mother takes it and Ömer walks in and takes it from her and tells her she is not allowed to call them. Alev sends for Ömer. He goes to her and she tries to convince him to take her back in the Company. He says no.

Yener realizes Zehra is calling Yasemin and follows her. Zehra calls Yasemin again and Yener realizes. Ömer comes in and sees Zehra talking on the phone. She says I am talking to my mom and sister. He takes it but by that time Yener has taken the phone and is shouting Zehra Zehra! Ömer is irated. Ayşe calls them downstairs and gives them presents, a dress for Zehra and getaway tickets. Alev runs into their room to search. Zehra comes in and Alev has to leave the envelope she found in Zehra's purse. Alev is hiding in the closet.

S01E14 - 14.Bölüm Air Date: 06 October 2016 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ayşe comes in and asks if Zehra will put on the dress to go on the trip with Ömer. Zehra has looked at the dress and feels it is too short. She tells her that she would wear it there. They leave the room. Alev comes out but cannot find the bag. She goes out. Meanwhile Müzeyyen looking for Alev cannot find her. So everyone is looking for her. She runs to Nazan's room and tells her to get her wheelchair. But it is in the yard and Hediye has already found it.

Meanwhile Yener threatens Sevim and gets Betton to wield a knife beside Yasemin. Sevim naps Yasemin's phone and sends a message to Zehra that her dad is unwell. She gets it and is distraught but the house is also in turmoil and Ömer notices she got a message. Alev writes a goodbye note and runs out. Müzeyyen scolds Ömer for firing Alev. Ömer promises to bring her back. She calls a couple of times with stories of how she has been hurt and nobody loves her. She finally implies that she is going to kill herself.

Zehra is determined to go out and see her dad. Ömer tells her in the room to read the contract again. She is forbidden from contacting her family for six months or she has to pay him a million liras. Zehra finally goes to the office finds her phone and calls a cab and walks to the corner to catch it. Nazan comes and tells everybody she knows where Alev is. Ömer jumps in the car to go get her. Zehra thinks the taxi is there but when she turns...

S01E15 - 15.Bölüm Air Date: 07 October 2016 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer has arrived in his car. He is angry to see Zehra there and gets her to get in the car. She says her father is sick and she must go to him. He does not listen. He goes to the hotel and leaves Zehra there taking her phone. The car is locked, she can't get out. He goes to the room. Alev is there trying to take pills. He stops her and finally agrees to let her return to work. They come down. Alev is holding his arm. She sees Zehra and is angry. Ömer says Zehra was concerned for you that is why she came.

Sevim has told Yener that Zehra is coming. He comes but she is not there. He is angry. Yasemin arrives and says Zehra will never comes and she is about to message her when Yener grabs her and kidnaps her. Sevim tries to calm him saying she will come.

At night Zehra tries to leave but Ömer is behind the door. She begs him to let her go to her dad but he forces her back in. He asks why she did not marry Yener if they are so in love. She says that he is mistaken. Ömer says whatever it is, it has to wait six months after the agreement is done. He says if Zehra does anything to give their lie away, she should fear him then because he will destroy her, as well as her family and lover.

Salim cannot find Yasemin and sees Sevim sleep in the living room. Zehra wants to leave early in the morning. Ömer wakes up and tells her to get ready they are going to go to breakfast together. She decides to play the role perfectly. He opens the door for her and tells her we will play the game according to its rules. We will act like a couple in the house. She looks at him and paints a smile on her face. He is confused.

Sevim tells Salim to call Zehra on Yasemin's phone. Sevim goes to Yener's home. Mehtap is there and Sevim tries to find Yasemin.

Zehra and Ömer come to table smiling. Alev is miffed. Müzeyyen leaves and they talk about preparations for her birthday. Zehra says she will need to change her dress and says she will go herself. Ömer tries to say they will go together but she turns the matter and she can go alone. In her room Salim calls and they speak.

Zehra goes to him. Sevim comes and is shocked to see Zehra there. She tells them Yasemin has run away from home. Yener calls and says he has found Yasemin and Zehra says send me the address I'll go get her. She goes to the address. It is an isolated building Yener takes her hostage again and gets Betton to release Yasemin.

S01E16 - 16.Bölüm Air Date: 10 October 2016 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Yener locks Zehra in a room. She screams and shouts for help. No use. Ömer is worried at the office. Alev goes to Ömer and asks to go present shopping together. Ömer says I will be going with Zehra. She asks what has happened to them. He indicates that she has been demoted and takes the Cyprus dossier from her. She asks why he has changed so much. Ömer says he is married and her performance in Dubai has caused her demotion. She will no longer work with him but with Demir.

Yasemin returns home. Sevim tells Yasemin if she goes to the police or tells Salim, she will never see Zehra again. So, she hushes up and then goes on the street and together with Koray they look for Zehra.

Alev gets the dossier from Demir and calls Kurşat, her former professor. Ömer gets angry and tells Demir to get Nihat to remove the dossier from Alev. Nihat takes the dossier and leaves Alev broiling.

Asya makes a cake for Müzeyyen's birthday and puts it in the fridge. Alev calls Nazan and tells her to go into Ömer and Zehra's room and find that envelope. She goes and is not successful. Ayşe calls Ömer and he realizes Zehra has not returned. Ayşe speaks to Müzeyyen wondering why Zehra has not worn the broach and whether she may have disliked it. Nazan hears how priceless the broach is.

Zehra gets a broom and break the mirror. When Yener goes into the room, she hits him with the broom and runs away. Running through the woods, she falls and sprains her ankle but finally gets herself to the road. Ömer goes to Mahaleh. At her door he remembers proposing to her and is almost run over by a car. Zehra realizes she can't go to the house with the broken and dirty dress. She wants to go to her own home to change but realizes Betton is there. Ömer spots her and wonders what she is doing. She hobbles away and tries to find another way. Ömer goes after her.

At home everyone wonders where they are. Demir says Ömer wanted to show Zehra a place. They are shocked and wonder if they are moving to a new house. Demir says no he just wanted to have her opinion about a building matter. Alev is miffed. Zehra realizes a car is behind her. She tries to run away. She has to stop. She stares.

S01E17 - 17.Bölüm Air Date: 11 October 2016 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

It is Ömer. He gets out of the car and is disgusted by her appearance. Ömer says why do you look like this. He did it right? She wants to object but he stops her and says he does not want to know anything about her life in Mahaleh and to just get int he car. In the car she cries and he tells her she cannot cry when she is with him anymore.

At home, Asya goes to check the cake and drops it. She begins to cry. No one can calm Asya down.

Ömer takes Zehra to the boutique again and she changes to the gold skirt and black shirt. She is beautiful and Ömer momentarily marks it with his eyes. When leaving, Demir calls and says no one can calm Asya down and they must get there quick. Ömer and Zehra get there. Ömer runs in the kitchen to get Asya. Zehra hobbles and Demir asks if she is ok. She goes in the kitchen and calms Asya by whispering something in her ear. Everyone is happy. Ömer stops himself from applauding. Alev is miffed. They take the cake to Müzeyyen and everything is well.

At night Zehra has a nightmare about Yasemin. She goes and gets her phone to charge. She is taking the charger out when the broach falls out of its box. She connects the phone and is about to put the broach back when Ömer comes in.

Yener comes and shouts at Sevim. Yasemin comes out with her phone and Yener grabs her phone from her hand and goes away.

Ayşe is so happy that Zehra resolved the situation yesterday. Alev says Zehra knows how to fool people. Ayşe is upset. Alev tells Nazan she has to find something so she can finish Zehra off. Ömer goes to the room. Zehra's phone is ringing. He picks it up and it is Yener. He is mad. Zehra comes in and he crashes the phone out the window. He says you talk about your dad and sister but everytime I look, you are with him, and every time I open your phone he is talking. She is upset but can't respond.

Zehra talks with Ayşe in the living room. Ayşe reveals that she is no longer able to bear child. Asya comes and takes her away. Zehra takes Ayşe's phone and calls Yasemin. Yener responds and she is mad. He says Yasemin is home. She takes the phone back but Ayşe sees it and she apologizes saying she wanted to call her friend who is sick and that her own phone was wet and being dried. Ömer is in his office talking with Demir saying how he feels everything is slipping through his hands and he is losing control because of the things Zehra does.

Nazan steals the broach and tells Alev that if it is missing then Zehra will be in trouble. Alev is happy with the plan. Nazan is holding the broach in the kitchen when Hediye comes in and she has to hide it in the sugar jar. Zehra is walking with Ayşe in the garden and she tells her about the herbs. Ömer calls and Ayşe tells him what they are doing. Asya goes in the kitchen and accidentally drops and breaks the sugar jar. She goes to Zehra for help. Zehra goes there and begins to clean up when Nazan comes and later Hediye . Hediye is angry with Nazan for not taking the broom. She has also snapped at Nazan earlier for saying Zehra rather than Ms. Zehra. Nazan takes the broom and when they are gone looks for the broach but does not find it.

Meanwhile Alev calls the insurance guy so she can raise insuring the broach at home. At night Kazem Bey, the insurer, comes and following Alev's bidding, Müzeyyen tells Ömer to get him to insure the broach. He tells Zehra to go get the broach. Zehra goes up but cannot find it. Alev tells Nazan to take the broach to her room. She has not been able to tell her that she has lost it. Ömer goes up and realizes the broach is not there. Zehra has nothing to say.

S01E18 - 18.Bölüm Air Date: 12 October 2016 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer says I'm gonna go down and you better find it right away and bring it down. Zehra is desperate looking everywhere for the broach. After a while Ömer comes up and drags her out and throws her in the car. She begs him to believe her that she has not taken the broach. Ömer thinks she has taken it to Yener. He takes her to one of the Company's depots and locks her up there. She screams saying she does not have it. He hesitates a moment but finally goes and leaves her there saying she will stay there until she tells him where the broach is. Zehra is scared of the dark and the place is dark and cold. Ömer takes the key and leaves the rest with the sleeping guard. He goes to office and remembers Zehra with Nihat. He is restless and remembers how Yener was putting the ring on her finger and thinks of her as a deceitful thief. He turns off the lights in his office.

Inside the depot, Zehra dreams that he comes back and brings the police to take her. She keeps repeating that she is innocent. Alev goes to get the broach from Nazan but she says she does not have it and she is certain that Zehra took it.

In the morning Müzeyyen makes crepes for the breakfast and they realize Ömer and Zehra are not there. Ayşe calls Ömer and says Müzeyyen is upset they left without saying anything. He says we left early and are with one of Zehra's friends. He asks Ayşe to handle the situation since they cannot get there. Ömer wants to leave and go to Zehra but a few things hold him up at the office. Zehra is freezing. She finds a heater and an outlet. She hooks it up and falls sleep beside it. When she sleeps the heater falls and starts a fire.

Alev is annoyed that they have left together. She goes to the office and hears Ömer is in the office. She is surprised. Yasemin goes to Leyla to look for Zehra. Leyla tells her not to worry about her and that she will get in touch when she can. Ömer wants to leave again but is held up by Demir. Demir says Alev has connected with Kurşat and Alev should be in the meeting because he knows her.

Alev meets Parveen her old friend. She says she has become a physician's assistant. She also talks about Ömer's marriage. Alev is annoyed. Demir calls Alev to Ömer's office and they give her the Cyprus dossier. She is pleased with herself. When they leave, they call from the depot informing Ömer about the fire. He quickly drives there and runs in looking for Zehra in the smoke. He finally finds her and is frozen.

S01E19 - 19.Bölüm Air Date: 13 October 2016 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Zehra has passed out. Ömer picks her up and throws her in the car and drives her to the hospital. Ömer blames himself for locking Zehra up in there. The doctor says she is fine but her situation could have been very serious. He says she'll probably be fine in a few hours.

Alev joins the meeting. Demir says the dossier looks good. She asks for Ömer because she wants to get his feedback.

Koray buys a pink helmet for Yasemin and they go riding. Parveen sees Ömer in the hospital and congratulates him about the marriage. She says I wish I could meet your wife. He loses it. He goes back in and thinks no one should learn about these events. He gets her up. She comes to and they stare into each other's eyes. He snaps out of it and asks her to get up. But she passes out again.

Nazan goes looking for the broach in their bedroom. She gets the box instead. Ömer calls and tells Demir to vacate the first floor of the Company building and asks if the Company doctor is there. He has Zehra in the car.

Nazan takes Asya's food to the yard. She is petting the cat and the broach is on its neck. But Alev calls and she does not notice.

Ömer takes Zehra to the office infirmary and lays her down on the bed. She is coming to and again passing out. Kurşat arrives and the meeting is about to start. Alev and Demir take them in. Ömer calls the doctor and he tells him to take the pulse. He takes her pulse and is concerned that it is very low.

At meeting everyone is waiting for Ömer. Koray takes Yasemin up the hill and she says being rich is everyone's dream. At the meeting they are asking for Ömer. Alev says he is always on time. Nihat whispers in Alev's ear that was before his wife. Now she is more important. The doctor comes and says if she does not come to in an hour she needs to be taken to the hospital. Ömer is about to take her when she wakes up and they stare into each other's eyes. She remembers the fire. Ömer is feeling bad. Demir gets a call about the fire. He goes down. Zehra says is assaulting my life part of the contract. Ömer says he didn't mean for this but can't finish his sentence. He goes to the meeting and signs the deal and tells them Alev will take care of them. He leaves. Alev calls and tells her sidekick to follow Ömer.

Demir goes down and finds Zehra and asks why she was in the depot. Ömer comes and is surprised to see him there. Outside Demir asks Ömer what Zehra was doing in the depot. He wonders if she told him. He says no. He put two and two together. Ömer says he did not want for this to happen but cuts it there. He goes in with her. She is now shaking. He covers her and calls the doctor again.

Alev realizes Ömer is in the building still and that the first floor is now off limits. She is intent on finding out what's going on. Alev goes to that floor and is about to open the door to the infirmary. Ömer realizes from inside.

S01E20 - 20.Bölüm Air Date: 14 October 2016 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Alev walks in. Ömer and Zehra are behind the curtain. Alev's phone rings. It is Demir. As she talks she scouts the place. Zehra has a hard time staying up and gets coughs which she tries to muffle. She hangs on to Ömer's shoulder. Alev finally leaves. Ömer calls and tells Demir what happened.

Yener keeps calling Zehra and finally gets a friend to try and get an address for the number. Alev hears that Ömer is still in the building. She goes back down but this time Demir is there and takes her off the floor saying there is danger due to electrical repairs. Demir buys clothes and brings for Zehra and tells Ömer that the Insurance people are now asking for the surveillance video of the depot. Ömer says no one must see them.

Alev goes home and gets the box and then gets Ayşe to believe it was lying on the floor. She gets everyone in the guest room to consider the empty box. Zehra changes in the infirmary and they get in the elevator and go to the parking level. Yener has come to pick up Mehtap. Zehra realizes he is there and while Ömer goes to get the car. She hides. Ömer comes and does not find her and is confused. Mehtap finally gets in Yener's car. Ömer finds Zehra and when she gets in she docks to avoid Yener and Mehtap who are passing in their car from seeing her.

On the way Ayşe calls again. Ömer again interrogates Zehra about the broach. He stops the car. She begins crying breathlessly. She repeats that she does not have it. They go home.

Meanwhile the police goes to Salim's house. The company he worked for has sued him and taken his home. They have to vacate the house by tomorrow. Sevim passes out.

Ömer tells Zehra to go upstairs and rest and if she does not feel well she can skip dinner. She goes up. They send Nazan up to get her. She says she will go down later. Nazan says smugly she has to go down right away as it is important. Ömer goes into the guest room where everybody is sitting. Zehra comes in. Alev brandishes the box and says we found it on the floor. Zehra takes the box and doesn't know what to say. Ömer looks at her annoyed. Alev is pleased with herself. Zehra is helpless.

S01E21 - 21.Bölüm Air Date: 17 October 2016 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer looks back and sees the broach on the neck of the kitty. Zehra passes out. He gets her and puts her on the sofa. She mumbles I did not take it.

Zehra is in her bed resting. Ömer is walking around the bed. She says again I did not take it. Ayşe comes and he says it is fine; we need to let her rest. Ayşe wants her taken to the ospital. Ömer says there is no need. He goes down. Alev wants to bring up the box issue but he leaves and goes looking for Asya.

Zehra is distraught and goes crying into the washroom thinking she has no way of proving to them that she is not a thief.

Sevim has passed out. Yener comes and tells Salim he will fix everything. He will get their furniture in a house and soon find a rental for them. Yasemin is upset that they are going to Yener's but her father consoles her saying they should have confidence in the ways of God. Sevim says she will not leave her house.

Ömer comes up and hears Zehra crying in the washroom. He knocks and shows her the broach. She first thinks he had it. He explains that Asya had taken it. She is upset. She says I told you I didn't have it. You almost killed me and on top of that accused me of being a thief. He has nothing to say. He asks her to put the broach on for Ayşe's sake. At first she pulls back crying. He does not insist and is about to leave but Zehra holds his arm and agrees. She can't put it herself with her shaky hands so he gently takes it from her and puts it on for her.

At the table they think they will not come down. Alev is miffed. But then they do come down and everybody is happy. Alev snaps at Zehra for worrying the family so. Zehra throws back her hair and the broach appears. Ayşe and Müzeyyen are elated at how nice it looks. Alev is about to explode with jealousy.

At night Ömer goes into the room and is about to pull the covers over Zehra but stops himself. He sits in his office and remembers locking her in the depot and feels troubled.

Yener moves Salim's family to Betton's home. Alev is convinced that it cannot be love and there is something else behind Ömer's marriage. Nazan goes spying again. She realizes Zehra is in the washroom throwing up. Ömer arrives, she panics and says she was just cleaning up and runs out. Ömer realizes Zehra is not well and calls the doctor to inquire about it. Zehra comes out and he asks if she is taking her medication. She has not. He is concerned. He says she should have breakfast and not take them on an empty stomach so they go down. Nazan eavesdrops.

At the table Alev fishes for information and says Ömer is neglecting the Company's business. Ömer tells her to mind her own responsibilities. Nazan finds Zehra's medication and takes it to Alev. Alev takes their photo to see what they are. Ömer wants to take Zehra to the doctor. She refuses. Ömer tells Demir he is not going to the office today. Nazan suspects that Zehra is pregnant.

Ömer sees Zehra picking herbs in the garden. He is taken by her. Ayşe comes to Ömer and together they watch Zehra from the window. She marks her calmness. She makes him promise they'll see the doctor today. Alev tells Nazan to get close to Zehra to get info. She takes the meds to Parveen. Parveen tells her that she ran into Ömer yesterday. She also says the meds are usually prescribed for pregnant women.

S01E22 - 22.Bölüm Air Date: 18 October 2016 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Alev is mad. She thinks that Zehra got herself pregnant and that is how she has convinced Ömer to marry her. Zehra goes to make tea in the kitchen and quickly calls Leyla and asks her to go check up on her parents. Ömer arrives. She hangs up quickly. The phone rings and he thinks she was talking to someone who is now calling back. He picks it up, but it is Ökkeş for Hediye. Ömer tells Zehra that they need to go to the doctor. She says there is no need. He says everyone is worried. She says she knows he is trying to hide everything from everyone. He is ashamed. He says finish your tea and we have to go to the doctor.

Ayşe and Müzeyyen leave. Ömer hears Zehra saying "I love you too! But you do not listen to me." He goes into the kitchen angry and realizes Zehra is talking to Asya while making cookies. Asya does not want Zehra to go to the doctor because when his mother went they held her for a long time. Zehra suggests that she goes with them.

Meanwhile Yener settles Salim's family in Betton's house and no one knows where they are. Sevim remains in shock and stares into thin air. Alev goes into the office and checks the infirmary and finds Zehra's butterfly hair pin. Zehra gets an IV serum while Ömer and Asya wait. The doctor tells Ömer she should relax and take her meds. Ömer takes them to the harbor to get fresh air. They come across a street vendor selling hairpins. She finds the hairpin she has lost. She wants to pay for it and buy it. Ömer pays for it and she hesitates before taking it. Asya runs with the balloon. She falls. Ömer wants to take her to the doctor. Zehra is surprised and says didn't you ever fall when you were a child. She just cleans the scrape and lets her run again. Shots of their hands beside each other as they walk side by side. Zehra is not feeling well. Ömer says we can go back. Zehra says Asya is having a lot of fun. Let's stay a little longer.

Ayşe and Müzeyyen go to office. Ayşe hears about the fire. When they return Ayşe calls Ömer and they are just arriving home. Ömer goes upstairs and checks on Zehra and as Alev eavesdrops, he tells her to take care of herself and take her meds. Alev is angry. They go to dinner. At the table Ayşe mentions the fire. Ömer tries to cover it. Alev and Nihat reveal that they have not heard about it. Alev thinks Zehra is completely distracting Ömer and is angrier. She goes in the room when Ömer leaves and tells Zehra she knows everything and shows her the pin and says she knows why Ömer married her. Zehra is puzzled and confused.

S01E23 - 23.Bölüm Air Date: 19 October 2016 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Alev is about to leave but Zehra stops her and says I don't know where you got that pin but here is mine and she takes out the pin they bought at the harbor. Alev looks and leaves angry. Ömer comes and realizes Alev was there and asks what she wanted. She says Alev had found her pin. Ömer says if she is still has doubts about their relationship she has to be convinced.

In the morning Ömer and Zehra sit at the breakfast table early alone, playing little love games together. Ömer touches her hair while they know Alev is watching. As soon as they realize Alev has left, they drop it. Zehra wants to go, Ömer says stay until the others come. Ayşe and Müzeyyen come. Ömer gets up to leave. Zehra goes to see him off. He says you are not well. You can stay in your room and rest. She says she will do as he says. He says I am saying it for your own good. She says sarcastically "Oh, how considerate of you!!"

Yener finds a house for Salim and family to rent. They do not have to pay until three months. Yasemin goes to see Leyla. She is not there. She sees Koray and tells her about her troubles. Leyla goes around the neighbourhood looking for Salim and family. No one knows where they are.

At work Ömer wants to get the surveillance videos from the depot. Mehtap is annoyed by the chief assistant so she hides the package so she gets blamed for it. The chief assistant gets fired.

Ömer has to meet with the insurance people. Alev pretends that she had a migraine and does not go to work. She drives Nazan to a pharmacy and she buys meds to cause Zehra a miscarriage. Zehra tries to call Leyla but each time someone comes. Zehra busies herself fixing things in the bathroom and putting things in order in the drawer. Müzeyyen makes a special herbal tea for Zehra and calls her down. Alev makes fun of it. Nazan goes up and replaces Zehra's meds with the ones they bought. Alev is very happy with herself. Zehra goes up and takes the replaced pills.

S01E24 - 24.Bölüm Air Date: 20 October 2016 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Zehra takes the pill. Alev tells Nazan to keep an eye on her. She is pleased with herself that everything soon will be resolved and Ömer with be hers. Insurance guy comes to see the surveillance recording and Ömer sits him down to talk the matter over. Meanwhile Leyla goes to Mehtap to see if Yener knows anything about the family. Mehtap says no.

Asya returns from her playdate and Zehra chats with her. Nazan reports that Zehra appears to be fine. The senior assistant is fired because the surveillance CDs were not found. Mehtap returns to work and is pleased with herself for hiding the CDs and revenging herself on the senior assistant.

Zehra draws with Asya. Alev is upset that Zehra is fine. Ömer comes and Zehra quickly excuses herself. Upstairs she explains herself saying Ayşe insisted for her to go down. He says you are not well yet. She says don't worry about me and he says it is not you but the situation I am worried about. Zehra is disappointed. Next morning Ömer asks her where his shaving cream is. She goes in the bathroom and shows him and explains that she has put his stuff in one drawer and hers in another. He listens and says OK. She leaves and calls him selfish and bossy to herself.

They go down to breakfast. Alev reads the med instructions. It says sometimes a fall or movement is needed to make it work. She instructs Nazan to make the bathroom slippery. Yener gets the apartment and moves Salim's family there. Sevim still sits outside in shock and does not go in.

Hediye goes to clean up in Zehra's room and comments on how she does everything herself and everything is tidy. She goes to clean the mirror in the bathroom but falls and hurts her back. Zehra comes and sees the situation. She calls Okkeş. They take her to her room. She refuses to go to the doctor so Zehra goes to prepare some herbal remedies. Hediye realizes she is out of her ointment and wants to send Okkeş to get some. Nazan asks to be sent instead. She calls and tells Alev that Zehra did not fall but she is going to the herbalist and will get something from them to give Zehra a miscarriage.

Alev runs into Hilmi Yilmaz in the café. He is surprised she left Dubai early as he is certain Kervancioglu Holding would have gotten the deal rather than his own Company. Alev is uncomfortable. Nazan goes to herbalist. The herbalist says they do not deal with miscarriage. She then gets something for another customer and warns that it is very toxic and must be used with care. Nazan grabs it and runs out.

Zehra gets Hediye tea and she asks Zehra not to mention the incident to anyone in the house. Müzeyyen, Ayşe and Asya return and do not find anyone. Ayşe goes to Zehra's room and when she does not find her she calls Ömer. Ömer thinks the worst and gets up to go home. Ömer gets home and sees Zehra walking in from outside. He asks her where she has been and she does not say because of her promise so he gets angry with her. Meanwhile Nazan brings the purge to Alev and says I'll make a tea for her and it is sure to cause the miscarriage. She is about to take the tea up when she sees the herbalist come to the door. She tells Alev. Alev tells her to take the tea upstairs and she talks with the herbalist. The herbalist says the stuff is too dangerous and could kill the mother. Alev says she is mistaken and they have no such thing and sends her away. She goes back in.

Nazan gives the tea to Zehra in her room. Ömer is in the room at the window. His phone rings and he talks. Zehra brings the tea in. She leaves it on the dresser and goes to the bathroom. Ömer begins walking and checking the emails sent to him. He walks to the dresser and begins drinking the tea.

S01E25 - 25.Bölüm Air Date: 21 October 2016 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

The herbalist insists that it is dangerous and they could become murderers. Alev sends her away and goes to take the tea. Meanwhile Ömer is becoming weak from the tea. Zehra arrives and sees him tottering near the window sill. She says you're not well and asks what he has eaten because it looks like poisoning. He says I'm fine while almost passing out. She begins to loosen her tie. Alev arrives at the door. From her vantage point it looks like Zehra is undressing Ömer and he is looking at him with desire. She gets angry and decides to leave the tea. As soon as she leaves, Ömer pushes Zehra back refusing her aid.

Zehra gets Ömer on the bed. She wants to get help Ömer does not let her. Ayşe knocks. She is about to go in when Zehra goes out and tells her all is well. Ayşe says that she called Ömer when she could not find her. Zehra does not tell her that Ömer is in. She goes back in and touches his forehead. He has fever. She gets some cold compress and puts on his forehead. He pulls it off and says I don't need your help just leave me alone. She takes it and puts it back on. Then she notes the cup. Alev and Nazan are in the kitchen when Zehra comes in with the cup and says she has to do something. While they look in awe, she puts the cup in the dishwasher, gets another beautiful cup and makes her own concoction tea. Alev takes Nazan out and blames her for everything going wrong.

Sevim finally begins to snap out of it after seeing her furniture in the new house. Sevim shouts at Salim saying if you don't get my house back I will get a divorce. Koray visits Yasemin at the new house.

Zehra takes the tea up and when Ömer refuses to drink she says then I will call Ayşe. He agrees to drink and as she feeds it to him, he stares at her meaningfully. Alev is still waiting for something to happen. Zehra visits Hediye and gets special oil. Hediye gets up to go to work. Zehra takes the oil to Ömer. Ömer is angry that she has let on about him but she says she got the oil for herself and no one knows anything. He again agrees to drink it as he looks at her wonderingly. Hediye tells everyone she fell. They are concerned. She also says how Zehra helped.

Ömer's phone rings. Zehra picks it up. Zehra tells Demir that Ömer is not fine and she does not know what to do because he won't let her tell anyone. Demir says let me talk to him. She says he is asleep. Right then Ömer gets up and says: I am not sleep, he wants the phone, thinking the worst. When he realizes it is Demir he is surprised. She is beginning to confuse him.

Alev sends Nazan in to see what's going on. Ömer finally gets up and goes in the shower. When Nazan comes she sees Zehra fixing the bed and Ömer coming out of shower and drying his hair with a towel. She goes and tells Alev. Alev bursts. Ömer accuses Zehra of possibly making him sick. Zehra snaps. At the table as the family talks about the happenings of the day, Ömer realizes Zehra has been caring for Hediye all day. Zehra asks for her phone back. Ömer mulls it over and is going to give it to her but when he takes it to her he sees her on the home phone.

S01E26 - 26.Bölüm Air Date: 24 October 2016 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer is angry. Zehra tells Ömer that her parents are missing and she is concerned. He is angry and tells her to go up. Alev goes to Cyprus for a meeting. Ömer puts the phone back. Upstairs he tells her that there will be no talk of her family. She begs to go see them for an hour. He refuses. It is Sunday and they must go to breakfast in the yard. He goes down. Zehra comes to her and asks once more. He refuses. Demir comes and tells him that the depot recordings are coming and they should go to the office. They'd be back in two hours. They go.

Zehra sits a while and then takes leave and goes to Leyla. Mehtap tells Yener now that he has helped Zehra's family he should play it cool for a while and Zehra would come to him because her family is very important to her. Meanwhile Funda tells Yasemin there is an audition, she should get a nice dress and they can go for a modeling test. Yasemin is concerned that there is no money to get such a dress. Koray comes and cheers her up a bit.

Zehra and Leyla go to Yener and Zehra gets Salim's address. They visit Salim and the family and decide to get in touch with a lawyer to get back the house. Zehra asks Leyla to go to the lawyer herself as she is already late and must go back. Asya keeps asking to play with Zehra but Ayşe realizes that she has gone out.

Ömer and Demir are in the office. Ömer speaks of how he no longer feels any peace at home since he has to constantly watch over what Zehra is doing. The recordings finally arrive and they are not the right one so Ömer loses it. He is concerned that whoever has got it will inform Ayşe. Demir tries to calm her saying you cannot control everything. Ayşe calls and asks about Zehra so Ömer gets up and leaves.

Zehra in the taxi sees Ömer passing. Ömer finally arrives and sees Alev. Alev says the meeting was good and they are very strong for the next deal. Ömer reminds her that they were also very strong for the Dubai deal but did not get it because of her. Alev is miffed and goes away. Asya comes and takes Ömer to her tent home. He says it's the home of a princess and Zehra pops up from behind it! Ömer stares. Asya begins to play and notices Zehra's pants are torn. Zehra goes to change.

Yasemin and Koray have an accident on the motorbike. Leyla calls and Hediye gives her the phone. She says they need 30 thousand liras for the lawyer. Zehra repeats it saying she cannot get it and adds that she cannot get it from him either. She turns around. Ayşe has heard everything. She hangs up. Zehra says I do not know what you think. Ayşe says I heard everything and understand everything!

S01E27 - 27.Bölüm Air Date: 25 October 2016 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Zehra says this is just a personal matter. Ayşe says you should have told us. Zehra says no let me explain everything and then Ömer arrives. Zehra stops and then goes up to her room to change her pants. Ömer goes up and says Ayşe wants to see you. Change and go down right away. Zehra is anxious about what to tell Ayşe.

Zehra goes down and walks up to Ayşe and stands behind her in the yard and is wondering what to do. Ömer goes and forces her to approach Ayşe. Ömer asks Ayşe what she wanted to tell them. She is about to say something but Nihat arrives and she leaves it for later. Ömer is annoyed.

Nazan shows Alev the paper that confirms Zehra is not pregnant. She also hears that Ömer spent Sunday at the office. Everyone is in the living room. Ömer goes to see Asya; Ayşe says I'll come with you. Zehra is worried that she will tell him everything. Zehra gets up to leave and sees Ömer talking with Ayşe on the stairs. He sees her and goes to his study. Zehra is about to talk with Ayşe but Asya calls Ayşe and it is cut short. Alev comes and sniggers at Zehra that Ömer is no longer spending time with her because with him work comes first. She goes up.

Yasemin and Koray get up and dust themselves off and go.

In the morning Zehra hears Ayşe is taking Ömer to the yard to have a chat. Ayşe asks Ömer if he is in love with Zehra. Ömer says I am not too expressive you know that. She says yes even this is a miracle referring to his getting married and being with Zehra. She wants to be sure that they understand each other and share everything with each other. She says nothing directly. Ömer responds in the positive and is curious about the source of these questions. Nihat sees Zehra in the living room and starts chatting. He says your secret is safe with me and puts his finger to mouth when Ömer arrives and thinks there is something going on between them and is angry.

Yener is angry that Zehra was not taken by his actions and is going after the lawyer. Mehtap tells him to act cool. Ömer tells her she should know that she cannot be alone with Nihat in the house. She is indignant and wants to go, he grabs her arm. She wants to release herself, he won't let go. Müzeyyen is there so he lets go and Zehra's arm is sore.

Yasemin goes to a friend's boutique to get a dress.

Nihat and Alev and Ömer leave to go to office in that order. Ayşe takes Zehra up and tells her that she knows she needs 50 thousand liras for her friend and does not want to tell her brother because she doesn't want money matters to affect her relationship with her brother, but she says she will get it and give it to her. They can go together to the office and she would get it and then the two of them will go and meet her friend. Zehra is relieved that she has heard nothing about her having a family.

Sevim goes to Yener to sign rental papers. Alev realizes they have received Hilmi Yilmaz's proposal by accident and thinks it will make Ömer happy. Ömer gets angry with her and says he is not one to cheat on his rival and tells her to return it. Ömer goes to Nihat's office and begins yelling about his incompetence. Nihat is upset and leaves to go home. Asya does not let Zehra go with her mom so Ayşe goes alone and Zehra stays with Asya.

Sevim signs the rental contract and Yener keeps Salim's National Card.

Ayşe gets the money from the accountant at the office and tells him not to tell Ömer. She comes out and runs into Ömer. Ömer then gathers that Zehra and Nihat will be alone at home.

Alper has fixed something for Koray but asks him why he is taking this risk. He realizes it is for Yasemin. Koray goes to a plce and steals a phone to bring for Yasemin.

Zehra is playing with Asya. Asya cuts her hand. Zehra rushes her out because the cut is deep. Nihat arrives. They get her in the car and go to emergency. They tend to her wound and then take her for ice cream. Zehra is edgy that they will be late. Ayşe and Ömer come home and realize that Nihat and Zehra are not there. Ömer goes to get something from the car and sees Nihat and Zehra getting out of the car. Ömer is angry.

S01E28 - 28.Bölüm Air Date: 26 October 2016 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer steps forth with worst thoughts when he suddenly sees Asya get out of the car and realizes what has happened. Nihat takes Asya to Ayşe and Zehra begins explaining to Ömer. She is worried that he thinks she was careless with the child. He says there is no need to explain. He is not angry and leaves. Nihat wants to take Asya out to eat so Ayşe cannot meet with Zehra that day. In the morning Asya talks about Zehra saving her again. Ayşe says Zehra is like Ömer. She solves problems. Alev says I don't think so. Ömer solves problems. Zehra goes looking for them. Ayşe defends Zehra and Ömer adds that Alev is apparently not able to look at things from the right perspective. Alev is miffed and leaves the table. They leave for office.

Ayşe takes Zehra to her room and wants to give her the money. Zehra says she can't take it. Ayşe insists. Zehra realizes someone is listening at the door. Ömer sees Nihat's car and realizes he has not left. He comes back. Zehra goes back to her bedroom and sees Ömer there. He interrogates her about where she has been. She says I was with Ayşe because she called me to her room. He says don't think you can do something behind my back. He leaves.

Zehra goes and visits her family, talks with Yasemin when she is going to the lawyer wants Salim's National Card and realizes Sevim has left it with Yener. She goes there, gets it by force and goes to the lawyer. The lawyer is late. Alev sets meeting with Hilmi Yilmaz and wants info in exchange for giving him the file back. Ömer agrees to giving the money for the fire damage from his own account at three times the price to close that issue. A reporter friend of Müzeyyen calls and says they want to get reportage about her charity work and would also like a family picture with Ömer and his bride.

Yasemin goes to the café to meet with Funda. When she changes into her white dress, coffee spills over it and she can't go to the audition with her friend. Funda seems happy but hides it from Yasemin. Koray is there to console Yasemin and take her back.

Zehra talks with the lawyer and finally gets home just before Ömer and opens the door for him. Nazan brings the phone to Zehra and says it is for you. Müzeyyen takes him in the study and tells him about the photo. He says he and Zehra have to go to a meeting together and it is important so they cannot do the photo. Ömer comes out and realizes Zehra is talking on the phone with her friend. He is angry and walks toward her. Hediye comes in.

S01E29 - 29.Bölüm Air Date: 27 October 2016 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer tells Müzeyyen and Alev they have to go. Zehra wonders where they are going. Alev asks and Ömer says it's a meeting. Alev goes and enquires about it and realizes there is no such meeting. Then she realizes he is running away from the photographers.

Ömer takes Zehra to his yacht. He says you are staying here the night. She says I can't; I would be afraid to stay here the night alone. He says you won't be alone, meaning he will be there. He lifts her into the boat and she is reluctant to get in. They have a sweet staring moment with the wind in Zehra's hair. Ömer takes her down into the tight cabin and brushing against each other he pulls the blanket out of the drawers and then goes, closing the door behind him. Zehra sits all alone. Ömer goes up and takes the boat out.

Yener goes to Leyla and says he wants to help. Yasemin goes to meet with Funda. She has got a modeling spot and wants to show off. They meet at the café and Funda leaves without paying her bill. Yasemin calls Koray to come and get her out of the spot. He goes to his home and takes some money from his room again and comes and saves Yasemin. Sevim takes a dress to Nigar and tries to find out what's going on with Yasemin.

Zehra gets up to get out of the room but the door is locked. She thinks Ömer has locked her in. She remembers the depot episode and begins panicking. She starts screaming and hitting on the door and hurts her hand. Ömer hears the rapping on the door and goes down. He tries to open the door but it is jammed. He finally opens it and she runs out. Ömer tells her that the things she is going through is not his fault. She says but you keep blaming me for everything. She says I am living up to my side of the contract. I can't see my family and look at my state. She says what you are asking for cannot be bought by any amount of money. He is taken by her. He notices her hand. He brings first aid kit and cleans the wound and bandaids it. Ayşe calls. She asks to talk to Zehra. Zehra speaks with her very intimately and kindly. Ömer notes that Ayşe is very happy with Zehra. Ömer tells Zehra all I ask of you is to promise me that you will never lie to me. She says except for the lies you have forced me into, I have never lied to you. Ömer says do you expect me to believe that. She says yes because it is the truth. They look at each other.

Sevim sees Yener and he promises to fix all problems. Later Ömer is at the helm and Zehra walks up. She totters and Ömer urges her to be careful. She sits looking out. Demir calls and from the conversation Zehra realizes that they are not there as a punishment for her talking on the phone with Leyla but rather because they are getting away from the media. They go back and are about to get off the boat when they run into Zafar Bey and wife.

S01E30 - 30.Bölüm Air Date: 28 October 2016 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Zafar Bey's wife notices Zehra and asks if she is his wife. Ömer invites them to the Yacht and they sit talking about how Ömer has married so quickly. Ömer goes down. They note how beautiful Zehra is and how they suit each other. Ömer joins Zehra who is making coffee. Zehra serves coffee to the couple and they note that it is well done. They also note that Zehra is very much like Ömer in that she does not go for big crowds and likes the house out in country. They finally leave.

Zehra wants to go back to meet the lawyer's deadline but Ömer says now they have to stay another night since they have been seen there. They go out to sea again. Nigar tells Yasemin that her mother is after her and also that she needs to pay for the dress by tomorrow. Koray hears. Ayşe calls and Ömer says they are in the boat and will go back the following day. Alev hears and is annoyed. She meets Hilmi Yilmaz to negotiate her devious plans. Zehra makes pasta. When she cannot reach the colander, Ömer reaches out to help her and they brush against each other and are astonished by each other.

She sets the table and goes up and calls him. He does not heed her but after she sits at the table, he also comes down and sits opposite her. They eat silently. Zehra serves tea for Ömer. He says she did not have to. She says she just made some tea and she is having hers downstairs. He takes the tea.

In the morning they go back. Alev sees them. Ömer puts his arms around Zehra and they go in. Zehra asks him to let her make a call. She says you asked me not to lie to you. He hesitates but gives his phone to her and says only once. She calls Leyla but she does not answer. He takes the phone and sends the number to his investigator and tells them to get every info on this person. Ömer goes to office. Zehra goes to the yard and helps Okkeş.

Sevim follows Yasemin and realizes that she is going out with Funda. She talks with her mother and realizes that the girls have been trying their hand at modeling. She says modeling is no good and that her daughter must study and go to university in order to get a good life. Yasmein tries to borrow money from Funda but she says she can't give her anything. She goes to Nigar and realizes Koray has paid for the dress. She thanks him and asks how he paid for it. He says he has a job at a café.

Alper is stopped by a man who asks him if he is seeing Koray. He tells Alper that he wants to see Koray and that if he does not come on his own, they will get him by force. Alper delivers the message but Koray says he has more important things to worry about now.

Yener goes to visit Salim and Salim tells him that Leyla has found a lawyer who will fix the situation of the house. Yener is annoyed.

Checking the office's monthly budget Ömer realizes there is a mismatch. He asks the accountant. He says Ayşe got some money and asked him not to tell Ömer. Ömer thinks Nihat has taken the money. Meanwhile Nihat has been preparing a night out with Ayşe and has made reservations. Ömer goes to his office and picks up the return call with the venue quoting 60 thousand liras for the event. He is angry. He goes home and calls Nihat to his study. Zehra's dress is dirty from yard work so she goes to change. Ömer thinks Nihat is taking money from Ayşe to spend on other women. Nihat is upset and finally says that Zehra took money from Ayşe. Zehra is outside the door and hears it. Ömer looks back in shock.

S01E31 - 31.Bölüm Air Date: 31 October 2016 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Zehra is anxious and wants to go up when she runs into Ayşe. Ayşe notes Zehra's anxiety. Zehra goes and then Ömer barges out of the office and goes up after her. Ayşe is perplexed. What is going on? Then Nihat comes out and she asks him but he does not say anything. Ömer goes into the room and expresses his disgust over how he thinks Zehra has hustled money out of Ayşe who loves her so much. He says you probably took it to your lover. He calls her a liar and a cheat. She tries to explain but he cuts her short. Zehra goes silent.

Yener sees Leyla at Salim's door and she tells him that Zehra has paid for the hospital bills and is now working to pay it off. Yener goes berserk. Leyla then goes to Salim and tells him that they have missed the deadline and the house is gone. Salim says let's keep it from Sevim for now. Koray tells Yasemin that he is working in the café. Koray gets a job at the café and Yasemin comes and sees him. Yener goes to visit Salim with lots of groceries. Sevim invites him in for dinner. He looks in their fridge and sees everything is empty. He is trying to figure out what has happened to his money. Salim tells him that Zehra is working hard to pay off their debts. Later Sevim checks on her money and finds a new place to hide it.

Ömer tells Zehra to get ready to go to the table. She is unresponsive, silent and crossed. Omar waits for Zehra. She takes a long time putting on her earrings. They finally go down. At the table Zehra is quiet. Ayşe asks her why she is not eating. She does not respond. Ömer gets her out of it and she responds. Alev says you don't look well. She says I'm tired. They both go up. Ömer snaps at her. She wants to go but he holds her and says never turn your back on me when I'm talking to you. She is giving him the silent treatment. She goes in the walk in closet and takes her time. He tells her you can't hide. He gets the contract and says read the contract. You have signed to draw a happy tableau of our life for six months.

Ayşe is upset and talks to Nihat in bedroom. She goes down to get some water and realizes Ömer's office light is on. Then Zehra comes down and she asks her if everything is ok. Zehra says she just needed some water. Ayşe then sees Ömer sleeping in the study. She is very upset. In the morning Ömer asks for the salt shaker and Zehra just puts it closer to him rather than putting it in his hand. Alev gives it to him, calling him Ömer dear. Ayşe asks to go somewhere with Zehra but she declines and tells her she has something to do in her room. Ayşe offers to help her. She again refuses saying there is not much to do. Ömer is angry. Upstairs he tells her how do you dare take money from Ayşe then treat her this way. She snaps back and says I will not stand for your insults. I have done nothing. You never listen. Ömer shouts at her and says she cannot run away. Ayşe hears it at the door. She is very upset and goes to her room. Nihat realizes how upset she is. He tells her that he has told Ömer Zehra took money from her. Ayşe says but she did not take the money from me. She goes to Zehra and wants to talk but becomes weak and is about to pass out. Zehra was looking at the contract when she came in so she quickly puts the contract in a magazine on the table so Ayşe does not see it. Zehra assures her that everything is fine and says they should go to the hospital to check her.

Meanwhile Yener is also going to the hospital to find out if Zehra paid for the bill. They are there at the same time. Zehra finds out from the doctor that Ayşe has a serious illness and begins to realize Ömer's concerns.

S01E32 - 32.Bölüm Air Date: 01 November 2016 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Doctor tells Zehra Ayşe must remain calm and happy. That is her only saviour. Zehra realizes that Ömer has married for the happiness of her sister. The cashier at the hospital tells Yener that the Payer of the account is Zehra Kaya. He goes berserk and says he has to take care of Sevim. At the office Ömer remembers Zehra calling him a cruel despot that enjoys insulting her adding that she is not going to tell him anything because it is of no use and he will not listen. She confuses him and he is beginning to doubt his assumptions about her.

Zehra comes out of the doctor's office and thinks about Ayşe, hoping it is not too bad. She suddenly remembers that she has put the contract in the magazine and hopes no one will find it. Nihat calls Ayşe and she does not respond. Nihat is mad with himself for losing her trust. He notes how she is the only person that has any confidence in him. Nihat barges into Ömer's office and says you have finally managed to take my wife's trust from me. Ömer is on the phone and is not moved. He closes the door and says that you have done that with your own hands. Nihat says he loves Ayşe and Ömer's behaviour crushes everyone and if he has committed any mistakes, it is only because Ömer's overbearing attitude. Nihat says Ömer will never accept him and will always think that he married Ayşe for her money but that is not true. Ömer says I don't believe in your love. Where were you when she was at the hospital! Then he tells him to get out.

Funda calls Yasemin and wants her to take her to meet her friend. Zehra gives a supportive talk to Ayşe and tells her to leave her sickness in the past and think about the future. Ömer, Alev and Demir are in the meeting. Demir says they need to work with a company and wants Ömer to check it out. He says Demir can check it and he will meet with them after. He is thoughtful. Alev tries to use the chance to get close to Ömer. She asks what's up with him and if she has had a fight with Zehra. He says she knows he does not talk about family matters at work. She says but your work is being affected by your personal life. You were not listening at the meeting. She asks him to share his problems with her. For a moment, Ömer looks at her and you think he might say something. But he says I'm fine.

Yener goes to crash on Sevim over the money. Alev continues digging. She tells Ömer he looks burdened for the past two days. He says it is not over matters at home but rather the fact that at work they face Hilmi Yilmaz again and Alev is involved. She gets mad and leaves. In the corridor she notices that Ömer has bought necklace for Zehra.

Sevim goes to Leyla to find out about the lawyer. She too is told that Zehra has paid the hospital bill. Alev is angry. She calls Demir and says I have found a good small company for our deal. Sevim says she thought the payment was some mistake. She then shouts and says what kind of job is she involved in that lets her pay so much money. She leaves and Leyla is upset that she might have let the cat out of the bag.

Nazan takes the magazines from Zehra's room. She shows some of the dresses to Hediye and dreams about wearing them. The doctor calls Ömer to let him know that Ayşe was there and reminds him that they should take of her make sure she is not stressed out.

Yasemin goes to see Koray at the café and Funda is there. She is jealous and leaves early.

Once Demir tells Alev that he has connected with the Company she suggested, Alev informs Hilmi Yilmaz and he begins acquiring it. Yener stops Sevim and forces her to get in the car and takes her to her office.

Zehra and Ayşe get home and Ayşe asks to talk to her in her bedroom. She goes to change first. Ömer arrives and goes up to Ayşe's room. Behind the door he hears that Zehra has refused the money from Ayşe. But he also hears Zehra telling Ayşe that there is no problem between herself and Ömer. She says Ömer is obviously a very a disciplined and tough person but she knows that he is not one to get upset with her over money. He goes in as Zehra goes out to get her some milk. He realizes he was mistaken. Ayşe tells Ömer that Zehra did not take money from her and Nihat was confused. He did not have bad intentions. Ömer acts as if Zehra has told him everything and there is nothing to worry about. He kisses her and tells her not to upset herself. Zehra brings the milk. They go into the bedroom. Ömer feels bad but can't find words. He takes out the necklace and asks her to put it on at night so Ayşe realizes all is well. She does not talk. He puts it down and goes out. Nihat comes home. He has bought flowers for Ayşe to apologize.

Ömer walks pensively in the garden. Zehra looks and sees him from balcony but whenever he looks up she hides herself. Zehra goes to the table without the new necklace. Müzeyyen comments on Ayşe's new necklace. Nihat has bought it for her. Alev comments on Zehra not wearing the necklace Ömer got her and if she did not like it. Ayşe is concerned. She says I love it and kept it for a special occasion.

Sevim buries her money in the garden determined not to give it back to Yener despite his threats. Ömer goes up and snaps at Zehra for not wearing the necklace. Zehra says I don't want to wear something you bought for me. He says you'll wear it tomorrow whether you like it or not. She says I will die before wearing it and tells him to get out so she can sleep. Ömer is about to go but turns around and says he is going to stay the night! Zehra is trumped.

S01E33 - 33.Bölüm Air Date: 02 November 2016 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Zehra hears someone coming in after she changes into her nightie. She picks a little pot to defend herself. He grabs her hand and covers her mouth. Ömer demands that she calm down. She asks what he is doing there. He says he already told her that he will stay the night and keeps the light on to read and annoys Zehra.

At night, Zehra goes to take water from the nightstand beside Ömer. When she pours the water, she hesitates. She leaves a full glass for him and takes the jug to fill another one for her. He notices. She returns the jug.

Sevim buries her money in the yard. She continues digging and Salim comes out. She says I was throwing out the garbage.

In the morning Ömer and Zehra get up, look at each other, run their fingers through their hair and run into each other at the door. Ömer lets her go first. He looks at the necklace and is annoyed.

Betton has Sevim's house under surveillance. Sevim is worried about money and keeps digging and moving it.

At table, Asya brings in a flower wreath and ring for Zehra and her uncle and puts them hand in hand. Then she asks Alev to move so they can sit side by side. They kiss her and it's almost like they are kissing each other. In the room Ömer asks where she has been. Ayşe has told her not to tell anyone about the hospital episode so she does not say. Ömer snaps and reminds her of the contract. Zehra remembers that she put the contract in the magazines and now the magazines are gone.

Funda forces Yasemin to go to the café with her to see Koray. Yasemin does not let on about her friendship with Koray. Koray has lost his job so he is not there.

Zehra enquires about cleaning the room and realizes Nazan has taken the magazines and gets into gear to retrieve it. Nazan realizes she is looking for something but does not know what.

Yener comes and has tea with Salim in the yard and talks about backstabbing people. Sevim is now very concerned. Sevim reburies money and Beton sees it and tells Yener. Yener thinks of taking the money and leaving Koray's helmet.

Zehra searches the store room. She wants to get into Nazan's room but it's locked. On the way back Ömer sees her. Shot of Ömer in car window frame! Ömer snaps at Zehra asking where she has been. They talk in the rain. Ayşe runs out to them with umbrella. Ömer says they're going to lunch that's why he is in early. Ömer takes Zehra to office. She complains about staying there.

Alev snaps at Mehtap for chatting on the phone. Demir comes to Ömer's office. Ömer cuts him off during greeting with Zehra. Zehra is worried that Nazan will find the contract and wants to get back. Ömer leaves the room and tells her to stay. Alev sees Zehra in Ömer's office and comes in to snap at her; she says you can continue your secretarial duties here. Nazan calls her. She says oh so you found what I wanted. Zehra is alarmed.

S01E34 - 34.Bölüm Air Date: 03 November 2016 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Alev sniggers and leaves. Zehra wants to go back home. Ömer comes and stops her. We get some of the iconic face to face shots of the couple challenging each other. He says for 6 months Zehra has to do as he says. Hilmi Yilmaz calls Alev. She has to go to him first.

Yener plans his play on Sevim. Baba and Yasemin working in the garden alarm Sevim. She sends them in. Hilmi Yilmaz tells Alev he wants to meet with Ömer. Alev says she will set it up.

Ömer gets a call from the doctor and realizes Zehra took Ayşe to the doctor the day before. He snaps at her for not telling him. She says I promised her not to tell you. He says you are not allowed to hide anything about Ayşe from me as I am concerned about her. Zehra says you just want to control everything. If you cared about your sister, you would show some kindness about my feelings for my sister and family. Ömer and Zehra go home.

Beton takes the money and leaves the Koray replica helmet. Sevim goes home sees Koray around the house. Then she realizes the money is gone. Sevim goes in the house asking for her money. Yasemin and Baba are perplexed. Sevim goes and tells Yener the money is gone.

Alev arrives home. Nazan gives her an envelope. It is only tickets to a boat show. Alev snaps at Nazan but tells her to continue the search. Ömer and Zehra arrive. Asya says she has lost her red pin. Alev uses the chance to talk about people losing things and pretends that Nazan might have found something. Ömer realizes something's amiss. At the table Alev says Zehra was in office all day and says she looked bored. Ömer is caught. Zehra saves the day saying she loved it and it was a change. Ömer looks thankful. Ayşe suggests Zehra work in the office. Zehra says why not and asks what Ömer thinks. He looks irritated.

Koray waits for Yasemin. Yasemin is upset and won't answer his phone calls over her perceived ideas about Funda and him. Sevim is looking for Koray. Yener says I'll bring him to you. He finds Koray but his father's lackeys arrive and kidnap Yener as Koray runs away.

Alev keeps making innuendos that Zehra has lost something. Zehra goes out to garden to see how to get the agreement. Ömer follows her and asks what Alev is referring to. She denies anything's wrong.

In the bedroom Asya asks Zehra to read a story and gets Ömer on bed as well. In the morning Ömer and Zehra are on the bed asleep face to face. They wake up and jump up alarmed and embarrassed. They sit back to back on opposite edges of the bed. Ömer goes to check on Asya. In office Ömer remembers the waking up and is pensive. Demir says he can't go to meeting. Ömer says Nihat will take his place. Zehra continues trying to get the contract. Ömer, Alev and Nihat go to meeting. Hilmi Yilmaz comes and stretches out his hand to Ömer. Ömer freezes.

S01E35 - 35.Bölüm Air Date: 04 November 2016 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer says he will have nothing to do with Yilmaz and walks away with his fists tight. Nihat follows, Alev shortly after. Ömer is angry with Alev but she says Hilmi Yilmaz bought the company after she set up the meeting. Ömer finds another company. Alev is upset.

Nazan pretends she is sick but keeps looking around. Zehra realizes that the magazines are in Nazan's room; she goes there but the door is locked. On the way back, she sees Ömer. Ömer asks what she is up to. They quarrel and Ayşe arrives. Ömer says Zehra was not well in the morning and they were arguing whether he needed to stay with her or go to work. They go in the bedroom and see Nazan is looking through drawers. She pretends she is cleaning up. Ömer goes to take a shower. Nazan drops her key from her apron. Zehra sees she keeps the key in her paron.

Koray asks Yasemin to meet him. When Yasemin arrives, Funda is fooling around with his bike. So she leaves without a word. Sevim tells Yasemin Koray is the thief because she found his helmet in the garden. The kidnappers tell Yener to bring them Koray for money. Koray meets with Alper and Apler sets him up in a safe house.

Alev remembers the meeting of companies and starts getting ready for it. She wants to fix things with Ömer at the meeting. Nazan has nothing to tell Alev when she comes home. Alev comes down and when she runs into Zehra, she pretends she knows something and goes into Ömer's office. Zehra thinks she has found the contract. She follows her and tells Ömer she needs to talk to him right away. Ömer tells Alev to leave them alone. Alev leaves miffed but Zehra tells Ömer she has forgotten what she wanted to say and also leaves.

Yener sends Beton looking for Koray but he is not to be found. At night Ömer says he will stay in the bedroom for a few days so Ayşe does not suspect anything and then he will go back to sleeping in the office. He asks again what it was she wanted to tell him. Zehra is now convinced Alev has not found it.

Zehra wakes up early and leaves the room quietly to go get the contract while Ömer sleeps. Later Ömer wakes refreshed. He goes down to breakfast and Ayşe asks for Zehra. Ömer is concerned. Zehra finds Nazan's key, goes into Nazan's room and finally finds the envelope which has fallen on the ground, half under the bed.

Yener gets Sevim to sign six IOUs for the money. He says not to worry and that he will tear them once Zehra comes back.

Hediye tells Nazan to call the dry cleaners but she has forgotten her phone in her room so she goes to get it. Zehra is about to leave when but realizes someone is opening the door.

S01E36 - 36.Bölüm Air Date: 07 November 2016 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer enters the room and when he realizes she had lost the contract he snaps at Zehra. They go into the office and she explains what happened. He is upset but just takes the document and puts it in the safe. They go to breakfast. Müzeyyen says Alev is preparing for the meeting. Ömer says she has a meeting at the office. He is going to the meeting of the companies with Zehra. Ayşe is excited and takes Zehra to dress her up. Zehra is worried that she will mess up. Ayşe says just be yourself and everyone will love you.

Alev comes down and when she realizes Ömer is going with Zehra she is shocked. Zehra comes down with her black pants and yellow jacket. Ömer is taken by Zehra. Alev cries in her room and Müzeyyen tries to make her accept Ömer's marriage. Alev says you are all blind and Zehra is a fake.

Yasemin sees Sevim at Yener's shop and they go home together. Sevim is worried about signing the IOUs and more mad at Zehra. Salim begins to look for work. Yasemin sees Alper and gives the phone to him to return to Koray. When Koray gets it from Alper he is upset and snaps at Alper.

Ömer and Zehra arrive at the building. Ömer tells Zehra to wait in the car. Zehra is upset. Nihat tells Demir Mehtap is not working well. He is going to transfer her to a different department. Sevim goes to Leyla and pretends Salim is worried and talks about a burglary at their home and asks her to get Zehra to come.

Ömer comes out around noon. Zehra thinks he is done. He says we have only taken a break for lunch. She says I am not hungry. They go to restaurant. Ömer orders steak for both. Zehra doesn't eat. He tells them to take it away and bring simit and cheese for her. They bring it and Zehra says what is this? Ömer says you had said you like it. She ponders and then eats. He smiles with his eyes.

Yasemin tells Koray she does not want the phone. She says that her mother does not want him to see her because she thinks he is a thief. Koray is upset and says what do you think? She says with all the money you had to spend on me, I don't know what to say. Koray says I borrowed it from my friend. He is upset with Yasemin. Sevim comes and Koray is off.

Ömer and Zehra go back. Ömer tells the driver to give Zehra some magazines so she does not get bored. While talking with a friend, Alev hears that Zehra is not at the meeting with Ömer, so she drives there. Zehra reads the magazines and then gets tired and leaves the car. Ömer comes out of the building and realizes Zehra is not in the car. Alev arrives and from behind asks Ömer where Zehra is and if she got bored and left. Freeze on Ömer's annoyed face.

S01E37 - 37.Bölüm Air Date: 08 November 2016 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Alev at home remembers that when she asked Ömer about Zehra, Zehra steps out of the building. She apologizes for the wait saying she was in the rest rooms. Ömer perks up and opens the door for her and taking their smug leave from Alev, they get in the car and go. Alev is miffed. Looking in the mirror, Alev says she has to be smarter and has probably underestimated Zehra.

At home they sit at the table and Alev tries to catch Zehra by asking her about what she might have heard at the conference. She says I know most of it was probably over your head but you must remember something. Ömer is concerned. Zehra looks at Ömer and then suddenly begins talking of financial matters she read in the magazine. Everyone is taken by her eloquence. Ömer is pleased.

Koray is determined to stay. Sevim is upset and nervous. She keeps breaking dishes and snapping at everyone.

Müzeyyen again tries to talk to Alev but Alev says Zehra is a fake and a sign is that overnight she became an expert in the shipping business referring to her performance at the dinner table. Müzeyyen says she is worthy of praise for managing to make something out of herself despite being an orphan and having no support. Alev is not convinced. Ömer goes to bedroom. Zehra has fallen asleep with her clothes on. Ömer wants to cover her with a blanket but stops himself.

In the morning Asya comes and says she is escaping her mother because she wants to brush her hair. Zehra says she will brush her hair for her and promises that it won't hurt. As she does it gently, Ömer walks into the doorframe and watches them. The scene is very gentle and beautiful and Ömer looks happy and peaceful watching it. Asya goes out happily after examining herself in the mirror. Ömer and Zehra look after her running. When they turn to face each other, they have their smiling faces and immediately change it when their eyes meet.

They go to breakfast. Alev is changing her tactic and wants to find out about Zehra. Ömer leaves and Alev stays to have coffee with the ladies and chat. She asks about her childhood. Ayşe stops her and says that is not a topic that needs to be discussed because it could upset Zehra. Leyla calls Zehra and she says she will meet her at the usual place. Sevim hears Leyla on the street talking on the phone and realizes she is going to meet Zehra so she follows her. Nazan informs Alev that Zehra is going to meet a friend. Alev follows Zehra.

Ömer, Demir and Nihat want to start a meeting, Alev is not there and does not respond to a call. Yasemin and Koray meet at the café and Yasemin takes back the phone. Then Funda walks in so Yasemin leaves and Alper walks her home.

Zehra meets Leyla near the river and tells her that she told Sevim and Yener that she has paid for the hospital bill. Then Alev arrives and meets Leyla. Leyla says she has to go realizing something is amiss. Sevim looks for Leyla but does not find her. She runs into her when she is leaving the park and they both leave in a cab. Alev fishes about Zehra's orphanage. Then Ömer calls Alev and she tells him she ran into Zehra in the park. Ömer asks to talk to Zehra. Alev gives her the phone and Ömer tells her to stay there as he will go pick her up. Alev wants to give her a ride but she says Ömer is coming so she goes. Ömer gets there. Alev goes to orphanage.

S01E38 - 38.Bölüm Air Date: 09 November 2016 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Alev goes to meet the orphanage director. Zehra tells Ömer that this game has two players and it won't work the way he is handling it. She says she needs to contact her family. Ömer seems to begin to understand. He says let's go home but Zehra says no let's talk here.

Alev gives a large donation to the orphanage director and then tells him she is looking for a lost cousin Zehra Kaya and asks him to get information about her. He says he will inquire and let her know. She leaves.

Ömer says he will not renegotiate the contract. The terms will not change. Zehra is upset with his inflexibility and ends the conversation and begins to walk away. He goes after her and they get in the car.

Koray wants Yener to butt out of his business. Salim meets Yener and he invites him into his office for tea. When he is leaving Sevim sees him. She is worried that Yener told something about the IOUs to Salim.

Ömer takes Zehra home. He asks if people in the house know she left. Zehra says no. He knows Leyla and asks how much Leyla knows about the situation. Zehra says nothing. Ömer gets out and when Zehra does not follow he stops and looks at her crossed. She gets out and follows him. At the dinner table Alev says she met Zehra with one of her orphanage friends. Ömer changes the subject asking why Alev was not at the meeting. She says they had changed the time. After dinner Müzeyyen again tries to make sure Alev is not up to any trouble following Zehra. She puts her mind at ease.

Koray goes to see Yasemin but he sees Sevim from the window. Yasemin is very upset and Sevim is worried for her. Funda comes and takes Yasemin out they go to a café. Funda starts saying Yasemin appears to be in love so she gets up and leaves.

In the bedroom Ömer tells Zehra that she has to go to Leyla tomorrow and tell her everything. In the morning Ömer drives Zehra to Leyla's home. At the door he asks her if she can be trusted. Zehra says she is my friend and she won't do anything to put me in trouble. She goes in and Ömer drives away.

At the office Nihat hears Alev talking to the orphanage. He tells Ömer and while Ömer does not show it to Nihat, he investigates the telephone calls and realizes there has been a call from the orphanage. The orphanage tells Alev that the Zehra Kaya file is incomplete but the director gives her the name of a former staff that might be able to help her.

On the way back Zehra runs into her mother. Sevim takes her home pretending to call Salim but actually calls Yener. As soon as they get there Yener comes and tells her he will help pay her debt. She says she wants nothing from him and her father arrives. They hug and talk. And then Zehra wants to leave. Yener gets Sevim to give her a phone. Sevim says she got it from a neighbour and Zehra takes it. Zehra leaves. Sevim snaps at Salim when they are alone and it comes out that Sevim is not Zehra's real mother but Zehra does not know it. Salim tells her to hush and never talk about it again.

Zehra runs into Yasemin. Yasemin is very upset and wants to talk to her. Ömer goes to the orphanage and meets the director and finds out that the Zehra Kaya file was incomplete. Alev goes to the house of the old lady and she says that she knows Zehra Kaya.

S01E39 - 39.Bölüm Air Date: 10 November 2016 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

The old lady tells Alev she remembers Zehra and that she had a friend and she says Zehra was adopted. Ömer realizes there is an incomplete file regarding a certain Zehra Kaya at the orphanage. He is relieved and leaves. Alev wants more info but the old lady smells money. Alev gives some money and says she is prepared to give more. She says she will have to search so Alev gives her her card to call her when she finds something.

Salim tells Sevim that Zehra is their child. They have raised her and that is that and he wants to hear nothing else. Yasemin chats with Zehra but generally nags about her being away and their financial and house problems but nothing in particular. Zehra calms her.

Ömer tells Demir that Alev is being a busybody and he must figure out a way to send Alev away. He says for now she has found another Zehra Kaya at the orphanage and is on her trail but she should be sent away so she does not learn otherwise. Demir is going to send her to Cyprus for business. Ömer then goes home to handle Alev and Zehra situation. He arrives but Zehra is not home. He is about to go to Mahaleh when Ayşe comes and tells him how happy she is for him and takes for a walk in the garden.

Koray finally sees Yasemin coming home. He is talking with her when Sevim arrives. Sevim catches Koray calling him thief. Yasemin tells her that she is wrong, he is not a thief. She says he is Funda's friend. Yener also arrives and vouches for him. Sevim lets go. Koray drives away. Betton follows him and finds his address.

Alev arrives home. Zehra is late. They go to dinner. Ömer tells them to eat and steps out. He sees Zehra hiding behind the bushes. He finds it comical but washes the smile of his face and acts angry because she is late. He tells her to tell them she was caught in traffic. They go in. Zehra and Ömer join the table and Zehra shakes off Alev's nosy questions. Ömer offers Zehra food.

In the bedroom Ömer gets angry at her for being late. Zehra says I had to because… Ömer is angry and points his finger at her forcefully saying your only obligations is to do what's in the contract. Zehra is silent. Ömer feels he has lost control and gone too far. He calms down. He says more gently that Alev is being too inquisitive and she needs to be extra careful until he figures something out. Ömer is thoughtful.

Sevim is worried about Yasemin and she does not eat much. Yasemin calls Koray. He is riding his bike and has an accident.

Ömer talks with Demir and Zehra thinks they are going to Cyprus for a few days. Ömer says no Alev is going. At the table Alev is too happy. She says I will soon have a surprise for you. Ömer tells her Demir wants to talk to her apparently there is some problem with the Cyprus file. She goes. Ömer calls Demir to tell him to take her to the airport himself and make sure she gets on. Ayşe comes to Zehra to go down for coffee and tells her to bring her bag in case they go out. Ömer calls Demir. Demir says Alev got on the plane but then he sees her leave the airport and catch a taxi. Ömer looks at Zehra all concerned.

S01E40 - 40.Bölüm Air Date: 11 November 2016 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer tells Demir to follow Alev. Ömer then comes and wants to go out with Zehra but Ayşe holds them up as she wants to discuss bag styles with her.

A man comes to help Koray and take him to the nearest clinic. The guy wants to call for an ambulance but he has forgotten his phone in his store. He picks up Koray's and helps him to the clinic. Yasemin calls and realizes that Koray has had an accident so she goes to him right away. A neighbour comes and tells Sevim that a woman had come yesterday and asked for her address. Sevim is concerned that it may be a debt collector.

While Ömer, Ayşe and Zehra are in the living room, Zehra's phone rings. Ömer realizes she has a new phone. Ayşe congratulates them for getting a phone for Zehra and immediately gets her number. They go up and Ömer asks when she got the phone. Zehra says her mother gave it to her and says he can keep it. Ömer says now that Ayşe has your number you should keep it.

Yasemin takes Koray home and makes soup for him and takes care of him. Funda hears from Yener that Koray was injured and gets his address.

Demir calls Ömer and tells him that Alev has returned home. Ömer tells Zehra to stay in the room and he goes and opens the door and asks Alev why she has not gone to Cyprus. She says I missed the flight but have got another ticket and will pick up a few things and go. He knows she is not going to Cyprus and asks Demir to follow her and see what she is up to. Zehra thinks Ömer is punishing her by keeping her in the room but when he goes up he explains that Alev was in the house so he did not want them to meet up. Demir calls and tells them that Alev is in Mahaleh.

The two goons come and take Yener to Fikrat and he tells him to bring Koray to him and he will be well paid. Koray's doorbell rings. Yasemin opens and it is Funda.

Yener calls Zehra. Ömer is there so Zehra does not let on and says she has work to do and will talk later. Yener is very happy that she talked to her so nicely. Alev goes to the old lady and pays her a lot of money and gets the address. When she leaves, Demir goes and talks to the old lady and tells Ömer that Alev has found out Zehra's address in Mahaleh and is going there. Ömer tells Demir to stop her some way. Zehra also calls Leyla to go and stop her some way. Alev knocks on a door. Demir calls and says he could not make it before Alev and he can see her knocking on the door. Someone is knocking on Salim and Sevim's door. Sevim goes to open the door.

S01E41 - 41.Bölüm Air Date: 14 November 2016 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Sevim opens the door. It is from the electricity company regarding unpaid bills. Ömer tells Zehra to call home. She calls and realizes that someone was at their door. She is worried but then realizes it was from the electricity company and they both give a sigh of relief. Demir waits on Alev. She goes into a house. The lady in the house talks about a Zehra Kaya they adopted but could not handle. She says she kept running away and when they sent her back, she stole many things so her husband burned all their pictures with her. Ömer wonders what Alev is doing there and keeps asking Zehra if there is someone else in her family she could be meeting. Zehra says no.

Alev goes back to the orphanage and the director suggests and she try to find some of her friends at the orphanage and she might be able to get some info that way. Alev returns home. Ömer snaps at her for not going to Cyprus but she says she has resolved all problems and gets away.

Funda tries to cozy up to Koray but Yasemin tells her that they should both leave and let him rest. She tries to find out how she got Koray's address but Funda would not let on. Yasemin goes home. Salim has just returned and Sevim is degrading him for not bringing home the bacon. Salim is very tired. He has not fully recovered but determined to find a job. Fikrat lets Yener go and get Koray for him.

Ömer tells Zehra that her mistakes have cost them a lot. Alev will not let go of this matter and she has to be extra careful about whatever she does and says.

Zehra makes a doll for Asya. Ömer is intrigued. She gives it to her in the morning. Alev wants to fish again for information about Zehra's friend but Ömer cuts her short at the table. Alev tries to ask Zehra about her time in the orphanage. Zehra does not say much and then goes up to her room to end it. She then tries to make an appointment with Leyla and texts her and goes to the bathroom. Alev comes in and sees Leyla's answer and deletes it after reading it. She then puts a sleeping agent in Zehra's coffee and goes to see Leyla in her stead.

Salim meets Rostam, an old friend. He has a carpentry workshop and tells Salim to go and work with him. He is very happy. Yener goes to Sevim and threatens to tell Salim about the IOUs if she does not get him Zehra. On the way out he picks up the utility bills and says he will pay it. Sevim says he is crazy; on the one hand he threatens on the other he helps. When he brings the paid stubs, Salim realizes and tells him he will pay back all his debt to him. Yener is annoyed. Salim then begins to prepare his tools as he is going to work with Rostam in his workshop.

Ömer goes to the orphanage again and the director tells him that he has told Alev to inquire through Zehra's friends in order to find her. Ömer gets worried and goes home. Zehra has passed out on the bed. Alev meets Leyla and Leyla is shocked. She tries to call Zehra but she does not answer. Alev says Zehra passed out and was not well but her family is taking care of her. Leyla is worried. Ömer tries to wake Zehra but she is stumbling. He asks her to go wash her face but she tumbles into his arms. She says I do not know what happened; I drank coffee and… Ömer is concerned. Nazan comes in and says Ayşe needs them to go down. They go down and realize Alev has brought Leyla home.

S01E42 - 42.Bölüm Air Date: 15 November 2016 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ayşe invites Leyla for lunch. Ömer is miffed and realizes what Alev is doing. Demir calls and says Ömer has to go to the office for the meeting and says it would not do without him. He says he has to go. Zehra sees him to the door. She wants him to stay. Ömer feels this is something new. He tells him to take care they do not let on anything. Zehra goes back.

At the table Alev keeps asking questions. Why Zehra did not go to university? Did they live together? Why they do not talk so much about themselves? Ayşe is upset about her interrogation style. The two friends manage to handle the situation. Nazan picks Leyla's bag and gets some info from her phone.

Yener finally takes Koray to a depot and ties him up for Fikrat and tells them he's got him. Fikrat comes and is annoyed that Koray is tied up. He gives Yener the money and they go. His men untie Koray and we realize Fikrat is Koray's father but Koray does not want to live with him because of Fikrat's criminal activities. Koray leaves.

Ömer calls Zehra to make sure everything is fine. He tells her not to leave Alev alone with Leyla. He then finishes the meeting and tells Demir to take care of the business dinner for them. He goes home. Leyla wants to leave. Alev insists that she will take her. Zehra cannot stop it. Outside Alev and Leyla run into Ömer arriving. Ömer says I will take Leyla home. Inside Zehra calls Ömer saying Alev took Leyla home and she could not stop it. Ömer says not to worry, Leyla is with him. He then tells Leyla much care should be taken with Alev so she does not discover the truth. Leyla assures him that she would take every care.

Ömer returns home late. Zehra is asleep. He turns on the light and goes to talk to her. She is asleep so he decides otherwise but leaves and slams the door shut Zehra gets up and wonders what's going on. She goes and turns off the lights. He comes back in, turns them on and takes his phone and leaves again. She gets up again annoyed and turns off the lights again. As soon as she is back Ömer comes in and is about to turn on the lights but does not. He goes and sits on the bed irritated.

In the morning, as soon as Zehra gets up, he walks in from the balcony and tells her that she has to tell Leyla to leave Istanbul. She says she cannot ask that from her. He then says then you have to make sure she never comes to this house again. She says OK. He goes to the office.

Alev realizes that Leyla works for Nedim and that company had proposed a project to them which Kervancioglu Holding had declined. She goes there to meet Nedim again. Yener goes to Salim at the workshop and then calls Zehra to tell her her father has started work. He is happy that Salim wants Zehra to return home. There is no answer so he goes to Leyla's home.

Ömer and Demir talk about the meeting yesterday and call Alev to have a meeting when they realize she is not there and will not answer her phone. Ömer is worried again. He gets Demir to go and check on Leyla and he goes home himself.

Alev meets with Nedim. At home Ömer goes to Zehra and tells her to call Leyla and see if she is meeting with Alev. She calls but Leyla does not answer.

Yasemin meets Koray at the hilltop. Funda calls. Koray does not answer. He tells Yasemin he does not fancy Funda and the only reason he talks to her is because she is Yasemin's friends. He says he will not talk to her if Yasemin does not want him to. Yasemin says there is no need for that.

Demir is at Leyla's door. He sees Yener arrive and go to the door. He tells Ömer and Ömer says send me a photo of the person. He sends a photo of Yener talking to Leyla at her door. Ömer shows it to Zehra angrily. Zehra's phone rings. It is Yener.

S01E43 - 43.Bölüm Air Date: 16 November 2016 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer now thinks Zehra, Leyla and Yener are all in it together to get something out of him and is mad. Zehra is upset. She decides to go to Leyla and see what can be done. Meanwhile Alev promises Nedim to accept their project and then goes on to get Leyla's file from him. She then goes to Mahaleh and tries to find Leyla's home. She runs into Koray who takes her there. Yasemin sees them.

Yener visits Sevim and she explains that if Salim gets orders at the workshop then he will start making money and eventually Zehra would come back. She again asks about the IOUs and Yener says do not worry; Zehra will come and all will be well. Sevim keeps calling Zehra. Zehra is going to meet Leyla when she runs into Ayşe in the garden. She and Asya are going to the park and insist that the driver will also take Zehra. Zehra goes with them and has to go somewhere else and then again get the taxi. So she is very late. Her mom also calls again and she says she will try to visit but has other things she has to take care off.

Ömer meets Tyfoon and asks him to investigate Leyla very closely. He comes back to the office and Alev is not there. He is extremely worried. He tells Demir it is Zehra's fault that Alev's investigations have become so threatening.

Yasemin takes food for his dad and Koray sees her. He goes and starts peeking into the workshop when Rostam comes and sees him and once he inquires, Koray says he is looking for work as an apprentice. Rostam says come tomorrow. Koray then meets Yasemin going back home and takes her for a ride. They dodge Sevim. Funda sees them and tries to make Yasemin uncomfortable saying her mother will be worried. Koray cuts her off saying Yasemin let me take you back so your mom does not worry. So they walk off and ride together on the bike. Funda is miffed. Yasemin thanks Koray later.

Alev waits at Leyla's door and she finally comes. Alev goes and knocks on her door and pretends that she is returning something that Nazan has said was hers. Leyla says it is not hers. Alev begins to search around the house and asks for a coffee. Leyla calls Zehra and lets her know Alev is there. Then Ömer calls Zehra and when he realizes Alev is at Leyla's, he tells Zehra to go to his office and not to Leyla's.

Nihat comes and asks for a file. Ömer says I did not get it. He then realizes it is on his desk. He is exasperated and says I have to get a hold of myself. Zehra leaves and goes to him. Ömer again tells her that she has messed things up enough and that the three of them are banded together against him.

Sevim knocks on Leyla's door. Leyla tries to keep her away. Ömer calls Alev on her phone. Leyla is trying to handle the situation.

S01E44 - 44.Bölüm Air Date: 17 November 2016 14:10 -

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Leyla tries to get rid of Sevim at the door. Ömer calls Alev and Alev responds and goes into the kitchen to talk. He tells her to go home. Alev sees Sevim from the window. She tells Ömer she will go home. Leyla gets rid of Sevim and goes back in and sees Alev is leaving. She wonders if Alev has seen Sevim.

Ömer tells Zehra that Alev is going home and so will they. Zehra says what if she lies. Her mom calls. Ömer says she should not answer as yet, since they have to go home. She says you don't understand my situation. Ömer says your situation is not my concern. Sevim calls Zehra as she is walking on the street. She runs into Yasemin. Sevim is angry that she is not home studying. Koray sees them and exchanges fun secret glances with Yasemin.

Ömer and Zehra go home and Ömer tells her to call Leyla. Leyla tells her that Sevim was there but that she did not meet Alev. Ömer is very upset and tells Zehra that she will have to get Leyla to leave Mahaleh. Zehra says the problem is not Leyla, it is Alev; you have to stop your cousin. Ömer goes to his study and Alev goes in. He chastises her for not making herself available for meetings and says her work is not done. She tries to say otherwise and he asks her "did I make a mistake to trust you again?" She is miffed. He tells her that tomorrow they will go to work together.

Nihat comes home and Ayşe says Ömer seems upset. Nihat says it is probably work matters.

Koray goes home. Funda appears at his door. She has brought food and invites herself in. Koray says I don't want anything to eat. She then slyly calls Yasemin to invite her to come over and eat with them. Salim goes home with some fruit. Sevim again belittles him because he has only bought a few apples and does not make much money. Yasemin tells her mother off. They sit to eat. Yasemin gets Funda's call and when she says they are at Koray's place she is not very happy. Anyway she cannot go since she is having dinner at home. Koray realizes what Funda has done and tells her off for calling Yasemin knowing that her mother would not let her come. He then tells her to leave.

At night, Zehra is sneaking quietly into the bedroom while Ömer is asleep. She gets her phone from the drawer and leaves. She uses the flashlight to get into the kitchen and stumbles on some furniture. Ömer comes in with his phone light. He wonders whether she is making a call. She says she was hungry and wanted to get something to eat, showing him her phone. Hediye comes in and turns on the light giving everyone a fright. She then makes them a few sandwiches and goes. They sit across from each in the kitchen. Ömer is eating a sandwich. He is enjoying it. Zehra is staring at him thinking I wanted to eat something at peace and now with this guy here I've lost my appetite. One more sandwich is left. Ömer wonders why she does not eat. He reaches for the last one but Zehra snatches it from under his hand and begins eating!!!

In the morning Ömer tells Zehra to convince Leyla to leave. Zehra says Leyla would not even be able to afford such a move. Ömer says he will pay for the move and settling. Zehra calls Leyla and asks to meet her. They are going to meet at Salim and Sevim's home. Koray goes early to the workshop and starts work with Rostam and Salim.

At the breakfast table Ayşe hints at how the lovebirds had a romantic late dinner in the kitchen last night. Alev is annoyed but tries to show off how she is going to the office with Ömer. Ömer takes her to his office and gets her to work there. Tyfun calls and he has to go out for an hour. Alev decides to go and check out Leyla in that time. Zehra goes to Mahaleh. Sevim and Yasemin are home. Sevim tells her to sit, she would be back soon. She goes to Yener and tells him, I have brought you Zehra tear the IOUs. He says she is not here yet. Zehra hears that his father has started work in the workshop and goes there to see him. While there, a guy is sent by Yener to give a large order to Salim. Leyla calls Zehra that they should meet at her office. Zehra wants to leave, Yener comes describing how he is finding work for her father and that she will not need to work anymore. Zehra is cold and tells him it is not his business. She leaves.

Alev calls Leyla while Zehra is there and she says I am at your home where are you. Leyla says come to work. Alev begins snooping around the neighbourhood. Ömer sees Tyfoon and he tells him Leyla is clean. He goes back and Alev is not there. Zehra tells Leyla about the move but tells her, it is up to her. Alev is driving and sees Sevim in her side mirror and turns around.

S01E45 - 45.Bölüm Air Date: 18 November 2016 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Alev wants to go into Salim's house. Koray catches up with Yasemin and explains the Funda situation. Yasemin notices Alev's car and asks Koray where she took this woman the other day and realizes that she had gone to Leyla's. She is curious. Ömer keeps calling Alev so she finally answers. Ömer tells her to return to the office right away. She decides to go and come back the next day.

Zehra goes home and Asya has made cookies and is having a party with all the adults so she joins in too. Alev goes to office and Nihat is there beside Ömer and Demir saying he has had to finish the files because Alev is not doing her work. Nihat reminds Alev of her unfinished work.

Koray works hard at the workshop. At the dinner Alev is happy and insinuates she is soon to resolve something. In the bedroom Zehra talks with Leyla. She tells Zehra some people are watching her. She thinks Alev has sent them to investigate her. Zehra is very anxious. Ömer tells her not to fret. They just each have to do what they can. She should try to get Leyla out of Mahaleh and he will try to divert Alev.

In the morning Yasemin prepares breakfast. Sevim starts grumbling again and insinuates that Zehra is into immoral behaviour which makes Salim raise his voice. He immediately calms down in front of Yasemin. Sevim hushes. Salim gives some money to Yasemin who is going to the library. She returns some of it. Sevim then goes and searches Salim's clothes and finds some money and when he comes in, she snaps at him for hiding money from her. He says it is an advance and he has to buy supplies to do the job. She takes one hundred saying there is nothing to eat in the house. He takes the rest and goes.

In the morning Asya comes and asks handsome Ömer to go with her and Zehra to the park. Zehra tells him that Ayşe has asked her to accompany them to the park. Ömer says I can't come. As they both hold Asya, she asks them to kiss her each on one cheek for her to forgive Ömer for not going with them. They do and the closeness feels as if they are kissing one another.Ömer goes to office with Alev.

Yener comes to the workshop and sees Koray there and asks him how he got away from those guys. Koray shakes him off. Alev is done and leaves Ömer's office. Yasemin goes to the workshop to see her father and sees Koray working there. Yasemin sees Leyla and tells her that she has seen the woman with the red car in front of their home. Leyla immediately informs Zehra who is at the park with Ayşe and Asya. She calls Ömer and lets him know. Ömer calls Alev but she does not answer. He gets Tyfun to ask the traffic police to stall her on the way and give them time. He goes and picks up Zehra and takes her to Mahaleh. ehra goes in as Alev slowly approaches. Ömer leaves. Zehra begs her mom to tell the lady who is about to come that she does not know Zehra. Sevim is not convinced. She goes to the door and sees Alev and says what do you want? She says I wanted to inquire about Zehra Kaya.

S01E46 - 46.Bölüm Air Date: 21 November 2016 14:10 -

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Sevim says no I don't know Zehra Kaya. Alev insists that she is a friend of Leyla. Sevim gets rough and says curtly that she is not the chieftain of the neighbourhood to know everyone. Alev then asks for a glass of water and starts sneaking in. Ömer arrives and sees Alev's car. He gets Demir to call Alev. The sound of the phone brings Sevim out of the kitchen. She gives her the water and then throws her out. Alev is shocked by her behaviour but leaves. Zehra thanks her mom but now Sevim cannot be appeased. Zehra says it was a debtor but can't really convince her. In the car, Ömer calls her and she leaves. Ömer asks her what happened; Zehra says Alev did not learn anything but now her mother is suspicious. Ömer says their only concern is Alev. Zehra is irritated.

Koray realizes that Salim is Yasemin's father. He explains to Yasemin outside that he did not know the connection and that he had just taken it as a job. At home, Ayşe talks about Ömer's romantic gestures such as coming to take Zehra from the park to go to a business lunch together. Alev is jealous. Ömer and Zehra arrive. Alev asks why she was not told about the business lunch. Ömer says maybe because you have not been coming to the office regularly. Ömer and Zehra go up.

Upstairs in the bedroom Zehra says her mother is calling and now she is suspicious. Ömer says it is your fault. You knew the situation you should have handled it with a convincing story. Zehra says I had but now Alev has ruined everything. Ömer says if you had not gone and met with your old friends this would not have happened. Zehra says it is your fault for saying I have nobody. Ömer says what did you expect that I would bring all your family into the game? How much would I have had to pay each of them? Zehra is mad. She says you think everything is about money but for me it is not. He says but you entered this game for money. She says no I did not I did it for my family, for my father. Alev knocks and comes in. They have to stop. Alev wants to talk to Ömer. He says later but she insists. They go into the study. Alev says why are you treating me this way? He says because you are not doing your job properly. He says he is not happy with the file she is handling and is going to turn it over to Demir. She is mad.

Alev calls Hilmi Yilmaz but he tells him to wait for his call. Ömer is in the sitting room waiting for dinner. Nihat comes and receives a call which he takes outside. Ömer wants to follow him. Alev again comes to talk to Ömer and Ömer says I don't want to talk about work now. Müzeyyen supports him and says keep business talk for the office. Ömer is suspicious of Nihat's call.

Sevim goes to Leyla and interrogates her. Leyla does not let anything on. Funda goes to Yasemin. Funda says Koray told her that he is working at her dad's and insinuates that Funda and Koray meet often.

The next morning Zehra tells Ömer she needs a toothbrush and since she can't go out, she can't buy it. He says Okkeş is in charge of buying the household needs so she can tell him. She says she does not feel comfortable doing that. She then asks not to go down for breakfast because she is not feeling well. Ömer says he will tell the others she is not well. She stops him and asks him not to do that because then Ayşe would worry. Ömer looks at her wondering. He then calls Nazan and tells her to serve their breakfast in the bedroom.

Ömer tells Zehra to tell her family that she has to go abroad with the family she is working for. This way she would not have to go see them during that period. She says it would be impossible to make them accept that. He insists.

Funda goes to visit Koray at the workshop. She gets him out and then pretends that she has a sprained ankle. Koray helps her walk off and Yasemin sees them arm in arm and is very upset. Yener is upset and takes the IOUs to Sevim and says since she has not managed to get Zehra, he will have to start collecting them.

Nihat wants to take Ayşe somewhere and gets her to ask Zehra to take Asya to the park. Zehra takes Asya there. Sevim calls Zehra and threatens to tell her father about the Alev episode.

Alev goes to Ömer's office where he is discussing the Kursat file with Demir. She is upset that he has taken it from her. She swears that he will regret it. Demir says Alev should not be provoked. Ömer says she needs to realize who is boss. Ayşe realizes that Nihat wants to move Ayşe and Asya to a separate house and is upset. She asks him to give her time to consider it. When they return Ayşe calls Zehra and gets worried when she does not answer. She calls Ömer. Ömer calls her. She says we are at the park. He says return right away. Sevim hears the door. She opens the door and it is Zehra.

S01E47 - 47.Bölüm Air Date: 22 November 2016 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Sevim pulls Zehra in. Zehra says she has to go get something from outside. She goes to the yard. Asya is playing there. Zehra tells her that this is a play house and there is a Game Auntie (Oyun Teyze) here. They must not tell anyone about coming there and they must not tell the Teyze anything about themselves. She is a bit crossed but funny. The secrecy is the only way they can play there. Asya promises to keep it a secret between the two of them. They go in.

Zehra shows that child and says here is what I do. I look after her and she tries to explain that the family is secretive because of the sickness of the mother. In the meantime Sevim has called Yener and he arrives. Sevim tells her to be nice to him or else she will tell his father and call Alev as well. Zehra gives some toys to Asya and goes out with Yener. He asks her to give him a chance to talk over dinner. She evades an answer. Asya runs out and falls getting a cut. Zehra asks for meds to bandage it but Sevim has none so Zehra runs to get it. Sevim asks Asya questions but she hushes.

Ömer lets Ayşe know that Zehra and Asya are fine and will go home soon. Alper gives water to Yasemin saying she does not look well. She takes it appreciatively and then goes home. Ayşe wants to go get Zehra and Asya but Nihat says let them have fun. On her way Zehra runs into Mehtap and dodges her questions. Mehtap is jealous of her outfit. Zehra bandages Asya's finger and before they leave, Sevim once more reminds her that she has to come to the date with Yener tomorrow.

Yasemin does not respond to Koray's calls. He goes to her window. She shoos him off. He realizes she is angry with him over Funda.

Ömer goes to the park to get Zehra and Asya. They are not there. He calls Zehra. She says we are in the taxi going home. He arrives home. Ayşe runs out thinking they are together. She is disappointed they're not there. Zehra and Asya arrive. Asya says they went to a different park and had fun. She shows her mom her injured finger. Ömer is suspicious.

In the bedroom he asks if she took Asya to Mahaleh. She says she got tired of the first park so I took her to another park. She had a lot of fun so we stayed longer and on the way back hit some traffic. Ömer looks at her and lets it go. Zehra feels proud of herself for hushing him up.

In the morning he tells her not to go out. She accepts. Yener is fixing himself up in his office for the date. Zehra goes into the kitchen and gets busy helping Hediye with the cooking. Her mother calls and reminds her to go to the date. She calls Ömer and asks for permission to go to her mother to tell her about the family moving abroad. He says be back in an hour. Before leaving Zehra realizes Ayşe is preoccupied. She asks what's wrong, Ayşe says she is fine.

Alev tells Ömer that when he needs her, she will remind him of the way she has treated her and leaves his office. Demir tells her that she needs to prove herself to Ömer on another project and all will be well again. She then hears that Hilmi Yilmaz is involved in a project and calls him to set up a meeting. Demir goes to Ömer to discuss Hilmi Yilmaz. Ömer says call Alev but she is not in the office and won't answer her cell. Ömer worries that she might have gone to Mahaleh with Zehra there. He leaves.

Zehra tells her mom she will not meet with Yener. Sevim threatens her again. Zehra asks if she is being threatened by Yener and if she has a debt to him. Sevim says didn't he pay for the first three months of our rent. Has he not been taking care of us? Ömer calls and tells her he is out there to pick her up. She tells her mother that she would meet Yener outside and tells her to sit. She goes out. Ömer is parked on the next street. Yener is coming from the other side. Zehra is anxious, looking from one direction to the other.

S01E48 - 48.Bölüm Air Date: 23 November 2016 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Zehra runs into Ömer's car. Yener arrives with his flowers and as he gets off, he notices Zehra trying to hide herself in Ömer's car. He sees Ömer drive away. Ömer asks if Zehra is trying to hide from someone. She asks why he came. He says I was concerned that Alev might be there. He asks her if she told her mom. She says she couldn't. They argue.

Yener is mad. He kicks his flowers and goes to Sevim's door and explodes and tells her that he will no longer be nice about it. Sevim tries to call Zehra but there is no answer.

Yasemin looks for work at a café to get money for private math tutoring. The job is gone but Funda comes in. Yasemin does not want her to know she is looking for work. When she leaves, Funda gives the manager Yasemin's number to call her if there is job.

Ömer and Zehra are in the car and they get a flat tire. There is no service for the phone. Zehra gets the jack and spare tire from the trunk and begins changing the tire. Ömer says what now you are going to fix the car, somewhat surprised and annoyed. She says yes of course. There is no service and we can't just sit here. Ömer asks how she knows that. She says her father used to have an old car and they would do it together whenever he got a flat. He lifts her up and begins doing it himself. She asks if you knew how to do it why did you not do it in the first place. He says because it is not my job. She is surprised. He is done. She gets him wet wipes to clean his hand and another to clean his face. He says, thanks to you we are having a wonderful day. She wants to put the tire away, he stops her hand. They stare. He tells him she should have told them she is going abroad because she will not be allowed to go there anymore. She says to herself how cruel he is. He sort of hears.

Demir tells Alev Ömer does not want her to mix up in this file. He goes. Nihat tells Alev that in a way Zehra being Ömer's wife is also Alev's boss. She is annoyed.

Yener is mad at the store. He calls the lawyer to pursue the IOU and call Sevim. He also tells the guy he had sent to Salim to give him orders to go and get the products but tell him that he will have to pay for them later.

Ömer and Zehra arrive home. Zehra's mother keeps calling. She says she will answer upstairs in the bedroom. He tells her to tell her mother that she is going abroad. Inside Zehra goes up. Ayşe sees Ömer and asks him to ask Zehra to meet her whenever she has time. He goes up and tells her. He tells her to leave her phone upstairs so it won't ring while she is talking with Ayşe. She leaves it and goes down.

Ayşe tells Zehra about Nihat's intention to get a separate house and how she feels torn between Nihat's desire and her love for her family. Zehra tells her to take her time and first decide what it is that she wants. Ayşe asks her not to tell anyone.

The guy takes his orders from Salim but does not pay. Salim knows he is no good for it but lets go. Koray is angry and outside threatens the guy. Yasemin comes and wants to see Koray but Salim comes out and tells her that they can go home together since he has nothing to do. Koray is anxious. He goes to their place at night to meet her.

Sevim is distraught. Mehtap goes to Demir and asks to get her job back. He gives her some papers to process. Alev decides to pay Sevim another visit. Leyla sees Alev in front of Sevim's house. She keeps calling Zehra. Ömer hears and sees who is calling but does not answer. Alev plans on giving Sevim money. Sevim is cutting vegetables in the garden. She is talking to herself. When she sees Alev, she explodes and goes to her and tells her to get lost and before Alev gets a chance to talk, she threatens her with the knife in her hand. Alev runs off. Leyla tries to call again.

Mehtap takes the papers and goes home. Ömer's photo is on one. She leaves them on Yener's desk and goes to do something. Yener keeps touching the papers and yelling about his plans to get Zehra. Sevim is frantic at home. Salim and Yasemin cannot make sense of her. Koray throws a little rock at the window to get Yasemin's attention but it is Sevim. She opens the window and begins swearing. Yasemin comes and calms her down.

At dinner Alev says she is busy doing something in order to protect someone she loves from a big mistake they have made. Zehra tries to divert the conversation and talks about the flat tire. Ayşe is surprised that Ömer has changed the tire himself. She says since he has met Zehra his possibilities have become endless. Alev is miffed.

The lawyer calls Sevim telling her that she must pay back the debt or go to jail. Yener talks with the lawyer saying he will get his cut. Ömer and Zehra go upstairs. Zehra goes to the bathroom. Her phone rings. Ömer says "Again?" He answers her phone. Zehra comes in and thinks what if it is my mom or Yener!

S01E49 - 49.Bölüm Air Date: 24 November 2016 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Yener keeps shouting that he is going to get Zehra and do away with the other guy. He rolls the pages saying I will roll him like this and destroy him. Mehtap arrives and gets angry that he is ruining her work. He does not want to give her the papers but Betton takes it (he is taller than both) and gives them to her.

Ömer finishes talking on the phone and tells Zehra that it was Leyla and Alev has gone to her mom again. He says Leyla believes Alev did not find out anything but can't be sure. He says you have to stop going there and I will take care of Alev. He goes down to his study. While working there he sees Ayşe is up. He calls out to her and she says she is fine and just wanted to get a drink and go to bed. He feels there is something wrong. Ömer calls Demir and asks him to come up with a business trip for Alev. He goes up. Zehra is asleep. She has turned over the bed and nicely folded the bedspread. He wonders why she does these things and goes to bed looking at her meaningfully.

In the morning Sevim makes no breakfast. Yasemin prepares some food to take for Salim. Betton comes to the store and sees that Yener is sleeping on the couch in the store. He wakes him up. Betton is concerned that he is falling apart. In the living room, Zehra is playing with Asya and Ömer is on the phone with Demir. He says no, it has to be further. The US, for instance. And also longer. Alev comes down. Ömer tells Alev that Demir is waiting for her and she should go to the office right away.

Yener goes to Sevim's door. He tells her that if Zehra does not come, he will collect his IOUs one way or another. Sevim is beside herself. Yasemin takes the food to the workshop. They call her from the café saying there have a job for her. Koray asks what it is about. Yasemin says it is not your business and goes. Yener goes to Leyla and tells her to tell Zehra if she cares for her family she should show up in three hours or go and visit her parents in jail. He shows her the IOUs. Sevim calls Zehra and tells her Yener has IOUs with Salim's signature and he has threatened to throw him in jail. They need 10 thousand liras right away. She says only you can handle Yener. Zehra hangs up and thinks about selling her necklace.

In his office Ömer once more realizes Ayşe looks upset. She says she is happy he stays home more often. Ömer says in his head that it is for you that I stay home more and hugs her.

Yasemin gets the job. Koray worries about Yasemin. Salim tells him to use his free time to study and go to university because carpentry has no future. He is touched and tells him I am not used to others caring for me.

Zehra is on the phone with Leyla and tells her that she is going to sell her necklace to get her father the money. Ömer is at the door and hears. She takes off the necklace. He goes in and asks what's happening. She says she is going to fix her necklace. He grabs it and says he will take care of it and then notes that there nothing wrong with it. She says she has to sell it to get money to her father or else there will be charges filed against him. He says she cannot go anywhere and she will keep the necklace because everyone thinks it's a wedding present.

Yener calls Sevim and tells her that he is taking the complaint to court. She then gets a call from the lawyer and runs to Salim and tells him that he has to get 10 thousand liras or else. She does not talk about signing IOUs to Yener.

Zehra talks with Leyla saying Ömer has taken the necklace and she cannot sell it now. Leyla tells her to borrow it from Ömer. She says she can't. Nazan hears that Zehra needs the money and won't ask Ömer. Demir tells Alev that they have decided to send her to a six month seminar in the US. She says she does not want to go. Ömer arrives and says she has to go. She goes to her office and is upset thinking Ömer has completely erased her from his life. Nazan calls her and lets her know about Zehra and the money issue. She is surprised that Zehra would not ask Ömer for such a small amount of money if she needs it. So she suspects it involved a dirty secret. She goes home to investigate.

Ömer thinks about Zehra's situation and the things he has overheard from the door. He tells Demir he has to go and leaves.

Yasemin is working at the café and the manager is a bit bossy and rude. Funda calls and confirms that she is working there. She is cooking something nasty.

Alev goes to Zehra's room and offers her a check for 10 thousand liras. She says as a woman she understands her and wants to help. Zehra refuses it and when Alev insinuates that she has married Ömer for money, she snaps and says money has tainted your souls like a disease. She stresses that what is important for her are things that cannot be bought by money such a kindness, love and conscience. Ömer is at the door and hears everything. He goes down. Alev runs into him downstairs. She says Ömer why did you come back early? She then says Zehra asked her for money and she feels Ömer should know. Ömer tells her Alev I think you must have misunderstood because Zehra does not need your money because everything I have is hers. He then adds that I think you are a bit confused these days. I think the US trip will be a good break for you to get your mind straight; you could also treat it as a needed holiday. She is mad. Ömer goes to Zehra and gives her the money.

Zehra asks why. He says I do not want a scandal. She takes it and says I'll treat it as a loan. When I am free after six months, I will pay it all back. He says that's up to you. She says then I'll go to the bank. She goes and calls Yener and he says meet me at the harbour. Ömer follows her and sees her in the harbour meeting Yener. Zehra asks Yener for the IOU. He stalls. Ömer sees them talking. Zehra gets the money out and gives it to him saying I have the money give me the IOU. Ömer sees her giving the money to him and says how did I make that mistake. He is mad and unbuckles to get off the car.

S01E50 - 50.Bölüm Air Date: 25 November 2016 14:10 -

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Zehra says give me the IOU. Ömer gets out of the car and then stops himself saying:. Why are you angry; what did you expect? He gets in the car and leaves.

Yener is angry and asks if the rich guy gave the money to her. She says it does not concern you. Yener wants to know who the guy is.

Alev is mad in her room and shouts at Nazan to go get her migraine meds. She tells herself that she will not let the "Wild Weed" to get everything Ömer has. Nihat checks out more houses at the agent's office and contacts Ayşe and says he has a surprise for her. Ayşe is feeding Asya. Nihat asks that she leave her with Hediye and go. She accepts. Ayşe asks Hediye to ask Zehra to take Asya to the park if she can.

Yener hassles Zehra. Leyla comes and helps Zehra get out of his grab. She threatens to call the police. They finally grab the IOU and run. Yener tries to follow them. Leyla and Zehra sit and Zehra gives Leyla the IOU to give to Sevim. Zehra feels her mother is dealing with a lot and forgives her.

Alev hears that Asya wants to go to the park with Zehra. Alev encourages them to call Zehra. Zehra calls Ömer. Ömer at the office remembers the scene of Zehra giving money to Yener and is upset. He talks with Demir. When Zehra calls, he does not answer. Zehra meets Asya at the park. Alev has brought her. Zehra calls Ömer again to let him know. He does not answer.

Funda picks up Koray to take her for a surprise to a café. He goes reluctantly and also calls Alper to join them. Yener watches Zehra, Alev and Asya at the park. He tries to figure out the relationships.

Nihat takes Ayşe to see houses. She goes reluctantly. Demir tells Ömer it is their night out with friends. Ömer says he will not go. Demir asks why. Ömer just asks Demir to take care of the Alev business and goes home. Demir calls Alev at the park and asks if she is coming to the office. She asks if Ömer is there. He says he's gone home. She says she can't come and will go there tomorrow. She then gets up to go home to Ömer. Zehra says they will stay as Asya is having fun. Alev goes happily.

Asya runs in Yener's direction. Zehra goes after her and notices Yener hiding. She is worried.

Salim goes home and sees that Sevim has drawn the curtain. He knocks and she finally opens the door and asks if he has the ten thousand. Salim says where did you expect me to get that much money! Ayşe and Nihat walk by the sea. Nihat imagines his family in the house. Salim asks Sevim what the ten thousand is about. She says it is because of Zehra. She says it is because of your hospital bills. She is in debt to many people and that one of them came to the door the other day. He says you said Yener paid that. She says there were more than one bill. She strings the lies together. Salim is pensive.

Alev goes to Ömer in the garden. She says I don't want to go the US. He says that topic is closed. If you do not go you know what happens. She is mad and thinks of making him lose the Hilmi Yilmaz deal.

Nihat talks about the advantages of living alone as he and Ayşe sit at the harbour. Ömer calls Ayşe and asks her when they were going back. She asks if Zehra and Asya are back. Ömer then realizes they are at the park together. He is concerned. He hangs up and walking in the bedroom sees the necklace he bought for Zehra and walks to the window pensively. Why am I worried, he thinks to himself.

Sevim calls Zehra. She is pleased with herself for having shifted all the blame on Zehra and telling Salim about the debt collector that had come to her door (Alev). Zehra does not answer her call. Leyla comes and gives Sevim the IOU. She says Yener forced him to sign it for the house rental. When Leyla leaves she wonders where Zehra got all that money.

Zehra is worried that Yener might harm Asya. Asya wants to leave. She also needs to go to the bathroom. They go to a café. Yener follows.

Funda takes Koray to the café. She has invited a few people. It is Koray's birthday which she has learned from Facebook. Yasemin brings the drinks and when she sees Koray she drops the tray.

In the café, Asya goes to the washroom. When she comes out Ayşe calls and there is a fight in the café. Zehra is distracted and loses Asya. She starts running around and calling out her name in distress.

S01E51 - 51.Bölüm Air Date: 28 November 2016 14:10 -

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Yener finds Asya in the park on the swing and tries to get information from her but she says nothing. Zehra finally comes and finds her and takes her home.

Yasemin will not allow Koray explain and goes home. Ömer is in the office and mad at himself for trusting Zehra. He remembers her telling him on the boat she never lied to him. Sevim has the IOU and wonders how Zehra got the money. She thinks she is probably swimming in money. Zehra and Asya return. Alev hears that Zehra had lost Asya for a few minutes. It gives her an idea. Zehra goes up tp the bedroom. Ömer is not there. She wonders if she should go and meet him. Nazan comes and says dinner is served. She goes down but Ömer is not there. She gets some food on a tray and takes for him in the office. He is angry with her and tells her to go back to the table. She goes but comes back and tells him that she will not go there because everyone expects them to be together so she is going upstairs. He leaves.

Salim is upset at the dinner table and worried about Zehra and her debt. Yener sends Betton to stand sentinel at the park and inform him whenever he sees Zehra. Ömer tells Zehra you have to go to the table. She just goes up. Ömer runs after her and overhears Ayşe saying how she is happy to see them spend time together. He goes up.

Koray goes to Yasemin's house again to try and talk to her. But she refuses.

Ömer goes up and says: why are you not at the table. She says because they think we are eating together. He says you have taken more money than was your due so you have to do your job.

Salim cannot sleep all night worried about Zehra. He goes to work early. At five am Ömer's alarm goes. He does not wake up. Zehra wakes up and goes to him and wakes him up. Zehra cannot sleep after that so she goes to the kitchen and makes some scones. They are very nice. Alev comes and tries one and really likes it but when she hears Zehra did it she throws all of them out.

Ömer asks Zehra where she was. She says I couldn't sleep after your alarm went so I went to the kitchen. He tells her you must never leave the room before me. She says yes sir! And sits! They go to breakfast.

Yener tells his guy to go tell Salim that the orders are not good enough and he will not pay for them and return everything. He does that. Salim is upset and Koray tries to intervene but Salim says let him go. Hediye has to serve something else and Zehra notes she has made spinach borek but says nothing.

Koray realizes Salim is trying to borrow money. Nihat asks Demir why he has given Mehtap her job back. He says everyone deserves s second chance. Nihat lets it go.

Salim gives Koray a letter that was dropped for him in the workshop. It is a cheque from his dad but Koray does not cash it. Yasemin comes and is cold with Koray. She notices the boxes and Salim does not tell her about the return. He gives her money. She does not take it and says she does not need it. Koray is proud of Yasemin. Yasemin tells Koray to leave his job with her dad. He says he will not because his dad is an excellent master and he wants to learn the trade. He says he did not know about Funda's party. Yasemin does not believe him.

Alev gets the number of a couple of shady characters. Yasemin meets Alper and he realizes she needs private math lessons. He says he can give her lessons. She accepts. Salim has to pay debtors. Koray sells his motorcycle. Nihat's phone keeps ringing. Ömer is curious. Alev meets the criminals and tells them they must kidnap Asya.

S01E52 - 52.Bölüm Air Date: 29 November 2016 14:10 -

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Alev says you will kidnap the little girl but make sure nothing happens to her. It will be a one day job. I will give you all instructions.

Nihat is on the phone again. Ayşe tells him to go with her to put Asya to bed. Nihat leaves his phone. It rings. Ömer is there alone. He takes the call and realizes Nihat wants to buy a house. Nihat comes and Ömer tells him if he wants to leave he can go but her sister will not leave. Nihat says it is not your decision.

Koray gives Salim 10 thousand liras. He tells Salim that he has managed to sell the orders that the fake customer returned and refused to pay for. Salim is happy. He takes the money. Funda pays Yasemin a visit and tells her she and Koray are going out together.

Demir comes and tells Ömer all the preparations for Alev to go to the US is done but she has to go. Ömer insists that she will go for sure. Zehra and Asya draw together. Alev asks when they are going to the park. They say tomorrow. Asya runs out. Ömer picks her up. They show concern for Asya in the same manner. Asya asks to play hide and seek with Ömer. Ömer closes his eyes. Asya asks Zehra to play with them. The two of them go hide. Ömer goes and finds them and in the corridor Zehra runs into Ömer's arms and they are mezmerized by each other. Alev sees them spending time with each other and burns. She consoles herself with the fact that her plan will soon end Zehra.

Nihat wants Ayşe to make a decision. Zehra goes up to the bedroom. You were here, she says. Ömer is sitting on the bed. Yes I am here because this is my room. Zehra notes his curtness. She wants to go back out but he orders her to stay.

Salim calls Zehra and tells her to go see him. She says she will try tomorrow. Sevim is happy that he is calling Zehra. Ömer tries to make her hang up; she does not let him. She tells Ömer my dad wants to see me. She then remembers her necklace and asks for it. Ömer says you will go nowhere. Zehra says it's because I took money from you right? He says no it's because you lied to me.

Sevim wants Salim to see Zehra at home. Salim says I will see her at the workshop.

Nazan comes and says dinner is ready. Ömer goes and tells Zehra she will stay. He will go down alone. Zehra feels belittled and wishes she had the money to return the debt. The two criminals come to check out the place. Alev is annoyed with them and tells them that they will not kidnap the child from home but from the park. Zehra wants to go to her dad and tells Ömer he can come too and see for himself. Ömer ignores her and says we're going to breakfast. She says really, me too? She puts her bag down and goes to the table with him. Nihat and Ayşe want to go somewhere and ask Zehra to take care of Asya for a little bit. Zehra says no problem. Ömer is concerned about Ayşe. Demir comes to visit. Ömer tells him about Nihat wanting to move out with Ayşe. Demir says think about Ayşe's happiness.

Yasemin and Alper meet at a café to study. Funda sees them and goes gets Koray. Koray goes there and Yasemin leaves.

Ayşe comes back and Zehra gets in a cab and goes to her dad. Her dad gives her ten thousand liras and tells her to pay back her debt. Sevim comes and when she realizes Salim has given her the money she is mad.

Ömer comes and realizes Zehra is gone. He is angry. Ayşe comes and asks to speak to him and tells him about Nihat's plan to leave. He says I cannot make a decision for you but I assure you whatever you decide I will support you. Ayşe is very thankful. Zehra goes to the bedroom. Ömer is there. He says I want an explanation. She takes out the money and says I am paying back my debt.

S01E53 - 53.Bölüm Air Date: 30 November 2016 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer says I know you gave the money to your lover. Zehra says I took the money because my father was in a difficult situation; now that he has some money he has given it to me so I can pay my debt. Ömer says you play it really well. He does not take the money. Zehra asks for her necklace back. Ömer gives her the green necklace he bought for her and says here you can wear this. She wants her own necklace. She says it is a family heirloom and has deep intrinsic value for her and she only has it in keeping. He throws the money on the bed. Ömer says that is why you got the money back from him right? She is confused. From whom? He takes the necklace out of his pocket and holds it out. She takes it and pulls it slowly out of his fingers as they stare at each other.

Sevim keeps calling Zehra. At night she sits with the necklace in her hand indignant about Ömer's accusations about her giving money to her "lover"! Ömer comes and she leaves the room in her pajamas. Yasemin is mad at Koray but still hopes for his calls. Zehra sees Ayşe sitting alone at night. She goes to her and they chat. Ömer gets up and the couch is empty. Ömer goes down and hears the girls talking. Ayşe tells Zehra of her brother's childhood; how he was so naughty but at the same time very responsible. Ayşe is very sad to have to let it all go. Ömer cries as he listens on. Zehra tells Ayşe that although it is nice to make others happy but sometimes you have to think of yourself first. She tells Ayşe she feels she does not really want to move out. If she moves out just to please Nihat, Nihat and Asya will not be happy either because she as the mother of the family is the centre that holds them together.

In the morning Zehra's phone rings. Ömer picks it up and shows it to her as she walks in. Your mother is calling with insistence, he says and gives it to her and goes out. Sevim asks her to go visit her and take the little girl there as well. She promises to go. Ömer talks with Ayşe and tells her again that all he cares about is her happiness so about the moving out business, he will support her wish one way or the other.

At the breakfast table Asya asks Zehra if they will see the Play Auntie again. Alev is intrigued. She asks who this Auntie is. I want to play with you guys as well. Asya says you can't because she is in my story and only plays with children. Alev is miffed and leaves. Zehra is happy.

Koray's restlessness is recognized by Salim. Salim tells him sometimes in issues of love you can express your feelings in ways other than words. Koray builds a small pretty wooden box with a mirror to reflect his heart.

Ömer talks with Nihat and tells him that he will leave the decision to them but tells him it has to be Ayşe's decision and warns him against pushing her against her will. Zehra takes Asya to the park. She asks to go to the aquarium as well. Zehra tells Ayşe that she does not mind taking her. They take a taxi and go to Mahaleh. Alev lets the kidnappers know to follow them. Sevim has made cake and borek for them. She has also made a swing for the little girl. Sevim takes her out and starts asking her questions about her family. She also calls Yener. Zehra comes and takes Asya. She realizes that Sevim has informed Yener. She starts out quickly. Yener comes and Sevim shows him the direction they went. The kidnappers are also following them. They want to get the child when Yener goes in front of them and stops Zehra. They get back in. Zehra gets in cab and warns Yener against following them. Fikrat's men arrive and kidnap Yener so he can't go after them. Zehra and Asya go to the park and she calls Leyla and talks about Yener following her to the park. Leyla says they should leave.

Alev sits with Müzeyyen and Ayşe and pretends she is not feeling well and that is why she has not gone to work. Alper goes to Sevim's house to give lessons to Yasemin. Sevim likes him.

Ömer comes and Ayşe tells him that Zehra and Asya have gone to park and Aquarium. Ömer remembers Zehra's mother calling and wonders if she has taken the child to Mahaleh. The men grab the girl in the park and Zehra struggles with them and forces them to take her with them. She sits in the back of the van with the child and tries to calm her saying it is a game. She tries to call but they grab her phone. Ömer wants to go get Zehra and Asya. Alev pretends to pass out so he is distracted. The men call her and she goes in her room and realizes they have Zehra as well. It is a mess but she decides to make it look like Zehra is their accomplice. Zehra demands to take Asya to the washroom. They stop at a gas station. She wants to say something to the cashier but the guy pushes his gun in her back. Ömer wants to leave when he gets a call from the kidnappers saying they have his niece.

S01E54 - 54.Bölüm Air Date: 01 December 2016 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer does not let on and leaves. Alev tries to put the seeds of worry in Ayşe's mind saying Ömer looked so worried. Ömer calms Ayşe and says it is just business as usual. He goes upstairs and calls Zehra. The men have her phone and she realizes he is calling. Ömer thinks she is involved in the kidnapping. The men have not mentioned anything about Zehra.

Koray takes the box to Yasemin. Ömer calls Demir to prepare some money and wants to resolve the situation without telling Ayşe. The men take Zehra and Asya to a house. Zehra sits with Asya in her arms and tries to distract Asya while also finding a way out. One of the men keeps making sexual innuendos to Zehra. Zehra tries to use his phone when he is asleep but the other one comes and beats her and takes it away. She also tries to let Asya out of the bathroom but they catch her and beat Zehra again pulling her hair.

Ayşe tells Nihat that this is not the right time to move because she wants Asya to grow up in a large family. He accepts. Cevriye, Nihat's aunt keeps calling wanting to come for a visit. He is not happy.

Sevim goes to Leyla to try and get Zehra to come again. She tells her that Zehra visited that day with Asya. She leaves and Ömer arrives and asks about Zehra. Leyla tells him that she was in Mahaleh but left. She is concerned. Ömer warns her that she must tell her everything she knows. Leyla is concerned about the kidnapping and says Zehra will not let Asya alone by any means. They must be both in danger and asks Ömer to let her know what happens.

Ömer goes out. Tyfun is there. He asks if he suspects someone. Ömer says yes and takes him to Yener. Tyfun goes to question Yener. He asks about Zehra and Yener thinks Zehra has complained about him to the police. Tyfun goes back and tells Ömer that Yener is not their guy and knows nothing about this. Ömer says he does not believe Yener. Tyfun calms him down and says he is a bad type but not their man!

The kidnappers call Ömer and ask for money giving him two hours. Ömer goes home where Demir has the money. Ayşe tells him that they have decided to shelf the moving idea. Ömer hugs her. He calls Nihat into his office and tells him to take Ayşe to the hotel for an outing. They go. Tyfun has recommended that Ayşe be kept away from the house. Alev goes into the office and pretends she has heard their conversation. Ömer warns her not to tell anyone especially Ayşe.

Yasemin takes the box back to Koray and he tries to explain things to her but she leaves in tears. Salim is concerned that she is out late. Ömer goes to Tyfun and they see a surveillance video showing Zehra taking Asya into the gas station. Ömer is angry and thinks Zehra is in with the kidnappers.

S01E55 - 55.Bölüm Air Date: 02 December 2016 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Tyfun says usually kidnappers do not take two at the same time. Ömer asks why have they taken Zehra then. Tyfun is not sure.

Salim is concerned about Yasemin and talks with her. Zehra is still trying to find a way out. Ömer is angry with himself for allowing Zehra to take Asya out. Ayşe and Nihat spend time together at the hotel. Ayşe calls Ömer. He says they have just returned and Asya and Zehra are sleep. He asks if she wants him to wake Zehra. Ayşe says no. Ömer is worried. The police find their place. Tyfun asks Ömer to calm down. Ömer calls Demir and tells him they are going there with the police. Alev informs the guys and they get away leaving Asya's coat and a recording. Ömer runs in with the police and is frustrated.

Zehra again takes Asya to the washroom and tries to get away but can't. They call Ömer and tell him they will get back to him with an address and this time if the police are involved he will not see his niece again.

In the morning Alev goes and grabs Demir's phone and calls Ömer. He does not speak to her and tells Demir that someone informed the kidnappers. The kidnappers are concerned about the complications in the job. They take Zehra and Asya to an abandoned building.

Funda goes to Yasemin telling her that she is going out with Koray and needs to borrow her red bag.

Müzeyyen wonders where everyone is. Hediye says Ömer, Zehra and Asya went out early. Müzeyyen asks Alev, Alev says why don't you call Ayşe. Ayşe gets concerned and calls Ömer. Ömer says we had promised to take Asya to picnic so we left early. He adds that he is parking and can't pass the phone on to them. Ayşe realizes that Nihat is concerned with his Aunt. Salim is getting more orders. Yener comes to visit and hears things are working out for them and is annoyed.

Alev tries to insinuate to Demir that it is Zehra's fault but Demir puts her in her place. Sevim sends Yasemin to take food to Salim. Yasemin does not see Koray there but runs into him on the street and realizes that Funda has lied and he is not going anywhere with her that day. She is happy.

The kidnappers tell Zehra that she will pick up the money and leave the child there. Ömer does not let the police know about their call. The police however find out their place soon after they call Ömer.

Yasemin makes a birthday cake for Koray and takes it there. She sees the box of orders from her dad's shop and wonders what's going on. Funda comes to Koray's there.

The kidnappers realize Ömer has arrived. They call him and say I will send my guy to pick up the money. They want to send Zehra. Zehra holds on to Asya. They suddenly realize the police is there. Zehra helps Asya get away, shouting for her to run. She runs out into Ömer's arms. One of them grabs Zehra. Zehra cries out. Ömer puts Asya in Tyfun's arms and runs up to Zehra. The guy is aiming the gun at Zehra's head, when Ömer runs in, he turns it toward Ömer and there is a shot.

S01E56 - 56.Bölüm Air Date: 05 December 2016 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

The guy falls down. Tyfun has shot him from the back. Ömer gets Zehra and leads her down. Zehra wants to go to Asya.

Koray sees the cake Yasemin has left for her on the window ledge. He is happy. Koray asks Funda to leave. She goes but gives him a kiss on the cheek before she goes. Koray is caught off guard. Yasemin is mad.

Ayşe is worried and they decide to go back. Alev can't reach her guys and is worried. Ömer tells Demir that all is well. They captured the injured guy but the other ran away. Alev learns from Demir what has happened and is worried about being discovered. Ömer and Zehra get home. Alev tries to pretend she is concerned to get info. No one cares about her questions. They want to get some rest. Ömer takes Asya up and Zehra follows. Zehra brings in Asya to their bedroom. She tells Asya not to tell anyone about what they did the last days. Asya wants to sleep with them. She gets Ömer and Zehra both in bed on each of her sides and pulls their hands together in her own hands. Ömer and Zehra exchange meaningful looks.

Alev is sweating. Ayşe returns and goes in their bedroom and sees Asya between Zehra and Ömer, all three are fast asleep. She is relieved. In the morning the two wake up face to face in bed. Asya has gone. They spring up and Ömer goes to check on Asya. At the breakfast table Asya is talking about what they did. Alev realizes Asya slept with Ömer and Zehra. It also comes out that Zehra's phone broke while they were playing. Zehra is in the balcony and sees the second guy looking from the gate. She runs and tells Ömer. Ömer informs Tyfun. The police come and chase him but he gets away. Alev picks him up in her car and drives off.

They put guards at the house. Alev goes to the hospital to check on the guy but cannot get through because of the guards. Koray wants to borrow money from Alper. Alper says ok. Someone calls Alper and he informs them that Koray is OK but has debts.

Ömer tells Zehra to keep her eye on Asya. Ömer tells Nihat he should stay home and later when Ayşe inquires, he says they should all go to the Yacht club for lunch.

Alev drops off the guy who tells her to get lots of money or else they cannot make their escape and that would reveal her as well to the police. Yener spots Alev. Alev finds out that they have gone to the Yacht club and goes there. Yener follows her there. Alev goes in. Yener wants to go in but it is only for members. Yener spots Zehra sitting in the balcony in the club.

S01E57 - 57.Bölüm Air Date: 06 December 2016 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Yener wonders what Zehra is doing with these people. Alev goes to the family's table. Ayşe talks about their childhood. Alev again tries to insinuate Zehra is way over her head in places like the yacht club.

Yener hits the guards at the door and tires to get in but has to drive off. Alev says she has not decided whether to go to America or not. She is concerned that Ömer has lots of problems here and she needs to stay and help. Ömer is annoyed and Ayşe wonders what troubles. Ömer says it is nothing just work but Alev has to go.

Koray finds out that Alper is teaching Yasemin. Hilmi Yilmaz calls Alev and she goes. Yener goes back to the club. Tyfun calls. Ömer does not answer. He sends him a text. Tyfun arrives and gets Yener to leave. Tyfun gets a call and has to leave as well.

Ayşe buys a phone for Zehra as gift. Alev returns home. The guy keeps calling Alev and reminding her that he needs the money right away.

Koray notices that his father's men are watching him. Zehra is worried at night. Ömer tells him to relax and that she is safe. Zehra tells Ömer that she had taken Asya to Mahaleh before going to the park. He says I know and tells her that you must stay away from Mahaleh and never take Asya there. She explains that she had to go there.

In the morning Tyfun calls and says he removed Yener from the yacht club. He asks Zehra to go make a statement. The guy is not out of ICU to be questioned. Ömer is angry and snaps at Zehra when she comes in and tells her to keep her partner away from his life. Zehra says who are you talking about; Leyla? Ömer says you know full well who I'm talking about and then tells her to get ready to go to the police station. On the way Zehra thinks Ömer probably thinks it is Yener's work but it does not make sense to her. He wonders if she is trying to void the contract but it does not make sense to him either.

At the station Zehra is upset as she tells the story. Ömer gives her water. She tells them that they were getting their orders from a woman on the phone. Zehra cries as she remembers the ordeal. She goes to wash her face. Tyfun says she has had a hard time protecting Asya and handling these men. She is strong, but the ordeal might have psychological effects on her. Ömer says I know. He takes Zehra home and in the car asks her to put on some make to avoid others from noticing she has cried. He gives her a tissue paper and she puts on the make up. They get out to go in and run into Alev.

Alev leaves. Tyfun calls and asks them to go to the hospital to identify the kidnapper. Zehra is afraid. Ömer says do not fear. I am with you. They go.

Salim takes Koray to his home for dinner. Sevim is rude but they sit for dinner. Yener and Beton go to Salim's shop and destroy everything.

Alev goes to the hospital and threatens the injured man. She removes the oxygen mask and turns the knobs. Ömer and Zehra are there and the nurse runs into the guy's room to handle the emergency.

S01E58 - 58.Bölüm Air Date: 07 December 2016 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

The nurse fixes everything. Alev is hiding behind the divider. Ömer, Zehra and Tyfun go in. Zehra remembers the ordeal and steps back. Ömer goes to her and hold her arm. Zehra calms a bit and identifies the kidnapper. They go out. Tyfun tells Ömer to take care of Zehra and also congratulates Zehra on the marriage.

At home Zehra asks if they have to go again. Ömer says maybe. She asks if Tyfun is his friend and notes how different they are. In the morning Zehra is having a nightmare. Ömer comes and wakes her up. He asks if she needs water. She says she'll get it herself. She then turns around and says if you had arrived a little later… He says but I didn't.

Koray and Salim open the shop and realize someone has broken in and destroyed everything. They call the police who says since nothing is stolen it must be revenge. Salim says there is no one. Sevim and Yasemin comes and Sevim begins to make a scene. She calls Zehra and tells her they have been cursed. Zehra is upset an says I will come right away. Ömer tells her she can't go. He says with these guys on the loose it is too dangerous when they are caught she can go to Mahaleh.

Yasemin asks her dad about the boxes. He says they were sold by Koray. Yasemin calls Zehra. Zehra is intent on going to Mahaleh.

Alev decides to sell her ear rings to get the money. The jeweler informs Müzeyyen that Alev has sold the ear rings. She is upset and says she has to go.

Zehra hides in Ökkeş's car and leaves when he goes shopping. She then gets out and goes to Mahaleh. Koray thinks his dad has broken into the shop and goes to him and demands that he let them be. His father says I did not do it and tells his men to find out who has done it.

Ömer and Demir go to a meeting in the Yacht club. Alev meets with Hilmi Yilmaz to sabotage Ömer's meeting. She then goes to give some supplies to the kidnapper. Yener is at the Yacht club and spots Ömer and Demir. He asks the name of the guy up there and they give him the name of Demir Gorsoy and he thinks he's got his man.

S01E59 - 59.Bölüm Air Date: 08 December 2016 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Yener sends the name to a friend and asks him to find an address. Alev goes to the Yacht club. The meeting has been cancelled because all companies but Hilmi Yilmaz have pulled out of the bid. Alev arrives and says she has brought a file Demir wanted. She then asks about the meeting.

Ayşe calls and Ömer realizes Zehra is not home. He gets up to go. Alev asks Ömer if it is a good idea for her to go to the US when this bid is so tight, insinuating that he needs her in Istanbul. Ömer does not listen and says talk about it with Demir and he leaves. She is mad.

Zehra is at home. Her father tells her not to worry; they can recover from the damages. Sevim keeps making a scene. She calls Yener secretly and tells him Zehra is there. Zehra talks with Yasemin in her room. Ömer calls her. She does not answer. She comes out and begins to walk. Yener arrives and comes out of the car. He stops Zehra and tries to hold her hands. She tries to release herself. She tells him to shove off. Ömer arrives. He pulls down the window. He sees them entangled. He gets out and stands by the car. Zehra sees her. Yener also sees Ömer standing by his car. They stare at each other. Ömer tells Zehra to get in the car. She walks to the car and sits in it. Ömer gets in the car and they drive off.

Yener is mad. He goes and knocks on Sevim's door and says he saw Zehra with a man. Sevim says it can't be like you say. It might be her boss. Salim calls and Yener leaves. Leyla goes to visit. Sevim asks her about the guy. She says she does not know anything.

Ömer says you say you came to see your father but I find you with him. Zehra begins to explain but stops and says whatever I say you will not believe me. Ömer suddenly stops the car. He gets out and goes around and makes her get out. They are at a bend. He asks if this is how the next six months going to be like. You lying and running away and me coming to find you. She says if you gave me permission to see my family it would not be like this. He says: your family? I saw you in his arms! Zehra is mad and walks off on the road. He goes after her and as a car comes around the bend he pulls her off and they fall beside the road in each other's arms. There is a moment. He gets up and helps her up. The get back in the car.

Alev arrives home. Ömer and Zehra comes after her and walk up to their room. Ömer tells Zehra to change so they can go down. She is upset and asks why he treats her this way. Ömer is silent.

Koray has promised to take Funda to the cinema if she gets Yasemin to take an exam he has paid for to improve her chances at passing the university entrance exam. Funda calls Yasemin saying she has made herself beautiful for the date with Koray. Yasemin is jealous. She opens the window and sees that Koray is actually at her window and hence Funda is lying.

Alev leaves in the morning. Müzeyyen is upset and goes to find out why she has sold the earrings. Ayşe talks with Ömer about having children. Ömer goes up. Zehra is handling herbs and reading. He asks her how she got out yesterday without the guards noticing. She says nothing. He tells her not to leave that day. She says she wasn't going to. She takes her things and wants to go; they bang into each other. Ömer notes she has forgotten one pot. She says I need that.

Yasemin cancels her lesson with Alper. Ömer goes to the office. Yener finds Demir's address. Demir asks Ömer to take him home and go for a game of squash. He accepts. Yener goes to Demir's house and throws things around and breaks his picture with Ömer. Ömer and Demir arrive and realize there has been a break in.

S01E60 - 60.Bölüm Air Date: 09 December 2016 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Yener is still in the house. As Demir and Ömer search, he gets himself out. Ömer tells Demir that he should stay with them the night. Müzeyyen takes Alev's earrings back and gives it to her and tells her that if she needed money she should have asked her. Alev cries and says she feels unwanted in the house. Ömer and Ayşe do not want her. Müzeyyen gives her a bank account statement that indicates how much money she has saved for her and tells her it is hers and as long as she is there, Alev will never be alone.

Yener is happy in the store. He wants Beton to go and buy some food. Yener cannot find his wallet. Ömer goes home. Zehra is not asleep. She asks about the criminals. Ömer tells her not to worry. He talks about how she invites danger by going to Mahaleh. Zehra says if my father is in trouble, I will go to him no matter what danger I face. He says that is fine for you but you put my family in danger too. Zehra says I would do the same for Asya. Ömer says I know what you did for Asya. Zehra says I am sure you probably blamed me for that at first. Ömer hushes up. Things may not be as you see them. You are held hostage by the things you think you have seen and your prejudgements. Ömer goes to bed and tells Zehra to shut the lights. She says you are closer. He says it's up to you! They bicker.

In the morning Alev comes to the table all chipper wearing her earrings. Demir also comes and everyone realizes that he has stayed there at night. Ömer says there had to be some construction in his home so that is why Demir stayed with them. Tyfun calls Ömer. He leaves the table to answer. Tyfun and the police are processing Demir's house. He says it looks like revenge since nothing has been stolen. Alev asks about the call. Ömer ignores her.

Sevim continues to nag Salim about Zehra. Sevim stresses that if she were her daughter she would act wisely. Yasemin is briefly there. Salim is angry and Sevim says don't worry she did not hear. She then reveals that Zehra is not really her daughter. Salim does not want anyone else to hear that.

Ömer goes to the bedroom. Zehra follows and tells him that Asya insists on going out today. He says I don't care what you do but you have to keep her and Ayşe at home today. He says I'll be back in an hour.

Salim goes to shop. Koray has cleaned everything up. Koray sees his father's men again. Yener cannot find his wallet and thinks he has dropped it in Demir's house. Fikrat's men come and ask Yener about the break in into Salim's shop.

Ömer and Demir talk with Tyfun in Demir's yard. Tyfun asks if Demir has any disputes with anyone. He says none. Tyfun thinks the incident may be linked to the kidnapping episode. Asya and Ayşe go to Zehra in the living room. Asya wants to go to the park. Zehra tries to stall and finally says let's go together with Ömer. Ayşe says OK then call him. Zehra hesitates and calls him and tells him they want to go out with Ayşe and Asya. Ömer is annoyed at first then realizes Ayşe is beside her. He says OK. I'll come and get you. Ayşe takes the phone and sets up a meeting point and that Ökkeş would take them. Ömer asks to talk to Zehra and tells her to keep her eyes open. He also calls Tyfun to tells the police guards to watch them.

Yener tells Fikrat's men that he had nothing to do with the incident at Salim's shop. He wonders what makes them interestd and ties it to Koray. Yasemin goes to visit Koray.

Alev takes the money to the kidnapper and tells him to get his partner out of the police's hands. They have a little dispute over the amount.

Yasemin gives Koray a present. He says Funda is a friend to him like Alper for her. Alper comes and wants to give Koray the 2500 he had asked for. Koray stops him so Yasemin does no find out.

Ömer and Zehra are in the car returning. Ömer tells Zehra to call Ayşe and see if they have arrived. Zehra is annoyed. She calls. They are almost there. Then he tells her to call Demir on his phone. She does it. Ömer talks. Demir says he is going to the police station with Tyfun.

Alper sees Koray to give him the loan. Alper asks why he does not go back to his dad and have all the money he wants. He says I want to be sure that the money I spend is not dirty.

Yener goes back to Demir's house and looks for his wallet, again upsetting he furniture. Demir goes home and again sees the same situation.

Müzeyyen prepares a special dinner and says it is to show Alev is a part of this family. Ayşe says of course, how could it be any other way. Alev comes in and says if that is the case, then I have good news. I am not going to the US and tells Ömer that if my situation in the office depends on this, then I will resign. Ömer is upset. He wants to respond. Demir calls and lets him know about the repeat break in. He says he has to leave.

Yasemin realizes that Koray has sold his bike to help out Salim. The kidnapper disguises himself as a doctor, goes to the hospital and sneaks his friend out. Ömer goes to Demir's home. This time they have some surveillance videos. Ömer recognizes Yener. He leaves. Ayşe is concerned about Ömer and asks Zehra to call him. Zehra calls. Ömer is in Mahaleh. He parks his car and comes out. Yener is there in his car. He runs Ömer over. Ömer falls face down on the road.

S01E61 - 61.Bölüm Air Date: 12 December 2016 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Yener steps out and looks at him. Then he gets in his car and drives away. At home Zehra is worried and keeps calling Ömer. Ömer comes to and forces himself off the ground. He has injured an arm. He finally gets in the car and speaks to Demir and drives off.

Yener is at the store in the dark, worried and excited. Mehtap comes and gives him a startle. He tells her to go and check the street. She goes and calls that there is nothing. He calls Betton to go check it. He says there is nothing.

Ömer goes to the emergency and gets his arm treated. Tyfun calls and says that thkidnapper has run away. They see the video and recognize the kidnapper disguised as a doctor. Ömer goes home. Zehra is waiting for him and meets him in the garden. She expresses worry. But he is cold. Upstairs he asks what happened to his arm. He is curt. He says he does not want her to be alone with Asya again. She says why. He says because I do not trust you. He tells Zehra the kidnapper got away from the hospital adding that criminals always find a way! Zehra is confused. She helps him take his medication.

Alev tells Müzeyyen that Ömer does not want her in the office or in the house. She is upset. Alev goes to the office. Ömer comes down and asks for Alev. He says he had the injury during a game of squash. He goes to his study. Ayşe insists that Zehra follow him and pamper him. She goes and he is cold. He says why are you here, I want to be alone. She says you can't because you are a married man and I am your wife. He is annoyed. He begins talking roughly and suddenly begins caressing her face. Ayşe is at the door. She comes and wants them to go for coffee and sweets. Ömer says, Zehra will come but he has work. Ömer tells Demir to get Alev to go to the US. Alev renders her resignation to Nihat and he processes it. Müzeyyen is upset over the Alev issue. Ayşe asks Zehra to get Ömer to forego sending Alev to the US. She goes to him. He is angry with her and says she is the reason he has to deal with all these problems. She says it is your fault for not letting me see my family briefly once a week. He says you keep talking about your family but every time you go there I see you…with antoher! Zehra is annoyed. Ömer tells her to tell them she has convinced him not to send Alev to the US. This way everyone and specifically Alev will think he really cares for Zehra. Zehra goes and tells Ayşe and Ayşe says it shows that he really loves Zehra because he never changes his position on work protocol. She feels Zehra has really changed Ömer.

Yener goes to Salim to offer help and perhaps lend money. Salim refuses and says they are fine. Yener is upset that Salim refuses to get more indebted to him!

Zehra goes up and tells Ömer that she has done as he said. Ömer gets a call from work. Alev gets the money and goes home. Ömer goes down angry and calls Nihat. In his study he shouts at him saying how did he dare accept Alev's resignation without checking with him. Nihat says I am the HR Director and I have my own authority. Ömer sniggers. He is upset and puts his card on the table and says if you say not then take this and he leaves the room. Ömer follows him with the card. Ayşe sees them storming out and asks what's going on. Nihat says ask your brother. Ömer says nothing just work matters. The doorbell rings. It is Cevriye, Nihat's aunt.

S01E62 - 62.Bölüm Air Date: 13 December 2016 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Nihat does not look happy. Cevriye is a feisty, loud and heavy woman from Kayseri. She has come with four suitcases that Ökkeş brings in. The housekeepers wonder if she is going to stay all winter. They all greet her. Ömer tells Nihat to look after his aunt. Nihat has forgotten the previous altercation with Ömer. He has greater troubles to handle!

Zehra comes down and greets Cevriye. Cevriye is surprised that she was not informed about Ömer getting married. Zehra kisses her hand. Cevriye checks her out and approves of her. Then she goes to her room to get settled in. Müzeyyen tells Zehra that Cevriye just lost her third husband and that they had all gone to Kayseri for her last wedding. In the room Nihat asks his aunt why she came without waiting for word from him. She says she could not wait and wanted to surprise them. Cevriye is picky with his bedding and annoys Nazan. She returns to the living room and gives small presents as custom in Kayseri to the new bride and groom. Ömer is not amused but accepts them being pinned on his shirt. She then says hi to Alev and gives her a piece of a bride's dress saying it will help her find a husband too. Ömer and Zehra are amused. Alev is miffed.

Funda wants to go out with Koray but he says he has work. Alper wants to take Yasemin to a picnic or cinema. She says she has to study. At home Sevim chides Salim for not accepting Yener's help. Koray texts Yasemin and she runs out to see him for a bit. Sevim comes and he has to run. Funda sees him there and says to herself I will not let Yasemin have Koray.

Ömer tries to take off the trinkets from his shirt but can't with one hand. Zehra comes and helps him. She then puts them together with the gold bangle Cevriye has given her and gives it to him. Ömer says you keep them. She says they are not mine and leaves them on the dresser. She begins to help him with brace. Her closeness stirs him. He says I do not need your help. She stops.

Rustam calls Salim and says he is coming to talk with him about something important. Sevim begins making a scene saying he probably wants to take away the shop because he has heard about the break in. Salim tells her to calm down.

Zehra comes back with an ointment to help with the pain so he can sleep well. First he refuses. She says it is good for him. She folds up his shirt and begins applying the ointment. He stares at her and removes his eyes whenever she looks at him. He again looks at her clearly taken by her.

Cevriye meddles with the breakfast preparations in the kitchen despite Hediye 's efforts to limit her meddlings. In the morning Zehra goes to help Ömer with the brace again. He says he is fine. She goes ahead and stretches out her hand to help. He stops her hand with his. CU of their hands is charged. Why do you do these things, while… Ömer asks. Zehra finishes his sentence saying …while you are so mean? Ömer is shocked: "Mean?" "Indeed" Zehra says.

Yener is looking for news of the accident in the paper but can't find anything and is irritated. Ömer overhears Nihat telling Cevriye not to make references to Ayşe 's sickness in the past. Ömer is pleased with Nihat's behaviour and tells him not to worry about getting to work early and to take care of her aunt.

Koray realizes that Funda has not told Yasemin about the test. He calls her. She is being prepared for a shooting and miffed when she realizes it is about Yasemin. Koray goes to Yasemin and asks her about it implicitly and realizes that she does not even consider it because it is so expensive. He is angry and calls Funda tells her their deal is off and he will not take her to the cinema. She pretends that Yasemin was scared and did not go. But Koray knows she did not tell her.

At the table Alev says she has resigned. Ayşe is surprised and says but we had resolved this. Zehra had convinced my brother to cancel your trip to the US. Alev is surprised. Ömer says Alev had put in her resignation without his knowledge. He says he had accepted to forego Alev's attendance at the seminar in the US this once as an exception because Zehra had appealed to him to look at it as a family matter and he did not want to upset Zehra. He then offers food to Zehra smiling. Alev is miffed.

Demir leaves his house. Yener comes again to snoop. Demir returns because he has forgotten something and sees Yener. Yener realizes that Demir is not Omar. He leaves. Demir is concerned.

Cevriye asks Asya what she wants to do and she says I want to go to the park. She says I'll take you. Alev takes the money to the kidnappers. On the way she wants to buy them some medicine, she realizes all her credit cards and her phone are cancelled.

Yasemin wants to go meet with Koray. Alper arrives and she wants to cancel the lesson but her mother does not let her. They sit to study and her mother keeps boosting her daughter's confidence saying she is smart like her mother.

Zehra makes some herbal tea for two and takes it to Ömer's study. He is rude again. Don't turn my study into a sitting room, he says. Leave the tea and take the rest. She takes the tray and leaves.

Cevriye is in the park. Beton is there too. She wants to put a scarf around his neck because she feels he must be cold with no hair and all. He refuses. Then she asks where she can buy water for the child. Beton shows her. She then tells him to keep an eye on the child and goes to get water. Yener comes and sees Beton pushing the child on the swing. He is confused. Cevriye comes and brings water for Asya and Beton.

Zehra runs toward the park. She has heard that Cevriye has taken Asya to the park and runs there in a panic. Demir arrives in a taxi. She asks him to wait there for them while she gets Cevriye and Asya. She runs there and sees Yener looking on.

S01E63 - 63.Bölüm Air Date: 14 December 2016 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Yener grabs Zehra. She struggles.

Ömer realizes Zehra is not there. He calls. She has forgotten her phone. He leaves the bedroom angry. In his study Nazan brings his meds and says Zehra had asked that she give it to him on time. He tells her to tell Zehra to go and see him when she arrives. Zehra tells Yener if he does not leave she will call the police. He is angry and goes. Walking down the stairs he sees Demir and Demir sees him. Demir, Zehra, Cevriye and Asya go back home. Demir wants to ask Zehra about Yener but she evades it.

Sevim finally leaves the house to go shopping. Yasemin ends the lesson and goes to Koray. Alper realizes what is going on and is upset because he likes Yasemin too.

Zehra goes to Ömer's study. He snaps at her. She says she heard Cevriye and Asya were at the park so she had run there to get them. He is angry that he was not told. She says you had asked not to be bothered! He says do you want to drive me crazy; you know how dangerous the situation is. Demir walks in and hears him snapping at her. Zehra leaves.

Yener is mad. He calls Sevim. There is no answer. He goes to their house.

Zehra calls Leyla and says she is very concerned about the Yener situation. Leyla says she has to tell the police. Demir tells Ömer that they had gone to the park together. Ömer says she does things behind my back. Demir says when you act like this, it is hard to approach you and tell you things. Ömer remembers his behaviour and realizes that he has been quite unapproachable. He goes up to the bedroom. She says she was on the phone with Leyla. He asks how she is. Zehra is taken by the change in his tone. Ömer asks why did you not tell me you had gone to the park with Demir. She says I wanted to but…He says if you need anything I'll be in my study.

Yasemin finally meets Koray in a café and they go around.

Demir wants to find out what happened to Ömer's arm. He evades the answer. Zehra comes to them and asks Demir to stay as Cevriye has made Kayseri Manti.

Yener meets Sevim at the store and starts nagging. She takes him home and he begins threatening her. Sevim sees a note from Yasemin that she is with Funda.

Cevriye makes manti with Asya. Hediye is a bit annoyed about Cevriye taking over the kitchen. Ömer goes to talk on the phone. Demir goes out with Zehra to talk. He tells her about Yener and how he had come to his house thinking it was him. Zehra realizes that Yener is probably the cause of Ömer's arm as well.

Alev comes home and snaps at Ömer about cancelling her cards and phone. Nihat comes and says I just processed the resignation, I do not follow the details. Ömer asks him to open the cards and the phone. Alev boasts to Nihat; Nihat says remember you are getting them back because of Zehra! She is miffed.

Ömer goes out and Zehra asks if Yener is responsible for his arm. Demir is on the phone. Ömer insinuates that he is and she knows it full well. Zehra is very upset that he thinks she could be in on such a thing. She leaves. Zehra realizes why he has been acting the way he has.

Rustam visits and tells Salim that he is leaving the shop to him. Koray and Yasemin have a wonderful time. Funda goes looking for Yasemin. Sevim realizes Yasemin is not with her.

At the dinner table Cevriye is complimented for the manti. Asya goes to draw. Ömer also goes and sits with her and sees she has drawn Zehra with Yener. Asya says that the guy was scaring Zehra. Ömer is angry. At night he goes in the bedroom saying we have to talk. Zehra pretends she is sleep. He leaves. In the morning Zehra gets ready to go out and take care of the situation. He gets up and stops her at the door. She turns around and says she has to leave. He says you are going nowhere. Close up of them face to face; nose to nose!

S01E64 - 64.Bölüm Air Date: 15 December 2016 14:10 -

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Zehra pushes against Ömer's bad arm and runs down. He goes after her. He says don't think you can do something to end the contract. She says if I don't go things will get worse. He says they can't get any worse. She says then let me go and fix it. Ayşe and Cevriye arrive and marvel at the two "love birds"! Zehra says I have to go and stops Ömer from seeing her off as he is in his pyjamas and could get a cold.

Zehra goes to Leyla and decides to go talk to Yener. Koray meets Yener at his shop and shows him the knife saying I know you wrecked Salim's shop. Yener beats Koray. Yener goes to Sevim and starts threatening to throw them out of the house. Right then Zehra calls and wants to meet him at his store. Sevim is surprised of the call. Fikrat's men say Koray met with Yener and there was altercation. Fikrat tells them to pick Yener up.

Alev has removed a file before leaving. Demir realizes the file is missing. They have to cancel the meeting. Nihat remembers Alev coming out of Ömer's office and suspects her. Alev notices the search at the office. She offers help to Demir. Demir says you know Ömer will not hear of it. She leaves angry.

Salim notices Koray has a bad arm. He sends him home to treat it and gives him a few days off. Yasemin calls for him to come and see her. He says he can't. Sevim goes to Yener's shop. Yasemin sets out for Koray's place. Funda goes to Koray and notices his arm is hurt. Alper calls and Yasemin cancels the day's session. When Yasemin arrives at Koray's, Funda opens the door. Yasemin is about to run off but Koray hold her arm and tells Funda to leave. Alper arrives and sees Yasemin with Koray from the window. He is upset. Yasemin puts ointment on Koray's arm and they make a date to go pinicking the next day.

Fikrat's men pick up Yener. Zehra and Leyla go to Yener's shop. Ömer calls Zehra and says he is coming to pick her up. She says not to and that she will do what she has to do and go back. He is thoughtful but lets it go. Zehra goes to the shop but it is closed and Yener is not there. She calls him. He says he will call back in five to ten minutes. He manages to run away from the car when it stops in traffic. Sevim goes to the shop. No one's there. She goes back. Returning, Yasemin sees Alper at the door. She tells him that she can't make it tomorrow. Sevim arrives and Yasemin says they are done studying. Alper says he has to leave early because he has something to do.

Ömer is upset in his study. He remembers Zehra saying she has to go and fix things. Ayşe comes sees Ömer has not eaten his soup. She reminisces about the times he would feed her as a child. She says he has changed a lot for the good since he married. Ömer says to himself, it is all because of you Ayşe. She gives him his meds. Alev comes in. Ayşe leaves them alone. Alev says I picked up my things from the office yesterday. Ömer says this is what you wanted. She says no it is because of Zehra. Ömer gets angry and says be careful when you talk about my wife. Alev says how can you be so blind. She has ruined everything. Ömer snaps at her saying Zehra convinced me to let go off your US seminar. She thinks about others more than she does of herself so take care how you talk about her. Alev is mad and leaves.

Nihat goes to see Alev in her room and tells her he knows she took the file. She denies it and when he leaves she tears the contents of the file. Nihat goes to Ömer and tells him that he thinks Alev has taken the file. Ömer tells him it is impossible, she would not do that. But when Nihat leaves, Ömer calls Demir and says stop looking for the file, Alev has taken it. He leaves instructions with Demir to start preparing the file from scratch. Demir feels it is not possible.

Leyla tells Zehra Ömer does not really seem like a bad sort. Zehra tells her about the depot situation and other rude treatments she has received from Ömer. Leyla is upset and tells her she should not put up with any bullying from Ömer or Yener. Yener calls and asks to meet her at a café. He is excited about his first date with Zehra. Zehra and Leyla arrive at the café. Leyla sits at a different table. Zehra sits in front of Yener and puts her phone on the table. She tells him she never said yes to him and she will never do so. He is mad. He says did you not get my messages. Your father's shop, that guy's accident. I will ruin your family. I will throw your parents on the street. I love you. you are mine and you can be no one else's. He then grabs Zehra's arm. Leyla walks to the table, picks up the phone and shows that they have recorded everything he said.

S01E65 - 65.Bölüm Air Date: 16 December 2016 14:10 -

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Yener snaps and wants to get the recording from them. They get up and try to leave. He entangles with them but Fikrat's men arrive and take him away. In a depot they give him a beating.

Ömer wonders where Zehra is. Cevriye is irritating Hediye in the kitchen Cevriye goes out for a walk. Zehra arrives in a cab with Leyla. Leyla gets off and tells the taxi to wait. Cevriye sees them talking at the gate. She goes in and tells Ayşe and Ömer. Ayşe asks Ömer to go get them. Leyla is leaving. Ömer runs after her and pays off the taxi and takes her in. He is annoyed with Zehra saying did I not tell you not to bring her here. Leyla says I was going. He says Ayşe knows you're here; now you must come in. They go in and sit for lunch. At the table Cevriye refers to Zehra's parents and Alev once more mentions that the two girls were raised in an orphanage. Ömer is irritated. Alev again wants to dig in Zehra's past but Ömer cuts her off and says now they only bother with their future. Leyla asks to leave after the meal. Ömer says he will take her. Zehra wants to go with them but Ömer tells her to rest. She waits in the bedroom.

Sevim sings happily at home thinking Zehra and Yener are together.

Zehra is in the room waiting. Ömer does not come. Zehra hopes he does not misconstrue the recordings. Sevim calls. Zehra send a message that she is at work and will call later. Sevim gets worried again. In the morning she goes down to the study. Ömer is sleeping on the chair showing pain in his arm. She goes and gets some ointment for him. He wakes up and tells her not to bother; her efforts add to nothing. She is upset. She goes upstairs. She tells herself that he is doing all these things because he has misunderstood her and is hopeful that the recording will put things straight. He comes and says it is time to go to breakfast. She says I have to show you something. He says there is no need.

Fikrat tells his men to let Yener go. Yasemin prepares a picnic but has a hard time getting away from her mom. Sevim finally goes to Salim and wants to check on Yener. Yasemin leaves. Funda sees her and realizes she is going to the beach.

At the breakfast table Cevriye keeps congratulating Ömer for his choice of spouse. Nihat speaks to her in her room asking her not to be so open about her feelings. She promises to think before she talks. Ayşe asks Zehra not to be upset with Cevriye and that she means well. Zehra calms her worries. Ömer overhears at the door. They notice him and he says he is going to work. Zehra says she will see him off. He tries to avoid it; she insists. She goes after him and says she needs to tell him something. He says I am in a hurry and I do not care. She goes back and calls Leyla. She does not answer so she is worried.

Yener goes to Leyla's house. She does not answer. Mehtap sees him and asks where he has been. He is beside himself and just wants to get a hold of the recordings. Ömer calls Demir and tells him to set up the staff meeting and he will be there to complete the file. He then calls Ayşe and asks her to send him his laptop. Alev says she will take it to him. Zehra goes to Leyla but she is not there. Alev takes the laptop there and offers to help. Ömer is in the room with Nihat as others arrive. Ömer says there is no need for her help but she can sit on the side and watch. They put the reports together and Alev is miffed that Ömer managed to put the file together without her help. Alev has mentioned that Zehra is not home. Ömer calls her but gets no answer. Zehra goes to her dad. Yener is there hassling Koray. He sees her and comes out and threatens her saying you may not be here but Leyla is. I will get those recordings. Salim arrives and Yener has to let her go. Salim speaks to her daughter about holding steadfast when being wrongly accused and maintaining faith in God's will and protection of the innocent.

Sevim realizes Yasemin is not home and goes looking for her. Funda sees her and tells her Yasemin has gone to the beach with someone. She goes looking for her. Koray and Yasemin enjoy their picnic and are preparing to leave when Koray sees Sevim. They hide.

Ömer is constantly thinking about Zehra and her connection to Yener. He thinks about all the episodes he has seen them together and the element of money in all those sequences. He goes home. Zehra arrives home and sees he is there. She goes in the study and again tells her I have something to show you to end all this. Ömer says I know full well what is going to end all this. He says first I had to pay for six months of your life and now, he puts a check in her hand, here is the same payment for all the lies you have made us say. Zehra is shocked.

S01E66 - 66.Bölüm Air Date: 19 December 2016 14:10 -

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Zehra tears the check and says if you had listened once you would have understood why I am here. I am here because of my family. You are so blind. You only accuse me. I hate you. He says you play it very well but don't play games with me. He says once more that you have to follow that contract for six months. She says fine from now on everything will be according to the letter of the agreement. She goes up. She is mad. She is now certain that the recordings will be of no help.

Yener moves to a new shop to avoid Fikrat's men.

Zehra tells herself that she will no longer take his bullying. Ömer comes in with Asya. She wants to ask Zehra a question. Asya sits them down with herself on the bed and asks them when they are going to have a baby who will be like her sibling. They look at each other. Ayşe calls Asya and she leaves.

Sevim comes home and Yasemin is there. She tries to lecture Yasemin. Koray sees Alper and tells him that he is in love with Yasemin. At home Alper asks him about the feeling of love. Funda comes. Koray has no patience for her. Yasemin calls and he runs there. He sees her for a moment and goes back. He gets Alper to take Funda back.

Alev tries to hassle Zehra. Zehra says they are fine. Ömer works a lot but he is trying to bring home some work so they can be under the same roof more. Zehra caresses Alev's arm. Alev says Ömer will not forego work for any woman. There must be something else. Zehra says right. There is something else; now he has a loving wife.

Ayşe comes in and is upset that Nihat is on the ipad. She leaves and he picks it up again. Ömer is there. Alev comes and Nihat speaks of how Ömer managed to recover the file so well today. He says it was good teamwork. Alev is miffed. Zehra comes in with a new air. Work, work, all men do is work! Ömer apologizes. Ayşe says she is right. A night out, a cinema date. Ömer says we'll try to remedy. Zehra says I don't know if it would be so easy. Alev says Ömer is already bringing work home for you. You women won't care if the company goes broke. Ömer puts his arm around Zehra saying, Alev when you get married you'll realize that there are some things more important than work and money.

Cevriye comes in and talks about recovery of Ömer's arm and Zehra's effect on its speedy recovery. She says Zehra's love and prayers have helped it heal quickly. Alev is miffed. She then tells Müzeyyen she is so lucky to have such a wonderful bride. Alev hates the attention Zehra is gaining.

At night Ömer says you don't have to fix my bed for me. Zehra says we are going to share the bed. One week for you; another for me. Since you slept last week now it is my turn. You can sleep on the loveseat. Ömer is annoyed as he will not fit in it. But he sleeps on it and is very uncomfortable and wakes up with a neck ache in the morning.

Zehra is no longer shy. She has slept comfortably on the bed and runs to the bathroom ahead of him closing the door in his face.

Beton takes Mehtap to work in the car and treats her very gentlemanly. She is impressed. Yener goes to Leyla but Leyla shirks him off. Zehra tells Leyla the recording were of no use. Ömer comes into the bedroom. He is looking for his charger. She tells him to knock when he comes. He says you want me to knock before entering my own room? She says you can do what you want when the 6 months is over; now you have to share it with me. She tells him where his charger is.

Cevriye gets Ayşe in the kitchen to cook Kayseri food and Hediye is highly irritated. Zehra goes there and when Nazan wants to take Ömer coffee, Cevriye gives it to Zehra to take it. Zehra takes it and Ömer snaps saying what do you think you're doing? She explains what happened and says she will take it away if he does not like it. They begin bickering suddenly Zehra begins caressing him. He is surprised but realizes Ayşe is there. Ayşe and Zehra go back to the kitchen. Ömer closes the door behind them.

Yener goes to Sevim. Sevim sends Yasemin out to give Salim his lunch. On the way Yasemin sees Funda and tells Funda she knows she told her mom about her being at the beach.

Alev tells Zehra it is not her place to meddle in her business trying to send her to work. She says I did it because Ayşe said Müzeyyen is upset. Who do you think you are? Alev says. Just Ömer's wife, Zehra responds.

Yener tells Sevim the girls laid him a trap and tells her to get Zehra's phone for him. Sevim calls Zehra. Zehra begins talking. Ömer comes in and she hangs up. Ömer says who were you talking to and grabs the phone. She holds tight and says you have no right. Their hands struggle. He says if you had nothing to hide you would have given it to me. I know who it was so I don't need it. And lets go. She is defiant. I don't care what you think. I was talking to my mom. You can see the last call. But if you want to know something you could also ask like a human being! That is also an option. He stares at her and leaves. Zehra calls Leyla and tells her to keep the recordings. Alev hears about the recordings.

S01E67 - 67.Bölüm Air Date: 20 December 2016 14:10 -

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Alev plans to get the recordings. Nedim tells Leyla that she will be in charge of the Kervancioglu file. Leyla is concerned that Ömer will not be happy. Cevriye is still bothering Hediye in the kitchen. Zehra sees that Hediyeh's hands are irritated and tells her that she will make an ointment for her.

Sevim tries to get Yasemin to call Zehra by pretending to be sick. It does not work. Zehra goes to Ömer's room. He is talking on the phone with Demir. Zehra realizes they are working with Nedim's company. She tells Ömer that he is the one Leyla works for and also that Zehra used to be Nedim's assistant. Ömer is mad. He realizes Alev has offered Nedim the deal for something because Nedim's offer to them was declined by Ömer at first. He decides to continue with them but he does snap at Alev for making a deal with a company he had declined.

A police officer goes to ask for address from Yener. He thinks he is being arrested and then realizes it is nothing. Yener is on edge. Cevriye tells Nihat if Alev is not in the Company anymore maybe he can show himself more. Nihat spends the night on the file and prepares it to a tee.

Yener again goes to Sevim and gives her a hard time. Koray is practicing to tell Yasemin he loves her. At night Zehra prepares some herbs. When Ömer comes she runs into the bed and sleeps. Ömer comes and realizes she is serious about the bed sharing situation. He has to sleep on the loveseat again. He wakes up tired. He nags about Zehra's things. She says you better gets used to my things. They will be here for the next six months.

Sevim tells Yasemin to take the day off and go out. She then calls Zehra and tells her that Yener has kidnapped Yasemin again. Ömer is in the room and says sarcastically I suppose your family is in trouble again and you have to go and save them! Zehra says she will not listen to him. She goes to Mahaleh. Sevim cries and asks her to go get her. Yasemin goes out with Koray and when Koray wants to tell her he loves her, he sees Fikrat's men and ends the date. Yasemin goes home. On the way she sees Zehra. Zehra realizes her mother has lied to her.

Nihat tells Alev that he has completed the file she started. Nihat shows his work to Ömer. Ömer is curt and tells him to take it to Demir. He takes it to Demir. Demir is very happy and commends him. Alev gets Hilmi Yilmaz to get someone to mug Leyla. The guy grabs Leyla's bag. Demir arrives and runs after him and gets the bag. Leyla realizes her phone is gone. The guy meets Alev and gives her the phone. Zehra takes Yasemin home and tells her mother off for lying to her. Sevim says Yener is threatening me. Zehra leaves. Sevim follows her and finds Ömer's house.

S01E68 - 68.Bölüm Air Date: 21 December 2016 14:10 -

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Sevim marvels at the house. Asya is out with Cevriye. She sees Sevim and says Play Auntie is here. Sevim disappears so Cevriye cannot see her. She takes Asya in. Zehra goes in and goes to Ömer. Ömer says sarcastically so have you resolved your family's issues. She says why do you ask, you won't believe what I say anyways. He blocks her at the table and whispers in her ear that she constantly makes problems while her only priority should be to avoid problems. She pushes him away and leaves.

Alev checks Leyla's phone nothing is there. She wonders if they have been toying with her. Zehra hears Asya in the living room talking to Ayşe and Cevriye about the Play Auntie. She is concerned and takes her out to check. Asya says I saw her. But Zehra thinks if Sevim had come she would have for sure come in. So she leaves it at that.

Beton begins sending Mehtap anonymous messages on line. Sevim goes to Yener and is more confident in her negotiations. She gets money from him in order to get the recordings and leaves. She goes shopping and when Yasemin notices at home, Sevim tells her that Zehra is working for a very wealthy family so they are in luck. Yasemin is mad that she has followed Zehra. Sevim dismisses her concerns.

Leyla goes to Zehra and tells her that her bag was napped and her phone was stolen. Leyla thinks it was Yener but also tells Zehra that Yener denied it. Alev hears that the recordings are in Zehra's phone. She tells Nazan to get the phone.

Koray is upset at work. He calls the police and gets them to pick up his father's goons who stand at Salim's door. Demir takes a file to Ömer in his study. Ömer is very happy with the work. Demir says it is Nihat's work. Ömer says do not trust that "traitor" and always go over his work. Ömer sees Leyla leaving. He says why is she here? Zehra says she is my friend and came to visit me. He says I told you she should not come here at will because it is too dangerous. She says I know this is not my home. Ömer says I am talking about something else. She is angry and leaves. He feels she does the opposite of anything he tells her.

Salim goes home and hears that Sevim has gone to Zehra's workplace. He forbids her from going there again and disturbing Zehra. Nazan finds Zehra's phone in the kitchen. She is happy but Zehra arrives to get it from her. Cevriye stops Hediye from making food because her hands are irritated.

Ömer goes to Nihat and congratulates him on the work but tells him to stick to his own work. Ayşe comes and asks what's going on. Nihat says Ömer was congratulating me on the file. Ömer confirms. Ayşe is happy. Ömer sees Zehra concocting a lotion. She tells him it is for Hediye's skin irritation. He says don't do it in my room. She says this is also my room for six months. Get used to it. Ömer leaves irritated saying "She is just trouble!" Zehra goes to the kitchen and starts putting the concoction on Hediye's hands. Ömer arrives and sees it. Hediye talks about Zehra and her care and how kind she is. Ömer suggests taking Hediye to the doctor. She says I am fine; the lotion is already working.

Koray wants to make it up to Yasemin. Fikrat tells his men off for being picked up by the police. He says just keep an eye on Koray.

Zehra is dressed with her suitcase walking to the house's gate. Ömer runs after her and asks her to stay. She says she cannot stand him anymore. He says but we had an agreement. She takes out the contract and tears it. You can take me to court. I prefer going to prison than living with you. She wants to pick up her luggage; he takes her hand and holds it gently saying please stay. She says give me one reason. He says because I love you. She pulls out her hand and says that is not good enough. She takes off her wedding band and puts it in his hand and leaves. He stands there with a desolate look in his face. Cut to his bed. This was Ömer's dream.

Zehra gets up to go to the bathroom. At the door she hears Ömer saying don't go. She thinks he is talking to her. She sees him struggle in his sleep. She wakes him. He jumps and asks what happened. Zehra shrugs. He quickly gets up and goes to the bathroom ahead of her. Later Ömer goes in the room and as Zehra is fixing her hair in the mirror he stares at her and remembers his dream. Zehra asks if he has something to say. He says not. Then he tells himself what an idiotic dream. She asks was it a nightmare. He asks what. She says you were talking. He says I do not remember and goes out irritated.

Funda visits Yasemin and sees Koray texting her and resolves to end their relationship. Sevim sees Leyla and Leyla tells her not to ever worry again about Yener and tells her about the content of the recordings. Sevim is happy that she has something strong to negotiate with Yener.

Demir and Nihat sign papers with Nedim and Leyla comes at the end. Demir is happy to see her. Nedim says Leyla will take over the file for his company. Demir is happy.

Asya sits at home listening to music on her mother's phone. Alev comes. It runs out of charge. Alev gets her to go get Zehra's phone. Zehra and Ayşe go upstairs to finish their craft efforts. Asya is dancing with Zehra's phone in her hand. Sevim calls. Alev takes the phone answers. Sevim says Zehra. Ömer walks in. Alev is on Zehra's phone with Sevim on the other side.

S01E69 - 69.Bölüm Air Date: 22 December 2016 14:10 -

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Ömer takes the phone out of Alev's hand. He tells Sevim I will tell Zehra to call you. Sevim wants to ask more questions from him. He just hangs up. Sevim is irritated.

Ömer goes to the bedroom. Ayşe and Zehra are looking at the bags Zehra has made for charity. Ayşe is very pleased with them and shows them to Ömer. Then she leaves. Ömer gives the phone to Zehra. Zehra says did you get it from Asya. He snaps and says I got it from Alev. Zehra is mad and says it is my fault for being too nice. I will not let her do that again. Ömer says it will be of great help!!

Yener and Sevim talk on the phone. Yener knows that Sevim has one upped him. Sevim sits in the yard thinking how she has managed to get them both, Yener and Zehra, and feels that her future is set now. She calls Zehra and says that her boss is very rude. Zehra says yes he is rude. Ömer hears. She then tells her today I cannot come but if I can get permission I'll come tomorrow. When she hangs up, Ömer says it is too dangerous. You can't go tomorrow either. She says I know. I won't go. He is silenced.

Hediye's hands are healed. She is about to cook when Cevriye again comes and says she is going to make something too. Hediye says the menu is set by Müzeyyen but Cevriye says there is no harm in adding one thing to it. She begins invoking Nazan's help and preventing her from going to Alev when she summons her.

Nedim and Leyla take their leave from Demir and Nihat. Nihat feels Demir is interested in Leyla but respects his wish to leave it for now. Sevim tells Yasemin from now on we are going to be well provided for.

Ömer's phone keeps ringing while Zehra is fixing her hair in the mirror. She picks it up and puts it on the dresser. Ömer comes and is behind her when she sprays perfume on herself. He is taken by the scent. She tells her that Demir keeps calling; it may be important. He talks with Demir. Zehra says Cevriye is waiting for us downstairs. He says fine go and turns to the window. He turns around. Zehra is still waiting. He says why haven't you gone. She says, she wants to see us both. He is annoyed and says ok, let's go together!

At the shop, Koray is restless, Salim notices and advises him to exercise patience. Yener wants to get Zehra's address from Sevim but Salim comes and Sevim skips. At home Salim sees the same in Yasemin and mentions how Koray seemed restless too. Yasemin wonders about him. At home Koray asks Alper how he can tell Yasemin he loves her. Alper tells him to make a recording on his phone. Koray makes the recording. Funda comes and sends the recording to herself while Koray is getting a drink.

Cevriye comes to see Zehra and Ömer's bedroom and says it is very Spartan like Ömer as if he "swallowed a cane". She expects more colour and patterns and tells Zehra to ask for it. Ömer comes and Zehra says Cevriye wanted to see the bedroom. Ömer says that's fine. Did she like it? Zehra tells him what she said and laughs. Ömer also laughs when his face is turned but hides the mirth when he turns to Zehra again.

At night Zehra gets in bed and when Ömer comes in she laughs saying Cevriye is not too far from the truth. Ömer sits and smiles when Zehra is not looking. They suddenly hear a sound so he drops the extra blanket and jumps on his side of the bed. They lie there face to face. It is too intense. They turn their backs on each other. Zehra then says apparently no one is coming. Please go to your place. He gets up and goes to the loveseat and is thoughtful.

Hilmi Yilmaz calls to meet with Alev. Sevim calls Zehra in the morning saying if you don't come I'll come. Zehra realizes she knows the place. Ömer comes and she tells him she has to go to her mom. Ömer says no. Zehra says you have to try and understand my situation. Ömer is silent.

Yener goes to Sevim. Sevim says I will bring you the address but you have to give me the IOUs first. He agrees. She is going to go to Salim's shop and then go there.

Ömer says you have to follow the rules. Zehra is worried and thinking what to do. Ayşe opens the door and takes them down for coffee. They sit in the living room with Ayşe and Cevriye. Ömer drinks coffee and smiling whispers in Zehra's ear that he has his eye on her and if she leaves, he will go after her. She says I got it and smiles. Cevriye and Ayşe think they are engaged in love talk.

Koray meets Yasemin in the park and says that he really likes her and thinks about her all the time. He gives her roses. She is happy. They separate at the park to get back.

Cevriye tells Zehra and Ayşe that they are to simple and should use their femininity more.

Alev meets with Hilmi Yilmaz. He says he will not work with her anymore because she has lied to him and not informed him that she is no longer working at the Holding.

Sevim gets her IOUs and writes the address on a paper for Yener. Yener goes there and realizes it is the wrong address. He calls Sevim. Sevim is at the mansion's door and does not answer. Yener calls Beton and tells him to get a locksmith to Sevim's house and change the lock. Yasemin comes and cannot open the door.

Zehra goes to Ömer and tells him that she is going to see her mom. He says you can't. She says I am not getting permission; I am just informing you. Alev is not at home and there is no danger. She goes and Ömer follows her into the parking area. Sevim is looking in from the gate. Zehra sees her and freezes.

S01E70 - 70.Bölüm Air Date: 23 December 2016 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Zehra suddenly changes her tune and agrees to follow Ömer inside. She goes and gets him to follow her. Sevim wants to go in but Yasemin calls and tells her that the door won't open. She struggles a bit with the door but decides to go. Zehra comes back out later to check. Ömer comes after her and she goes back in. Ömer goes out the gate and looks around wondering what's going on.

Alev sits with Müzeyyen and again nags about Zehra and that Ömer does not want her in the Company anymore. Ömer and Zehra go into the room. Ömer says he is tired of running after her. She says I told you I am not running away. She then begins screaming about how she has a family she has to take care of. He says until the end of the contract you have no other family. She says I do. He says don't scream. She says I am going to scream. I have a mother and a father. He blocks her mouth with his hand and tells him if you explain things quietly, they can be better resolved. She says if you treated me with respect I would not have to scream. He says I did not force you to come here. You came of your own volition. She says I had to. Ömer's phone rings and he answers Demir saying he won't go to the office and is at home.

Yasemin struggles with the lock. Alper comes and says this key will not open this lock. Sevim arrives. She goes to Yener and tells him that she has given him the right address unless Zehra had noticed her following her and had entered a fake building. She promises to get the recordings and gets the key to the new lock.

Zehra and Ömer are in the bedroom. Zehra walks upset. Nazan comes and says Demir is here. Ömer says let's go. Zehra says I'll stay in the room. Ömer leaves. Zehra wants to go out the door. Ömer is behind it. She says I'm going to the washroom. Ömer leaves. Zehra calls Leyla and tells her about her mom. Leyla says talk to your mom, she will understand. Leyla goes over her run-ins and meetings with Demir. She seems interested.

Ömer tells Demir how everything is on the verge of explosion. Demir says it is better for Alev to return to work so she gets busy and lays off Zehra.

Funda goes to see Koray. He gets rid of her and she is miffed. Sevim calls Zehra and tells her off for not going to her at the gate. Zehra says but my boss was there. He would fire me. She says then you must come tomorrow. Zehra begs her never to go there again and promises to go tomorrow.

Funda tries to show Sevim Koray's declaration of love for Yasemin. Sevim gets a call from Yener and goes without paying attention to her. She then sends it to Yasemin and tells her that Koray has actually sent it to Funda. Yasemin is upset and at the store Koray realizes he is in trouble again.

Zehra drops a glass in the bedroom and cuts her finger while trying to collect the pieces. Ömer comes and is very concerned. He sits her down and cleans and bandages her cut. She wiggles a lot and he says Asya would bear is with more maturity. Downstairs Ayşe notices the cut and Zehra hints at how gentle his doctor (Ömer) was and Ömer hints at how calmly his patient (Zehra) had endured the ordeal making it easy for him to be gentle. Alev hates these moments. Ayşe suggests that they go to the cinema. Ömer accepts. Upstairs Zehra says you should have asked me. I am not coming. Ömer asks sarcastically why do you have a meeting or anything pressing? She wants to refuse but Ayşe comes and she accepts. She tells Ömer I accepted because of Ayşe. Ömer is satisfied.

Downstairs Alev wants to go with Ömer and Zehra. Zehra encourages her but Cevriye turns the tables and says no let couples go together, I'll go with you. They leave. In the car Ömer chides Zehra for inviting Alev saying her presence is always dangerous. Zehra is upset that he is insinuating that she is stupid and cannot handle Alev.

Sevim opens the mansion door and goes in. Hediye comes and asks if she can help. Sevim asks for Zehra and Hediye says you mean the lady of the house. Sevim is shocked.

S01E71 - 71.Bölüm Air Date: 26 December 2016 14:10 -

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Sevim asks again and Hediye reassures her that there is no mistake. Hediye gets a call and goes to answer it. Sevim walks out in a daze. As soon as she leaves, Alev and Ömer's cars drive in and park. They go in. Ayşe asks what they think about the film. Love and being loved. Zehra says it was nice. Alev says if the love is real. Ömer walks to Zehra takes her hand and caresses her face saying; yes; you are right. It is so important to find true love. Ayşe says it is a moment and she must take a photograph. She takes it and shows it to Alev and Cevriye. The two of them go upstairs. Ayşe sends the photo to the two of them. They look at it at the same time on their respective phones. Zehra wants to delete it but Ömer does not let her. He takes her phone and sends a mutual response to Ayşe from her phone.

Funda asks Yasemin to help her get ready for a date with Koray annoying her even further. Yener goes to Salim and says you should worry about where Zehra works otherwise people will talk. Salim shuts him up saying my daughter is my business. Koray is pleased with Salim's treatment of Yener. Yener leaves. Sevim sees him going. Sevim thinks probably Zehra got Kervancioglu to marry her by spending the night she was not home with him. She thinks Zehra is much slyer than she had thought and thinks about how this new situation will set herself up for life. She calls Zehra and tells her to go see her. Ömer has to go to work. Zehra says could you take me to my mom. He accepts. He says one hour only. He takes her there. She asks if she has made her late for office. He looks at her wondering. She then gets back in before getting off because a couple of neighbours are passing. She says if they see her everyone there will be talking about it. Ömer is amused. He drives around to let her off. She thanks him for dropping her. She gets off and goes to the door. He sees her being greeted at the door by her mom. She goes in.

Inside Zehra begs Sevim not to tell Yener the address. Yener comes knocking and Sevim sends him off without telling him so Zehra is happy and thanks her. Sevim acts very loving to Zehra saying parents are always concerned for their children. Zehra feels the change but is still happy and does not question it.

Nazan tells Alev about a visitor asking for Zehra. She is curious. She asks Hediye and gets no information. She also asks Müzeyyen and Ayşe. Ayşe is already preoccupied because Müzeyyen has told her that Asya's teachers feel she should start school so she pays no attention. Müzeyyen tells Alev to mind her own business. Ayşe calls Ömer and asks him to pick up something for her from the photographer without showing Zehra. Ömer does not want to say they are returning separately so he accepts. He remembers caressing Zehra's face and being photographed by Ayşe. He goes to Mahaleh, calls Zehra and tells her I am here to pick you up. She gets the call and comes out. She says why did you come. He says I had to. She says you did not trust that I was still here. He says no; it's not like that but he does not explain further.

Funda takes food to the shop. Yasemin leaves. Koray has to stay and pour tea. Salim is confused by all the rigmarole but is silent. Sevim makes a sumptuous dinner for Salim and Yasemin. They are confused. In the morning Ayşe finds the album she has made for Zehra on the sofa. Alev says it seems they do not value it. Zehra comes and says Cevriye wanted to see it. Is she done with it? She takes it and again thanks Ayşe for the lovely album. She takes it up and opens it and begins caressing Ömer's photo above her own on the first page. She remembers the day he came to ask for her hand. She suddenly closes the album and rushes to get a glass of water.

Sevim has fixed herself up and leaves the house. Zehra calls her but she does not answer. Ömer is on the phone with Ayşe talking happily about Asya. He laughs and looks relaxed. The secretary comes and says you have a visitor. He wonders if he had an appointment he has forgotten. Then he sees Zehra's mom come in. His face goes from joy to darkness.

S01E72 - 72.Bölüm Air Date: 27 December 2016 14:10 -

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Sevim goes in and says you have married our daughter without our knowledge. What's done is done. But you have to pay up what you owe us. Ömer says Zehra is an adult and she takes her own decisions and tells her to leave the office or he would call the security. Sevim leaves but is determined to get his share of the booty. On the way home she goes shopping and buys a few things. Yasemin sees the shopping and wonders what's going on. Yener comes. Sevim hides the shopping and gets rid of him.

Zehra wants to go out but sees Alev waiting in her car and returns home. Ayşe is in the living room. Zehra asks what is wrong. Ayşe tells her about Asya starting school and how it worries her. Zehra tells her that it would be fantastic for Asya. Ayşe feels better. She then asks Zehra if Ömer uses sweet talk with her because she never hears him call her sweet names. Ömer is listening at the door now. He thinks to himself how Zehra can be so genuine and warm and yet… Zehra says yes he does. Ömer walks in. Ayşe also asks his opinion about Asya starting school. Ömer then says he needs to talk to Zehra. In the bedroom he tells her that her mom paid him a visit. He thinks Zehra has told her that they are married. Zehra is shocked. She wonders how her mother has learnt of it. She is distraught that she might tell her father. She says she has to go to her. Ömer says you can't go. He says only you and your friend Leyla knew about it so one of you must have told her. He then asks, what is it that you want? More money? Then why did you tear the cheque. Is it more money? She is upset and says she will not listen to his insults. She says if her mother knows she might also tell his family and it would be a mess. She says she must go to her.

Cevriye has started a fire in the yard and is making Kayseri fare. Nazan is supposed to go get Ömer and Zehra. Alev sends her to get her shawl and goes up to Ömer and Zehra's room herself. She walks in as they are bickering but Ömer immediately turns it to him trying to get something out of Zehra's eye. Alev tells them everyone is waiting for them. Zehra walks down trying to call Leyla. Leyla is meeting Demir at the office, so she does not answer. Ömer follows Zehra. Alev comes and says Zehra you had a visitor yesterday. Was it another orphanage friend? She was apparently older, so it could not have been that. Zehra says I have friends of all ages. She then takes Ömer's arm and they go.

Yasemin is still brooding over the recording. Koray still trying to figure out why she is upset with her. Yener is also sweating it out wondering what to do. Ömer and Zehra go up. He tells her they have to go down to eat. Nazan comes and tells them food is ready. Zehra says they will eat in the bedroom. Ömer can't contradict her. He says what are you trying to do? She is angry. She drops her bag and locks herself up in the closet saying everything cannot be as you want it to be.

In the morning Zehra goes out leaving a note for Ömer who is sleeping on the loveseat. She dodges Alev on her way out and in the taxi calls her mom that she is coming. Sevim is very nice with Salim and Yasemin and prepares sumptuous meals. Salim goes to work. Ömer wakes up and sees her note. She has written that she has gone to resolve things not to make trouble. He is not happy. He goes down and sees Ayşe sitting alone. He takes her to the study and asks her if there was ever something she really wanted to do in her life and did not. She says she wanted to get married, have a child and it all has happened. Then she wanted him to find someone special and now he has brought such a wonderful person like Zehra into their lives. Now all she wants is for Ömer and Zehra's happiness to last forever. Ömer is pensive.

Zehra goes home and after talking a bit with Yasemin, Sevim sends Yasemin to take food for Salim. Zehra tells her mom that it is nothing like she thinks. She has done it for her father's hospital bill. This is just a contract not a real marriage.

S01E73 - 73.Bölüm Air Date: 28 December 2016 14:10 -

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Zehra explains that it is a six-month contract. It is not a marriage. They do not love each other. It was done for the happiness of Ömer's sister.

Yasemin takes the food to Salim's shop. Koray is there alone. He wants to talk to her but Funda arrives with presents for him. Yasemin leaves and tells him not to leave the store empty as her father is not there. Koray gets mad at Funda. She says I just bought a present for my friend.

Sevim tells Zehra that what she is saying is unacceptable. She cannot divorce him. What would people say. Zehra says I don't care what people say. I would die for my father. Sevim says there will be no divorce. Zehra begs her to understand but there is no changing Sevim's mind. At home, Ayşe tells Ömer to call Zehra so they could go and meet her and Leyla. Ömer tries to dissuade her saying let's not bother her. But Ayşe insists. Ömer calls Zehra and tells her he and Ayşe want to go meet them. Zehra realizes that he is on the spot and tells him that she will go to a café to meet them and get Leyla to go there as well. She then runs out. While she is getting a cab, Yener sees her and runs after her but cannot catch up. He then goes to Sevim's door and starts banging. Sevim comes and says Zehra did not go there; she probably just went to her dad's.

Zehra calls Leyla. As Leyla is leaving in a hurry, Demir comes to meet her. She says she has to run. Demir wonders if she has someone in her life. Ömer and Ayşe get to the café. At the door Ömer buys flowers for Ayşe from a flower girl. Ayşe tells him to buy a bunch for Zehra as well. Ömer buys it and leaves it in the car. Ayşe chides her for feeling shy to give it to her in the café but leaves her own in the car as well. They go in. Zehra is there. They greet. Ayşe wonders where is Leyla. Zehra mumbles but Leyla arrives saying she was in the washroom. Ömer is relieved. Ayşe tells Ömer to sit beside his wife.

Yener is still knocking on Sevim's door. She opens again and says what do you want to do. You have already done everything: kidnapped my daughters, made me sign IOUs. Salim arrives and hears her. He is mad. He tells Yener to get lost and is angry with Sevim for not telling him about these things. He then leaves saying I won't forgive you.

Ayşe asks Leyla about Zehra. Leyla says she is always concerned about others. Silent about her own feelings. One of the kindest people she knows. Ömer listens. Demir calls Ömer. He realizes Leyla is with them and is happy. The talk about Demir makes Leyla uncomfortable and she says she has to go back to work. Ömer, Zehra and Ayşe leave. At the car, Ayşe gets Ömer to give Zehra the flowers. She thanks him. He opens the door for her.

At home, Hediye asks where to put the flowers, Zehra says they can be left in the living room. Alev comes and sits beside Ömer. Ömer gets up and goes stands somewhere else. Alev says Zehra probably did not like the flowers that she does not want them in her room. She says no I love them and I wanted to share my joy with others.

Yener at his store says this is now turning into a revenge matter. Salim walks in and leaves an envelope of money saying this is what I owe you for the rent, the moving costs and your commission and leaves.

In the bedroom Zehra talks with her mom on the phone and says this is just a contract and if you do anything to void it, I will have to pay a large fine. She then tells her that she will take the agreement to her so she can see for herself. Ömer comes in and says I do not want to see you mother again. She says it won't happen. She then brings in the flowers and talks to them saying stay beautiful and remind me that bad things will pass.

In the morning Ömer and Zehra leave together. Ömer tells Alev to go to the office, he wants to talk to her. Sevim goes to the shop to get Salim back. Salim has slept in the shop and does not talk to her. She returns. Zehra arrives and sees Yasemin leaving. She is going to meet Alper for lessons. Yasemin shows Alper the recording and says Koray has sent it to Funda. Alper does not say anything. Zehra shows Sevim the contract. She also tells her that Alev, Ömer's cousin is trying to find out that the marriage is fake and if she does it will be trouble. Sevim says this woman is after your husband. Zehra wants to take the contract but Sevim says I will keep the contract for now. Zehra leaves.

Sevim goes to Ömer's office and tells him she knows everything. She shows him the contract and tells him that she will be in touch. On the way out, she bangs into Alev and the contract falls from her hand and Alev picks it up.

S01E74 - 74.Bölüm Air Date: 29 December 2016 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Sevim pulls the papers out of her hand and tells her to mind her own business. Sevim remembers Zehra telling her about Alev's role in the affair. She then leaves. Ömer comes out and Alev says who was the woman who just left and what is her connection to Zehra. Ömer tells her not to stick her nose in what is not her concern. He tells her to see Nihat about work and leaves. Alev decides to get someone to steal the papers from Sevim.

Zehra goes to her dad's. She is worried. Salim is upset and she notices. But he does not tell her anything about his row with Sevim. Ömer calls and asks where she is. She says she is at her dad's and will go to him soon. She takes her leave and goes out. Ömer is waiting outside. Salim is at the door so she does not get in the car and walks past it.

Koray meets Alper and asks if he knows what Yasemin is upset about. Alper hides his knowledge.

Ömer drives around and is waiting for Zehra near the house. Zehra comes and says how would you come to my dad's shop; if he had seen you? What about you, he answers. How dare you give your mom the contract? Zehra is shocked. She came to you? Why would she do such a thing?

At home Yasemin remembers the good times with Koray and again wonders why he would lie to her. Ömer stops the car beside the road and they get out. Is this how you resolve things, he asks, first you tell her we are married and then you take her the contract? He also tells her that Sevim ran into Alev at the office. Zehra is shocked. No; she would not let on anything to Alev, she says. He says is this a new game to get something from me. Zehra says he has no right to talk like that about her mom. She says she might be wrong, but she is doing things for her daughter's good.

Leyla goes to see Sevim and talks to her about the Zehra/Ömer situation. Sevim tells her to mind her own business as this is now a family matter. Zehra tells Ömer she showed her the contract so that she would understand it is not a real marriage and lay off. Ömer says from now on I will handle everything. She says no, I will talk to her. He says you did and look what has happened. She says she had to tell her about the contract. He says you did, are you happy with the result? She is really stirred and sits in the car in tears. Ömer looks concerned. He sits in the car and offers her a tissue and a bottle of water. She says do you think these things are easy for me. Ömer says I understand.

Demir calls Leyla and wants to set up work meetings. She tries to avoid them because she is concerned that her connection to Kervancioglu Holding may cause problems for Zehra. But Nedim calls her and tells her that she has to go. Mehtap sees Leyla at the office.

Alev gets a guy to follow Sevim. Ömer and Zehra go home. In the living room Alev says Zehra does not look very happy. Ömer says they went for a walk after lunch and she was cold. Her phone rings. Zehra goes out to answer. Alev sends Nazan to check on her. Ömer arrives and Nazan has to disappear. Ömer hears Zehra begging her mother to stop going to Ömer. Sevim says I will not let him cheat you with this contract. Zehra says no one has cheated anyone; it is a contract and once the time is up it will be done with. She begs her to show some understanding as it involves the well being and health of a human being (talking about Ayşe) who is sick. She hangs up.

She sees Ömer and tells her she is trying to get the contract from her mom and then says I know you don't believe me. Ömer says I believe you; at least I am trying. She says you never believe me; if you want the truth just listen to my words. Ömer is pensive.

Sevim goes to Salim and asks him to return home. He says I have kept quiet till now to keep the peace in our house but this time it involves my children and I cannot forgive you. She leaves irritated.

Zehra gets in bed. Ömer walks in with his blanket. Cevriye calls Zehra. Ömer jumps in bed and puts his arm on her shoulder. Cevriye comes in and apologizes saying I thought Ömer is downstairs. She leaves. Ömer goes to the loveseat. Their looks are warmer.

At breakfast Sevim seems different to Yasemin. Yener sends Beton to chase Sevim. Ömer tells Demir to inform security at the office. Zehra walks in and says she is going to go and talk to her mom to get the contract. Sevim is getting ready. She tells herself since you don't call then I will come to you.

Ömer tells Zehra to leave it to him. She says I have to go; if not for myself; for Ayşe. If she finds out you have lied to her, it would destroy her. He says I am glad you finally understand this. Zehra says the only reason I am still here after all the games you played with me is because of Ayşe's well being so don't tell me that. Ömer is silenced. He then tells her to wait for him to finish his work and then they would go together. Zehra accepts.

Sevim walks on with Alev's guy and Beton after her. Beton sees Mehtap and is distracted so he loses them. He goes back to Yener and Yener is angry he has come empty handed.

Yasemin takes breakfast to Salim and says she did not see him leave in the morning. She does not know he is staying in the shop. Zehra is in the living room. Ömer comes. She is worried. She wants to go. Alev arrives. Ömer begins caressing Zehra and then tells her that he will meet her outside. Sevim arrives at their gate and goes to the door and begins knocking. Nazan opens the door and Sevim asks to see Zehra. She asks whom should I say is calling. Ömer hears from behind and freezes looking at the door.

S01E75 - 75.Bölüm Air Date: 30 December 2016 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer tells Nazan to go inside and walks out with Sevim. Alev's guy calls her and tells her Sevim has entered a house. Alev is busy with the call and does not listen to Nazan who has brought her the news. Ömer talks to Sevim. She tells him he has to pay her 500 thousand liras to lay off. He accepts but tells her to call her daughter and tell her not to go to Mahaleh today. Zehra is about to come out. Sevim calls her some feet further in the garden and tells her that she has something to do that day and will see her another day. Zehra goes back in.

Alev's guy sends her a photo of the building Sevim has entered. Alev realizes she is there. She takes her jacket and runs out. Sevim says she wants the money the next day and leaves. Ömer walks toward the door and Alev runs into him. She says she wants to check her car window. Ömer says it is cold, she should get it and Ökkeş will check for her. She asks about someone being out there. Ömer says I was there. I did not see anyone. Go in and I will check again. Alev goes back in. Ömer lingers. Zehra comes and tells him that she can't go to Mahaleh today; her mom is busy, but she promises to go get the contract the following day. Ömer asks her not to talk about the contract so openly someone might hear. She goes back in. Before Ömer goes in, Hediye comes to him and says the woman who just came had come before on the day they were at the cinema. She tells him that she acted a bit strange and did not appear to know that Zehra was married and the lady of the house. Ömer realizes Zehra never told her mother that they were married. He asks Hediye to keep everything to herself.

Alev tells her man to continue following Sevim and get the papers. In the bedroom Zehra is talking to Leyla on the phone. Ömer overhears her telling Leyla how worried she is about the situation. She says Ömer blames her for everything but that is not her concern, she is really worried that if Ayşe finds out about the fake marriage, it would break her heart. Ömer is stirred by Zehra's concern for Ayşe.

Koray finally meets Yasemin in the café and Yasemin shows her the recording she thinks he has sent Funda. Koray says this was for you. She does not believe him and goes. Koray calls Funda and tells her their friendship is over.

In his office, Ömer tells himself at least I know she is concerned for Ayşe. He calls Demir and tells him to prepare 500 thousand liras. Cevriye continues to annoy Hediye. In the kitchen preparations are being made for the night. Everyone is going out except for Ömer and Zehra. Alev's guy follows Sevim but in Mahaleh he has a close run with Yener's car. Yener hits his head inside the car. The guy apologizes and leaves. Yener goes to the hospital.

Alev talks with Nazan and realizes preparations are being made for a dinner for Ömer and Zehra and is jealous. Sevim goes home and begins throwing away her old clothes. She tells Yasemin to do the same thing.

Zehra is alone in the living room. Alev comes and tells her I feel sorry for you; having to live somewhere you do not deserve. Like poison ivy in a beautiful crystal vase all out of place. Ömer walks in. Zehra goes to him and holds his arm saying; like me, Alev likes flowers. However, she prefers poison ivy. I suppose it goes with her controlling nature. I like daisies. They flourish in and fit into every environment. Ömer looks at her pleased. He remembers her smelling the daisies in the bunch of flowers he had bought for her. Zehra says I'm making papatya tea would you like some. Ömer says sure; from your hands.

In the kitchen, Zehra reaches for the pot. Ömer comes and gets it for her. She asks if he will have the tea as she makes some. He says no he will get coffee. Ömer notices Alev by the door. He goes and holds Zehra from the back and says this is the first time I will drink papatya tea. They sweet talk and Ömer pretends he is going to kiss Zehra. Alev barges in. He stops and says Zehra is making papatya tea would you like some Alev? She darts out, I do not!

As soon as she leaves their faces drop the smile and go back to their businesses. They are in the living room. Zehra is looking through sofas. Ömer notices Alev and sits beside Zehra. Again, they begin sweet talking and as soon as she leaves they drop the lovie-dovie business.

Sevim prepares food but Salim does not come again.

Ömer goes into the bedroom wondering if Zehra knows her mother asked for money. She tells him, she can't get through to her mom. Nazan calls them to dinner; they go. It is a surprise romantic candlelit dinner prepared by Ayşe. Alev is burning with jealousy and shouts at Nazan for helping prepare it. They continue the game as they realize Alev is looking. Ayşe has also sent them musicians. When they come the player asks them to dance. Ömer gets up and stretches out his hand to Zehra. Zehra takes it and they dance. Ömer notices Alev and puts his forehead on Zehra's pretending that he is kissing her. Alev burns. However, they look taken by each other.

In the morning Zehra tells Ömer she is worried and wants to go to Mahaleh to talk to her mom who is not answering the phone. He tells him I have to go to the office to do something then I will come and we will discuss it. He goes to the office. Demir brings in the money. Ömer is hesitant but finally calls Sevim and gives her an address.

Yener leaves the hospital. Zehra goes home. Yasemin is there but her mom is not. She gets in a cab to go to the office. She sends a message to Ömer if her mom is with him. He responds no while driving to the rendezvous spot.

Sevim is standing in the middle of a rustic road waiting for Ömer. Alev's guy arrives and tells her to give her the paper. Sevim thinks he is Ömer's guy and says give me the money first. He pulls out a knife. Sevim entangles with the guy. The knife goes flying. Sevim picks it up and shoves it in the guy's belly. He falls. She is shocked. Ömer arrives and runs out. She points the knife at him.

S01E76 - 76.Bölüm Air Date: 02 January 2017 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Sevim says it is not my fault, she attacked me. Ömer runs to the guy and takes his pulse. He is still alive. Sevim is screaming that she cannot go to prison. Then she asks for the money. Ömer is shocked that she is still thinking about money. She says it is all Zehra's fault, cursing her. Ömer says; how can you talk about your daughter that way? She screams that she is not my daughter. She thinks she is, but she is not. Sevim then drops the contract and runs to Ömer's car and takes the case, full of money and runs down the road. Ömer says don't run; it will be worse. She just goes on. Ömer runs back and calls an ambulance. Then he calls Tyfun.

Zehra goes back home. Again, Yasemin is there but her mom isn't. she goes in. Yasemin tells her that their mom was throwing away her old clothes and acting strange. They keep calling her, but she does not answer. She runs in the woods cursing Zehra and thinking she has money and she will go away.

Zehra leaves the house to go to her dad. Ömer is there. She waits for Yasemin to go in and gets in the car. She asks why he has come. Ömer is silent. She asks if her mom went to him or if he knows anything. He just stares. She says I wanted to go see my dad and maybe get some information about my mom. He remains silent. He starts driving. He stops at Salim's shop. Zehra is surprised that he has brought her there. He says did you not want to see your dad? She says she will be quick. She goes in. Salim says he has work and been sleeping in the workshop. Zehra asks if they had a fight. Salim remembers the row with Sevim but says no there is nothing. Sevim will probably be back later. Zehra leaves and gets in the car.

Ömer inquires about the victim from Tyfun. Alev can't get through to his guy and is worried. Sevim runs until she gets to the port. In the car Ayşe calls. Zehra says she can't talk in that state. Ömer stops the car and takes it and says Zehra can't talk right now. Ömer says that Ayşe wanted to remind us that Asya is starting school tomorrow. Zehra says Oh my God I had completely forgotten. There is a street vendor there. She runs out in the rain and takes a music box. Ömer goes and buys it for her. Then he realizes it is for Asya. He is moved by Zehra's consideration.

Demir takes coffee to Leyla and tries to start a conversation but she gets right down to business again. Zehra gives Asya her present. She loves it. Ömer is touched.

Yener is annoyed that he cannot find Sevim. Ömer remembers the Sevim episode and wonders what it means. He puts the contract in his safe. Alev calls Hilmi Yilmaz and tells him that his man has not done the job. He says he'll look into it. Ayşe thanks Ömer and Zehra in their bedroom and puts their hands together. She leaves, and they pull away their hands. Zehra tells him she is very worried and there is no news of her mom.

Alev is at the door. Zehra totters. Ömer holds her asking if she is ok. He notices Alev at the door and asks if Zehra has skipped breakfast again. She realizes the closeness is because of Alev and begins caressing Ömer's face. Alev leaves miffed.

Yasemin comes to Salim saying her mother is nowhere to be found. She then asks to stay there and go home with Salim. Funda keeps calling Koray. He does not respond. Later Salim and Yasemin go home together and see Koray at the door. Koray is brooding but comes up with an excuse for Salim and leaves.

Ömer goes in the bedroom. Zehra drops her necklace trying to put it on. Ömer goes and sits. She struggles with the necklace. He gets up and puts it on her.

Yasemin calls Zehra. Zehra is on the phone trying to calm her when Ömer comes in. He wonders whether he should tell her the truth. She goes out. Ömer also calls Sevim. No Answer. He wonders where she is. Yasemin keeps calling mom but there is no answer. Yasemin and Salim try to go sleep.

Ömer goes to the bedroom. Zehra is sitting beside the loveseat in her pyjamas. He tells her she can sleep in the bed tonight. She wants to refuse; he tells her he is working tonight. He goes down to the study, but he really can't work. He remembers her caressing his face.

In the dark, Sevim sneaks inside the house, picks up a few things, hides some money for Yasemin in her drawer and kisses her in her sleep. Zehra sleeps in the bed. Ömer's scent lingers on his side of the bed and she is drawn to it. She remembers him putting on the necklace on her. She makes herself snap out of it.

Sevim leaves a note and sneaks out of the house. Outside as she is about to leave, Yener puts a gun to her head.

S01E77 - 77.Bölüm Air Date: 03 January 2017 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Sevim says kill me since I am really doomed. She curses Zehra and Ömer and gives Yener Ömer's address and then runs off. Yener takes the address and drives there at night confirming it is the correct address. He then goes back to plan.

Ömer goes up and sees Zehra asleep in bed. He wonders how to tell her the truth. In the morning Zehra sees Ömer sleeping on the loveseat. She thinks he can be kind when he wants to. She goes to pick her phone up from under his arm. He wakes up and says is this what you do when I sleep, watch me? She explains what she was doing and then asks why he slept on the loveseat. Ömer says you can sleep in the bed from now on. She says there is no need to be nice to me. We will do it in turns.

Everyone is getting ready for Asya's first day at school. Müzeyyen says Hediye should go too. Ömer and Zehra also get ready. Alev comes and realizes everyone is gone without her. She tells Nazan to get ready. They will also go shopping together. Nazan is happy.

Yasemin gets up from a nightmare and finds her mother's note and realizes she has gone. Ömer and Zehra are on their way back and note that Asya was very happy that they were all there. Zehra notes that Ayşe seems very worried. Yasemin calls her. Ömer stops the car. She tells her that their mom is gone. She is outside because the phone is not receiving well. Ömer gets off too. Zehra is about to fall. Ömer catches her. He tells her to calm down. She snaps saying my mother is gone and you are asking me to calm down. You don't understand anything and steps away. He says I understand very well. He picks up her phone from the floor and takes her back in the car. He drives her to her father's home and asks her to let him know if he can be of help. He also tells her to be strong since her dad and sister need her support. She is touched by his concern and goes in.

Meanwhile Yener goes to Ömer's house. Ökkeş is the only one there. Yener starts forcing his way in. Ökkeş calls Tyfun. Tyfun also informs Ömer and he quickly goes back home. Ayşe feels sick on the way back and Nihat takes her to the hospital. The doctor tells Nihat they have to wait for the results. Ömer gets to the house and makes sure Ökkeş is fine. He then calls Tyfun and he says they have arrested him. Ömer says I want to see him. Tyfun advises against it but he insists.

Zehra calls Leyla. Leyla rushes from work and runs into Demir again. Demir thinks she might have a boyfriend. He asks her in the taxi but she says she does not. Leyla joins Zehra and family. Zehra calls Ömer and asks to stay longer. He says ok. She is surprised. He is at the police station waiting to see Yener.

Alev meets with Hilmi Yilmaz and finds out that her guy was stabbed.

Zehra consoles Yasemin. Zehra also talks with her father to see if he knows anything. Salim evades answering. Ömer goes into the corridor with Yener inside one of the cells. He is sleeping on the bench. Ömer knocks on the cell with his wedding band. Yener gets up and comes forward. Ömer says here I am; you were looking for me.

S01E78 - 78.Bölüm Air Date: 04 January 2017 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer goes to Tyfun and tells him that he is not filing a complaint against Yener. Tyfun says then he will get out. Ömer says he can do nothing. Let him go. Tyfun tells him that he will keep him at least for the night and let Ömer know when he is out. Ömer then goes to Zehra's.

Zehra asks Leyla to stay with Yasemin for the night as she cannot. Ömer calls Zehra. She says goodbye and goes to the car. He says I am not here to take you; I was just worried for you. She says her sister and father are not doing well. He suggests that she stay the night with them. He says he will tell his family that they are staying outside together. She is very happy and thanks him. He asks her to call him if she needs anything. She goes looking back in appreciation.

Ömer meets with Demir and tells him everything. Demir says he probably should tell Zehra the truth. He says the truth may be too much for her to handle.

The doctor tells Nihat Ayşe must rest and avoid stress. They go home. Ayşe tells Nihat she does not want Ömer to know about the episode. Alev is annoyed when she hears Ömer and Zehra are staying out.

Zehra and Leyla cook food and try to make the home atmosphere feel warm. Salim goes to work and Koray finds out about Sevim. He goes to see Yasemin. Yasemin shoos him away.

Ömer lies on the bed in the hotel. He thinks about the things that have happened and wonders what to do. He wants to call Zehra but does not. Zehra in her living room thinks about Ömer's kindness in the car. She wants to call him but does not.

In the morning she gets up and when the phone rings she is excited that it might be Ömer but it is only Leyla. Ömer sees Demir and says he has decided to tell Zehra everything. Ömer goes and picks up Zehra. Tyfun calls and tells him that he needs to sign some papers. Zehra agrees to go with him on the way.

Salim's heart acts up and he falls. Koray wants to take him to the hospital but he tells Koray to take him home.

Ömer and Zehra stop at the harbour on the way. They get out and take in the air and view of the sea. Tyfun arrives and jokes with Zehra saying turn; Ömer needs to sign these papers on your back. She is about to let him but Ömer takes the papers and signs them on Tyfun's back. Tyfun leaves. Ömer tells her they can stay on a bit more. He wants to tell her about her mother but can't. She says she does not think she will ever recover. He speaks as if of experience telling her that she will recover and continue but perhaps never the same as before. Salim goes home and Yasemin calls Zehra. Zehra is frantic that her father passed out.

S01E79 - 79.Bölüm Air Date: 05 January 2017 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Zehra asks Ömer to take her to her dad. Tyfun lets Yener go. Cevriye is on a diet and hungry. She forces Hediye and Nazan to workout with her. Zehra goes back and her father tells her not to worry.

Yener goes back to the store and Mehtap mets with him saying Sevim has disappeared. Yener goes to Salim's house and tells Zehra that Ömer has forced her mother to leave. Zehra begins putting some details together and feels it might be true. It would explain Ömer's sudden kindness.

Alev is still hankering over the papers she wanted with Hilmi Yilmaz. Koray tries to get close to Yasemin. Zehra is convinced that Ömer sent her mother away and goes to meet him. She calls him, and he says he will meet her at home.

Funda goes to the workshop again and Yasemin sees her there when she is helping her father there. Funda pretends Yasemin has intruded on their love talk. Koray realizes and follows Yasemin. Alev goes to Salim's house looking for Sevim. A neighbour tells her that the woman living there is gone forever. Alev leaves. Yasmein arrives and Koray comes and Yasemin tells her that she is not interested in him. Yener goes back to the house thinking Zehra will never go back now. Yasmein tells him to get lost; her sister is not there. He is mad.

Zehra goes to the mansion and meets Ömer in his study. She is mad and tells him that the agreement is off because he sent her mother away. He insists that he did not do that. She does not accept. He can't bring himself to tell her the truth about Sevim. She leaves and goes upstairs to pack. The doctor calls Ömer to say that Ayşe has had another fainting episode and needs absolute rest and calm. He goes to Ayşe. She has just returned from the hospital. She hides the details and tells him she is fine. He tells himself that he has to stop Zehra.

Cevriye agrees to make healthy foods that Ayşe likes rather than the high carb foods she usually makes. Ömer goes upstairs. Zehra packs and leaves.

Demir works with Leyla and tries to invite her out. Leyla evades the invitations thinking for Zehra's sake it is best to avoid getting close.

Yener drives to the mansion again. In the parking area, Ömer stops Zehra who is carrying her suitcase. Yener sees her and is happy that she is leaving. Ömer tells her to get in the car and he will give her a ride. She pulls back and says it's over.

S01E80 - 80.Bölüm Air Date: 06 January 2017 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Cevriye arrives. Ömer says he has a surprise for Zehra and takes her suitcase and puts it in the car. She sits in the car. Yener runs to his car. They leave the mansion premises. Zehra says stop I am getting off now. Yener follows them. Ömer grabs Zehra's phone and says I will give it to you when we get off. She reaches for it and he has to make an emergency stop. Yener also stops. Ömer asks her to strap herself and they continue. Yener goes out and wants to run to them but has to run back. Yener's car will not start.

Ömer takes Zehra to their villa in the mountains. She asks if he is sequestering her in this place now. He says they are going to only talk and then leave. She resists. He returns her phone. But phones have no reception there. He takes her inside and goes out to chop some wood for the fireplace. He comes back, and she is gone.

Zehra is walking lost in the woods. Ömer finds her and they go back. She agrees to stay the night.

Yener finally fixes his car and arrives. He sees them go in and follows them to the building. He realizes he has forgotten his gun and goes back to get it.

Zehra makes a fire. Ömer goes and gets some food. She refuses to eat. Zehra says she will sleep in the back room but when she goes there, she is scared of the mice. Ömer finds it funny.

Yasemin cannot get in touch with Zehra but tries to hide it from her dad so he would not worry.

Ömer wants to sleep in the other room but Zehra gets him to sleep in the living room where she is in front of the fireplace as she is afraid of mice. They each sleep on a sofa. In the morning Ömer is preparing breakfast, Zehra jumps thinking once more about the mice. She is angry and says she will not eat. He tells her to stop being stubborn. He says he had nothing to do with her mother's leaving. She says you said you'd take care of it. He is upset and says is this all you have to go on. You think I am a criminal that deals with things in this manner. Then there is nothing more to talk about. He leaves. Zehra feels bad. She thinks maybe she has been wrong to go on Yener's words.

Yener arrives. Ömer comes with his jacket. Zehra says are we leaving now; are we not talking. Ömer is upset and says there is nothing to talk about anymore. He goes out. Yener is standing there pointing a gun at Ömer. Ömer is dauntless. He is about to charge him but Zehra stops him and pulls him in. Yener goes in. He wants to shoot Ömer. Zehra goes forward. Ömer pulls her back. Yener shoots.

S01E81 - 81.Bölüm Air Date: 09 January 2017 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer falls and hits his head. He passes out. Zehra drops over him and cries out to him to get up. Yener is mad that she is protecting him. He wants to shoot him; Zehra shields Ömer with her body and begs Ömer to open his eyes. Yener says you love him so much? I love you the same way. Yener continues to threaten when Tyfun comes in and grabs him.

Zehra wants to take Ömer to the hospital. Ömer comes to and says just call the doctor. Tyfun takes Yener. Zehra helps Ömer onto the sofa and cleans and bandages the wound on his arm. Ömer is taken by her. The doctor comes and says it is just a flesh wound but he is concerned about the blow to the head. He tells Zehra privately to prevent Ömer from sleeping for 24 hours.

Funda follows Koray again. Koray says I love Yasemin, no matter what! Cevriye continues to push Hediye with exercise.

Zehra takes care of Ömer. Zehra feeds Ömer some soup. Alev sees Hilmi Yilmaz's guy. He says the police knew everything without me telling them. Hilmi Yilmaz says I will pursue the matter myself. Alev says there is no need fearing his involvement.

Leyla and Demir cannot get a hold of Zehra and Ömer respectively and are concerned for them. Nedim Bey tells Leyla that he will take over the Kervancioglu file himself. Demir is not happy. In the first meeting he finds lots of mistakes in his work. Trying to keep him awake, Zehra feeds Ömer soup, makes tea, pours tea on herself, almost burns herself and changes into his pyjamas and looks funny. She drops tea cups and hoovers the whole place and opens the window in the cold and talks a lot to keep Ömer awake.

Yasemin says she has spoken with her sister and her father should not be worried. Koray finally catches up with Yasemin on the street and tells her that he loves her.

Cevriye talks about lovebirds spending time on their own and annoys Alev. She tells Nihat that she will leave after Ömer and Zehra return. Ayşe continues to feel anxious about the first days of her daughter's school. Ömer gets up to go and sleep. Zehra runs to tell him he can't. He stumbles and Zehra grabs him and picture freezes on them.

S01E82 - 82.Bölüm Air Date: 10 January 2017 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Zehra tells Ömer that he needs to stay up because of the blow to his head. Ömer asks why she had not told him before rather than coming up with such acts. She says I did not want to worry you. Yener lingers in jail and Tyfun tells him he will not get out this time. Ömer goes to the washroom and comes back. They fall asleep on the sofa. Zehra gets up and wakes him up anxiously. She makes tea again. Power is out. Zehra holds onto Ömer scared. He goes to get candles. She goes on the chair scared of mice. She falls on him when he tries to help her down. Every closeness delivers new feelings.

In the morning they step out to get some fresh air. Zehra appreciates the peace and beauty. Ömer removes a leaf from her hair and tells her she could come there whenever she wants. She hesitates and goes back in.

Yasemin daydreams about Koray. Koray daydreams about her. Salim notes silliness in both of them.

Zehra sets the table; Ömer brings the tea. Zehra finds his behaviour strange. Müzeyyen and Hediye want to send Ökkeş to the cottage to get news of Ömer and Zehra and also take them some food. Tyfun goes to visit Zehra and Ömer. He mentions that Yener is going a step further each time. Zehra realizes that this has not been Yener's first attack.

Mehtap is looking for Yener. They call from the police. She goes there.

Tyfun tells Ömer that Zehra really loves him and protected him with her own life when Yener was attacking. Ömer is thoughtful Tyfun says seeing her, I understand full well why you have married Zehra. Ömer is thoughtful and remembers the attack. Tyfun leaves. Zehra comes and asks him why he did not tell her that Yener had come to the mansion. Ömer says your mother had just left and I did not want to make you more upset. Zehra asks why he had let Yener out of jail. He says he did not think it would go this far. Zehra says you don't know him. She then looks at him and says you still think he is my boyfriend? He wanted to kill me! Ömer says these could be out of jealousy! Zehra says how can you think I would be with someone like him? She leaves the room all angry.

Alev tells Ökkeş he needs to fix her shower and she takes the food from Hediye and takes it to Ömer and Zehra.

Nedim Bey returns the file to Leyla and Demir goes to her to get back working on it. Cevriye pretends that she has a sprained ankle to stay with the family longer. Zehra changes Ömer's bandage. She makes pasta like she had done on the boat.

Mehtap asks to see Yener in jail. Tyfun tells her he is in big trouble and she should get a good lawyer.

Ömer and Zehra sit to eat. They notice Alev at the window. Ömer quickly covers his arm. Alev goes in and says she has brought food. She sees blood on the sofa. Zehra says I cut my hand. Alev tries to remind Ömer of old times in the cottage. Ömer cuts her off saying with Zehra he is enjoying himself much more. She finally leaves. Zehra cheques the wound. It is bleeding. She begins changing it. She then says Alev does not believe our marriage. That someone like you might marry someone like me. Then she says could my mother's disappearance have anything to do with her. The topic of her mother having a copy of the contract comes up. Alev returns with another package. At the door she hears the term contract and wonders what it si about. She looks in and realizes Ömer is wounded. She steps back a little and makes a noise.

S01E83 - 83.Bölüm Air Date: 11 January 2017 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Alev goes in. She says I have another thing Cevriye has sent. She then asks about the wound. Ömer says they had an accident on the way to the cottage. Alev snaps at Zehra for not taking him to the hospital. Ömer says there is no need. Zehra is taking good care of me. Alev drinks some tea and then leaves. On the way home, she sees Tyfun. Tyfun says I have come to see Ömer.

Yasemin cannot connect with Koray and wonders if he is with Funda. She calls Funda but she is at a shoot and tells her I can't talk. Koray makes another box for Yasemin and takes its photo. Salim notes that he is not concentrating on his work and Koray apologizes. Yasemin and Koray decide to be more careful.

Tyfun tells Ömer that Yener is now being taken for questioning. He also tells him that he met Alev outside and assures Ömer that he did not tell her anything. Zehra wants to return. Ömer accepts. Zehra says she will not return to his home. They drive back. Zehra is not getting off. Ökkeş comes and she yields and goes up. She does not unpack her suitcase. Ömer notices that it is under the dresser. Ayşe is happy to see them and pulls on Ömer's injured arm.

Alev tries to find the mentioned contract in the study. Demir again tries to meet up with Leyla outside the office. She refuses.

Zehra tells Ömer to sleep in the bed. In the morning Ömer sees that she is gone and so is her suitcase. He gets up to go after her. Zehra takes her suitcase home and wants to go to her father's workshop when Mehtap comes and tells her if you are in any way involved with my brother's incarceration, I will get you.

Alev finds what she was looking for in Ömer's drawer and runs out to read it. Zehra goes to her father and hears while he is on the phone with Rustam that the business is not going well. She also realizes that he blames himself of the departure of Sevim. She is upset that Ömer will not tell her what he knows so she can at least relieve some of her father's concerns. She tells her father that she will go home and make a nice dinner for him.

Alev realizes that the envelope only contains Zehra's health insurance contract. Ömer goes to the study and realizes Alev has taken the envelope he had planted for her and realizes she is being very bold in meddling in his business. Ömer goes to Mahaleh and calls Zehra. Zehra goes out and gets in his car. He drives to the harbour again. He tells her that Ayşe's happiness is in her hands. He falls short of telling her it is Ayşe's life that hangs on her staying with him. She says her father and sister need her and he would not tell her what he knows about her mother. He repeats that he had nothing to do with her mother's departure. He also refers back to his words about departure of her mother and says in fact the empty place will never be filled and the pain only deepens reminiscing about himself and his little sister depending on him for support when his mother left. He never mentions the word mother though. Zehra looks at him meaningfully. She gets out of the car.

A series of back and forths in time occur at this point. We see Ömer arriving home and in the living room when they ask for Zehra he appears to be about to say she is gone. We go back and see him asking her to get in the car. She refuses and goes off and gets in a cab. Ayşe asks if they got something for Asya. Ömer is about to talk when he realizes Zehra is behind him with a package in hand for Asya. Asya opens her present and is happy. Ömer is relieved. He tells Zehra I thought you were not coming. She says I wasn't but when Ayşe called, I returned. For Ayşe! Ömer repeats: "For Ayşe !"

S01E84 - 84.Bölüm Air Date: 12 January 2017 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer suggests that they sit. Zehra goes to the bedroom. Ömer looks on and remembers arriving at the villa. Ayşe notes how he is longing for his wife. Alev is miffed. He goes to the room. Zehra says I am here because of Ayşe not the silly contract. He asks why did you not come with me. She says I had to go see my dad. He says I would have waited. She says it did not occur to me. She goes down.

Alev returns the envelope to the drawer. Ömer goes down. In the living room Cevriye commends Zehra's skills and kindness. Ömer says I know thinking about how she took care of him in the villa. Cevriye says it is easy to be in love in good times; the art is to remain together in tough days! Ömer says we are tough day friends! Ayşe comes and talks about the long trip they have to make in order to take Asya to school everyday. She suggests that they move back to the old house in the city which is close to a school. Ömer agrees. They will move the next day.

Yasemin meets with Koray while her father sleeps. In the bedroom Zehra worries over Ömer's wound. He stares at her. He is reading love poetry. Zehra picks up the book and reads: "You dont' have to look for me! I will be wherever you look!"

Everyone gets ready for the move. Ömer and Zehra bicker over entering the wardrobe without knocking.

Yasemin and Koray text back and forth. In the living room Ömer leaves his sweet for Zehra and tells her I left it for you since you like it. She thanks him but does not take it. Ömer asks to meet Nihat. Cevriye tells Zehra she should have taken the sweet even if she did not like it. She also tells her that she dresses to frumpyly and should show more vivacious femininity because she has a handsome and rich husband whom many women would be after.

In the study Ömer asks Nihat why he did not tell him about Ayşe's visit to the hospital. Nihat says she asked me not to. But he assures him that if it was anything important he would have told him any ways!

Alev hears Ömer talking with Tyfun on the phone about court matters so she calls Tyfun to make a date and perhaps get some info from him about Ömer. Ömer goes up. In the bedroom Zehra speaks of how her family needs her. How Salim's business, health and family are in shambles. He says go to them whenever you need. She says I was not waiting for your permission. I will go whenever I want.

Mehtap wants to see Yener but Tyfun will not let her until his statement has been taken. She pretends to faint. Tyfun finally allows a five-minute visit. Yener tells Mehtap that Zehra and Ömer set up a trap for him so he got them back.

Koray tells Alper he has told Yasemin that he loves her. Alper is upset but hides it. Yasemin goes to the workshop and Koray begins being clumsy. Outside she meets Alper and tells him things between her and Koray are fine now. Alper is about to tell her he likes her but stops and leaves.

Demir buys flowers for Leyla and takes her out to eat. Ömer calls Demir at the restaurant and Leyla gets uncomfortable and leaves abruptly. Zehra tells Ömer she has a list of things she needs. He tells him give it to Ökkeş. She says I can't ask someone older to do things for me. He says give it to Nazan. She is still uncomfortable. Nazan comes and says Demir is there to see him. He gets up, pulls the list from Zehra's hand and tells Nazan to give it to Ökkeş to get. He goes to Demir.

In the study Ömer tells Demir about Zehra's problems. Demir suggests that since her father is a carpenter they might be able to give some of the company's carpentry work to him. Ömer says but he should not know anything about it. Zehra hears that they are discussing his father and only hearing the last part, she goes in angry saying what are you doing again behind my family's back.

S01E85 - 85.Bölüm Air Date: 13 January 2017 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer says I have never done anything to harm your family. Zehra won't be calmed. She says I don't believe you. I will believe only what I hear. Demir wants to say something but Ömer forbids him. Zehra goes up and calls Leyla. Leyla tells her to calm down. Zehra decides to go and see her dad. Ömer tells Demir to take care of building business for Zehra's dad and make sure no one learns about their involvement in it.

Mehtap tells Beton that she is going to make Zehra pay for what "she has done to her brother". Alev meets Tyfun and tries to get info from him about his being at the villa in the mountains. She can't get anything out of him. Alev then invites him to the house to further her project.

Funda goes to see Koray and then Yasemin. She is trying to figure out what is going on between them. Yasemin and Koray meet and go to the park hand in hand.

Ömer is stirred remembering times with Zehra in the villa. The lawyer calls Ömer and tells him that Yener has given a statement and they need to discuss it. He says they will meet at his office. He is about to leave when Ayşe asks about Zehra. Realizing she is not there, Ayşe says she will get Nazan to take their stuff to the new house.

Demir takes a guy to Salim's workshop and gets him to put in a large order with him. While he is doing that Zehra goes into the shop and Demir sees her. Demir is on the phone with Ömer and lets him know that Zehra is there.

Koray and Yasemin meet and go to the park hand in hand. Demir wonders why Leyla left in such a state from the restaurant. Salim tells Zehra that things are looking up and he has got this big order and he is happy. Alev tells Ayşe and Müzeyyen that she has invited Tyfun to the house. Ayşe calls Ömer and lets him know.

In the workshop, Zehra feels good about her father's situation. She remembers getting up in bed with Ömer in her face. She is stirred. Ömer calls Zehra. He is outside the workshop. She has to go to him. She gets in the car a bit further and snaps at him for following her. She says had he not said that she could go to her family whenever she needed. Ömer agrees but tells her that they need to do something. He also says that Alev has invited Tyfun so they need to be there.

Funda sees Koray and Yasemin together. She is mad they are going out. Funda goes to Salim asking for Yasemin. She wants to tell him about her and Koray. Koray arrives and realizes it and warns her to leave Yasemin alone. On the way back Yasemin runs into Mehtap. Mehtap asks a few questions about Zehra. Yasemin is cold and evasive. She then goes to Leyla. Leyla is at home with the cleaning lady. Demir calls and she lies and says she is at a friend's home. Demir realizes. Mehtap comes and asks for Zehra's number. Leyla says she does not have it. She also says she has to leave so she would not come in. Leyla goes to work. Demir goes there and tells her that he knows everything about Ömer and Zehra and their marriage agreement and she need not worry about that when she is with him.

Ömer and Zehra go to the office; Mehtap sees them.

S01E86 - 86.Bölüm Air Date: 16 January 2017 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

The lawyer gives them Yener's statement. He has said that Zehra was his fiancé and had called him there herself. Zehra is upset and says she will testify that he is lying. Mehtap wonders how Zehra is connected with Ömer. She realizes that Ömer is the guy Yener has told her about. But she wonders how Zehra and Ömer are connected when Ömer has just recently gotten married. She wants to go in when Demir calls her asking for a file. Ömer asks Zehra to leave the room for a minute. He tells the lawyer that he does not want Zehra to testify and have her name in the file. He asks him to use all other evidence to get Yener's conviction. The lawyer says it would make it very easy if Zehra testified. Ömer is adamant that she will not do so.

Zehra is standing outside the office. Mehtap is eyeing her and wondering what's going on. Demir comes and talks to Zehra. He realizes that Zehra is concerned that Ömer will believe Yener despite all the lies. Demir tells her that that was the old Ömer and now Ömer would never believe a guy like Yener. They go in. Ömer and the lawyer leave. Mehtap wants to take the files to Ömer's office. Ömer stops her and takes them. He goes in. Zehra says she wants to testify because she has been libeled. He says it is better that her name is not in the file beside his. She is not convinced. They leave to go home.

Ömer has pulled over. It is snowing. He says Alev probably wants to get something out of us by inviting Tyfun, try to stay calm. Zehra says I won't give away anything but if you want you can take care of that yourself as well; like you did with Yener's statement. He says I told you why I did that. Zehra says he may escape paying for the things he has done. He almost killed you. If something happened to you…She trails off. Ömer looks at her with a little movement of the head and glazed eyes! "What would happen to Ayşe!" Zehra tries to clear away other feelings!! She then adds: who am I to talk! I am just a contract worker! Ömer laughs at the phrase.

The police go to search Yener's store but Betton resists and is arrested. Tyfun wants to interrogate him but he does not TALK! Tyfun keeps slapping him on the back of the head!!! Mehtap comes with the lawyer and says he cannot talk. Ömer and Zehra go to the new place.

At the door in the car Zehra remembers the night she had arrived at the first house with her little blue dress and slippers and how Ömer had told her to get lost. Ayşe comes and welcomes Zehra to her new house. They go in. Salim buys fish and groceries and goes home to Yasemin to celebrate the new order. Alev meets Ömer and Zehra and tells Ömer Tyfun is coming and she reminisces about the good old days they had together in the US saying I wish we had not returned. Zehra grabs Ömer's arm saying I am glad you returned or we would have never met. Ömer says you're wrong. No matter where, I would have come and found you!!! They leave Alev burning in jealousy! Leyla calls Zehra. She goes outside to talk. Leyla tells her about Mehtap's visit. Ömer comes out and Zehra finishes the call. Ömer takes her to show her their bedroom and asks her if there is anything she needs she can tell him. She says my feelings don't matter to you. Ömer says are we going back to the same argument. I don't want you to have to face that guy again. She says you can't decide for me and you only think about your name. He says the matter is closed. She says it may be closed for Zehra Kervancioglu but not for Zehra Kaya.

Demir takes groceries to Leyla's place and wants to cook dinner before they start work. Leyla finally accepts. Koray calls Yasemin and wants to meet again. Alper tells Koray his father wants to meet him. Demir becomes poetic while cooking and describes the function of the ingredients in terms of a love relationship. Leyla is taken.

Mehtap gets Betton out of jail. In the store, she is angry that her brother is in jail and Zehra is living the high life. She says she will find a way to make them pay. Betton texts a message of support and love to her as her anonymous admirer.

Alev takes Tyfun to the family. Cevriye notes that he is handsome. She keeps trying to insinuate that Tyfun should look around him to find a bride implicitly hinting at Alev. Demir describes love as chili pepper; it burns but you can't live without it. He puts a pepper ring on Leyla's finger and she….At the dinner table Alev tries to get Tyfun to talk about his visit to the villa but everything just turns into how Ömer is lucky to have found Zehra. Ömer caresses Zehra's hand saying I know. Zehra says I am lucky too.

In the bedroom Zehra is tidying up; she drops one of Ömer's boxes. She sees a photo of young Ömer with a young girl. She wonders if she was his girlfriend. He arrives and collects them. He says these have to be in the study. He looks at the photo. She asks who she is. He hesitates. She says you don't have to answer. He says you can ask; we are husband and wife on paper at least. She says what does that matter. He asks then why did you ask. She says no reason. He takes the stuff to his study. She gets angry with herself for asking him.

In Cevriye's bedroom Nihat tells her to lay off Alev. She says if Alev gets married it is good for everybody. She will get busy with her life and leave everyone else in peace. Outside Alev sees Nihat and tells him to stop his aunt from blabbering so much. He says in that sense the two of them are very much alike.

Ömer and Zehra talk about where to sleep. Zehra sleeps on the red sofa and Ömer on the bed. In the morning Asya runs to the bed beside Ömer to run away from being fed milk. Cevriye comes in, milk in hand. She apologizes saying she did not know this was their room. However, she becomes concerned when she realizes that Zehra has been sleeping on the sofa!!

S01E87 - 87.Bölüm Air Date: 17 January 2017 14:10 -

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Cevriye apologizes and takes Asya to leave the room still eyeing the pillow and blanket on the sofa. Ömer and Zehra try to figure out what to do. They discuss what lie to come up with. Things like: Zehra had a fever or Ömer was snoring but they feel none of it is convincing enough. Meanwhile Cevriye is all nerves. She wants to tell Ayşe but Zehra and Ömer arrive at the table and she stops.

Yasemin keeps getting text messages. It draws Salim's attention. She says they are ads. Fikrat's men take Koray by force to see him. Funda sees them and asks Alper what it is. He says they are Koray's creditors and want to collect their money and that she should not worry about it. Koray tells Fikrat I have a life of my own so leave me alone. Yasemin keeps calling him and finally talks to him.

Cevriye moves Alev to get Zehra and Ömer to sit together. Alev is miffed. After breakfast Zehra makes Turkish coffee and takes it to Ömer's study. Ömer says I did not ask for coffee. She says I am trying to escape Cevriye. Ömer says fine stay here. They'll think we are having coffee together. Ömer drinks the coffee and asks what's in it. Zehra makes her coffee with Dalma Saghezi. Ömer's face shows Proustian pleasure of memories. They sit silently enjoying each other's company.

Cevriye wonders if they are together or Zehra has escaped to the bedroom. She finally cannot hold herself and tells Ayşe and Müzeyyen that Ömer and Zehra have had a serious fight and separated their beds. Ayşe becomes concerned. Zehra comes back tells Ömer that Cevriye has told everyone. They slip together into the bedroom. There Ömer is about to go in the bathroom when Ayşe arrives. He hides inside.

Ayşe tells Zehra that she knows they have had a fight and these things happen in marriages. When the couple realize the family thinks they have had a fight, Ömer says maybe we can act crossed and then later make up to resolve the situation.

Nazan hears that Ömer and Zehra had had a fight and runs to tell Alev. Alev is happy. Zehra goes and sits with Ayşe and Cevriye to drink tea. Ömer comes too and goes and sits beside Zehra. Zehra moves away a bit. She gets up to leave. Ömer says are you leaving because of me? She says I just wanted to drink some water. She acts crossed.

Cevriye and Ayşe observe them with concern. Cevriye forces them to sit close and Ömer, to put his hand around her waist. She then tells Ayşe to take a photo of them with a selfie stick. Alev comes and sees them smiling and taking photos and wonders what kind of a fight this is!!! She leaves crossed. Cevriye then leaves so they can take a photo two of them alone. Ömer says let's say no to this photo. Ömer gets up and says he has to do something and leaves.

Ayşe goes to the study and asks Ömer what's up. Ömer says they had a fight over which side of the bed to sleep on. Cevriye asks Zehra and she says it's because he never says sweet things and only thinks of work. Cevriye tells her to use her feminine charms more with him. When they get together and realize they have said different things they realize Ayşe and Cevriye are not going to believe either.

Alev goes to see Tyfun at his office. He has to leave the office for a moment. She finds the Ömer Kervancioglu file and takes a photo of the cover and leaves. Ömer and Zehra discuss what to do. Ömer says we need a common problem. Zehra says we'll say you are rude which is not so far from the truth. Ömer is upset. Ömer says how about saying you are a stubborn disorganized one. So they bicker over their criticisms of each other. Ömer's meeting calls. He wants to go. Zehra says I will not stay here alone and will come with you. As they are leaving Ayşe asks them to sit. She asks them once again. Zehra suddenly comes up with the problem of the girl's photograph. She says he keeps this picture of a woman and does not explain it. Ömer says but she is just an old friend. She is just overreacting. She is just showing classic women's jealousy. Cevriye comes and says fights are a sign of love. Ömer says I have to go. Are you coming? Zehra says no, I am staying home, all crossed. Ömer says, do as you will and leaves abruptly.

Cevriye tells Nihat that the drawers in her room and the bed need fixing. He says I will get a carpenter. Ömer goes to the office and sees Leyla with Demir. He says hello. Leyla thinks Ömer is unhappy to see her, but he is really concerned with the situation at home. The lawyer tells Mehtap that your brother says Zehra Kervancioglu is his fiancé. Mehtap is shocked to hear that Zehra may be a Kervancioglu.

S01E88 - 88.Bölüm Air Date: 18 January 2017 14:10 -

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Mehtap says there must be a mistake and sends the lawyer to check everything again. She is madly jealous of the possibility that Zehra might have married Ömer Kervancioglu.

Ayşe calls Ömer and tells him to buy a present for her. Demir comes and Ömer escapes the conversation. He tells Demir that they have trouble at home. Demir laughs to hear about the problems. Ömer is heavily concerned and can't concentrate on work. Ömer tells Demir that the file prepared is perfect and wants to work with them again. Demir says it is Leyla and not one of their staff.

Ömer calls Zehra and says Ayşe has asked him to buy a present and asks her what he should get and he does not know about these things. She suggests flowers. He says he does not want to deal with flowers and things like that. Zehra gets annoyed over Ömer's cold reaction and hangs up. Ömer wonders what's going on.

Cevriye tells Zehra to dress up for Ömer. She also says I will go and make Ömer's favourite foods and you will say that you made it for him. Ömer tells Demir I don't know what to buy. I don't know these things. Demir says well you have to think about Zehra and what she likes. He says I don't know. She does not care for Jewelry She wears ear rings sometimes. She likes the colour blue. And she wears the perfume of Jasmine and likes flowers. Demir makes fun of him for thinking that he knows nothing about her.

Alev asks Hilmi Yilmaz to find out about the police file she has photographed. Mehtap goes to Yasemin and tells her fortune on the coffee cup. She talks about a rich husband on the way. Yasemin remains unmoved. She leaves her. She then goes to Salim and Leyla trying to get info but nothing comes of it. Funda tries to bring up the issue of his kidnapping at Salim's store. Koray says I was just showing them directions. Salim shows concern. Funda tries to stir a problem. Koray hushes her and she goes.

Cevriye goes to make Ömer's favourite food and Nazan tells her exactly the foods that Ömer hates, to make fun.

Ömer cannot sit in the meeting with Zehra's voice in his head. He suddenly leaves. Yasemin calls Zehra and tells her about Mehtap's visit.

Betul is covering for Mehtap at the office. Nihat calls Betul for a carpenter to go to the house. Mehtap gives Salim's address to Betul realizing this would cause trouble for Zehra. Betul takes the address thankfully and innocently.

Ayşe sees Zehra in her room. She has dressed up and puts on make-up. She wants to put on perfume but it is empty. Ömer arrives with a bottle of perfume. Ayşe is elated. Cevriye makes Ömer admire Zehra's get up and makes them kiss. They sit to eat. Cevriye says give your husband of the food you especially made for him. She offers him the celery dish. Alev says but Ömer you hate celery. He says I eat it now. Zehra realizes things are messy she says I made it because it is very good for you. Ömer eats a second helping with a smile.

In the bedroom Zehra says Cevriye is probably still not convinced. Zehra says you can apologize to me and I will accept. He says why am I apologizing? She says isn't that how our story went? Ömer says what story? Zehra says perfect now we don't even remember what we told them!! They come up with a plan and are about to do it. Ömer says wait. Smile! It will be more convincing.

Mehtap goes to see Yener. Yener asks did you figure out who it was. Is it her boyfriend? Mehtap tries to calm him. She says I will tell you but you have to calm down. Mehtap swears to herself to take revenge on both them.

S01E89 - 89.Bölüm Air Date: 19 January 2017 14:10 -

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Mehtap lies to Yener because she feels he cannot handle it. She says the guy is Zehra's boss and Zehra is in fact upset about what has happened to Yener. She asks him to forget about Zehra. Yener screams at her saying all he wants is Zehra.

Ömer is in bed. Zehra comes in with the pillow and blanket. Ömer and Zehra go out hand in hand. They sit with Cevriye and the rest. Cevriye asks how you made up. Zehra says when he apologized, I could not hold back. Nihat asks to see Ömer in the study. They go. Zehra also excuses herself. Nihat says I just wanted to save you and when he opens the door to go Zehra is there. She goes in. She tells Ömer she escaped their questions. They stare at each other. They are not used to being so comfortable with each other rather in the company of others!!! He says I have to work. She says I'll go to the bedroom.

Cevriye tells Ayşe they might be acting life this to convince use. We have to go and check their bedroom to make sure they are sleeping together. Ayşe is shocked and says I cannot do such a thing. That is an invasion of privacy. Cevriye says if we don't we would be responsible for their separation.

Mehtap goes to the store. Beton sends a greeting text as her admirer but she is so upset she snaps at her phone. Beton is shocked. Mehtap handles a customer and shows she is no less than her brother in sharking money out of them.

Ömer says you should sleep in the bed to avoid any further comments in the house. She refuses profusely but they hear some noise and she jumps in the bed beside him closing her eyes. Ömer finds it amusing that she is closing her eyes so tight. He whispers that it is they who should not see her not the other way round. She opens her eyes and they stare at each other for some significant moments. She gets out but it happens again and Ömer pulls her in the bed again. She finally gets up and locks all doors.

In the morning Salim leaves the house. Koray comes to Yasemin with cinema tickets. They want to go together and have to find a way around Salim.

Zehra and Ömer wake up. Again, pondering the situation, Zehra says I will go get breakfast for us so we can eat in the bedroom and they think we want to be together. She tells Ömer to tidy up her bed on the sofa. Ömer folds the blanket and when tidying the pillow is taken by the scent!!! Alev comes to have breakfast and hears Zehra and Ömer are eating in their bedroom. Ayşe is happy that Zehra made the breakfast herself and tells Cevriye that now it is evident that the couple are fine. Cevriye is still adamant on checking the bed.

Ömer and Zehra leave the house together. It is snowing. Ömer calls and cancels all his meetings. He says they have to be together to clear all suspicions and asks her where could they go. She says we can go to the waterfront. Ömer says in this weather? She says we can stay in the car.

Mehtap goes back to office and asks Betul if she sent the carpenter she had told her to the Kervancioglu house. Betul says the usual company carpenters were sent so there was no need. Betul leaves and Mehtap calls and makes a fake engagement for the Company carpenters. When Betul comes back, they call and cancel. Mehtap tells Betul not to worry she will send the carpenter to them. Betul is happy.

Koray wants to go but Salim says first lets deliver the orders, then you can go. He becomes antsy.

Cevriye and Ayşe go to the bedroom and checking the tightly made bed and pillows, Cevriye convinces Ayşe that the couple are still sleeping apart.

Funda sees Alper and tries to enlist his help to get Koray. She knows Alper likes Yasemin. Alper shirks her off.

At the waterfront Ömer and Zehra walk in the snow. A flower lady comes and says they suit each other so well. They only need flowers. Ömer asks Zehra if she wants flowers. Zehra remembers him saying on phone that he can't deal with flowers and things like that and that everything is done only to convince others. She says no. The flower woman says don't listen to her she is just demurring. She says anyways you do not ask these things. You buy it, it will make her happy. You don't, she won't be. Ömer says whatever you say. Aren't you in love? She asks. Zehra says no. She says I'll give you the flower for free. Ömer pays her. She grabs Zehra's hand and begins telling her fortune. She talks about her lover being hard as a rock and as cold as ice. She talks about evil eyes threatening them. And she talks about lots of children. Ömer and Zehra are silent. Zehra ends the session and they walk off.

Demir's guy does not show up so he goes to Salim himself to pay for the orders. Mehtap sees Demir at the workshop and burns with jealousy that all of Zehra's family are being serviced by the best people at the office. She goes to Salim and gives the Kervancioglu home address and says they need a carpenter. Salim says he'll go the next day. Salim let's Koray go but it is too late for cinema.

Cevriye tells Ayşe to solve the problem they will have to get rid of the red sofa in the couple's bedroom.

Alev meets with Hilmi Yilmaz. He tells Alev that the police file she gave him involved a man named Yener Kaplan who is currently in custody. Koray goes to see Yasemin. His father is waiting for him there. Funda sees Koray talking to Fikrat and realizes Koray is his son.

Zehra and Ömer return late and see that the sofa in their bedroom is gone. Nazan says it was soiled and they had to send it for cleaning. Ömer says he will sleep in the study but on the way out Cevriye catches him and he has to come back. Zehra is miffed. The extra blanket and pillow are also gone. She wants to sleep on the floor. Ömer stops her and begins building a sort of wall with the bedspread and pillow in the middle of the bed. Zehra is appeased and they each sleep on one side. They first face each other. Then they quickly turn and lie back to back pulling the duvet.

S01E90 - 90.Bölüm Air Date: 20 January 2017 14:10 -

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In the morning, Zehra and Ömer are asleep in bed. Zehra throws her arm onto Ömer. Asya comes in and sees them asleep. She leaves crossed. Cevriye sees her and asks why she is upset. She explains that Ömer and Zehra are asleep and so there is no one to play with her. Cevriye asks her how and where she saw them. Asya explains that they were in bed in each other's arms. Cevriye is elated and calls herself the Love Doctor. She also tells Ayşe the good news.

Ömer wakes up and sees Zehra's arm on himself. He wants to move it slowly; she wakes up and jumps out of bed apologizing. Ömer just looks on as she takes permission to use the bathroom as it is his turn today.

Salim leaves the house and Koray comes to see Yasemin with coloured balloons which they release into air. Yasemin is extremely happy. Funda goes to Apler and asks him why Koray lives in such a neighbourhood doing such work when he is from a rich family. Alper finally tells her that it's because Koray does not see eye to eye with his father.

Cevriye prepares breakfast for Ömer and Zehra and sends it to their room. Ömer sets it out on the little table and asks Zehra to sit and eat. She resists at first and finally sits. She says she often feels guilty about the way they are lying to all the people in the family while they all feel their relationship is true and go to such lengths to preserve it. Ömer looks at her meaningfully trying to understand her. She says, anyways it will soon be over; "This big lie!" It is not clear whether Ömer likes to hear this!

Cevriye sits with Ayşe and Müzeyyen bragging about her feat of bringing the newly married couple to make up. Alev comes and learns that Ömer and Zehra have made up. Cevriye again begins asking Alev why she does not marry and settle down. Alev sees Zehra coming and says I have to find someone who would look right beside me, not like something rented. Ayşe realizes what she is hinting at and tells Alev that what is important is that you have love in your heart for the other person. Zehra sits and Nazan comes asking whether Alev wants coffee. She says no. Zehra asks Nazan to take herbal tea to Ömer because he has been working too hard. Alev is miffed. Cevriye commends Zehra's concern about her husband's well-being and gets up and squeezes her in a hard embrace.

Demir wants to take Leyla to dinner after their meeting but again she evades it. Nazan serves the herbal tea for Ömer in his study. She tells him that Zehra has sent it. He asks where Zehra is and she says in her room. Ömer wonders how things went. In the bedroom, Zehra calls Leyla and asks her to go and see her at the house since she can't leave due to the recent developments in the house. Ömer remembers their times at the villa. He calls Zehra to see how things went in the living room. She is says all was good. He then mentions the tea. She says she sent it to relieve more doubts. Ömer is disappointed and says but it really hit the spot with me. She says I am happy; if you want I can send other kinds too. He says it's fine.

Salim gets his tools and starts toward the house. Koray tells Yasemin Salim is not in the workshop. She arrives with food. Yasemin mentions Koray's family. Koray says I have no family. They died in a car accident. Demir comes to the house to see Ömer. Leyla goes to Zehra. Leyla asks about their sleeping arrangement as she sees there is no sofa in the bedroom. Zehra says Ömer sleeps in the study!!! Leyla says you have changed. As if the sad hopeless girl is gone and replaced with smiles and joy. Is Ömer treating you differently? She says he is nice. And then changes it to He is polite. And again changes it to he is not bad anymore. Her feelings toward him are clearly fluctuating!! Demir also notes changes in Ömer. He has left files unfinished. He drinks herbal tea and he cannot concentrate on work. Demir also notes that Ömer does not object to these statements.

Funda goes to see Fikrat. Salim is walking on the street in snow trying to find the address. Alev goes to prison to visit Yener. Demir and Leyla meet when they are leaving and they go together to each fish at a nice place Demir knows. Demir finally tells Leyla that he likes her very much. Ömer is in the bedroom. Zehra comes and says we need to think of something for the sleeping arrangement. Ömer says I know. He leaves. She is about to leave too when he comes back and bangs the door on her head. He is very concerned. He sits her down and kneeling in front of her he checks her forehead. She says it's fine and not to worry. She gets up and leaves. Salim arrives at the Kervancioglu house. He knocks on the door. No one is there and Zehra is passing though the corridor. She goes to open the door.

S01E91 - 91.Bölüm Air Date: 23 January 2017 14:10 -

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Hediye arrives and asks Zehra to let her open the door. Zehra goes off. Hediye opens the door. Salim comes in. She goes to get Ökkeş. Cevriye is happy that the carpenter has come. Ökkeş comes and Salim receives a call. He asks to be excused. He goes outside to take the call. Zehra gets water in the kitchen and goes. In the meantime, Zehra comes and passes the door and Cevriye stops her to ask if there is anything they might want the carpenter do in their room. She says she will ask Ömer and goes. Cevriye takes Salim into her room. Zehra goes to the bedroom. She touches her forehead so comes and he examines her forehead with concern. She says I am going to make tea and offers to get him some too. He accepts. Ömer is all thought. Cevriye tells Salim about the many repairs that need to be made. In the kitchen Zehra makes a special tea. Some tea is left. She tells Hediye to have some. She says she will give some to the visiting carpenter.

Alev visits Yener is prison to get information. Yener thinks it is Ömer sending him someone to make deals with him. He refuses to talk to her and leaves. Alev leaves empty handed but asks Hilmi Yilmaz to get more info about Yener.

Zehra serves the tea. Ömer drinks and asks for more. She says it will be served to the carpenter. She wants to go to the balcony. There is a problem with the door. Ömer opens it for her. She goes out. Ayşe comes to invite them to coffee but she leaves seeing they are already having tea together.

Cevriye has asked them to serve food for the Salim. They set up in the kitchen. Nazan is annoyed and says Cevriye is taking control of everything. She adds that she will never leave and tells Hediye that Cevriye will take over the kitchen as well. Hediye is upset. In the kitchen Cevriye chats with Salim. They serve him Zehra's tea. Salim says it reminds him of his daughter's teas adding that she is working full-time and he does not get to see her that often. Zehra comes to bring the cups she realizes that it is her dad. She runs into the study. Salim notices something when he is passing but continues. Zehra is crying. She finally gets herself to the bedroom and passes out in Ömer's arms. He brings her to and finds out what has happened. He wants to go out and see what's going on. Zehra asks him to stay. He is touched by her trust in him and stays.

Nazan impersonates Cevriye in the kitchen and laughs with Hediye. Hediye tells her to stop but good naturedly. At the office, Leyla tells Demir this time she is going to invite him to a restaurant. They go to an unpretentious place. Leyla realizes Demir is a regular there and is impressed by his down-to-earthness. Funda tells Alper that she knows that Koray is rich. Alper says Koray will leave Yasemin when he is tired of this life and will go back to his rich life. Yasemin Helps Koray in the workshop. Funda tells Alper to follow her lead and she'll show him how to get Yasemin. Alev meets with Hilmi Yilmaz and gets Yener's address. He also tells her that she has to return to work in order to return his favours.

Ayşe wants to take them for coffee in the living room. Ömer makes sure Salim is inside. He tells Zehra if she wants they can tell them she is not well. Ayşe comes and thinks Zehra might be pregnant. Zehra puts her mind at rest on that issue. They begin going. Ayşe goes into her bedroom to get something. Salim comes out to go to the kitchen for some work. Ömer hides Zehra behind him. They go. Zehra and Ömer go into the living. But this time Salim is in the kitchen working on the cabinets. Hediye brings tea. Zehra is so nervous she drops it and burns herself. Ömer takes her into the bedroom. There Ömer gently puts ointment on her hand and assures her that he will not let anything go wrong. She feels reassured. Demir gets a call from the office so he calls Ömer. Ömer tells Zehra he has to go to the study to send some emails. Zehra asks him to return quickly.

Ayşe takes Salim to Ömer and Zehra's room to fix the balcony door. Funda goes to the workshop and tells Koray and Yasemin that she is sorry for what has passed and wants to make it up to them and that the four of them should do things together. Meanwhile Ayşe knocks on Ömer and Zehra's door and Zehra is pressing against the inner door with tears running down her face.

S01E92 - 92.Bölüm Air Date: 24 January 2017 14:10 -

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Zehra cries and runs into the bathroom. Ayşe finally goes in and walks toward the bedroom. She calls for Zehra and she is about to open the bathroom door while Salim begins working on the door when Cevriye suddenly comes and complains that the doors of the chest in her room are coming off and she wants Salim to finish off in her room before. Ayşe asks that he follow Cevriye and they leave.

Leyla arrives at work and Nedim Bey is telling her off for not being available when Demir arrives and saves her. Ömer finishes his work and calls Demir asking him to check his emails. Hediye goes in to the study and Ömer asks if the carpenter is done. She says Ayşe has taken him to their room to fix the balcony door. Ömer is frazzled and says we did not ask for that. He quickly goes to the bedroom. He does not find Zehra there. He goes to the bathroom and brings her out. She comes out and begins telling him how she went through with the marriage because his father was on the verge of death. Ömer is shocked to hear all this. Zehra explains how the doctors had said that without an operation he would die. Ömer remembers the day she went to the office and how he had belittled her while giving her a cheque. She says his father would never have accepted such a thing but she did not care then because all that mattered was that he stay alive. She explains that later she told him that she had gotten this job and an advance on it to pay the hospital bill. So her father had allowed her to stay the nights at "work". Ömer is breathless. He goes and gets his jacket and steps out into the balcony to get air. Zehra explains that up until these affairs started, she had never lied to her father and that is why his father has complete trust in her and has never doubted her. Ömer is heavily moved by the revelations.

Salim finishes off. Hediye tells Ayşe that Ömer does not want any repairs. Ayşe tells Ömer that she will get Salim's number and if they do not want the repairs now, they will call him later because he is an excellent carpenter. Zehra wants Ömer to stop her but there is nothing to do. Ökkeş gives Salim's fees and then drives him back to the workshop.

Mehtap goes to the workshop to see if her plan worked. She sees Salim driven to the workshop and is angry that everything has gone well. Funda convinces Salim to let Yasemin go to cinema with them.

Ömer tells Zehra they better go out since she looks very pale and if the family sees her like that there will be too much attention driven to them. She agrees.

Alev asks about dinner. Müzeyyen says Ömer and Zehra are eating out. Alev and Cevriye bicker.

Demir and Leyla have gone to the harbour and sitting in a car facing the sea. Ömer and Zehra go to the same place a bit further. Leyla sees Zehra and wants to leave. Demir is upset. Ömer gets her some tea and comments on how she has not eaten anything and is pale. He wants to take her for dinner but she refuses. When they go home it is very late and everyone is asleep. Zehra again comments on the need for a sofa. Ömer says he will order it tomorrow. Meanwhile they both say they will not be able to sleep the night. Ömer wants to go to the study; Zehra says no you should sleep because you get cranky when you don't. I won't be sleeping.

In the morning they are both sleeping in the bed, face to face. He wakes up and sees her. He remembers her running into his chest in the hospital. His phone rings and he wants to quiet it but hanging on her as he tries to get it, Zehra wakes up and they are nose to nose. He explains himself and they get up.

Salim tells Yasemin to get back on time and not be late. Yasemin promises.

In his study, Ömer calls the hospital and they tell him that Zehra paid exactly 187 thousand liras for his father's bills on the date in question. He remembers how he had proposed to her and everything begins to fall into place and the change in his outlook reflects in his face. Nihat comes in. Ömer asks who had sent the carpenter. Nihat explains that his assistant had done it because the company carpenters were not available. He says fire whoever sent him. Nihat is shocked but will not pursue the matter.

Ömer goes into the room. Zehra is talking with Yasemin. He says you can go and visit your father if you want. He says you can stay as long as you want. Zehra is very happy and says she will just visit her dad and come quickly back. Zehra goes and sees his father is doing well and it pleases her.

Ökkeş wants to go shopping. Hediye asks for oil. She has put some cleaning detergent in oil bottles to clean them. She has put them on the window sill. She leaves the kitchen. Cevriye comes into the kitchen and tastes the food cooking on the stove and decides to add oil to it. She takes the bottle from the sill and pours it into the food and lets it cook.

Betul is sitting with Mehtap when Nihat goes in and fires Betul. Betul asks why and he says Ömer Bey wants it this way.

In the study Ömer remembers some of the times he had doubted Zehra and pushed her. Zehra arrives and comes into the study to announce her return. He says she looks pale and should get something to eat. She goes in the kitchen and gets some food from the pot together with condiments and bread and takes it to her room to eat. In the kitchen Cevriye tells Hediye she has put oil in the food and when Hediye realizes what has happened she begins yelling that Zehra has already taken from the food. Ömer arrives and when he realizes what has happened he runs to the room. Zehra is eating something. He yells out stop don't eat.

S01E93 - 93.Bölüm Air Date: 25 January 2017 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer stops her. She has not eaten from the stew because it smelled odd. In the kitchen Hediye is beside herself and Cevriye is apologizing. Ökkeş tries to calm his wife. Ömer comes and asks to see Hediye in the study. Ökkeş wants to go instead of her she says no and goes herself. Ömer asks her to be more careful and that it is not just Zehra, all the family could have been in danger. Hediye accepts and leaves. Zehra sees Hediye leaving upset. She tells Ömer that he should not have upset her. He is adamant that she is in charge of the kitchen and needs to be more on guard. Zehra says but nothing happened. Ömer reveals unwantedly how he was scared that something might have happened to Zehra. Zehra wants Ömer to apologize to Hediye!!!

Hediye cries in the kitchen. Cevriye apologizes again and promises never to touch anything in the kitchen ever again. Demir is frustrated for not finding Leyla. He gets a call from Ömer and tells Mehtap to prepare the meeting. Mehtap tries to find out why Betul was fired but Nihat shirks her off. Leyla is visiting Zehra. They talk about Salim coming to the house and mull over the possibility of Mehtap's involvement but reject it. Leyla talks about a good news and Zehra immediately connects it to love. Leyla remembers moments with Demir but pulls herself out and says that she is moving to her aunt's home which is close to Salim's place. So she can meet Zehra's family more often.

Yasemin, Koray, Funda and Alper are out of the cinema. Funda insists on going to Koray's place. They go and Yasemin ends up being late. Salim has called several times. Funda gets Alper to take Yasemin home. Yasemin gets a mouthful from Salim and the famous statement of the film: "Trust is easy to lose and hard to gain!" Meanwhile Alev goes to Yener's Real Estate office and can't get anything out of Betton!! She leaves frustrated.

Zehra remembers moments with Ömer and is becoming aware of her changed feelings toward him. In the study Demir arrives and notices Ömer's concern. He tells Ömer he saw him with Zehra in the waterfront. Ömer remembers the moments with Zehra. Ömer tells Demir about the situation with Salim and that someone at the office must be trying to create problems for them. Ayşe comes in and tells Ömer that Leyla is leaving. He goes to the door to see her off. When Leyla goes, Zehra tells Ömer she is going to check on Hediye. She goes and hears Ökkeş telling her to go apologize to Ömer. She goes in and says there is no need. Such things happen. It is no big deal. Ökkeş leaves. Ömer comes and asks for coffee. Zehra tries to get him to say something. He says he just wants his coffee. Zehra sits Hediye down and prepares the coffee herself.

In the bedroom Ömer asks why she did not send him his coffee. She asks what you told Hediye. He says I told her what needed to be said. She says you probably treated her like you did me before. He says this does not concern you; it is between me and Hediye. That food could have been eaten by anyone in the house. She is annoyed saying there is no changing your mind, is there? She then says you were supposed to order a sofa. He says why didn't you remind me? There is noise and they jump in bed.

Hediye is still upset. She goes to talk to Ömer and hears at the door Ömer saying "As long as she is in the house, she is a big threat to us!" Ömer is talking about Alev to Demir but Hediye thinks he is talking about her. She goes back in tears. Zehra comes and sees her crying in the kitchen. She tells the women in the living room that they should do something about Hediye. Müzeyyen is concerned and tries to talk to her. Cevriye apologizes again but there is no consoling her.

Mehtap is annoyed that his Salim trick did not cause any evident problems. She sets up the meeting in Ömer's office and puts a note in one of the files for Ömer. Ömer and Demir arrive for the meeting. Mehtap tells Demir Leyla has arrived. He tells her to take her to his office. Ömer wonders what he has shared with Leyla. Demir reminds Ömer that the four of them, including Leyla know about everything.

Salim takes Koray out for lunch and Koray realizes Yasemin being late has caused her trouble and that is why she has not brought lunch that day.

Ömer finds the note saying "I know the secret you are holding from everyone." He gets up and leaves. Demir goes to Leyla who has been waiting long at his office and tells her he has done all the work and they should go for coffee. Leyla says she has to go. Demir is frustrated.

Mehtap sends an unaddressed envelope to Ömer and Zehra. Hediye tells Ökkeş she is too old for this job and they need to return to the village. Ömer arrives at home upset about the note. Cevriye says sorry about yesterday. Ömer says it is good that no one was hurt. Alev says but someone could have been hurt. They mention Hediye and how she cannot stop blaming herself. Hediye and Ökkeş come out to talk with everyone and possibly announce their departure. Müzeyyen is concerned. Everyone is paying attention when Nazan comes and says the nameless envelope has been delivered. She is about to give it to Ömer when Alev grabs it. Ökkeş and Hediye leave in the commotion. Zehra tells Ömer weren't you waiting for invitations. Alev says there is no addressee and goes on to open it when Müzeyyen says Alev, it is Ömer's. Ömer takes it. She insists on him opening it there. He pulls out a photo and pushes it back in. Alev keeps asking what it is. Who is it for? Ömer is upset.

S01E94 - 94.Bölüm Air Date: 26 January 2017 14:10 -

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Alev keeps badgering Ömer. Nihat comes and joins the conversation. Ömer finally goes into the study. Alev says I am concerned for Ömer; he does not look himself these days. Nihat says he was also very jittery in the office today. Zehra says it is just that he was working late last night. Cevriye and Müzeyyen agree that too much work is to blame. Müzeyyen observes that they did not get to hear what Hediye had to say. Zehra goes to check on them and realizes that they are thinking of leaving. Zehra tries to convince Hediye to stay and forget it all. She asks her to at least postpone her decision.

Demir takes flowers for Leyla to apologize.

In the study Ömer looks at the photo of Zehra with her parents and sister and wonders who it is at the office who knows Zehra and their story. He is very concerned. Zehra comes in and since she keeps asking, he gives her the envelope. She looks and again Mehtap comes to her mind but does not share it with Ömer in fear that she might be innocent and lose her job. She wants to take the photo but Ömer says it is too risky. Someone might find it. He takes it to put it in the safe.

Alev calls Nazan and tells her to get the envelope or risk losing the extra money she gives her every month. Zehra calls Yasemin and asks about Mehtap's visit but does not get anything definitive.

Leyla is unpacking when she hears a noise. Demir calls at the same time and her voice reveals her concern. She sends him her new address. Demir quickly goes there and realizes she has moved. There is nothing of concern but he stays in his car at her door all night. Leyla comes out in the morning and realizes he is there and is shocked.

Ömer brings the photo to Zehra in the bedroom. The corner is torn. He says he was about to tear it but decided to give it to her to take it out of the house. Zehra promises to take it to Mahaleh the next day. He says I will drop you on my way to the office. They agree.

Nazan searches the study and finds the empty envelope and corner of the photo there. She takes it to Alev and she tells her to go find the actual picture.

In the morning Zehra is looking at the photo when Ömer comes in. She hides it and quickly puts it away. He says you must be very careful. He says let's go. She says let's have breakfast first so you can talk to Hediye as well. Ömer is annoyed and says they have much more pressing matters to worry about. Zehra says Hediye's situation is also very important. Ömer leaves. She says she will go on her own after breakfast.

Hediye is absent minded in the kitchen. Zehra sees her and then goes to Ayşe telling her of Hediye and Ökkeş's intention to leave. Ayşe describes how Hediye has always been there for them and says she would never leave them. She adds how she was there for them when their mother left and says that Hediye loves them all but for Ömer she has a special place in her heart. Zehra realizes that this is why she is so upset and that Ömer is the only person that can keep her from leaving.

Koray calls Salim saying he is sick and can't go to work. Yasemin hears it and quickly goes there to make soup for him. While there, Salim calls her from home and tells her off for not being there. She runs home. Salim is very upset and tells her she can no longer leave the house without informing him. She is upset and calls Zehra in her bedroom. Zehra tries to calm her down and says she will go visit her soon.

Ömer goes to the office and gets Demir to bring him the personnel files so they can investigate the possibility of one of them sending the envelope and the note. As they search Ömer finds Zehra's job application and comes to the second recognition that he was wrong about thinking there was something between her and Nihat. He remembers the way he had snapped at Nihat in the beginning.

Ömer comes and goes to the bedroom. Zehra tells him that Hediye and Ökkeş are leaving. He is shocked and wonders why. He did not say anything other than for her to show more attention. He goes and gets a special handkerchief and goes out to Hediye who is leaving at the door with her case. With tears in his eyes, Ömer tells her that he would go to the other end of the earth to get her back because she is like a mother to him and has tended his physical and spiritual wounds all his life. Zehra is in tears beside him. Hediye returns and Ömer goes to get Ökkeş to come back as well. Ömer goes into the room. Zehra is moved by him. She is about to thank him when Ömer's phone rings. A woman's voice says: "Lay off this business!"

S01E95 - 95.Bölüm Air Date: 27 January 2017 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Zehra says you look worried. Who called? Ömer says the same person who sent the envelope. He asks if anyone comes to her mind. Again she thinks of Mehtap but does not tell him because she can't be certain and thinks Ömer will immediately punish Mehtap by firing her and yet she might be innocent. Ömer then calls Demir. He tells Demir he is also pursuing the matter through Tyfun.

Demir spends the night in his car in front of Leyla's house. In the morning Ömer is up early and leaving. Zehra says she wants to go to Mahaleh. Ömer reminds her to take the photo. He says he would take her but he is in a rush. Zehra plans to go see Mehtap.

In the kitchen everything is back to normal with Hediye and Cevriye and Ökkeş having fun and working and eating. In the office Ömer tells Demir that he feels the whole thing is orchestrated by Yener. He decides to put a cap on it by offering him a deal. He asks Demir to call the lawyer. He tells Mehtap and she becomes curious to see what's going on.

Funda goes to see Yasemin and again is trying to plan something to take her out and push her together with Alper. Zehra calls Yasemin saying she is coming for a visit. Alev wants to take Zehra. She says I can go on my own. Meanwhile Leyla goes to the office and tells Demir that he is going too fast for her and that they have only recently met and he needs to slow down. Funda goes to Salim and asks for permission to take Yasemin out with her in the evening. Salim is put on the spot and agrees. Yasemin calls later and Salim snaps at her saying that she should not send her friend to get permission for her.

Ömer tells the lawyer that they can prepare a proposal that they would forego proceedings against Yener if he agrees never to see Zehra again and never to talk about the events that had passed. Ömer wants to make sure no news of this leaks outside. Zehra goes to Mahaleh and tries the real estate office but sees only Betton is there. She goes home. Yasemin tells her that she has been late a couple of times and his father is now very angry with her. Zehra promises to talk to him. Zehra remembers moments of closeness with Ömer and smiles. She then takes out the photo and they go to see the old photos in Yasemin's room. Looking in her drawer, they find a bundle of money left by Sevim for Yasemin with a note telling her not to look for her. Zehra wonders where she got the money from. She thinks it is probably from Yener and he probably knows where her mother is so she decides to go pay him a visit.

Ömer calls Nihat and tells him he wants to be apprised of all hires. Nihat is upset and feels Ömer has no confidence in him. Ömer remembers the early episodes with Nihat where he had thought he was having an affair with Zehra rather than interviewing her for a job in the office. He also remembers how he had belittled Zehra and been slapped by her. Feeling bad about what he had done, he calls her and says he just wanted to see how she was. Zehra has just left the house and wonders what is going on. She decides not to bother Leyla and go see Yener alone. Ömer chides himself for making the call with no reason. Tyfun comes and tells Ömer that Alev has met with Yener. Ömer calls to set up a meeting with Yener. Tyfun feels Ömer is keeping something from him; Ömer assures him that there is nothing.

Funda, Yasemin and Alper go out in Alper's car. Koray does not join them. Zehra goes to the workshop, says hi to her dad and asks him to be more tolerant with Yasemin. She then goes off to jail to visit Yener. As she is leaving, Mehtap sees her but stays back. Demir visits Leyla with flowers and apologizes and tries to start afresh. As Zehra gets off from the taxi and walks toward the prison door, Ömer turns the corner and sees her going into the building.

S01E96 - 96.Bölüm Air Date: 30 January 2017 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer remembers Yener in the villa grabbing Zehra and saying she is going with her and then shooting at him. Zehra goes in and sits with Yener. Yener again insists that it is Ömer that made her mother go and he must have given her the money. He shouts that she is his and grabs her. The police separate them and she leaves. Outside Ömer wonders why he can't just run up and question her. What is she doing there? He backs up and lets the taxi go and follows the taxi with her inside. Zehra does not want to believe Yener but it makes sense to her and some of Ömer's statements that she remembers. She calls Leyla and decides to go to her dad and ask him about it. Inside his car, Ömer remembers seeing Yener putting a ring on Zehra's hand. He remembers Zehra giving Yener the ten thousand liras. He says to himself "what did you expect?" He wonders why she went to meet him after all that has happened. She remembers her genuine words about signing the contract to save her father's life. Still chasing after her, he thinks maybe there is something else. Maybe it is about her mother.

Yasemin has enjoyed the restaurant they went to with Alper and Funda. Funda lets Alper take her home making an excuse for herself. Koray is picked up by his father's goons. Alev is in a robe at home. Nothing to do. Tyfun keeps calling her. She does not respond. He finally comes to see her. They walk and talk in the yard and then she excuses herself.

Zehra talks with Leyla. They agree to meet at the house. Ömer goes to the office and signs the papers with the lawyer. The lawyer immediately calls Yener's counsel to set up a meeting. Mehtap keeps trying to get info by bringing in coffee and eavesdropping.

Zehra goes to her dad and tells him about the money. He says Sevim had property assets from her uncle. The money had to be from that. Zehra wonders why she did not use it when they were so much in need of it for his hospital bills. Salim says Sevim was like that. Zehra leaves the money with Salim. Ayşe has not been able to talk to Ömer and calls Zehra all worried. Zehra says she will find him and let her know. She goes to the office to see him. He is not there. He won't answer his phone either. Demir says he probably wanted to be alone. This gives Zehra an idea.

Leyla goes to the house and Zehra is not there. Tyfun meets Leyla there. Ayşe and Cevriye think they are a good match. Since Ömer and Zehra don't come, they decide to leave. Tyfun ends up taking Leyla home.

Ömer is at the waterfront, remembering Zehra's arm on his, in bed. He remembers her taking care of him at the villa. "What does she have to do with that man?" He is annoyed. Zehra arrives at the waterfront. He wonders how come she is there. She says he had said he would go there when he was upset. He acts distant. She tries to take him home and says Ayşe is worried for him. They finally go home together.

They arrive home. Ayşe is happy to see him and hugs him and gets him to include Zehra in the hug. She then notes a tension and wonders if they have fought because of her. She does not pursue it though and smiles saying it was a sweet fight, I think!!

At the office Demir tries sending poetry to Leyla and again goes too far. In the bedroom Ömer sits with his coat. He is sulking. Zehra says is there any clue about the person bothering them. He says not. Then he says is there anything you want to tell me, hoping she would tell him something. She says no. He pauses but then leaves. Zehra calls Leyla and says the money was her mom's and Ömer has nothing to do with it. In the study, Ömer is upset wondering why she did not tell him about meeting Yener. Then he thinks perhaps she actually loves him. It saddens him. At night, they have the twin beds that can be pushed together to look like a double. Zehra says she is happy about it and now she can sleep well. He says I did it for myself. He is cold and sarcastic but sweet.

Yasemin tries to get information from her dad about Koray but he says Koray is not coming for a couple of days. Yasemin wonders what's going on with Koray. The lawyer goes to Yener with the proposal. Yener thinks it is Zehra's way of showing him that she cares. He agrees. He tells the lawyer he needs to make a call. In the morning Ömer gets up. Zehra's phone is ringing. She is not there. Ömer gets out of bed and picks up the phone and answers it. Yener's voice comes out saying "Hello! Zehra!" Ömer's face changes.

S01E97 - 97.Bölüm Air Date: 31 January 2017 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Yener talks sweetly thinking it's Zehra. He says I have been waiting for the day when my Zehra believes in me. When I come out…Ömer realizes he thinks Zehra has prepared the proposal. He introduces himself and says he has prepared the proposal for him and clearly he has signed it. Yener tells him he has signed the proposal and Ömer has signed his death certificate. Yener says Zehra loves him and he loves her. This upsets Ömer and he hangs up throwing the phone in the unmade bed. Yener is mad.

Zehra comes out of the bathroom. Ömer is mad and frustrated for not being able to discuss what's going on. He goes out; comes back in, Zehra asks are you ok? He boils. She says I have to go out. He says do whatever you wanna do but don't make trouble for me. She is mad and answers back.

Koray is at the park. His father wants him to return to his life. Koray says leave me alone. Yasemin calls. Koray does not answer. Fikrat deduces Koray's attachment to the neighbourhood is because of Yasemin. At home Yasemin is upset that Koray is not answering her calls. Yasemin asks Salim implicitly if Koray is gone. Salim says no he will be back. Mehtap is worried that her brother would ruin the proposal and goes to see him with Betton.

In the living room, Ayşe talks about the hairdresser coming to fix their hairs as there is the annual party for the Kervancioglu staff and they are all going. Ömer listens. Zehra is surprised. She had not heard about the party. Nihat comes and is a bit curt with Ayşe about dressing up. Cevriye is excited and upset that she has not brought anything appropriate. Ayşe assures her that they will find something for her. Alev tries to make fun of her. Ömer asks to talk with Nihat in his study. In the study he asks Nihat not to mistreat Ayşe if he has a beef with Ömer. Nihat says there is no such thing. Finally Nihat reveals that he is upset about his aunt staying so long and being a bother to the family. Ömer says no one looks at your Aunt as a guest. Nihat thanks him. Ömer gives him a big file to work on which makes Nihat very happy. He also thanks Ömer for speaking so openly with him and leaves. Ömer connects the comment on talking openly to what Zehra had asked him to do.

Alev says she will not attend the party because she is not working at the office. Zehra says you are hosts you do not need invitations. Again Alev begins telling Zehra she should be worried about how she is going to handle herself tonight. Zehra says I will not try hard. I will be my simple self. Ömer comes and takes her away. In the bedroom Zehra is worried about Mehtap being there at the party and tells Ömer do I have to come. Ömer says you do. Ömer tells her I did not need anything from you, I just wanted to save you from Alev. She says I don't need your help to handle her. Ayşe comes and takes Zehra to the hairdresser. A message comes for Zehra. Ömer picks up her phone and wonders if it is from him. She comes back for the phone and Ömer wonders if she is waiting for a message from him.

Koray returns home and sees that the house has been rented out to someone. He calls Alper and he says sorry but the house is gone. He also says I have my cousins at home so I can't have you there either. Fikrat gives Alper money for helping him put pressure on Koray. Yasemin wants to go to Koray's place to check. Funda dissuades her and tells Alper to go look for him with his car. The two of them return home. In the house Yasemin is too upset. Funda says let's go out in Alper's car and look for Koray.

Zehra puts on the black dress and Ömer comes and says it is too much. Ömer leaves.

Demir and Leyla meet outside and have simit. Leyla says she likes being outside. Hilmi Yilmaz tells Alev either she returns to the Holding or their partnership is ended.

Ömer goes to the bedroom and Zehra still has the black dress on. Ömer says this does not work. You are Zehra Kervancioglu so you have to pay attention to how you look and act. She says I pity the real Mrs. Kervancioglu who has to constantly watch her behaviour. Zehra puts on the red lace dress. She cannot zip it up. Ömer comes in. She thinks he is Hediye. Ömer walks on. Hediye comes and says I had come to help Zehra but since you are here I will go. She leaves. Zehra says I had called her. Ömer thinks do I have to zip her up then? Zehra says call Hediye to help me. He says what should I say, Hediye Abla I cannot zip up my wife's dress come and do it for me? Ömer moves her hair and zips her up. She immediately leaves. Ömer lingers. Ayşe likes the red dress. Ömer comes. Ayşe asks him if he likes it. He says I don't know. Ayşe tells him he has to make up his mind because this cannot go on all night. He leaves. Zehra thanks Ayşe.

Funda tells Alper and Yasemin she has to go. Koray sees Yasemin getting in the car with Alper and is disappointed. Mehtap meets with Yener and tries to get Zehra out of his mind. But there is no reasoning with him. He says save lots of money. I am getting married with Zehra when I come out. Mehtap pities him and promises herself to avenge him.

Cevriye chats with the hairdresser. Zehra comes. Ömer comes as well. He says the dress is fine. Cevriye suggests that Zehra cut her hair a bit. Ömer says "no!" Zehra is surprised and says of course I can cut it a bit. Ömer is angry with himself for blurting out his feelings.

Alev says she is not coming and tells Müzeyyen that she has no stomach for the media asking questions over there. Ayşe says all eyes will be on Zehra. Zehra is upset. She goes to the study to talk to Ömer. Alev comes and says she wants to talk to Ömer and asks Zehra to give them a minute. Zehra goes. Alev tells Ömer she wants to return to work. Ömer says he will think it over. He also leaves the room.

Koray goes to the workshop and apologizes for missing work. He says he will make up for it. Salim says I was worried. Koray says it would never happen again. He gets to work and making tea. Yasemin returns home with Alper. Koray calls her. She does not answer because she is angry with him. Alper is happy with this development. Demir asks Leyla to go with him to the office party. She says it would not be appropriate.

Zehra goes to talk to Ömer in the study. He is not there. Tyfun comes. He says the stabbed man has testified and says there was a woman. Ömer was the only witness. The woman has disappeared. Zehra wonders what this story is about and if the woman could be her mom.

S01E98 - 98.Bölüm Air Date: 01 February 2017 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer arrives. He is dressed in his tuxedo. He sits to talk to Tyfun and asks Zehra to finish getting ready so they are not late. Tyfun tells him that the stabbed guy has not revealed anything but the missing woman is probably where the case can be solved but there is no sign of her. He asks if Ömer knows anything about her; he says no.

In the room Zehra thinks about what Tyfun said but quickly turns to her more immediate concern which is the presence of media at the party. Ömer comes in and she says I can't go because I am sick. Ömer is surprised and wonders what's going on. He is about to leave but returns and says I am going to sit here (on the bed) until you tell me what's going on. She says you'll be late. He says I won't go until you tell me. Zehra tells him she is concerned about the media and her family seeing a photo of her somewhere. He says he has thought about it and they will not be going in through the main door and inside there will be no media representatives. She says still there is a chance of someone taking their photo. He calls Demir and tells him they are not going and he should handle the event. Zehra tries to convince him to go on his own but he refuses. Her phone rings and she does not answer. He asks if she does not answer because he is there. She says it has nothing to do with him. She then hints at how he has hidden things from him regarding what Tyfun was here for. He says is this why we did not go to the party? You were upset about your mother and I just did not want to upset any further at the time. She softens and tells him she has already told him the reason or not wanting to go. He is about to leave when he turns around and says by the way it is you who are a master at hiding things! Zehra wonders what he is referring to. She wants to go after him but lets go thinking it's no use arguing with him.

Alev gets ready to go thinking she needs to convince Ömer at the party to take her back in the Company.

Ömer and Zehra are alone at home as everyone has gone to the party. The house is dark and Zehra wants to go to the kitchen to eat because she is hungry. She is afraid of the big dark house and did not realize that everyone even Hediye will be going to the party. Ömer comes out of the study and startles her. She says if he is hungry. He says no. He remembers how she was afraid of the dark in the past on the boat and at the villa. She does not like to let on that she is afraid so he has fun with her. He watches her with a smile. She finally gets to the kitchen and makes a sandwich for herself. Ömer comes and watches her. She is startled again. He gets a glass of water. She eats and says she could not have slept had she not eaten something. Ömer takes the second half of the Sandwich. She says you were not hungry; what happened. He says I stood guard for you so I got hungry. She objects to him insinuating that she is scared. She eats and talks and Ömer enjoys watching her. She makes more sandwiches. She eats and says sometimes she gets hungry at night but does not get up here because she does not want to bother others. Ömer says she should get food whenever she wants.

Koray is upset and wonders why Alper is going out with Yasemin knowing Koray's feelings toward her.

In the bedroom Zehra is concerned about what they will tell others about her not going. She is surprised that Ömer is not angry with her for missing the party. The phone rings. Demir tells him that Alev wants to return to work and he thinks it's a good idea. Ömer says I know but let's think about it first. Zehra is getting in bed; she says I think it is good for her to return to work. She has always worked and she can't sit at home. After all she is also part of Ömer's family so he should be considerate. Ömer is surprised that she is so concerned for Alev. They sleep. In the morning, Leyla calls. Zehra is surprised. Leyla says she is on her way as Ayşe has invited her for breakfast. She gets up and is worried about facing others having missed the party. Ömer says we will say your pressure dropped. Zehra says they'll think I was too excited. He says it would make it more believable. She is not happy with it but agrees. Leyla arrives at the house. Demir calls to go to breakfast with her. She says she has work and if they can do it another time. At the door she meets up with Tyfun who is also invited for breakfast. Ayşe feels fate is bringing them together.

Salim goes to the workshop and realizes Koray has slept there all night. Koray says he is looking for a place. Salim is concerned for him.

At the table Cevriye talks about how everything was so well done at the party. Ayşe and Nihat gave speeches because Ömer was not there. Ömer says Zehra was not well. Alev says what they expected; Zehra did not invite them to her wedding either. Cevriye says it has nothing to do with Zehra. Ömer is jealous of her beautiful wife and does not want to share her with others. Be jealous; you have every right to be, Cevriye encourages him. Ömer is uncomfortable. Demir comes and sees Leyla there. Ömer says you had said you have another appointment and were not coming. Demir responds that his date was canceled looking meaningfully at Leyla. Demir sits for breakfast. He notices Tyfun acting somewhat intimate to Leyla and does not like it. Ömer then announces to everybody that Alev is returning to work at the Company and that she will be working with Nihat. Alev thanks Ömer. Ömer says thank Zehra, she suggested it. Alev is miffed both about Zehra and Nihat.

In the living room Demir, Ömer and Tyfun talk. Tyfun leaves. Ömer and Demir join Leyla and Zehra. Zehra's phone rings and she gets up to go to the side. Ömer thinks it might be Yener and overreacts. He follows her and they grapple with the phone. Ömer says you should not bring it in the living room. Leyla and Demir try to calm them down. Zehra leaves and Ömer goes into his study. Leyla asks Demir what's going on. Demir says Ömer thinks Zehra is meeting with Yener. Leyla goes into the study. Zehra is not there. She asks to talk with Ömer. She tells him that Zehra does not care for Yener and has tried to keep her own family and his family safe from him. She then lets him listen to the recording of Yener threatening Zehra and telling her that she has to be his and Zehra challenging it. Ömer listens to it thoughtfully and asks why she did not give it to him earlier. Leyla says she felt you would not believe and think it was another game. She also tells him that Zehra met Yener to get info about her mom. Leyla leaves.

Ömer wants to go out but hears Zehra talking to Leyla in the corridor all fed up with the pretenses saying it is all like a nightmare.

Mehtap tells Betton that Zehra did not come and neither did Ömer. She is perplexed by the whole affair and wonders what's going on. They call her from the office and say they heard Zehra was not well and that is why they did not come. Leyla and Demir are about to leave together when Ömer asks Demir to go to his study about some business so Leyla ends up going home with Tyfun. Demir is very upset but holds back and goes with Ömer. Ömer tells Demir that he really needs to tell Zehra about her mom but still does not know how.

Leyla gets a file from home and then Tyfun takes her to the office. Salim takes Koray home for dinner. Yasemin acts cold. In the bedroom Ömer asks Zehra why she did not let him hear the recording earlier. She says he would not believe her. He says she has shown that she does not know him. He says I know that every time we hide something form each other something bad happens to us. I don't want that to happen. He then assures her that she won't have to face him again. He says Yener was behind the photo and all the pranks. . In the morning Ömer wakes up and looks at her in bed. She gets up too. Ömer says good morning without moving. She responds. She gets up and goes to the bathroom. Ömer gets a call and while he is answering, Zehra hears him say where can the woman be. Zehra's ears perk up but she does not mention it. He leaves. Hediye comes in and brings a paper that was found in Ömer's clothes before laundry. Zehra looks at it. It is a large withdrawal made on the day her mother disappeared. She again begins to wonder if Ömer sent her mother away.

S01E99 - 99.Bölüm Air Date: 02 February 2017 14:10 -

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Zehra calls Leyla. Leyla tells her that Ömer heads a huge company. He could be making large withdrawals like that for a number of reasons. Zehra says yes you are right. He would not do that. She lays off of it. Leyla feels Demir was very upset yesterday and decides to go and talk to him.

In the study Ömer takes out the papers from the safe and thinks about what happened with Zehra's mom and how he is going to tell her. Ayşe comes. He quickly puts the papers under a magazine. She calls him to eat and also tells him how close she feels to Zehra. Ayşe goes and he puts everything away.

Yasemin gives borek to Salim to take to the workshop for breakfast. At Ömer's house, Zehra is not eating and Ömer asks if anything is wrong. She says she has no appetite and wants to leave. Ömer says no stay, you have to eat something. She sits back down. He puts some food for her and Ayşe notes that he has paid attention to the foods Zehra likes. Alev says but she did not eat. Zehra begins to eat. Ömer says see Alev, your statements came to some good. In the study, Nihat tells Ömer he is not sure how working with Alev is going to work out because she is not the type for team work. He says she will have to act like a professional. Ömer also tells Nihat, he will take Zehra and Ayşe shopping and he can go to the office. In the bedroom Zehra shows Ömer the document and says it is the day my mother left. He says really. It is just a company payment stub. He then gives her a credit card and says she should keep it for shopping purposes. Zehra does not want it. He puts it in her hand and says you must always carry it in your purse. She says Zehra Kaya would never accept this but as Zehra Kervancioglu I am forced to do so.

In her bedroom Ayşe totters and is not feeling well but she gathers herself together and goes. Zehra gets ready. Hediye brings a bunch of flowers for her. She and Ömer wonder who it may be from. It is actually from the staff at the office wishing Zehra well because she had been sick for the party. Ayşe comes and makes a big deal that Ömer is taking them noting that the workaholic businessman now can't leave his wife for a moment. Ömer smiles and they go.

Yasemin takes food for her dad and Koray. She does not let Koray talk to her and leaves. She gives money to Yasemin to make food for dinner as Koray will be there too. Koray texts her that he wants to talk to her.

Ömer drives them to the mall. They argue over who is stubborn. He does not push it. He says I'll pick you up when you're done. They says don't bother; we'll get back on our own.

In the office Demir snaps at Mehtap for not putting his agenda on his desk. Leyla arrives and Mehtap says Demir is not waiting for you because I just gave him his agenda. She asks about Zehra. Leyla gets out of it and goes to Demir. Demir is happy to see her with coffee. Leyla tells him that for the sake of Zehra she does not want to cause any extra trouble.

Yasemin tells Funda Koray is staying at the workshop because he has no place to stay. She tries to set up a date with Alper again and tells her not to fall for Koray anymore as she likes to disappear and appear and is not dependable. She calls Fikrat and lets him know that his idea about taking away the house is not really working because Koray is now sleeping at the workshop. Fikrat says just do what I have told you. She calls Alper and tells him that Yasemin is waiting for him to go pick her up. He goes happily.

Demir says we will keep our relationship under wraps. I will wait for you. He then calls Nedim Bey and tells him Leyla needs to be there for work. He asks her to wait and goes to Ömer and gets somethings signed. Ömer tells Demir that Zehra found the stub. Demir tells him to let Zehra know about everything before it is too late. Ömer says yes if she finds out any other way she will go and remembers the time she almost left. Ömer wants to tell her everything.

Alev and Nihat bicker. Demir goes back to Leyla with two cinema tickets. Leyla agrees. Ayşe totters when they are leaving the mall and Zehra wants to quickly call Ömer. Ayşe asks her not to worry Ömer. Zehra texts Ömer that they are done and he could go and get them. Alev comes and tells Ömer I don't want to work with Nihat. He says then you will have to wait for another project, this will go to Nihat. She gives in. She bosses Mehtap around.

Ömer brings the women home. Zehra wants to tell Ömer that Ayşe was not well. Ayşe comes and she stops. Ömer brings the shopping. Ömer says I will go to the study and asks Zehra to go there. Ayşe gives him something says don't thank me, thank Zehra. Ömer takes the package in the study and open it. It is a tie. He appears to be touched. Zehra talks with Ayşe who has Asya sleeping on her side. Zehra asks her to rest and goes to Ömer.

Ömer takes out the papers from the safe and begins looking at them. Zehra comes. She puts it inside the magazine. She says I'll take the tie to the room. He says I want to try it, leave it. She says it is not a real present and just a formality. She bends to take it and sees the paper. Ömer tells her I want to talk to you about something important. She takes out the agreement and asks what is this doing here? Didn't my mother have it? You sent my mother away!

S01E100 - 100.Bölüm Air Date: 03 February 2017 14:10 -

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Ömer wants to explain but Zehra will not listen. She says you are heartless. You know how I have been suffering and my family has been torn apart. You have done this and this means everything is over. She tears the agreement and storms out of the study. Ömer follows her to the bedroom. She starts throwing things and breaking things. Ömer tries to make her listen to no avail. She gets her bag and coat and walks out. Ömer is following her trying to talk saying it is not what you think.

She walks out and gets a cab warning him not to follow her. She gets in the cab. Ömer follows her with his car and honks for the taxi to stop. She tells the cab to continue. She calls him and tells him that everything is over. Ömer slows down. She goes.

Yasemin goes home and is preparing dinner. Koray has just left the workshop to get some things. He texts her to see where she is. She tells him at home. The doorbell rings; she thinks it's him. Alper is at the door. He says are you ready? She says for what. He says let's go study outside. She says she can't go. Then she goes in and decides she should not wait for Koray. Outside Funda is upset that Yasemin is not coming but the door opens and she comes out. Koray sees her get in the car with Alper and is upset.

Cevriye calls Nihat and tells him to get flowers for Ayşe and also asks what he would like for dinner in celebration of his promotion at work. She prepares a special dinner for Alev as well and her return to work and Müzeyyen is very happy about this gesture.

Zehra arrives home and is angry. She feels she got into the game to save her father and instead lost her mother for it. She feels she has done her family wrong. She says I want nothing from you, talking in her head to Ömer and goes and changes into her own clothes. Someone knocks on the door. She opens it and it is Ömer. Ömer notes her different outfit and remembers Zehra in the first days. She wants to close the door on him. He forces his way in and she continues swearing at him. He says I did not send your mother away. She asked me for money in exchange for the contract and I gave it to her. Zehra is mad. Again money! She refuses to listen. He says he'll go but they have a contract and she has signed it and has to stand by it. He leaves. Soon there is a knock on the door again. Zehra opens it angrily. Salim is surprised. What's up? She says children are ringing the door bell and running off. He goes in. Zehra tells him she has taken a few days off. He asks her to get him a pillow and blanket. She gives it to him and tells him Yasemin has gone out with friends to study.

Salim takes the sleeping gear for Koray and says Yasemin has gone out to study. Koray feels better. Zehra calls Leyla and tells her she is at home. Leyla tells her she will go to her. She is about to get a taxi when Tyfun arrives in his car and asks to take her to lunch and if not at least give her a lift. Demir calls before she gets in. She says she is going to see a friend. Demir says is it Zehra? She says yes.

Ömer goes to the office. He tells Demir about everything and Demir asks him to calm down and give her some time. He says Ayşe has no time. I have to force her to come back through the lawyers. He calls the lawyer and asks him to look for enforceable provisions in the agreement. Demir asks him are you angry that she has left or that she does not believe you?

Koray calls Yasemin. She is about to answer it but Funda grabs her phone and declines the call. Yasemin is angry and leaves them. Zehra calls her and she tells her she has no money to get back. Zehra tells her to wait; she will go and get her. Leyla arrives at Zehra's door. Demir sees her getting off of Tyfun's car and leaves upset. Leyla knocks on Zehra's door but no one's there. She calls her and Zehra says she had to get Yasemin and that she is not returning to Ömer's house. Leyla tells her that she will go home and wait for her.

Ömer is in his car remembering the doctor's words about Ayşe having only six months to live and the importance of calmness and joy in her life for any chance at prolonging that time. Ömer talks to Zehra in his head. Why don't you understand? Ayşe is sick and happiness is her only medicine; you are her only medicine.

Zehra walks into a café. Yasemin is there. She feels the smell of gas. She pays for the bill and leaves her bag there at the counter with Yasemin and goes to the washroom. There is an explosion at the café.

S01E101 - 101.Bölüm Air Date: 06 February 2017 14:10 -

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Ömer arrives at Zehra's door. He is about to get off, he sees a couple of neighbours and stays in the car remembering Zehra trying to avoid them. He turns on the radio and hears the name Zehra Kervancioglu among the dead in an explosion in a café. He is distraught. He runs out and knocks on the door. No answer. He runs into the car and drives off calling her. No answer. Leyla is trying to get in touch with her. No answer. She calls everyone and finally calls Demir. Demir is at her door upset about seeing her with Tyfun. When he realizes she has called about Zehra he gets upset and hangs up saying he has no news thinking she is making up stories. But then he reconsiders because Ömer does not answer either. Ömer drives to a hospital. He remembers telling Zehra that he would be back and feels responsible for what has happened. He is distraught. Tyfun comes and searches the hospital. She is not there. They go to another hospital. Demir arrives there and tells Ömer to hang in there. Ömer cannot answer Ayşe's calls and keeps denying them. He sends Demir home to see what's going on.

Ökkeş also hears on the radio and is in shock but he avoids telling anyone. At home Müzeyyen calls Alev to ask if Ömer has left. She checks and says he is not there. Alev asks Mehtap about him. Mehtap says he left early to meet his wife, Zehra Hanim. Alev is miffed. She goes home and realizes there is a celebration for her and Nihat. Ayşe is worried Ömer and Zehra are not answering their phone. Nihat says they probably wanted to get away. Demir comes and says they are together. Upon leaving Ökkeş asks him about Zehra and he says nothing is certain. Ökkeş cries. Ömer receives a call from the morgue asking him to go identify the body. Demir is told as well. When leaving, he sees Leyla. He takes her out of the house premises and outside tells her what has happened. Leyla begins falling apart but Demir holds her and consoles her.

Koray wants to go out. Salim tells him to finish his job first. He says every time you go out these days you come back upset. Later he tells him to pack it in and they set out for home to have dinner. When they arrive no one answers the door. Salim is surprised. Inside he gets a call. He says I am her father. He totters. Then he gets his coat and runs out. Koray cannot catch up with him. He calls Alper and goes to him and is about to beat him asking where Yasemin is and whether his father has done something to her.

Ömer goes into the morgue. He is wobbly. He goes in all shaky and comes out. He tells Tyfun she is not there. She must be alive. Behind him Zehra comes out of a door and then comes back to it with meds. Inside she is with Yasemin. Yasemin has minor injuries. She is concerned that her father will be angry with her. Zehra calms her and tells her she will be with her all the time from now on. She remembers telling Ömer everything is over. Yasemin is taken for tests. Salim arrives and is shocked when he does not see Yasemin in the bed. Zehra tells him everything is fine. Salim asks what they were doing at the café. Zehra says they were just meeting there by accident. They bring Yasemin back. Zehra goes out to take care of the paperwork. In the corridors, as in the first episode, Ömer and Zehra bump into each other. Ömer sees her and then grabs her in his arms and squeezes her hard with tears in his eyes not letting go.

S01E102 - 102.Bölüm Air Date: 07 February 2017 14:10 -

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Zehra tells him to let her go. He says you're ok, right? He caresses her face. She slaps away his hands and says it has nothing to do with you. She leaves. He follows her; his face full of relief. She says don't follows me. He stops and says she is alive. She is angry at him for being so forward and holding her. Ömer goes to the register and tries to find their room. He sees her with Salim taking Yasemin home. He stands back. Zehra and Ömer keep looking at each other as they leave.

In the street, Koray shouts at Alper and tells him to stay away from Yasemin. Salim and Zehra are taking Yasemin home and Salim calls Koray. Salim tells him Yasemin was in an accident but she will be well. Yasemin hears his concern and smiles. Koray is beside himself. Funda sees Alper. He tells her that Koray has gone crazy because Yasemin was missing and is upset they left her alone in that spot. Funda tells him to just concentrate on getting Yasemin. At home Funda goes to see Yasemin, Zehra says she is sleeping. Salim feels he has been too hard on Yasemin lately.

Ömer goes to the waterfront and remembers finding her alive. The flower woman comes and seeing him alone says have you had a fight with her. She gives him a bunch of roses and says take these to her and it will fix everything. He first leaves it but then decides to take it to her. He takes it and goes to Zehra's door. Koray has just left asking about Salim and Yasemin. Zehra is about to go in and she sees Ömer. Ömer bends to get the flowers from the back. When he straightens, she goes in and closes the door. He stands there crestfallen.

Leyla is distraught. Demir tries to calm her. Tyfun rings her doorbell and tells her Zehra is fine. She hugs him and thanks him for delivering the news. He has to go. Leyla comes back and shares the happy news with Demir. Demir is upset about Tyfun but holds it back.

Ömer stands with the flowers in his hands. Demir calls him and congratulates him on the happy news and asks if they are going home. He says I will call you later. Leyla wants to go see Zehra. Demir tells her to postpone it until tomorrow. Ömer takes the flowers and gets in the car and drives away. Zehra opens the door and looks on and shuts the door again.

At home Cevriye says if Zehra was here she would have something for my indigestion. Ayşe, Müzeyyen and Hediye also talk about how Zehra has a healing hand and they miss her. The conversation annoys Alev and she is about to blurt out something but she stops herself and says she is going to sleep. Cevriye questions why Alev never smiles. Müzeyyen says it is probably because of work. Cevriye says I think there is more to it than that. Müzeyyen is concerned.

Ömer goes to the bedroom with his pyjamas in hand. He is missing her. He touches her perfume and brush. He separates the beds and then tells himself why he is doing that. Ökkeş comes. Ömer is surprised. He realizes Ökkeş thinks Zehra is dead. He assures him that she is fine and is staying with Leyla. Ökkeş talks about the importance of love and one's life partner. Ömer becomes thoughtful. Ökkeş leaves and Ömer sits on the bed thinking. Zehra also brings her sheets and blanket to the living room to make a bed for herself on the sofa and remembers Ömer hugging her in the hospital. She is moved by it but snaps at him in her head. Zehra remembers moments of closeness with him.

In the morning Cevriye tells Ayşe Ömer left so quickly without saying hi. Ayşe decides to go see him at the office. Zehra is fixing Yasmine's bed and sees Ömer outside. He says I won't go until you come out. She goes out with a blanket on her shoulders. He asks her to go in the car so they can talk. He says other than the agreement we are actually married as well. She says I will not come to that house anymore. She says my father will arrive any moment. You sent my mother away, now are you gonna destroy my relationship with my dad too. He says ok I will go but just for now.

Mehtap tells Betton they need lots of money to get their revenge on Ömer and Zehra so they must earn as much as possible.

Tyfun calls Ömer and tells him he has Zehra's ID card. Ömer goes to the office and Tyfun takes the card to him. Zehra goes to a lawyer and begins divorce proceedings but she needs her ID. Ömer calls and says I have your ID. She is angry and says how come you have it. He says they found it at the accident location. Why did they bring it for you? Ömer says because you are my wife. She says where are you I am coming to get it.

Demir enters the office and Ömer tells him how happy he was to find her alive in the hospital but tries to play it down as concern for Ayşe. Demir says we sometimes only realize our loved one's value when we lose them. Ayşe comes in and starts asking if there is any problem between him and Zehra. He says Zehra is staying with Leyla because she is sick. Ayşe goes to meet Nihat. Zehra arrives at Ömer's office. She demands to have her ID. He says let's go to the house and I'll give it to you. Zehra is shouting that everything is over and Ömer is looking around concerned that Ayşe might hear.

Koray cannot reach Yasemin on the phone. Salim comes. He has bought Yasemin a new phone to replace the one lost at the accident. He gives it to Koray to set it up. He sends a call to himself to get her phone number.

Ayşe comes into Ömer's office and asks about Leyla. Zehra is confused but goes along again. Ayşe says how they all missed her yesterday. Ayşe then says they are going for coffee with Nihat and they should go together and then go home as well. Ömer says sure we can. As they are about to leave Ömer's phone rings and the lawyer tells him that Zehra wants to file for a divorce. Ömer's eyes reflect pain.

S01E103 - 103.Bölüm Air Date: 08 February 2017 14:10 -

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The lawyer says Zehra wants nothing from you, just a divorce. Ömer says I understand and hangs up. Ömer asks that Ayşe go and they would join them. Left alone, Zehra again asks for the ID. He says first we go home together.

Demir gets his order of red roses and takes out the diamond ring he has bought for Leyla and wonders if he is rushing things or not. He calls to meet with her but Leyla is going to see Zehra and postpones the meeting. She later calls Zehra and since she is not in Mahaleh they cancel. She calls Demir thinking maybe he knows something about Zehra's mom and if Ömer is involved in her departure. Demir agrees happily.

At home Asya longs for Zehra and when they come she runs to her and hugs her. Everyone dotes over Zehra and is excited about her arrival. Ökkeş brings a bunch of flowers they have picked with Asya from the garden for her. He says Hediye has cooked her favourite foods as well. Alev is miffed. Zehra thanks everyone. Cevriye says Zehra should thank her stars for having this big family that loves her so. Müzeyyen says now that we are all together let's have coffee together. Alev won't stand Zehra sitting by her. Cevriye says they really missed her yesterday at the celebration and when she is here everything is much more beautiful. Zehra congratulates Nihat and Alev. Cevriye continues. Alev bursts out and says it's enough. Don't exaggerate. They discuss her return to work. Nihat says the celebration also had to do with Zehra since she facilitated her return to work. Alev ends up saying yes I am not the type to sit at home especially I won't stand for someone paying for me. Zehra and Ömer get the hint and are upset. Alev leaves. Zehra also asks to be excused and Ömer says she is tired from last night and needs to rest. She goes to the bedroom.

Salim gives Yasemin her new phone and tells her that Koray has set it up. Yasemin says Zehra might be late. Demir is at Leyla's and tells her how Ömer was falling apart when he heard about the accident. Demir says he was pretty strong, I don't think I would have been able to deal so well with such a situation. Demir then tries to give Leyla the ring but the neighbour calls and he has to leave.

Mehtap keeps pressing Betton to collect on the interests of their loans for the revenge they are planning. Betton has a bruise on his face from the last collection.

Ömer goes to the bedroom. Zehra is angry that he has taken so long. She wants her ID to leave. Ömer says I did not want anyone to get suspicious. He takes it out. She wants to get it; he takes it away. He says what you want to do with it. Take it to the lawyer. Zehra realizes the lawyer has called her. He says everyone is sitting in the living room. Let them go to bed then you can leave. She says let us tell everyone together. Ömer stops her. Zehra says fixing the lies you have told your family is your business. He says if Ayşe finds out…She says OK; I will wait.

Salim and Yasemin are waiting for Zehra. Yasemin calls and she says you guys sleep and I will come later. They go to bed. She gets up to leave. Ömer tries to threaten her with legal consequences of the agreement. I have a lawyer as well, he says. She says I don't care. I am not scared of you or your lawyer. I have nothing to lose but my family. She leaves. Ökkeş sees her. He tells her how they had thought she was dead. She then realizes that they had heard on the radio that she was dead. Ökkeş tells her how Ömer searched for her from hospital to hospital and Demir held the news from the people in the house. She then remembers Ömer embracing her in the hospital and realizes what it was for. Ömer comes out. Ökkeş says now that I see you in love beside each other I can sleep after all. He warns them against the brevity of life and advises them to live it fully so they will have no regrets. He goes. She begins to leave. He begs her from behind not to go. She says I cannot stay. You ruined this game. I could endure whatever you did to me. But my mother, I cannot stand for that. She leaves. He looks at her leave from the window. She also looks at him and walks away. He sits on the window ledge with his face in his hands.

In the morning Ayşe goes to call them. No answer. She goes in and sees nobody is there. Ömer is in the office, his face in his hands. Ayşe calls him. He tells her he had work and Zehra had to go to Leyla again. Ayşe says come back early we are going to dinner together with Nihat. Yasemin goes for a test with Salim. Koray tries to talk to her. She pushes him away. Funda comes and tells her to go to her after the test. Leyla goes to Zehra and she tells her that she is getting a divorce from Ömer. Leyla also tells her how Ömer would not believe that she is dead and looked for her everywhere. Zehra again remembers his hug and how he had held her face asking if she is ok. Zehra says I will get the divorce and don't care about the consequences of breaking the agreement. I will pay the debt somehow.

Ömer calls the lawyer to a meeting and tears his prepared papers. He says there will be no divorce. Demir realizes Zehra is asking for divorce. Demir is concerned about Ayşe. Ömer wants his lawyer to find something in the agreement to press Zehra. Something that is not involving money. Ömer says it is impossible. For Ayşe's sake this agreement cannot be broken. Ömer insists that I will not return home without her. Alev wants to talk to him as he is leaving but he says to talk to Nihat and leaves. Alev asks Mehtap to see Ömer's agenda for this week. Mehtap says everything has been cancelled. Alev is surprised. She snaps at Mehtap.

Zehra is at the workshop with her dad. She tells him I have taken a few days off. Demir and Leyla are working. They both want to help Ömer and Zehra but can't figure out how. Demir keeps wondering how to give Leyla the ring. They both feel at least because of Ayşe things should be resolved.

Zehra gets a call from the lawyer and leaves the workshop. On the way home with her shopping she talks to the lawyer who tells her Ömer will not give a divorce. She then sees Ömer at her door. She says why you are here. He says to talk. She says talk to my lawyer. He says I will only talk to you. She walks toward the house. He follows her. She drops the fruits as she is going up the stairs. Ömer helps her gather the apples. She says I will not change my mind. He says we need to talk and that he will not leave before they talk. She goes in and closes the door. Get out of my life, she says to herself. She takes the shopping in. The doorbell rings. She thinks it might be Yasemin. Ömer is there with his hand stretch out holding an apple. She says I don't want you or the apple. He pushes his way in. She says where are you going with your shoes? He is surprised. He takes off his shoes and goes in. As they begin to talk inside, the doorbell rings. "Who's at the door?" Zehra sweats.

S01E104 - 104.Bölüm Air Date: 09 February 2017 14:10 -

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Zehra sends Ömer in the room and goes to open the door. Salim is at the door and wonders why she took so long to open. Zehra hides Ömer's shoes behind herself as Salim takes off his shoes. Ömer looks at his feet, no shoes and stuck in the room. Salim wants to get his book form the room. Ömer runs behind the wardrobe. Zehra sits him down and goes in to get the book and tells Ömer to keep quiet until she gets him out. She tries to get Ömer out when Salim is in the bathroom but Salim comes out quickly saying there is no towel. Yasemin also comes in. Ömer hears their conversation about the family being unable to send Zehra to university and now hoping Yasemin will get in. Salim also talks about how Zehra has always taken care of the family, also now works to pay off their debt and how they are indebted to her. Ömer sees the herbal remedy books in the room and says so this is why she knows so much about them. Zehra acts weird trying to make sure no one goes into the room where Ömer is. Ömer's phone rings. He silences it. Zehra and Ömer bicker over leaving. She says he has to stay. The situation is somewhat comic. Ömer sits waiting on the sofa in the room.

Alev is upset that Ömer does not answer his phone when she needs to ask him something about work. Nihat says maybe I can help you. She says it is way above your level. He says things have changed a lot since you left. Alev says Ömer's decisions are questionable these days because of Zehra. Nihat says it must be love! Alev shuts up! Cevriye says stop talking work matters at home. Müzeyyen agrees.

Fikrat goes to see Koray and tells him why you are staying in the workshop. Koray says I want nothing from you. I will find myself a home. In the workshop Koray makes a heart shaped frame and since Yasemin does not answer his calls, he writes her a letter.

Yasemin goes and gets her meds from the room. Ömer hides. They sit to eat. Ömer stays in the room. Ömer tries to get out again but can't. Zehra goes to the room and says this is not like your house. There is no back door. Ömer says I have to leave. Zehra says sit until I can get you out. Night falls. Ömer is hungry and thirsty. Zehra says eat the apple. Ömer says I don't like apples. They bicker about staying locked up in a house they do not know. Ayşe calls Ömer. He texts her and tells her Zehra is staying with Leyla. Ayşe asks him to send her love to them and kiss her. He gets up and for a moment Zehra thinks he wants to kiss him. He just says how should I get out. Yasemin wants to sleep with Zehra. Yasemin tells her she is very sad about the loss of her mother. Ömer hears it. When she is gone Zehra tells him what he has done to her mom has also affected her family. Ömer says why can't you accept. How many times do I have to tell you; I had nothing to do with your mother's leaving. Zehra is silent.

Koray delivers the box to Yasemin's window. She takes it and reads the letter. Koray expresses his love openly and tells her that life without her has meaning for him. She presses the letter to her heart and goes to bed smiling. Zehra tries to get Ömer out while Salim sleeps on the sofa in the living room. But he wakes up and Ömer runs in. Zehra covers Salim. She gets some water. When she goes in the room, Ömer grabs it and drinks it in one gulp. They sit on the sofa.

It is morning. They are asleep on the sofa sitting side by side with Zehra's head on Ömer's shoulder. Ömer wakes up and then her. Yasemin knocks and says they are leaving. Salim did not want to wake her up early. They leave. Zehra prepares breakfast. Ömer sits but his phone rings and Tyfun says if the woman is not found the stabbed man's file will be closed. Zehra insists that he has sent her mother away. Ömer leaves.

Mehtap goes to Salim to ask who is taking care of Yasemin. Salim says Zehra has taken time from work to stay with them. Leyla goes to Zehra and tries to get her to wait a bit before going ahead with the divorce saying Ömer may be innocent. Zehra insists that he is the cause of Sevim's departure.

At home Ayşe goes to Ömer. He is just gotten ready to leave. She is concerned that something might be wrong between him and Zehra. Ömer assures her that there is no such thing. Everything is fine between them. Ayşe asks if he really loves Zehra. He says of course. Ayşe says you probably are missing her because you don't look good these days. Ayşe says if there is anything wrong between the two of you I will find out from Zehra. She calls Zehra and says they should meet some time because she misses her. She sends her love to Leyla. Zehra decides to tell Ayşe everything. Leyla says but Ayşe is sick maybe you should think more. Leyla leaves.

In the office Ömer remembers last night. Demir says you should have told her everything. Ömer says it would have done no good. He says then tell Ayşe. Ömer says it can't be. Alev and Nihat storm into the office saying she can't work with him. Ömer is mad and tells them either work together or leave together. Alev says did Zehra do something that you are so upset. Ömer explodes saying I don't have to teach you at this age how to talk about my wife. They leave.

Ökkeş tells Hediye about Zehra's brush with death. Demir and Leyla meet on the bridge and decide to do something for Ömer and Zehra. Then we see Ömer rand Zehra walking on the same bridge toward each other. Zehra thinks he has taken Leyla into his "dirty plans". Ömer says Demir told me to come here. I have no hand in it. Zehra says there is no use in talking. Ömer says we made everyone believe we are married. How am I going to tell Ayşe ? Would it be fair to them? Zehra says I will not return. I have done everything for your family but every time you have disappointed me. What you have done to my mom is unacceptable. He says what I did in the past I take blame for and I apologize for but I had nothing to do with your mom's going. Zehra says there is nothing you can do now. She leaves. She calls Ayşe and sets up a meeting meaning to tell her everything. She says I will end it all by telling her. Ayşe calls Ömer saying she is going to meet with Zehra. Ömer is distraught hoping Zehra does not mean to tell her.

Ayşe is at the café entrance. Zehra arrives and they are about to go in. Ayşe says tell me I am so worried what it is about. Zehra says let's go in first. Ayşe suddenly faints. Zehra bends down to bring her to and as she is asking for help Ömer arrives and jumps out of his car and sees her on the ground and tears fill his eyes.

S01E105 - 105.Bölüm Air Date: 10 February 2017 14:10 -

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Ömer runs to her and shouts at Zehra asking what she told her. Zehra says I did not say anything. We had just arrived. They put her in the car and drive to the hospital. In the car Ömer says they said it would happen again. Zehra says it happened before. Ömer says why did you not tell me? He is mad. Zehra cries asking her to open her eyes. He says how many times did I tell you that I should be informed about what happens with Ayşe. They take her inside. Ömer is angry with Zehra. How would you do this to Ayşe? Zehra says yes we met but I did not get a chance to say anything. Doctor asks what happened and Zehra tells it like it happened. The Doctor goes back to work.

Nihat goes home angry about Alev's behaviour. Cevriye brings him herbal tea and tells him she knows it is Alev that is making her mad. She says Alev is like a ball of fire. Zehra tells Ömer they should call Nihat. Ömer calls him and he runs to the hospital. He tells Cevriye not to tell anyone. But Cevriye goes and tells everyone. Müzeyyen and Cevriye decide to go to the hospital.

Ömer asks the doctor if there is anything important. He says we need to look at the results. They go in and see Ayşe. Ömer is very upset and Zehra notices his absolute worry. Ömer is talking with the doctor; he is thinking about the return of the cancer. Nihat walks in and hears somethings but the doctor explains it away saying Ayşe is fine. Nihat says Ayşe had got some attacks before but he did not want to make a big deal out of it but he needs to know if there is anything serious. Ömer says all Ayşe needs is peace and happiness. Nihat goes to her. Ömer sits helplessly.

Nihat calls Cevriye and Müzeyyen and tells them to stay and that he will stay the night with Ayşe and bring her home next morning. Zehra says I will stay with Ayşe. Ayşe tells him to go home so Asya does no worry and let Zehra stay. Zehra says we will have a bit of girl talk. Ömer does not like the sound of that. Outside he tells her she does not need to stay to ease her conscience. She says I did not tell her anything. I am here because I love Ayşe and one can indeed love someone other than her own family members.

Demir calls and Ömer says we are all with Ayşe at the hospital. Demir says he'll be there. Alev comes and he tells her too so the two of them go to the hospital. Demir calls Leyla and lets her know too. Tyfun calls to take her for coffee. Leyla tells him about Ayşe. He says he'll go to the hospital. Demir and Alev see Ayşe. Nihat visits her and goes home to get her stuff. Zehra sees Ömer is very broken and tries to console him. In his head he says you know nothing. How can I endure losing her? She asks him to get it together for Ayşe's sake. Demir tries to talk with Ömer in private. He tells him to be strong. Tyfun arrives and Ömer asks how he heard. He says Leyla said. Demir is upset.

Yasemin calls Zehra and she says she will not be there tonight. They sit to eat. Yasemin sends a message to Koray. He immediately comes to the door. Salim has invited him.

Demir tries to tell jokes but no one finds it funny. Ayşe tries to explain that he is killing the joke. Ömer tells Zehra she should go since today or tomorrow will make no difference. Ayşe is going to get upset if she leaves. Zehra says this is not the time. Ayşe sends the men to buy something to eat. Ayşe tells Zehra that she feels Ömer has a problem but can't tell anyone. She asks her to find out what it is. Because he is not the type to express his feelings and worries. Don't leave him alone. Zehra tells her that she will talk to him. She asks her to rest and not worry about anything.

At home Nihat gets Ayşe's bag. Alev asks where did she faint? It is Zehra's fault. Why did they meet outside? Doesn't she know Ayşe is sick? Zehra is irresponsible. Müzeyyen tells her off saying what kind of thing is this to say?

Ayşe sleeps. Ömer and Zehra go out and are about to share a sandwich the nurse comes and Ömer jumps thinking there is something wrong. Zehra asks what the doctor told him. He beats around the bush saying we have to wait for the result of the tests. Zehra feels he is hiding something. Inside Ayşe says I am so lucky; you are like a sister to me. Ömer listens and says to himself you must stay without you we cannot make it.

Demir calls. Ömer says I have never felt so helpless. I can neither help Ayşe nor get anything through Zehra's head. Zehra comes out and asks what were you talking to Demir about. Ömer says to himself I wish I could tell you and you would understand. He says nothing important, just work matters. In the morning the doctor says Ayşe is stable. She can go home. Yasemin calls. Ömer looks at her. Zehra says goodbye and begins to leave. Ömer goes after her. When she turns around, he hides around the corner and stands with his back to the wall. She turns and does not see anyone. She goes. He looks after her.

Fikrat comes to Salim's workshop and pretends he needs Koray for repairs in his house. Koray has to go. Salim sends him off with Fikrat and tells him to call him if he cannot fix it. They take Ayşe home. At the office Mehtap tells Alev Nihat and Ömer are not in the office and I hope nothing is wrong. Alev curtly says mind your own business.

Ömer is on a jetty. The doctor calls. His reaction reveals that the cancer is progressing. How can I bear this, Ömer says. At home, Leyla calls Zehra and asks how Ayşe is. Zehra says she did not tell anyone anything and that she just came because she is angry with Ömer. Ömer arrives at her door. He goes and knocks on the door. She comes out. He asks her to please return home. She says that is your home. I am at home here. Please go away before you harm any other member of my family. She is about to close the door when he says Ayşe is dying. She stops and turns. Ömer says everything has been to make Ayşe happy because she is dying.

S01E106 - 106.Bölüm Air Date: 13 February 2017 14:10 -

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My sister is dying and I cannot do anything, Ömer says. If Ayşe hears about the things that have been going on between us it will kill her. He then asks Zehra will you come with me. She looks at him and looks away. He leaves. She cries but goes inside and closes the door. Inside she remembers Demir telling her about Ayşe's cancer and Ömer's concern over a relapse. She goes to pack up and go. Yasemin comes and realizes she is going. Zehra says the mother of the child I am looking after is very sick. I have to go. Yasemin says I will go for my checkup myself. Zehra says no I will take you. They go there and at the hospital Zehra decides to go ask the doctor about Ayşe. The doctor of course hides the truth and tells her that she is fine. She is mad and thinks Ömer has lied to her.

At home Cevriye prepares food for Ayşe. Ömer goes home and is distraught. Müzeyyen comes and tells him not to worry and that Ayşe is fine and remembers the harsh days they have put behind and tells him to rest so Ayşe does not see him that way. He goes and visits Ayşe. She is sleeping. He remembers the time she took her to the US for treatment and how she was scared of dying and leaving her daughter alone. He reads to her like he used to when they were children. Cevriye comes with the food and Ömer goes to the office.

At the office he tells Demir that he has told Zehra about Ayşe dying but she has not come. Demir says the Zehra I know will return for Ayşe's sake for sure. Leyla leaves for the office. Outside her house, Tyfun arrives and gives her flowers. She goes with the flowers to the office. Demir sees her there. He realizes the flowers are from Tyfun and gets upset. Leyla says he had brought it because he thought I was sick. Demir says I wish you hadn't come today. Zehra has said she is with you and if they see you in the office it might create problems. She leaves. Alev sees her leave.

Meanwhile Fikrat tries to give a house to Koray. Koray drops the keys on the table and says the only thing I asked of you was for an honest life. He leaves. He also goes to Alper and tells him to stay away from Yasemin. Fikrat tells his men to go pay a visit to Salim. They go and throw things around and give him a few punches. Yasemin finds Salim on the floor and wants to call Zehra. Salim stops her.

Ömer calls Zehra. Zehra does not answer. She is angry. She decides to go to the office. She goes there and enters the office and tells him, I can't believe you would say such a lie about your sister. Take your lies and get out of my life. She leaves. Demir sees Zehra asks to have coffee and chat with Zehra. She declines and goes. Ömer is shocked. Demir comes in and asks what happened. Ömer says she thinks I was lying to her about Ayşe. Demir says why did you let her go. Ömer is deeply pained and storms toward the door. Demir says where are you going. He says I need to be alone.

Zehra walks in the park and remembers the intimate moments with Ömer: Running into him in hospital, his fears about her eating the bad food, bandaging her hand, telling her she should not be afraid because he is with her and pulling her off the road to avoid a car. She remembers him hugging her in the hospital after he had thought she might have died. She pushes the thoughts away and goes home.

Ömer walks at the waterfront. He also remembers the moments he was taken by her and she tended to him.

At home Alev says I saw Leyla at the office so I don't think Zehra is with her so I don't know why Zehra told you she was going to Leyla. Ayşe is upset and calls Ömer. Ayşe asks about Zehra. She says Alev saw Leyla in the office, is Zehra with you? Ömer says I'll come home and we can talk. Ömer goes home.

Demir is in Mahaleh and wants to visit Leyla and thinks of getting something for her first. Ömer arrives and goes to Ayşe's room. Ayşe is worried and tells him do not tell me you are separating from Zehra. What did you do to her? She is all upset. He is trying to find the words to tell her.

S01E107 - 107.Bölüm Air Date: 14 February 2017 14:10 -

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Ömer is trying to find the words and Ayşe is becoming desperate. Ömer says I need to tell you something about this. Demir calls. He wants to answer. Ayşe takes it out of his hands. You have fought haven't you? You are probably at fault. What did you do? She wobbles. Ömer holds her. She begs him to tell her they did not separate. Please. Zehra walks in and Ayşe goes and hugs her. She apologizes for being late. Ayşe says I am fine how are the two of you. Zehra says we are fine. Ömer gives a sign of relief. Ayşe is also relieved. She goes to talk to Asya. Ömer asks why she has returned. She checks outside and then closes the door. Zehra remembers that Demir knocked on her door and asked to talk to her. He tells her that Ömer has not sent her. Zehra says I spoke to Ayşe's doctor and she is fine. Demir says Ömer has told the doctor not to tell anyone. Only Ömer and I know that Ayşe's sickness is incurable, and the doctor has given her six months. That is why Ömer married you. Zehra remembers the first day and how Ayşe had gotten excited over thinking Zehra is Ömer's girlfriend and how he had come strangely to ask her to marry him. Demir tells Zehra you are Ayşe's only hope. Then she realizes Ömer has gone to tell Ayşe they are separating. Back in the room, Zehra tells Ömer I will do everything to make Ayşe happy from now on. Ömer says that is all I ask from you. She goes to her room and Ömer breathes. He calls Demir and tells him Zehra returned. Demir says I just felt she would and says he is very happy to hear the news.

Demir goes to Leyla with a cheesecake and makes sure everything is fine between them. They also discuss Ömer and Zehra and Demir says I wish their marriage was real. Meanwhile Yasemin takes Salim home and wants to cook for him but he says let's go crazy and order pizza. Yasemin is amused. Koray is looking for an apartment but everything is too expensive.

Ömer wants to talk to Zehra in the bedroom but she says I want to go to Ayşe. Ömer follows her shortly. Zehra arrives at the living room and can't hold off her tears when he sees Ayşe there. Ömer sees her returning with tears and asks her to keep her feelings in check in front of Ayşe. Zehra says she will try. They go in together. Alev tries to question Zehra about Leyla but Ayşe cuts her off. Ömer changes the subject. Ayşe wants to do something. Zehra says sit I will do it. Zehra is showing too much concern Ömer feels and is worried that she will give things away. Asya comes and Zehra's feelings boil. Ömer whispers to her to control herself. Alev wonders what secret they are exchanging. When Ayşe leaves with Nihat and Asya, she says tell me the truth. What's going on? Leyla was not sick. You can tell me if anything is wrong. Ömer says it does not concern you. Zehra says it is a secret but only for the time being. In time we'll share it with everyone. They go to the bedroom.

Demir is concerned that Nedim Bey is working Leyla too hard. He leaves early. Koray texts with Yasemin and is happy.

In the middle of the night, Ömer is sleeping and suddenly jumps from a nightmare screaming Ayşe. Zehra is not there. He wonders if she is gone. He is about to go out of the bedroom when he hears her sobbing in the bathroom. She is sitting on the floor looking at Ayşe's childhood photos and crying. Ömer joins her on the floor. Also in tears, he tells Zehra about the photos and their childhood stories. Every time I thought everything is fine and she is fine….He is openly crying and suddenly stops himself and gets up to leave. He stops at the door, turns around and offers Zehra his hand so she gets up too.

In the morning Zehra is in the kitchen making breakfast for Ayşe and asking Hediye about the things she likes. Ömer comes and Hediye gives him some tea. He sits at the island and drinking his tea, watches Zehra. Hediye leaves to give Müzeyyen her meds.

Salim goes to the workshop and Koray is sleeping at the table. Ayşe reads to Asya and Asya says I don't want to go to school today. Ömer and Zehra come in with the breakfast. They sit with them. Asya says I don't want to go to school because my mom is not there to play with me. Zehra's feeling boil over again. Asya stays and Zehra and Ömer leave them. Ömer again asks her to take control. Zehra says there must be something we can do. Ömer says I have discussed it with top doctors from all over the world but… He goes to the study.

Fikrat's men take a photo of Yasemin and Salim. They send it to Fikrat and he says I won't let you two fool my son. Alev and Nihat bicker in the office again. Nihat tells Mehtap to keep an eye on Alev and tell him everything. Leyla is late. Nedim Bey has given her too much work. Demir says he is working you too hard. We should pull his ears. Demir has done much of their work so Leyla could go home tonight and rest. Leyla thanks her.

Cevriye tells Nihat she is giving her heirloom ring to Ayşe. She gives it to her in the living room. When she says this is a family heirloom, Zehra touches her necklace. Ayşe tries it; it is too big. Cevriye tries it and it gets stuck on her finger. She says its edema. She runs in the kitchen and gets it out with soap and then gives it to Ayşe. Zehra gets up to go somewhere. Ömer asks where she is going. She says I have something to do. She leaves. She goes to the doctor and tells him that Ömer has told her about Ayşe's sickness and if there is something else they could do. She then returns and goes to the study to talk to Ömer. Ömer says I have work can we talk later. He thinks she has gone to Mahaleh. She says no I had something else to do. She goes. Ömer goes to the bedroom late. She is sitting in her pajamas on the armchair waiting. He is surprised that she is still up. She says she wants to talk. He says I did not realize it was so important. She says I have spoken with Ayşe's doctor. I understand you have tried to stop Ayşe from getting upset but now you must tell Ayşe about her sickness.

S01E108 - 108.Bölüm Air Date: 15 February 2017 14:10 -

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Zehra says we must tell her, so she has a chance to fight the sickness. Ömer says no she will not find out about it. You must tell her, she says. Ömer's hands show how stressed out he is about it. She says I cannot stand and do nothing. But if she knows and starts fighting it, we can stand by her and help her. Ömer says she has gone through this once; I do not want her to go through it again. You cannot decide for her, Zehra says. He leaves the room saying this discussion is closed.

Ayşe sleeps with Asya in her arms. In the morning Zehra sits over Ömer as he sleeps thinking about the situation. He wakes up and she gets up. Did you think about what I said? She will be told nothing, Ömer says. This is not right. He puts his finger on her lips and asks her to be quiet or else someone would hear.

In the morning Ayşe realizes the ring is not there and begins looking for it and sweating over its disappearance. She asks Hediye to help look for it. She also tries to hide its disappearance form Cevriye. Cevriye eats Hediye's tasty dishes and in her room begins to worry that she has become an elephant and needs to lose weight.

Ömer comes and tells Zehra they should go to breakfast. She says I can't sit at the same table and look at Ayşe as if nothing if wrong. He says you have to, if you have come back to make her happy. She says I can't. Ömer says do you know how she will feel if you tell her. She says I can't come in this state. He leaves. Hediye brings breakfast for her saying Ömer has sent it.

Koray meets up with Yasemin. He then goes to Salim and gives him some money saying the work was fine and they were paid. Salim gives some of it to him. He refuses so he puts it in the drawer for him. Fikrat's men tell their boss Koray is with Yasemin. He says so that is why he is sticking to this neighbourhood. Pay Salim another visit.

Demir tells Nedim Bey that Leyla needs to work at their office during the project. He agrees, and Leyla moves in the next day to the office Demir prepares for him. Alev sees Leyla in the office and is annoyed. She asks Demir about her and Demir snaps at her for not speaking respectfully about Leyla. In Alev's office, Mehtap realizes Alev is acting weird with the files. She snaps at Mehtap when she asks questions.

In his study Ömer is concerned that Zehra will tell Ayşe. Zehra goes to the study and locks the door and does not let him leave for the office. She says you have to tell her. Ayşe comes to the study door. They have to open the door. Ömer says we should go together to the office. Zehra says no I have to stay. There is something I need to do. Ayşe is happy because she needs her help. In her room. Ayşe asks her to help her with the ring. Outside the room, Ömer is concerned that Zehra will tell her. They come out and he tells her on the side that if you tell her and Ayşe worsens it would be on you; do you want that to happen? He leaves. Ayşe speaks with worry of the loss of the ring. Zehra wants to tell her but then she thinks that Ömer has to say it to her otherwise she would hate him for lying to her. She decides to go see Ömer.

Tyfun comes to see Ömer and sees Leyla there. He goes to congratulate her. Demir arrives and brings files and politely makes him leave. Fikrat's men come and hit Salim and he falls. Yasemin comes and finds her father on the ground unconscious.

At the office Ömer asks Demir about Leyla working there. He is concerned that it might cause problems with Alev. Demir says don't worry I have control over everything. Ömer says anyway I have bigger fish to fry. Zehra wants to tell Ayşe about her sickness to get her to fight it. Demir says she is trying to do what she thinks is best. Demir says she will not tell her without you being there. I am sure. Ömer says I hope so. Zehra arrives at the office. Ömer tells the secretary to say he is at a meeting and tells Demir I can't face what she has to say now. Zehra sees Leyla and goes to her office and later goes to see Ömer. She tells him I can't tell her. You are the one to tell her. Help her. Give her a chance to say bye to her daughter and husband. Ayşe needs to know. When she says the last sentence, Nihat walks in and hears it.

S01E109 - 109.Bölüm Air Date: 16 February 2017 14:10 -

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Nihat comes in and says what is it that Ayşe needs to know. Zehra suddenly gets a call from Yasemin that Salim has passed out in the workshop. She says all flustered she has to run. Nihat wants to talk to Ömer but Ömer says I have to go now. He runs out and takes Zehra to Mahaleh. Meanwhile Koray arrives and helps lift Salim. Salim has come to and tells them not to worry. He just had a dizzy spell and probably has forgotten to take his blood pressure pills. Zehra calls again while Ömer is driving her. Yasemin lets her talk with Salim and she feels better. Ömer is concerned and asks her whether her father has any heart condition. At home Salim tells Yasemin to go and buy her meds and tells Koray, when they are alone, that there are a couple of men who are asking for bribes and he should stay away from the workshop for a couple of days. Koray wonders if it is his father's men. Ömer drives Zehra to her house. He says I can wait here. Let me know if you need anything. She thanks him and goes in. Koray leaves when Zehra comes. Outside he sees Yasemin returning. Ömer sees the two of them talking on the street.

Meanwhile Nihat tells Mehtap to keep an eye on Alev and keeps asking her about it. Cevriye struggles with the thought of going on a diet and is binge eating thinking of starting her diet on Monday! Ayşe is also very worried about the ring and can't find it anywhere.

Koray goes to his father and shouts at him and tells him to lay off Salim. At the office Ömer calls Zehra and asks if he should send a doctor. Zehra says everything is fine and thanks him. Demir asks Ömer how is everything. Ömer notes that if there is any problem, Zehra would not go to him anyways. Demir says how can she. She cannot explain your existence to her family. Ömer is becoming more and more aware of the implications of this relationship with Zehra. Zehra tends to her father and when he insists all is fine, she goes home. Ömer calls her again from the office and realizes that she has returned home and is going to Ayşe. Again he is concerned that she might tell Ayşe. At home Zehra realizes that Ayşe has been unable to rest because of the ring. In her room Ayşe has gone through everything and recovered an old diary of when she had just had Asya and is reminiscing and telling Müzeyyen she never wants to forget any of her daughters' moments. Behind the door, Zehra cries.

Demir gives a file to Leyla in his office and then asks if she needs an assistant. She refuses. She then gets a call and says she has to go somewhere. Demir says is it Tyfun. Leyla is upset and says no it is my friend who needs help and leaves indignantly. Demir curses himself. He then decides to put the ring somewhere in her office so she would find it. In the real estate office Mehtap wonders why her secret admirer has not sent her any messages lately. Beton listens to her complaints. Salim gets Koray to stay at their home for the night.

Zehra is in the bedroom crying. Ömer arrives. He thinks something is wrong about her dad. She says it is not. He asks why did you cry then. She says if I had known from the beginning and she starts remembering the time Ayşe passed out the first time they took her to the hospital and other signs of her weakness in those first meetings before her marriage with Ömer. She says I thought it was only to make your sister happy. I should have thought why you only asked for six months. Ömer says ok it is done; let's not think about these things. She says I can't act like nothing is happening. You need to tell her so she can prepare for the future and give her a chance to fight it. He says I do not want to hear this anymore; once and for all decide whether you will stay and keep this secret with me or…and he leaves the room.

Later Zehra goes to the office and says just listen to me once more. He sits and she tells him with deep concern and patience to think it over; what if Ayşe gets worse and then she tells you why you took away the chance from me of doing the things I wanted to do with my daughter and so on. And that from the brother whom she thinks never lies to her. Ömer appears to be moved. Nihat suddenly comes in and says OK now I've got you; tell me what is it that Ayşe needs to know. Ömer says let me talk with Ayşe first. Ayşe arrives and says what do you want to talk about Abi (Older brother; the term Ayşe uses to address Ömer)?

S01E110 - 110.Bölüm Air Date: 17 February 2017 14:10 -

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Zehra and Nihat leave the study. Ayşe asks Ömer to tell her what's up. Ömer asks her to sit down and Ayşe begins to worry that he has something bad to tell her. He finally says that he and Zehra are planning a surprise weekend getaway for themselves together with Nihat and Ayşe, and since Nihat heard about it they have to tell them now. He remembers her first brush with cancer and cannot bring himself to tell her the cancer has returned. She becomes very happy and tells him to keep the spot a surprise. Meanwhile Zehra is sweating in the bedroom and runs back toward the study to help in case Ayşe cannot handle it. She sees brother and sister hugging at the door. Ayşe leaves and Ömer tells Zehra I could not tell her.

Leyla goes to visit Salim. Koray is there and the four of them have a nice dinner at Salim's house. Leyla says Salim must look after himself because he is like a father to all of them. Koray seconds that and Yasemin hugs Salim. Ayşe tells Nihat what the whole thing was about but Nihat is not too convinced. He wonders if it has something to do with Alev and work.

In the bedroom Ömer tells Zehra that he does not believe that his sister is dying. Others can think and say what they like but he knows she will not die. I don't want her to get crushed under the weight of the thought that she has relapsed. She will defy this sickness. She will live. Zehra looks at him and says nothing.

Yasemin gives Koray blanket and pillow to sleep on the sofa and they are tickled by the idea of sleeping under the same roof. Koray thinks that he has to leave work with Salim because his presence there will put Salim and Yasemin in danger. He tells Salim he needs to find a job that earns him more money. So Salim accepts.

Ömer is trying to plan the getaway. Zehra asks if it is wise to take Ayşe away with these health issues. Ömer says I will ask her doctor. She says at least tell Nihat. He loves her and is with her more than us and can help more. Ömer questions Nihat being in love. Zehra says losing her will be very hard for him. Ömer remembers the time he thought Zehra had died in the accident and how he had almost fallen apart. He leaves the room.

In the morning the alarm wakes Ömer and Zehra up. She asks him to help her put the beds together so she can unlock the door. As they are fixing the bed, she asks so what's gonna happen now? If Ayşe gets worse. Ömer says it will not happen. Zehra says at least let us tell Nihat. Ömer says no one other than us will know. I will not let Ayşe suffer. I will do everything to make her happy, Ömer emphasizes. Zehra adds "We will do it together!" Ömer stops and looks at her with a feeling of heavenly peace and appreciation on his face.

At the breakfast table Ayşe shows excitement about going away. Müzeyyen tells Alev to join them. Cevriye says Alev will not enjoy herself as she is single. Nihat says but we need to know where we are going in order to pack the appropriate clothes. Ömer and stumped but they let it pass. When he is leaving, Ömer tells Zehra Nihat is till suspicious so let's be careful. At the office Ömer calls Ayşe's doctor and is assured there are no obstacles against going on a trip.

Alev meets Hilmi Yilmaz and mentions his son Mert and the fact that he does not speak to his father but is close friends with Ömer. This pushes Yilmaz's button. He then says the prices you have used in the proposal are low and if I get into it I can't profit much. You have to raise them in your Company proposal. She is concerned that she is not working alone on the project. But he wants it done. Zehra is helping Ayşe find a similar ring on the internet so they can replace it because Ayşe does not want to disappoint Cevriye by saying she has lost it.

Mehtap takes the file to Alev and realizes she is doing something. Alev is nasty with her so she goes to Nihat and tells him Alev is making changes in the file. At home, it suddenly occurs to Zehra that Nihat might have taken it to alter the size. On the side she calls him and Mehtap realizes Nihat is talking with Zehra and is curious. Nihat thanks Mehtap and talks with Zehra telling her that he has taken it and to please keep it a secret so he can surprise Ayşe tonight. Nihat goes to Alev and asks if Ömer is informed of the changes. Alev says defiantly that he knows. Nihat wants to call Ömer. Instead he goes into his office and begins searching and ends up finding Ömer's copy of the marriage agreement with Zehra.

Leyla finds the ring and gets upset. He goes to Demir and tells him that again he is going too fast. Demir puts the ring on her hand and says just wanted to let you know you are very special for me. There is no rush to answer. She takes it off and says I cannot take it. She goes into her office and is upset. Demir goes to Ömer's office. Tyfun is there telling them that he likes Leyla. Demir makes an excuse to leave and goes into his office mad cursing himself for not telling Ömer from the beginning. Yasemin sees Koray get in the car with the two goons and wonders what's going on.

Nihat goes home and gives Ayşe her ring and she is finally relieved. Zehra goes into the study and tells Ömer that he is probably right about not telling Ayşe because if she gets so worked up about such a trivial thing as the missing ring, such a serious matter might really get her down. Nihat then comes in and tells them I know what you were talking about before and takes out agreement and shows it to them. They are shocked.

S01E111 - 111.Bölüm Air Date: 20 February 2017 14:10 -

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Nihat says then everything was a game. Ayşe walks in with excitement and says Zehra Nihat had the ring all the time. Nihat folds and puts the papers in the envelope. Zehra says she is happy. Nihat tries to be smart about keeping secrets. Ayşe goes to show it to Müzzeyin. Nihat closes the door and says is there an explanation. Ömer says there is nothing to explain. He then taunts Ömer by telling him that he makes mistakes too and congratulates them at being so convincing. Ömer wants to put him in his place when Nazan comes and says they expect them in the living room for coffee. Nihat leaves. Ömer is mad. Zehra asks him to calm down.

Nazan tells Alev Nihat and Ömer were talking about something important. Alev berates her for not hearing what it was about. She wonders if Nihat is complaining about her to Ömer. Ömer and Zehra go in the living room. Nihat is sitting with Ayşe and Cevriye. Ömer asks to talk to him. Nihat beats around the bush and taunts him again. Zehra takes Ayşe away. Nihat tells Ömer I have to drink my coffee first and stalls him. Ömer sits. Ayşe and Zehra come back and then Nihat says Ayşe and I have to go to her friend's dinner. So they leave. Ömer and Zehra blurt out spontaneously their hope that he would not tell Ayşe. Ömer wants to call him. Zehra stops him and asks him to calm down.

Ömer is in the study worried. Zehra goes to him and tells him that Nihat would not want to upset his wife so he would not tell her. Ömer is not convinced. It is late, so they go to sleep. In her pajamas, Zehra notices there is no water. She goes to get some. Ömer comes out of the bathroom and sees Zehra's blanket all puffed up and thinks she is asleep. He locks the door and goes into the bathroom again. Zehra comes and cannot get in. She knocks and Ömer does not hear. She puts the jug on the shelf and stands leaning on the door. Ömer comes out of the bathroom and realizes there is no water. He opens the door to go get some and Zehra falls in his arms. They are both taken by the closeness. After explaining to each other what happened they feel awkward and go to bed looking meaningfully at each other.

Yasemin is exasperated thinking about Koray's situation. Salim thinks she is having trouble with the studies and says they should get a tutor for her even if it costs a lot. Koray goes to Salim's. They have breakfast. Afterwards Salim tells him on the side that he should stay at the workshop until he finds a job. Koray says it will not take him long. Salim then says they should open the workshop a bit later today. Mehtab is tired handling two jobs but Betton is there for her.

Ömer is up early. Zehra is sleeping. He wonders if Nihat and Ayşe are up. Ayşe sees Nihat in the room showing signs of mirth and happiness and asks him about it. He says it is work related. She then tells Nihat that they have an event for Asya on the weekend Ömer and Zehra invited them for the getaway. Nihat says Ömer's thing can be postposed, Asya's cannot. Ayşe decides to cancel with Ömer and Zehra.

Ömer and Zehra go into the living room. Nihat is sipping tea smugly and comments on them being up early. He again says things to taunt Ömer. Alev comes and sits behind them on the sofa. Cevriye is marvelling at Zehra's beauty in the red dress. Nihat says it is not easy being Ömer Kervancioglu's wife you must always dressed for the part. Ömer is about to rush at him when Zehra holds his hand. Alev sees the hands together and is annoyed. She leaves. Ömer finally gets Nihat in the office. He asks if he has told Ayşe. He says not. Ömer then wants to remind him that he was the cause of the whole marriage business. Nihat gets angry and says I never cheated on my wife and storms out. He wants to go after him, Zehra comes and stops him. Ömer says after all as if his actions were not the cause of…He trails of looking at Zehra. Tears fill Zehra's eyes. Ömer stops his mouth but it's too late. Zehra leaves. Ömer is upset with himself.

Leyla calls Zehra and is upset. Zehra realizes she has someone in her life and they discuss her past and that someone left her so she has fear of getting into a relationship. Leyla is lost. Demir hears her on the phone and her fears. He goes into his office and tells himself to be patient. Alev in the office is worried about Nihat and of being caught about the changes she is making on the file they are working on. Mehtab gets cinema tickets from Beton and instead of going with him, she immediately thinks they are both for her, so she asks a co-worker to go with her to the VIP screening room.

Koray, Salim and Yasemin leave the house. Yasemin goes to classes. She calls Zehra and asks her to talk with Salim to go to the doctor for checkup. Ömer goes in the bedroom. Zehra says she is going to see her dad. Ömer says I am going to the office; I will take you. She is about to go, he takes her elbow and stops her. He says I did not mean to say that in there. She said but you said it and leaves upset. Ömer is frustrated.

Alper calls Koray and urges him to go help him. He pretends it is an emergency and he goes. Salim goes to the workshop and realizes everything has been torn apart, so he goes home. Koray goes to Alper and realizes he has lied and there is no emergency. He is angry and leaves. Alper calls Fikrat and lets him know Koray left. Leyla is about to leave, Tyfun comes and talks with her. Demir sees them together. He is upset. Yasemin realizes she forgot something, so she goes back home. Fikrat's men are after her. Ömer arrives with Zehra and she gets off to go home. He also gets off and watches her go in. He turns around to get in the car when he sees Fikrat's men kidnap Yasemin.

S01E112 - 112.Bölüm Air Date: 21 February 2017 14:10 -

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Ömer runs to get Yasemin but they get her in the car and go. Ömer drives after them. At home Zehra drops her keys and remembers Ömer saying he did not mean to say that. Yasemin asks for help. Ömer follows them but loses them. He gives Tyfun their licence plate but he cannot get anything out if that.

At home Zehra thinks to clean up the house and makes some food. She is annoyed and says he will never change; look what's in his mind still. She then remembers sleeping on Ömer's shoulder when he was at her house. Salim comes home and sees Zehra is cleaning the house. He goes in and is worried that the goons who have attacked the workshop would hurt his daughters.

They take Yasemin to a depot and tie her up. Fikrat is annoyed that his men were followed by someone. Koray goes to the workshop and realizes it is closed. At that point Fikrat sends him a photo of Yasemin tied up in the depot. He is mad and calls him shouting. He runs to the spot. Alper calls Fikrat and realizes that he has put Yasemin in danger and is upset. Zehra and Salim cannot get in touch with Yasemin. Zehra says I will go and see her later. She decides to go see Leyla. Ömer returns to Mahaleh worried that Zehra might also be in danger. He wonders who they are. Zehra sees Ömer arrive on the street. Zehra is annoyed but he convinces her to go to the house. She says but over there, is your house and for me it is only a workplace.

Mehtap goes to the shop and she receives flowers. She is waiting for a custÖmer and is hungry. Ömer receives a call from Tyfun and Zehra asks is there anything wrong. Ömer is evasive and she says anyway it is not my business. Ömer says as husband and wife we must have no secrets especially with Nihat's eye on us.

Nihat realizes Ömer is not in the office and wonders what's going on. He calls Ayşe and tells her to set up the dinner they were supposed to go with them. Later Ayşe calls Ömer but he says they are busy and can't tonight.

Funda sees Alper and realizes something is going on with Koray and Yasemin. She wonders if the two of them have run away together. She starts going around spreading the news. Salim calls Zehra saying Yasemin does not answer and he is worried. Zehra asks Ömer to stop so she can go back and ask around for her. He stops the car and lets her go and says to himself I will return your sister. He then calls Leyla and asks about Yasemin's friends saying they are thinking of surprising her. Leyla mentions Funda and Alper. She tells him Alper lives close to her place. Ömer goes there and finds Alper and questions him. He gives him the name of Fikrat and why he has done what he has done.

At home Zehra arrives and Salim says he will go out to look for Yasemin. Zehra is also restless so she leaves to look for her. Koray arrives at the depot and breaks in. He finds her and is about to take her out when they come and stop him. Yasemin realizes Fikrat is Koray's father. Outside Zehra runs into Funda and Funda says Yasemin has run away with Koray and that they are "sevgilis"!

S01E113 - 113.Bölüm Air Date: 22 February 2017 14:10 -

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Zehra says Yasemin will never do such a thing and is upset with Funda. Alper tells Ömer that Fikrat has done it to get his son Koray back. Ömer takes Alper with him but he runs away. Ömer runs after him and suddenly sees Zehra and pretends he was just there looking for her. Zehra says I have something to do and thinks whether she should ask him for help. Zehra tries to say something; Ömer says I have to get back to the office. Ömer goes and calls Demir asking him to find all addresses for Fikrat. He starts driving on.

Yasemin asks Koray if Fikrat is his father. He explains that his father is not a good man and that is why he left them. Yasemin is proud of Koray for leaving all that wealth for a clean and honest life. His father is annoyed that he has not been able to draw a wedge between them. Demir gives Ömer the addresses. Zehra calls Leyla saying Koray and Yasemin have run away together. Leyla says who said they ran away. Zehra feels guilty for leaving Yasemin alone. Leyla tells her to call Ömer and ask for help. She says no not him. Leyla says this is pride talking. Call him right away. She calls Ömer and says she needs to talk with him about something very important. He says he'll be there right away.

At home Cevriye and Hediye have become close friends. At the office Tyfun runs into Leyla going to Mahaleh and asks to give her a ride. She accepts. Demir sees them going out together and is upset.

Betton prepares for the cinema and then realizes Mehtap is going with her friend from work and is upset. The custÖmer comes and is fresh with Mehtap and Betton beats him up. Funda arrives and tells Mehtap that Koray and Yasemin have run away together. Salim passes Mehtap's shop and Mehtap expresses fake sorrow over his pain and passes on the false news. Salim is very upset.

Zehra waits for Ömer. He arrives and picks her up and asks him to go somewhere else to talk. They drive to a little bridge. She tells Ömer that her sister has run away with someone and she is worried and wants to find her before his father hears. Ömer tells her that Yasemin was actually kidnapped. She becomes hysteric and says why are you standing here. He says I have found an address and I am going there. I did not tell you because of how you feel now. She says let's go and I will come with you. He does not want to take her but she won't hear of it. Zehra calls Salim and he says don't look for her she has run away. Salim is distraught in Yasemin's room. Zehra says you have heard but I do not believe it. I will find Yasemin back. You know her. She won't do something like that. Salim says I hope what you say is right or else I would never forgive her.

Funda tells another neighbour and the neighbour tells her not to spread such news in the neighbourhood as it would snowball into something else. Funda is annoyed. Funda goes to Salim and tells him once more about her daughter running away with Koray and Salim becomes very shaky.

At the office Alev is looking for the file but Nihat has taken it with him home. He starts working on the file and then leaves it in the study and goes to pick Asya up with Ayşe. Alev comes in and changes a few papers and Cevriye comes in and sees her doing something.

Ömer and Zehra drive to the depot. Ömer tells Zehra to stay in the car. She reluctantly promises to do so. He goes and wrestles with the first goon outside and gets his gun. He puts the gun to the guy's head and Zehra shouts to him to stay calm. He takes the guy at gunpoint and tells him to take him to Fikrat. They go in and Zehra goes into the car. Inside Fikrat finally comes and first tries to speak respectfully to Ömer recognizing him. Ömer says I will take away Yasemin. Fikrat says this is a family matter and you should not get into it. Ömer says since when kidnapping a young girl has become a family matter. They struggle and he puts a gun to Fikrat's head and tells them to get Yasemin as well as Koray. They bring them and Fikrat says take the girl and go. Koray says you are not my father. Ömer says Koray may be your child but you cannot hold him by force. Let them go before I leave the matter to the police.

Outside Zehra begins to walk around worried for Yasemin as well as Ömer. Inside Fikrat says ok but gets Yasemin and puts a gun to her head. Koray says let her go. I am here. Let her go. Ömer is pointing a gun at Fikrat. A goon is pointing a gun at Ömer. Ömer says let them go and we will deal with whatever your problem is. Koray is distraught. Everyone is on edge. Zehra hears gunshots outside.

S01E114 - 114.Bölüm Air Date: 23 February 2017 14:10 -

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Fikrat has Yasemin's neck under one arm and is shooting into the air with the other. He tells Koray he knows his father. He will get rid of this girl if he has to. Ömer entangles with him and Koray beats a couple of them too. Ömer tells Koray to take Yasemin out. Ömer has Fikrat at gunpoint. Zehra is running around. Yasemin and Koray run out. She hugs her sister. As they run off, she goes back. On the ramp she sees Ömer coming out. She frets over him. Are you ok? Are you hurt? He says let's go. He wants to take them but Zehra says we will get a cab from here. She says my sister must not find out. Zehra thanks him. Ömer stands and watches them go. She turns around and asks him to be careful.

Tyfun brings Leyla home. She hears that Zehra and Yasemin are going home and joins them. They enter the house. Salim screams at Yasemin. Koray says it was my fault. Salim slaps him. They try to calm him. Zehra says they did not run away; Yasemin was kidnapped. By Koray's father. Salim is mad. Koray apologizes. Salim tells him to get out. Salim will not be appeased.

Ömer drives off with a satisfied look. He remembers Zehra fretting over him as he came out of the depot. He smiles. Leyla leaves and tells Zehra not to worry. Salim will forgive all. Leyla also tells her how Ömer was on it from the beginning calling her and getting info. He was clearly trying to get Yasemin back before Zehra found out. Zehra realizes how Ömer had been busy trying to get Yasemin back. Leyla tells Zehra you should value Ömer and give him his due.

Yasemin holds his father's hand and tells him I have done nothing to shame you. Salim is upset and takes away his hand. Zehra hugs Yasemin and tries to calm her down. She then goes and talks to Salim as well. Ömer texts her asking will you stay the night there? His father tells her to go to her work. She texts him to say she is going. Ömer arrives home. Alev says your wife is not around again. Her tone is offensive and Müzeyyen and Cevriye note it. Ömer says she is with Leyla and will come when she is done. He goes to his study. Müzeyyen warns her again and she is annoyed.

In his study Ömer takes out a necklace he has bought for Zehra. Ayşe comes in and pretends it is for her and then tells him she is joking with him. She tells Ömer Zehra will love it. Ömer is happy. Zehra arrives and comes in. Nihat comes and Ayşe calls him in and says see what a beautiful necklace my brother has bought for Zehra and begins fussing over it. She then apologizes for ruining the surprise. They leave. Outside Ayşe tells Nihat that Zehra and Ömer's love is growing.

Yasemin prepares the table but Salim goes out not uttering a word. As he walks outside he sees Koray sitting in the park rubbing his neck and arms in the cold. He is moved but stops himself from going to him.

Ömer gives Zehra the necklace. Zehra thanks him and says she cannot accept it. She says the biggest present you could give me is what you did for Yasemin and I will never forget it. Ömer is upset. He says Ayşe had asked that I buy you a present. It is part of the game. Zehra says well I understand, but she saw it and didn't you see how happy she was. Ömer confirms. Yasemin calls Zehra crying that his father does not talk to her. Zehra tells her to calm down and give it time. Ömer listens at her kind words about her father. Zehra tells Ömer she is not sure that his father can get over this. Ömer assures her that he will understand that neither of them is to blame. Ömer says Ayşe has seen it so please keep the necklace with your things. She takes it.

Mehtap realizes Koray and Yasemin have returned. Mehtap vows to ruin Zehra's name in the neighbourhood.

Ömer goes to the bedroom and sees the necklace on Zehra's bedside table open. He takes it and looks at it with a smile. He drops it and looks at her sleeping in bed. He puts it back. He remembers the time he put on her own necklace for her.

In the morning Cevriye tells Nihat that Alev was doing something with his papers in the study. Nihat is concerned.

Ömer wakes up. Zehra is already up. She is worried about her father and Yasemin. He goes to get ready. He asks what she is going to do. She says should I go home and be with Yasemin. He says that is fine. I will take you. He goes out. Zehra looks at the necklace again and remembers Cevriye saying Ömer has found his princess. She says Cevriye has said it so much she has put it in everyone's head and laughs. Ömer comes in and likes the fact that she likes the necklace. She again thanks him for saving Yasemin. Ömer says you already said it. Zehra says it does not matter. It is very important for me.

Yasemin has prepared breakfast. Salim leaves some money on the table and leaves without a word. At the workshop Koray is looking around and sees Alper. Alper wants to apologize but Koray beats him up and tells him to stay away from Yasemin.

Mehtap tells Beton Yener has softened a lot and is very kind. Beton continues to text her as her secret admirer. Salim walks in the neighbourhood and realizes the neighbours are talking behind his back.

Zehra goes to the workshop to talk to Salim before seeing Yasemin. She tells Ömer how can I talk to him when I myself am in such lies. Ömer says you did everything for him so whenever you feel bad remind yourself of it. Zehra says I know but…Ömer says I will be in the office today what about you? She says I'll talk with my father and go to Yasemin. Ömer says fine; I will get you in the evening.

Zehra goes to his father and asks him to be tolerant. He talks about how Zehra never upset him and how Yasemin has disappointed him. He says now I can only trust you. Zehra is very upset.

Demir goes to Leyla and asks if there is anything between her and Tyfun. Leyla says where did you get that from? Leyla is annoyed. Demir says I am sorry but it is eating me from inside. Leyla says no there is no one. Demir says you are right I had no right to ask but thank you.

Zehra walks back home in tears. Ömer arrives and sees her walking all gloomy and goes to her. She sees him and they walk toward each other. Ömer says you had forgotten your phone and gives it to her. Is there anything wrong? Zehra says my father will never forgive me if he finds out I married you. He wipes out a tear. Yasemin comes out to the balcony and sees them together.

S01E115 - 115.Bölüm Air Date: 24 February 2017 14:10 -

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Ömer gives her a handkerchief and tells her do not cry we won't let your father find out. Yasemin comes and Ömer leaves. Yasemin asks wasn't it the guy who saved us? I thought he was the police. Zehra says he is my boss and I had asked him to help find you. They go in. Yasemin describes how Ömer faced Fikrat without fear and put himself is danger. She adds that he is also very handsome. Zehra changes the subject and tells her that Funda has spread it in the neighbourhood that you and Koray ran away together. Yasemin says I will deal with her. Yasemin also comments on how Ömer was looking longingly at Zehra.

Şükran arrives from Germany and is angry with the taxi for charging her too much. Tyfun arrives and the driver packs it in. Şükran pays him and then gets Tyfun to drive her home. She tells him that she has just arrived from abroad and is happy to be back and that she will also help him find a nice rental apartment in her area.

At the office Ömer realizes Demir is upset when he wants to say something Leyla comes in and Demir hushes and changes the subject. Ömer wants to talk to Alev but they tell him she is not at the office today. Ömer is miffed.

Zehra comes out and calls Ömer. She tells him that she told Yasemin he was her boss. Ömer says what else. She says he asked about how you got to help them. Zehra also tells him that she has told Zehra how he bravely put himself in danger to save her. Ömer skips it and says she is probably exaggerating because she was afraid. She says anyway she wanted to say now that Yasemin has seen him it is best if he does not show himself too much in Mahalleh. He says sure I will be more careful.

They deliver a letter for Zehra. Nazan takes it and wants to give it to Alev when Cevriye arrives and takes it from her hand saying I will give it to her. Alev arrives and Nazan tells her what happened. Behind the wall Cevriye hears how they want to get the letter from her. Ömer calls and is angry that Alev is not at work. She says I am not well. Alev tells Nazan go get the letter for me before Zehra arrives. Cevriye is determined to keep it safe.

Yasemin calls Koray and asks where he is staying. She tells him what Funda has done and her father is not talking to her. Koray says he is kind. He will forgive you. Make some Dulmas and take for him. He would not be able to resist it. She says ok and then I will meet with you. She makes the food and takes it to his father but he does not talk to her. She leaves the food and goes out. She calls Funda and goes and snaps at her. She also tells her that she and Koray are in love and she better get that through her head. She leaves. Funda calls Alper and wants to go on with her efforts. Alper says let go Funda. Koray's dad could not separate them, be sure that you won't be able to do it either. Funda is mad. Yasemin then goes to Koray and they talk. Cevriye sits with Müzeyyen and Ayşe to have coffee. She talks about the letter. Alev says Zehra's friends are museum pieces like her still writing letters. Müzeyyen is shocked. She says we grew up with letters. They are very special. Cevriye also talks of the merits of letters. Ayşe says I don't remember the last time I wrote a letter. Alev tries to take the letter and the other women are shocked at her. Cevriye takes it and leaves.

Ömer thinks about what Zehra said. He has two meetings. Demir wants to talk to Leyla. Zehra comes with four coffees. Demir and Leyla smile at the fourth coffee for Ömer. Zehra takes it to his office. Ömer calls Nihat to his office and tells him the rates given in the dossier will not win them the project. Nihat looks at them and says Alev has changed these and is angry. Ömer says you are responsible for the file. He says get the explanation from Alev and leaves angry. He sees Zehra going in with the coffee. He offers to give her a lift home but she says she'll go later. He says to himself the contract marriage is turning into real Love!

Zehra goes to Ömer and tells him she has brought coffee. Ömer jumps to it. She also takes out some sweet. He takes the cake and coffee and asks if it is carrot cake. He eats with relish. Zehra talks about how Yasemin has told her that he put himself in danger. He tries to change the subject. She keeps on. Where did you buy the cake? He asks. It is very delicious. Zehra says when I heard the gunshot…He continues to change the subject. You still didn't tell me where you got it from. They smile at each other. Demir comes and Ömer has to go. He says Leyla is in her office so Zehra can go to her. Ömer says invite Leyla to dinner. He also asks Demir and says Tyfun is coming too. Demir says I have an appointment so I can't come.

Cevriye falls asleep and Alev wants to get the letter. Cevriye takes it and goes to her room. Nihat sees Alev and tells her that Ömer wants an explanation for the prices you have changed and tells her to inform him of changes next time.

Zehra wants to leave and Ömer sees her earring on the floor. He gets it for her. She wants to put it on. It falls again and they both reach for it. They stare at each other. He offers to put it on her ear. He does it. They are both absorbed by each other and the sensations of their proximity. She leaves but not before she has looked back.

Salim skips Yasemin's food and is eating a store sandwich. He remembers Yasemin talking to her and loses appetite. Koray comes and he snaps at him telling him to get out. He says I have brought the keys. He tells him to put them on the table. Koray says Yasemin is not at fault. Everything happened because of me.

Alev tries to distract Cevriye by asking for tea and then sends Nazan to search her room. Nazan finds an envelope and gives it to Alev but when she opens it, it is a funny picture of Nihat and herself. Alev goes crazy and Cevriye laughs with herself at what she has done. Alev snaps at Nazan.

Zehra enters the bedroom and taking off the earrings remembers Ömer putting it on. She then looks at the pieces of jewelry he has given her. Ömer takes Leyla to go for dinner at the house. Demir says have fun and comments on Tyfun being there. Leyla notes it and says nothing.

Beton is not at the shop and Mehtap gets annoyed with him when he comes.

At the house Ömer talks with Tyfun and realizes he needs a place and promises to help. Zehra comes. She has changed and is also wearing the necklace he bought for her. Ömer is overjoyed seeing it. Ayşe and Cevriye comment on how beautiful it looks. He gets a call and goes into the study. Cevriye gives Zehra the letter. She takes it out and is upset by the letter. Alev gets up to go to her but she leaves the room. In his study Ömer is told that Yener has attempted to commit suicide in prison.

S01E116 - 116.Bölüm Air Date: 27 February 2017 14:10 -

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Ömer asks if Yener is dead. They say he is in the hospital. Ömer remembers Yener's voice telling Ömer: "Zehra is mine!" He says you will never see her face again! He wonders whether he should tell Zehra.

In the bedroom Zehra reads the letter. It is from Yener confessing that he had lied about Ömer's involvement in her mother's disappearance. Zehra remembers how she had berated and hurt Ömer and she feels awful.

In the living room Cevriye tries to connect Tyfun and Leyla. Tyfun says he will see Ömer and goes into the study. Leyla also goes to Zehra. Ömer tells him about Yener and Tyfun says they usually leave a note when they do such a thing and he feels Yener is not the type to commit suicide. Ayşe comes and gets them to go to dinner. Ömer says he will get Zehra and Leyla. He ponders in the study a bit.

In the bedroom Zehra tells Leyla about the letter and Leyla says you have to apologize to Ömer. Zehra is not happy about the prospects. Leyla says it is good that you are sure now and it will be fine for the two of you. Ömer arrives at the door and hears Zehra saying "Yener did something good for me. And I have to talk to him and apologize to him." They open the door to go and Ömer is there. He wonders if she knows about Yener and what the conversation is about. He is upset.

They inform Mehtap about her brother's attempted suicide and she goes to the hospital up at arms. Demir is upset that he let Leyla be there with Tyfun without he himself going there. But it is too late. Yasemin calls her dad but he does not answer. She goes there worried that he might have fainted again. He snaps at her saying why did you come. She says you did not answer so I worried. They go home together.

Cevriye tells Ayşe to let Ömer sit beside his wife. They serve coffee. Ömer is upset saying in his head when did you talk to him? Zehra looks at him and takes the Turkish delight from beside his cup. He looks at her questioningly and she says you don't like it, anyways! He is amused but it does not last long.

Tyfun takes Leyla back. Leyla is scared at home and she realizes it is her aunt who has come. Ömer comes into the bedroom. Zehra is fixing the bed. She goes into the bathroom and notices he is not happy. Ömer thinks maybe it is all a game so they can see each other. He is mad and takes it on the pillows. Zehra comes and sees he is angry and feels intimidated and decides not to talk about the letter for now.

In the morning Ömer turns in the bed and his head falls on her pillow and wakes up with her smell. He wonders where she is. He gets a call from the police saying Yener is recovering. He asks about a note. They say there was none. Zehra comes in with breakfast in bed for him. He says what did I do to deserve this? She thinks of saying she wants to apologize but instead says Cevriye insisted so she did it. Ayşe comes and sees it and asks what Ömer has done. Zehra says she wanted to thank her for everything. Ayşe tells Ömer to give her the first bite. He takes her hand and sits her on the bed and feeds her toast and jam and wipes her mouth gently. Ayşe leaves. Zehra gets up and Ömer says he has to leave and does it without taking a bite. Zehra's phone rings. Yasemin is crying because his father would not speak to her. She hangs up and tells Ömer she is going to Mahalleh and he does not need to take her. Ömer says nothing.

Mehtap is upset about his brother and decides to take revenge by telling Salim about Zehra. Zehra consoles Yasemin and also asks about Koray and realizes he has no place to stay. She takes the tablecloth out to shake out the crumbs. Ömer sees her from his car and tells himself so she is actually here with her family as if he expected something else. He drives off.

Koray goes to Salim and apologizes and asks him not to be mad at Yasemin and that they never did anything to shame him. Salim takes his money out of the drawer and says take the rest of your money and go. Koray does not take it and just asks for his blessing and leaves. Salim gives him his blessing. Later Zehra comes and Salim tells her that Koray had come and says he never expected Yasemin to lie to him. Mehtap comes and sees Zehra in the workshop and decides to make a better plan. Meanwhile Demir realizes Leyla has not come to work and calls her. She says she has something important to do. He calls Tyfun's workplace and asks if he is available and they say he is busy. Demir is relieved that they are not together. Tyfun runs into Şükran and she gives him a real estate number and also tells him she will call him if she sees something good.

Zehra leaves and sees Koray in the park and talks to him. Koray suddenly realizes what he has to do and goes to Salim and asks for Yasmine's hand. Mehtap calls Zehra and asks her to go to the shop. She goes there and Mehtap tells her that Yener has attempted suicide and his last wish is to talk to Zehra apparently about her mother. Zehra asks the name of the hospital and leaves.

Ömer is in the office and decides to call Zehra and talk to her about the Yener issue. Alev walks in and he has to hang up. He suddenly receives an email. He opens it on the laptop: a photo of Zehra at Yener's bedside in the hospital. Rage pours out of his eyes and Alev wants to take a peak.

S01E117 - 117.Bölüm Air Date: 28 February 2017 14:10 -

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Alev asks Ömer why he went pale. He closes the laptop and says it is something about a friend and it does not concern you. She tries to push it and Ömer looks at her crossed. Meanwhile Zehra comes out of the hospital and Beton is on her trail. She is mad at Mehtap for lying to her. She calls Ömer but he does not answer. In the office, Ömer tells Alev let's get to work. He says you have been negligent of your work lately; no matter what, you cannot raise these prices because it means losing our shot at getting the deal. Alev says I am also very concerned about work but you are more important. Before we used to be close and you shared everything with me but now. Ömer says is it not normal? Now I share things with my wife! Alev hushes and they sit to work. She tells him that if you look at the bottom line you will see that our profit remains the same. He says I need to see all the prices. Alev says all of them right now? He says yes. She goes to get them. Zehra calls again and Ömer does not answer.

Salim is angry with Koray over his marriage proposal for Yasemin and tells him to get out. He then wonders if they are still meeting. He goes home and Yasemin is there. He tells her angrily you don't have to bring food to the workshop anymore. You'll go from home to class and from class home.

Tyfun meets with Mehtap who has been told by Şükran to find a house for him. They recognize each other and the meeting is awkward. Tyfun goes off and sees Şükran who tells him there is a house in her neighbourhood that he can rent and they will also feel safer with him being there. He accepts.

Ömer is angry in the office. Demir comes in and he shows him the photo. Demir says Zehra probably has a logical explanation why she went there and you should trust her. You should also ask yourself why you are so mad.

Zehra arrives at the office and sees Mehtap and tells her Yener had nothing to tell her and why she lied to her. Mehtap grovels and Zehra goes to Ömer's office. Alev is there. When Zehra walks in Alev says Ömer; we have to be close like before so we can get the work done. She adds that she will bring the files home so they can finish it tonight. She apologizes to Zehra saying when they get down to work they forget themselves. She leaves. Ömer asks why did you come. Zehra says I thought we would go home together but it appears you are busy I can go. He says now that you have come; wait we'll go. Alev comes with a box of chocolate and says I got a friend to bring me your favourite chocolates from the US; would you like one and she opens the box holding it out to him. Zehra is feeling upset. He says that is nice; maybe later. She says she can go home with them because her car is in the shop getting fixed. They wait for her. He asks Zehra why she kept ringing him; she says to go with him and he is upset that she is keeping the truth from him. Alev brings the chocolates and Ömer says good; it will be nice after dinner. Zehra notes Alev flirting with Ömer and shows silent irritation.

Koray wants to see Yasemin but Şükran calls and she says I can't come. Şükran notes that Yasemin and Salim are upset. Ömer, Zehra and Alev go home. Nihat and Ayşe are there. Alev asks Ömer if they will go over the file later. He confirms. Then she says you will come to the business dinner in two days right? He says yes. Zehra looks at him and is upset. Alev says I'll put the chocolate in the kitchen we'll eat it together after dinner. He nods and Zehra notes it. They go to their room. Alev notes that there is something going on between them. Nihat asks Alev for a piece of chocolate; she refuses. Ayşe and Nihat giggle.

In the bedroom Zehra says again you did not tell me about the dinner. He says I will go alone. She says still you should have told me so that we do not give away anything. He says are you trying to create problems again? She is shocked and says what do you mean. He leaves. She gets angry with herself for not telling him everything. Ömer is in the study. Alev comes with the file and then goes to get coffee "as she always did before". Zehra comes in. She tells him that Yener has committed suicide. He is silent and she asks are you not going to say something. Ömer asks indifferently if he is dead. She says no and that she knows it because she went to the hospital. Alev comes and she cannot go on any further and Ömer gets back to work not minding her. He is giving her the indifferent treatment!!

In the bedroom Zehra waits for him and he is late. Suddenly she hears him and jumps in bed with her robe and covers her head. He comes in and wonders why she has not separated the beds and if she did not expect her. He pulls the spread off and asks if she is going to sleep like that. She says I thought you might be with Alev. She says are you not going to ask me why I went there. He says do I need to. She says I wanted to tell you from the beginning but just couldn't find the chance. I went there because I heard he knows something about my mom. Just that. You are angry! He looks at her and is softening a bit. I am tired, he says; I want to change and sleep.

In the morning Alev gives a photo of herself and Ömer and tells Nazan to put it in the bedroom among Ömer's stuff somewhere conspicuous. Salim walks with Yasemin some way and then they separate and he tells her to go to class and back home and that he has work to do today and will be late. He then gets a call from someone. Yasemin goes to Koray and Koray tells him that he asked for her hand from Salim. Yasemin is shocked. Salim calls Yasemin and she texts back that she is in the class and cannot talk. Salim appears there and is mad at them and tells Yasemin that he is sending her to the village to stay with her aunt. At home Salim tells Yasemin to pack her bags. She decides to run to Koray.

Demir calls Leyla and she takes another day off to be with Şükran. Şükran wants to take some food to Tyfun and go together and Leyla realizes who their new neighbour is. Şükran says Leyla made the food and gives it to him. Later Demir goes to Leyla saying he was worried about her and sees Şükran there and is relieved.

In the morning Zehra wakes up. Ömer's bed is made and he is gone. She goes into the living room. Ömer is sitting with Alev and Alev talks about the nice restaurant she has reserved for the business dinner and rubs herself against him about how things go well when he is there and they work together. Zehra sits on the side and feels uncomfortable when they talk about working together all day. She goes to the kitchen. Nazan indicates to Alev that she has installed the photo. Ömer goes to his room and sees the photo in his book beside the night table. He wonders what it is doing there. Zehra walks in; he throws it in the book and goes to the bathroom. She notices it. She wants to show him the letter. He comes out and leaves quickly saying he has to get his phone. She puts back the letter and goes to the book and sees the photo. She remembers Alev telling her that Ömer could never love a common girl like her and Sevim telling her that Alev is after her husband. She wonders what's going on between them and if they truly were close before. She just wants to show him the letter when her phone rings. It is Yener. She does not respond. He texts her that he is free now and is coming to get her.

S01E118 - 118.Bölüm Air Date: 01 March 2017 14:10 -

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Ömer goes in and sees her all pale and asks if anything is wrong. She is about to say something but Alev comes in and says are we going Ömer. Zehra says you are leaving. Ömer says I can stay. Zehra says no go. She wonders if it is true and he has really escaped. Ömer tells Alev to wait outside and asks her again if everything is ok. She says it is fine. He says he will go and be back early and asks what she is doing. She says I will be home. He goes. Zehra calls the hospital and tries to get info but they will not give her any news of Yener. She feels she has to assure herself about it and decides to go to the hospital.

Koray sits Yasemin down and tells her that he cannot do that to Salim and take her daughter away without her permission. Yasemin is angry and on the way back runs into Şükran. She tells her that her father wants to send her to the village. Şükran takes her home and tells her to put away her bag before her father sees it. She sits and talks with Salim telling him that he needs to keep his daughter close to him. Salim is still determined to send her.

Mehtap hears that her brother has run away and is mad. Tyfun comes to see her and tells her she better tell them if anything comes up otherwise it would get worse for her brother.

At work Alev talks about the dinner again and Ömer says he will go with Zehra. Alev is miffed and goes to get coffee. Ömer gets a call from the Tyfun that Yener has escaped. He calls Zehra but she does not answer. He remembers the fear in her face in the morning with her phone and realizes she has probably heard. He leaves quickly making Alev mad.

Zehra is walking to the hospital and Ömer drives right in front of her. She asks what are you doing here? What are YOU doing her, he asks. She says Yener has run away and that she needed to find out if it was true. He gets mad that she did not tell him and came alone. She says she did not find the right opportunity to tell him and accepts she made a mistake. He hushes. She says there is more. She gives him the letter. He reads it and crumples it and again says why did you not show this to me from the beginning. Again she says I did not get a chance. He says we live in the same house and in the same…She again accepts she was wrong but also that he has to realize when he is busy he becomes unapproachable. He says there can be no excuse. She accepts that she was wrong; adding that from the beginning she was wrong for believing Yener when he said Ömer was involved in her mom's departure.

Koray goes to Salim; asks for his forgiveness and tells him that his father never acted like a parent to him and thanks Salim for teaching him what true parenthood is and asks that he does not take that away from Yasemin over him. He then tells Salim that he will go away so he does not have to send Yasemin away.

Zehra and Ömer come home. No one's there. They want to go to the bedroom to talk when Nihat comes and greets them. Alev arrives from the back and asks Ömer how come you are home early; didn't you say you had something to do? Nihat says you changed places with Ömer; he should be asking you this question. Alev says I am asking my work partner not my boss! Nihat says don't worry he is with his wife. Meanwhile Zehra and Ömer are looking from one side to the other. Ömer says let's go to the bedroom and they leave. Alev is miffed.

Leyla runs into someone trying to break in to their home at night. Şükran calls Tyfun.

At night Ömer and Zehra enter the bedroom. Ömer says everyone turned in early. Zehra says good; I was tired. He says it probably gets hard for you always pretending. She says no; it's not that. A smile from Ayşe suffices for me. And anyway, I don't have to act with her. Ömer is moved. Zehra says what are we to do with Yener out. Ömer says he might not have run away if you had not gone to the hospital. She says you saw the letter, I thought he might know where my mother is. He says how can you trust someone like him. She says it was not trust; it was just a flicker of hope. They change and get in bed. Zehra apologizes to him for blaming him for her mother's actions. She says I still can't believe how a mother can leave her children. But I feel I wanna know. He says sometimes the things you don't know make you happier. She says you understand me because you mother left too. He says yes. She asks why she left. Words dry up in his throat and he gets out of bed. Zehra reproaches herself for opening his wound.

In the morning Zehra comes in with breakfast. Ömer comes out of the bathroom and sets the table and they sit to eat gözleme. It is hot so Zehra wraps it in a napkin and blows on it before giving it to him. He looks at her, eats and thanks her. Yasemin calls and tells Zehra that Salim wants to send her to the village. She tells Ömer she has to go to Mahaleh. Ömer says it is too dangerous with him out. He then accepts to drive her there.

Ömer drives her there and waits for her to go in. He calls Tyfun but no news of Yener. Zehra talks with her dad but he cannot be dissuaded. She talks with Yasemin and Yasemin tells her that Koray asked for her hand. Zehra tells her that even if she goes to the village it would be for a couple of days and then their father would bring her back. She goes out and Ömer is still there. She goes to the car and tells him that Koray has asked for Yasemin's hand. Ömer is amused and says he is bold.

Hilmi Yilmaz lets Alev know that Yener has escaped. She decides to use that information. Koray goes to tell Yasemin that he is leaving and Salim hears him telling Yasemin to listen to her dad and feels proud. Fikrat comes with his goon to get Koray. Salim stands between them and tells Yasemin and Koray to go in. Koray runs to Salim.

Ömer and Zehra arrive home and Alev comes acting distressed that she was followed by somebody and was scared. The doorbell rings. Flowers for Zehra. Alev says read the note. It is a love note from Yener. She does not know what to say.

S01E119 - 119.Bölüm Air Date: 02 March 2017 14:10 -

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Ömer says they were supposed to deliver later; they ruined my surprise. Zehra picks up on it and says they are lovely. Alev says you can't expect me to believe surprises and such cheap flowers are your style! Ömer says when you fall in love you'll also find yourself doing odd things you did not do before. Zehra smells them and thanks him and they go to the bedroom. There Ömer takes the flowers and throws them at the wall. They fall crumbling all over.

Şükran tells Leyla to be more open to men and give them a chance. If she had bad luck once it does not mean that it would be like that every time. Salim is attacked. Koray runs and hits his goon and tells them not to touch him. He says you are not my father. Salim sends Koray in. Fikrat wants to give him money for Koray. Salim says you may be everything but not a father and pushes him back. He says you can't take him by force if anything; you can talk to him and maybe convince him with kindness. Fikrat finally leaves. Salim goes and sits in the yard. Koray wants to tell Yasemin that he is leaving. Salim comes and Koray says they would never bother you again and leaves the house.

Zehra is concerned that Yener might harm her father and Yasemin and wants to go to Mahalleh. Ömer says he can do nothing. He calls the security and takes measures. He also tells Tyfun. Zehra calls Yasemin and there is no answer so she decides to go there. Ömer accepts to drive her there and she would call her when she is done so he could go get her.

Beton continues to find love quotes from romantic movies to send to Mehtap. Mehtap says are you in love, Beton, and guesses at different women but of course she is wrong. She then comments on the emptiness in her own heart. Mehtap realizes they are under surveillance by the police as Tyfun passes her office.

As Ömer and Zehra are leaving Alev asks Ömer about the dinner that night. Ömer says he and Zehra are not going. She says why? He says because I say so. He adds that he has reviewed the file and the Company is not suitable. Alev says does your not coming have anything to do with a surprise for Zehra? Ömer says even if it is; what is your point? I want to spend the day with my wife! Everyone hushes and Zehra timidly feels valued! Nihat is surprised. Ayşe commends her brother and tells Nihat to learn from him.

Salim tells Yasemin she will stay and only go to class and come home. Yasemin thinks to herself that Salim will also forgive Koray. She calls Koray but Koray texts her that he is leaving as he has promised her father. She realizes that is why Salim is not sending her away. She thinks Salim has send Koray away.

Alev is determined to get Ömer to the hotel in Bosphurus where she has made a reservation. She gets ready and calls an accomplice who is going to send a text message at the right time. Leyla goes to work and Demir is cold with her for missing so many days of work but then he realizes that there was a break in at her home and feels bad for jumping to conclusions. He apologizes.

Ömer takes Zehra to Mahalleh. He tells her to be careful and make sure her phone is charged and to call him when she wants to leave. Yasemin tells Zehra that Salim has sent Koray away. She consoles her. Then goes to Salim and as he is walking there Ömer calls and tells her to stay on the phone until she gets there. At the workshop Zehra asks him why he sent Koray away but he says I did not. He went himself. Salim gets a text message from Fikrat saying the business with him is not over!

Ömer tells Demir about Yener's escape and sending flowers to the house for Zehra. Demir says he is crazy. Ömer says his actions show he still has hope and one way to the other whenever he calls, Zehra goes to him.

Zehra tells her dad to be careful about Yener. He says there has also been a break in. Zehra calls Leyla to see how she is and they plan to meet at Salim's home with Şükran for tea. Leyla says she will meet her and Alev is happy to hear. Şükran is at Salim's asking Zehra if there is anyone in Leyla's life. Zehra says not that I know of. Leyla comes. Şükran tells them they will not be young forever and should find good husbands and then leaves. Zehra tells Leyla about recent developments. Leyla notes that Ömer is very concerned for Zehra. Zehra tries to evade her insinuations.

Alev arrives at the hotel and begins dressing. Ömer calls Zehra and says should I come get you. She says Leyla just arrived can you come in half an hour. He says ok. Alev calls Ömer saying someone was after her and she is scared and gives the address of the hotel and asks him to go get her. He calls Zehra saying I will send a car for you. I have something to do. Zehra becomes concerned. She goes out. Alev calls her accomplice. The guy sends a text message to Zehra saying your husband is in danger. If you want to help, go to this address. She calls but can't get Ömer so she goes there.

Ömer arrives at the hotel, goes up and Alev comes and opens the door. He goes into the room and asks what she is doing there. Alev begins to pretend she is afraid and then hugs him. Zehra arrives and goes up and goes in the room and sees Alev and Ömer pressing against each other.

S01E120 - 120.Bölüm Air Date: 03 March 2017 14:10 -

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Zehra is lost and begins mumbling. Ömer peels Alev off of himself. Alev sneers. Zehra wobbles out of the building reproaching herself for being there. Ömer calls Tyfun asks him to go get Alev. He runs down and stops Zehra outside. She says don't think I am following you. I got a message. He says Alev was being followed so I came. Zehra says I have to go and turns to go. He stops her and says you can't go. She says you can't say if I can or can't go. She is about to go and Ömer asks why did you come? She turns around and shows him the message. He opens the door for her. She sits reluctantly.

Leyla zones out with thoughts of Demir. Şükran wonders what's going on with her. In the car, Zehra remembers all the episodes with Alev rubbing herself against Ömer. They run out of gas. Zehra says that's what happens when you leave with an empty tank. He says did I have a chance? She says yeah, you were very busy! He says excuse me! She says nothing. They sit. She says what should I go get gas or should I get out and push? He gets out irritated and goes to find a station. As he walks up the road; Zehra looks at him annoyed. She gets out and sees an old woman carrying firewood. She tells her that they have run out of gas and offers to help her carry the wood. The old woman thanks her and tells an old man who sits beside the car that Zehra is helping her. Zehra carries the wood to the woman's house and helps her arrange it. She invites Zehra in for a drink of Ayran.

Ömer returns and sees she is not there. The old man tells him that she is helping Amina Hanim and gives him her address. He goes there and knocks on the door asking her why she left without a word and her phone off. Amina begs them not to fight because she would hate to be the cause of a fight between husband and wife. She then invites Ömer in. Zehra says don't ask him; he won't come. Ömer goes in. He takes of his shoes and goes in.

Mehtap follows Betton who meet a stranger he first says is a client but then Mehtap realizes he is a thief and Betton is collaborating with him to influence the real estate prices to their advantage. She tells him to stop doing things her brother's way and she is the boss from now on. Salim remembers Koray telling his father that he won't let them hurt Salim and smiles with pride. He receives a text message from Fikrat saying this business does not end here. He gets worried about Yasemin and goes home.

Ömer and Zehra sit in Amina's sitting room and drink Ayran. Zehra gives him dirty looks and remembers Alev in his arms. The old woman asks Zehra to get more for Ömer form the kitchen. She goes. Amina tells Ömer you love her very much. It shows very well. Ömer looks like he has been caught red handed. She comes back and Amina says we were talking about how much your husband loves you. It unsettles Zehra. She gives him the Ayran and he thanks her.

Yasemin sits in her room looking at photos of Koray longing for him. Salim comes and tells her not to leave the house without informing him and goes to the workshop. Meanwhile Tyfun takes Alev home and Cevriye sees them and asks her what happened to her car. She says I had a minor accident. She goes on and is irritated when Cevriye and later Nihat ask her about the details of the accident.

Amina asks Ömer what did you do to her to make her so upset. He looks at Zehra and Amina says don't steal away your eyes. Zehra looks at him irritated. He says I did not do anything. Zehra throws her eyebrows up. She says why is she so upset then. Zehra says no I am not upset. Ömer asks her did I do something to hurt you? She says I am not upset; you think something should be upsetting me? Ömer says Teyze(Auntie) said so. Zehra says she misunderstood. Amina says perhaps you got the evil eye. You suit each other so much. Zehra says he does not trust me. Ömer says right now, YOU don't trust me! She looks at him meaningfully. You should look for the answer to your problems in your heart and that will solve everything. Zehra gets up and says we need to go. Amina says I won't let you go before dinner. She thanks her and says they have to go but Ömer gets up and says they could stay. Zehra says what are you doing? He says what? I am accepting Teyze's kind invitation. Amina takes Zehra's hand and says let's go and make dinner. They go and Ömer sits amused.

Alev snaps at Nihat for asking about the accident. Ayşe comes and Alev says it's just work matters. As Ayşe is about to leave with Nihat, she asks Alev to tell Hediye Ömer and Zehra will not be here for dinner tonight. Alev is miffed thinking where they might be. Leyla and Şükran watch a TV series together and Şükran criticizes the woman protagonist for refusing good matches. She tells Leyla to give Demir a chance. Leyla says he is only my colleague.

Amina gives Ömer the pincers to handle the chestnuts; Zehra takes over saying he is not doing it properly. She says accept that there are some things you don't know. He says what is there about chestnuts that I don't know. I think you are just trying to quibble. She says I am fine why should I quibble? He says I am fine too. Amina does her Namaz and comes back and says God and his prophet have said staying crossed for more than three days is a sin. So get up; kiss and make up. They kiss each other on the cheek. Now smile at each other, she won't let them go. Zehra smiles, Ömer smiles and is amused by the whole affair. They sit to have the chestnuts.

At home, Cevriye reminds Alev about the joy of finding the right match for herself and Ayşe and Nihat express their love for each other. Alev is annoyed and leaves saying to herself you'll see how happy Ömer and Zehra are when they come home.

Amina gives Ömer and Zehra mattress and sleeping gear to lay their bed on the floor. She also gives them sleeping outfits. Zehra asks him to go out so she can change. Amina is sitting outside so Ömer cannot go. He says I'll turn my back and you change. She says not at all. He then installs a wall with a sheet hanging from one side to the other and Zehra goes behind it. She asks him to turn his back anyways. He does. He turns around once and Zehra sneaks her head out of the sheet and looks at him. He turns and begins taking off his tie as she changes. She comes out and asks what he is doing. He says I am changing. She asks here? He says just my jacket and tie. He thinks her gown is funny. He then goes behind the sheet and changes. She also thinks he looks funny in the pyjamas. She then asks how can they sleep. He says we'll put pillows between us. She says no; that won't work. He says you sleep and I'll sit. She says no; that won't work either; you sleep; I'll sit. They sit side by side in the bed. In the morning they wake up with Zehra's head on Ömer's shoulder and her hand in his arm. Ömer wakes up first and tastes the closeness. She gets up and they look into each other's eyes. She separates herself and starts getting ready silently but with meaningful looks. Ömer does the same. Amina has made fresh bread for breakfast.

Şükran takes food for Salim and Yasemin at the workshop. She tells him to keep Yasemin with him and not send her to the village. Yasemin keeps calling Koray and asking him to answer her because she is heartbroken. Koray listens to the message and then gets a message from his dad saying Salim will also suffer the pains I have suffered. Koray is worried that they would hurt Salim.

Ömer and Zehra arrive home. They sit in the living room. Ömer waits for coffee. Alev comes and is annoyed that they seem fine together. She goes forward and gives him the cufflink saying here is something you dropped at the hotel. Zehra is upset. Ömer takes it reluctantly looking at Zehra. Zehra gets up to leave. Alev sits in Zehra's chair. Zehra looks back and is further annoyed. Alev asks Ömer why he is not thanking her. Ömer follows Zehra oblivious to Alev.

A suspicious man is taking pictures in the garden. Zehra comes out onto the verandah. He sneaks to a hiding place in front of Ömer and Zehra's verandah. Zehra is very upset. Ömer walks onto the verandah and up to her. She tries to hide her feelings. He asks is anything bothering you? The guy takes a photo. She wants to leave, he takes her arm and stops her. Ömer goes on: I ask again, is anything bothering you? She says if it is or not; it's not your business. He says if there is anything, let's talk about it. She indicates no and begins to leave. She says from the back; don't tell me you feel jealous! She stops, turns around and stands face to face with him. The guy aims at them with a gun.

S01E121 - 121.Bölüm Air Date: 06 March 2017 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Zehra says what kind of a thing is that to say? Why should I? He hears something. The guy jumps behind the wall and a message from Yener tells him the plan has changed. I just want the woman; leave the guy.

Ömer says if you say no then that is the way it is. He then asks her to wait a moment and leaves the veranda. Zehra remembers the episode at the hotel and says to herself: do whatever you want. Why should I be jealous of YOU! He comes back and asks why she is so tense. She says I am not. He indicates that her hands are shaking. She says it is from the cold and asks to be left alone. He looks at her playfully and perhaps appreciatively. She turns to go and trips. He catches her and they stare into each other's eyes with her in his arms… He hears something from the garden and breaks away to look. She is worried. He asks her to go in. She says I'll go into the living room. She leaves and he jumps into the garden and begins looking around. The guy hides. Zehra is in the living room and Ömer comes in through the veranda and closes the door. Zehra says why are you coming after me. Can't I be alone for a moment? Aren't you going to the office? He says let's sit down and talk. She says the same issue? He says sternly, excuse me? That mad man is out there, after you and he suddenly changes tone as he sees Cevriye come and holds Zehra's arms saying if you hold me up, I will be late for my meeting. Zehra says let me see you off. Alev arrives and says can you give me a ride to the office; my car is being fixed? Ömer says I have something to do; I am going later. Zehra says you said it would only be five minutes trying to show that she cares less if he spends time with Alev. Ömer has to accept to take Alev. He says I left my phone in the room; I'll get it and come. Zehra follows. In there he says that he has his phone and just wants her to stay in the house and call her if she wants to leave. Zehra tries to be cool saying sure I will; go now, don't keep Alev waiting. He leaves and Zehra follows and sees Alev stopping Ömer beside the car and removing dust from his coat and straightening his tie. Cevriye also sees and takes Zehra to the living room to give her some advice about dealing with husbands and the topic of jealousy! Ayşe comes and joins in too.

Betton gets some money and Mehtap realizes he is going to her brother. She says she'll go with him. She goes into an abandoned building where the guy from Ömer's garden comes and takes the money saying Yener has asked him to kidnap Zehra and take them both out of the country. Mehtap gives him the money and says make sure my brother gets out with or without Zehra. Mehtap later tells Şükran that it is Zehra who is responsible for poisoning her brother's mind and getting him in so much trouble.

Şükran visits Yasemin assuring her that things will work out at the end. She sends her out to buy stuff so she can get some air. Koray sees her sitting with the shopping in the park and longs for her but stands back.

Alev is annoyed that Mehtap is not at work. Nihat tells her to cool off for the evening meeting. Alev remembers there should be a meeting dinner and calls Nazan to say that she and Ömer will not be home for dinner in a way that Zehra hears. Nazan goes and tells Ayşe while Ayşe and Zehra work on handbag models. Zehra hears. When Ayşe asks her about it, she asks Zehra if she knew and tells Zehra to go too. Zehra says she knows nothing about it and prefers to stay and sketch.

Ömer asks Demir and Leyla to bring him the file to discuss. Demir goes to get Leyla. Alev tells Ömer that the meeting dinner is set. He knows nothing about it. She pretends it is business as usual and Ömer says ok. At home Zehra is upset that Ömer did not tell her so she would be prepared.

Ömer notices Demir pays special attention to Leyla. They start the meeting. Later Tyfun comes and Demir and Leyla leave quickly. Tyfun says Yener's guy is crazy and they should be very careful.

Yasemin goes to Salim and tells him about Şükran making dinner. Reza the landlord comes and says Salim has to vacate the workshop by the end of the month. We realize he is being goaded on by Fikrat's men. Salim later tells Şükran about this. Koray is hanging around and notices that his father's men are around Salim's house looking for him.

Ömer receives a call from Tyfun saying Yener has been seen around his house. He gets up to go there. In his car, Yener's guy puts a gun to his head and leads him to a storage space in a deserted place. He knocks him out with the gun and ties him up. When he comes to, he takes his phone and texts Zehra to go there. Ömer is mad.

Zehra gets the message and calls him. The guy sends a text message saying I am in a meeting; just come. She thinks that Ömer wants to surprise her and apologize for the Alev episode. She gets excited and sits in a taxi to go there. Ömer is trying to untie himself saying; Zehra please do not come. He gets a piece of glass with his foot and begins rubbing it against the ropes that ties his hand. The guy gets ready for Zehra. She arrives and sees Ömer's car and begins looking for him. What kind of a place is this? The guy comes and grabs her and wants to push her in the car. As she resists, Ömer arrives from behind and beats the guy and takes her out of the car. As they run toward their own car, the guy stops them at gunpoint aiming at Ömer.

S01E122 - 122.Bölüm Air Date: 07 March 2017 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

He talks about blowing Ömer's head off and Zehra runs and says it's ok. I'll come just leave him. Ömer entangles again and they wrestle. Zehra also gets a pipe and beats him on the back. Ömer kicks the gun away. He gets Zehra to the car and before he can get the guy, he gets in his car and drives away. They fret over each other and then get in the car.

Fikrat goes to Salim and tells him he has poisoned his son's mind against him and tells him he wants Koray in 24 hours or else. At home Nazan asks to go shopping and skims much of the shopping money. Next time Ökkeş goes himself and Nazan is annoyed.

They arrive at home. Alev calls about the dinner. Ömer says he can't go. She is mad. Ömer calms Zehra. She apologizes for all that happened to him for her sake. He says there was nothing you could do. But now you are safe. They go in and he asks her to be inconspicuous. In the bedroom Ömer realizes Zehra's arm is severely bruised. He looks at it and his eyes are pained. She says it's fine. He wants to tell Nazan to bring some ice. She grabs his hand and asks him to stay! He is startled by the touch. She says they might suspect something. He says then if it gets worse they'll go to the doctor. She says she should not have gone to the hospital but that Yener used her weak point. Ömer says you should know not to trust him. I almost lost you… He trails off. Zehra looks very vulnerable. Ömer asks her to help him protect her by taking more care. She asks him to take care too as Yener might harm him as well. He goes to change.

At home Ayşe has found a scarf their real mother had knitted for Ömer and wants to give it to him. Müzeyyen is concerned that it might open some old wounds. Ayşe feels it will be good for him. Ayşe comes to Zehra and says his brother used to love this scarf and she has found it in Asya's things and wants to give it to Ömer. Zehra says if he liked it so much I am sure he will be happy. Ayşe then goes to the study and tells Ömer he wants him to have this as a reminder of the good things in his childhood and asks him to open a new chapter and not let the past cast a shadow on his future. Ömer sits arrested.

Leyla looks at her mementos from her first engagement. Şükran tells her to start a new chapter too. She also asks about the Yener story and Leyla tells her that Yener is crazy and Zehra clearly innocent.

Ömer is in the study. Alev comes in to work. He says I have a headache; another time. She says let me massage you head like I used to. She goes to him and begins. He peels her hands off and moves away. She goes to him again and with her hands on his head, Zehra comes in. Ömer takes away Alev's hands and gets away from her. Alev leaves triumphantly. Zehra wants to go but Ömer asks how come she did not sleep. She gives him the cup of honey and milk she has made for him saying Ayşe said he liked it. He thanks her. She goes to bed.

Salim is worried about Yasemin at home. Ömer goes to bed later. Zehra is asleep. He looks at her arm and then covers it and pulls the duvet over her with great care and goes to sleep. They wake up in the morning face to face. He asks to see her arm again. She asks whether Yener is arrested. She asks him to stay home that day. He says you are safe here. I have to go to the office. The police are after him. She sees Ömer off. Again, Alev comes to go to the office with him. She looks at them go and Cevriye comes and tells her she should have a baby to seal this marriage.

Salim tells Yasemin not to worry about losing the workshop and that God will show them a way. He then asks her to be careful as the streets are full of wild animals! Thinking of course of Fikrat's men. Yasemin calls Zehra and tells her about the prospect of losing the workshop. Zehra says she'll go to Mahaleh.

At work, Demir is sick and Leyla shows concern. Alev is annoyed that Mehtap is not there and calls her. Mehtap delivers an excuse. Betton takes the money and pays Yener's guy. Yasemin calls Koray and leaves a message saying how she needs him and that they are throwing Salim out of the workshop. Koray realizes it must have to do with his father. Reza is at Mehtap's trying to rent out his store when Şükran comes and tells him off for cutting a man's bread. Reza says he has no complaints against Salim but was forced.

At the office Ömer calls and Zehra does not answer. He wonders if Zehra has gone out again and not listened to him.

Koray goes to Salim to help him face his father's men. Salim is upset because the 24 hours are up, and they will be coming. Yasemin also arrives. He is annoyed and keeps telling them to leave. The guys come and take out a gun and they entangle. Zehra is also arriving. There is a gunshot with Salim, the goon and Koray entangled.

S01E123 - 123.Bölüm Air Date: 08 March 2017 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Koray has been hit. The goons run off. Zehra runs in. Salim and Yasemin are distraught. Zehra calls for an ambulance and they take him there. The goons go to Fikrat and he is mad about the developments. He sends them to get news at the hospital. Salim goes to give him blood. Fikrat's men have them under watch.

Ömer arrives at Salim's house. He realizes nobody's there. He goes to the workshop and realizes the yellow police ribbon and hears from neighbours that there was a shooting and Salim's daughter was hit. He hears the name of the hospital and jumps in his car to go. Şükran also arrives and hears the news. She calls Leyla and tells her that Koray was hit. Leyla goes to join her aunt and go to the hospital.

Alev gets a call from Hilmi Yilmaz asking for results against the Holding. Alev wants him to give her some time and tells herself I have gotten so close to Ömer and worked so hard of the past weeks to get here, I can't jeopardize that now with this guy's demands. She is frustrated.

At the hospital Zehra tries to calm Yasemin. They come and ask for them to get meds for Koray. Zehra goes to get them. When she is gone, Ömer arrives and sees Salim holding Yasemin and thinks they are waiting on Zehra while she is in the OR and he suddenly falls apart. He holds himself at the nurse's desk and at that point Zehra walks to Salim and Yasemin from behind him. Ömer walks away from them without seeing Zehra and sits himself down on a chair.

Zehra wants to get Yasemin's phone to call Ömer. Yasemin has dropped her phone in the workshop so Zehra goes to find a phone. She calls from the nurses' desk. Ömer gets a call and the phone goes busy. He says he can't talk and hangs up. Zehra calls him again. He sees he does not recognize the number and hangs up. He gets up and suddenly sees Zehra around the corner and goes to her and realizes what has happened. He is relieved. She takes his phone and also calls Leyla. Zehra tells him to go and that she needs to stay with them for the night. Ömer feels he can't leave her alone.

She goes back and the doctor comes out saying the patient is out of OR and they now have to wait till tomorrow morning. So they get ready to go and Zehra goes to call a cab. As she is about to call the cab she sees Ömer and is telling him to go when her father and Yasemin arrive from behind calling her and Zehra freezes thinking they have seen Ömer.

S01E124 - 124.Bölüm Air Date: 09 March 2017 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Salim tells Zehra to call them a cab and then go to work. Ömer steps back around the corner. She says I'll come with you. Salim says they will be fine and that she should get back to work. They go and she asks the nurse to call a cab. She is angry with Ömer and Ömer tells her not to make a big deal. They go to the car and on the way Zehra feels sick. Ömer stops the car and she sits on the curb. He notes that she probably has not eaten anything all day and asks her to take care of herself as well. She asks her if she wants to go somewhere to eat and she says she will make it home. So they get back in the car.

Nihat wants to take Ayşe out to dinner. Cevriye comes oohing and ahhing so Ayşe feels bad and asks Nihat to make it a night out for the two elderly members as well. Nihat accepts reluctantly so they go out with Cevriye and Müzeyyen to a lively place as Cevriye wants rather than a quiet romantic place.

At home Salim tells Şükran that Koray's condition is critical and they wonder about his father's conscience. Leyla meets Tyfun on the street and he says he is leaving Istanbul.

Ömer and Zehra arrive home. Lights are out and no one is there. Ömer calls Nihat and realizes they are out for dinner and Hediye and Nazan are also off. He wants to order food but Zehra says I'll prepare something. He goes to the study and Zehra goes to the kitchen. He enters the kitchen some time later. The meat is cooking and the kitchen isle is set for two. He mixes the food in the pot and says it is done. He tastes it and likes it. Then he gives a piece to her but she says she does not like it undercooked. He likes it less cooked so it would retain more flavour and not get dried. But he resigns to her wish. She serves salad and the meat. They eat and he says it is very nice.

Alev arrives and comments negatively on Zehra's cooking. She says of course having been brought up in an orphanage, no one can expect more. Ömer says she cooked it for me, you do not have to eat it. Alev asks" you mean you like it, Ömer? He gets up and goes to Zehra, kisses her hand and says I love everything that my wife makes for me with these hands. They get up to leave. Alev says who will clear the food and plates. Ömer says you can do it if you want. They go in the living room leaving Alev annoyed. Zehra tells Ömer you should not provoke her. What does it matter? Ömer says; she can't talk to you like that in front of me. He then sees Alev coming and begins pretending that he is going to kiss Zehra. They separate as she comes in and she is even more irritated. Ömer says shall we have coffee. Zehra says it is too late. Ömer asks Alev playfully: Do you want coffee? She turns around as she is leaving and says with irritation" I DO NOT! Ömer says: Ok then! She leaves. Ömer is pleased with the results!

In the bedroom Ömer hears Zehra talking with Salim on the phone and saying she wants to go to the hospital with Salim in the morning. He says you can't go because it is dangerous. She is upset and irritated. In the morning he gets up and sees that she is not there. He is angry calling her stubborn. He calls her; she does not respond. He goes to the office.

At the hospital Salim pays for Koray's hospital bill and Fikrat's men find out and inform his father. Salim has decided to take him to his place while he recovers. Zehra gives her phone to Koray so he can talk to Yasemin. She then goes to get clothes for Koray.

At the office he decides not to call her anymore. Mert calls Ömer at the office and he is happy to hear that he is back in Istanbul. Ömer calls the hospital to inquire about Koray. He realizes that Salim has paid for the bill and so they must be at the hospital. He wants to call her but stops himself. Tyfun comes to says goodbye to Ömer. Tyfun sees Mehtap there and tells Ömer that she is Yener's sister. Ömer freezes with anger.

S01E125 - 125.Bölüm Air Date: 10 March 2017 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer asks for Mehtap's file. He realizes she lives in the same neighbourhood as Zehra and is convinced that Zehra knew about her. He is mad he calls Nihat and tells him to fire Mehtap.

Tyfun says bye to Demir and tells him to take care of Leyla. Yasemin is happy realizing Koray is going to stay with them. With Şükran they begin preparations. Hediye comments on Nazan being unhappy and complaining about too much work.

Ömer is pensive at work. Ayşe sends him a photo of her and Asya. The last photo she sent him from Zehra in the red dress with Ömer is there too so Ömer goes back to that day. Zehra calls. He says there is no explanation for this and he refuses the call. Demir comes and Ömer tells him about Mehtap. He advises him to ask Zehra for an explanation.

Nihat fires Mehtap. She is upset. She goes to Ömer and asks for an explanation. Ömer asks her to leave. She is rowdy but Demir gets her to go. Nihat goes to Ömer's office. Mehtap tells Alev that she is fired. Alev says no one can fire my assistant. She storms into Ömer's office and snaps at Nihat. Ömer tells her that he has fired her and there is nothing to discuss. Alev leaves and wonders why Ömer would do such a thing.

Fikrat's men follow Zehra as she goes back to Mahaleh to get Koray's clothes. Nazan remains irritable especially with Cevriye's demands. Leyla's work with Kervancioglu Holding is almost done. Demir asks her to go to dinner with him as he has something to tell her. She remains evasive. Mehtap goes to the real estate shop and tells Beton she will revenge herself on everyone.

Zehra arrives at the workshop to get Koray's things and remembers Ömer worrying over her when Yener's goon wanted to kidnap her. She wonders why he did not call. She checks her phone and realizes he had called in the morning. She calls him. He refuses the call again. Zehra realizes he is very angry with her. Zehra is about to leave the workshop when Fikrat's goons come and tie her up on the floor. Salim is getting worried that Zehra has not come and calls Yasemin. Demir goes to Leyla at home as she is getting ready to go to Salim's. He gives her the ring and says he will wait as much as she wants for her response.

Fikrat comes to the workshop and forces Zehra to call her dad to go to the shop or have her fingers torn off. She calls Ömer through his office line. He picks up the phone and she talks as if she is talking to her dad saying I need you to come. I have forgotten the keys. Ömer asks what she is on about. He says to himself if she thinks I am going there, she is mistaken. Fikrat tells Zehra he better come in half an hour or I will blow you head off.

S01E126 - 126.Bölüm Air Date: 13 March 2017 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Omer ponders the call and decides that she needs help and goes there. He calls Tyfun to send police there as well. The goons are getting antsy with Zehra. Salim calls Yasemin and tells her they are leaving and Zehra had not come. Yasemin wants to go to the workshop Shukran does not let her. Omer arrives at the workshop and goes in, beating up the men and getting Zehra out as the police arrive. He holds her near his car and chides her for not listening to him and putting herself in danger constantly. Salim brings Koray home and then leaves for the workshop to check on Zehra. Omer is holding Zehra when her father arrives. Omer disappears and Zehra goes with Salim. She tells them that the men came and the police arrived in time to arrest them. Omer calls her from outside and Zehra goes out. Outside her house she runs into Mehtab. Zehra says I am going to work; Mehtab says at least you have a job. She tells Zehra to beware of bosses; they fired her without telling her why! Zehra walks around the corner to Omer. Omer asks her who is that. She says don't you know the person you fired. Omer reproaches her for not letting him know about her before. She says you are punishing her for her brother's sins. He says I will keep anything to do with that person away from my family to keep my family safe! He tells her not to have anything to do with her again. They get in the car and go.

At home. Ayse tells Zehra that there is interest in her bag sketches. She is surprised. Omer says they need to rest a bit. In the room he is mad and tells her to refuse the offer without upsetting Ayse. She wonders why he is so mad and thinks could it be because of not telling him about Mehtab.

Nazan receives an odd call which Hediyeh receives. Alev is trying to get information from Nihat about Mehtab's firing.

Shukran tells Leila about the workshop attack. She tells Leila that she will need to go to Salim early morning to avoid rumours in the neighbourhood that a young boy is alone with Yasemin in the house. Leila calls Zehra and Zehra tells her how Omer threw himself in front of a gun for her and saved her. Omer hears at the door. She then talks about Mehtab losing her job and how she feels bad for her. Omer walks in and says so you feel bad for her; don't worry she is crying in her borther's arms now. Zehra insists that Mehtab is not involved in the things Yener has been doing. Omer says do not be a simpleton! He asks if there are any other secrets she is keeping from him. Omer gets mad every time Zehra utters Yener's name!

Cevria looks at fashion magazines and tells Zehra she needs to dress up a bit more. Koray and Yasemin talk at night. He says he will do everything to gain back Salim's trust. For the sake of their love!

In the morning Omer wakes up and sees Zehra getting ready. He asks her where she is going. She says nowhere. He calls Demir and tells him he will be working from home today. He says I can't worry about you all the time. I have to stay to have you in front of my eyes. She says don't worry I can take care of myself. He says I don't want to deal again with things that I did yesterday. He goes to get ready. Zehra remembers him in the workshop with Fikrat's men. When he comes out she asks to talk to him. He says I thought so; what else are you hiding from me? She says I told you I just didn't want Mehtab to lose her job for nothing. I actually just wanted to thank you for yesterday. He grabs her arm and tells her that he is worried about her family, her and his friends and she keeps making mistakes for which they have to keep paying. Her arm hurts. She asks him to let go and tells him that she would be more careful. He goes and gets ready.

In the living room they have coffee with Ayse. Ayse asks Zehra's opinion about the job offer. Omer wants to say something. Zehra jumps in and says she feels it is a big decision and she is not experienced in these matters and needs to take her time. Omer says the final decision is with Zehra.

At the office Leila delivers the last file and says her work is done and there is no need for her to occupy the office there anymore. Demir wonders how she finished so fast and is upset that she is leaving. Alev goes to Nihat's office and wants to get Mehtab's file but he says Omer has it and puts the file in his briefcase.

Mehtab brings her stuff in the real estate shop and as she is settling in she finds a marriage licence Yener had gotten issued for himself and Zehra. She immediately sends it for Omer. Nazan receives the envelope and gives it to Omer in the study. He opens it and reads it and flames flash out of his eyes.

S01E127 - 127.Bölüm Air Date: 14 March 2017 14:10 -

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Omer is angry and feels that Zehra and Yener were really going to get married and that she has lied to him on the many occasions that she has told him there is nothing between her and Yener. Zehra calls Yasemin. Yasemin and Koray are studying together and the closeness stirs their feelings for each other. Omer is mad and and says to himself why did you lie; why? As if he does not want her to. First Mehtab; now this. Omer cannot handle it. His phone rings. He crumbles the paper and throws it in the bin. He has to go to the office. He then storms out of the study

In the bedroom Zehra opens her drawer and sees the scarf Ayse had shown her and wonders what it is doing in her things. Ayse comes and sees it. Ayse says if he has put it among your things it is still a step up for him. Zehra wants to put it back when Omer arrives. Ayse says she is going to meet her friend and wanted Zehra to come and show her sketches. Zehra wants to accept when Omer jumps in saying she can't and adds that they are leaving for the office together. Ayse says ok another time. She thinks Omer does not want to separate from Zehra. When she is gone Zehra wonders why she is going to the office. He is mad and just tells her that he will be waiting outside.

Mehtab is curious what her latest delivery to the Kervancioglu house has caused. Betton sends her secret messages and says he wants to meet her. She tells herself that with her brother in such a situation she can't think of such things. So he holds off.

Omer is waitng for Zehra outside. She comes. She keeps asking why she is going to the office. He will not answer and just looks at her. She says I only wanted Ayse to be happy. He says don't use Ayse for your ends. When our paths part you can do whatever you want. Zehra is hurt. Just refuse Ayse in a way that she won't get upset, he says; now get in the car.

At the office they run into Nihat. He says Ayse is very excited about the bag business. Alev comes and says Zehra you look so worried. Of course, the business world is not so easy as drawing bag sketches on a piece of paper. Omer cuts her off and says Zehra is only excited and he is certain she can do whatever it takes very well. Nihat seconds that and Omer asks about the bank director's visit. They say he is not there yet. The couple go to his office.

Reza pays Salim a visit and tells him he no longer has to give up the workshop. At home Ayse is excited and hungry with the work at hand. Nazan gets a call. Hediyeh notes it. She runs into Omer's office and answers it. Someone is asking her for money. She gets rid of him but is upset that now she has to deal with him. She then wants to empty the bin to avoid questions about her being in the study but she has no bags. She goes into the kitchen to get the bags and Hediyeh warns her about getting caught with the person that had caused her trouble in the past. Nazan assures her that she won't. She goes back in the study with a bag and while emptying the bin notices the Yener/Zehra document. She takes it.

Zehra is sketching in Omer's office. The meeting is about to begin. She notices his tie is loose and tells him to fix it. Without a mirror, he is being clumsy so she does it for him and he is mesmerized by her throughout the process. She then gets her stuff to go. He says she cannot go to Leila since this is a workplace and she is working and she cannot disturb her. He tells her to go to Demir's office. He is being difficult but Zehra does not argue and follows his directions.

At the meeting, the bank director tells Omer that they are prepared to give the credit should they provide them with the appropriate Letter of Guarantee. Omer assures him that they will. Alev gets a call. Omer suddenly remembers Zehra fixing his tie and excuses himself from the meeting briefly. He goes to Demir's office. Zehra is drawing there. She hides them behind her back. He grabs them. He says what are they. She says Ayse had asked for them. He says throw them away but she does not want to. She tries to pull them away. He gets a bad paper cut. She cleans it for him. He is still mad and tells her to get rid of the sketches belittling her efforts. Zehra is miffed and sets out to sketch her best.

Omer returns to the meeting and wraps it up. Alev gets a call to meet with Hilmi Yilmaz. He tells Alev that she must prevent the credit approval or else he will inform Omer about their partnership.

Later Zehra geos to see Leila. Leila tells her about Demir and Zehra tells her that she should give it chance because he is a very good man. Omer goes to Demir's office and sees the sketches there but no Zehra. He looks at them and feels they are very good. Zehra comes and takes them. He is angry that she has drawn them and tells her to draw some bad ones to give to Ayse. He tells her to throw them away and just do as he tells her. She calls her a tyrant. He says what shall we call you? We both know why you are here!!! They leave for home.

The police asks Mehtab about the recent break ins. A woman comes to sell her house because of the burglars in the area. Mehtab tries to dissuade her especially in front of the police. She then reproaches Betton for her ridiculous actions.

When they arrive home. Cevria takes Zehra to talk her into cooperating with Ayse. She tries to evade it.

In his study Omer thinks about the paper which means they had made an appointment to get married. He looks for it in the bin and it's gone. He says what's the difference. You always have an excuse. You can deceive everyone but me. Ayse comes in and asks him to talk to Zehra and convince her to work with her. He agrees but is boiling inside.

Nazan sees Alev in the corridor and wants to show her the licence when Zehra comes from the other end.

S01E128 - 128.Bölüm Air Date: 15 March 2017 14:10 -

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Alev asks what Nazan wants. She mumbles when she sees Zehra. Zehra asks Nazan where the towels are so she could get some. Alev says I will be in my room when your work is done. Nazan tells Zehra she will get the towels and goes to do so.

In his study Omer wonders how she has made everyone love her with all her lies. Omer remembers seeing Zehra in the secluded cabin Yener had taken her and how he was putting a ring on her finger. How did I miss it all this time, he tells himself. He remembers Yener telling him on the phone that there is only one truth and that is Zehra loves him (Yener) and he (Yener) loves Zehra. Omer is mad at himself for falling for her "lies". He says to himself; say whatever you want you can no longer convince me with your lies.

Ayse talks to Zehra about the work and how they are already getting shipment orders. Zehra remembers Omer telling him not to use Ayse and insinuating that Zehra is trying to achieve her own ends through Ayse. She again tries to refuse Ayse gently by telling her that she never thought of her drawings in a professional way and they are only a hobby for her. Ayse insists that she knows Zehra is concerned about her brother but she has spoken to him and things will be fine. Zehra takes her things and on the way to the bedroom Omer comes out of the study and sees her with the sketches in her arms. As she wants to explain, he just storms away.

At Salim's house Shukran is making Akitmas. Yasemin refers to it as crepe and Shukran is annoyed saying this is Akitma, I don't know what is crepe. Mehtab comes to visit. She keeps expressing concern over the recent shooting and asking how come Zehra is leaving them alone at such a time. Yasemin tries to shut her up saying Zehra visits often and helps out. Mehtab also comments on Salim not knowing where Zehra works. Shukran realizes Mehtab is trying to stir trouble and says I am leaving. Mehtab we should leave together and let these people rest. Outside Shukran reproaches Mehtab for being so mean to Zehra considering that they grew up together and are old friends. Mehtab says she meant nothing bad. To herself she says I will show you that rather than a flower, this Zehra is a thorn. Mehtab then calls the office to see if Omer went to the office that day. When she hears he was there as usual and so was Zehra, she gets mad that her plan did not have any effects.

In the bedroom Zehra is drawing more sketches. Omer comes in and snaps at her saying did I not tell you not to continue with this thing. She says I am doing it for myself. He says if you are trying to hide this like the many other things you hide, you'll be in trouble. She says what am I hiding? She gets up and her papers fall on the ground. They both reach for them and their hands touch and they freeze with the intimate feeling. Nazan comes in and says the meal is ready. Zehra goes to wash her hands.

Nazan goes to Alev and says her mother is sick and she needs money for her operation. Could she give her some? She says I have been giving you money for months without you doing the things you should. Just be happy I am not taking back what I gave you. Nazan is upset and decides to take her business elsewhere. Alev goes to the living room.

Omer, Zehra, Ayse and Cevria are sitting drinking coffee. Ayse talks excitedly about the charities also being very thankful about Zehra's donation of her handmade bags. Alev walks in and mocks Zehra saying you are getting ahead with a single bag. Ayse says you're wrong; this is all my idea and it will get ahead hopefully with my determination and brother sponsoring us as well. Omer pauses and says with pleasure. Cevria tells Zehra to kiss her husband for his kindness. Alev is annoyed and leaves. Zehra looks at the coffee in her hands and gets up to give the kiss slowly. Before landing her lips, she drops the cup and it falls on him and the floor and the kiss is avoided. She says it is a sign that one should not thank someone before they deliver! Omer looks at her meaningfully. She is pleased with herself.

Nazan looks at them and thinks she is holding a time bomb in her hand regarding Zehra and thinks Zehra would probably like to keep it from everyone that "she intended to marry someone else" as the document Nazan holds appears to indicate.

The neighbourhood thief goes to get money from Betton and Mehtab arrives. She is mad and throws him out of the shop and warns Betton to end such plans. Shukran encourages Leila to forget the past and pay attention to the people around her and get married.

In the bedroom Zehra tells Omer that it will be very difficult to dissuade Ayse. He says stop drawing and it will go away. She says what is your problem; didn't you want to Ayse to be happy? The power suddenly goes out. Zehra is startled. Omer wants to go and check; Zehra grabs his arm and follows him. He stops and looks at her grab. What are you doing, he says. He asks are you afraid? She says I will come and get a candle. He opens the door and Zehra is startled by Okkes who is there to give them candles. He says the fuses are old. I will change all of them tomorrow.

They each get a candle and look at each other in the light of the candle. They sit with the candle beside them. She falls asleep. He looks at her. Her hair falls on her face. He moves it and wants to blow out the candle she wakes up and they stare at each other. He tells her to get up and go to bed. They do looking at each other with stirred feelings. He keeps looking at her longingly.

Nazan is talking with the guy on the phone telling him she can't get the money is such short notice. He says if she does not get it he will come to the house. She cries. Hediyeh comes and she comes up with an excuse and goes to her room.

Cevria wakes up in the middle of the night. She gets up to get something to eat and falls in the dark making a loud scream. Zehra and Omer jump up on bed and are face to face agian. Omer wants to go check it. Zehra follows and grabs his hand. He looks at her grab and says there is no need to be afraid. She won't let go. They go in the corridor. Okkes is there. Alev comes and sees Zehra pressing Omer's arm and is irritated. They hear Cevria's story and start back to bed. Omer tells her not to be afraid and they go back.

In the morning Omer wakes up early and begins looking for his charger and wakes Zehra up. She gives him hers. She puts up her hair with her pencil and says might as well use it for something. He says we're going to office together. She says I don't want to go to the office. He says don't think you will be going out? Until that guy is arrested you won't leave the house. She says I would have gone long ago if Ayse was not the reason for this agreement. Omer hushes. She says I am not going to the office. I will be at home.

Salim waits for Shukran to come in order to leave. Koray asks Shukran to let him and Yasemin go out for a walk. They go but Koray's wound acts up and they return. Yasemin calls her dad to come home. He goes and rebandages it and tells him no going out until he is completely recovered.

In the corridor Zehra turns Omer and fixes his tie and coat and whispers that Cevria is looking. He kisses her cheek. Alev comes and comments on Zehra not going to office today. Nazan comes forward and asks Omer for an hour to go out. She looks at Zehra meaningfully. Omer says ask Hediyeh. Omer goes and Zehra asks if Nazan wants to tell her something. She touches the paper in her waist and says no. Later Ayse sees Zehra drawing a bag with a model of the necklace Omer gave her and is excited. She says let's go and show these to my friend right away. Zehra cannot get out of it and knows it is going to be trouble.

Alev asks if Demir is taking care of the loan application. Demir says Leila is taking care of it. Alev is annoyed and says she is not even one of our employees. Demir snaps at her and says Leila is more effective than any member of our staff and I think it would be to our advantage to have her.

Omer remembers episodes of intimacy with Zehra and brightens. Nihat tells him that Alev is looking at the loan files. He tells Nihat to keep him posted. Nihat says he is going to meet with Ayse. Meanwhile Alev goes to Leila's office and begins going through the file. Leila arrives and Alev says I thought you might need my help since these are heavy files. Leila says don't worry they are done. She goes out to answer the phone, Alev continues to snoop and Demir arrives. She gives the same excuse and leaves. Leila gives Demir the files and says they are done. Demir is upset and thinks how he can keep Leila.

Omer goes home and realizes Zehra has gone out and calls her and snaps at her. Zehra is walking on the street with Ayse and tries to cover his angry retorts. Zehra wants to go home but Ayse says she is meeting Nihat. Zehra separates from her and starts walking fast. A man runs into her and the drawings fall off her hand. He helps her gather them. He is taken with her. She gets everything and runs off. One drawing falls off and he keeps it happily.

She goes home. Omer is mad that she would put Ayse in danger by going out with her. She says I could not get out of it. Ayse insisted so much. He says if that guy would hurt Ayse. She says why would he hurt Ayse? Omer says how can you be so sure about that guy's actions; are you so close? Zehra is mad. How many times do I have to tell you that there is nothing between me and Yener. It never was and never will be, she says. Omer snaps back saying how many times do I have to tell you, first, don't utter that guy's name; second, do not make Ayse an instrument of your games! He leaves. Nazan comes in and says I think this belongs to you. She gives her the marriage licence. Zehra looks at it and is shocked. Nazan is pleased with herself. Zehra looks at Nazan.

S01E129 - 129.Bölüm Air Date: 16 March 2017 14:10 -

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Zehra is mad at Yener for having the document issued on his own. Nazan says no one saw it. I hope I did well. I did not want you to get into trouble. Zehra thanks her. Nazan then says well I am in some trouble myself and need money for my mother's operation and if I don't get it…She then looks at the paper in Zehra's hand. Zehra gets the message. She says I am so sorry about your mother. I will do what I can. Nazan leaves. Zehra tells herself how dare Yener do this?

Omer continues to be agitated in the study. How irresponsible can you be putting Ayse in such danger, he blames Zehra. He begins pacing and Demir comes. He says Leila is very good at her job and they should get her on board and it would be good for their company. Omer says absently we'll see. Demir realizes Omer's agitation and connects it with Zehra and thinks it is about her hiding Mehtab's employment at the office. He reminds him that she did not actually lie but only refrained from saying Mehtab was Yener's sister. He also refers to her good intentions. He reminds Omer that whenever he has mistrusted Zehra, he has found himself in the wrong. At least give her a chance to explain herself before judging her, he says. Demir leaves him with that thought.

Omer remembers again that she denied having anything to do with Yener. He wants to get the paper and show it to her for an explanation and sees it is not there. He is annoyed that he threw it away. In the bedroom Zehra is sweating over the piece of paper. What should I tell him, Yener got it on his own I did not know about it? He won't believe me, she thinks. She decides to hide it from Omer. She is also upset that Nazan is actualy blackmailing her and wonders where to get the money for her. Omer comes in and she hides the paper in her sketchbook. He says take those away so I don't see them. She does so willingly. Again he tells her to stop the whole thing with Ayse. She says you saw how excited she was; it will be impossible. He says I am sure you will find something to say. She is indignant about his insinuations. He says if you had listened to me from the start and not shown her the sketches, we would not be having this conversation. She says OK. It is my fault. But what about you. Why are you against it? He says because… and stops. He says nothing further and leaves. Zehra hides the paper in her bag.

Hilmi Yilmaz again tells Alev that she needs to stop the bank from providing Kervancioglu Holding with the credit. She says Demir is in charge of that file. He wants to hear no excuses.

Omer storms into the bedroom looking through one drawer after the other. Zehra asks him what he is looking for. He does not talk and continues. She puts her hand on his back at he bends and asks gently that he calm down. He stops at the feel of her touch and looks at her for a moment but then goes back to looking. She says tell me maybe I can help. He refuses and pushes her aside. In his things he sees the scarf. Zehra takes it and he grabs it away from her telling her not to touch it. He squeezes it between his hands anxiously. Zehra says Asye told me everything. She thinks that your old wounds may be healing because of the marriage. He throws it breaking a decoration piece and says: "She is wrong!" and leaves.

Alev goes to Leila's office and asks if the loan proposal file was done. Leila says it is all here. I have to give it to Omer. Alev pulls it out of her hands and snaps at her. She leaves and sees Nihat arriving. Nihat notices the file in her hands. He goes to Leila and asks if Alev has the loan file. Leila says yes. Alev is about to change the Guarantee Letter when Nihat arrives and takes away the file. He takes it home and hands it over to Omer. Omer takes it, checks it and then puts it in his briefcase to take it to the office the next day.

Mehtab sees Yasmein on the street and again tries to ask about Zehra. Yasemin does not give too much information and frustrates Mehtab. Mehtab tells herself wait honey, Zehra is going to soon return home crying, thinking her plans are going to land Zehra in hot water.

Demir goes to Leila. She is leaving. He says I did not mean to upset you by giving you th ring. I just wanted you to know how serious I was. Whatever happens, please don't let our friendship break off. That makes Leila happy and she leaves for home. Zehra calls her as she is leaving. She tells her about Omer's resistance against her drawing efforts. Leila says she feels Omer does not want to share her. She adds that she feels Zehra and Omer's marriage has gone beyond the agreement they started with, hinting at them developing feelings for each other. Zehra attempts to deny this statement. Nazan comes and asks if Zehra needs anything. When she leaves, Zehra continues her conversation and tells Leila about Nazan and Yener's marriage licence business. Leila tells Zehra to tell everything to Omer but Zehra feels that is a very bad idea because he would not believe that she did not know anything about it and will persist in insulting her. Leila feels she should not hide anything from him.

Mehtab is concerned that her plans with Zehra are not yielding anything. She also chides Betton again about the neighbourhood thief. Betton serves her coffee and gives her a box of heartshaped chocolate. She is somewhat appeased and even offers him a chocolate too. She then decides to set the shop as if there has been a break in and report it to the police in order to get rid of suspicions against them.

Zehra is in the bedroom sketching. She leaves the sketches on the bed and begins pacing and thinking how to get the money for Nazan. Could she ask Omer for a loan? She thinks of saying she needs it to help Nazan's mother and then thinks he would get mad that Nazan did not ask him and might fire her. She then ponders telling him the truth and cannot bring herself to do it. He walks in, sees the sketches on the bed, turns off the light and says I want to sleep. She turns it on and says I want to work. Back and forth so he says why do you insist so much? You need money? She hesitates and says: "Actually…" He says "Yes; what's your next excuse." She changes her mind and begins collecting her sketches. He goes around the bed and grabs her arm and asks again "Actually what?" She says nothing; I am going to work a bit; and you can sleep! She leaves and he slams the light switch off.

Zehra goes into the study and sets to work to spite him. He settles in bed and begins to doze off while surfing the ipad. The ipad falls on his side and he falls asleep. She continues to work and after a while falls asleep on the study sofa. Cevria comes in around 2 am. She was getting herself a night snack. She wakes her up and tells her to go and sleep with her husband. Zehra wakes up and wants to collect the sketches but Cevria says leave them; you'll do it in the morning. She goes into the bedroom, the ipad is on. She turns on the light to get in bed. It wakes Omer who says turn off the light. She does but the light from the ipad is annoying Zehra. She takes it and tries to turn it off but it suddenly begins a loud music. Omer wakes up and is annoyed and wants to take it and it falls between the beds and as they both reach for it, they are once more face to face with her hair getting momentarily stuck on his stubble. He finally turns off the ipad and they sleep.

In the morning, Omer goes into the study and sees Zehra's sketches spread out on the table. He looks at them. Nazan comes in. She says breakfast is ready and asks if she should tell Zehra. Omer says, don't wake her, she slept late last night. He tells Nazan to take the cup away. He then takes the sketches and puts them in Zehra's book and puts them in his drawer thinking Zehra would have to look for them a bit. He then leaves the study. Alev comes in and begins snooping around and sees Zehra's sketches in Omer's drawer and is annoyed. She finally finds the Guarantee Letter in Omer's briefcase. She takes it out and says let's see if you can get the loan without this letter! She puts it in Zehra's sketches and straightens everything in the room and leaves proud of herself.

The police go to Mehtab's shop and ask questions about the alleged break in. They then arrest Betton as a possible suspect. Mehtab is upset.

Omer goes into the bedroom. Zehra is asleep. He is taken by her and as he is staring, his phone rings. He quickly takes it out and to the corridor to answer. The door remains half open and Zehra begins to wake up and hears Omer's conversation with Demir. Omer says this meeting is very important. The Guarantee Letter will get us the loan. Get everyting ready for the meeting at ten. He looks in and Zehra pretends to be asleep. Omer goes into the study and gets his briefcase which he notices is open. He closes it and takes it.

Salim, Shukran, Koray and Yasemin are having breakfast. When Salim and Shukran are alone they talk about how the neighbourhood will not hush about Salim keeping a young boy in his house with a young daughter at home. They also feel however that they cannot just abandon Koray. Koray overhears it from the bathroom and begins thinking that it is time for him to leave again.

Cevria, Muzzeyin and Ayse are in the living room. Alev comes and asks about Omer and then comments on Zehra being still asleep. Cevria talks about how she was burning the midnight oil and comments on Zehra not only being kind and beautiful but also hardworking. Muzzeyin looks at the models and appreciates their beauty. Alev says an amateur's work. Ayse says she puts her soul in her drawings. Zehra comes and apologizes for oversleeping. Ayse says that her brother had forbidden everyone from waking her since she had slept so late. Zehra goes to have breakfast in the kitchen and Alev leaves.

Salim calls a colleague and is looking for an apprentice.

Zehra goes in the study and does not see her sketches and wonders if Omer has thrown them away. Nazan comes and tells her why she does not look in the drawers. Zehra hesitates and clearly does not like the intrusion into Omer's space. She goes and looks however and finds her things. She goes out into the living room and begins working with Ayse.

At the office they begin the meeting with Sheref Bey from the bank. He says everything looks good; now he needs the Gurantee Letter. Alev tightens her eyes. Omer gets his briefcase and brings the file and begins looking and cannot find it. He excuses himself and takes everything into Demir's office and looks. Demir comes and when he realizes the letter is missing, he is shocked. Hell breaks loose. They begin looking all over. Omer goes to check the car.

Ayse gets a call from Asya's school and leaves the living room to answer it. Zehra suddenly finds the Guarantee Letter in her sketches and remembers Omer's conversation with Demir in the morning and how important the letter was. She looks at the time. The meeting was to be at ten. She runs. Just before leaving, Nazan stops her and asks about the money and she says she is in a rush and has to leave now.

Demir asks if it may be in the house. Omer calls Zehra. She has forgotten her phone on the dresser. No answer. Demir says he'll ask Leila if she can prepare another one. They go back in. Sheref Bey says the bank loan committee meets once a week and if the letter is not there within an hour, it would be too late for this week. They would have to wait until next week. This clearly means that they would not be able to put an offer for the project at hand.

Zehra is running on the street and a little boy stops her and asks her for something to eat. She buys him a simit and begins to run again. The guy who had run into her sees her in the distance and runs to her but misses her.

Omer, Alev, Nihat and Demir are sitting at the meeting with Sheref Bey. Omer asks for more time. Alev sort of threatens Sheref Bey that if they do not fix the situation, their company will stop working with them and it would be a big loss for them. Omer asks to speak with Alev outside. There he snaps at her for threatening the guy and forbids her from such behaviour in their company's name. Alev leaves annoyed. He thinks whether Zehra might have taken the letter. He calls again. Ayse is going into their bedroom and hears Zehra's phone ring. She answers it and says Zehra is out and has apparently forgotten her phone. Omer wonders where she is gone again. Nihat comes and tells him Sheref Bey says he can no longer wait. Omer sighs and says this is as far as we could take this and walks back in resigned to give it up.

The guy who picked up Zehra's sketch walks to a park bench and takes out the sketch and looks at it. It is the sketch with the design from Zehra's necklace. It is signed Z. He wonders if it is Zeinab or…He feels this person is very special.

Everyone is at the meeting table in Omer's office. Sheref Bey says he is very sorry that they could not do anything about it and gets up to leave. Omer thanks him and they get up and are about to leave when Zehra comes running in. She opens her bag and takes out the letter saying I have brought the Guarantee Letter. Omer's face brightens. Sharaf Bey is a bit lost. Alev's eyes are almost jumping out of their sockets.

S01E130 - 130.Bölüm Air Date: 17 March 2017 14:10 -

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Omer takes the letter appreciatively. Zehra wants to leave and he asks her to wait outside. His face is bright with calm joy. Zehra goes and Omer asks Sheref Bey to sit and continue. Alev is in shock wondering how Zehra knew to bring the letter.

Zehra sits with Leila and she tells Zehra how she has saved the Company millions and tells her to now tell Omer about the licence. Zehra says no he can't handle that. Leila says Nazan is behaving very badly. Zehra justifies it saying she needs money for her mother's operation. Leila says she should be asking Omer. Zehra says Omer is unapproachable and Leila says that is not true. He is very nice to his staff as far as she can see. Omer and Demir come. Demir wants them to go out to celebrate but Omer says they have to go home. Omer and Zehra go to his office. Demir and Leila go together.

At his office Ayse calls. Omer indicates that he had talked to her on Zehra's phone. Then he asks Zehra how she knew to bring the letter. Zehra says I heard your conversation on the phone with Demir in the morning. He is appreciative. He wants to order something for her but she says let's go home to Ayse. They go.

Koray decides to go and leaves a note for Yasemin. Yasmemin comes and is upset but he explains and she sees that he is right.

At home Omer walks with Zehra's sketches in his hand into the study as she follows her. He says you have been going through my things. How did you find these? She says I just took what is mine and she picks the sketches up from the table where Omer had thrown them. He says what about the Guarantee Letter. Did you go through my briefcase? She says the letter was among my sketches. He takes the sketches from her and she tries to reach for them but she can't and they stand face to face as he holds back her wrist. One of their iconic face to faces.

Zehra asks why are you doing this? Why are you so set against me drawing? I just do it to make Ayse happy. You hate them. That's fine; just keep them and she leaves. She goes to Ayse and tells her that she can't continue and assures her that it has nothing to do with Omer. Ayse goes to Omer and tells him to stop being so jealous of her wife's time. she asks Omer to convince Zehra for her sake. Omer promises. Omer tells himself that Zehra has finally got what she wanted. Mert calls him and says that he is in Istanbul and Omer tells him to come for dinner.

Ayse informs the household that Mert is coming for dinner. Cevria is told that he is Omer's childhood friend. Nazan is missing and Hediyeh is getting agitated about preparing the dinner. Cevria calms her and tells her that she will help.

Salim is told that Fikrat and his men were released due to lack of evidence so they should be aware. Shukran and Salim decide that under the circumstances they cannot abandon Koray.

Omer thinks about the last episodes with Zehra and looks at the sketches. He can't get her out of his head. He likes the sketches but tries to distance himself form those feelings. Nazan goes to Zehra in the bedroom and says that she needs the money right away for the operation. Zehra says she can't get it right away. Omer comes in and asks what's going on. Zehra says Nazan's mother is sick and she is asking for remedies from Zehra. Omer goes and Hediyeh comes in looking for Nazan. She tells Nazan to go to Muzzeyin. Nazan is forced to go. Hediyeh asks Zehra if anything is bothering her. She says it is nothing I was just concerned for Nazan's mother. Hediyeh says but Nazan has no mother. She died when Nazan was a baby. Zehra changes the subject saying sorry I think she said her cousin.

Omer comes and tells her that Ayse has asked him to convince her to do the sketches. She says I do not want to argue. If you want I'll do it. He sits and thinks to himself what is she after. He says, I just don't want you to use it as an excuse and endanger Ayse's life. Zehra is mad and says what did I do? How did I endanger her life? Why are you treating me like this? He says you got a marriage licence and a date to marry with that guy? Her breath is caught in her throat. I…I did not know about this. Tears fill her eyes. That guy does this and you knew nothigna bout it, ha? Omer says. Her eyes are teary. He looks at her and leaves.

Koray goes to take leave from Salim. He gets him to start working and calls Mozafar to cancel his request for an apprentice. They then go home for dinner and Yasemin is happy to see Koray is back. Shukran tells Salim that he will take Koray in so Koray goes to live with her and Leila. Salim hears Yasemin talking on the phone and realizes that she loves Koray very much so he tells her to tell him to come and ask for her hand.

Zehra then thinks about it all. What is Nazan threatening her with if Omer knows? She goes out and runs into Nazan she freshly says I hope you have good news for me. Zehra says I don't but I would go and see your late mother myself at the hospital. Nazan realizes that she will get no money from Zehra. She leans against the console all upset. Omer comes out of the study and sees her. He calls her into the study. Nazan tells him she needs one hundred thousand liras for her mother's hospital bill. He writes a cheque and asks her to inform her about her mother's health. She takes the money and runs from the house.

Betton finally returns that Mehtab is very happy to see him back and hugs him and serves him coffee. He is elated.

Zehra is in the bedroom pacing. Omer comes in. She says you saw that fake paper and did not ask me anything. He says I knew what your response would be. I knew you would deny it and you did. She says I saw it for the first time. He says it is of no importance. Tears fill her eyes and she says, but it is important for me. He says it is not important. She is very upset and begins walking with heavy steps out of the room. Someone is at the door. She opens the door and it is the man who had ran into her when she was on the street.

S01E131 - 131.Bölüm Air Date: 20 March 2017 14:10 -

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It is Mert staring at Zehra and remembering their first meeting. Omer arrives and hugs Mert and introduces her to Mert as his wife. Mert is mesmerized by Zehra. So that is what the Z stood for. They go in. Omer is joyful with Mert.

Yasemin wants to tell Koray and Shukran. Salim says for now it will only be an engagement. Wedding would be after your studies are done. She goes and tells Koray and Koray tells Shukran and they wonder what to do. Shukran says I will go as your older and ask for her hand. They begin thinking about all the customs that need to be satisfied.

Mert sits with everyone in the living room and says having seen Zehra he understands why Omer is married. Alev comes and sees Mert and is surprised that he is here. He is Hilmi Yilmaz's son and Alev is happy that his father does not know about him being here so she can use this to her advantage. Mert has no relations with his father who apparently has treated Omer's father badly in the past.

Hediyeh and Okkes realize that Nazan has gone in fear of the guy that wanted money from her.

Mert talks with Omer and says he wants to start a shipping business with Omer. Mert says you are the only one I can work with. Omer says you never left me half way. They shake on it. Zehra comes in and brings coffee. She is serving because Nazan is not there. Omer helps. Mert invites her to sit. She says you are busy I won't bother you. Omer says no we are just talking let's sit together. Mert thanks her for the coffee and asks her if she does artwork. Zehra says no. Omer says they will be working together with Mert. Zehra congratulates them. Their exchange is sweet. Mert tells Zehra how he loves Omer and regards him as his best and only real friend. Zehra goes to the bedroom. Omer appears calm. He follows her shortly.

Zehra talks with Yasemin in the bedroom and she tells her that Koray is coming to ask for her hand. Zehra is shocked and says they are too young and this is a serious step. Omer comes out of the bathroom and hears it. Is your sister getting married? No and even if she is it does not…she stops and remembers how Omer saved Yasemin's life risking his own life. She says my father does not want Koray to be left alone so this is his solution. Omer says you are like your father. Zehra likes that. Omer says you can't go to Mahaleh tomorrow because we have a guest. He says I am not saying don't go, I am saying don't go tomorrow. She is upset. He says you can't go alone until that guy is arrested.

In the morning Omer wants to keep Zehra from going to Mahaleh so in the living room he says she should go to the PT meeting with Ayse. She says sure and after I'll go and see Leila and do shopping. Omer realizes he is put in the spot and she will be going to Mahaleh. Alev is surprised that Omer and Mert are starting a business and says does your father know you are back. Mert is upset and says Hilmi Yilmaz does not concern me. Omer is annoyed. Outside Omer asks if she has her credit card and Zehra says did you need anything? Omer says no for your sister. Zehra says there is no need. Omer is thoughtful and intrigued that she is not asking for money. Mert arrives to leave with Omer and as Zehra goes back he tells Omer you are a lucky man. They joke around and go.

Mehtab hears from Shukran that Yasemin and Koray are getting engaged. They call Mehtab from the office and tell her to go get her last cheque. Shukran goes to Yasemin and tells her to get her dowry and let them see what is missing so they can go get it. Yasemin remembers her mother and says there isn't much.

In the office Mert asks Demir about a good finance director and he says he has someone to recommend. Later he goes to Leila and tells her about the job opportunity. She first refuses but Demir asks him to mull it over.

Omer is upset that Zehra has gone to Mahaleh amid all these problems. Zehra is talking with Yasemin at home. He calls Zehra and tells her he has sent a car to get her. Omer wonders if Zehra had money as she had said she was going shopping. He calls the payroll guy and asks if Zehra is getting her allowance every month. He says yes and goes to give him the papers. Mehtab has just walked in and hears everything. He steps out and Mehtab takes a picture of Zehra's bank account info. She gets her money and goes and deposits ten thousand liras from Yener into Zehra's account and takes a photo of the deposit slip.

Zehra arrives at the office and Omer sees she has only bought a couple of sketch books and says is this all. You have gone shopping since morning what will everyone think. She says we can stop on the way and buy a few things for Asia on the way. He sits and says I have to send a few emails. His face is bright and looks at her with smiling eyes from time to time. Zehra sits waiting. They are about to leave when Mehtab emails the slip. Omer sees it and his mood completely changes. He looks at Zehra with piercingly raging eyes. She asked that dude for money?

S01E132 - 132.Bölüm Air Date: 21 March 2017 14:10 -

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Zehra asks if anything is wrong. He says wait for me outside. I have to finish something. She goes and waits outside. Omer begins thinking it over. Why is she taking money from that dude? He gets Zehra's account statement and sees there is a deposit from Yener Kaplan and slams the table.

Mehtab is pleased with herself and says to Betton, lets go eat outside. We have done a good day's job.

As Omer walks outside he hears Zehra on the phone saying don't worry about the money, I will take care of it. He is curt. He says let's go.

Okkes talks about the house he is making in the village and gets upset with Hediyeh because she feels it is a bit of a waste and can wait. He sulks and goes. Hediyeh asks him not to get crossed with her.

Omer and Zehra arrive and begin getting the toys out of the car. Zehra is excited about the toys. Omer is sulking. Zehra asks him to talk and tell her if she is upset with her. He wonders why she is still connected to that guy. He just takes the bags from her and they fall. As they bend to get them, they become face to face again. Ayse sees them. You must want a baby if you spend all your day in a toy store, Ayse tells them. Ayse asks if there is a baby on the way. Omer says there is no such thing. That is for now, he corrects himself. Maybe later. Ayse takes one toy and says keep that for your baby. Hide it so Asia does not see it.

In the bedroom Zehra asks again what's up. Omer is about to talk when Asia comes in and thanks them and also asks for the toy Ayse told them to keep. They give it to her. She then asks Zehra to read to her and asks Omer to lie beside them. Asia takes both their hands and holds them together in hers. Zehra reads and tries to take away her hand but Asia does not let her. Later Asia and Omer have fallen asleep. Zehra covers Asia with one side of the bedspread and is about to leave but returns and begins covering Omer with the other side of the bedspread when he suddenly wakes and grabs her arms. They remain nose to nose. She says she just wanted to cover him. She says I am going to the kitchen, you need anything. He tells her don't ask any more questions because there will be no answers. They go in the living room. Ayse realizes the toy was taken by Asia. Mert listens and asks if they are expecting. Omer says no, not at all. Again he corrects himself saying not yet. Zehra gets up and will make herbal tea. Omer wants it too. Ayse also recommends that Mert take one too. Zehra is puzzled about Omer. In the kitchen Zehra realizes that Okkes has left notes for Hediyeh because he is upset with her and they are not talking. She thinks he might use that method with Omer.

Koray hears that Salim has paid for his hospital bill and has no money to help them with the engagement. Leila talks about the hard times the family has put behind them with the work accident and loss of the house and all. Koray goes to Yasemin and tells her we need to delay the engagement a bit so I can work hard and save money. Shukran arrives and tells them that they will help as well.

Cevria and Hediyeh have made a cake to celebrate the start of Omer and Mert's business. Omer and Zehra cut together. Mert also cuts. Muzzeyin tells them whatever happens in your business, never let it come between your friendship. Alev says they have learned their lesson from their fathers. Again smiles drop from all lips and Omer and Mert look at Alev upset.

At night Omer is working in the bedroom. Zehra comes and takes some of the table. Omer pulls the table and her things fall. Zehra picks up her things and goes out. Omer follows her thinking if they see her then we will be in trouble. He goes and finds her in the living room. He sits beside her as she draws. They annoy each other. In the morning they have fallen asleep on the same sofa and there is a blanket on them. They get up and realize someone has seen them. They go to the bedroom and change.

Zehra goes to his study and tells him Hediyeh had seen us. There is nothing to worry about. She asks for her sketches from the drawer. He is giving her the silent treatment. She asks him to step back. He does and she takes her things. She looks at him. He looks at her back. Mert goes in and sees the sketches in her hands and asks to see them. He looks at them and says she is very talented and asks where she studied art. She says she did not. He says then they are fantastic. Omer signs Mert's papers. Zehra is overjoyed by Mert's praise. Omer gives Mert his papers. When Mert is gone, Zehra says it seems you and Mert do not agree about my sketches. Omer does not talk. Zehra says is this how it is going to be like. You are not going to talk to me? She goes and leaves a note for him on the table as he pretends to read on the other chair. She leaves and Omer reads her note saying she has gone to her sister. Omer wonders if she has gone to that guy. He gets in the car and follows her. Ayse goes to meet with the business people and Mert goes with them declining Alev's offer. Alev realizes they are going to register the business and is annoyed that she is not told about it.

Omer follows Zehra in the taxi. Zehra is annoyed with Omer. Ayse calls and tells her that they have sent her an advance for the work. She is happy and stops at an ATM to get money for Yasemin. Yasemin gets 200 liras from Salim for shopping. She says they don't need much but he says keep it. Salim promises that by the time of the wedding they will have time to save more. Zehra checks her account and sees there is money from Yener. She is mad. She takes the money. Omer is after her. She gets in the taxi and goes to Mehtab's shop. Omer says so you came to him.

S01E133 - 133.Bölüm Air Date: 22 March 2017 14:10 -

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Zehra throws the money on Mehtap's desk and says tell your brother I don't want anything from him or I'll go to the police. She storms out. Ömer sees her coming out and leaving. He gets a call from Mert and has to go.

Mehtap says I am going to show her. Give me my brother's rosary beads and things. She takes them. Zehra goes home and they leave together with Şükran, Koray and Yasemin to do the shopping. Before Zehra gives some money to Yasemin and then she tries to give some to Şükran to give to Koray so he can get the things he wants. Şükran refuses and says we will take care of that. They leave; on the way Zehra remembers she has forgotten her phone so she returns to get it. As she is going to catch up with the group, she calls Ömer but he does not answer. She sends a text asking whether he would like her to go to the office after she is done, or go home. Ömer does not answer saying as if you do any of what I tell you. They both say I cannot be blamed for whatever happens from now on!

Alev tries to get information about Ömer and Mert's business but Nihat says Ömer will tell you what you need to know. Beton continues to text Mehtap and runs into comic situations. Cevriye begins to make some sketches like Zehra. She wants to make some money to provide for the education of a needy girl.

Mert brings the papers and says the business is registered. Demir says I will prepare your office. Demir tells Ömer that he is recommending Leyla as the Finance Director. Ömer notes absently. Mert says you look upset. He says nothing; just work. He says classic Ömer Kervancioglu. We are used to it but don't do it to Zehra and scare her off. Ömer remembers the night of the wedding and how he had advanced forward to Zehra as she stepped back and pressed against the window ledge with her hands all anxious. Mert calls him back from his thoughts. Mert leaves. Demir tries to make Ömer understand that things appear differently from different stand points. So he should think carefully before making up his mind about things. Ömer sees his point.

Mert is with Ömer when Leyla comes and meets him there. Zehra has come with Leyla too. Ömer says I am surprised to see you. Zehra says I knew you like my surprises; that's why I came. Mert takes Leyla and Demir to talk about business. Zehra says was I wrong to come? Ömer is again giving her the silent treatment. She writes a note for him: "Are you not going to talk?" They quibble comically! They are very cute.

Ömer is sitting comfortably on the sofa in the living room petting a cat. The shot is beautiful and he looks very peaceful. Mert says he is very happy to have Leyla aboard. Alev says did Zehra ask you to take Leyla? Mert says Zehra? Ömer says Leyla is Zehra's friend. Mert says really? I did not know. Then it's a done deal. Alev is annoyed. Ayşe tells everyone that Asya will be taking everyone photos as a school project so they are all in trouble. They laugh. Hediye serves coffee for everyone except Ömer. Alev asks how about Ömer? Zehra walks in with Ömer's coffee, "With less sugar, as you like it?" she says. He takes it and everyone is taken by the gesture. Mert asks has Ömer made breakfast for you; he does a wonderful Socuk Omelette. They all say they have never heard of Ömer cooking. Zehra says ok, tomorrow we will make breakfast for you. Ömer agrees reluctantly and continues to pet the cat in his lap!

In the bedroom, Zehra talks to him and again he does not respond. He goes in the bathroom. She puts a note on the wall saying turn off the light. She puts another one beside the switch saying set the alarm for tomorrow so we can prepare the breakfast on time. He comes out and sees the first note and reads it saying put an end to this note writing. He goes to the switch and reads the second one. Zehra sees him reading and smiles in her sleep. He snaps the switch off. He is setting the alarm and then thinks to himself and decides to put the alarm on off.

In the morning Cevriye is up and Alev takes her leave. Cevriye tells her to stay and taste the breakfast made by the couple in love. She rubs it in and Alev says all irritated that she can eat it in her place. Ömer and Zehra are fast asleep when they hear Asya. They jump and put the beds together. She comes in and gets them to smile, hug and kiss each other sitting in bed as she takes one picture after the other Ayşe comes to take her away. Ömer says it's late maybe we can do the breakfast another time. Ayşe says no everyone is waiting. Ayşe takes Asya away after Zehra and Ömer promise to give her more photo poses in the kitchen.

Hediye has prepared the ingredients. Zehra first puts the apron on him and then puts on hers and gets him to tie it. She then asks who is chef. He says don't make a big deal. She says I get it; you are the chef! He tries to maintain his upset attitude but is funny most of the time. He bosses her around and tells her to do things as he makes the omelet. She finds some faults but he refuses to listen to her and goes on as he likes. Asya comes and again gets them to hug, smile and squeeze tighter so she can take more photos.

Everyone sits in the living room praising the excellent breakfast they had and ask that it be repeated. Zehra is interested but Ömer says if we do it too often it will lose its taste.

Outside Ökkeş is talking with the builders about the house in the village and Hediye tells him they are asking for too much. Ökkeş says we should use some of our saving. Hediye refuses. Ökkeş is upset and Ömer hears. He asks Hediye what is going on. She says it is about the house in the village and goes to Ökkeş who is stuffing himself with cake. He is upset. He says I'll talk with Ömer and since we have no money then I will go and fix it myself.

Mehtap leaves on a mission. Salim and Yasemin leave the house together. Hilmi Yilmaz tells Alev that since she did not stop Ömer's getting the credit, he is going to tell Ömer about their partnership. He calls Ömer. Alev is nervous.

A hooded person breaks into Salim's house. Ömer arrives with his car to drop off Zehra. She thanks Ömer. He does not talk. Zehra says how long is this going to go on. Ömer says it will be like this from now on. She says what did I do to you? He says I have to go. Zehra is upset and goes into the house. No one is there but the hooded person.

S01E134 - 134.Bölüm Air Date: 23 March 2017 14:10 -

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Zehra cannot find Yasemin. She calls and realizes they are out. She gets some food for her dad and leaves the house. The hooded person is Mehtap. She gets up and steals a few things and again vows to revenge herself on Zehra.

Alev takes the phone from Hilmi Yilmaz. He has called Ömer, but she disconnects it. Ömer sees it is from Hilmi Yilmaz and does not answer. Ömer thinks he has probably heard that Mert is in Istanbul. Alev tells Yilmaz that Mert is with Ömer. Hilmi Yilmaz is surprised. Ömer goes to the office and tells Mert that his father called him and probably knows he is there. Mert says his father probably has spies in this company. It's a big company. But we cannot be held back by such thoughts.

Mehtap gets some flowers that Beton has bought and takes them all to a house. She takes out some framed pictures of his brother and Zehra and sets them up with the flowers and a letter from his brother under the flowers. She also puts two of Zehra's dresses on the sofa.

Alev goes into the office and again tries to ask questions about Ömer's mood. He says Hilmi Yilmaz has learned that Mert is here. He says it is clear that we have spies in our company. Alev acts shocked. She says I am surprised. Ömer says don't be surprised. I know how he operates. First, he offers help to someone; and then he begins collecting. Alev swallows hard!!

Mert, Leyla and Demir come in with Nihat. Mert and Ömer sign the papers and shake again. Alev asks will I be involved in this business. Ömer says Demir and Nihat will be on both sides. Alev you will remain only in Kervancioglu Holding. Alev is disappointed. Mert wants to celebrate the partnership with a nice dinner with Ömer and Zehra. Ömer says let's see later.

Zehra and others finish the shopping and do the alteration and then she leaves. In the office Ömer remembers the kisses on the bed as Asya took pictures. Demir sees him thinking and smiles. Demir says will you buy something for Zehra's sister? He says should I? Demir says of course. Ömer thinks about her going to Yener's shop and is upset again. He says she doesn't need my money or present. Demir says if you stay mad at her, you will never learn the truth.

Ömer and Mert come in. Zehra asks Ömer for his opinion about bag materials. He says which do you like. Zehra shows the blue, he says then the other. Ayşe tells Ömer to give her her shawl which Zehra has bought for her. He wonders if she is using Yener's money to help her sister and buy things for his family. Ayşe asks what did she buy for you? Ömer says for me? Zehra says I have not given him his present yet. Ayşe says Zehra has already earned money from her work and bought us all presents. He congratulates her. Ayşe says you should kiss her too. He is about to give her a kiss; she gets up and says you will need to do a proper thank you once you get your present. Mert says let's go for dinner and celebrate our partnership and Zehra's success. Ayşe says we can't. Mert says so it is only the two of you. Zehra says it is up to you two. Mert says I will make a few calls and then you give me your answer.

Ömer tells her don't get too used to this job. She says I have to get ready for the dinner. He says there will be no dinner. Decline the invitation. She says you tell him. He says you will find an appropriate lie, I am sure. Zehra says, how many times I have to tell you, I do not lie. He says I don't care. Just tell him you are not going. He goes.

Müzeyyen tells Cevriye that Alev is very important for her and her occasional angry behaviour is because she has had a hard life. Müzeyyen says however she is sure that deep down she has a good heart. Cevriye feels upset for Müzeyyen and tells Nihat that she is very lucky that he turned out so nice.

Mert and Ömer are outside. Ömer says Zehra will decide. Zehra comes out dressed to go. She says I am very hungry let's go. Ömer is annoyed but swallows it and they go. They come back later. Zehra is enjoying a funny anecdote by Mert from his times with Ömer in the US. They see Asya's project: a family tree with photos of the family members. Mert says so this is family life. I would never have thought I would see Ömer like this. You are really special Zehra. He then goes to bed. Ömer has become pensive. Zehra looks at the pictures. Ömer enjoys looking at her. Her bracelet falls and goes under the sofa. He goes to get it and he pulls his neck. Zehra looks at it with concern. Ömer becomes irritated and they go to the bedroom. In the bedroom she says let me help and I will go and get some special tea. He says leave it. You have done enough. He says to himself you are the cause of all my troubles. She says if you have something to say, say it to my face. He hushes. She helps him take his coat and jacket off and they sleep.

In the morning he has something around his neck. She tells him that it is her sister's engagement today. He says why did you not say. She says maybe because you have not been talking to me the past few days. He takes the scarf off his neck and throws it on Zehra's bed. She says Nazan is not here anymore we have to do our own work. So throw it in the laundry bucket. She takes it and he comes around to get it. He pulls it and Zehra goes with it and they become face to face again. He tells her to let it go. Her hand is caught in it. She takes it out and he takes it and goes.

Mehtap is writing a note. Ömer comes out and is about to leave when Ökkeş comes and says there is a lot of money in my account. I thought there might be a mistake. Ömer says there is no mistake. It is for your house in the village. Ökkeş says I cannot accept it. Ömer says I owe much more than this to you, things that cannot be paid back with money. Ökkeş is moved and talks about how he has not felt the pain of childlessness because of them. Zehra sees Ömer from behind the window talking with Ökkeş with such warmth.

Ökkeş goes to Hediye and tells her that Ömer has given them money which is more than necessary for the house. She says you should not have accepted. He says I wasn't going to but he said such kind things I could not. They then talk about Ömer looking tough but having a soft heart, being a kind, loyal and supportive man. Zehra overhears. Zehra wants the iron. Ökkeş tells Zehra may you never be separated from Ömer. Both of you are such wonderful people.

Ömer goes into his office with Mert. He receives a letter. It is Mehtap's note. "This is the address of your wife's love nest. The keys are in the pot. A friend." Ömer is agitated once more.

S01E135 - 135.Bölüm Air Date: 24 March 2017 14:10 -

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Mert asks if anything is wrong. Ömer is silent. Mert leaves reminding him of the meeting with the Americans. Ömer is mad. Ömer wants to cancel all his meetings and then realizes it is crazy and stops himself. He calls Zehra wondering if she is with that guy. Zehra is getting ready with thoughts of her little sister growing up so fast. Ömer calls and Zehra without checking who has called starts saying: Sweetie, I was just thinking about you. In fact, just wanted to call when you called. I am still at home. Ömer is upset and does not say anything. She responds to the silence saying Yasemin; are you there? Ömer is relieved to realize she was addressing her sister. Ömer says I just called so see if you left, I can send you a car. She says there is no need and I am not ready yet. He asks why? She says I feel like I am still not ready to see my little sister get married. Ömer is moved by her feelings. Hediye comes and takes the red dress for ironing. Zehra finishes off with Ömer. She feels the call was a bit strange. Ömer says she is home and puts the note in his jacket pocket.

Şükran gives money to Koray and tells him to go get the flowers and chocolate. He goes to Yasemin first and says everything happened so fast, I should have done this earlier. He gives her an unpretentious ring on his knees and asks her to marry him. She accepts and is flattered by it. Mehtap sends Beton to see if Ömer has gone to the address. She calls the office and realizes he is in meetings. Ömer is occupied in the meeting and does not really listen to what is going on. He thinks it could all be a lie. He remembers all the things that indicate otherwise. The marriage licence, the flowers, etc. He is about to leave when Demir comes. Ömer gives him the note. Demir says you cannot believe this. Ömer says that guy has sent her money and now this. He asks Ömer to talk with Zehra. There is someone who wants to ruin your relationship. Don't go to that house. Talk to Zehra.

Zehra in her red dress is praised by the family members. Zehra goes leaving Alev and Cevriye to bicker. Alev tries to insinuate that Ömer did not concern himself with Zehra and the new business they are starting with Mert is of more importance to him.

Leyla and Zehra arrive and help Yasemin get ready. Salim is moved by her little girl preparing to get engaged. Koray and Şükran arrive. They are both nervous. Yasemin serves the salty coffee to Koray. The groom to be has to suffer the bad tasting coffee from the bride to be's hand to show that his love is true. Koray chases it down with the glass of water. Şükran asks for Yasemin's hand for Koray. Salim agrees on the condition that the marriage is left for when she finishes her studies.

Alev is worried that Hilmi Yilmaz will be annoyed that she is not involved Mert's business. He calls and Alev is upset with his threats. At home, Ökkeş takes leave to go do the village house's work. Müzeyyen says Ömer asked her to let him know he should take his time and finish what he has to do.

Mehtap sees Ömer has not come so she calls muffling her voice. She says your wife has come; where are you? Ömer says I am going to find you. She guffaws and says she said she has gone to her sister's engagement, but she is done there and now she is in the arms of her lover. Ömer says shut up!! But he is affected. He calls. There is no answer and doubt takes him over. Mehtap sends Beton to Zehra's place. Zehra is at the door telling Leyla how the engagement has brought back the lie she is living with. Leyla clams her and goes. Beton sends a message to Zehra that seems like it is her mother asking her to go to this address. She gets her things and runs there.

Mert and Alev arrive at the house at the same time. Alev calls Mert from behind. She asks about Ömer and whether he was upset. You know him better that anyone, Alev tells him. Mert says yes I am good at knowing people especially those who hide behind a mask but I do not use this skill to pry into people's private lives. She says what a shame we are not working together, I could have learned so much from you. Mert says even if we don't work together, I can give you a lesson or two in understanding people. But to do that you have to first face the mirror and know yourself.

Ömer is driving there saying how you can do this to me. Demir calls him and he does not answer. Demir is in Mahaleh wants to see Leyla. He hopes Ömer is not doing the wrong thing. He is on the phone when Şükran arrives and takes him inside for tea.

Mehtap is outside the house. Ömer arrives. He turns back once but again goes back. He finds the key in the pot and goes in. He sees the photographs and Zehra's book on home remedies and he reads the letter allegedly from Yener to Zehra, his love, apologizing for not being there for her sister's engagement. He is mad and slams Zehra's photo frame. Zehra arrives in a cab. He hides behind the wall and Zehra comes in, sees the photos and is in shock. She turns around and is startled by Ömer. What are you doing here, she says. He says I have been inconsiderate barging in on your love nest. He is about to leave when she stops him and says what are you saying? He says stop, don't deny it. The marriage licence, money from him in your account, meeting with his sister and now this house. It's enough. I don't have to put up with the lies of a shameless person like you. She screams; enough! And slaps him.

S01E136 - 136.Bölüm Air Date: 27 March 2017 14:10 -

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Who do you take me for? Zehra slaps Ömer. You don't get that all these things are Yener's doing, she throws the things. You still think this way, she goes out mad. Ömer runs after her. Please wait. Let us talk. I have nothing to talk to you about, she says and pulls her arm out and goes. Ömer gets in the car and goes after her. Mehtap is pleased with her doing. She says I am just getting started dear Zehra. Mehtap thinks that Zehra will return home soon.

Leyla goes home and is not happy to see Demir there. Cevriye receives some of her things from Kayşeri. Alev sees it and says she is now completely settled in the house. Nihat hears it and Müzeyyen tries to explain but Nihat is upset. Nihat goes and Müzeyyen wants Alev to apologize but Alev goes to her room annoyed. Demir tries to explain to Leyla but she says I don't want my aunt to think anything wrong about us. Demir says but there is nothing wrong to think!

Ömer goes to Salim's place and stops there. Zehra walks in streets crying. Ömer says I know you will come here. I will wait. He remembers Zehra's frantic reaction at his accusations and has to get some air. What have I done, he thinks. Zehra is back at Ömer's house. She stops outside the door and tells herself I have to do it for Ayşe. She wipes her tears and goes in. She goes into the verandah but cannot calm herself. She remembers Ömer's unkind words in the house. I have to do it for Ayşe not that tyrant! She thinks. How can I endure it here, she thinks? I can I stand his face? Mert sees her in the verandah and comes to her. He is very gentle and discreet. She says I am just getting some air. He notes that it is too cold for that and asks if anything is wrong. Zehra says no. He says you probably had a fight with Ömer. I know Ömer and he can be rough sometimes. She repeats: sometimes. Mert says but he is also extremely kind and isn't this what you need to love someone? He goes and Zehra remembers how Ömer had embraced her in the hospital when he had thought Zehra might have been killed in the explosion. She calms down and goes in.

Demir sees Ömer sitting in the car. Ömer tells him to sit in the car and he tells him what happened. Ayşe goes in the living room and sees Mert. Ayşe thinks Ömer and Zehra are out together and Mert tells her that Zehra is back. Mert says Ömer might have had to cancel because of work. She wants to call Ömer, Mert stops her. Ayşe tells Mert you have some psychology training, maybe you can teach Ömer a few things about how to treat women. Mert says I think Ömer does not need that.

Ömer tells Demir; "at that point I could not hold myself." Demir tells Ömer if this is just a marriage on paper then why do you have such extreme feelings? Ömer is about to go inside Zehra's house looking for her. Demir says her family is there. Ömer says I don't care. Ayşe calls him. She says what happened you did not go to dinner. He asks how you knew. She says Mert told her. He says we will come home soon. She asks who are you coming with. Ayşe sees Zehra and calls Zehra to talk to Ömer. Ömer realizes Zehra is there. Zehra wants to get out of it but can't. She takes the phone and says hello. He is speechless. She says I am hanging up and gives back Ayşe's phone. Ayşe is upset. Ömer is happy that she went back and wants to go right back. He is smiling. Demir gets off to get his own car.

Ayşe sees that Nihat is upset. He tells her that Alev is talking about Cevriye staying too long. He says she is right. Ayşe says Cevriye is part of our family and she can live with us. Nihat is appreciative. Leyla is pensive in the balcony. Şükran notes that she is thoughtful and says you are angry that I invited Demir in. She adds Demir is such a nice boss. He has come all this way to deliver a couple of files. Leyla remains evasive. Şükran is frustrated.

Ömer arrives and sees Zehra and Ayşe sitting on the sofa. Mert comes and sees him staring at Zehra. Again, he tells Ömer you are very lucky. Mert is thinking maybe Ayşe is right and Ömer might need some therapy sessions. Zehra goes in the bedroom and is taking off her earrings. She is restless. She sits to draw. Ömer comes in and asks to talk. She says I don't want to listen to a single word! She wants to leave; he tries to stop her. They stand face to face and he says you could have told me everything. He leaves the room. Where are you going this time of night? He follows her into the kitchen and wants to talk to her. Ayşe comes in and they say they were going to work together. He says ok I will go sleep.

Koray calls Yasemin and they talk about their love and yearning for each other. Koray says I am going to make you very happy.

Ömer goes back in the room and puts her ear rings into their box. He is very regretful. Zehra comes in. She is taking her things to sleep in the study. He tries to stop her saying we need to talk. He holds her close but can't keep her there. She takes her things and goes. She goes into the study and is talking to herself angry with him. Ömer begs her to go to the bedroom. She refuses and says she wants to be left alone. He leaves her. She spends the night crying. He returns and sits on the chair remembering her reaction and departure. He looks at the bag fabrics and sighs. He sees her note to him left there from last night and smiles. But he notices her empty spot on the bed and gloom covers his face. In the morning Ömer runs to the study in his pyjamas but she is already wrapping up. He wants to talk. She says there is nothing to say. You said everything you had to say. Mert comes in and says sorry, I know from now on I have to knock before entering this room as well. Zehra says we are going to meet a fashion house today. Ömer wants to take them but Mert says they have a meeting and Ömer can't go.

Ömer comes into the living room. Zehra and Cevriye are sewing bags. Ayşe is there too. Ayşe notices Ömer has lost a button. He wants to change. Cevriye says Zehra has a needle in her hand she can quickly do it for him. She makes fun that if she is upset, she can also stick you to get even. She then says she is joking. Zehra gets him to sit on the sofa and gets close reluctantly and begins sewing. He stares at her. At the end she sticks him with the needle making him cringe. He whispers in her ear that she did that on purpose. The other two ladies laugh. Mert comes and Ömer leaves.

Koray and Yasemin walk in the streets hand in hand without fear from the neighbourhood talks. Mehtap is trying to collect money from someone on the phone. She thinks Ömer will never look at Zehra again. She is pleased with herself.

Ömer goes to the office. He remembers Zehra's reaction in the house again and feels breathless. He thinks about the marriage licence, money and house. Demir says you have not talked to her, ha? How can you find out the truth if you don't? Ömer suddenly thinks of something and leaves.

Koray tells Salim maybe we can enlarge our business and get order from furniture firms to make more money. Salim realizes what is putting the idea in his head. He says don't worry, by then we will make enough. You keep working hard and all will be well. Don't worry. Leyla continues to act cold to Demir.

A guy comes into Mehtap's shop and begins hassling her and pulls out a knife. He says my debt is to Yener not you. Beton comes and teaches him a lesson and throws him out. They go to clean up the house they set up. Meanwhile Zehra and Ayşe go home and say their sketches are a success and Zehra needs to do more.

Mehtap is folding the stuff in the house she had set up for Ömer and Zehra. She is expecting Beton. She hears steps and without looking says did you see Beton how they fell into my trap. She turns around. It is Ömer. Were you expecting your brother, Ömer asks angrily.

S01E137 - 137.Bölüm Air Date: 28 March 2017 14:10 -

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Mehtap says you are mistaken. I don't know what you think. Ömer says you set this dirty trap. She denies it and wants to go. He presses her against the wall and warns her against picking a fight with him. He leaves her wondering how he found out. She is panicking. Ömer finally realizes how right Zehra was and blames himself for falling in the trap. He gets in the car and goes home.

Hilmi Yilmaz calls Alev and tells her you must give me minute by minute report of Mert. She tells him he is in the office. He calls Mert and says why are you in Istanbul and I hear the news from others. He says come let's talk before you start a business with Ömer. Mert says I have nothing to talk to you about and never call me again.

Ömer arrives home. Zehra is passing the door and he asks to talk to her. She refuses. Mert comes and she goes into the living room. Ömer and Mert follow her. Ömer asks about Zehra's meeting. He asks did you reach an agreement. She says yes now I have a job. He congratulates her and so does Mert. Mert goes to get coffee for all. Ömer says Mert notices there is something between us and he is very clever about these things. If he becomes suspicious…She says do something that he does not get suspicious. He says if you look at me like that, and makes an angry face, it will be difficult. Mert comes and Zehra leaves.

Mehtap is scared that Ömer is going to send the police for her. A policeman comes to find a house, Mehtap almost gives herself away.

Cevriye learns that Mert knows about life coaching. She wants to get some coaching from him. He agrees.

Ömer goes into the room. Zehra is working and as soon as he comes, she gets up to go. He says if you want to work you can leave the light on. Zehra says, I want to sleep and gets the pillow to go out. Ömer says wait, you stay, I will go. You were right, I should have listened to you from the beginning. I don't know how I believed it, I don't know. For this I am mad at myself. He leaves as he reaches the door frame, Zehra says stay. He freezes and comes back. We don't want Ayşe to get upset, Zehra adds. In the morning, Ömer comes in the room dressed. Zehra is asleep. He then begins to make noise so she gets up and he can apologize. She does not open her eyes and only opens them when he leaves.

On Mert's advice, Cevriye asks people to write their thoughts about her and put them in a box anonymously. Alev hears and has a mean look.

Ömer comes into the bedroom. Zehra is drawing. He asks to talk to her. He says my mistake is unforgiveable. I committed the same mistake I said I would not commit. As he tries to apologize, she tells him not to bother. She will do whatever she can to make Ayşe happy. She adds that he does not need to feel indebted to her for it, because she is doing it for Ayşe not for him. Mert sees them from afar.

Yasemin gets mad at Koray for not calling her more often and working too much.

Ömer is pacing the study. Mert comes in and asks him what's up. Classic Ömer Kervancioglu who is upset and does not want anyone asking him questions. Ömer says it is nothing serious. Mert says I can see it is because you have been this way for days.

Hilmi Yilmaz tells Alev that he needs to know when Mert leaves the house.

Mert goes and gets Zehra and brings her into the study. He tells them to sit side by side. Ömer goes to her and she tries to move away. He tells them to sit closer. Ömer asks what the issue is. Mert says you are issue and I am going to give you some marriage therapy. They try to get out of it. Mert says denial is the worse form of solving a problem. Mert says don't put up an act for me. Ömer says well maybe it is not a bad idea. So, they begin. Mert gives them an assignment. He tells them to write the good and bad things before and after their lives together. He has to go to a meeting and will get the work from them when he comes back. Zehra is annoyed with Ömer. Ömer says I told you Mert will know. Zehra takes the paper and goes to the bedroom to do the work. They both have a tough time but do end up reflecting on each other and their relationship.

Alev informs Hilmi Yilmaz when Mert leaves. Yilmaz gets his men to block his way and bring him to his father. He is waiting for Mert on a bridge at the waterfront. He tells Mert don't start work with Ömer. All I have is yours. Mert says do you really think I would work with you. He tells his father I have already started work with Ömer and tells him to stay away. Mert says we started our partnership long ago with Ömer and goes. Hilmi Yilmaz warns Mert not to force him to do things that would upset him.

Ömer goes in the bedroom and sees a paper there. He sees the negative things Zehra has written about him. Before and After Z. Who is Z? She has written that he forces everyone to do what he thinks is right. He does not believe in loving anyone other than his own family. He does not trust anyone. She comes in and he asks do you really think I am such a person. What do you care what I think? He says but Mert. She says don't worry I have written another one for him. Ömer reads and she asks is there anything you want to add to give Mert a good picture. He says no it is more than enough. Even if it is not true, it will convince him. He then asks what does Z stand for? Zorba (tyrant)? Zehra nods yes. Ömer is sad.

Şükran arrives at the office but Leyla is not there. Demir takes her into his office and gives her a coffee and they talk. When Leyla comes, she is again annoyed that Demir and Şükran are together. Hilmi Yilmaz tells Alev she has to break Ömer and Mert's partnership. Alev wonders what to do.

Mert is in the study waiting for the couple. They are funny standing in front of him with their homework in hand. Mert sits at Ömer's desk. They give him their work. Mert reads. They have the same descriptors for each other: considerate, kind, helpful, brave, and loving. Mert says how can two people think such good things about one another and yet have problems. Ömer looks at her sweetly. Mert asks them to say what bothers them about the other. Zehra says his presence gives a sense of security but sometimes he is too protective and that leads him to make mistakes. Zehra says he has trust issues. Ömer says she is the most loving person I have ever seen. But she is too reserved and I feel she has not told me everything and that upsets me. And she interprets my unease as lack of trust. Zehra says he wants everyone to follow his rules and can't stand anything else. Ömer says when a decision is made, I naturally want it to be honoured. Zehra looks at him. There appears to be some understanding between them. Mert asks how they feel. Both say at the same time, lighter!

Mert says your writings reveal you are a perfect match. You only have some communication problems. Communication channels must always be open. He then tells them to look in each other's eyes and express their love. They mumble I love you without looking at each other. Mert says this won't do. Get up, look at each other, and hold each other's hands. They hold hands and stare at each other…suddenly at the same time they say, I love you! Without taking their eyes off each other.

S01E138 - 138.Bölüm Air Date: 29 March 2017 14:10 -

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Zehra is all flustered. How do you feel? Mert asks. Ömer says much better. Zehra says yes there is no need for more sessions. Mert says no, I think we need a few more. Ömer agrees. Zehra keeps looking at Ömer with a sort of lost and confused look and leaves. Ömer also has an unfamiliar but delicious look.

Demir goes to Leyla where she is talking with her aunt. Şükran says he is leaving and asks Demir to visit some time.

Zehra runs into the kitchen and opens the window. She is startled by Hediye. Zehra is breathless and unsettled. Hediye shows concern. Zehra says there is nothing. I am just excited…she thinks twice and says, excitement about the sketches…Zehra says I want to get some water. Hediye gets some milk and goes. She feels her cheeks burning. She drinks some water and Ömer comes running into the kitchen. Water gets caught in Zehra's throat. He helps getting a napkin and again there is a moment of staring into each other's eyes. They are both mesmerized by each other. Zehra runs to the room and Ömer leans on the counter. He drinks water and notes that it is her glass. He puts it down but then finishes it. He wipes her mouth with the napkin and then looks at it probably thinking how it had wrapped itself around her lips a few moments ago!!!

In the bedroom, Zehra is restless. She tries to sketch. She can't concentrate and remembers saying "I love you!" and begins pacing again. She goes into the verandah. Ömer is similarly restless in the study thinking about the "I love you!" moment. Mert comes and tells Ömer one of them has to go to the US for two weeks. Ömer wants to find another person. Mert then suggests that maybe Ömer can go with Zehra. Ömer feels they both are needed in Istanbul.

Demir talks about Leyla's aunt and says she seems very nice and understanding. Can I come to your house once and we talk about our relationship to her? Leyla runs away. Demir is very disappointed. She doesn't want it, accept it, Demir tells himself. Şükran visits Salim and tells him that she is worried about Leyla. Salim tells her to give her some room.

Zehra is sketching and without realizing she sketches and O at the bottom of the page. Ömer walks in and she tries to hide it. He asks to see her sketches, she says they are not done yet. She tries to discreetly erase the O and the eraser falls and they both reach for it and… Are you still mad at me? Ömer asks. What has changed, Zehra asks. Everything, he says. He tells her that he went to that house and realized that everything was a trap. She says but you chose not to believe me. He then says Mert wants to continue the therapy sessions, so we will need to know each other well. She says don't you remember you made me memorize everything about yourself, have you forgotten. He says no I haven't, but I know nothing about you. She says ok tell me what you wanna know and takes out a paper. What you like, what you don't. She begins to write.

Cevriye prepares her box and asks everyone to write their feelings about her. Koray works till late. Leyla talks with Şükran and feels maybe she can give Demir a chance. In the morning Şükran goes to Yasemin and she tells Şükran that she feels Koray maybe regretting the engagement because he does not contact her as much. Şükran says don't be silly; he just wants to work more to save money for the wedding.

Zehra continues to be preoccupied with Ömer and her feelings at the moment of saying I love you. She goes fast out and Ömer comes in and again the door hits her forehead. He runs and gets ice.

Ayşe is writing and refers to Cevriye as mature; Nihat says no write she has a young spirit she would like it more. She writes frank and skillful and other descriptors that she would like.

Ömer reads Zehra's notes and checks her forehead with much concern as soon as she comes in. In the morning again he wakes up and moves her hair from her face as she is sleeping to check her forehead. She wakes up and is unsettled by his care and gets out of bed. Ayşe comes and asks Zehra to take Asya to school. Ömer wants to go with her. Zehra says there is no need.

Leyla brings coffee and wants to talk with Demir. Demir acts cold and says he has to work. Leyla leaves disappointed. Zehra is walking toward the door with Asya when Ömer comes from behind and says let's go. They go together. Müzeyyen and Hediye write nice things about Cevriye. Alev has a smirk on her face.

Ömer remembers how he slandered Zehra and feels bad. Zehra comes out of the school and Ömer wants to take her to breakfast but she says she will go home. He goes after her. She says you don't have to come home with me, I will tell them something. He says but I want to go with you. They get in the car and go home together. When they arrive, Cevriye asks them to write about her and put it in the box. Ömer wants to refuse but Zehra stops him. Cevriye leaves. Ömer is baffled. What should he write about Cevriye? Zehra tells him about Cevriye. How she helps everyone and Ömer is surprised to hear those things about Cevriye. He is affected. He writes something.

Mert is upset by a call. Ömer realizes Hilmi Yilmaz wants him to meet him again. Mert is worried that his father will harm Ömer. Ömer tells him don't go or he will think of it as our Achilles heel. He tells Mert I will take care of myself, just don't go. Mert accepts but is upset.

Ömer's car is going fast along a jetty. Hilmi Yilmaz gets off a car at the end of the jetty and thinks it is Mert realizing Ömer will not be any use to him. Ömer's car stops and instead of Mert Ömer gets out. Ömer goes to him You ruined my father; what else do you want? He says leave my son. Ömer tells him I am not holding anyone by force. Hilmi Yilmaz says I will stop you. Ömer says do your best and leaves.

Zehra wants to leave the house and runs into Mert. She says I am going to see a friend. Mert says Leyla? Let's go together. I have called a car. We will talk about America and maybe you can convince Ömer to go together.

Mehtap loans some money to a bearded guy who sees she keeps lots of money in her drawer. Beton comes in a green shirt. Mehtap finds him a bit funny and leaves laughing discreetly. Beton sits and looks at Mehtap's photos on the laptop. He has to leave for a moment. Mehtap arrives and sees that Beton is her secret admirer.

Cevriye reads the notes with Ayşe and Müzeyyen and is happy. Suddenly she sees one of them has negative things written so she feels bad and leaves the living room and goes to her bedroom.

Zehra and Mert arrive at the office and Mert tells her to go visit Ömer. Zehra feels embarrassed and says what should I tell Ömer. She goes to his office. He is talking with a guy about security matters. He is happy to see Zehra and says we are done. Hilmi Yilmaz calls someone and says kill Ömer. It is the security guy Ömer was talking to. He turns and looks at Ömer in the background talking to Zehra.

S01E139 - 139.Bölüm Air Date: 30 March 2017 14:10 -

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Hilmi Yilmaz finishes talking to Ömer's security guard. Zehra wonders if anything is wrong. Ömer says it's the usual security measures. He asks why she has come and she says she wanted to go see Yasemin but ran into Mert and had to come to see Leyla instead. She tells him that Mert has asked her to convince him to go the US. He thinks it would be a good break for the couple and Zehra will get to see the places Ömer lived in before. Ömer asks what she told him. Zehra says I said OK. Ömer says how could you say OK in this situation. She says you did not think I would go to the other side of the world with you; I said no. He says that is not funny, so I was wrong to believe you. How strange, Zehra says; so, for once you said to yourself let me believe her! She wants to go but Ömer says we will go together. Mert comes and Zehra goes to Leyla's office. Demir comes in as well and they discuss the issue of sending someone to the US.

Mehtap feels awkward with Beton now that she thinks he is the one who is texting her nice messages. Beton realizes something is amiss. She then says indirectly about the textor what kind of a person you are; no flowers; no presents! Beton gets up to leave. She thinks she knows where he is going.

Leyla tells Zehra about messing everything with Demir. She says she really feels good about him as a friend. Zehra tells her is it so difficult for you to say that you like him. Leyla says look who's talking? You are like me. At this age, have you ever been in love? Zehra remembers the moment of saying I love you and says well I never came across anyone but for you, there is someone. Leyla looks at her questioningly!!!

Alev goes to Ömer and says he has to go to Cyprus for that deal. He says you are in charge of that file, you must come too. Alev is happy and says she will take care of the details of the trip for Friday and leaves. In her office she reserves the hotel suites close to each other and then calls Hilmi Yilmaz to tell him that if he wants to see Mert, she and Ömer are flying to Cyprus on Friday so Mert will be alone on the weekend.

Zehra comes and says Leyla has to work so she could not stay there anymore. He says wait here. She sits and then walks around and tells him that Mert wants them to continue the sessions. They decide to tell him next time that they are fine and need no more sessions. The security guard comes and tells Ömer everything is ready. Ömer says let's go. The guy is driving them home. Zehra asks why he got a chauffeur. He says so I can work in the car. The driver swerves and Zehra falls in Ömer's arms and they again have a moment of stirred feelings as they breathe in each other's scents. They reach home and Ömer wants Zehra to wait until the chauffeur opens her door.

Demir goes into Leyla's office and tries to get a sign from her. She remains cool so he returns to his office disappointed. Later in the evening Leyla goes to his office and again they cross talk. Leyla says are you angry with me; but you had said we wouldn't talk about this anymore. Demir says did I say anything? She leaves upset. At home, Ayşe and the rest are getting more and more worried about Cevriye as she remains in her room only to come out for water.

Şükran reminds Leyla not to forget to invite Demir. Leyla says to herself I lost the chance again to invite him. Salim and Yasemin come to dinner. They sit and talk about how Koray is working a lot. He says I am still learning so I am slow. They assure him that he is doing well.

Alev goes to Ömer in his study and tells him she could not get any tickets so they have to go with one of the Company planes, but they will not be alone in the plane. He says that is fine. Zehra comes in and Alev makes sure she hears that they are leaving together on Friday. Alev leaves and Zehra asks if he is going somewhere. He explains that he has to go to Cyprus with Alev since Alev is in charge of that file. She has actually come to call him for dinner, so they go out together.

After dinner they talk about how Cevriye will not say what is wrong with her. Mert tells Ayşe to ask her more insistently. She goes with Nihat but Cevriye does not say anything. When they are gone Cevriye reads the note which says being a guest she should leave and not stay forever as she has done. So, she gets up to pack.

Mert asks if Ömer and Zehra are ready for another session tomorrow. Zehra wants to skip it but Ömer agrees to do it after breakfast. Ömer asks if they have any assignments. Merts says no we will see how much you know each other tomorrow. Ömer and Zehra want to go when Mert stops Ömer. Ömer asks Zehra to wait for him in the study. Mert tells Ömer that he feels his father's silence is more dangerous than his calls. Ömer tells him not to worry. Zehra wonders why Ömer wanted her to wait in the study. He comes and says we have to prepare for tomorrow. I still don't know much about you. She says Zehra Kervancioglu is an orphan with no past, so it is ok. What' is left I wrote down for you; should I test you on it? He says no I know that. He says lots of things about her which are not even in the paper she gave him. She realizes he pays lots of attention to her. He has this test on the iPad and says it will help them prepared. He says it says you need to know the person's fears and dreams. He asks what are you afraid of other than darkness which I know. She says of being misunderstood and of hurting my loved one. He says sometimes even if we do not want to, we do that, don't we? He then asks what do you think is love? She hesitates and says I don't know, I was never in love. He looks at her perhaps hopefully. She asks him what do YOU think is love? He says it is foolishness; I don't believe in love. Zehra is perhaps disappointed. It drags on. They become sleepy. Zehra falls asleep and Ömer gets the tea from her hand and she goes to bed.

In the morning, they await Mert in the study. He comes in and tells them to answer simultaneously the questions he asks and says things like what Zehra's favourite colour is and what is Ömer's favourite colour. They do so with flying colours and Mert is impressed by their knowledge of each other. Mert then asks Zehra why she fell in love with Ömer. Ömer tries to rescue her by saying he knows the answer to that question. Mert says I want to hear it from Zehra. Zehra says in a deep thoughtful mode: I didn't know him when I first met him; or even the second time but for some strange reason fate brought us together. Why? Love? I don't know. It's a question that has no answer. I don't know the answer and perhaps we'll never know. Mert turns to Ömer. Ömer says also as if in a daze: love is perhaps the answer to a question you have denied. One day it appears questions and answer and all before you without you expecting it. Mert says what do you mean. He says every person will find their own answer to it, specific to them. You'll know it when you find it. Mert is pleased and gets up to leave. He says the test is done; they just need to listen to each other more intently from now on and they'll be fine. Zehra gives a sigh of relief. Zehra goes to Mahaleh. Ömer wants to take her but she says it is better that the driver does not learn their address. He agrees but tells her to keep her phone on.

Ömer gets in the car and goes to work with the security guard driving. Mehtap gets a message and goes to meet her admirer.

Zehra sits with Yasemin and Salim at home. Salim and Zehra get up to leave. At the door, her wedding band falls from her coat pocket and goes under the console near the door. Salim hears the sound, looks at Zehra wonders what it is. Ömer gets off the car in the parking; the security guard aims his gun at Ömer's head from the back.

S01E140 - 140.Bölüm Air Date: 31 March 2017 14:10 -

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Ömer turns around and snaps at him asking who sent him and dares him to pull the trigger to his face rather than the back of his head. Mert arrives and runs to them. Ömer uses the distraction to entangle with the guy. The guy releases himself and runs into a car and escapes. Mert is concerned that it is his father's doing. Ömer says this has nothing to do with him. Mert is surprised but lets it go.

In the office Ömer talks with Nihat and tells him to dig into the security guy's file and also check the other personnel. They keep their suspicions from Mert.

Salim asks Yasemin to get his jacket from the room and tells Zehra he won't keep her waiting so she leaves. He looks down a bit but sees nothing, so he gets his coat and leaves. Yasemin calls a number for work and goes out to meet them. Hilmi Yilmaz snaps at the security guy for failing to kill Ömer and tells him to hide for the time being. He tells his driver to kill the guy.

Ömer calls Zehra. She does not answer. He is worried, but she calls right back. She says I was with my dad and could not answer. She says she is outside. He tells her to go straight home. He gets antsy with Zehra's momentary hesitation and repeats; did you hear me? She says yes, I did. Mert and Demir come into Ömer's office and Demir says that he will go to the US for the business. He then goes to his office and gathers his things. Leyla comes in a bit agitated and when she realizes it is only for two weeks, she is sort of relieved. But again, she gives no direct hope to Demir and he remains disappointed.

Hilmi Yilmaz calls Alev and asks when Ömer's flight is. She gives the information. He then calls and makes arrangements to sabotage the flight. Alev goes to him and wants to talk about the trip but he says he has to go and that he will meet her in the airport as he has to come to the office in the morning before departure.

Mehtap goes to meet her admirer. An old man comes to her with a bunch of flowers. She is mad and throws the flowers. Beton has given money to the man to do this for him and watches the exchange from behind the tree.

At home Zehra sees Ömer's shirts on the bed and is fondly reminded of sewing on his button and sticking him with the needle. Hediye comes to put them away and she says I will do it and takes the shirts to the closet. She then cannot find her wedding band and keeps looking in her bag. She sees the assignment paper she had done for Mert and remembers Ömer at the session talking about falling in love with her and smiles. She continues to look when Ömer arrives and asks what she has lost. She hides her hands behind her and refuses to bring them forward however much he asks and tries to get at them. Ömer briefly reaches for her hands and finally let's go. She goes into the bathroom. Ömer sees the paper in her bag and remembers Zehra talking about why she fell in love with him and smiles too. She comes out finally and she has a band aid on her finger. He shows concerns. She says it is nothing.

Yasemin brings home work. She has to put nick nacks together for weddings and parties. Şükran sees it and is proud of her for being hard working but tells her to let her father know for sure. In the morning she gets up late and Salim sees her work material on her table and is upset. He goes to Koray and asks if he knew and tells him that Yasemin must study first. Zehra calls Leyla and asks her to go look for the band and she is worried that her father might find it. Leyla goes but cannot find it.

Asya comes and tells Ayşe and Nihat that Cevriye is leaving. They all go to stop her but she has packed her bags and called a car. Alev stands there gloating. Ömer and Zehra come out. Ömer looks at Alev and goes down with Zehra. Cevriye takes leave from everyone and stretches her hand out to Ömer. Ömer tells them to take out the suitcase and tells Cevriye that this is her house and she cannot go anywhere, and everyone will be very upset if she left. She is dumbfounded and Nihat brings back her case and tells Alev on the way that his aunt is staying! Alev is annoyed.

Zehra is in the study talking with Leyla on the phone and Ömer comes in. Alev follows him and gives him her phone saying Kurşat wants to talk to him from Cyprus. He begins talking. Alev tells Zehra she is surprised she is not coming; she has not left Ömer alone since they got married. Zehra says I have been doing what I have to do. She says Ahh! So you say it is just a duty to you! Zehra is silent. Ömer's call is over and Alev leaves. Zehra asks how long he'll be away. Ömer says two days and then asks if she wants to go, too. She says, should I? He says well as my wife you certainly can come. She says no you go. It is work and I am also busy with my sketches. They leave it at that.

Nihat goes to Cevriye to find out what was wrong, and he sees the nasty note and is upset with Alev.

Ömer is packing his case with Zehra. He says Hediye used to do this perfectly. Zehra says but now I am here so I will do it. He goes looking for his black belt. She tells him exactly where it is and it impresses him as he finds it right away. In the morning Zehra is packing everything nicely and Ömer comes and takes her hand and says this needs changing and takes the band aid off and sees there is not cut. He says where is your wedding band. She says I wanted to tell you, I didn't want to hide it. I think I have dropped it at our house in Mahaleh. I will go and get it today. Ömer says now you want to go to Mahaleh. Why don't you end these tricks of yours? She says Tricks? How can you be so mean? I am happy you are going away so I won't have to see your face for a couple of days. He is frozen by this statement for a moment but leaves.

In the office Ömer again discusses the personnel matter with Nihat and precautions they need to take in view of the Hilmi Yilmaz danger. He then remembers Zehra's last words and wants to call her but stops himself. Zehra goes to Mahaleh and finds her band. She takes it and goes back. Alev is about to leave for the airport and Hilmi Yilmaz calls her and tells her to meet him assuring her that she won't miss her flight.

Zehra is carrying a tray with tea and sweets to her room. Her phone rings. She picks it up and talks. Mert is driving and crying and tells her that Ömer's plane has crashed. The tray drops from her hands as she stumbles in shock.

S01E141 - 141.Bölüm Air Date: 03 April 2017 14:10 -

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Zehra keeps telling herself it can't be true. Tears pour down her cheeks. She holds herself against the window sill. She suddenly thinks about Ayse. She tries to pick up the pieces and put them on the tray and walk to her bedroom. Inside the first door, she drops the tray again. She gets herself into the bedroom and goes onto Omer's side of the bed, grabs his pillow and burying her face into it, cries profusely.

Mert is similarly affected. He calls Nihat and lets him know. Hilmi Yilmaz checks that the plane has crashed. Alev who is standing beside him realizes what has happened and becomes frantic. Next we see her standing on the pier crying for Omer and saying she can't live without him. She then begins blaming Zehra and saying she has ruined their lives and she vows to kill her. Mert calls her. She just says Omer and hangs up.

Zehra is crying in the room saying it can't be true. Omer walks into the bedroom and looks at her crying into his pillow. He is confused at this sight. When she realizes he is there, she flies towards him and takes him in her arms squeezing him again and again saying you are alive. Omer abandons himself to her embrace still confused and slowly puts his arms around her as well. She then sits him down and begins holding his face and asking if he is fine. He finally asks so you are crying because you thought I was dead? What's going on? Zehra says your plane crashed. He asks if the others know. She says Mert called earlier and told me. No one knows but he is probably coming to tell them. Omer runs out.

Mert and Nihat are in the living room. Mert is crying and Ayse is going crazy asking him to tell her what is wrong. Omer walks in and Ayse runs to his arms. He holds her and she then asks if something happened to Zehra. He says no; everyone is fine. Just relax.

They sit in the living room and Omer hears that the flight has crashed. They wonder why he did not take the flight. He looks at Zehra and says he was not feeling well. Mert says it is not a very Omer Kervancioglu reason but who cares. As long as you are fine. Zehra says why did you not say you were not feeling well. I will go and make some tea for you. Omer wants to stop her but she is gone.

Shukran talks with Salim and tells him to be more flexible about Yasemin working saying she will help her. Salim relents.

Zehra brings the tea and Ayse moves from Omer's side to give room to her. Ayse notes how Zehra must have suffered from hearing the news. Zehra gives him the tea. He drinks and Zehra again asks about him putting her hand on his arm and fretting over him. He is taken by all this concern. Mert wants to talk with Omer in the study.

Alev stumbles on toward the house mumbling Omer, Omer! She drops on the stairs. Omer and Mert come out and she is elated that Omer is alive and hugs him and holds his face. Zehra comes out. Omer says I am fine. Mert says I wanted to let you know but your phone was off. You both escaped a big danger. Zehra says they should rest. Omer goes in with Zehra.

In the bedroom Zehra worries about him. She takes off her coat for him and tells him to change. She says I know you are not at all well otherwise nothing would stop you from going. You pretend that you are ok so Ayse would not worry but you don't have to do that with me. We can go to the hospital if you are not well. Or you can change and rest and I will make you some soup and tea. Omer is in awe with all this concern. He says he will change.

Leila goes home and goes to bed without dinner. She is upset about Demir's leaving but says nothing to Shukran.

Hilmi Yilmaz is annoyed that Omer was not killed. He wonders why he did not get on the plane and if he had realized it was going to crash. Yilmaz wants to make sure Mert does not find out his father' s invovlement in the incident.

Zehra goes in the bedroom with soup and tea. Omer is sleeping. She begins opening his suitcase and the shirt reminds her of telling Omer just before leaving for the plane that she is happy she won't see his face for a couple of days. She gets upset, reproaching herself for saying such a thing. He wakes up and sees her squeezing his shirt in her hands and tells her if you squeeze a bit harder it will need ironing again. She takes the clothes away. He then asks what time it is and she says around ten. He is surprised at himself for having slept so long and asks if she has been waiting at his bed all this time. She says she has made soup for him and it is still warm. She gives it to him and he eats.

In the morning the alarm goes but Omer sleeps. Zehra gets up and begins to worry that he does not get up. She bends to feel his breath and then shakes him to wake him. He suddenly grabs her and says she scared him. She apologizes and goes into the bathroom. He is being naughty. She comes out and Omer again pretends to have pain. Zehra is very concerned but he says you'll make me some tea after breakfast and it'll be ok. She says she will do it right away. He enjoys the attention. He thinks being sick is so much fun.

A guy goes to Mehtab's office and asks her Salim's address. She sends Betton to see what he wants with Salim. The man gives Salim a big order and gives him a good chunk of momey to start. Betton takes note of every detail and reports to Mehtab. Ayse's designer friend is moving abroad so their business deal is going to be off. Ayse is very upset but Nihat says let us try other businesses before we tell Zehra.

In the living room again Zehra wants Omer to see a doctor. She brings him tea and when Mert wants him to go to the office, she asks that he stay home today. He enjoys the attention and says he will work from home and when they are going to the study she gives him his tea. He takes it and goes into the study.

Mert tells him he feels this was not an accident. They are expecting the insurance report. Omer relishes his tea. A whie later he is working when Zehra comes in with the doctor. She has called him without telling Omer. She leaves them for the examination. Omer tells the doctor there is no need and tells him what happened. The doctor tells Zehra that it is all from stress and nothing that can't be cured with some rest and attention. The doctor leaves and Omer notices Zehra has her wedding band on and takes her hand and says, I am very happy you found it. She says it had fallen at home. She leaves.

Nihat brings the insurance report to Omer. They read it and realize the cause of the crash was a time bomb aboard the plane.

S01E142 - 142.Bölüm Air Date: 04 April 2017 14:10 -

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Omer tells Nihat they need hard evidence to bring charges of attempted murder against Hilmi Yilmaz. Nihat will start looking into the Security Guard's background. They are about to go to the office when Zehra comes in and says you have to go to the hospital. Omer says I have to go to the office; there is no time. They leave. Zehra walks out the door with her coat and waits there. Omer exits and sees her there and wonders where she is going. She says she is going with him and on the way they can go to the hospital for some tests. He is taken by her concern and determination and says we will see later. Nihat comes and is surprised to see Zehra is accompanying them. At the office Zehra sits with Omer. Omer thinks it is perhaps best that she is with him in view of the Hilmi Yilmaz danger.

Leila is upset that Demir has not called since he left. Mert comes in to get a file from Leila and Demir calls him on the phone while he is there. Mert then goes to Omer's office and Zehra goes to Leila. Mert reads the report and realizes the plane was bombed. He is mad and goes to talk to his father. Omer tries to stop him but he can't. Leila talks about the crash and postulates that since Omer does not look sick that Zehra might be the reason for his not going. She also says maybe he is looking for attention from her. Zehra dismisses such thoughts and asks about Demir.

Nihat brings the report about the security guard. He has found out that all his papers were false. Omer is angry that they have hired him. Nihat says Alev recommended him. He calls Alev and she remembers that Hilmi Yilmaz had asked her to get the guy into the Company. She says he had good references so I took him. If he is no good you can fire him. Omer is angry and says I am not discussing his firing with you. Nihat leaves. Omer gets up and Alev goes to him and asks about the report on the plane crash. Omer hides the truth and says there was some malfunction. She goes to him and grabs hold of his arm and tells him how she had thought she would never see him again. Zehra comes in and asks if she is disturbing them. Omer pulls out his arm and says no. He tells Alev that Kurshat has sent an email and they will have the meeting by way of teleconference tomorrow. Alev gets a call from Hilmi Yilmaz and leaves.

Zehra thinks that he might be hiding something about his health from her. She becomes restless. She asks him; "you won't hide something about your health from right?" He says "there is nothing why won't you believe me?" She says "but if it was nothing you would not postpose your work for it. If it prevented you from getting on the plane it must be serious." He says it is nothing but agrees to consider the hospital visit.

Hilmi Yilmaz is preparing a false report. Mert arrives and screams at him and tells him to stay away from Omer or he will find Mert against him. Alev sees Mert there and hides until he leaves. She then goes to Hilmi Yilmaz and he asks her how Omer found out there was a bomb. Alev realizes that Hilmi Yilmaz had sabotaged the plane and tells him she will not cooperate with him anymore because he is trying to harm Omer. Hilmi Yilmaz asks his goon if they have killed the guard yet. They say they have not been able to find him.

Salim takes the money he has received from the customer and goes to buy supplies. Betton has charged a young boy to pick his pocket. He attacks Salim and takes the money. Koray sees it and runs after him but Betton blocks him pretending that he is just passing by and Koray can't get to the thief. They sit at home with Shukran and ponder the problem. Yasemin gives Salim the little money she has made from her work. Koray tells him not to worry and that they will come through together. Mehtab is elated to receive the stolen money from Betton.

Nihat takes photographs of Zehra's sketches and together with Ayse they want to put it on the internet.

Omer and Zehra are in the car. Mert calls and Omer says they are going home. Zehra says what about the hospital. He says there is no need. He then asks her why she is worrying so much over him. She says because it could be something serious. Omer smiles.

Omer and Zehra arrive. Omer lingers and Zehra again worries. He says it is nothing; I am just a bit hungry. She wants to run and make food for him but he grabs her arm and tells her he can wait till dinner. They look meaningfully at each other. She is worried and he is appreciative. She goes to see Ayse. Omer goes into the room and looks at her sketches and remembers how she ran to her when he had returned with his suitcase. He remembers her warm embrace and tears of joy at his sight. He goes into the living room.

Zehra is sitting with Cevria and Ayse. Omer sits on the other sofa. She immediately gets up and goes to sit beside him. Cevria tells her to see if he has a fever. She touches his forehead and feels he is a bit hot. She goes to get the themometre. Alev comes and hearing about Omer being sick goes to get orange juice for him. Zehra returns with the thermometer and Omer says we will do that in the room. Alev gives him a glass of orange juice but he refuses. Cevria says give it to his wife and she will feed it to him. Cevria tells Zehra to take it. She does and offers it to Omer. Omer drinks and Alev goes to her room all annoyed. In her room Hilmi Yilmaz calls and tells her she cannot end their partnership. She says she will not help him anymore because he tried to kill Omer. He asks if this is her last word. She confirms.

At night in the bedroom Omer begins acting sick and enjoys Zehra's attention. She brings him tea and and lemon and goes to get him honey. He steps out into the verandah thinking about the horrendous insurance report about the plane crash. He thinks if Hilmi Yilmaz is willing to go this far, he (Omer) needs to take serious precautions for the safety of everyone in the family. Zehra comes and takes a blanket to him and says you'll get a cold. He takes it and wraps it around her and says she might get sick, too. They look at each other as if discovering each other anew.

In the morning Omer wakes up and realizes that she is sleeping on the chair. He goes to cover her with her robe and makes a noise. She gets up and sees he is covered in sweat and tells him to go take a shower.

Hilmi Yilmaz calls Alev. Alev tells him that she is not helping him anymore and all she will do for him is to keep silent about his doings. Yilmaz tells her are you sure this is your last work on this? Clearly he has other things in mind for her. She hangs up. Hilmi Yilmaz is handed a CD which he checks. It contains incriminating information about Alev. He sends it to Omer's house to take care of Alev's refusal to help him. He then calls Alev and tells her I have sent something there that might change your mind about things.

Omer and Zehra walk out of the room and Hediyeh hands over an envelope to Omer saying it just arrived for him. He takes it and goes into the study. Zehra goes to get him some herbal tea. Alev comes and asks Hediyeh if anything was delivered for her. Hediyeh says there was only something delivered for Omer and I gave it to him. Alev becomes jittery and runs into the study and sees Omer about to put the CD into the laptop.

S01E143 - 143.Bölüm Air Date: 05 April 2017 14:10 -

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Alev asks what the CD is. Omer says he does not know. He just received it. She takes it and says it is probably just advertisement. Omer takes it back and says let's see. She then says I need to tell you something important. He nods. Then she asks about the guard and his connection to Hilmi Yilmaz. Omer says they are still investigating. Zehra comes in with her tea. She puts it on the desk and tells Omer to take it hot. He takes a sip but it is apparently very bitter. He puts it down. Alev asks for some file. He goes to get it and Alev prenteds that she has accidentally spilled the tea on the CD. She takes it and rubs it on her chest. Omer takes it and says it is fine, I will take it to the office for them to retrieve the data. Alev leaves and calls Hilmi Yilmaz.

Omer goes to the bedroom and Zehra brings another tea. He says it is very bitter. She says there is much benefit in it so he should drink it. He drinks and says it is very bitter; I should be able to get revenge for this bitter tea. His phone rings and he has to leave for the office. They walk in the corridor and he is going to leave. Ayse arrives and hints that he should take proper leave from his wife. Omer holds Zehra's face and kisses both her cheeks. Zehra is stirred and a close up of her hands show that she is feeling new sensations from proximity to Omer. He whispers in her ear: "I told you I'd get my revenge!" He leaves but not before he has looked back once more through the window and looked at her who is obviously following him with her eyes.

Yasemin calls Zehra and tells her that someone stole Salim's money. Zehra is upset and says she will go there right away.

Alev meets Hilmi Yilmaz and he tells her that if she does not cooperate with him, he will let Omer know things about her. He then gives her a file and tells her to make sure they get this investigation report regarding the plane crash.

Mehtab meets Koray and tries to draw him into borrowing money from her. Salim goes out to try and borrow money from his colleagues. Koray and Yasemin worry about him. Omer goes to the office and gives the CD to the office techs. Salim returns to the shop empty handed. Yasemin arrives and brings them food.

Zehra calls and tells Omer that she is in Mahaleh because her father has some problems. He tells her to contact him when she leaves, he could go get her. Zehra is surprised that he is so nice about it. She says she would go on her own and that she has told the household that she is going to buy a few sketching supplies.

Zehra goes home and Shukran opens the door for her. They sit to talk and Yasemin arrives. She tells Zehra there is no need to go to the workshop as Salim is not there and has gone looking for loans. Omer calls Zehra. She refuses the call and Shukran begins talking about the importance of finding someone and settling down. She talks about how to know you are in love. She talks about how love makes you pay attention and get to know the person and his likes and dislikes, his shoe size, etc. Then she says if you are stirred by a kiss and want to hear his voice when he is not there, then it is surely love. Zehra remembers Omer kissing her in the morning. She gets up and leaves agitated. She tries to denies the signs of her feelings for Omer. She tells herself that she knows so many things about her father and Leila, so what? She wants to call him as she walks on the street. He calls. They talk: Omer asks if she is planning to work all night; Zehra says how about you, you never come out of your study. They go silent recongnizing their implicit desire to spend more time with each other. Then they say "Allo?" at the same time! She says she'll go home and he says he'll try to return early. They hang up and relish the warm feelings with smiles on their face.

Leila is trying to send an email to Demir and can't make up her mind how to start it. Mert comes and talks about Demir possibly returning soon so she drops it and decides to talk to him when he comes back. Alev sees the tech guy and manages to lift the CD and replace it with something else. At home she sees the content and evidence of her orchestration of Asia's kidnapping. She is relieved that Omer has not seen it. She hides it in her jewelry box.

Zehra is returning home with her bags. Omer arrives simultaneaously and runs to take them. Zehra is startled and drops the bags. They pick them up. Omer is very early. He wants to go in the bedroom. Zehra says they should say hello first. They go in the living room and Cevria and Ayse make them sit. Omer goes in the bedroom and is impatient with her absence so he calls her on her phone and asks for water. He messes his hair and acts sick, lying on the bed. Zehra is surprised but helps him a bit. Ayse comes and Omer jumps from bed to say he is fine. She leaves and Omer again pretends he is not well. Zehra takes his blood pressure. It is fine. She leaves to go and get some work done.

At night she comes with some tea for him. She takes his temperature. He has put a couple of hot water bottles in his bed and hides the thermometer under one and then gives it to her. She becomes very worried that he has a high temperature. She puts cold compresses on his forehead. She makes him take a shower. He tries to hide the hot water bottles. Zehra is concerned for him.

They sleep. Zehra is having a nightmare and jumps up in bed shouting don't go. Omer gets up and runs for water. Zehra gets up too and sees the hot water bottles and thermometer in his bed and wonders what' going on.

S01E144 - 144.Bölüm Air Date: 06 April 2017 14:10 -

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Zehra begins taking her revenge on Omer. She suddenly wakes him up again in the middle of the night pretending that she is worried that there might be something wrong with his heart. She takes his pulse giving some odd reading to get him worried. Then she puts two more hot water bottles on him. He is so hot he cannot sleep so he gets out of bed and sits on the armchair. In the morning she sees that he has fallen asleep there. She gets up and wants to touch his bed but he tries to prevent it to hide his silliness with the bottles. He leaves the room and Zehra now wonders what then could be the reason that he did not get on the plane if not for health reasons. He comes back and tells her not to touch his bed since he might sleep again.

Zehra brings a nice breakfast to the bedroom and as soon as he wants to eat she gives him a bland vegetable puree to soothe his stomach instead. He eats trying to hide his distaste. She laughs inside. Omer goes to the study. Ayse comes and tells Zehra that her friend has left the country so their deal is off but tells her that they have started an internet site to sell the bags.

Salim continues to look for a loan. Mehtab tries to get him to enter her store and discuss any problems he might have. He refuses and leaves. She sends a man to trap Koray. The man gives Koray his card and says he can loan them money. Koray discusses it with Yasemin and they finally decide to do it without telling Salim. Koray calls the guy not knowing he is connected with Mehtab. Mehtab is elated when she realizes Koray has called.

Mert sees Omer in the study and tells him Zehra has done well in making him well in such a short time and he should thank her by taking her out to a special place. Omer thinks that would also be the right place for him to tell her why he did not take the flight.

Zehra goes into the study and asks to talk to him. He says he has to work. She insists and asks him why did you not take the flight. Alev is passing and overhears from the corridor. Omer remains silent and Zehra is upset. She accepts that it does not conern her. Omer thinks to himself that once more she has misunderstood.

When Zehra goes out, Alev pretends to be on the phone with someone and says yes Omer did not take the flight because of me. He owes his life to me. We are just connected that way. Since I did not take it, he did not either. Zehra is disappointed and goes into her bedroom.

Omer comes and wants to tell her why he did not take the flight. Zehra cuts him off and tells him what is important is that you did not take it and you are alive. Anyway I know why you did not and leaves. Omer is confused. How does she know?

Leila finally sends an email to Demir asking how things are and when he would be returning as they are planning a party for his return. He responds saying thank everyone and tell them it is not yet clear when he will return. Leila feels upset.

Alev catches Zehra in the living room and tells her she does not look good. Zehra says she is fine. She wants to gloat over her. Ayse comes and tells Zehra that the internet site is being launched and Alev is annoyed that Zehra and Ayse are starting a business together.

Leila goes to visit Zehra. Sitting on the verandah, Zehra tells her that Omer was pretending to be sick and he was not. Then Leila asks why did he not take the plane. Zehra says because of Alev. Leila thinks it is odd. Zehra goes to get some coffee for them. Hediyeh and Cevria are walking with coffees. Cevria tells Zehra to take Omer's coffee for him. Zehra takes it from Heidyeh's hands and goes to the study. At the door she hears Omer telling Demir on the phone that he did not take the flight because of Zehra and that he owes his life to her. Zehra is stunned.

S01E145 - 145.Bölüm Air Date: 07 April 2017 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Zehra repeats to herself; he did not go because of me! Ömer tells Demir that he and Zehra had had an argument and he felt he could not leave like that. Zehra goes to Leila and tells her. Ömer tells Demir that he is planning to invite Zehra to dinner and tell her there. On the verandah, Zehra doesn't know what to do with herself. She sits. Ömer comes and Leila says she has to go. They both feel awkward and talk about the weather. Ömer tries to bring up the invitation. Kurshat calls and he has to go into a conference call. So he leaves. Zehra feels very special that she is the actual reason Ömer had decided not to take the plane.

Koray goes out to borrow money for the guy. Mehtap gives this guy the IOUs and the money and tells him to make sure Koray signs all of them. He does everything to a tee. Koray signs and gets the money. He takes the IOUs to Mehtap and is paid for them. Koray also call the supply store and tells them to prepare what they need and asks them not to tell Salim he is paying for them and act as if they are giving them the supplies on credit.

Meanwhile Shukran goes to Salim and lends him some money. Salim tries to refuse but Shukran would not hear it. Salim goes to the store and sees Koray has the supplies and is happy. Koray feels bad about lying to him.

Ömer goes back to the verandah and keeps turning words and sentences in his head trying to see what would be the best way to make the invitation and wondering if she will accept. Finally he asks: "Do you like fish?" it perplexes Zehra. Ayşe comes and asks Zehra is she has told Ömer about the internet website. Ömer tries to catch the ball and says that's very nice; we should celebrate. Zehra immediately says let's celebrate altogether with everyone at home. Ömer is miffed. Ayşe goes to make preparations. Ömer leaves annoyed. Zehra remains all confused.

Leila visits Demir's vacant office and thinks he is probably not coming back or else he would not clear his office in that manner. Yasemin thanks Koray for making Salim smile again.

At night, Zehra is getting ready to go to bed. Ömer comes in and sees her putting water on his night table. He says without any prologues, tomorrow we'll go to dinner and walks toward the bathroom. She asks does it have to do something with work? He says no; the two of us. She goes to her side of the bed and is a bit lost. He asks if there is a problem. She says I don't know. He says we have gone through a lot these past days; I thought it would do us good. She smiles and says fine. He responds ok. He goes into the bathroom. She is all excited. What should I wear? Where are we going? He comes out and sees the excitement on her face and that she is not sleeping. He gets in bed and they face each other. They say good night simultaneaously. Clearly they are both bubbling inside. They suddenly remember they have not separated the beds. They jump and do it. Zehra puts out the light and they get in bed, back ot back this time. More bubbles! Zehra turns on the night lamp and gets up again asking what time she should be ready! Ömer searches his mind…is 8 fine? Eight it is. Light out.

In the morning Ömer comes in. Zehra is in bed asleep. He is on the phone. He cancels his 5 pm meeting and asks his assistant to make a reservation at a simple but chique restaurant. He says it is for two and it is very special for him. Zehra gets up. Ömer says he is leaving and that he has made the reservation. He will be at the office so he will send a chauffeur to pick her up.

He goes to work and Mert notes that he looks chipper. Ömer is happy. Zehra also tries to choose a dress. Ayşe comes and tells her they are going shopping to get a nice outfit for the dinner. Ayşe is telling Cevria about going shopping with Zehra when Alev hears and retorts if Zehra has to buy a new dress for every dinner she goes! Cevria tells her Zehra is Ömer Kervancioglu's wife and can do so if she wants! Alev is irritated.

Hilmi Yilmaz meets the security guard that tried to kill Ömer and tells him to get out of the country. He sends his other man after him.

Ömer has a meeting with Mert and Nihat. For now they decide to sit on the evidence they have from Hilmi Yilmaz and make sure they have enough to get him completely convicted.

Alev is determined to cancel the dinner. Without telling Ömer, she calls and sets up a meeting that was canceled last week. Shareholders have to come so Ömer cannot cancel this. Zehra is ready and looks beautiful in her new dress, the necklace Ömer gave her and a fur jacket. The chauffeur takes her.

Ömer takes out the tie Zehra bought for him and changes into that. He puts on his cologne and is about to leave when the meeting is convened and he cannot get out of it. It finishes and he tries to go but Alev pretends to pass out. He goes to get help. Zehra is calling. Alev answers the phone saying Ömer is in the shower. Zehra is in tears and tells the driver to go back home. She goes in her room and cries and calls herself a fool. She thinks first he plays as if he is sick and now this trick. She tries to calm herself saying she is not there for his sake. Ömer comes and sees her teary face.

S01E146 - 146.Bölüm Air Date: 10 April 2017 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer tries to explain but Zehra goes out. Outside Alev sees her and gives her Ömer's phone saying he had forgotten it at the office. Then she tells Zehra to get used to being number two on Ömer's list. Zehra is very upset. Ömer changes and looks for Zehra. Cevria sees him in the living room. Alev is there. Alev says thank you for not leaving me tonight. Cevria is curious. Ömer says you had passed out; anyone would have done the same; don't make a big deal of it and continues looking for Zehra. Alev says I gave your phone to Zehra. Cevria realizes the dinner has been canceled and the reason for it.

Salim and Yasemin are at home. The door bell rings and they wonder who has come so late. It is Zehra. She goes in saying she missed them. Salim realizes she is upset.

Ömer cannot find Zehra. He sees his phone on the dresser. Under it there is a note saying; you had forgotten it at the office; Alev gave it. He calls Zehra. She says I am home. He is delighted and says where he can't find her anywhere. She says in my own home. He melts. She says I will stay here tonight.

Ömer goes to her. Alev looks for Ömer. Cevria says it is spring and the air of love just sends lovers into their own nooks and crannies; so you can't find them. Alev is miffed and leaves. Ömer texts her that he is at the door. She goes out to throw the garbage and meets him. He asks her to return with him. He says he did not want this to happen but when Alev passed out and then he had left his phone in the office and could not call her. She is upset. She refuses to go although he looks at her with earnest ruefulness. She goes to her door and returns as if she is going to go with him. Salim calls her and she turns and goes in. Ömer leaves disappointed.

Salim goes in the bedroom and Zehra pretends to be asleep. He caresses her and begs her forgiveness for the suffering she has to go through because of her family's debts working at this place. Zehra cries. She gets up and wants to call Ömer but changes her mind. She remembers their moments of closeness and how he embraced her in the hospital. She goes to sleep with her phone in hand.

Ömer wants to send an apology but thinks she might be asleep and changes his mind. Ayşe comes in and tells him Zehra was very excited about this date as if it were her first. She must have really been upset. He says she is staying with Leyla tonight. Ömer sees the necklace he had bought her on the dresser. He remembers the moments he had her close to him and how she embraced him when she had thought him dead. He is fraustrated.

In the morning Zehra gets up to his photo on her phone. Yasemin and Salim are gone. She sits to have breakfast. Leyla comes to visit. She tells Leyla she is upset not because he did not go but because he did not call to let her know.Leyla says notice that your concerns are now changing. It is not that he does not leave you alone. It is more about him not being there and not calling you. Zehra does not want to acknowledge this. Ömer calls. She says she will be back soon. He is about to apologize but she hangs up.

Mehtap visits Salim and Koray and she is upset that they are working away happily and tells Betton that they have to make sure their work does not proceed well or they might start making payments on time and get rid of their loan.

Zehra returns and Ömer wants to talk to her but she keeps cutting him off and leaving. She goes to the kitchen. Cevria goes to her and makes coffee and warns her against prolonging any argument with her husband and that there could be "wolves and jackals" around ready to pounce on their happiness. She makes coffee and gives it to Zehra to take for Ömer. Zehra takes it to him saying Cevria made her take it. Ömer again tries to apologize and she says it is good that the dinner was cancelled. We have to constantly pretend while we are at home; why should we go through that torture outside as well. She leaves. Ömer says so you don't want to go out. He calls Nihat and tells him to take everyone out to dinner tonight. Nihat calls Ayşe and tells her to tell everyone. Ömer goes to Hediye and asks for a favour.

He goes into the bedroom. Zehra is sleeping with her outside clothes. He leaves. She gets up and sees that she has slept for long. She goes out and into the living room. Ömer is lighting candles on a nice dinner table set for two. She goes there and tells him she is not hungry. He says please sit and let us talk and pulls a chair for her. She refuses and says just talk. After all I am just a contract worker and there is no need to go to such ends just to talk to me. She then leaves without listening. Ömer is frustrated. Mert comes and asks what's going on and if they had a fight with Zehra. Ömer says nothing. All of this is nothing. They are not really husband and wife. Mert is stunned.

S01E147 - 147.Bölüm Air Date: 11 April 2017 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer tells Mert that it is only an arrangement. He tells her how Ayşe had misunderstood things at the beginning and that led to their marriage. At the same time Zehra having blamed herself for not listening has returned and hears him saying he had done it to make Ayşe happy so she goes back upset thinking why did I think he had done it for me. Mert is shocked. He says but how long will you go on. Ömer does not talk about Ayşe's sickness; he says we will end it after a while. Mert is perplexed. He goes into the study and remembers the first time he saw Zehra and there is a hint of feelings for her in Mert. He thinks however they, Ömer and Zehra, had completely fooled him and they seem so well matched.

Ömer goes to the bedroom and again tries to talk to Zehra. He says I did not do this for anyone but she goes into the bathroom. He says to himself I did it for you. She takes a long time and comes out with wet hair. She brushes away his attempts to talk. They lie in bed. He sees one of her sticky notes and thinks about writing notes for her.

Koray visits Yasemin and Salim. Mert is talking with Leyla about work on the phone when Şükran gets an attack. Mert runs to their assistance and together they take her to the hospital and back home.

Zehra goes into the kitchen in the morning and is determined to just act out her role as a good wife. As she is preparing breakfast with Cevriye, Ömer comes. Cevriye leaves them alone but Zehra walks away again. Ömer follows and asks why she is prolonging this treatment so much. She says she is fine and there is no problem. He stops her in the corridor. Alev comes and Zehra says I am going to check on Asya and goes. Alev says I am going to the office Ömer when are you coming. He has no patience with her and leaves saying I am going later. Alev is annoyed that they have made up and thinks she has to come up with another plan to distance them.

Ayşe and Zehra are talking about their website. Ayşe tells Zehra they should go and ask Ömer the things they are not clear about. Ömer is about to go after Zehra when she goes in. He says he is waiting for her response. Zehra does not know what he is talking about. Ayşe follows Zehra inside and she gets Zehra to sit beside Ömer against her immediate wishes. Their closeness stirs both of them. They discuss passwords and birthdates. Finally Ayşe leaves and tells Zehra to stay. Ömer again asks for her answer. He gets a call and has to leave. She is perplexed. She goes to their bedroom and finds his notes scattered all over. She puts them together. He apologizes and asks her on a date to make it up to her that night.

Ömer is driving and a car gets in front of him and he almost has an accident. He hits his head and gets a cut on his eyebrow. He informs Mert that he will be late. Mert is with Leyla and when Leyla hears about the accident, she informs Zehra and Zehra sets out for the office right away. When she arrives Alev is putting an ointment on Ömer's cut. She takes over seamlessly paying no attention to Alev. Ömer is very happy to see her and asks her to wait for him until after his meeting. She goes to Leyla and later returns to Ömer's office to wait.

Cevria is excited about joining Müzeyyen at a benefit where all famous people of Istanbul jetset will be attending. She goes to get a nice dress with Ayşe.

Mehtab gets Koray out of the workshop on a ruse and gives Betton a chance to go in and put acid in the varnish cans. On his return, Koray puts the acid on the furniture they have made and they get ruined. They deliver the goods and the custÖmer calls back angry. Salim looks at the varnish and the smell reveals that it is acid. Salim snaps at Koray for not realizing. Koray is very upset.

When Ömer comes back to his office, Zehra is sleeping with her head on the table. He puts his coat on her back. He then gets a call from the security guard who says he has information for her and gives him a location to meet him. Ömer puts a note for Zehra to wait for him and that he will be back. Zehra wakes up and without seeing the note slides it away and it falls under the table. She sees Mert and realizes Ömer's meeting has long been done. She asks him to take her home. Ömer is waiting for the guard at the waterfront. A car arrives and instead of the guard it is Hilmi Yilmaz.

S01E148 - 148.Bölüm Air Date: 12 April 2017 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Hilmi Yilmaz makes implicit threats. Ömer says I will not engage your dirty tricks. I am neither a prey nor a hunter. You will drown on your own dirty tricks. He calls Zehra. She has just arrived at home with Mert and says so. Ömer says but I had left you a note. She says I did not see it. He is disheartened. Zehra walks into the house chatting with Mert. Mert is telling her interesting anecdotes about his cooking and they go in the kitchen where Mert begins cooking dinner. Zehra is a bit pensive but gets into the cooking mode with Mert and helps him.

Koray is ashamed of Salim. He does not go for dinner at their place. He says he better stay with Shukran anyways since she has not been feeling well.

Mert finishes making the food and serves it to Zehra. Zehra eats and commends him on his cooking. Ömer arrives and Mert says don't worry I have made some for you too. Ömer whispers in Zehra's ear that this is the dinner they have been trying to have. He tells her that Mert knows. Zehra is upset and leaves. Mert is perplexed. He asks Ömer why he had left Zehra all alone. He tells Mert that he got a call from the security guard and went to meet him but nothing came of it. Mert is concerned.

Ömer goes to the bedroom. Zehra is mad at him for not telling her that he has told Mert about them. Ömer goes in and says I would have if you had waited for me and we had gone to dinner. She says is this what you wanted to talk about. He says no. She cuts him off and says it is not important anyways. He says it is important for me. She snaps back that tonight you showed for the second time how important it was for you. Ömer is stumped!

In the morning Alev receives an invitation to the Avanta Business meeting on the weekend. Ömer sees Zehra and Mert together. Mert is explaining things about the website. He goes to them and there is some tension. Mert talks on innocently. Ömer tries to interject regularly to draw attention. Hediye gives him his invitation. He tells Zehra to get ready for the weekend trip. They are going together. Zehra says do I have to come. He says we go as a pair. Mert says innocently that isn't Alev going. Zehra suddenly remembers the scene with Alev pressing herself against Ömer in the hotel room. Ömer says they know I am married so I can't go with Alev. Zehra agrees to go. Mert says then it is resolved and goes. Zehra then tells Ömer that she does nto want to go. Ömer says that is out of the question.

Salim apologizes to Koray about snapping at him and tells him such accidents sometimes happen. They se tout to work hard to catch up. Cevriye and Müzeyyen go to the benefit party. Yasemin gets her university money from the bank and takes it to Koray to pay their debts. Koray tells her to put it back.

Alev is summoned by Hilmi Yilmaz. She realizes that he is planning another attack on Ömer on this trip. She tries to prevent the trip. Ömer will not hear about it. She then goes to Mert and convinces him to go with them. Ömer goes to Zehra one more time. She is acting stubborn. He gives up and goes. She is annoyed and collects her sketching stuff and goes in from the veranda. In her bag she finds Ömer's note apologizing again.

Outside Ömer puts his case in the car. Alev and Mert comes out. Ömer is happy to see Mert accompany them. He puts Alev's case in and closes the trunk but Mert says Zehra is here and Ömer is elated to see her coming out with her suitcase. He goes and gets her case and they all get in the car.

Cevriye comes in upset from the benefit. She feels that she did not fit in well and has probably embarrassed Müzeyyen as well. Ayşe is concerned and wants to make her happy. Nihat receives a call from the police telling him that the security guard was found dead in the sea. He calls Ömer and tells him. He receives the call as they are driving and tells Mert. Alev texts Hilmi Yilmaz that she, Ömer and Mert are driving to Avanta. A truck is driving at them and Zehra tells Ömer to be careful. The truck is speeding toward them fast.

S01E149 - 149.Bölüm Air Date: 13 April 2017 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer swerves the car away. The truck driver missed them by an inch at the last minute by orders from Hilmi Yilmaz who having realized Mert is in the car had told them to abort the accident. Zehra has hit her head. Ömer moves the car and gets some water for her. They want to get back in but they have a flat tire. They begin changing it and Ömer reminds Zehra of the last time they changed a tire together. He asks why did you change your mind and comes. She says to avoid Cevria's questions. Zehra has a stomachache. She tells Ömer to get her pills from her bag. He sees his notes in her bag. There is no water so he wants to go and search for water in the woods. She stops him and they go together. Alev is walking in the woods annoyed that Ömer does not even notice her. They find a stream and Ömer gets some water in his cupped hands and gets her to drink it. Alev sees them and goes back annoyed.

At home Ayşe enlists everyone's help to raise Cevria's spirits. Hediye, Okkeş, Asya and Müzeyyen do their part and Nihat is also very funny pretending to be sick so Cevria would engage in cooking soup for him. Mehtap goes to Salim's workshop so see how her nasty plans are affecting them. She can't gather anything as they continue to work without complaints.

Alev goes back to the road where Mert has finished changing the tire. He asks about Ömer and Zehra. Alev says they have found water and are sitting there. Mert says perfect; I'll go and wash my hands. In the meantime Alev pulls some parts out of the engine to disable it. Ömer gets Zehra to sit and he asks about her reading his notes and is about to speak more earnestly to her when Mert arrives. They go back and realize the car is not working. They get out. There is no phone service.

Alev says I am hungry. Zehra remembers some cookies she got for Asya and brings them out and offers them to everyone. Alev takes a whole bunch and there is only one left for Zehra. Ömer gives her some of his own.

It is getting dark. Ömer and Zehra go to collect firewood as they will have to stay until tomorrow. Alev goes and breaks their moment saying Mert is looking for Ömer. Ömer goes back and Alev continues to follow Zehra as she continues looking for firewood. Ömer goes to Mert and Mert says I did not call for you. Ömer goes back for the girls. Alev follows Zehra as they approach a cliff and gets behind her with possible thoughts of pushing her off.

S01E150 - 150.Bölüm Air Date: 14 April 2017 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer calls for Zehra from behind. Alev sort of pushes and pulls zehra back saying be careful you were falling. Zehra says no she was fine. Ömer takes Zehra's hand and they go back. Zehra sees a snake and is scared. They get back and make a fire and Ömer puts his jacket on Zehra's back. Mert tells Zehra about their campting trips together with Ömer and how Ömer is an outdoorsy type that likes flying and trekking. Alev says Zehra does not know what trekking is but Zehra proves her wrong. Alev gets miffed and goes to the car. So does Mert. Ömer and Zehra sit by the fire and Alev is filled with envy seeing them from the car.

Koray works all night and then sees the guy he borrowed money from. He tells Koray that he has given the IOUs to Mehtap. He goes there and Mehtap gives him a few days. Koray tells Yasemin and is worried about it.

Cevria is set on going back but Ayşe finally convinces her to stay promising her to teach her about high class etiquette and manners. She finally relents.

Ömer and Zehra go to the car and fall asleep. In the morning Alev sees them in the rearview mirror sleeping on each other's shoulders and makes a noise to wake them up. They get out of the car. Mert goes to get help. Alev tells Zehra to come with her so they can collect firewood. They go. Zehra remembers the sweet moments with Ömer as she is walking. She suddenly falls in a hole and passes out. Alev runs off and is determined not to let Ömer find her. She goes back and Ömer asks where Zehra is. Alev says she wanted to collect more wood. He goes after her and cannot find her. Alev takes him in the wrong direction.

Later Zehra comes to and even though she calls for help Ömer does not hear because Alev has taken him in the direction of the cliff. Ömer is ready to climb down the cliff for her. Mert gets back with a mechanic who fixes the car. He then goes looking for them and hears Zehra's cries and gets her out of the well.

Ömer is about to climb down the cliff against Alev's entreaties when he sees Mert bringing a bruised and dusty Zehra to them.

S01E151 - 151.Bölüm Air Date: 17 April 2017 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer runs to get Zehra up. Ömer frets over her and holds her face in his hands trying to make sure she is fine. Mert tells him that she had fallen in a hole and hurt her ankle. They go to the car as Ömer helps her walk. When they get home, Mert helps Zehra off the car. Alev tries to make Ömer jealous by hinting how Mert is now Zehra's champion having saved her life.

At home Ayşe gives some pointers to Cevria regarding classy behaviour like how to dress, etc. Cevria wants to lose weightand be like the thin models in the magazines. Cevria does not like black outfits as it does not fit her colourful character.

Someone offers Salim work but he refuses saying they are too busy. Koray runs after the guy and without letting Salim know tells him that he will do it but at night. He wants to make money to make payments on his debt. Yasemin gets upset that he has no time to go to dinner with them but he says he has to work.

In the bedroom Ömer continues to handle Zehra with care and she is moved thinking about how he held her face in his hands and worried over her. He helps her into the bathroom to take a shower; she asks him to go get her clothes. Everyone else feeds Mert and Alev. Ayşe thanks Mert for saving Zehra. Mert's arm is hurting so he just leaves to rest.

Ömer waits outside the door for Zehra to get dressed. Ayşe brings them food and he takes it in cautiously. Zehra is ready and hungry. Ömer sets it up and they sit to eat. They begin with appetite. He asks why she went so far. She says I was just near the water. He says I called but you did not answer. She says it must have been when I had passed out. Zehra then begins to worry about Mert and his shoulder. Ömer loses his appetite. Zehra does not get it.

Alev meets with Hilmi Yilmaz and he tells her if she cannot think of a way to separate Mert and Ömer, he will do it himself. Alev says I have a plan to end their partnership and is thinking of using Zehra to do this. At night Alev suggests that Zehra make some poultice for Mert and Zehra jumps to it despite her hurt ankle. Ömer notes and is not happy. In the bedroom Ömer also begins pretending that his arms hurt from sleeping in the car. Zehra says she will make something for him tomorrow. He notes that she did not jump to it as she did for Mert.

Ayşe is excited that their website is beginning to give fruit. Nihat feels Ayşe does not attend to him as much as before and she promises to make sure he does not feel left out. Betton gives Mehtap a letter form his brither. Yener says he is fine and will soon leave the country.

In the morning Zehra tells Ömer to do some stretching exercises for his neck. He is annoyed and says I have no time. She then goes to give Mert his poultice. Ömer is upset. Zehra goes to make an ointment for Ömer. Alev notices. Zehra takes it to him but he is gone.

Meanwhile Hilmi Yilmaz is going over the police report on the security guard's murder.

Alev goes to the office. When Zehra arrives, she sends her to Ömer's office where Mert is sitting at Ömer's desk because Ömer is at a meeting. Alev then suggests that Zehra use some of Ömer's ointment on Mert since he still has some pain. She thinks it's a good idea. Zehra begins to help him put it on when Ömer comes and sees Zehra and Mert too close for his liking.

S01E152 - 152.Bölüm Air Date: 18 April 2017 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Mert apologizes for occupying Ömer's room. Mert thanks Zehra and Zehra again repeats how Mert saved her life. Ömer says I should thank you too but he is clearly upset. Alev relishes th moment.

Mehtap goes to Salim's workshop and again disturbs Koray with possible threats of telling Salim about his debt.

Zehra wants Ömer to use the ointment. He thinks it is what she has made for Mert so when she says I worked hard over it, he is annoyed and says the pain is gone. She insists. He says I am going to a meeting and goes. Zehra goes to Leila. Ömer tells Nihat to cancel the meetings. He says I am just tired and I won't be useful in meetings.

Meanwhile Hilmi Yilmaz's guy is out and about in Ömer's house hiding behind trees and up to no good.

Zehra comes back and insists that Ömer put the ointment on. Mert comes and praises the ointment and says she should market it. Ömer says let's go home. Mert says he will go with them. Ömer is not happy but remains silent.

Koray's customer calls and says he cannot pay right away and delays payment for a week. He goes to delay the payment but Mehtap says I have given it to the bank and so I cannot help you because they do not give anyone time. Poor Koray is upset and Mehtap rejoices. Koray tells Yasemin. Yasemin thinks she can pawn her bangle to get the money.

Ayşe is teaching Cevria about classical music and Cevria is not too taken with it but tries not to be too forward about her dislike. Ömer and Zehra and Mert arrive. Ömer and Zehra hear the music and go into the living room. Ayşe gets Ömer and Zehra to dance to the music to show Cevria. Ömer and Zehra are mesmerized by each other. Ayşe and Cevria leave. Ömer and Zehra are in the clouds. They go into the bedroom. He wants to go to the study. Zehra tells him to stay and she will get him some coffee. He sits and is happy to be served and prolong his stay with Zehra. But when she is gone, he remembers her with Mert and is upset again and goes to his study. Zehra goes to the bedroom and not finding him takes the coffee to the study. He is cold and says I have to work. Zehra leaves disappointed. She asks if anything is wrong. He says there is nothing. Mert comes and Zehra leaves. Mert also notes Ömer is not his usual self. Later Mert agrees with Zehra that Ömer seems upset and suggests that they prepare a video of members of the family expressing their view of Ömer. Zehra is supposed to record the videos and Mert will edit them together and order a projector and they will surprise him. Ömer notices them together again and is upset.

Ömer goes into the kitchen. Zehra follows him. He is making a sandwich for himself. Zehra asks him to let her do it. She says she will make it as he likes it. She does but then he refuses to take it saying I am not hungry anymore and leaves.

Zehra records Ayşe first. She expresses her feelings for her brother. Zehra is moved by Ayşe and the kind and heroic man she draws.

Hilmi Yilmaz's guy is still in the yard. Ömer is eating his sandwich in the verandah and hears some noise. He looks but does not see anything.

Ayşe wants to record Zehra but Zehra cannot find the right words. Ayşe tells her to do it in private. Zehra goes in the verandah and puts her phone on the table and goes in the bedroom. Ömer comes and sees Mert has sent her a message. She acts secretive. It makes him more upset. Meanwhile the guy plants a gun in Ömer's car.

In the morning Asya goes in the bedroom and says she is ready to do her piece. Ömer comes in. Zehra wants to hide it and Ömer says use my phone. Ömer records her saying how she loves her uncle and describes him as a superman that makes her feel safe and then asks them to sit side by side and express their view of her. She then runs off. Ömer asks what was this for, a school project? She says probably and continues to act secretive.

The projector they have ordered arrives and Zehra receives it and Ömer sees and says what is it. She again mumbles over it and finally says it is Mert's. She takes it to Mert and they open it all excited and Ömer looks from behind and wonders what's going on between them.

S01E153 - 153.Bölüm Air Date: 19 April 2017 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Zehra and Mert continue to discuss the project. Ömer goes back into the study annoyed. Alev sees them and follows Zehra into the kitchen and hears her explaining the project to Okkeş and Hediye. Alev says take mine first and takes Zehra into her room. Alev exaggerates her make up and tries to highlight her closeness to Ömer and their past experiences. Zehra is annoyed but finishes it and goes.

Koray does not want to pawn the bangle as it is a present from Salim and a family heirloom. But Yasemin convinces him. Koray takes the money to Mehtap and tells her that Salim does not know about the loan and he will pay for it himself. Mehtap is annoyed and wonders where he got the money.

Each time Zehra and Mert talk about the recordings Ömer sees and gets even more upset. Mert tries to get Ömer to the office to help Zehra finish the recordings. Ömer refuses to go. Zehra continues to get the recordings. Zehra takes Ömer's coffee to him. Whatever he asks, Zehra remains secretive. He also asks about the package that came and Zehra continues her secretive answers. Everything irritates him further.

Okkeş talks of Ömer's childhood and his kind and supportive qualities. How he has cared for everyone in the family all his life. Cevria also gives a long statement. Muzzeyin also gives a nice and loving piece.

In the office Alev tries to delete the file on Mert's computer but can't. Mert takes Nihat's piece in the office. Mert calls Ömer and asks for a file. Ömer goes to the car and Hilmi Yilmaz's man worries that he might find the gun. But he does not and goes back into his study. Hilmi Yilmaz is informed that the set up is complete.

Ömer feels odd things are happening in the house and he feels left out and more irritated. Zehra changes in the room and finally does her own piece and sends it to Mert. Ömer's irritation has reached its peak. Mert tells Ömer ;et's gp into the study I have something important to talk about. Ömer feels he might be hearing something he does not like. They go there. It is actually a diversion to get him out of the living room while they prepare the projector. Mert shows a few things on his own laptop to Ömer. Mert leaves. On the laptop there is a file entitled Mert/Zehra. He wants to open it but stops himself.

Everything is set up. Zehra goes to call Ömer. He refuses to come. Zehra finally convinces him. They go out. They knock on the door. It is the police asking for Ömer. They want to take him to the police station. Zehra is shocked. Ömer wonders what's up.

S01E154 - 154.Bölüm Air Date: 20 April 2017 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

The police have a warrant to search Ömer's car. They do and find a gun. Zehra is distraught. Mert comes and tries to stop them calling the lawyer. Ayşe and others come and go beserk. The police take Ömer in their car. Ömer asks that they stay calm. Ayşe runs after them crying. Zehra tries to calm her. Ömer is helpless. Zehra takes Ayşe inside.

Zehra and Mert go to the police station. Ayşe and rest of the family wait at home all shook up. Leila calls Mert and finds out about the situation. Alev goes to Hilmi Yilmaz screaming at him but he tells her to shut up or else she'll be locked up too.

They question Ömer and he tells the truth as it is and finally asks for his lawyer. Zehra and Mert arrive. They bring Ömer out of the interrogation room. He is to be held for the night and appear in court the next day. Zehra looks at him all distressed. The police stop her from touching him at first. The lawyer reminds them that she is his wife. He is given a chance to have a few words with her. She is shocked that they are holding him despite his innocence. He assures her that the truth will come out soon. The situation bares their feelings for each other as they reveal themselves through their eyes and body language. Ömer asks her to take care of Ayşe. As they drag him away, she asks that he take care of himself. He is stirred by her genuine concern. Mert is tormented suspecting that his father is behind it all.

Zehra goes home. They are further shocked that they are holding Ömer. At night Ömer sits in the cell only thinking of Zehra. Zehra goes into the bedroom and sits on his side of the bed and touches it with longing. She remembers their last meeting and frets over where he will sleep and what he will eat. Ömer thinks about all the sweet moments, dancing with her and sitting by the fire with her and he is exasperated.

In the morning Zehra prays for him. Hediye comes to say Mert is leaving. She gets up to join him. Ayşe is aslo distressed and thanks Zehra for being there for them.

Koray promises Yasemin that he will pay the loans and get her bangle back. At night Shukran and Salim talk about old days and their talk makes Koray and Yasemin antsy about having pawned a family heirloom.

Ömer's lawyer tells him that the evidence against him is strong and they are looking for a 20 year sentence. He then goes out and tells Mert that the situation is critical. He gets permission for Zehra to see Ömer. Mert calls Nihat to go and get her. Zehra goes to Ömer. He jumps to stand in front of her. She is wearing the necklace he gave her. He thanks her for being there for the family. He promises that he will get out. She hold his hand but the guard makes her leave.

Mert goes to Hilmi Yilmaz and tells him if he does not clean up the mess, he (Mert) will go to the police and shoulder the murder. Hilmi Yilmaz pretends he knows nothing about it. Mert will not hear of it and just gives him two hours. Hilmi Yilmaz sends someone into prison to kill Ömer. Meanwhile Mert goes back to the station.

Zehra goes back home and the family is upset that she has nothing to tell them about Ömer's release. Alev becomes antsy and calls the lawyer and as usual snaps at him. Then she blurts out: what do you mean critical. She is frantic that Ömer may get an incarceration sentence and Müzeyyen hears it and passes out. Alev screams at Zehra to do something.

The supply store owner tells Salim that Koray has paid for the goods. Salim is surprised and wonders where he got all that money.

The police bring another guy and lock him up in Ömer's cell. Mert goes into the chief of police's office and says he has something important to tell him. Ömer gets up and walks up to the bars. The man takes out a sharp object and is about to cut his neck from behind.

S01E155 - 155.Bölüm Air Date: 21 April 2017 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer calls out for to the guard to ask something. The guy has to get back. In his car, Hilmi Yilmaz asks if the work is done. He is informed that Ömer is still alive and Mert is in the chief's office. He says I cannot risk my own son's life. Send the guy in. Mert is about to confess whenthey bring in another guy who confesses to the murder and planting the gun in Ömer's car. Mert is elated.

Cevria snaps at Alev for blurting things out as they take care of Müzeyyen on the sofa. Alev shouts that she did not do it on purpose. Zehra tries to calm everyone. Müzeyyen tells them to keep it from Ayşe. Ayşe arrives and Zehra goes to get water from the kitchen. Ayşe asks them to be storng for Zehra and Alev is annoyed saying that is not a priority as we are just as upset.

Salim is going to delay in paying Koray so again he has a problem paying back the loan. Salim wants to talk to him about buying the supplies and Shukran arrives. He sneaks out and goes to Yasemin.

In the cell the guy attacks Ömer but he sees it coming and they entangle. He tries to find out who sent him but the guard comes and they separate. They bring in the new guy and take Ömer out. Mert picks him up and they go home. Mert tells him there might not be a marriage between you and Zehra but her concern for you seems genuine. You are a lucky man. He also says how she has been taking care of the family like a rock. Ömer is moved.

Zehra is crying in the verandah. Ömer arrives and she notices it from behind. She turns and runs to him and tells him that she knew they would release him and that if they had held him there, she would never leave Ayşe or the family. Mert and Ayşe and Müzeyyen come one by one and Ömer embraces his sister and step mom with deep affection but turns his face to Zehra.

Later Zehra fixes herself up for Ömer and then feels maybe she is overdoing it. Ömer comes in and asks her to sit with him. He thanks her for being there for the family and for all she has done for Ayşe.

At night Zehra wants to change Ömer's bedding because she has apparently slept on his side of the bed last night and does not want him to notice it. He arrives and stops her and adds that it smells nice and needs no changing. They go to bed and he suggests that they have breakfast together outside in the morning. She agrees.

Shukran talks with Salim and then goes back and sees Yasemin and Koray all upset at the door and Mehtap walking away. She has just told them that if they don't pay up, they'll be in trouble. They tell Shukran what has happened with the IOUs. She tells them no to worry. She tells them to go and explain everything to Salim and never to keep things from him. They go together and Salim reproaches them for hiding things from him and also using loan sharks.

In the morning, Alev goes into Ömer's office and indirectly draws his attention to the file named Mert/Zehra on Mert's laptop. Ömer sees it and remembers all the strange behaviour he had witnessed from Zehra and Mert and her secrecy and gets upset again. When Zehra comes to ask about the breakfast, he says curtly that he has work and cannot go. Mert sees Zehra and realizes that Ömer has canceled the breakfast. He says go get him to come to the living room and let us show him the video. She goes and he refuses. She says but Mert is waiting; it is a surprise. It is not nice if you do not come. Ömer says don't worry he knows there is nothing between us. Zehra is shocked by the statement and leaves. Ömer feels bad about his own behaviour and follows her.

Shukran asks Leila to lend her some money so she can pay Koray's IOUs. She goes to Mehtap and pays for the IOUs and takes them from her and reproaches her for the way she has treated Koray and Yasemin. She then goes to Salim and tells him to go easy on the children.

Ömer goes into the room and sees Zehra outside. He then gets a call from Hilmi Yilmaz's goon saying soon one of his loved ones will suffer. They then send him a photo of Zehra on the verandah. He looks from the window onto the veranda and clearly the photo has been taken right there.

S01E156 - 156.Bölüm Air Date: 24 April 2017 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer realizes somene is watching Zehra. He goes out and tries to check without looking too suspicious. He asks Zehra to go in but she says I want to get some air. He asks her to go in and he will explain. She feels he is acting strange. They send him another photo. It is of him and Zehra on the veranda only seconds ago. Zehra asks what is going on. He tries to hide it by saying you might have caught a cold. He asks her to wait and goes to the study to call extra security guards for the house.

Ayşe reads old cards from Nihat and is upset that they no longer express themselves to each other that way. She misses the romance. Nihat realizes and begins to try to come up with poetic and romantic lines for her. He is having a tough time.

Ömer comes to the bedroom and stares at Zehra thinking I won't let them harm you. Zehra feels he is being controlling again and wonders what's up. He won't let her out of his sight. Yasemin is upset and calls Zehra and wants to see her. Ömer tells Zehra the people who were trying to incarcerate him are still out there trying to do things against him and she is also in danger. So he asks her not to go. She accepts and lets Yasemin know. Zehra wonders if it is Yener. Ömer has told Okkeş to check all locks. Zehra becomes more and more concerned. Ömer wants Zehra to work with him in the study. She says the light is better in the bedroom. Ömer wonders if he should tells her about the situation.

Shukran tells Koray that she has gotten the IOUs. He is happy and asks to go and see Yasemin for a moment. He tells her and she is happy too. He then goes to get the bangle but someone has bought it.

Mert tells Leila she can work from home to be more with her Aunt. Ömer comes out of the house looking for Zehra. He finds her with Asya trying to reach a high tree branch. He takes Asya and lifts her up. They then sit and have a pretend picnic on the lawn and play games.

Hilmi Yilmaz calls Alev and tells her to go get Zehra out of the house. She is happy to get rid of Zehra. She goes home and sees Ömer and Zehra playing with Asya in the yard and is more annoyed. She goes in and smells Cevria's teas and is disgusted. She tells her that she has no chance of losing weight and should give it up and not bother. Cevria is determined to prove her worng.

Betton comes and gives Mehtap the bangle. He has bought it knowing it was pawned by Koray. Mehtap is elated. She goes to Salim's workshop and show it off on her wrist when Koray and Yasemin are there. Koray goes to buy it and Mehtap says I will not sell.

Leila receives an email from Demir that upsets her. She calls Zehra and asks to meet with her at a café near the house. Alev sees Zehra going out and is happy. Zehra says I am going to get some air. Alev opens the door and sees her out. She calls Hilmi Yilmaz and lets him know. Ömer sees Zehra going and runs after her. Alev fails to stop him. Ömer runs out and sees a man approach Zehra on the street with his hand in his inside coat pocket and is exasperated.

S01E157 - 157.Bölüm Air Date: 25 April 2017 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer runs and knocks the guy down. Zehra tells him that he is just asking for help for his daughter. He takes out a hospital bill from his pocket and shows Ömer. Ömer helps him up and gives him his card saying he can call and his assistant will help him. Hilmi Yilmaz's men are in the back waiting so they cannot do anything. Ömer takes Zehra back and she is annoyed that she could not go to Leila. In front of the window Ömer begins caressing her face saying Alev is watching us. Alev opens the door for them and wants to talk to Ömer. Zehra leaves to talk to Leila. Omer gets a text regarding leaving his wife alone and goes in without listening to Alev.

Leila calls Zehra and says she is fine and it was just a misunderstanding with Demir. Yasemin and Koray tell Shukran and Leila about the bangle. Leila says I will get it from her. She goes to her office and tells her off and gets it from her paying for it.

Ömer is on the veranda talking about the threat with Demir saying Zehra is also a target when she hears it and is upset. He takes her in and explains everything. The security people are now all around.

At night Zehra asks how long he thinks this will last. Ömer says Yilmaz will soon get arrested. She asks how does Mert feel about things. Ömer says he has not told him about the recent things. Ömer asks what is the surprise you had made with Mert. Zehra says I cannot tell because it is a surprise. Zehra then tells him she would prefer him to stay home until the threat is over. She says what a bout meetings. He says we will go together.

In the morning Zehra wonders why he is sleeping so late. She goes to check his phone and he wakes up and they stare at each other. She suddenly jumps on him saying I saw a roach. She is grabbing her so tight he cannot move. He is amused. She finally releases him and he gets the roach with a piece of tissue. She stands on the bed covering her eyes. He throws it out. He jokes with her. She stays up there and he is further amused.

Alev has released the insects into the house to get everyone out. She takes one to the kitchen and then Okkeş calls exterminators. The exterminator is a Hilmi Yilmaz man. Everyone leaves for breakfast together to let them spray the house. Ömer says he and Zehra will not be going with them. He explains to Zehra that this way the family members will be safer.

Leila tells Shukran that Demir has got a very good job offer there. He will accept it if Leila goes there to join her.

Ömer and Zehra are going to the office and the chauffeur gives them the key. Ömer's car leaves the house and Hilmi Yilmaz's men go after him. He wants Zehra dead not Ömer. They chase Ömer's car and two cars block it on a street and gunmen get out of their cars aiming at the driver and shotgun windows of Ömer's car.

S01E158 - 158.Bölüm Air Date: 26 April 2017 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

The window goes down and it is Ömer's chauffeur without Ömer and Zehra. They apologize to the driver saying there are secret poloice and there has been a misunderstanding. Ömer and Zehra have gone to the office with a different car. Hilmi Yilmaz is mad. He calls Alev and tells her she has to find Zehra for him. Ömer and Zehra go to the office. Zehra sits to draw and Ömer notices she is getting tired and wants to cancel all meetings because he wants to take Zehra home. Zehra tells him there is no need. Alev realizes and comes into his office angry about cancellations. He hugs Zehra and tells her he needs to be more attentive to his wife. Alev convinces him to stay for a short meeting and takes Zehra to Leila. Leila is not there since she is working from home now. Zehra sits in her office and draws.

Mehtap is at Salim's workshop taunting Koray that she is going to tell Salim about his borrowing money from her. It is Shukran's birthday so Leila enlists Yasemin to prepare something for her. Yasemin calls Koray and tells him to get the cake and Koray tells her that Mehtap might tell Salim about the loan. Mehtap later finds Salim on the street and tells him that they borrowed money from her and Salim is upset that the children did not tell him.

When their meeting ends Alev uses Ömer's phone to send a message to Zehra asking her to meet him in the parking. Ömer is on the office phone and does not realize. Alev shuts down his cellphone. Zehra calls but there is no answer. Mert comes to Ömer's office and Ömer realizes that Leila is not in the office. He goes in a rush to check where Zehra is. Meanwhile Zehra comes to his office and Mert says Ömer has left so she goes down to the parking. As she is walking in the parking, Hilmi Yilmaz's men get her and force her into a car and drive away. Ömer looks for her and cannot find her and suddenly gets a call from a guy saying we have your wife and if you want her alive you will do as we say.

The family returns to the house and Cevria has thoroughly enjoyed her day out. Nihat has bought the wrong sweets for Ayşe thinking they were those she always liked. Salim tells the children off but Shukran tells him to go easy on them.

Ömer gets an address. The kidnappers tie Zehra to a chair and set up a gun to her head. The gun is tied to the door handle and will go off when the door is opened. Hilmi Yilmaz wants Ömer to kill his wife with his own hands.

Ömer arrives in the parking. He finds Zehra in the room she is set up. Her mouth is covered so she can't talk. Ömer is about to open the door.

S01E159 - 159.Bölüm Air Date: 27 April 2017 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer lets go of the door handle. He tells Zehra that he has seen the trap. He is going to count to three and she is going to drop herself to the floor when he opens the door. He does so and zehra falls to the floor. For a moment he thinks she was hit. But she is fine and has only injured her shin. He lifts her and takes her to the car and from there to the hospital. He calls Nihat and tells him to take everyone to Şile for the weekend because he wants to be alone with Zehra.

Hilmi Yilmaz slaps his man for failing again and tells them they have to finish this job tonight.

Nihat tells everyone to get ready and he also calls Alev at the office to tell her. She is mad. She calls Hilmi Yilmaz saying clearly he has not succeeded from the things she has heard. He asks what have you heard and she tells him that Ömer and Zehra want to be alone at home tonight. He tells her to go with the family. He wants to collapse the house on Ömer's head tonight. Alev invites Mert but he says he has lots of work.

A man goes into Mehtap's office and has a row with her. Betton throws him out. Mehtap tells him not to come back without his payment. Salim is upset and goes out a bit. Out there he runs into a customer who gives him a large order. He is thankful.

The family leaves. Hediye and Okkeş are also going to their relatives. Ömer brings Zehra home and settles her on the sofa. He gives her her meds and gets her slippers from the room. He also goes and talks with the guards. They call later to say a delivery has been made for Zehra. Zehra says it is probably the pens she ordered. Mert calls Zehra to give her the video. He thinks if they are spending anight alone, it is a good time to watch it. Zehra talks with secrecy and Ömer feels bad again. He goes to change. Mert decides to send it to Ömer himself. Ömer gets a message while he is in the bedroom. Mert has sent him the video. Ömer watches it. Zehra says I am not good at expressing my feelings. But sometimes you do not need to name things, they are right there; you just have to see them. Ömer is moved by her words and the fact that she has made all that for him. He hears a noise and runs. Zehra is making tea. He gets her to sit and makes tea for her.

Ömer makes dinner for Zehra. It is not perfect but she eats and says it is fine. He then asks about the surprise she had prepared with Mert. She says it is nothing important.

In the meantime, Hilmi Yilmaz's men are moving in on Omer's security guards and are taking over the premises.

Later Ömer is sitting and watching the video in the living room. Zehra comes and asks how he got it and if he liked it. He says he has seen it all and really likes it. He steps towards her. She wrings her hands. As they approach, they suddnely hear a noise from outside.

S01E160 - 160.Bölüm Air Date: 28 April 2017 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer goes out to check out the noise. One of Hilmi Yilmaz's men dressed in the guard clothing says they are only changing guards. He also tells him he has put the delivery in the house. Ömer sees a box on the console.

Salim and the rest celebrate Şukran's birthday. Leila goes home to do some work. Mert calls. He is looking for a form that is apparently in one of the files Leila has taken. She decides to take it to him although it is late. She calls and tells Şukran. Şukran is not feeling well. Salim and Koray take her to the hospital and come back later.

The guy comes back to Mehtap's office. She is alone. He ties her up in the back and steals all her cash and IOUs. Koray sees the door open on his way back from the pharmacy and goes in He finds Mehtap all tied up. He unties her. She is frantic and calls Betton. She cries and repeats that Koray has saved her. Koray gets Salim. He comes and tries to console Mehtap too.

Ömer goes back and calms Zehra. He puts ointment on her leg and then takes her into the kitchen to make coffee for her. He remembers how she had said her feelings are out there, you just have to look and see. He remembers her hugging him after he missed his flight. He then gets a call from the security office. He wants to ask about the change of guards. The phone is cut off. He tries the house phone. It is also cut off. They go out to the living room.

Hilmi Yilmaz's men try to explode the bomb in the box but their trigger fails. They begin to move in. Ömer is in the study checking outside and wondering what's going on when he hears Zehra scream. He runs to her. She has opened the box and there is a bomb in it. They begin checking around the house. Zehra spots Hilmi Yilmaz's men outside. Ömer and Zehra try to get out but they are coming in from every window.

Mert and Leila are working in the office. They contact Ömer and Zehra and are surprised their phones are off.

Ömer hits one guy but they get Zehra and chloroform Ömer. They tie them up side by side. Zehra has a time bomb on her belly. She begs Ömer to snap out of it. He finally opens his eyes. He releases himself and runs to her side. She asks him to save himself as it is in the last seconds

S01E161 - 161.Bölüm Air Date: 01 May 2017 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer disables the bomb. He releases her and they get up. Suddenly they hear someone coming. They hide and Ömer jumps the person who is entering. It is Mert. Mert is shocked about what has happened. The police comes and takes their statements. Mert tells them to go rest and he will take care of everything.

Everone comes back and aks about Ömer and Zehra from Mert. Alev is ready to hear some bad news about Zehra and is annoyed to hear Mert say that they are resting in their room. Zehra is sleeping on the covers in the bed with a blanket on her. Ömer is sleeping on the armchair. Zehra wakes up and opens the curtains. Ömer wakes up too. Zehra is shaken. Ömer tries to console her. Asya comes and visits them. Zehra tells Ömer that she had not even noticed Spring is here. Ömer suggests that they go and plant some flowers. The go and do so with Okkeş and talk about love and symbolism of different flowers. Zehra is lightened by the activity.

Alev overhears that Hilmi Yilmaz had treid to kill Ömer as well as Zehra. She goes to Hilmi Yilmaz and tells him she will not help him anymore. Hilmi Yilmaz thinks it is time to teach her a lesson. Back at home Alev walks into Zehra as she is carrying a tray to the kitchen. She snaps at Zehra saying how Zehra has made her life hell in her own home for her. Zehra is shocked. Ömer comes and Alev pretends to help Zehra. Zehra does not say anything.

Mehtap sends Betton to find her assailant. He goes with his gun. Leila is working on his financial statements and finds out that Koray also knows about these things as he has a degree in finance. He says he does not work in the area because of his father's dirty dealings. Cevria tries to stay away from food and stick to her diet. Koray wonders why Salim accepts to do work for someone on credit. Salim says we must have faith in God and in people.

Müzzeyen asks Alev to accompany her to the doctor. Alev says she will go to the office and will be there at six to take her. But she does not come. Müzzeyen is worried. Zehra notices and consoles her. But she too is concerned and tells Ömer. Ömer says Alev is probably fine. In the morning Zehra checks Alev's room but she has not come all night.

Zehra tells Ömer Alev did not come home all night. The police call Ömer and tell him they have found her car in an accident but she is missing.

S01E162 - 162.Bölüm Air Date: 02 May 2017 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer is shocked. Zehra is concerned. Müzzeyen comes in and asks to talk to Ömer and expresses concern over Alev. He says he will tell her to call home. He says they are leaving together with Zehra. Zehra tells Müzzeyen that she could stay with her if she prefers that. She tells her to go with Ömer and not worry about her.

Cevria works hard at keeping her diet. Yasemin packs the wedding goodies she has made and is going to deliver them and get her money. On the way she sees Sukran who goes with her and then tells her that she should get more but from now on only Şukran will do the work and she can study.

Nihat cannot find Alev at work. Mert calls Ömer and he tells them that Alev's car has been found but not her. Ömer and Zehra go to the accident scene and the police. Later, on the way to the car Zehra breaks her heel. Ömer sits her in the car and disappears. He comes back with a pair of shoes which fit perfectly. she is surprised that he knew her shoe size. They go to the office and begin calling hospitals to find Alev.

Betton brings the money and IOUs back. He has some minor injuries on his face. Mehtap is thankful and sits him down and tends to him appreciatively.

Leila finds some temporary accounting work for Koray to do at home. She informs him and he is very thankful and goes home to do it right away. Muzzeyin continues to call Alev and get more anxious that she does not answer.

Alev is unconscious in a cellar of some kind with her hands and legs tied and her mouth taped. Cevria is running in the yard and finds a cell phone on the ground. She gives it to Okkeş and he realizes it is Alev's. He calls and informs Ömer. They quickly go back home. Ömer and Zehra look around in the yard. Ayşe calls Nihat and he tells her that Alev is in a meeting to keep her and Müzzeyen from panicking. Müzzeyen passes out briefly but refuses to go to the doctor. Cevria and Ayşe tend to her. Ömer and Zehra arrive and take over from Ayşe. Cevria comes and takes over from Ömer and feeds Müzzeyen some soup.

Alev comes to and remembers that she has been kidnapped and tied by Hilmi Yilmaz's men. Zehra says they should tell the police about the possibility of a kidnapping. Ömer goes out and begins walking around the yard. They pass the cellar. Alev hears foot steps. She tries to make noise with her taped mouth but nothing seems to get out. She is in the cellar of their own house.

S01E163 - 163.Bölüm Air Date: 03 May 2017 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer and Zehra look down at the cellar. Ömer gets a call and they walk away. Alev tries to make noise but they do not hear it. The police ask for some identifying marks of Alev. They go back in.

Hilmi Yilmaz is informed that Mert and Ömer have hired a private investigator to gather evidence against him. Finally Ömer gets a call from Hilmi Yilmaz's man who without identifying himself, tells him they have to get them 10 million liras or Alev will die. They send him a photo of her gagged and tied. Zehra feels very bad. Ömer tells Mert to prepare the money.

Cevria is working hard to lose weight. She is also getting in touch with weight loss programs. She also exercises.

Mert comes with the money; he also goes to Müzeyyen and tells her he has spoken with Alev. She is ok. But has gone with friends somewhere where she cannot make calls. She feels better but Zehra sees her sleeping in Alev's room and feels for her. Zehra goes into the room and covers her. Ömer comes and sees Zehra there caring for Müzzeyen and is touched. They wait for some time and finally go to bed.

In the morning they send Ömer an address. He picks up the money and goes there alone. Mert is charged with keeping the family in the dark. Zehra is very upset and runs after him telling him to remember the other people who also need him. With tears in her eyes she mentions Ayşe, Müzzeyen and Asya and then pauses. Ömer is moved again.

Ömer drives away. Zehra walks in the yard all distressed. She finds Alev's earring near the cellar. She hears her moaning and runs down and finds her there. Meanwhile Ömer has reached the rendezvous point and is getting the money out. A sniper is also aiming at his head.

S01E164 - 164.Bölüm Air Date: 04 May 2017 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer puts his head in the car when he hears his phone. Zehra tells him that Alev is there in the cellar. He tells them to stay put until he gets there. He jumps in the car and drives back. He runs into the cellar and helps Alev up. Together with Zehra they take her in and Mert takes the family out to the verandah for coffee so they do not notice.

Koray works hard on accounting files all night and goes to the workshop in the morning all tired. Salim sends him home to rest.

Ömer and Zehra take Alev into their own bedroom. Zehra goes to get her nighties but Cevria comes and it is not possible. So she gives Alev a pair of her own which annoys Alev. She wants to help Alev take a shower. She refuses the aid and goes in alone. Ömer comes and Alev acts all vulnerable. She asks Ömer to stay with her. Ömer returns Alev's phone to her and tells her to call Müzeyyen as soon as possible as she is very worried. Alev calls her and she is finally relieved.

Zehra and Ömer tend to Alev in their room. Alev sleeps in their bed. She has nightmares. Ömer goes to the study to sleep and texts Zehra before they finally say good night. Zehra sleeps in the armchair watching over Alev.

Every time Ömer tries to ask questions about Alev's kidnappers, she acts vulnerable and says she remembers nothing, although we clearly know that she saw Hilmi Yilmaz's men and talked to him on the phone.

Hilmi Yilmaz is happy that he has given a good lesson to Alev.

Cevria follows Zehra into the room and catches Alev. They say Alev was sick and Zehra has been looking after her. Ömer comes in and Cevria says your wife is an angel. Alev is further miffed. Ömer says Alev should show herself in the house. She leaves and gets dressed and goes to the living room. Cevria is reading Müzeyyen's coffee cup and says someone she is expecting will come soon. In walks Alev. Müzzeyen is happy.

Hilmi Yilmaz calls Alev again so she leaves get up and leaves the living room. In the corridor Zehra comes out and asks if she is fine. Alev suddenly snaps and begins telling Zehra off, saying she is on to her tricks and knows what a snake she is. Ömer has walked out of the room and hears everything.

S01E165 - 165.Bölüm Air Date: 05 May 2017 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer goes to Alev and shouts at her saying no one can talk to his wife that way. He tells her she should be ashamed of talking like that after what Zehra just did for her. Alev apologizes and says she is still not herself after the ordeal. Zehra wants Ömer to stop. Ömer goes back into the room. Zehra follows him. Ayşe hears him and comes and asks Alev what's up. Alev twists the matter and says Ömer really hurt her. She says she understands Ömer is protective of his wife but she (Alev) did not deserve to be treated that way. Ayşe wants to speak to Ömer but Alev asks her not to. She is concocting another plan in her head.

Zehra follows Ömer in the verandah. Ömer tells her that she should not allow Alev to talk to her that way. Zehra says Alev's beef is not with her; it is with Zehra Kervancioglu. Ömer is silenced.

Alev talks in the yard with Hilmi Yilmaz on her phone. She is trying to find a way to go and see him. Ömer stops her and says she should rest and not go out for a while. She begins acting vulnerable again. Mert sees her from the window and feels responsible for the troubles that have been ailing this family.

Koray takes the money he has made to Salim and is proud to help his family. Yasemin comes with Şukran and tells then that she has got top marks in the preparatory tests and feels more confident about her upcoming exams. They decide to go out for dinner for once.

Zehra plays with Asya in their bedroom. Asya presses the cry button on the doll and Zehra does not know how to quiet her. Asya goes and gets Ömer and says the baby wants her dad. Ömer pushes the right button and the doll stops crying. Asya asks him to feed the baby. Zehra laughs. Asya asks them what the baby is called and they argue over the name Duru or Borcu. Ömer reads a story and Asya falls asleep. He leaves and goes to check on Alev. He tells her to rest.

Mert decides to return to America in order to prevent any further problems for the family. Ayşe overhears it and is upset. Cevria continues to try and lose weight. Alev keeps giving her discouraging comments.

In the living room, Ayşe asks Ömer how he proposed to Zehra. He remembers the proposal! Zehra ends up having to describe the proposal but as she starts Ömer sneaks a call to her phone so she has to leave and is saved from describing the proposal. Later Ömer tells Zehra they need to come up with a story for the proposal. He asks her how she would have liked it to be. She describes something simple and quiet under the shade of a tree.

Alev tries to find a way to see Hilmi Yilmaz. She finally pretends she wants to go shopping with Müzzeyen. They go and she leaves her for a while and takes a cab to go see Hilmi Yilmaz. Ömer follows them when he realizes they have gone out. He sees Alev get in the cab and follows her. He sees her meet with Hilmi Yilmaz.

S01E166 - 166.Bölüm Air Date: 08 May 2017 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer sees Hilmi Yilmaz stretch his hand to Alev. Alev pushes his hand down and leaves. Ömer wonders what Alev is doing. Alev goes back to Müzzeyen and they go for coffee. Ömer goes home but does not tell Zehra. He just says he has a headache and Zehra wants to massage his head but feels embarrassed and instead goes to make him tea.

In the kitchen she realizes Okkeş is planting flowers and wants to get instructions from Müzeyyen. She decides to go and help him.

Alev and Müzzeyen return and Ömer tells her to see him in the living room. He goes to check on Zehra. Zehra gets ready in sports clothes to go work in the garden. Ömer comes in and realizes what she is doing after asking her why she is dressed that way.

He goes to talk with Alev in the living room. She says she just wanted to forget the ordeal and that is why she went out with Müzzeyen. When Müzeyyen comes, Ömer leaves. Alev tells Müzeyyen that Zehra will soon turn her and Alev out of the house. Müzzeyen is concerned.

Ömer is in the office wondering what Alev is hiding. He sees Zehra in the garden with Okkeş and goes to them. Okkeş is waiting for Müzeyyen to tell him how to plant the flowers. Ömer tells him whatever Zehra wants is fine so they begin planting.

At the workshop Salim's back is strained and Koray has to take him home. Koray goes to take care of the workshop on his own. Mehtap fancies the new customer who has come to rent a house. Betton is jealous.

Müzeyyen finds out that they have done the garden without her instructions and is upset thinking there might be something in Alev's statements that Zehra is taking over the House.

Cevria continues her dieting and Alev continues her discouraging remarks.

Hilmi Yilmaz wants Alev to get him a file. She goes in the office and Ömer comes. She leaves but overhears that he has called for all the documents about her office activities. She realizes he suspects her and is worried. The courier brings the documents. She takes it and wants to go to her room when Ömer comes and wants the envelope. Alev freezes.

S01E167 - 167.Bölüm Air Date: 09 May 2017 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer takes the envelope and goes to the study. Alev calls Hilmi Yilmaz and tells him Ömer suspects her so they concoct a way to fool him again.

Ömer tells Mert about his suspicion of Alev. Mert says he is set on leaving to stop his father from hurting Ömer's family any further. Zehra comes looking for her pens. Ömer is amused by her search and they again become electrified when they get close.

Ömer realizes Alev is leaving and runs out to follow her. Zehra meets Mert on the verandah and convinces him to stay and help Ömer against Hilmi Yilmaz. Ömer sees and finds out Alev is taking all her money from her account. He goes to Alev and demands an explanation. Alev pretends that Hilmi Yilmaz has threatened her with Ömer's life. Ömer believes her and takes her back home.

Müzeyyen tells Okkeş to change the flowerbeds to their old form. Zehra realizes Müzeyyen is upset with her and wishes she had not meddled with the garden business.

Mehtap fixes herself up for the new customer. Koray gets a new order at the shop.

Ömer returns home and tells Mert to stop looking through the papers and that Alev is innocent. Alev also sees Zehra and in front of Ömer pretends she is indebted to her and thanks her. Zehra is upset over Müzzeyen but says nothing. She goes to Hediye and asks questions to see what she can buy for her to make her happy. Alev overhears and cooks up a situation that Zehra believes Müzeyyen wants to change the painting in the living room. So she arranges to surprise her with a new painting which she goes to buy with Okkeş.

Mert tells Ömer that Zehra has convinced him to stay and not return to the US. Ömer is moved. At night he asks her what she told him and she says I just reminded him of your friendship. Ömer thanks her. In the morning Zehra wakes up early and goes to get a pa9inting with Okkeş. She hangs it up before anyone wakes up to surprise them. She tells Ömer there is a surprise and he wonders if she bought him something.

Mehtap snaps at Betton for being rude to the customer when he comes to visit with flowers. She realizes Betton fancies her and is mad.

In the morning, Müzzeyen sees the painting on the wall in the morning and is shocked. Alev comes and tells Zehra off for not asking before she does things. Zehra is extremely upset. Ömer comes in and when he realizes how upset Zehra is he tells everyone off and says Zehra is his wife and does not have to report to anyone if she wants to do anything in the house. Müzeyyen is crushed. Zehra feels even worse.

S01E168 - 168.Bölüm Air Date: 10 May 2017 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ayşe wants her brother to calm down. Zehra apologizes. Ömer holds Zehra's hand and says I had to emphasize something I should have done long ago. He then says we will have breakfast outside and takes Zehra away. Ayşe tries to tell Müzeyyen that Zehra was upset as well and meant nothing bad. Nihat comes and commends Zehra's taste in paintings.

In the bedroom Zehra is very upset. Ömer tries to calm her down and assure her that things will be fine. She asks him not to get involved in the matter and let her resolve things herself. Ömer gets a call from Hakan, an old friend. He is in town and wants to come and visit. Zehra says I will tell Hediye to prepare some things.

Mehtap snaps at Betton for fancying her and says he has no right. She throws him out of the store and tells him he has to vacate the apartment as well. Koray sees it.

Cevria continues her diet and her mouth waters when she sees Hediye's chocolate cake for the guest but resists the temptation.

Alev continues trying to poison Müzeyyen's head with ideas that Zehra is trying to get rid of the both them. Müzeyyen tries to keep a cool head. Hilmi Yilmaz calls Alev and demands that she get him the file he wants. Alev leaves.

Zehra takes coffee for Ömer and asks him about Hakan and how she should behave while he is there. Ömer says we studied together and used to live together for some time. He got married and moved out and went to Antalya. Ömer tells her to just be herself and not worry.

At the office Alev realizes the file is with Leyla. She sneaks into her office and downloads it. Alev sends it to Hilmi Yilmaz. He tells her that she should wait for his instructions. She is mad. She goes home to continue poisoning her aunt's mind. Müzzeyen goes into the kitchen and realizes a guest is coming. She is upset that she is no longer aware of who is coming and going in the House.

Ömer and Zehra receive Hakan beside the pool. They discuss marriage and Ömer says when you find the right person, making a decision is easy. They also discuss moving out of the city and how Ömer likes the sea and Zehra likes mountains.

Mehtap puts up an assistant wanted sign. Betton is sitting on the side of the street near the workshop. Koray arrives and a car parks in front of the store and won't leave. Betton roughs the guy up and he leaves. Koray thanks Betton and wonders why Mehtap has thrown him out.

Hediye chides Okkeş for not warning Zehra about the painting. Okkeş says he did not realize it would cause such a row. Cevria tells them not to worry and that Müzeyyen cannot get upset with her own daughter-in-law over such a petty thing.

Mert gets a call from the detective on his father's case and is happy that the evidence against Hilmi Yilmaz is building up. He also wants to thank Zehra for convincing him to stay and buys her a gift.

Alev again hints at Cevria eating all the time. She then goes to Ömer and tells him that she is thinking of moving to the States after all that has happened. Ömer says it is up to her. Then she goes and tells Zehra that she wants to move to the US but is afraid of her aunt's reaction. Alev asks for Zehra's help in convincing Müzeyyen. Zehra speaks to Müzeyyen about the painting. She tells Zehra that it is fine and she wants the new painting to stay there. Alev then beckons that she talk about her as well. Zehra tells Müzeyyen that Alev wants to go to the US as a good move for her career. Müzeyyen is very upset. Alev later tells her aunt that Zehra is trying to get rid of her. Müzeyyen is confused. Alev takes her reins and convinces her that Zehra has ill intentions.

Zehra tells Ömer things have been resolved with Müzeyyen. Mert comes home with the gift of a pearl necklace for Zehra. Ömer feels overshadowed by Mert's gift. In the bedroom Zehra tries it on and says nice things about Mert. She goes in the bathroom and Ömer suddenly leaves.

Koray sees Betton suffering in the cold and takes him into the workshop. Yasemin comes and is shocked to see Betton there. Koray explains.

Ömer comes back. Zehra has fallen asleep. She gets up. He gives her an antique little jewellery box. She hesitates. He goes to the bathroom. She opens it. It is a beautiful hairpin. She tries it on. She leaves it and goes to get water thinking Ömer is taking a shower. Ömer comes out and sees the box there and no Zehra. He thinks she did not like it.

S01E169 - 169.Bölüm Air Date: 11 May 2017 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Zehra can't get herself to thank Ömer and he leaves thinking she did not like it. Instead of saying thank you, she gets his slippers and pyjamas and fills his glass with water!! She loves it so much she keeps the hairpin under her pillow but again falls short of telling him how much she loves it!

Mehtap begins to miss Beton as he begins to fit into the workshop and help Koray. Salim comes and commends Koray for his good deed.

In the morning Zehra again puts a suit and watch ready for Ömer as a way of thanking him but he is not going to wear a suit today. He wears casual clothes and sees her in the yard and goes to her. She finally thanks him for the pin but it is not convincing to Ömer. Too little, too late! They constantly misunderstand each other.

Alev has got tickets for herself, Müzeyyen and Ayşe to go to a fashion show. Alev says sorry to Zehra and that she ordered them long ago and it is not possible to get another one for her. Müzeyyen is about to give up her ticket to Cevriya but when she is told to offer it to Zehra she says she wants to go herself. Ömer realizes this and talks to the organizer and arranges to attend the show with Zehra as special guests.

Hilmi Yilmaz tells Alev she has to stop Mert from getting the necessary permit for the project. Alev manages to delete some of the files in the application. While Mert has been told by Leyla that the permit will no doubt be issued, Ömer receives a call saying they were not able to get the permit. Alev overhears and enters the study where Mert and Nihat are discussing the matter with Ömer. She pretends to be concerned. Ömer says there must be someone sabotaging the application. At the eleventh hour, Leyla walks in with the permit and says there were some problems but she had a backup of the files and managed to fix the problem. Ömer and Mert are elated while Alev burns with ire.

Ömer tells Zehra to get ready for the show. As Ayşe, Müzeyyen and Alev are about to leave all dressed up for the show, Ömer comes out in his tuxedo saying are you leaving? All eyes turn toward him. He says they are going to the show as well and out walks Zehra in a fabulous gown with the hairpin in her hair making Alev's eyes pop out.

S01E170 - 170.Bölüm Air Date: 12 May 2017 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer offers Zehra his hand and they go off as Alev looks on with envy and the others in awe.

Mehtap begins to think how to get Beton back as now she realizes his indispensability. Koray gets him to work in the workshop and pays him for his work. Beton appreciates being valued. Mehtap goes to Beton and wants him to go back. He refuses at first but finally goes. He goes and finds the customer Mehtap was interested in and shows that he was married.

Cevriye looks at a dress she would like to wear; Alev laughs and says you will never fit in it. Alev keeps poisoning the mind of the rest of the family about Zehra saying how she has changed Ömer. She comments on how he did not go to them all night and Zehra is taking over all his time and attention.

At the office, Alev deletes some of the material on the application being prepared by Leyla. The office informs Ömer that they did not get the permit they applied for. Alev informs Hilmi Yilmaz and he is pleased. Mert goes to Omer in the study and is surprised that they have not managed to obtain the permit. At the last minute, Leyla comes in and gives them the permit saying she managed to get it because she had backed up the material. She adds that their original application was tampered with. Ömer is pleased with Leyla's effort but tells Mert to look into the tampering saying there must be someone inside the Company.

Zehra is not very happy and feels things are not cleared with Müzeyyen. Alev once more pushes Zehra to talk to Müzzeyen about her going to the US. Müzzeyen is very upset. Then Alev convinces Zehra to see her room which she suggests she could use as a studio when she is gone. Zehra goes in but tells her that she needs no such thing. Alev tells Ayşe that Zehra wants to turn her room into a studio when she sends her away. Ayşe is very upset. When Zehra notes this in Ayşe she gets really upset and goes crying in her bedroom. Ömer comes and asks what's up. She says I have destroyed everything. I have even upset Ayşe and that is an absolute no-no because Ayşe is sick.

Ömer asks her to explain. When Zehra tells her about Alev's asking her to speak to Müzeyyen, he realizes what game Alev has been playing. He goes in the study and tells Alev that he knows what she is doing and she is now going to go to Müzzeyen and Ayşe and fix everything before he goes and tells them what game she has been playing. Alev tries to deny it but realizes she is caught and has to do as Ömer says. Alev goes to Müzeyyen and tells her that she has been wrong and Zehra has not been trying to get rid of her. Müzeyyen is shocked that they have been condemning Zehra for nothing.

Zehra is already packing to leave. Ömer asks her not to go. He adds that it is not because of Ayşe that he is asking her to stay but because he…

S01E171 - 171.Bölüm Air Date: 15 May 2017 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer is about to say that he loves her when Zehra interrupts him and run out saying she needs to go to the kitchen. Ömer follows her to the kitchen and tries to tell her there. She keeps interrupting him. Hediye comes and Zehra says she is going to make a sandwich and offers to make one for Ömer. He accepts saying she can make them and then they will eat it in the study together. She accepts and he leaves.

Zehra sends his sandwich with Hediye and does not go to him. Mert goes to the study and they have to work so Ömer is caught up.

Mehtap once more tries to get Beton to return. Koray realizes that Beton has to leave. Beton goes back and Mehtap is happy. He also proves to her that the guy is married. He changes into a nice suit and goes after Mehtap's debt collections. He brings back the money and then takes the gift he had with him and goes off on his own. Mehtap is upset that the gift was not for her.

Şukran, Salim and Yasemin go out of town to attend a funeral. Mert is busy trying to get all the evidence against his father.

When Ömer goes to the room, Zehra is sleeping. She quickly sleeps hoping he would not tell her he loves her because she does not know what to answer. He decides to tell her in the morning.

In the morning he finds her note saying she has gone to Mahaleh and that he can call when he gets up. He decides to go after her.

Müzeyyen is very upset with what Alev has done and talks with Ayşe about finding a way to make it up to Zehra.

Zehra forgets her keys and has to go to Leyla because the family has gone to the funeral. Leyla goes to get bread for breakfast and runs into Ömer and takes h