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Ömer and Zehra, from two completely different worlds, get into a pretended marriage under a secret agreement, each for their own altruistic reasons and despite their distaste for each other, have to maintain the happily married couple's act for Omer's family while hiding everything from Zehra's.

Genres: Drama | Romance
Station: TV8 (TR)
Rating: 9.75/10 from 8 users
Status: Ended
Start: 2016-09-19

Adını Sen Koy Season 2 Air Dates

S02E01 - TBA Air Date: 25 September 2017 17:10 -

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S02E181 - 181.Bölüm Air Date: 25 September 2017 14:10 -

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Zehra is cleaning the new house Salim has moved into. She is taking things out of the boxes, cooking and cleaning the window. Salim comes. They have breakfast. Yasemin has moved to another city to start university. Today will be her first day. Salim goes to join Koray at the workshop.

At the Kervancioglu House Ayşe is trying to get in touch with Müzeyyen on the phone. She tells Cevriye and Hediye that she can't believe she would go to the US to Alev after all the nastiness that Alev has done to them.

Ömer is in a meeting with Nihat and two other. He notes that the file is not ready yet. Then he gets up and leaves.

Zehra hears the doorbell. It is Ömer. He goes in noting that her father has gone. He says I don't know why I came. One minute I was in the office and the next I found myself at your door. He has apparently spent the night at the office. He helps her with the curtains. She serves coffee. She asks whether Müzeyyen has arrived and if he spoke to her. Ömer says not yet. The conversation reveals that Ömer has allowed Alev to leave the country despite her collaboration with Hilmi Yilmaz and attempt at embezzling money from the Company because of his regard for Müzeyyen. But he asks Zehra to forget about those things and let them only think about the two of them, Ömer and Zehra.

Ömer gets a call. He has to go soon. Zehra says she can go to the House herself if he is busy. He says he will come and get her, so they can go to the House together. She sees him to the door. As he reluctantly leaves to go to his car around the corner, Zehra watches him relishing the fact that he had come just to see her. Suddenly Şukran calls from behind her and they go in. Salim comes, and they eat borek. Şukran tells Salim Zehra should not be working anymore and they should concernrate on getting her settled. The conversation unsettles Zehra.

Ömer drives to a building and picks up a lady by the name of Özge. They are going to a secluded place together and she says she has resolved all problems. Is Ömer having an affair with this woman? Ömer smiles and drives off. She shows him a place out of the beaten track. Zehra calls him while he is driving with Özge and Ömer acts odd while he talks to her and looks at Özge meaningfully.

Nihat gets an upsetting call. When he goes home, he tells Ayşe that Alev has attempted to suicide and that is why Müzeyyen had flown off in rush. Ayşe is upset.

Zehra gets ready to leave in her white dress. Salim tells her how knowing that he can have full trust in his children. The conversation makes Zehra uncomfortable. Ömer calls. He has come for her. She leaves and around the corner, Ömer startles her from behind. They get in the car and Zehra notes they are going from a different route. It is dark. Workers on the road tell them they have to take a detour. They go off the main road. It is very dark. The car suddenly stalls. Ömer says they should get out and walk. Zehra is scared. The keep going. Ömer is lighting the way with his phone but it runs out of battery.

Suddenly lanterns hanging from the trees come on leading to a little gazebo near the water. The gazebo is decorated in white lace, hearts and flowers. Ömer takes Zehra there. He introduces Özge as the director of event organization in the office. He then tells Özge he does not need the waiter and he will be serving his wife with his own hands.

Zehra is all taken by the surprise. They talk and enjoy the dinner together. White swans swim on the water. Musicians arrive playing their song. Ömer asks her to dance. As they dance, he reminds Zehra about the first time he danced with her and tells her how the closeness had moved him. He bends down to kiss her.

S02E182 - 182.Bölüm Air Date: 26 September 2017 14:10 -

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Zehra slips out of the kissing position. Ömer tells her that he has reserved a hotel room for them and asks if she wants to go or stay a bit longer. She says she wants to stay. They sit on the floor. He wants to kiss her on the lips, but she dodges it again. He gives her a blue shawl and takes an unposed photograph of her and makes it his phone screen.

They wake up in their bedroom. Ömer is watching Zehra. She gets up and she wonders if he will have more surprises. He again talks about having reserved a hotel for them. She says it is not possible. He says but we are married, and everyone knows that, and we love each other. She says but my father knows nothing.

Şukran meets with Nimat. Nimat wants to visit Zehra and Salim as they are new neighbours now. Şukran calls and asks Zehra to go home as Nimat is coming to visit. The couple have breakfast with the family. Ayşe hints at the possibility of them having children. Ömer likes the hint. Zehra feels uncomfortable.

Sabah is driving on the road. Her car breaks down. She stops to put water in it. She shoos away a couple of young men with her bat. When she wants to get in the car, Kerem passes in his red sports car and splashes her with the puddle water and drives off. She curses after him.

She arrives at Mehtab's real estate office. She calls Mehtab on the phone and tells her that she will be there for two weeks and will then move on. She begins to clean the place.

Zehra goes to Mahaleh and serves coffee for Nimat and Şukran. Nimat is interested in her as a daughter-in-law and tells Şukran to discuss it with her. Zehra is only thinking about Ömer and her father's trust in her. At work, Ömer also remembers the sweet moments of last night. Salim arrives when they are at the door and Nimat is taking leave. Ömer calls and Zehra says she must go.

Ömer goes home and goes to Zehra who is thinking on the veranda. She tells him that she is very upset and that she feels she is deceiving her father. Ömer tells her that she should stop upsetting herself, and that soon he will turn their marriage into a real marriage.

S02E183 - 183.Bölüm Air Date: 27 September 2017 14:10 -

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Zehra asks how Ömer plans to do that. Ömer says I will talk to your father. She says no, it is she who should talk to her father. Ömer says that this is something he needs to take care of. Asya comes and takes them to the table so their conversation is interrupted.

Salim meets Sabah at Mehtab's office. Sabah is a childhood friend of Zehra and Leyla. Her parents were killed in a traffic accident recently. She tells Salim that she is stopping by briefly.

Zehra talks with Yasemin on the phone saying she wants to tell her father about her marriage. Yasemin's reaction is not too reassuring for Zehra.

Sabah settles in and hides her money in the back room. In the morning Şukran comes and brings her breakfast. The conversation reveals she does not intend to marry but rather to travel the world. Sabah is being watched by Mehtab's creditors.

In the morning Ömer is ready to leave. Zehra is asleep. He tells her he is going to talk to her dad and leaves. She pulls herself out of sleep and runs after him. She tells him she needs to tell her dad herself. He agrees and wants to leave right away. Zehra is hesitant. She prepares and wants some time to think. She is nervous about her dad's reactions. He says he will wait for her in the study.

Ayşe gets a call from Müzeyyen saying Alev has recovered from the suicide but lost her mind, so she must stay with her. Ayşe tells Ömer and Zehra as they leave for Mahaleh.

Nimat calls Şukran and wants her to facilitate a marriage between her son and Zehra.

Ömer drops Zehra at her dad's place and waits for her. She enters the house and overhears her father talking with Şukran about how Zehra has never caused him any suffering and how truthful she has always been. Zehra leaves in tears without saying anything. Şukran tells Salim about Zehra's marriage prospects.

Sabah gets busy with the real estate business. She tries to help people find affordable rentals. She also sees a potential for aming some money before she leaves on her world tour if she manages to sell some of the large properties described in the business files.

Ömer sees Zehra come out of the house in tears. She cannot tell him anything. He thinks her father has rejected her.

S02E184 - 184.Bölüm Air Date: 28 September 2017 14:10 -

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Zehra is unable to explain anything to Ömer. They get in the car and drive off. At home Şukran calls and tells her there is a man interested in meeting her as a potential candidate in matrimony. Zehra is agitated and tries to hide the content of Şukran's conversation from Ömer. She does however clarify that she has not spoken to her dad yet.

Sabah meets an old friend. She has married and is pregnant again. Mehtab's creditor goes to Sabah and tells her that he expects her to pay the 100,000 liras Mehtab owes him.

Ayşe's doctor calls Ömer and tells him that Ayşe is well on the road to complete mending. Zehra comes and he tells her the news and thanks her for all she has done for his sister. He says it is ironic that all your good deed for Ayşe will remain our secret.

Ömer and Zehra sit together with Ayşe and Nihat on the veranda and enjoy each other's company. When Ayşe and Nihat leave, Ömer and Zehra remember the incidents they have lived through and how many times they escaped death together. The following day they go for a walk on the waterfront and meet a bride and groom taking photographs there. Zehra helps the bride with her veil and the groom asks Ömer if marriage kills love. Ömer leaves the question unanswered.

Sabah tries to collect on some of Mehtab's loans through the names recorded in Mehtab's books. She realizes that Mehtab has been swindling people with unfair interests and most of the loans have already been paid off. Sabah is a fair-hearted person and her customers are thankful for it. However, the goons come and mess up her place and take her savings.

On the waterfront, Şukran calls to tell Zehra that the guy wants to come and see her at her workplace. Zehra does not answer the call. Ömer holds her hand and they walk along the waterfront.

When they return home, Ömer parks the car and they get off. As they are walking toward the house, Ömer realizes he has forgotten his phone in the car and goes back to get it. As Zehra is waiting for him, a man approaches her with a bunch of flowers in hand. He introduces himself saying he knows her through Şukran. As Zehra hesitates, Ömer having retrieved his phone, notices the guy!

S02E185 - 185.Bölüm Air Date: 29 September 2017 14:10 -

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Ömer goes to them and asks who the guy is. Cemil stretches out his hand and says Şukran has told Zehra about him. He is from Mahaleh and wants to talk to Zehra about a private matter and asks to take her to the waterfront. Ömer is incensed. He does not shake his hand. He asks Zehra to go in and tells Cemil that he has acted inappropriately coming to Zehra's workplace adding that he is certain Zehra is not interested in him.

Zehra looks at them argue from behind the window and is jittery. Cemil leaves upset. When Ömer comes in Zehra says I had never seen him before and is apologetic. Ömer goes into the study and is ired. How dare he come to my house and ask to meet my wife, he thinks. Zehra goes in to talk to him but he says later. He wants to drive away but Zehra stops him and gets in the car. They go to the waterfront. Zehra apologizes. He is angry that while not speaking with his dad, she would not let him to talk to him either. He then drives to Mahaleh so that Zehra speaks with her dad once and for all. Zehra is taken by surprise and although agreeing to do it, faints when she gets out of the car.

Cemil goes back to Şukran and Nimat and tells them how humiliated he was. Şukran calls Zehra and she tells Şukran that she is not interested in getting married. Nimat is angry.

Meanwhile Sabah goes to Salim and asks for advice. He tells her to work and try to make the money she has lost and to go to him if the mafia dudes give her trouble again. She goes back to the office but feels uncomfortable. Then she decides to go and sleep in one of the houses she is planning to sell. She goes to a very nice house and settles on the sofa to sleep. There power is out so there is no light. Kerem arrives and his girlfriend has just called that she cannot make it tonight. When he realizes all the locks are locked, he thinks his girlfriend is trying to surprise him inside. He goes in and sneaks on Sabah from behind and Sabah hits him on the head with the ice bucket. He falls unconscious to the floor.

Zehra is recovering in bed. Ömer has taken her to the hospital and feels very concerned for her. She wakes up. When she comes out of the shower, Cemil texts her and wants to see her again. Ömer sees the text. She tells him she has blocked Cemil and he will not be able to contact her again. Ömer tells her not to worry about these things anymore.

In the morning, Zehra gets up and Ömer is not there. He has left a daisy for her and a note to wait for him until he comes back. She is happy that he is not angry with her.

Salim walks to his workshop. Ömer is waiting in his car. He walks in and asks if he is Salim Bey. Salim confirms. Freeze on Ömer's handsome face!!

S02E186 - 186.Bölüm Air Date: 02 October 2017 14:10 -

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Ömer tells Salim that he and Zehra have been married for around a year. He says there has been nothing between them and it was done to save Salim's and his sister's lives. He adds that Zehra is innocent and begs him to keep that in mind when talking to her. He says that at first they were pretending but then things changed between them.

Salim is angry and tells him to get out. Ömer leaves. Salim calls Zehra and reproaches her for lying to him for so long. Zehra cries and when Ömer comes she realizes he is the one who has told her father. She wants to go to Salim. Ömer takes her. Meanwhile Salim has a stroke and falls in front of his store.

Sabah finds out that Kerem is the son of the owner of the house. She also finds out that he is a playboy. When Kerem finds out she has hit him on the head, he pretends that he is badly injured to get her to give him some service. They basically try to get back at each other in their own ways.

When Zehra goes to the workshop, Koray says he has not seen Salim. Ömer and Zehra start searching for him in the neighbourhood. Finally, Ömer makes a call and gets his people to search for Salim. They find out that Salim is in the hospital. Zehra is distraught. They go there and inquire. When they enter the room where they have been sent to, there is no patient there and the orderly fixing the bed tells them the person who was in the bed is dead.

S02E187 - 187.Bölüm Air Date: 03 October 2017 14:10 -

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Zehra cries. Ömer takes her out and sits her down and gets her water. He then goes off to make further inquiries. He comes back later and takes Zehra into a room where Salim is lying recovering from his heart spasm. Zehra is thankful. The nurse asks for a name for her files. Zehra introduces herself as his daughter and says she can write her name "Zehra Kervancioglu!" Ömer is happy to hear her refer to herself as his wife. Ömer also asks to have his name on file.

Sabah has spilled soup on Kerem's clothes. He is very fussy and gets angry at her. He goes to change. Kerem's girlfriend comes. Kerem and Sabah continue to play tricks on each other. When his girlfriend thinks Kerem might be having a fling with Sabah, he gets angry and says I would not even take her on as a servant. Sabah is offended and leaves.

Ayşe calls Ömer to join her and Nihat with Zehra for a party. He tells them they would not be able to join them.

Zehra cries at her father's bed and tells him that she could not have let him die and that is why she has done what she has done. Ömer stays quietly around and falls asleep on the bench outside. He gets her something to eat. Finally, Salim wakes up and gets dressed. Zehra and Ömer express joy over his recovery. He walks silently ahead and tells Zehra to follow him home. Zehra looks at Ömer. He gestures for her to go. He remains, all desolate!

S02E188 - 188.Bölüm Air Date: 04 October 2017 14:10 -

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Zehra and Salim go home in cab. Ömer follows in his car. He watches them as they get off and go in. Salim stumbles but will not have Zehra help him. He does not talk to Zehra. Zehra tries to tend to him giving him his slippers and making him soup. He does not drink. Ömer waits outside all jittery. He wants to ring the bell and go in but decides otherwise. Zehra finally comes out to go get his father's meds. She cries saying her father does not even look at her face. He makes her laugh saying she should not cry or passersby will think why this fellow is making this beautiful girl cry so much. Zehra is worried that his father will get further upset if he sees Ömer. Ömer assures her that Salim will not see him until he has completely recovered.

Sabah changes her business name to Sabah Real Estate and then realizes she has forgotten her bike at Kerem's place. She goes there and realizes he has crushed it with his car. They argue again about whose fault it is. Sabah finds Kerem's phone in the house and calls and invites three of the women on his contact list. They come at night as he is going to meet Arzu and he gets a beating from all of them and finally from Arzu. Kerem and Sabah again scream at each other.

Salim goes to bed without drinking the soup. Zehra cries some more. Salim leaves without talking to Zehra. Ömer calls and realizes she is really upset. Zehra talks to Koray and Koray informs her that Salim is at the workshop. Ömer asks Zehra to meet him at the waterfront. She agrees reluctantly and there he tries to console her and assure her that her father just needs time to come to terms with everything. Zehra tells Ömer that she wants to warn him that she will not continue her relationship with him if his father does not consent. She says she cannot upset him again. She returns home. Salim returns from the workshop. Zehra cries and begs him to forgive her.

Ömer goes to the office and is desolate. He cannot allow anything take Zehra away from him.

Salim comes back from the washroom and walks toward Zehra. Zehra gets up with expectation.

S02E189 - 189.Bölüm Air Date: 05 October 2017 14:10 -

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Salim has dinner with Zehra. Ömer, at the office, remembers Zehra's last words and is upset. In the morning, Salim comes to take something from the shelf and sees Zehra's ID saying Zehra Kervancioglu, married. He is angry but controls himself. She asks what to make for lunch. He says grudgingly, make whatever you like. He leaves.

Zehra calls Ömer. He is sleeping uncomfortably at the office. He jumps and responds. She asks to see him at the waterfront. Ömer takes coffee. Zehra has brought cheese and tomato sandwiches. Zehra realizes he has spent the night at the office as he is in the same suit. He has to hide the situation from the people at home. Zehra has completely forgotten that side of the family. Zehra tells him that things are getting better between her and Salim. Again, he wants to speak to Salim too. But she says no. She goes to prepare lunch for her dad.

The girls are already making up with Kerem. Sabah comes and brings a potential buyer for Kerem's house. Kerem is miffed. He shoos him away. Then he calls Ayhan Abi to take the house from Sabah. He then goes to her office to take the keys. Ayhan calls Sabah and tells her that she should go on with the sale and they will up her commission if the house is sold fast. Kerem has to acquiesce.

Salim is trying to sell the business. Zehra takes food to the workshop. The two of them eat with Koray at the workshop.

Ömer has gone to the mall and changed into a new suit. Zehra goes home and calls Ömer and tells him about the lunch. While she is handling things in the kitchen, she falls from the chair and Ömer hears it. The phone goes dead. Ömer drives quickly to the house. As soon as Zehra picks herself up, Ömer is at the door. She calms him and tells him to leave before her father comes. Meanwhile Salim is walking to the house. Ömer asks for a glass of water before he goes. Salim is at the gate about to enter the yard.

S02E190 - 190.Bölüm Air Date: 06 October 2017 14:10 -

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A passerby comes and asks Salim for address. Then as he is about to open the door, Koray calls from the workshop saying there is someone asking about the sale of business. Salim leaves for the workshop right away.

Ömer stands in the living room of Salim's house and says this is such a warm and cozy house, should I come and live with the two of you? Zehra says you cannot live in a small house. He says I can live wherever you are. I would live with you forever. She is moved. He is about to leave when she notices a tag on his collar. As she is trying to remove it, Ömer is stirred by her closeness. She notices it and moves slowly back. He finally leaves reluctantly.

Salim goes to the workshop and Koray realizes he is serious about selling the business. He goes on a service call and on the way meets with Yunus, an old friend of Salim's and tells him about Salim's intentions. Yunus goes to Salim and tells him he is interested in buying the business.

Salim goes home to get the necessary papers. Zehra realizes Ömer has dropped his tie pin. She tries to hide it with her dress while Salim looks in the cabinets. He then goes in his room and locks the door. Zehra gets frantic knocking on the door and begging him to open the door. He gets his paper and finally opens the door. Zehra is crying. He embraces her and tells her there is no need to cry. She apologizes again. He leaves.

Zehra calls Ömer and tells him she has his pin. She tells him he can go and get it. He drives there. She wraps the pin in a beautiful handkerchief and gives it to him. He is moved touching the handkerchief and puts it in his jacket pocket. He is at the door. Ayşe calls. They go back in and the two of them speak with Asya and Cevriye. They all miss each other. They promise to go back soon. Ömer leaves reluctantly.

Sabah changes the lock to Kerem's house. They argue with Kerem outside. Sabah tells him she is going to sell the house soon.

Ömer goes to the office to sign some papers. He remembers his moments with her and misses her. Yunus and Salim return from the registration office. Yunus asks Salim to run the business for him.

Ömer is told someone is there to see him. Salim comes in with an envelope and tells him here is his debt putting the envelope on the table. Salim tells him that he will divorce his daughter right away and never see her again. Ömer is in shock.

S02E191 - 191.Bölüm Air Date: 09 October 2017 14:10 -

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Ömer asks him to sit down so they can talk this matter through. Salim says there is nothing to talk about and leaves. Ömer texts Zehra that he needs to see her right away even if it is for a moment. He asks they meet at the usual place. She is in the kitchen cooking and almost burns her hands as the food flows over. She texts back that she would be there. Ömer realizes she knows nothing about the recent development with Salim.

Zehra sets out to go but her father arrives. He is happy. He sits her down and tells her that she has suffered a lot because of him, but he has done what had to be done. She had been held against her will in that house but now she no longer had to see that guy or his family. He adds that this marriage is over, and they will begin divorce proceedings right away. Zehra's heart melts. No more Ömer?

Ömer walks along the waterfront waiting. Salim receives a call from Koray. She uses the opportunity to text Ömer that she cannot go, and he should no wait. Salim has to leave the house. Zehra says nothing to Salim. When he leaves, her tears fall.

Sabah and Kerem continue arguing about the house. Kerem finally gets Sabah out. Sabah goes to the office and sees Mehtab's creditors there again and goes back to Kerem's house. Meanwhile Kerem has invited guests over for the night and does not want her there. She goes upstairs to a bedroom and locks the door.

Cevriye and Hediye cook in the kitchen and anticipate Ökkeş's return with fresh produce from the country.

Ömer goes to the workshop to Salim and tells him that he can never put a price on what Zehra has done for his sister. He says he can never let go of Zehra. Salim does not want to listen anymore and leaves. Ömer goes to Zehra and tells her I will never let you go. Zehra says please do not come to see me again. I can not go against my father's wishes again. Everything is over. Ömer is shocked.

S02E192 - 192.Bölüm Air Date: 10 October 2017 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer tells Zehra nothing will take her away from him and assures her that he will solve this problem. He goes to the office and pulls off his tie and thinks about the events. Nihat wonders if he is fine. Ömer cannot discuss his feelings with him. Nihat leaves.

Kerem's party guests arrive. There is music and wine. Sabah gets hungry, so she goes down and everyone thinks she is a servant. Kerem tells her if she wants to stay, she has to serve them. She does so reluctantly. Kerem makes fun of her in front of the guests.

Zehra has used sugar in the food instead of salt. Salim laughs it out and says no worries let's eat an omelette. Zehra is evidently depressed. After dinner, Zehra cries in her bedroom and deletes Ömer's texts. She tells herself to forget. In the morning her father notes that she has slept in her dress. Ömer wants to go see her when Nihat comes and informs him that Ökkeş has died from a heart attack. Ömer looks broken but he picks himself up to go to the House to let everyone know.

Sabah returns to her office in the morning. The goons come and threatens her again asking for more money.

Koray tells Şükran about Salim selling the business. Şükran asks Salim about it. Salim explains everything. Şükran goes home and consoles Zehra thinking now that she is going to divorce the guy, she will be happy. Zehra cries profusely.

Ömer breaks the news to Hediye. Hediye falls apart. They all sit in the living room trying to console Hediye. Ömer has to go take care of Ökkeş' remains. Ayşe calls Zehra and tells her the news. Zehra is very upset. She tells Şükran that she wants to go to them. Şükran says go, I will handle your father.

Ömer is heart broken over the passing of Ökkeş. He wants to let Zehra know but he remembers her father saying he is to have nothing to do with her daughter anymore. He drops the call and drives home. At the House he wonders how he is going to break it to the family that Zehra will not be there. He walks to the door. Zehra opens the door for him. He looks at her with a mixture of gentle love and gratitude.

S02E193 - 193.Bölüm Air Date: 11 October 2017 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer wonders what Zehra is doing at the House. She says she came as soon as Ayşe called. Ömer tells her that he has been very worried about her. She gives him her condolences and leads him into the living room.

Hediye cries profusely. Zehra offers her some water. She does not drink. Ömer convinces her to drink a bit by reminding her of how it would pain Ökkeş to her that way. Later Ömer is sitting beside the pool and Zehra goes to him. She knows Ökkeş was like a father for Ömer and tries to console him. He thanks her for being there.

The goons follow Sabah so she does not go to Salim's workshop. She goes and hangs out in the park and finally in the dark sneaks back into Kerem's house. Kerem arrives drunk and thows up while she is eating. She lays him down on the sofa and cleans the place up.

Zehra prepares food in the kitchen and Ömer helps her. Later she consoles Ayşe. Salim tells Koray they need to stay the night to finish their order. He calls Zehra to tell her, but she cannot answer him as Ayşe is on her shoulder. Salim begins to walk home to talk to Zehra. Şükran arrives and runs after him and tells him to return to the workshop and she will make sure Zehra calls him.

Ömer is about to drive Zehra back home when Şükran calls her and tells her that she could stay the night there as her father is not going home tonight. Zehra tells Ömer and he says I owe Şükran. They go back in.

Asya comes to their bedroom to sleep. Zehra tells her a story. She falls asleep. Ömer complains that it was too short. He takes Asya to her bed and comes and gives Zehra her pajamas and slippers and pours water for her. They sit outside on the terrace. She falls asleep on his shoulder. He stays awake all night.

Sabah wants to leave in the morning but the goons are at the door so she returns. Kerem is angry at her.

In the morning, Zehra is packing her things in her luggage. Ömer comes and questions her. How could she just pick up and go. He asks her to stay. She begs him not to ask her that. She has to go and there is nothing to be done. He looks at her with longing.

S02E194 - 194.Bölüm Air Date: 12 October 2017 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Zehra takes off her wedding band and puts it in his hand. She then asks him to help her one last time by not saying anything or doing anything when she leaves because otherwise she would not be able to leave. Ömer stands there with glazed eyes looking at her as she leaves. He then runs after her, but Ayşe is there and asks for Zehra. Ömer says she had to do some things, so she is gone.

Zehra goes home. Şükran is there. They sit down and Zehra talks about the family and how they have been saddened by Ökkeş' passing. Şükran realizes that Zehra has feelings for Ömer and tells her if there is anything Şükran can talk with Salim and explain things to him. Zehra forbids her saying I will die of shame if you do that. Şükran is not convinced but bows to her wishes.

Ömer arrives at Salim's workshop. He gets off and stands at the door. Salim sees him and is annoyed. He wonders what he wants. He comes out and Ömer asks to speak to him. Salim says there is nothing to talk about; we have said everything already. Ömer says I will not insist but I will not leave this spot until you are ready to listen. Salim is surprised. What could this mean? Ömer repeats that he will wait right there, until Salim is ready to listen to him. Salim leaves. Ömer stays.

Salim goes home. Zehra is sitting and thinking about her moments with Ömer. She deletes his pictures from her phone as tears stream from her eyes. She does not notice Salim. He notices her distance. He gives her money for groceries.

Kerem wants to get Sabah out of the house. He realizes she is afraid of cats. He puts a cat in her room, but she comes to terms with it. The cat pees on Kerem's jacket and upsets him. Later Kerem gets someone to call Sabah and say there is a fire in her office. She finally decides to go despite the presence of the goons at the door. Kerem sees her talking with the two. Sabah runs from them.

Ömer calmly paces in front of Salim's door. He also remembers moments with Zehra. Salim arrives and is surprised to see he is still there. He goes into the store without talking to Ömer. Ömer waits patiently. Inside Salim remembers Zehra all zoned out. He is about to go and talk to Ömer but stops himself. He thinks after all how long can he stay there.

Zehra prepares lunch and takes it for his dad. At the door she sees Ömer.

S02E195 - 195.Bölüm Air Date: 13 October 2017 14:10 -

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Zehra does not talk to Ömer. She hangs her head and goes into the store and calls her dad to lunch. Ömer waits outside. Zehra tells Salim that she needs to return home to do some work. She leaves. Ömer looks at her with longing. She once more hangs her head and goes. She goes home and cries. Şükran comes and makes her confess everything. Şükran tells her that she needs to talk with Salim. Zehra says she cannot bear hurting her dad again.

Salim comes out later. Ömer asks him to listen for a bit. He tells Salim that he has every right to be mad at them, but he must also realize that neither of them had any ill intentions. He entered the agreement to save her sister's life and Zehra to save Salim's. At first it was a pretense to marriage but later their feelings changed and despite the change they have never taken advantage of the situation in any way that would compromise Salim's honour. Ömer then goes on to say that under the circumstances, with his permission, he would like them to become a family. Salim does not respond and walks off.

Meanwhile Sabah shirks the goons and runs to her store. She spends the night there but is scared. She goes back to Kerem's house in the morning. He argues with her and wants her out of the house. She says she is taking her things and going.

Salim goes home and sees Şükran with Zehra. Zehra gets up to prepare dinner. Şükran looks at Salim in a meaningful way. Ömer is in his bed at night but cannot sleep and only thinks about Zehra. Zehra is the same in her bed.

In the morning Salim goes into the kitchen and his presence scares Zehra. She drops and breaks a plate. He leaves for work. Ömer is in front of the store again. Koray arrives and greets Ömer. He says I am here to see Salim. Koray asks him to go in and wait. Ömer says I will wait here. Salim arrives and calls Koray. Koray goes in and Salim asks how he knows Ömer. Koray says Ömer saved Yasemin's life. Koray is surprised that Salim did not know it. After some hours Koray feels bad and asks Salim to talk with Ömer but Salim tells him to mind his work. Koray takes some water for Ömer and goes on a service call. On the way he sees Şükran who is also going to the store. Şükran arrives and sees the situation. She goes in and tells Salim to stop being so stubborn. She says Zehra does not tell you anything because she does not want to upset you, but are you blind and not see she has feelings for this young man? She leaves.

Sabah helps Kerem get rid of a guy who comes looking for a Kerem who has taken his fiance from him. Sabah then manages to run off from the goons but Kerem who is standing out there tells them which way she went so they run in that direction and finally grab her when she stumbles and falls.

Salim thinks about Zehra, as well as Ömer's declarations and Şükran's advice and finally goes out and tells Ömer not to wait there anymore and end this situation. He then continues to tell Ömer to go and come back in the evening and ask for Zehra's hand according to custom. Ömer cannot believe what he is hearing.

S02E196 - 196.Bölüm Air Date: 16 October 2017 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer asks if he had heard right. Salim confirms irritably. Ömer is elated and leaves.

At home Şükran goes to Zehra and tells her that Ömer is there. Zehra is worried about her father's health. Cevriye who is preparing halva for the funeral calls Zehra and wonders why she is not at the House adding that Hediye needs them all to be there under the circumstances. When Şükran realizes what the call is about, she tells Zehra to go to them assuring her that she will take care of Salim in the meantime. Zehra gets ready and leaves.

As Şükran is leaving, Ömer comes around the corner. He wants to tell Zehra in person. He goes and knocks on their door but there is no answer. Şükran goes to him and asks what he is doing there, and is worried that Salim might see him and get angry. Ömer assures her that he has spoken to Salim and all is fine.

Kerem runs to Sabah's rescue when he realizes the goons are assaulting her. One of them hits him on the leg with a pipe. Sabah helps him back to the house. He makes her feel guilty and takes advantage of the situation to get her to give him service 24/7. She finally goes and gets a wheelchair for him.

Zehra is in the kitchen helping Cevriye. Cevriye notices Zehra is not wearing her wedding band. When she inquires about it, Ömer has just arrived at the kitchen entrance. He goes in and puts the ring on Zehra's finger. They then go and sit with Hediye and give her support.

Zehra goes into the bedroom to get her shawl and remembers saying goodbye to Ömer in that room and is upset. Ömer comes in and she tries to explain her presence in the bedroom. He says there is no need to explain and that the bedroom is as much hers as it is his. He is then about to tell her about what happened with Salim when they knock on the door and call for her to join the group in the living room. So, she leaves. Ömer says we will talk later.

Later Cevriye gives Zehra some halva to take for Ömer. She goes reluctantly. He is waiting in the study to talk to her. When she comes, he says come in I must talk to you. She says I have to leave, my father does not know I am here. He is about to talk to her but his phone rings. He answers and Zehra leaves. It is Salim.

Zehra goes home. She has a headache. She remembers moments with Ömer. Her father calls and tells her they have a guest for tea in the evening. He hangs up before she can ask who it is.

Ömer is getting ready in his bedroom and remembers Zehra doing little things for him in the bedroom. He sees the wedding band on his night table and puts it in his pocket and finishes getting ready.

Salim arrives home and takes off her shoes and goes in. Zehra asks when the guest is arriving. He says any minute now. She is about to ask who it is when she sees Ömer at the door.

S02E197 - 197.Bölüm Air Date: 17 October 2017 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Zehra asks what you are doing here. Salim comes back and tells them to go in. Zehra follows Ömer inside. They sit, and Salim says what's done is done. We need to look at the future now. The happiness and peace of my children is first and foremost for me, as it is for any parent. So, if my daughter wants this marriage, then I agree. But I need to be sure that she does. Ömer and Salim look at Zehra. Zehra hangs her head with a smile.

Salim says however he wants everything to be done as quickly as possible and according to tradition. Ömer assures him that it will be. Zehra is excited and sees Ömer off. They talk happily and hopefully at the door. The shadow has lifted from Zehra's face.

Sabah gets Kerem on the wheelchair, so she can get him out of the house and show the house to a potential buyer. She takes him to Ati and tells them to stay at the store. She goes and shows the house to the customer. When she returns they are not there.

Asya plays hide and seek with the family and then calls Zehra to ask her to go and play with her. Salim tells Zehra that she could go to the House but not stay there the night before the wedding is finalized. Salim leaves. Zehra is relaxed and makes herself coffee. Ömer calls and tells her that he has become a different person and thanks her for helping him discover this new person. Zehra also confesses that she has been transformed by their love.

Ömer talks with Nihat at work. Asli, an assistant, tells Ömer that she has prepared everything he had ordered. Nihat wonders what is going on; Ömer evades the question .

In the evening Salim opens the door at home. It is Ömer holding a box of chocolate and flowers ready to ask for Zehra's hand. Salim is not happy and tells them it will not work this way. The couple are shocked.

S02E198 - 198.Bölüm Air Date: 18 October 2017 14:10 -

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Salim tells Ömer that he needs to go there with an elder. Ömer apologizes for not thinking things through properly and gets up to leave. Zehra meets him at the door all worried about where he is going to get an elder from. He clearly has no parents. He can't tell anyone in the family either. Ömer tells her not to worry and that he will take care of everyting.

Ati returns Kerem on the wheelchair to the store. Sabah takes him home. Kerem is interfering with her customers and making them leave.

Ömer talks with Mert in the office. He suggests that he get Hakan, their friend's father to go with him.

Ayşe calls Zehra and again tells her about Asya missing her. Salim tells Zehra she can go. Zehra goes to the House and Asya is happy. Cevriye sees Zehra and Ömer and feels something is amiss. Ömer tries the cookies Zehra has made with Asya. He has a headache. He does not want Zehra to worry about him and assures her that everything will be resolved. Cevriye sneaks upon them so they stop talking and excuse themselves.

Kerem is at home. Sabah sends Ati to attend to him but Kerem continues to be difficult. He keeps calling and demanding that she go to him and help him. Sabah is losing business because of Kerem's games.

Zehra reads a story for Asya and tries to put her to sleep. Ömer sits with them.

Sabah has a tenant who needs a door fixed right away. She seeks Salim's help. Salim goes there with Koray and they end up working all night. Salim calls Zehra and tells him that he will be all night.

Zehra and Ömer discuss the situation with Hakan's father going with Ömer to Salim's house to ask for Zehra's hand. When they open the door to the bedroom, Ayşe is there, and they are shocked thinking she might have heard what they were talking about.

S02E199 - 199.Bölüm Air Date: 19 October 2017 14:10 -

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Ayşe just thinks there is something about Hakan's father being sick. Zehra and Ömer relax. Ayşe takes the sleeping child and goes. Zehra calls Şükran and tells her to let her know when Koray goes back and she decides to stay the night with Ömer. They lie down staring at each other. In the morning they oversleep. Zehra wakes him up and they hurry out drawing Cevriye's attention. Ömer drives her back and although Koray has returned, Salim has gone back to the workshop to attend to a customer's call. In the meantime, Ömer goes in and tells Zehra that he will stay for breakfast assuring her that his father would not be annoyed. Zehra is worried but it turns out that Şükran has invited Ömer. They sit to breakfast with Koray, Salim and Şükran. Şükran has invited Ömer to set the date for the event. Ömer has to accept to come the following day to ask for Zehra's hand. They are somewhat frazzled that it is so soon but again Ömer tells Zehra not to worry.

Kerem invites a girl friend, Nurçin to come and help him. They pretend Sabah is just a helping hand. Nurçin is not much skilled in providing domestic and personal help so Sabah still has to manage the situation. Sabah's customers are prepared to buy the house.

Asya is acting difficult at the House. Ayşe calls Zehra. Salim realizes the child is longing after Zehra and gives her permission to go. Ömer happily drives Zehra back to the house and the two of them attend to Asya.

When Sabah is helping Kerem, they fall in each other's arms. Nurçin sees them and thinks they are interested in each other.

Cevriye is trying to find out what is going on with Ömer and Zehra and listens to some of their conversations when they are discussing the situation in the study.

S02E200 - 200.Bölüm Air Date: 20 October 2017 14:10 -

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Zehra goes home and begins preparations with Şükran for the evening gathering. Cevriye wants to ask Ömer about what's going on but Hakan arrives and Ömer takes him into the study where he explains the situation. Cevriye hears everything at the door. Hakan calls his father and he says although he is not well, he will accompany Ömer. Hakan leaves and reminds Ömer to get the flowers and candy before going to pick them up for the evening.

Meanwhile Sabah pretends that Kerem has a bad temper and has beaten her. Nurçin becomes concerned that Kerem might treat her the same way. Kerem meets Sabah's buyers and tells them that the house is not for sale. Sabah is angry and during their spat it comes out that Kerem told the mafia goons which direction Sabah had gone which is hwy they had found her. Sabah is very angry with Kerem.

Zehra sees Sabah on the street and asks her to join them for the evening event.

Nihat and Ayşe invite Cevriye to go with them out for dinner. She prepares. Hakan arrives and Ömer wonder why he has come. Unfortunately, Ishak, his father has been taken to the hospital and he has not been able to come. Cevriye hears from behind the door. Ömer realizes there is no remedy and they have to go without a more senior person.

Zehra opens the door and when she realizes Ishak is not with them, she is worried. Salim sees Ömer and Hakan and notes unhappily that he expected more people with them. They try to explain that Ishak was taken to hospital. The bell rings. Ömer and Zehra are at the door. Zehra opens the door. It is Cevriye.

S02E201 - 201.Bölüm Air Date: 23 October 2017 14:10 -

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Ömer asks what Cevriye is doing there. She says I realized you needed me, so I told Can to take me where he had taken Zehra. Salim comes and asks them to go in. Cevriye recognizes Salim as the carpenter who had been in the house. She explains that she could be regarded as Ömer's aunt. She speaks highly and warmly of Zehra. Salim also recognizes her and is pleased to see her. They take their places. Zehra prepares the salty and spicy coffee for Ömer and serves it with concern. Ömer drinks it and while it is difficult to down, he refuses an offer of water from Şükran and gives Zehra his compliments for the tasty coffee. Cevriye then asks for Zehra's hand and Salim gives his blessing albeit with some hesitation. The couple kiss the hands of their elders and Sabah arrives and introduces herself. She gives a ten to the groom. Şükran asks her to bring the rings.

Kerem is at home and feels bad about having directed the mafia in Sabah's direction (although he did not realize who the goons were at the time). He decides to go and find Sabah and provide some protection.

As Salim is about to finalize the engagement, the phone rings. It is Zehra's great aunt. She is unhappy that Zehra is being engaged without having obtained her approval. She forbids Salim to go ahead with the engagement. The couple must go and get her blessing before Salim can finalize the engagement. Ömer wants to go right away. Salim says it is too late. They are to leave early tomorrow. Cevriye and Ömer leave.

Sabah stays the night with Zehra who tells her the story of her meeting with Ömer. In the morning Ömer arrives first thing in the morning. They have breakfast and Sabah and Salim talk about Zehra's childhood adventures. Finally, they leave for the village. Aunt Hatice calls Salim and asks about Ömer and when Salim says he is a successful businessman, she does not seem happy.

On the way, Ömer and Zehra stop at a restaurant. The restaurant owner helps them take a picture and comments on how they suit each other.

Sabah returns to her real estate office where Kerem is waiting for her. He is worried for her. They bicker. She tells him not to worry about her and closes the door on him. He does not leave and stays guard at the door in his car.

Ömer and Zehra arrive at Hatice's house. Zehra kisses her hand and her aunt embraces her but does not allow Ömer kiss her hand. Ömer is surprised. They go in and as Ömer begins to talk about asking for Zehra's hand, Hatice stops him and says it is not going to be that easy.

S02E202 - 202.Bölüm Air Date: 24 October 2017 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Hatice says did you think you're just gonna come to the village and take a girl. Ömer says not at all, we wanted to kiss your hand and get your blessing. Ömer asks if he has unknowingly done something to offend her. Hatice leaves. Ömer asks Zehra what is going on. Zehra is just as perplexed. Hatice comes back with bedding and a blanket for Ömer and says Zehra is staying here tonight. If you want, you can sleep on the sofa. We get up early here. Ömer says I get up early too.

Sabah goes to Kerem and says she does not need guarding. Kerem drives off a bit but cannot get himself to leave. So, he keeps guard a bit further away.

Ömer cannot sleep so he steps outside and texts Zehra to join her. Zehra finally manages to get away while Hatice sleeps. When she goes outside, the door handle comes off in her hand and they are locked out. She calls Ömer to take care of it because she feels if Hatice wakes up and sees them outside together, she would get mad. Ömer finds some tools on a shelf and finally opens the door. They sneak in and Zehra runs back to the bedroom and when Hatice asks where she had been, she says the bathroom.

In the morning Hatice gets up and Ömer is still sleeping. She wakes him up curtly and says this is not the city, you have to get up early. Ömer goes out. They are making bread. Hatice tells him to cut firewood. When he brings it, she says the logs are wet and would not burn. Hatice continues to be curt with Ömer. Zehra gives him something to eat.

Hatice gives Ömer a bucket to fill with water. She tells him to go to the main tap. He goes and fills the bucket. On the way back, a local man kindly offers to carry it for him saying he is going to Hatice's place. When they arrive, Hatice is not pleased to see Ömer is not carrying the bucket himself. The guy asks Hatice to go check their cow.

Kerem makes Sabah believe that there is a customer for the house, so she goes to his house. They argue. He tells her that he has had to watch over her all night, so the mafia does not give her trouble. She darts back that she does not need his help. The argument takes them to comparing real estate agent skills and a dare over who can sell or rent out a house first.

Hatice leaves to check the cow with Zehra and tells Ömer to stay and fix a broken wall. Ömer pays a tradesman to fix the wall. When Hatice sees it was not done by him, she is seriously upset. She tells Ömer you have come to ask for Zehra's hand? You can forget it, she says; I will neither trust you with Zehra nor with any other task.

S02E203 - 203.Bölüm Air Date: 25 October 2017 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer wants to go in and talk to Hatice but Zehra stops him and goes in herself. She asks Hatice why she is so mad at them. Hatice says it is not your fault. I have given him my piece of mind.

Zehra tells Ömer that Hatice seems determined not to give them her blessing. Ömer cannot understand why. The neighbours Nurhan and her son arrive with some börek. She goes in with Zehra to thank Hatice for taking care of the cow. Ömer talks with her son who begins commenting on the wall. He says it is a job well done. Ömer says but Hatice did not like it. The guy asks what happened and when Ömer explains, the guy tells him that Hatice did not like it because Ömer had not done it himself. If she asks Ömer to do something, she expects him to do it himself and not get others to do it. Ömer suddenly realizes what he has been doing wrong.

Kerem locks Sabah inside the office so she does not go out while the mafia goons are there. She can't find the keys and the locksmith is away. She goes to her bedroom to sleep. Kerem sleeps on the office chair.

They all sit to enjoy the börek. Nurhan asks Ömer where he is from, if he has a job and insurance and if his income is enough to raise a family and if he has done his military service. He confirms everything with humility, although Zehra giggles a bit. Nurhan tells Hatice that they are lucky, because he is also very handsome and polite.

Zehra wants to leave later saying they can't get Hatice's consent, but Ömer says let's stay another night. The next morning Hatice wakes up thinking Ömer would be asleep but he has already risen, fired the oven, fed the cows and covered the firewood. Hatice is impressed but says nothing and takes Zehra to the vegetable patch.

At the patch Zehra once again asks Hatice why she is resisting against Ömer. Hatice says these people only think about money. Zehra contradicts her and says he and his family are not like that and they all love her very much. When Zehra says that she loves Ömer, Hatice remembers an echo from her past. Possibly Zehra's mother telling her in the same way that she loves a man. Hatice passes out as she remembers that.

Zehra cries out and calls Ömer to come for help. He goes there, and they get Hatice in the car and Ömer begins to drive to a hospital. On the way Hatice comes to and demands that they return her to her house. They finally acquiesce and go back.

Sabah finds the keys in Kerem's pocket and wants him to leave in the morning. Salim arrives, and she hides him. She has to leave with Salim. When she comes back Kerem is in the office with Şükran. Kerem has introduced himself as Sabah's friend from school. Şükran is pleased to meet him and offers him börek. She also says he will have to meet Salim as well. Sabah is annoyed. Once Şükran leaves, she locks Kerem in the office and goes.

Hatice refuses to take Ömer's helping hand and says what happened has made her even more determined in her decision. Hatice goes in. Ömer asks Zehra what Hatice meant. Zehra is very upset and tells Ömer that she speaks in riddles and just does not want us to get married because she thinks you will hurt me. Ömer says he is going inside to ask her why. Inside, Hatice has taken out a photograph that looks much like Zehra. It is Seher. She tells Seher that your daughter is just as fragile as you were. Meanwhile, Ömer hears her talking and stops at the door. Hatice is determined not to let Seher's daughter, Zehra, suffer the same fate as her mother, and be wasted away by the empty promises of a rich man. Ömer hears and is shocked.

S02E204 - 204.Bölüm Air Date: 26 October 2017 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Hatice notices Ömer at the door and says what are you doing there. He says I came to see how you were. She asks how long he has been there. He says I just arrived and does not refer to the information he has just heard. They go out and Zehra is not there. Ömer finds her phone on the ground and is worried. Hatice tells him not to make a fuss. But he says he has to go look for her. He runs off and find her passed out in the field. He brings her back and asks Hatice to get the keys from his pocket and open the car door, so he can take her to the hospital. Hatice tells him to take her inside. Ömer does so reluctantly. The two of them talk about their knowledge of Zehra. She is sensitive; her pressure drops when she does not eat; also, when she is upset about something. So Hatice tells him not to worry and go outside so she can fix her up. Ömer leaves reluctantly.

Cevriye is concerned that Ömer and Zehra have not come back and goes to visit Salim. Salim tells her that Hatice is a bit eccentric and is probably putting the couple through some tests.

Salim calls Ömer and says he could not reach Zehra. Ömer tells him everything is fine and that Zehra is outside with her aunt. Ömer assures him that everything is fine. He then goes in and asks about Zehra. Hatice is annoyed that he has gone in. He tells her that Salim called. First Hatice thinks that he has probably told Salim and worried him; but Ömer tells her that he told him that they were out together, and everything was fine. Hatice is impressed by his consideration. She again tells him to wait outside; so, he leaves.

Sabah sees the mafia dudes and run around Mahalleh trying to get rid of them and finally she returns to the store. Kerem asks her what's up and she does not respond. She goes into her room and begins collecting her things. She goes and comes back again unable to get away from the guys. Kerem stays on. He gets a call to go to a party. Sabah interjects that he should not leave. Kerem goes into the room to talk. Sabah follows him.

Hatice steps out and takes Ömer inside. Ömer sits bedside her and takes her hand and thanks Hatice. Hatice says she is fine, just sleeping and leaves them together. Zehra comes too. She is concerned about separation from Ömer. He assures her that he would not allow such a thing to happen. Hatice brings some soup and gets Ömer to feed her the soup. Hatice knows Zehra does not like the taste but it is good for her. So Ömer makes sure she drinks it all.

Kerem and Sabah are in the room when then hear smash of glasses. Kerem slowly comes out to check, thinking it's the mafia. It is only Ati who has fallen while he was bringing tea. Kerem gets angry with Ati. Sabah tells Kerem off for being insensitive with Ati. Kerem leaves. Sabah is scared. She gets her things and leaves. The guys see her and run after her. Kerem comes with his car and tells her to jump in.

At night Ömer begins talking to Hatice when they are alone. He says Zehra is very special for him. Hatice says I know you love each other but this marriage cannot take place. Ömer asks why; is it because of Zehra's mother? Hatice is annoyed that he lied to her about hearing what she wasysaying in her private space. He says I just did not want to upset you in your condition at the time. Hatice calms down and tells him the story of her niece, Seher who believed she had found love with a rich man but was left pregnant and loveless by him. She had delivered Zehra but gradually withered and died after delivery. Salim, Seher's brother had taken the child and brought her up as his own. Ömer asks about Zehra's dad. Hatice says she does not know him. So, Salim is in effect Zehra's maternal uncle.

Ömer does not push the matter. In the morning, Zehra asks Ömer whether he talked with her aunt and what she said. He says not much. He says she did not say yes or no. He tells her that they can leave for now and come back another time again confident that he can solve the problem. Later as they are taking their leave, Zehra kisses Hatice's hand. Ömer stands back respectfully. Hatice asks, are you not going to kiss my hand? Had you not come to get my blessing? Ömer steps forward gratefully. She then takes out a pocket watch; a family heirloom and gives it to him as present along with her blessing to go and get married. Ömer and Zehra are elated.

S02E205 - 205.Bölüm Air Date: 27 October 2017 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Hatice bids the couple farewell and pours water after them. Zehra is bubbling with joy.

Hatice calls Salim and tells him that the children are on their way home. She says she has given her blessing and approves of Ömer.

Ömer and Zehra exchange feelings and thoughts about their encounter with Hatice and are overjoyed that things have finally fallen into place and they are soon to be married. They go to Salim's, and Ömer asks to get right to wedding preparations. Salim says Şükran and Cevriye have already started some things. The couple go to the printers to choose an invitation card. They both point to a simple but chique card. When they come out, Zehra says that she will go with Ömer to the House because she feels she has been neglecting Ayşe and she does not feel good about it. So, they go there.

Meanwhile Sabah leaves Kerem's car in the morning and continues to run from the mafia. When Kerem catches up with her, she says she does not want to create problems for him too. He keeps her in a coffee shop for a while and finally, she leaves and sneaks back into the real estate office. Kerem decides to call Ayhan Abi. Together they set up a meeting with the mafia guys and when they realize who Kerem's father is, they back off.

Cevriye sneaks out with her shopping and goes to Salim's house. Şükran is there and they check out the dowry items. A bit of rivalry develops between Şükran and Cevriye over who is more skilled in wedding preparations.

Ömer and Zehra buy flowers for Hediye and Ayşe. Ömer buys a single red rose for Zehra. They change and go sit with Ayşe and Asya. When they want to leave, Zehra realizes the invitation is missing from her bag. They look for it desperately.

Şükran calls Sabah and tells her to go to her for dinner and stay over the night with her. She goes out the door. The mafia guys come and apologize to her. They give her flowers and say they will return her money.

Ömer and Zehra continue the search. Cevriye comes back and joins them. Asya finds it and takes it to Nihat. Nihat tells her to leave it where she found it because it is not hers. Ayşe comes and sees the envelope on the table and picks it up and as she is checking it out, Zehra arrives.

S02E206 - 206.Bölüm Air Date: 30 October 2017 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Zehra quickly goes forward and claims the envelope and Ayşe gives it up easily. She asks Zehra to get everyone at the dinner table, so they can all eat together after a long time. Zehra agrees.

She runs to Ömer and lets him know the invitation is recovered. Ömer is in the study. He has been talking to the lawyer about preparation of some documents. Zehra says she will talk to her dad and stay the night.

Kerem goes looking for Sabah. Sabah goes looking for Kerem. They finally meet on the street. Sabah tells Kerem that the mafia guys have left her alone. Kerem says so now you won't have to leave Istanbul. Sabah says that she still intends to leave. Kerem is disappointed.

Zehra and Ömer are calm and happy in their bedroom. They sleep calmly. In the morning Zehra gets up excited saying they should get going to pick her aunt Hamiyyet and cousin Canan. Ömer watches her blissfully. Ömer wants to go to the office first. There is one thing he wants to get done first.

Kerem has gotten her house cleaned. Nurçin comes to visit. Kerem is not happy to see her but has to let her in. Later Sabah comes to pick up her things and sees Nurçin there and thinks Kerem is back to his old life and is disappointed. She gets her things and leaves. Nurçin pulls a drawer in the kitchen and it falls on her leg. She blames Sabah.

Kerem goes to Sabah's office. They bicker, and he tells her she has to fix the drawer. Sabah sends Koray. Kerem and Koray know each other from before. Koray says he is love and not into partying and that kind of lifestyle anymore. Kerem is impressed. Kerem tries to get rid of Nurçin. Nurçin says she is going to make food and will not leave. He goes to take a shower. Sabah comes to check on the drawer. Kerem comes. He gets a cab for Nurçin and forces her to leave. Sabah begins trying the food set on the table. Kerem invites her to join him. They eat and are both food poisoned.

Ömer gets Zehra to sign papers at the office. She does not ask and signs blindly and gets a call from her dad. The papers make her a partner in all of Ömer's assets without her knowing. Ömer is happy. They are about to go get Aunt Hamiyyet, but Ayşe calls and asks them to go pick Asya up from school as there is an outbreak of mumps there. They go get her and stay with her. Ayşe is caught in traffic so Zehra leaves on her own. Ömer has sent a car to pick up Hamiyyet and Canan. They arrive at Salim's and Şukran and Salim greet them. Canan is prissy. She keeps taking photos of herself and the car. She seems to be occupied with the fact that Zehra's fiancé is rich! Cevriye arrives there as well and greets the relatives. Canan is curt with many of her comments.

Ömer arrives and picks Zehra up halfway on the street. They arrive at Salim's and meet Hamiyyet and Canan. Hamiyyet shows what she has brought for Zehra's dowry. Then she says that it is their custom to go and visit the groom's house and set up the dowry there. Cevriye and Zehra are concerned. How can they hide this from Ayşe? Şukran tries to discreetly cancel the matter but Canan does not let her. Ömer is left in a position that he has to agree to have them go to his house the following day.

S02E207 - 207.Bölüm Air Date: 31 October 2017 14:10 -

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Ömer and Cevriye leave. Cevriye talks with Ayşe and convinces her to go on a two-day trip with her family. She agrees. Ömer calls and lets Zehra know that everything is fixed and asks her to help her on the phone to clear all traces of her from the bedroom in preparation for tomorrow's visit.

At night Canan talks with Çetin on her phone. They have met on line. Canan thinks Çetin is a rich guy. Çetin thinks Canan is a rich woman he can con. Canan tells Zehra she is so lucky that she lives in Istanbul and has found a rich husband. Zehra thinks of Ömer and Ömer thinks of her as they sleep in their respective rooms.

Kerem takes care of Sabah as they both lie on the sofa in the living room. He brings various home remedies and meds and lets her sleep it off. He watches over her as she sleeps and is taken by her.

Sabah gets and leaves in the morning. Kerem goes to give her her favourite mug and sees the amfia guys there and goes to tell them they should not get close to sabah. Sabah sees him talking to them and thinks he might have sent them after her.

Nihat tells Ayşe that he has too many meetings this week and that they will go another time. Cevriye tells Ömer. As he is driving to pick Zehra and her aunt and cousin, he calls Selin and asks her to cancel all of Nihat's meetings. Since the meetings are canceled, Nihat and Ayşe get ready to leave. Cevriye makes up an excuse not to accompany them.

Ömer picks Zehra, Hamiyyet and Canan, and they leave. They arrive at the House. Canan is not too impressed because the House and its furniture is too old and not modern. She keeps taking photos of herself and the surroundings. Zehra and Ömer go and check the bedroom on the way back to the living room, someone knocks on the door. They open the door; it is Ayşe!

S02E208 - 208.Bölüm Air Date: 01 November 2017 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Asya wanted her doll and that is why Ayşe and Nihat have driven back. Asya goes to get her doll. Ayşe sees Zehra and Ömer too concerned and wants to go and sit with them for a minute. But they assure her all is well and as Asya returns and Nihat honks, they leave.

Back in the living room, Cevriye invites Hamiyyet and Canan to the table.

Sabah is upset to see Kerem talking with the mafia and suspects his connection with them. When Kerem goes to her office, she demands that he leave. But Fikriye Teyze arrives and thinks Kerem is her husband and begins chiding Sabah. Sabah calls Melika and she asks her to take care of Fikriye for a couple of hours. Finally, Melika comes and collects Fikriye. Sabah shoos Kerem away and tells him she does not want to see him ever again.

The ladies take the dowry into the bedroom. Canan keeps sending photos to Çetin. Çetin wants to meet her. Later she goes back to the bedroom and tries on Zehra's dress. When Zehra comes, she tells Canan she could have it. Çetin wants to go and meet Canan at the House so Canan quickly gets the party to leave.

Ömer calls Zehra and asks her to go and meet him at the street's corner. She resists because it is late. Canan says I'll cover for you. She goes. Ömer just missed her and wanted to see her. In the morning he arrives with the invitations. Zehra has a surprise for him. They take the invitation to Fikriye Teyze and enjoy her presence.

Hamiyyet gives money to Canan to go and buy Zehra some jewellery as present. She goes and meets Çetin atarestaurant. Çetin has arrived earlier and given money to the waiter to give him the usual set up when she brings other women. He pretends to be a rich business man. When Çetin sees Canan, he realizes that from her outfit she is not rich. When she goes to the washroom, he steals the money in her bag. She wants to ditch her but when he realizes her cousin Zehra is into money, he decides to keep in touch.

Sabah is upset with Kerem and goes to his house and returns the mug. Back in her office, she calls Ayhan to tell him she is not selling the house anymore because Kerem has resorted to sending the Mafia after her. Ayhan tells her Kerem has in factstopped the mafia; Sabah is shocked.

He then takes her to the office and gets her to sign papers. He takes out the old marriage contract and tears it.

S02E209 - 209.Bölüm Air Date: 02 November 2017 14:10 -

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Ömer also gets Selin to give Zehra her credit cards and sign her bank account documents. Zehra is embarrassed and says there was no need for this. Ömer says I want this to be a real marriage and we share everything.

Kerem has to find a girl to go to his father's gala and is having a hard time. Sabah cannot get herself to apologize directly to Kerem, so she sends Koray to fix his drawer. When she goes there, she sees the hosue is a mess. She cleans the house while Kerem is asleep.

Hamiyyet realizes she has forgotten her phone at the House. They call Zehra to ask her to go get it. Canan realizes the money is missing. She hides it from her mother and decides to ask for money from Zehra.

Ömer and Zehra go to the House and get caught up with Ayşe and Asya. Zehra stays for dinner. Hamiyyet tells Canan to call Zehra and tell her to return before her father comes home.

Ömer finally takes her home. Before getting out, he kisses her hand and tells her he will miss her and wants to hear the same from Zehra. Zehra shyly says she will miss him too.

At home Canan pretends that her mother has no money to buy Zehra a wedding jewellery and is getting sick over it. Zehra agrees to go with her the following day to get a piece on her credit card.

The next day Zehra and Canan go and get a bracelet. While they are walking on the street, Çetin arrives. Zehra is not happy to see Canan consort with someone she barely knows. Ömer goes to get Zehra but she is not there. He calls Zehra. Zehra tells her where they are, and he says he will go and get her. Canan convinces Zehra to go have a coffee with the two of them.

Sabah tries to fix Kerem with Nurçin thinking it is a favour to him. When Nurçin comes over, Kerem blows a fuse and goes to Sabah asks her why she shoos him away one day and then begins meddling in his life so. She says she knows he saved her from the mafia and wants to pay him back some way.

Zehra is irritated by Canan and Çetin's intimate behaviour at the table. Canan goes to the washroom. Çetin suddenly takes Zehra's wrist to prevent her from leaving. Zehra demands to be released. Ömer arrives and is surprised to see Çetin at the table with Zehra.

S02E210 - 210.Bölüm Air Date: 03 November 2017 14:10 -

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Ömer goes to the table. Canan comes and introduces Çetin as her friend. Ömer almost gives a sigh of relief. Zehra wants to leave and wants Canan to accompany them. Canan finds an excuse to stay. They leave, and she stays and chats with Çetin pretending that she is rich. Çetin is onto her but tells her that he is serious about her and wants to introduce her to his mother. Canan is elated.

Kerem is angry with Sabah and tells her not to meddle with his life. Sabah puts all her money together and decides to buy him a gift. She searches on line to see what a suitable gift for a man would be.

Zehra and Ömer have ordered the groom's suit. Zehra wants Ömer not to see her dress until the last day when she wears it with her hair and make up all done.

Çetin pretends that he has a meeting and has to go. Canan prevents him from taking her home saying she has to go to the hairdresser and do other things.

Ömer takes Zehra home and while they are taking leave at the door Canan comes. Hamiyyet then comes out and invites Ömer for breakfast the following day. Canan tells her mother she was with Zehra and Ömer all the time and Zehra does not contradict her.

Sabah takes a tie pin to Kerem as present. Kerem says he never wears ties and if he did, he would not wear such a cheap one. Sabah leaves angry. Nurçin hears Kerem on phone with his father and goes to get ready for the gala without telling him.

At Salim's house, Canan tells Zehra Çetin is going to take her to his mother and that they are sincerely in love. Zehra is not convinced and tries to make her think about things more clearly. Sabah comes to visit. She also tells Canan to take time to know the guy. Canan only knows that he is rich. She says that the last time she was fooled by a guy she was too young. But now she is completely confident in Çetin's sincerity.

Ömer and Zehra spend the night thinking about each other in separate bedrooms.

Nurçin goes to Kerem's all dressed up saying I will go with you to the gala. Kerem says it was cancelled. Nurçin leaves crying saying she knows he does not want to go with her. On the street she runs into Sabah and tells her that Kerem is going to be in trouble with his dad because he has no one to go to the gala with.

Canan goes to Çetin's place and he drugs her.

Ömer arrives in the morning for breakfast. They then leave together and go to Ömer's office. Ömer asks if there is anything on Zehra's mind since she looks preoccupied. She keeps changing the subject. She does not tell him anything about Canan. Ömer gets her to look at wedding dresses to distract her. She looks through with excitement. Hamiyyet calls Zehra asking if Canan has met with them adding that Canan told her that she was supposed to catch up with them. Zehra again covers up for her. She becomes agitated and wants to leave but Ömer wants them to go together. Nihat comes to get a couple of signatures so Zehra leaves alone. After signing the papers, Ömer gets a call. He asks if they have found what he had asked for. He leaves to check it out following the confirmation.

A nicely dressed woman walks into Kerem's house. Kerem is surprised when he recognizes her.

Ömer drives to a piece of land overlooking the sea. He stops and gets out of the car and begins to check the place out.

Çetin calls Zehra from Canan's phone telling her that Canan is at his home and is not well. Zehra goes looking for her and knocks on a door which is opened by Çetin.

S02E211 - 211.Bölüm Air Date: 06 November 2017 14:10 -

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Zehra goes in. Çetin locks the door. Canan mumbles something about Kervancioglu fiancé and when Çetin realizes Zehra is going to marry the head of Kervancioglu Holding he thinks to himself he should move to plan B so he discreetly unlocks the door. Zehra asks for a glass of water. Çetin thinks to himself that this is going to be a big con operation and he has to plan big. Zehra helps Canan up.

Ömer walks around the piece of land overlooking the sea and talks with someone on the phone. He says he likes it and the paperwork should be drawn as soon as possible. Then Ömer calls Zehra. She tells him she is with Canan and that he can later pick her up at home. Çetin realizes from the content of the conversation that she did not tell Ömer the whole truth about her whereabouts. Zehra takes Canan home.

The formally dressed woman in Kerem's house is Sabah. When she finds out from Nurçin that Kerem needs a female companion to attend his father's gala with him and has no one, she decides to help him, so she dresses up and goes to him. Kerem is taken by the change in Sabah who always dresses in jeans and casuals. Kerem goes to get ready. He wants to wear a tie. He does not know how to tie it. Sabah helps him and the proximity stirs both of them.

Kerem puts on Sabah's pin. While he is getting ready and Sabah is helping him in his room, the door gets stuck and they cannot get out. They start bickering about whose fault it is and Kerem hurts his arm trying to open the door. They have forgotten their phone outside. They miss the gala. Sabah does not let Kerem call out for help from the balcony because she would be embarrassed if people came and saw her alone with him in the bedroom. Sabah changes into Kerem's clothes to be more comfortable. Kerem tells her to sleep on the bed and he sleeps on the floor. In the morning Kerem wants to pull the covers on her when she wakes up and snaps at him for getting so close. Kerem is upset about her insinuations.

Ayhan Abi finally comes and releases them. Sabah runs out embarrassed to be found alone with Kerem in his bedroom. Kerem tries to explain but Ayhan says he has to return the keys to his car and move out of the house since his father is angry that he did not attend the gala and wants everything taken from him. Kerem tries to explain to Ayhan Abi but he says I believe you, but your father has given his final instructions and nothing will change that.

Ömer calls Zehra and saying he misses her goes and picks her up. He takes her to the waterfront. He asks if anything is wrong. Zehra says it has to do with Canan. Ömer asks her to tell him what it is with Canan, so he may help. She says it is nothing too important. Zehra says she is just a bit tired. Ömer thinks it is the bridal matters that are weighing her down. He notes that whenever she has something on her mind her shoulders droop. He asks that she eat well and asks that she take care of herself. Ömer expresses his love. Zehra acts shy and only expresses her love for him in her head. The word she utters is "Ömer!"

Meanwhile Çetin is following the couple and keeping them under surveillance.

Cevriye calls and tells Ömer that Ayşe keeps asking for them and it is getting difficult to cover for them. Zehra asks Salim to go and stay at the House so Ayşe does not get too suspicious. He gives his permission. Zehra also tells Canan that they can meet in the morning to go and get her a nice dress for the wedding. The couple go to the House and have dinner with the family. In the bedroom Ömer gets close for a kiss but an important text stops him. He responds to it.

Canan calls to meet up with Çetin. Çetin says Zehra seems to have a problem with their relationship. Canan apologizes for Zehra's behaviour. He then asks where she is going to meet with Zehra. Canan tells him. He tells Canan to meet him at a café at that time.

Ömer takes Zehra to where she is supposed to meet with Canan. Ömer cannot get himself to leave. He goes back and kisses Zehra on the cheek. She looks at him lovingly and says his name. He says I love you too. He finally leaves. Zehra turns around and is shocked to see someone.

S02E212 - 212.Bölüm Air Date: 07 November 2017 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Zehra sees Çetin and coldly asks what he is doing there. He says I can take you to Canan. She says there is no need. Meanwhile Canan is in the café and when Çetin does not appear she gets up to go to Zehra. Çetin insists to get Zehra in his car saying today he is going to be their chauffeur taking them wherever they want. Zehra refuses again. Canan finally arrives and asks what Çetin is doing there with Zehra. Çetin says I was passing and saw her and wanted to bring her to where we were supposed to meet. Zehra refuses to go with Çetin and takes Canan.

At his office Sabah meets up with Şukran who wants her to go shopping with her, but Sabah says she is meeting with a client.

Ayhan Abi takes the keys from Kerem and tells him he can either return to her family home or think of something else because the house has to be evacuated. Later Kerem wants to pay for a pizza delivery at the door when he realizes all his credit cards have been blocked. He then also realizes that the power, gas and water have also been cut off.

Ayhan Abi goes to Sabah and tells her that Kerem's father does not want to sell the house for a while. She has to go and change the locks. When she takes the locksmith there, she tells Kerem about his father's plan.

Ömer calls Zehra to go to the office to see the wedding dresses. Zehra goes there with Canan. She checks out some dresses. Canan likes the embellished ones but Zehra keeps asking for simpler ones. Ömer says it is up to Zehra because in his eyes she will be beautiful in any of them.

Canan is exasperated. She wants to go to Çetin. She keeps texting. Then asks to use the phone because she is out of charge. Ömer and Zehra look at catering and decorations for the wedding. Zehra tells him that there is no need for that because they need something simple in her father's backyard. Ömer notes that like her father, Zehra also prefers things to be simple and humble.

They then take Canan home. Zehra tells Hamiyyet that if Canan wants to go anywhere they should let her know so they will come and take her. Canan calls Çetin again and wants to go meet him. She tells her mother that she is going to meet with Sabah.

Ömer and Zehra go to the House. Ömer takes Zehra for a walk in the garden. He talks about his childhood and the tree that has grown there with him. He asks her what kind of a house she would like to live in. She describes a little stone house on a hill facing the sea especially because he likes the sea. With a nice porch, a cream coloured roof, wooden windows and door and a swing. Asya comes and says he won't eat without Zehra and her uncle. Çetin calls Zehra and tells her Canan is at his place and wants to stay but he does not want anymore misunderstandings and since he cannot convince her to go she should better come and collect her. Zehra calls Canan. Canan is waiting for Çetin in the park and is getting antsy because he is late. She sees it is Zehra and does not respond. Canan decides to leave. Zehra calls home and realizes Canan has said she'll be with Sabah. She calls Sabah and realizes she has not been there. She tells Ömer she has to leave. She does not tell him what's going on.

Kerem has nowhere to stay. He goes to get the new keys from Sabah. She says she cannot give it to him but offers that he stay at her place. Kerem is offended and says he will go and stay at a hotel. Of course, he has no money. He calls friends, but they are abroad or busy. One has been warned by his father not to accept him. He spends the night in the park. Sabah looks for him. She sees someone stealing his watch and wallet while he is sleeping and goes after them.

Canan is walking toward Çetin's house when she sees Zehra walking there in the neighbourhood at night. She is jealous and wonders what she is doing there. She texts someone.

Çetin is preparing the bedroom so he can take compromising photos of Zehra. His doorbell rings. He opens the door and is surprised.

S02E213 - 213.Bölüm Air Date: 08 November 2017 14:10 -

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Çetin sees Canan at the door. He is irritated but then decides that she would do as well. He takes her in. She is upset. Zehra gets a text from Canan that she is going home. Zehra calls Canan. Çetin leaves to get her a drink. She says it is fine and she is going home. Canan asks why he had wanted to see Zehra. Çetin says he wanted to talk to her about his feelings for Canan to clear the way for their relationship. Canan is convinced. Ömer calls Zehra and says dinner is ready and she should get back as soon as possible. Zehra decides to go.

Çetın drugs Canan with the juice while telling her that he is very serious about her. Canan wants to leave when she passes out. Later we see Çetin in the bedroom pleased with the photos he has taken. Canan is lying on the bed.

Kerem goes to Sabah and says he will stay there on one condition. Sabah says you are not in a position to put conditions as she is the one taking the risk. Because this is her neighbourhood and taking him in might compromise her reputation among people she cares about as they are both single. Kerem says I will stay if I can work as your parrentice. Sabah accepts. She will stay at Şukran Teyze. They shake on it.

Canan comes to and says she has to leave. Çetin says he has a meeting, so he cannot give her a ride. She leaves worried that she is late but happy that Çetin is in love with her. Her mother calls and says her uncle is asking about her. Canan is defiant saying you can also ask him about Zehra's whereabouts. Hamiyyet tells her Zehra is working not walking the street late at night. Canan says she'll be home right away.

Kerem looks for the keys to his house but cannot find them. Sabah has taken them with her just out of caution.

Zehra gets home on time and they have dinner with the family. In the bedroom, Zehra calls home and fells better when her aunt tells her that Canan is there. Then Ömer comes and tells her he has a surprise for her the following day. In the morning, Zehra runs to the door where Ömer is waiting for her. Ömer enjoys the curious energy in her. As soon as they want to leave Ayşe comes and asks for a minute of their time. They go and sit for coffee. She tells Zehra that the Company that had first rejected her models now wants to market them and is paying three times what they had offered before. They are all very happy about.

Sabah comes to the office. Kerem has cleaned and organized the whole place. He serves her tea and they get to work.

Hamiyyet goes to coffee with Şukran so Canan calls Çetin and goes to meet with him at the coffee shop. Çetin then talks with a friend and tells him he has some photos he needs handled. He says it is a big job and he will get his share if everything is handled with care.

Ömer and Zehra get up to leave. They are so happy. Ayşe tells Cevriye now that she has seen his brother so happy, she won't even mind death. Cevriye does not want to hear talk about death.

Outside Ömer thanks Zehra for all she has done for Ayşe and making her well again. Zehra says we did it together. Ömer says you did it for me too. My soul was sick, my heart was blocked, and you healed me. I am no longer the old Ömer.

Kerem asks Sabah to let him show a house for rental. She gives him a flashlight as there is no power in the apartment. Kerem comes back happy saying it is probably a done deal. The client calls and says Kerem wanted triple the commission and there is no way he will deal with them anymore. Kerem says she is selling herself short; Sabah asks him not to worry about her worth but try to get the job done.

Another client comes to the office, Kerem does the same thing and scares them away asking for higher commission. When Sabah tries to get him back, he goes and takes her bag and starts looking for his house keys. Sabah is angry with him and says you ruin everything you touch. Kerem leaves upset.

On the way Zehra calls Canan again. She is with Çetin but lies and says she is at home. Zehra hangs up and tells Ömer that her aunt has sort of entrusted Canan to her and she wants to make sure she is OK. Ömer says he loves her even more for being so caring.

Çetin tells Canan not to worry about anything; he will make sure that Zehra and her family accept their relationship. Canan leaves happily.

Ömer and Zehra arrive at the hillside looking over the sea. Zehra says this is such a peaceful place. She says the owners are so lucky. She appreciates the wild flowers and then Ömer asks her how she would plant a garden there or have her house. She then goes on to describe her vision of a cozy house on that hill. Finally, Ömer tells her that he has bought the land and wants to build their dream home there. Zehra is elated and wonders what she has done to deserve this happiness. Right at this moment, she gets a text message that completely melts away her peace.

S02E214 - 214.Bölüm Air Date: 09 November 2017 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer asks if something is wrong and if there is something she does not like about the location. Zehra says not at all. She loves the place but her worries are about Canan. Ömer's phone rings. It is Nihat who wants them to bid for a project. Ömer tries to finish quick. In the meantime, a text from Çetin tells Zehra if you discuss the photos with anyone, they will immediately be posted on the internet. So, when Ömer asks again, Zehra does not say anything.

Kerem walks around in the streets. He sees Koray and when he wants to discuss his problems with him, he notices Sabah is following her. He feels good that she is worrying about him and says bye to Koray and moves on. He then realizes he has no money left. Then he sees a street vendor selling clothes on the street and gets an idea.

Canan talks with Çetin on the phone. He keeps sweet talking her. Zehra calls Canan and wants to meet with her. They make a plan. Canan is impatient with Zehra and tells Çetin. Zehra asks Ömer to take her to the appointed place to go and take care of some wedding chores. Ömer asks her not to tire herself and that he can get things done if need be. She assures him everything is under control. They arrive at the café. Zehra gets off. Çetin is watching them. Çetin enters the café as Ömer drives off.

Zehra sits with Canan and is about to start telling her when Çetin comes and sits at the table. She is annoyed and tells Canan weren't we going to meet alone. Canan says Çetin is not a stranger and begins demurring for him. Zehra is about to tell her when Çetin tells Canan there is something in her eye and she should go look at it in the mirror. She leaves for the washroom. Çetin tells Zehra that if she tells Canan she might attempt suicide again. Zehra is shocked that Canan has already told this guy that in the past, she has attempted suicide over a man in her life. Çetin tells her that he wants money.

Canan comes back to the table and Zehra forces her to leave with her without mentioning the photos.

They go home and Canan acts crossed and leaves the living room saying she has a headache. Zehra ponders what she should do.

Kerem gets Sabah to take him to his house where he collects his clothes and takes them to the street. He gets Ati to sell them for him. Sabah warns Ati that it is against the law to sell without a licence. Ati is arrested and all the money he has made in sales is gone to paying the fine. Kerem is upset.

Zehra decides to take the matter to the police but when she is about to enter the police station, Çetin holds her back and says he will ruin all their lives. As Zehra resists, he calls a number and tells them to deliver the photos at the given address. He says the photos are beign delivered at you home.

A courier knocks on Salim's door and delivers an envelope which is accepted by Hamiyyet.

S02E215 - 215.Bölüm Air Date: 10 November 2017 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Zehra runs home. On the way she calls home and Hamiyyet tells her that a nameless envelope has been delivered. Zehra says it is hers and runs home to get it. Canan sees it and wants to open it but Zehra arrives in time and takes it.

Kerem phones a friend who owes him money. He returns the money and Kerem gets his investment advisor to invest it on some shares. He is warned that it is not wise to do so. But he insists.

Zehra ponders what to do in her bedroom. Ömer calls and she says she will go there herself in a taxi. Zehra longs for Ömer and remembers the sweet moments they were together. Ömer sits with Ayşe, Cevriye and Nihat waiting for Zehra to start dinner. He gets a call and gets up. Ayşe says Ömer and Zehra are like new lovebirds missing each other all the time even after almost a year of marriage. Ayşe notes that the couple flirt with each other as if they were not married. Nihat is upset that by implication she is saying they are old and not fresh anymore in their relationship!

Zehra arrives. Ömer opens the door for her and she wants to explain to Ömer, but he silences her with his finger on her lips and tells her that there is no need to explain and that it is enough she is there with him.

Sabah worries for Kerem and tries to call him.

Çetin texts Zehra another threat saying he wants the money the following day at the same café. She is holding the photographs in the bedroom when Cevriye calls her. She quickly shoves it in her bag and when she leaves, it falls out on the floor without her noticing. Zehra is preoccupied. Asya calls Ayşe and she leaves. Cevriye tells Zehra how Ayşe commented on the two of them being like love birds. Cevriye also asks Zehra to call her "Abla" (Sister) which gives a younger sense rather than "Hala" (Auntie). She then sends her to rest.

In the bedroom Zehra is about to check her bag when Ömer comes and she does not notice the photos missing. She tells Ömer what Cevriye told her about Ayşe. Ömer holds her hands and says they will be like lovebirds forever. He also talks about the importance of trust and asks her to always trust him. Zehra is almost moved to tell him about the Canan situation but at the end, she cannot bring herself to do it.

In the morning Kerem goes to Sabah's office and charges his phone. He brings buns for breakfast. He is chipper. Sabah realizes he has invested in shares. He gets a call and leaves. Sabah follows him. Kerem has to sell the shares quickly and loses most of his money. He wonders what to do next. He looks at his watch which has gone from his grandfather to his father and then to him. Sabah follows him again worrying for him. She sees Kerem go into a pawnshop and sell his watch. She thinks he might be leaving.

In the morning Zehra is asleep. Ömer is already up. Her phone keeps getting messages. Ömer's attention is drawn. She wakes up and says it is only promotions, but it is actually Çetin setting 11 am as the time to meet at the café with the money. She gets up and says she needs to go and resolve some matter regarding Canan. She leaves. While leaving she realizes the photos are missing but she does not want to be late so decides to look for them upon return.

Canan calls Çetin and he does not answer. When he finally does, he says he has no time to meet and hangs up. She wonders if someone else is in his life and goes to his home. Since no one is there, she decides to go to the café.

Hediye is cleaning the bedroom and finds the envelope on the floor. She gives it to Ömer and he wonders what it is. He takes it and wonders if it belongs to Zehra. He sits down to open it.

Sabah returns and sees Kerem in the store next to hers.

Zehra gets money out of the account that Ömer has opened for her. She does not feel good about it but tells herself that she will replace it as soon as she is paid by the business that is marketing her handbags before Ömer finds out. Zehra goes to the café. Canan arrives and sees Zehra giving Çetin an envelope as she says stay away from Canan.

S02E216 - 216.Bölüm Air Date: 13 November 2017 14:10 -

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Zehra asks for the originals of the photos. Çetin does not have it so she says she will only give the money once he gives her those as well. She adds that he has to end it with Canan and never see her again. Canan sees them and misunderstands the whole situation.

Ömer is about to open the envelope when Cevriye comes in and tells him they need to go to Mahalle to attend to wedding matters. Ömer says he will take her. Cevriye says they should call Zehra on the way and pick her up too. As they are leaving, Ömer gives the envelope to Hediye and asks her to put it in his study. Hediye takes it and puts it on his desk.

As Zehra is leaving the café, she runs into Canan. She acts as if she has caught Zehra. Zehra asks her to stay away from Çetin. Canan is defiant saying it is my life so do not meddle in it. Ömer calls her. Canan says you are happy with Ömer. Let me be happy with Çetin.

Ömer tells they are going to Mahalle and Zehra says she will meet them there. Zehra leaves.

Sabah realizes Kerem has rented the store next door and is opening a real estate office. He puts up the sign. So now they become competitors.

Canan then goes to Çetin and asks what he was doing with Zehra. Çetin is caught off guard but makes up a story and says your lovely cousin offered me money to stop seeing you. He also acts hurt that she seemed to be accusing him. He says that he feels offended by her accusations and cannot go on with this situation and will not see her again. Canan begs him to forgive her and not to end the relationship. But he leaves.

Ömer picks up Hamiyyet and Şükran and together with Cevriye and Zehra they go to check out catering possibilities. Cevriye and Şükran argue. Cevriye thinks catering businesses could offer them a nice option. Şükran says she and Hamiyyet could handle the food better. Ömer is worried over the arguments. Hamiyyet tries to mediate between them. Zehra tells Ömer not to meddle in it. Later they become very friendly to Ömer's surprise, holding hands and chit chatting happily as they tell the couple to leave them as they are going shopping together. Ömer takes Zehra for a suyrprise picnic on the hill facing the sea.

Asya is acting up at home. She cuts up her doll. Ayşe becomes concerned about her behaviour.

Kerem orders new furniture and gets Ati to clean the window between his office and Sabah's. A customer comes and when they realize it is not Sabah's office, they come out and go into her office. Kerem is planning an opening event and Sabah finds out and gets worried about it when Şükran tells her.

Ömer and Zehra are enjoying their picnic. Zehra wishes that she can be so happy beside him for the rest of their lives and wants him to reassure her that he will never let go of her hand. He says that is his only wish too. Zehra says he is like the genie making her dreams come true. He says he has been told that he looks like the genie on account of his height.

Kerem signs a big rental deal with a man. When Sabah comes and sees it, she accuses him of stealing her customer.

Canan calls Zehra and tells her that if she cannot have Çetin, there will be no more Canan and Zehra is to blame for it. Zehra asks Ömer to quickly take her home as Canan is not well. Zehra goes into the house and finds Canan on the floor of the bedroom.

S02E217 - 217.Bölüm Air Date: 14 November 2017 14:10 -

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Zehra gets Canan up and makes her vomit the pills she has taken. She saves her but Canan will not stop blaming her for what is happening to her. Ömer is waiting outside. Salim and Hamiyyet arrive and see him. He tells them that Canan is not well. They all go in.

Canan will not eat from the food Zehra is trying to feed her and tells her to leave her alone. Hamiyyet runs into the room concerned. They all leave her.

Kerem tells Sabah that he has accepted the rental deal without commission as a starting step for his business. Later Şükran comes and brings borek for Sabah and despite Sabah's discreet efforts to stop her from taking some to Kerem as well, Şükran offers some to Kerem as well.

Zehra îl împiedică pe Hamiyyet să meargă prea des la Canan. Ea spune apoi că va rămâne noaptea pentru a fi alături de Canan. Merge mai târziu la Canan și o întreabă de ce o tratează în acest fel. Canan îi spune că acționezi atât de nevinovat, de parcă nu ești cauza aia prin care trec. Ea spune: "m-ai adus în această stare. Ești un șarpe; ești fericit? Ai ceea ce-ți doreai, te căsătorești cu soțul bogat. Din cauza ta aproape că am murit. Te-ai asigurat că relația mea cu Çetin s-a terminat ." Ömer este afară auzind totul. Acuzațiile ei o fac pe Zehra să se sfâșie și în timp ce Ömer intră să întrebe cum stau lucrurile, Zehra privește departe, pentru ca Ömer să nu-și vadă lacrimile. Afară Ömer îi spune lui Zehra să nu se supere. Canan pare să nu fie bine, de asemenea, să-l anunțe dacă există ceva ce poate face. Trebuie doar să-l cheme. Ömer se întoarce la Casă.

Ayşe tells Nihat she is concerned about Asya's behaviour. Nihat assures her that it is normal changes she must be going through as she is growing up.

At night Kerem makes noise hanging a picture and does not let Sabah sleep. The next morning, they argue again.

Canan sulks for Zehra. Zehra wants to talk to her but she brushes her off. Hamiyyet brings her soup. Ömer calls. Zehra takes it in the kitchen. He tells her that he loves her and tries to prolong the call.

Çetin este fericit că nu mai primește apeluri de la Canan. El crede că asta o va convinge pe Zehra și, odată ce îi va oferi toate fotografiile, această treabă este terminată. El o cheamă pe Zehra pentru bani și este înnebunită și spune că Canan aproape că a murit din cauza ta și tot ce poți gândi sunt bani. Când Çetin își dă seama ce s-a întâmplat, crede că posibila moarte a lui Canan ar putea cauza multe probleme pentru el și ar putea aduce poliția în ecuație. El îl sună pe Canan și spune că o iubește. Ea joacă din greu pentru a obține la început, dar în cele din urmă este de acord să-l întâlnească.

Kerem has ordered sushi for the opening but the people in Mahalle are not familiar with such tastes. Sabah organizes her own opening with local foods and drink. Şükran brings borek and feels embarrassed she did not bring anything for Kerem when she sees him. Sabah's place is buzzing with people and Kerem's place is deserted.

Zehra wants to stop Canan from meeting Çetin and finally resorts to telling her about the photographs. Canan looks at Zehra in disbelief.

S02E218 - 218.Bölüm Air Date: 15 November 2017 14:10 -

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Canan does not believe Zehra. Zehra wants to show the photos to her but she realizes she has lost them at the House. She wants to show the ones she got on the phone but remembers she has deleted them in fear that someone would see them. Canan congratulates her for being such a good liar. Zehra leaves to go get the photos.

Asya does not want to go to school. Ayşe and Cevriye fuss over her.

Koray comes to Sabah's opening and when he sees Kerem he goes and talks with him. Sabah comes and tries to get Koray back in her place because Koray is her invitee. Kerem and Sabah argue. Koray feels caught. Then Şükran goes to Kerem and tries his food and drink. She tells him not to worry. Even though no one has come to his opening, his business will prosper for sure because he is a good-hearted man. Kerem is thankful.

Ömer is at the office. He has fallen behind in his work because of the wedding matters. He assures Nihat that he will make himself more available.

Zehra decides to go back to the House and find the photos. As she is going there, Ömer calls her and reminds her that she has to try her wedding dress. He says he will pick her up later from the House.

Zehra goes to the house and begins looking for the envelope in her bedroom. Cevriye comes and tells her to go for coffee later. She changes and see Hediye in the foyer. She asks her if she saw an evelope anywhere. Hediye says she did and that it is in Ömer's study. She runs in and as soon as she finds it, Ömer comes in and she leaves it there and plans to take it later.

When Sabah runs out of juice for her guests, Koray and Şükran ask Kerem for some juice. He gives it to them. Fikriye arrives and again gets confused memory and thinks the event is Sabah and Kerem's engagement party. Her story is that they had eloped and now have returned and are getting engaged. They have to humour her until Maleka comes and gets her. One of the guests gives Kerem the keys to his property to get it sold. He also gives it to Sabah, so he can set them against each other and get a better deal for himself. When the two of them take their clients to the location, Sabah's client runs away thinking with two agents, it is sure to come out more expensive for him. Kerem closes the deal with his client.

Ömer and Zehra are returning from the wedding shop and Ömer notes that Zehra is very upset. He stops the car. Zehra tells him she is so worried that something might happen and ruin all their happiness. Ömer takes her hand, reminds her of how she has saved him from the darkness and assures her that he will not let anything bad happen.

Asya does not eat her food. She wants her dad. She is even curt with her dad. Nihat suggests that they talk with her teachers at school.

Zehra calls Canan and she tells her to leave her alone. She calls Çetin for the original photos. They are to meet at the café. Zehra goes there with the money. Çetin refuses the deal and says his plans have changed. Canan is also there. Çetin shows Zehra an engagement ring and says he and Canan are engaged.

S02E219 - 219.Bölüm Air Date: 16 November 2017 14:10 -

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Zehra wonders why Canan believes a stranger more than her own cousin whom she has known all her life. Canan says I trust Çetin as much as you trust Ömer. Çetin has apologized to Canan and told her that when he heard she had attempted suicide, he has realized he could not live without her and then asked her to marry him. Zehra warns Canan that he is a cheat but Canan will not listen.

Salim, Hamiyyet and Şükran are talking on the veranda. Salim is gloomy as it is Zehra's last night in her father's home. Cevriye and Ömer arrive. As Zehra is not there, he calls her, and she says she is going there with Canan. Ömer sits with Salim as the ladies go inside. He thanks Salim for trusting him with his daughter. Salim talks to him about trust and tells him, they should never betray each other's trust because it is the most important thing in a relationship.

Salim goes for prayers. Ömer remembers his talks with Zehra's Great Aunt and thinks about Salim's words and worries that he has not told Zehra what he knows about Salim not being her real father. He decides not to discuss it with her until he finds her real father.

Canan tells Zehra not to tell anyone about her engagement with Çetin or else her mother will fall victim to her blood pressure and her father will really get upset. She says she wants to tell them at another time as they are now so happy with her wedding. Zehra is not convinced. They go into the house. Zehra sees Ömer on the veranda and wants to talk to him about the Çetin situation but as soon as she starts Şükran arrives and wants her to go inside to see the dowry items. She asks for a few minutes but Šükran is adamant that she should go right away. Zehra tells Ömer that they will talk later. Ömer says absolutely my love! Zehra responds, I love you, too! Ömer is elated saying: "Me, too!" as she walks away.

Ayşe and Nihat meet with the school staff to discuss Asya's behaviour. They tell them she is going through the six-year old's syndrome and it is very natural. She continues to say not to everything.

Sabah talks with Kerem's to convince him that Kerem was not at fault in missing his gala. She believes that this way Kerem's father would forgive him and Kerem would then leave the real estate office.

At Salim's house Sabah also comes and joins the group as they go through Zehra's dowry. Canan goes to the bedroom with distaste. There, she finds the money in Zehra's bag. She remembers Çetin telling her that Zehra had offered him money to end their relationship. She is angrier with Zehra and decides to take the money. Her mother comes in and she hides the money and goes out. She keeps making snide remarks. HAmiyyet show the dress Canan will be wearing. Sabah notes it is not as fancy a pick as she would have expected from Canan. Canan retorts that it was all their money would afford her.

The ladies close the trousseau and say now Zehra can open it in her new home. Ömer cannot bring himself to leave and consoles himself that this is the last night they will be apart.

Zehra goes to her dad. Salim is feeling down. He says giving a daughter away feels like losing a wing. He tells her that she has made her proud as a father and may she be the same in her new home.

Kerem hears from Ati that Sabah is closing her business. He is upset and when she comes he tries to talk her out of it. She says she has no such plan.

Ayşe tells Cevriye they are planning a trip with Nihat and Asya and even Hediye the following day. Cevriye encourages it realizing this way Ömer and Zehra would have the House to themselves folllwing the wedding and won't have to go to a hotel.

In the morning everyone's busy setting up chairs and tables in Salim's garden. Canan is around showing her sour face and refusing to help.

Kerem finds out from Ayhan Abi that Sabah has spoken to his father about him and goes to her angry. He is angry that she has meddled in his privacy. He reminds her that he does not meddle in her privacy such as the special case she keeps carrying in it everywhere. The handling of the case makes her cassette fall out and break. Sabah cries over it and Kerem is shocked by the magnitude of her reaction. He wonders what the significance of the audio tape is.

S02E220 - 220.Bölüm Air Date: 17 November 2017 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

There is excitement in Salim's garden with wedding preparations. Canan walks around bitter and jealous. Ömer arrives with a decorated car. He takes Cevriye, Canan and Zehra to the hairdresser's.

Kerem asks Sabah to let him fix the tape. She just tells him to leave.

Ömer is waiting for Zehra outside a building. Zehra comes out with her hair done in her wedding dress. Ömer is mesmerized. She comes down and as he puts her hands around her shoulders he says I do not know what I have done to deserve you. She says you entered my life like a miracle. He then asks if she would go with him wherever he takes her. She of course will. He takes her to the water front where they have a photographer take beautiful photos of them. Ömer then puts a necklace on her neck and says before it was just a piece of jewelry; but now it is a masterpiece. Zehra has tears of joy. Ömer promises to make up for all the lost time. Zehra just wants to be in his arms. It is all so perfect, she is afraid that it might all be a dream.

Cevriye and Canan come out of the hairdresser. Canan says she has something to do. She goes to the pharmacy and buys a suspicious drug. She then uses Zehra's money to buy herself a dress and goes to the house.

Ayşe and family get ready to go on a trip. Sabah arrives in black pants and a dress shirt at the kitchen where everyone is preparing the food. Şükran scolds her for her choice of clothing but she has bought her a nice dress to wear to the wedding. She changes into it.

Ömer and Zehra arrive. The guests applaud. They kiss the hands of the elders and sit on their special chairs. They both seem like they could fly. Zehra is worried that Ömer might be uncomfortable because he does not usually like so much ceremony. He says I feel indebted to everyone that has come here because they are here to share in our happiness. They dance. The audience applauds.

Şükran has invited Kerem who comes and sits with Koray. Şükran then gets Kerem to dance with Sabah. Kerem tells her that she looks different and nice. He then goes and sits with her. Kerem is clearly taken with her. Canan prepares drinks for the couple and drugs the drinks. Cevriye comes and says they have to be served in special glasses that she has brought. Another guest comes and takes the drinks Canan has prepared. Later we see them get sick at their table.

Canan prepares another pair of drinks for the couple and takes it to their table. Ömer takes Zehra for another dance. This is a more traditional dance. He tells her to just follow his lead. They mesmerize the audience. When they are done, she tells him that he has truly surprised her. He says there is much more to come. They sit but before they drink from the drugged glasses a child runs into their table and the glasses fall and break. Canan is exasperated.

The guests begin to leave. Zehra goes inside. His father sits with her in her room. He is sad that she she is leaving but gives her his last words of wisdom. He tells her to guard the privacy of her relationship with her spouse and try to solve problems between the two of them.

Ömer gets a call from Hassan Bey about financial matters. He thanks him for informing him. The news changes his mood.

Ayşe calls Cevriye and she says I am just coming. She gets in the car and goes to join them on their trip.

Sabah goes in and sits with Zehra. Zehra talks about the road of hardships that brought her and Ömer to this night. She remembers the difficult times when she had to pretend she loved someone she actually hated, just for the sake of money. And how things completely changed, and she fell madly in love with the same person and the person who hated her turned into someone who would die to save her in a blink of an eye. Sabah tells her not to cry anymore and it is time for her to be happy.

They go out. Ömer and Zehra take leave from her father, Şükran, Hamiyyet and Sabah. Hamiyyet apologizes for Canan's absence. Salim puts on the red ribbon on her waist. Ömer kisses his hand and takes leave from others. He takes Zehra to the car.

Ömer takes Zehra to the bedroom. It is beautifully decorated with new bright curtains and red rose petals on the bed. He kisses her on the forehead and asks if she likes the changes. She says of course and thanks Cevriye for her efforts. He kisses her on the forehead. He then takes her hand, and takes her to the bed. They sit on the bed. He begins caressing her face. Are you happy? He asks. She looks like she is about to fly out fo her skin. She sits shyly allowing him to approach her face for a kiss. He moves gently and lowers his hand on her neck and suddenly pulls the necklace from her neck in one pull and says: "The game is over!" and his face transforms into an angry dragon. She looks at him all lost.

S02E221 - 221.Bölüm Air Date: 20 November 2017 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Zehra asks is this a joke. Ömer says this is what you deserve. Zehra says but what have I done? He blasts: "Are you asking me about what you have done?" Zehra persists. Yes, because she does not know what is going on. Neither do we!!! He says from now on you will receive what you deserve for the deal you made. He then takes their photo frame from the chest and smashes it to the floor and leaves. Zehra is in shock. She looks at the frame on the floor. It is broken; broken! Much more than a frame has been broken! She tries to pick up the pieces and cuts her hand. She remembers Ömer pulling the necklace from her neck. This scene will haunt Zehra and us for many episodes to come.

Inside the study Ömer is suffering. He smashes things and throws the necklace. How could I believe in you, he keeps mumbling. He cannot breathe and steps out. Zehra comes running down the foyer calling out his name. He storms away to the veranda. She crumbles down against the wall crying.

On the veranda, he remembers Canan's words about Zehra being a snake getting her rich husband. He then remembers the call from Hassan Bey about Zehra taking money out of their account. Again, saying how did I believe in you.

Kerem is in his office trying to fix Sabah's tape but only manages to get his hand glued to his hair.

Ömer is burning on the veranda. He remembers a scene from his childhood. He overhears her mother telling his father that she never loved him and only married him for money and now cannot even stand his face. His father begs her to stay and reminds her of their love. He brings up their children Ömer and Ayşe. She says there is no room for them in her life, she is going. Then we see her leaving suitcase in hand without a word as a four or five-year-old Ayşe runs crying after her. She shuts the door. Ömer, the child runs to her sister and holds his crying sister in his arms.

Ömer then then remembers going to pick up Zehra the night of the wedding as she was talking to Sabah in her bedroom. He only hears the part she is saying: "Living with the person you hate; breathing the same air; pretending that you love him just for money. It was so hard; worse than death. You do the things you thought you'd never do, couldn't do. You do it when you're desperate." He walks away without hearing the rest. On the veranda, with pained eyes and anger he repeats to himself it will not happen again. You are like her, but I won't let it happen again.

Zehra cries herself to sleep remembering the horrid necklace scene. She wakes up beside the heart shaped rose petals on the bed and single rose stem. She is still in her wedding dress. She notes that it was no nightmare but reality. She sees her state in the wedding dress in the mirror. She remembers the tearing of the necklace. She sees their bare photo on the floor. She suddenly gets up with resolve to find out what has gone wrong and to fix it.

Kerem and Sabah go to their offices in the morning. Kerem shoes her through the window that he has bought them breakfast. Sabah closes the blinds. Ati tells Kerem where he might get the tape fixed. Koray comes and says Sabah is asking for the tape and he is worried that it might not be repaired. Kerem assures him that it will be fine.

Zehra finds Ömer in the veranda sleeping in his shirt with his head on the table. She approaches her and covers his back with his jacket. He wakes up and pulls the jacket off in anger.

Zehra goes to her room and mends the photo frame and asks Ömer in the photo; What happened to you? She remembers him drinking the horrible coffee as the engagement, she remembers all the beautiful moments he expressed his love to her in words and deed. She says she has to find out what happened. She leaves Ömer a fresh suit on his side of the bed and matching tie. She goes and begins setting the breakfast table. When Ömer sees her at the dining table from the veranda he goes to the bedroom and sees the suit and mumbles, what are you trying to do? He sees the mended frame wants to smash it again but stops midair and puts it back face down.

Zehra sets up a sumptuous breakfast table. He comes into the hall and looks at the table. Zehra asks him to join her. He pays no attention to her and leaves. Zehra sits in despair and asks the higher powers to help her get through this. She cries.

Salim is worried about Zehra. Hamiyyet assures him that she was very happy and that they are lucky to have Ömer as their son-in-law as he is a very trustworthy man. Salim leaves and runs into Halit Amca on the street, anther senior neighbour who apparently suffers from occasional memory loss. He helps him back home.

Canan is happy spending Zehra's money on jewelery thinking how she would impress Çetin with them. Hamiyyet calls her to make coffee. Hamiyyet calls Zehra to say she has forgotten something. Zehra tries to answer without giving anything away.

Ömer goes to the waterfront and burns in his thoughts. He remembers the scene from his childhood again and says: "This time I won't be hurt; you will pay for your doings; you will be begging to get rid of me, but you won't be able to. I won't let you go."

The guy returns the fixed tape to Kerem. He wants to listen to it and goes to get the keys of his house form Sabah to pick up something. Sabah refuses. He leaves angrily.

Zehra makes dinner and is setting the table when Ömer arrives. She asks Ömer to the table. He is about to leave. She runs to him and stops him and asks him to stop doing this to the two of them and she begs him to tell her what's going on. He says shhh! gently. His angry expression suddenly changes and he slowly comes forward and kisses her cheek. Zehra stays glued to her kiss in awe.

S02E222 - 222.Bölüm Air Date: 21 November 2017 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

As Ömer's lips linger on Zehra's cheek, Asya runs in shouting "uncle!" Zehra realizes that the change in Ömer is only pretense and a show for the family. Ömer picks up Asya. She says we are back. I missed you, addressing both of them. Zehra is demoralized. Asya says they should go together on a trip someday. Ömer says ok reluctantly. Ayşe and Cevriye come. They sit for a chat. Zehra is standing and her unease is becoming apparent. Ömer is sitting on the sofa with Asya beside him. He taps on the sofa and invites her to sit. Zehra sits. They chat. Asya puts their hands together. He finds a quick opportunity to take his hand away and upset Zehra further.

Halit comes to Kerem's office and thinks it is a grocery shop and asks for tomatoes and cucumbers. Kerem humours him and gets him to sit in the office. He then goes and gets him his produce. When he returns Halit is in another frame of mind. Halit sees the tape and says he has a tape recorder and will bring it for him. He goes off and brings it. His daughter comes and takes him home. Kerem listens to the tape. It is a lullaby possibly sung by Sabah's mother. He puts it in a nice gift box with a bow on it and asks Sabah out for tea. She refuses him bluntly. He gets upset.

Zehra and family eat dinner. Ayşe commends Zehra on her cooking. Ömer says my wife does everything perfectly! Zehra does not know what to feel. Ömer gets up to go to work. Ayşe asks why work so late. He makes some excuse. Zehra runs after him to ask when he will be finished. As the rest of the family is there, he responds looking at them. He says he will be late. Zehra says it is ok; I will wait. He snaps "Don't wait!" But smiles for the sake of the family saying, it may take long. He leaves. Ayşe and Asya leaves. Cevriye asks about the joys of married life all laughing. Zehra tries to keep up appearances. She goes to the bedroom. She wonders what she might have done to make him so upset. She sets out his pajamas and tries to write to him. After many crumpled pages, she gets up to go talk to him. She goes in. He snaps at her saying did I not tell you not to come here. She says we have lots to talk about. She goes closer to him. He snaps and holds out his hand telling her to stay away. Zehra is shocked. He suddenly gets up and takes hold of her nicely "Are you OK?" Zehra is further shocked. Cevriye has come in. She apologizes saying she thought they are not there and wanted to put out the light. Ömer says Zehra was just going to rest. Cevriye says sure let's go together. Zehra leaves reluctantly.

In the morning Zehra sees that the pajamas she had laid out are not touched and says, "he didn't come!"

In the study Ömer is sleeping in his suit with his head on the desk. Hediye comes in. He gets up and says I have fallen asleep. He gets up to leave. Hediye asks where she should put the files on the table. Ömer tells her to leave them in the drawer. He goes in the bedroom. He goes to the bathroom and knocks. She is not there. He wonders where she is. Zehra is not there. She has put out a suit for him again. He changes into another suit. Zehra comes in with a cup of coffee. She says you were not in the study, so I brought you your coffee here. He pauses and then brushes her off and walks toward the door. He accidentally brushes against her and makes her drop the tray. The coffee cup falls and breaks startling her. He feels bad but when Zehra looks at him he pretends he does not care and walks of. She picks up the pieces in tears.

Ömer goes out the door but outside he hesitates and asks Can for a favour. They call Zehra from the company and tell her that they have put the sale of the bags she had designed on hold again. She realizes there will be no payments. She remembers the money and says she should put it back. Then she remembers the photos and goes looking for them in the study but cannot find them. She calls Sabah and makes a plan to meet outside. When she wants to leave, Can says Ömer has asked him to take her wherever she wants to go. She acquiesces. She goes to Sabah and tells her everything. Sabah is absolutely shocked. She is however convinced that Ömer loves her and there is some misunderstanding. She tells Zehra to find out what is the problem and advises her to stay constantly in his face in order to figure out the problem. Zehra goes back with this plan.

Can then takes Sabah home after dropping off Zehra. When he is dropping Sabah off, Kerem sees her and thinks there is a man in her life. Sabah is friendly with Can and invites him to go to her office sometime. Kerem confronts Sabah but his indirect attempts to get her to talk about the guy in the car come to nothing. He goes to Koray and gives him the box and says give it to Sabah but do not tell her I fixed it. Sabah walks in.

Canan dresses up and wears nice jewellery. She tells her mother she is going for a job interview. She meets with Çetin and gives him an expensive watch. He is surprised with the expensive gift.

Koray gives Sabah the tape. She thanks him profusely and makes a snide remark that he is, unlike many who just break and destroy everything, very kind. Kerem gets upset and leaves. Koray tells Sabah he told me not to say but it is Kerem who fixed your tape. Sabah is moved.

Zehra goes to Ömer in the study. She asks him why he is treating him this way. She begins by telling him if it is because of that envelope…Ömer says what envelope. She begs him, "Don't do this to us!" He sniggers at the word "us" saying there is no such thing and says he cannot stand her face. She is very upset and says fine you won't have to see my face again. Zehra goes to Mahalle and is walking to her dad's house at night. She stops at the door saying I am so sorry, Baba, I couldn't keep my promise.

S02E223 - 223.Bölüm Air Date: 22 November 2017 14:10 -

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Zehra is standing at the door. She remembers her father telling her that matters between a couple should be kept private and solved there. She hears her father come out and hides on the side. Salim is out to put out the garbage. Zehra stays in the dark and decides to return home. Ömer is in the bedroom thinking she is not coming. He appears restless.

Sabah goes to Kerem's office. It is dark. She knocks but he does not open. He is in there. She goes in her office and wants to open the blinds but does not. She feels bad about her behaviour and wants to find a chance to thank her.

Zehra returns. When Ömer comes in from the bathroom and see her, he degrades her and says you probably could not handle the penniless life you had to go back to. She is shocked and says you can't be the Ömer I know. She firmly says I never denied my roots and I am proud of them. She says she did not want to hurt her father. He says it is all playacting and that she is just a gold digger. He says the only reason I am putting up with having you here is for Ayşe's sake and her health. She says that is her only consolation because Ayşe is very precious for her adding that his wealth has no meaning for her. He says I do not believe it; your mask fell long ago. She again attempts to find out what she has done to deserve this treatment, but he stops himself from responding and leaves.

Sabah takes breakfast for Kerem. He says he has work to do and leaves. Later he sees Can in Sabah's office and is angry.

Ömer wakes up in his bed. Zehra is not there. Zehra is in the study trying to find the photos. Ömer comes as she is about to leave. They are face to face and the closeness makes Ömer tremble. He pulls himself out of it and puts on his angry face again asking what she is going there. She says nothing. He says what does that mean. She says nothing, is there a problem with her being there. He says there may be. She says then I am leaving. He says then leave and makes way for her. She leaves. He closes the door and angrily ponders on her daring.

Zehra is in the bedroom. She remembers the money and says I should return the money but when she finally looks in her purse, she realizes it is missing. Hamiyyet calls Zehra and says they are expecting them to go for the customary hand kissing dinner. Ömer walks into the bedroom. He stops to see who she is talking to. He realizes she is talking to her aunt. Zehra repeats the term "hand kissing dinner". He hears, takes his book from the chest and walks out. She tells her aunt that she is not sure if Ömer has time. Hamiyyet will not take no for an answer. Zehra goes into the study. Ömer is working. She is about to talk when Ayşe comes in. She says she wanted to call them to breakfast. Zehra also mumbles that she is there for the same reason. Ömer gets up and cuddles Zehra saying sweet things about the two special women in his life. Ayşe leaves to give them privacy to flirt. Just as Zehra is about to relish the closeness, Ömer lets go and sits back at the table. She shudders.

When Ömer is about to leave, she goes to him and says they are expecting them for the customary hand kissing dinner. He says that is her problem. She says fine you can drop me off in Mahalle and tells them that you have work and cannot come. He turns and leaves. She follows him outside. He gets in his car and tells Can to take Zehra wherever she wants. He drives off.

Ayşe is looking for a private drama tutor for Asya. Sabah decides to give Kerem the keys to house as he had asked for them earlier. He refuses them and diverts her attempts to redeem herself.

Canan is again getting ready to go out saying she has another interview. Şükran and Hamiyyet are preparing the dinner. Canan keeps making bitter remarks and insinuating that they are making too big a deal for Ömer. Zehra arrives to help and wonders how she is going to break it to them that Ömer is not coming.

At the office Ömer again remembers the words of hatred from Zehra and her mother and gets angrier. He snaps at Selin but then realizes it was for no reason. He feels out of control and tries to settle down.

Canan meets with Çetın and he pretends he is a savvy investor and can double any money in the stock market. Müge, an ex-girlfriend of Nihat has returned from the US and is looking for him. She gets his address and goes to the office. Nihat is shocked and concerned to see her. She assures him that she is well now.

Zehra goes in the bedroom to see if she can change. The many shopping bags full of items draw her attention. But her father arrives so she goes out again. She sits with him and is about to tell him that Ömer cannot come when the door bell rings. She goes and opens the door and is shocked.

S02E224 - 224.Bölüm Air Date: 23 November 2017 14:10 -

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Ömer is at the door with a box of nicely wrapped chocolate in hand. Zehra is so shocked she asks what he is doing here. He responds was I not invited? She finally comes to herself and lets him in. He goes in. Salim is happy to see him. Salim asks Zehra to get him slippers. Zehra hesitates. Ömer wants to get them himself. Salim stops him. Zehra brings them and he takes them from her hands.

Canan arrives and apologizes for being late. They sit for dinner. Koray is also there. Şükran asks Ömer if he can guess which one of the dishes was made by Zehra. Canan says how can he know. Koray says I am sure he knows. Ömer says all of them are very delicious but I think Zehra made the beef casserole. He is right and draws everyone's praise. Zehra is urged to give him more food. He grabs her wrist to take the plate. Zehra is confused by all these mixed signals.

After dinner Zehra serves coffee. Ömer tells her to sit as she has worked hard all day. She says she is just finishing and will come soon. Salim speaks highly of his daughter's hard work and gentle manner. Ömer thinks to himself how Zehra is also deceiving her father and pities Salim. Zehra comes and sits later. Hamiyyet offers that they stay the night. Zehra tries to get out of it but Ömer turns the tables and says it is fine with him. Salim gives them his room. Ömer and Zehra come face to face at the door again feeling the magnetic field that draws them together. Ömer pulls himself out of it. Inside he becomes the cold and bitter Ömer. Zehra offers him pajamas. He puts it away and wants to make himself a place on the floor when Hamiyyet knocks on their door. They quickly put it away. She has brought water for them. Zehra thanks Ömer for coming. Ömer says I did it for your father not you. She says my father does not think of me the way you do. He says you deceive him. Zehra is very upset. He then goes to the other side of the bed. He begins taking off his jacket and tie. Zehra is anxious. He gets into bed with his shirt and pants, with his back to her. She sleeps also on the edge of the bed with tears in her eyes.

He opens his eyes. They are face to face and her arm is on his. His eyes are filled with love and he wants to caress her, but just before his hand reaches her face he remembers her words from the wedding night and stops himself and turns away.

Zehra opens her eyes. They are face to face on the bed. She wonders why he changed so much. He opens his eyes. She shyly takes her arm away and says good morning. He turns away. She says do you hate me so much you can't even say good morning. He says hate is not enough for what I feel. There is much more than that. You can see the deep suffering in her heart reflected in her gentle face. They get up.

Zehra asks her aunt if she has seen an envelope somewhere in the house. Canan hears her and realizes she is looking for the money. Hamiyyet says she has not. The couple take leave. Salim tells them that he has been always very worried about giving Zehra away. But having seen them he is now certain that she is in good hands that Ömer will not let her suffer one bit. Faces are filled with irony. At the door as Ömer waits for Zehra, he looks at her taking leave of Salim and again wonders at how she deceives everyone so well. Salim hugs Zehra and once more encourages her to take ownership of her married life and make effort to protect it come what may.

Sabah's clients go to Kerem and he realizes that Sabah has prevented them from buying his house. Müge who has sent Nihat a text at night further troubling him, goes to the office again. Selin calls to announce her to Nihat. Nihat asks her to tell Müge he is in meetings and won't be available all day. Müge hears that Nihat is interviewing drama teachers for his daughter. She smiles and leaves. Canan sees her stash of money is declining fast. She decides to give some of it to Çetin so he can invest and make it grow fast.

As Ömer drives, Zehra tells him he is making both of them suffer. He says they are both getting what they deserve; she for her lies; he for being a fool to believe her. He says you're are a lie, everything about you is a lie. She loses it and demands that he pull over and let her out.

S02E225 - 225.Bölüm Air Date: 24 November 2017 14:10 -

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Zehra sits crying on a park bench. Ömer goes to the waterfront and remembers taking photos on the waterfront the day of their wedding. He then gets in the car and calls her saying where are you, I am going to take you to the House. She refuses and hangs up. He goes to Salim's house. No one is there. He goes home. She is not there either.

Sabah sees Canan and notes her expensive clothes and jewelry. Kerem goes to ask why she has not sold his house. Nihal, Sabah's friend comes upset to her office so Kerem leaves. Nihal has left her husband who is a gambler. His creditors had come to the house and taken the children's things away. She is pregnant and has left her children with her mom and does not know what to do. Sabah takes her to Kerem's house. Ayhan Abi comes and is angry that Sabah has not sold the house and brought in tenants without discussing it with them. Kerem comes in and says he is to blame. Outside he convinces Ayhan Abi to let it go. Ayhan Abi is impressed that Kerem has become such a concerned and kind person. Sabah tries to thank him. He leaves.

Nihal's husband is at the Sabah's door. Kerem takes him in and tries to calm him nad tell him he needs to think seriously about changing in order to get his wife back. He is resolved to stop gambling and expresses his love for his wife. Sabah comes and when she sees the guy leaving is worried that Kerem might have revealed Nihal's address to him. Kerem gets upset and leaves.

Hamiyyet and Şükran have been shopping and sit down a couple of benches apart from Zehra to catch their breath. Zehra sees them and hides. She calls Sabah and goes to see her. She tells Sabah about everything. Sabah feels that Ömer is not the kind of person that would act this way only for the sake of Zehra taking some money out of the account. When Zehra tells her that the money is also missing, she suddenly remembers Canan. She calls her and asks her to join them. Canan arrives and sits with them. Sabah begins inquiring about her outfit. She says I am engaged. Sabah expresses surprise.

Kerem takes Nihal's husband to her to give him a chance to talk to her.

Sabah pushes Canan. She insists that her finace has bought her all these clothes and wants to leave. Sabah stops her and in a little scuffle, her bag falls, and the bank envelope falls out of it. Zehra sees it.

Hamiyyet keeps calling Canan. She is worried about her roaming alone in Istanbul. Canan is sitting on a park bench. She is mad at Sabah and Zehra. She finally answers her mom's call and tells her she is just going back from a job interview. She then promises herself to get back at Sabah and Zehra.

Nihal tells Sabah that her husband came to talk and wants another chance. He has apparently paid his debts and wants to rebuild his life with her. Sabah says whatever you decide I will support you. Sabah goes to Kerem and wants to thank him. He tries to walk away. She stops him and explains the intrinsic value of the tape for herself as the last remnant of her deceased mother. She thanks him. He says you were right to feel upset. There is a moment of resolution. Suddenly Can arrives. She remembers that she has to run. She says bye and runs and gets into the car with Can. Kerem looks at them and is not all that happy.

Müge sneaks into Nihat's office at night and sees his photo with Ayşe and Asya and cuts them off with scissors.

Ömer is in the room wondering whether Zehra will be coming. He suddenly hears her footsteps and drops on the bed and pretends to be asleep in his suit. Zehra arrives and sees him. She says in her head: Sleeping in his suit! Did he wait up for me! And then says out load: "Probably did not want to miss a chance to insult me again." Ömer keeps eyeing her. Without her noticing until she goes into the bathroom.

Nihat tells Ayşe he has hired a teacher for Asya who will start soon. Müge stalks Nihat's family in the park. Nihat goes to work. She stalks the mother and child and when they go back to the House she goes to them and introduces herself as the new teacher.

Zehra gets up and is reminded that she has to wake up to a nightmare each day. She wonders if she will ever wake up happy. Then she tells herself to get herself together and not abandon herself to sorrow.

Ömer is in his study. She knocks and goes in. She is beautiful in her red dress. She walks up to him. He snaps: "What do you want?" She says nothing, just wanted to tell you something. She says she has made a decision. She will stay in House and she will fight for their love. I will stay and fight because I have done nothing wrong.

S02E226 - 226.Bölüm Air Date: 27 November 2017 14:10 -

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Zehra says I will fight for our love. No matter how you insult me and degrade me. I am staying not because I have no honour or pride but because I know I have done nothing wrong. He says of course, you will stay and understand every minute of my distaste for you. Zehra says if this is because of the envelope, I did something for a loved one. He says you cannot love anyone but yourself. She suddenly says but I have loved you, loved you so much! Ömer is arrested with the indelible authenticity of her confession. Again, he pulls himself out of it and walks away. She leaves and says I will stay and show you I am not the person you think I am. Zehra steps out and tells herself to be strong.

Kerem is upset about Can. Ati brings tea for him and appears to be sick so Kerem tells him to take it away. Kerem gets a call for an important deal for his business. Later Ati serves tea for him again and looks worse. On his way out Ati faints. Kerem runs to help him. He tells Sabah to call for a taxi to take him to the hospital.

Zehra goes in the hall and meets Müge who is sitting with Ayşe and Asya. Later Ömer comes and meets her. He says now that Asya has a new playmate, she would not need Zehra to play with so much. Asya contradicts her and says she will always love playing with Zehra. Ömer says I am jealous. Asya says you can play with us too. He says but I am not good at playing games like Zehra Auntie!!!

Ömer then wants to take his leave. Zehra gets up and asks him what he would like for dinner. He says not to bother as he is going to be late. She says OK then I will see you off. He can't stop her in front of Ayşe but leaves quickly. In the foyer, Zehra catches up with him, stops him and begins fixing his tie pin. They are caught in the intimate moment. He again pulls himself out and takes her hands off his chest. Hediye Abla passes so he hesitates. When they are gone he is about to say "if you once more…" Zehra goes on her toes and kisses him on the cheek. He is arrested. She looks at him like a little girl in love. She glows. He wants to say something. He can't. She says have a wonderful day! He leaves.

Zehra goes to the bedroom pleased with her effort. She begins tidying up the room. Putting Ömer's clothes away and placing his pajamas and fixing his slippers beside the bed. She looks at the broken frame with their picture and says I will fix everything.

Müge gets up to go to the washroom and sneaks into Ayşe and Nihat's bedroom and looking at the photo says she will claim Nihat back.

Kerem and Sabah take care of Ati and take him to Kerem's house to recuperate. Kerem does not even leave when he gets a call for business and loses the deal. Sabah is impressed. they call the doctor when Ati's fever rises. When he falls asleep Sabah makes coffee for them both and they take it outside. She tells her that he has changed from a selfish boy to someone very nice. The doorbell rings. Ayhan Abi arrives. Kerem wants to apologize for being there but Ayhan tells Kerem that his father has now allowed him to use the house and car again. He is basically being rewarded for being a kind and responsible son.

Ömer goes to the office and remembers Zehra's kiss and burns with desire for her. He calls Can to bring him a file from his study. Özge has joined them from another company. She used to work for them before but has now changed departments. Nihat talks with her and Selin takes her to show her the office.

Zehra is in the kitchen making a shopping list. When Zehra hears Can is going out, she brings the frame and asks Can to get it fixed. Can goes to Ömer to deliver the file. He then asks for permission to go and fix the frame Zehra gave him. Ömer takes it and throws it on the table. He says he will fix it himself. When he leaves he takes it and looks at it and turns it face down.

Canan goes to Çetin and tells her she needs her money. He comes up with excuses to say it might not be possible. He was expecting more money from her. She leaves and Çetin gets a call. He needs money to pay his debt or he will be in big trouble.

Zehra sees Can at home, she asks if he had time to fix the picture. He says Ömer took it. Zehra thinks to herself, he probably cannot bear to see their picture even.

Ömer arrives late at night and goes to the bedroom. Zehra is asleep in her red dress on the covers. He looks at her and remembers her kiss. His face is bright. He puts the frame on the chest. He goes to his side of the bed and remembers her kiss again. He stretches beside Zehra on the bed and approaches her with longing and is about to caress her face.

S02E227 - 227.Bölüm Air Date: 28 November 2017 14:10 -

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Zehra stirs in her sleep. Ömer pulls back. She is dreaming and saying, "Don't do it Ömer; I just loved you." He pauses and says that he has also loved her like he has never loved anyone before. But suddenly the words he overheard on the wedding night from Zehra about living with someone you hate just for money, comes rushing into his head. His face reflects disgust. He gets up and leaves the room slamming the door behind him. The door wakes Zehra up. She gets up and sees the fixed photo frame. She is happy to see it but still feels confused and wishes she knew what was going on inside him.

Ömer goes to the study. He remembers the words he overheard from his mother when he was a child. He says angrily your names are different, but you are both the same.

Sabah comes and realizes Kerem now has the house and is happy for him. Ayşe thanks Nihat for taking care of the tutor selection. She says she liked the tutor. Nihat is not aware who has been sent as it has been done through the company he got in touch with.

Zehra goes to the study and sees Ömer sleeping at his desk. She has a blanket. At first, she wants to leave it on the chair but changes her mind. She returns and puts the blanket on his back. He wakes up and angrily makes the blanket fall from his back. He snaps that you can't try to get close to me by doing these things. She says I have no such objective. He says you can put on your show for my family but leave me alone in here. Do you hear me? She says I hear what your heart says, and I don't need you to tell me anything. I know you love me, like I love you. He is arrested. She adds, but I want you to say it so that your ears will hear the truth from your heart rather than the hatred pouring out of your mouth. She then says I will not retreat until that happens, and she leaves triumphantly. He is frozen with confusion.

Kerem makes a sumptuous breakfast for Ati and Sabah and serves it with relish.

Ayşe goes to the study and realizes Ömer has spent the night there. She comments on the blanket. Ömer says Zehra must have put it on me and it must have fallen while I was asleep. Ayşe says she is curious to know what surprise he has prepared for Zehra. Ömer is confused. She realizes that he has forgotten it is their anniversary. He thanks her for reminding him saying he has been very busy with work lately. He assures her that he will take care of it.

Zehra remembers Ömer's sharp words from last night and becomes more determined to find out what has upset him so.

At the breakfast table, Ayşe tells Cevriye that Ömer had forgotten their anniversary and they plan to do something for Zehra in his stead. Zehra comes and realizing Ömer is not there goes to prepare some breakfast for him to take to the study.

Kerem takes Sabah and Ati to Mahalle. Sabah feels uncomfortable getting in his car. He mumbles to himself; how come she gets into the other guy's car easily. Sabah finally agrees to get in the back. Ati sits in the front and is impressed with the car asking questions about its specifications. Sabah gets off claose to Salim's house and goes to visit. Hamiyyet is there and tells her that Canan has gone for another job interview. Sabah is surprised saying she did not know Canan was looking for work.

Zehra takes the breakfast for Ömer. Ömer again maintaining his cold face says, "You're not giving up, ha?" she confirms it. He says you have gone through the trouble for nothing because I am leaving. He gets up to leave but she blocks him. She says she won't let him go before she tells him what's wrong. He says I told you everything openly, I wish you could do so as well. She becomes thoughtful and lets him pass.

Müge is in the office to see Nihat. She says it is my first day at work and I wanted to tell you about it. Nihat brushes her off saying he has meetings and leaves.

Canan goes to Çetin and asks for her money. Sabah keeps calling Canan. Çetin is worried about how to get her money. Sabah keeps calling Canan. Canan goes to her office and says she will return the money, but Sabah should stay out of her family matter. Sabah says if it is a family matter maybe Hamiyyet and Salim should hear about it. Canan is silenced and leaves.

Ayşe and Cevriye discuss the details of the anniversary celebration for our couple. They deliver a bunch of red roses and Zehra opens the door. It is for her with a note from Ömer saying I will love you to my last breath. Happy anniversary. She is confused. Is he trying to apologize? Ayşe and Cevriye see the confusion in her face. She goes and puts them in her room.

At work, Ömer is busy with preparations for an important business bid. He asks everyone to be extra diligent.

Müge takes Asya to the park and we realize she is a psychopath. She enjoys seeing the child suffer after falling. She also encourages her to cross a busy wide street with rushing traffic alone. She says to herself that she is going to destroy Nihat's nest because he is hers.

Kerem wants to invite Sabah to a meal so they can celebrate that he now has his house and car back. He cannot say it out straight and she is not helpful either and does not get it. Can arrives and says hi I am here to give you the dinner I promised. He also invites Kerem. Sabah goes and Kerem remains defeated. Later, government officials arrive at Sabah's office and ask Kerem about Mehtab. He says she is not there, and Sabah is taking care of the business. They have official papers and seal the door of the office. Sabah arrives and asks what is going on.

Luckily, Asya is not hurt on the street. They return home and Müge makes sure Asya does not say anything to the adults. She then takes her to the backyard and encourages her to reach for a bird's nest. She hides and watches her as the child is about to fall from a high fence onto a concrete surface.

S02E228 - 228.Bölüm Air Date: 29 November 2017 14:10 -

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Zehra pulls Asya off the fence. Müge runs to them pretending she had just gone for water. She begs Zehra not to tell Ayşe about her error. Zehra thinks it was just a mistake and decides not to mention it.

Zehra smells the roses on her night table and calls Sabah. Kerem is driving Sabah to the government office to figure out the matter. She tells her about the positive developments. Sabah is happy for her. Ömer enters the room and asks what the flowers are. Zehra says you sent them. She gives Ömer the note. He reads it and says you did not think that I would send you these, right? I did not, and I am sure you guessed it. Zehra shudders and tells him why do you try so hard to hurt me? He says what you are getting is what you deserve, probably watered down. She says, watered down? What would please you then? How about if I died? Would that satisfy you then? He is shocked into silence and leaves. Zehra ponders and realizes it must have been Ayşe who sent her the flowers.

Şukran and Hamiyyet are preparing for a religious gathering celebration for tomorrow. Many friends and neighbours will come to hear the Koran recitation and pray.

In the study Ömer remembers Zehra referring to her death and gets further irritated. Look at what she is saying? If her death would satisfy me! Zehra comes in and tells him you need to do something for me. Something romantic like a present or a dinner. Ömer is annoyed and says, are you joking with me? She says no but everyone expects something like that from you. The roses were a reminder to you. He says coldly he will think of something.

Canan goes to meet Çetin and before meeting up overhears him talking to his peers and realizes he is a cheat. She goes back home in tears.

Ömer goes to the living room. Ayşe is there. He thanks her for arranging the flowers. She is happy that he is pleased and says now the ball is in your field to do the rest. He realizes Zehra was right.

Müge is playing with Asya in the living room. Asya tells her that she loves her doll. Müge takes out a pair of scissors and cuts its head off. Asya cries. She says I am doing it for your own good because we sometimes have to part with those we love. When Ayşe comes, Müge talks with Ayşe in private saying there is anger in Asya and now she is also lying. Ayşe is shocked and feels helpless. Müge assures her that they can solve it with time. When Asya comes and Müge asks her to apologize for cutting off the doll's head; as she cuddles against her mother, she says I won't apologize because I did not do it, she did it (pointing at Müge). Ayşe thinks Müge was right.

Zehra puts Ömer's pajamas on the bed and his slippers beside it. She puts a glass of water on his night table and gets in bed and begins reading. He comes in. She asks, did you think of something. He snaps saying you said it once and I said I'd take care of it. Next time also put reminders of your birthday, so no one would forget! She jumps asking if he really does not remember her birthday. He says I only remember important matters. She says why do you try to so hard to hurt me. He leaves the room saying when I come back, have the lights off; I want to sleep. She gets up annoyed and says, have the room; I'll read in the living room and goes out. She comes back and Ömer is asleep. She goes to his side and mumbles sadly, you have not forgotten my birthday, right? She suddenly drops her book. Ömer wakes up and says what's up. She quickly goes to her side and gets in bed. They are back to back in the dark. Ömer remembers her saying I want you to hear the true voice of your heart. He turns around toward her and thinks with longing that the voice she is talking about is buried too far deep!

Sabah is in Kerem's office all desolate. Koray comes and suggests that she take a corner of Salim's workshop to do her work. She agrees and goes. Later when she comes to get some of her things through the door in Kerem's office, Kerem offers that they go eat. She says she has to go to Şükran's and leaves. Kerem misses her.

Ömer calls Zehra from the office and tells her that he will pretend he has prepared a surprise dinner and she can put on her usual happy wife act in front of everyone.

At the prayers in Salim's home Zehra, Canan, Koray and everyone else go through a brief meditative exercise as the Hoca recites. They each appear to be reflecting on their lives and praying for solutions to their problems. Zehra prays that she never has to separate from Ömer. She then helps with the food service even though she should get back home as soon as possible. Canan does not help.

Zehra returns home. In the kitchen, Ayşe, Cevriye and Hediye are preparing a romantic dinner for the couple. She discreetly reveals she knows what they are doing and then changes their plans saying let us celebrate together with all the family. They agree.

Çetin is stalking the Kervancioglu House. He turns and is shocked by the person who has spotted him.

Everyone is in the living room waiting for Ömer. He finally comes. When he realizes the celebration is going to include the family, he says well I had made reservations. Now that we are going to stay, let me at least give Zehra her present. He takes out a red jewelry box. Inside is the necklace he had torn off her neck on their wedding night. Zehra shudders when she sees it. He asks her permission to put it on her neck. He does, and she suddenly breaks down into uncontrollable tears.

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Zehra cries profusely. Ömer is a bit lost in front of the family. He whispers in her ear to stop the play acting. Zehra finally gets herself together and turns around apologizing. She tells them these are tears of joy because the necklace reminds her of the most special night in her life. Ömer does not know what to think. Ayşe consoles her saying there is no need to apologize. Zehra asks to be excused to go wash her face.

Canan has spotted Çetin. She asks what he is doing there. She tells him that she has heard everything and knows he is a cheap con artist. He again tries to pretend he is there to talk to Zehra about them. She tells him to save it and disappear. She also says he better return every penny of her money or she will make him pay through his nose.

Asya comes into the living room wearing Zehra's dress to give them a song performance with a brush as microphone. Ömer notes that she is wearing Zehra's dress. Asya tells them that she had stained the dress and was worried that Zehra would get angry at her, but she never did and told her never to cry over such things. Cevriye comments on how Zehra is always so considerate of everyone's feelings. Ömer confirms and probably reflects on his own actions.

Zehra cries in the bathroom and again wonders why Ömer is being so cruel to her. Ömer goes to the bedroom. He knocks on the bathroom door. She dries her tears and comes out defiant. She says there is no need to worry; I am fine. He stabs at her again saying I showed worry to satisfy the expectations. She says there was no need. I had already convinced everyone of how happily in love we are by my explanation. He says you put on a good show. She asks why he keeps doing these things to hurt me. As if you're telling me do not die, I need you to give my next blow. You enjoy the sight of my suffering? She then tells him whatever happens, I will never act as cruelly as you have treated me and leaves him in thought.

In the living room, they cut the heart shaped cake and feed each other a bite following directions from Cevriye. Ayşe and Nihat give them a vacation package. Nihat says it is open, so they can go whenever they like.

Canan is probably behind the complaint made against Sabah's office which was in Mehtab's name. Sabah comes to get in her room for the night from Kerem's side. Kerem says power is out so she should accompany him to his house because it would be too cold there. She refuses and says she would be fine in her own room. She wears all her heavy clothes and sleeps. She cries remembering her deceased parents and reflecting on being an orphan. Kerem goes home but goes back to check on her. He overhears her crying. An unintended noise makes Sabah realize someone's there so Kerem shows his face. He says I am a good listener. She says I am not a good talker. She says a few things about his childhood and her parents and her friendship with Zehra and the loneliness of being an orphan. She then sleeps. Kerem goes home when he comes back in the morning, she is burning in fever. He takes her to his house and makes her soup.

Zehra is in the bedroom sitting on the bed. Ömer walks in talking on the phone. He tells Selin that he wants everything to be perfect for the Board of Directors meeting tomorrow. When he hangs up, he looks at Zehra and asks if she is listening in on him. She of course shrugs away his insinuations.

In the morning, Zehra gets a call regarding something important and begins getting ready.

Nihat awaits with Ayşe and Asya in the living room to meet her daughter's new tutor. Ayşe calls Müge who is actually waiting to see Nihat at his office. She goes to the House but by the time she gets there Nihat has had to leave because she took too long, and he had to leave for his meeting.

The meeting convenes in Ömer's office. Everyone is there. Selin says there is someone missing. In walks Zehra with her hair all done up in a very handsome black suit and red lipstick. Ömer looks at her from top to toe and remains in awe.

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Zehra walks up to her chair. One of the attendees pulls a chair for her. She sits. She thanks Selin for sending her the agenda. She is on the Board of Directors because Ömer had made her a member. Ömer tries to put her on the spot and says now that she has read the agenda she can give them her thoughts on the new partnership the Company is eyeing. She does not retreat. She says I approve of it. He rolls his eyes. But when he wants to go on, she stops him and continues speaking in detail about the business advantages she sees in the partnership and how their company would specifically benefit by it. Everyone impressed, including Ömer, although he tries to hide it. They finish the meeting. Nihat also congratulates Zehra on her first Board meeting and how impressive her attendance was. Zehra also gets up to leave. Ömer grabs her arm and stops her. He asks her what she is trying to do. She answers, her job. She then gives her an envelope and leaves. Ömer sits at his desk and opent he envelope. It is Zehra's resignation letter from the Board. He is confused. He wonders what she is playing at.

Çetin catches up with Canan on the street and tells her that if he lied about things, she did too. He then suggests that they put their heads together and try to get something out of Zehra. He tells her that the alternative is for her to always sit on the side and watch Zehra enjoy a life of luxury. He leaves her with that thought.

On the way home, Zehra calls Sabah and goes to see her at Kerem's. She tells her about Ömer's persistent cruelty. She then tells her that she cannot imagine life without Ömer. Sabah again insists that she is certain of Ömer's love for her. They discuss the money again. She is annoyed. She calls Canan again and tells her to return Zehra's money. She also tells Zehra to try to continue breaking the walls Ömer is putting between them by sweet gestures and actions.

Zehra is at home in the living with Nihat and Ayşe. Ömer arrives and kisses her on the cheek. Nihat has told everyone at home about Zehra's professional and impressive attendance at the Board meeting. Ömer uses the meeting discussions as a pretext to talk about trust. He says in partnerships when trust is shaken, the past could come down like a house of cards. Zehra pushes back saying in solid relationships, whenever the shadow of doubt rises, a just and conscientious person would question his own perspective as much as the person under suspicion. She adds that fortunately, that is how Ömer is: Just and Conscientious! She then goes into the bedroom to change.

Çetin keeps calling Canan. Canan is at home and is pondering the possible partnership with the con artist. Here mother comes in and asks who is calling her so many times, so late. She pretends it is Zehra and that she missed it. She says she will call her tomorrow. Canan calls Çetin once her mother is gone.

In the bedroom Zehra looks at the almost empty envelope and ponders on how she could return the money. Ömer comes and asks why she is taking so long and what game is she concocting now. He adds that she probably has forty foxes busying her head. She says, you are repeating yourself. She then adds, by the way, what you referred to as the falling like a house of cards; don't wait for its fall, because it is not made of cards, it's made of steel! She then wants to pass him through the frame when she stumbles, and he catches her in his arms. They freeze. He is stirred. He asks with genuine concern if she is ok. She says she is fine. He asks, how is it? She asks, What? He says, your foot? She says, its fine. He reluctantly lets her go.

In the morning Zehra once more serves breakfast for Ömer in the study. He tells her I told you not to serve breakfast for me. Don't think that you have changed my mind by your resignations. You are the same as yesterday. You fooled me once; don't think you can fool me again.

Kerem runs into Koray and tells him that he has fixed the government seal problem and Sabah can now go back to her office which is now registered under her own name.

Sabah looks at the earrings her father gave her once. She puts them on. When Kerem comes, she tries to hide them behind her hair. Kerem sees the change in her. Loose hair. And when she pulls it back, he sees the earrings and gives her a compliment. Sabah is not used to such compliments.

Zehra goes to her room frustrated. Canan calls her and asks her to meet her. Zehra meets her. Canan apologizes to her and says she was right about Çetin.

Ömer is in the office. There are some problems in the agreement being drawn for the new partnership and Özge asks him to let her deal with it. He does. Selin then calls and tells him Zehra is there to see him. Zehra walks up to his desk. She says I am here to return my debt. She puts the full envelope of money on his desk. He looks trumped.

S02E231 - 231.Bölüm Air Date: 04 December 2017 14:10 -

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Zehra says I am returning my debt. He says what is this. She says I took the money to help Canan when she was in trouble and now I am returning it. I tried to tell you, but you would not listen. He says you think this is about money? He says the actual question is how did you get this money? Or should I ask, what tricks did you concoct to get it?

Canan has returned the money to Zehra at their meeting. After Zehra leaves, Çetin joins Canan and Canan refers to Zehra as selfish and self-righteous and they look on with evil plans in mind.

Zehra looks at Ömer with doleful eyes. Why are you doing this? Don't you see I'd rather die a thousand times than hear these insults and endure this treatment from you? Ömer is stirred by the mention of Zehra's possible death. She goes on to say, but you can't just die, even if you want to. I suppose this is my test. But let me tell you; I am going to come out from this test with my head up high.

Ömer is speechless. She goes on, "Ömer, you love me just as much as I love you. There might be hatred on your tongue, but your eyes say another thing. I can see deep into your eyes. Even if you try to look at me with hatred, they show me something else. I hear the beat of your heart; it says the same thing as my heart. I know how hard it is for you to try and tear away someone you love from your heart. My heart will continue to beat for you. The things that are passing through your mind will not happen. My heart will keep beating for you forever." And she leaves him hanging, confused and lost.

Kerem cuts the seal and calms Sabah's concerns showing her the permit he managed to get for her business with the assistance of Ayhan Abi.

Müge is at the House. She has brought a present for Cevriye and cologne for Nihat. She pretends Ayşe's present was misplaced. Nihat comes to meet the new teacher and finally realizes that it is Müge.

Kerem and Sabah are about to go out to lunch but Zehra calls and wants to meet her so he leaves. Zehra comes and tells her what happened. Sabah tells her that she was convinced that the issue was not money. She tells her that she needs to continue revealing her love for him.

Sabah sees a mother and infant on the street and tries to help them. She takes them inside. She realizes they are penniless. Kerem comes and orders food. Later the mother leaves the infant at their door. Sabah finds the baby and together with Kerem they begin looking after the child and trying to find the mother. Sabah does not want to abandon her to an orphanage. So they avoid telling the police.

In the evening, Zehra goes into the study with a cup of tea in hand. Ömer says I did not ask for tea. She says, the tea is for me; I am here to ask for something. He responds gently. She says the problems in the bathroom persist. They had fixed it but it is happening again. He says he will call the plumber, they should have fixed it better. She says it is probably because the pipes are old and need complete overhaul. He says he will do it and begins looking for the plumber's card but cannot find it. She says there is no rush. He says it should be done as soon as possible. Zehra leaves and Ömer finally finds the card.

In the bedroom, Zehra ponders on Ömer's softness with her and is filled with hope. She fixes herself up and as she is putting on some perfume remembers a moment in the past where he had told her lovingly in front of the mirror that she needs no perfume because her own scent is much nicer that any perfume. The scene continues as she becomes embarrassed by Ömer's attention and he says: "Is there anyone in the world that could glow such beauty as my wife when they get embarrassed?"

Zehra sits in the living room with Ayşe and others. They notice the change in her and her nice perfume. Ömer comes, hears the attention she is drawing. He also remembers the perfume episode with Zehra and says out loud; my wife's scent is better than any perfume. Zehra realizes he has remembered the past the same as her. She blushes. He says: "Is there anyone in the world that could glow such beauty as my wife when they get embarrassed?"

In the bedroom at night Zehra wirtes a note for Ömer and puts it on his side of the bed. She cannot decide which nightie to wear. She puts on lipstick but wipes it away feeling silly. She sets out Ömer's pijamas and slippers and takes to bed with a book. Ömer comes in and she has fallen asleep with the book in her hands. He takes the book and puts it away. He wants to the pull the cover on her but stops himself. He goes to his side of the bed and sees his things set up for him and notices the note. She writes: "Even if it was pretend, tonight you took me back to those wonderful times and I thank you for that." There is longing and kindness in his eyes. He puts the note gently on his night table and goes to her side of the bed and pulls the covers on her. He then goes into the bathroom. Zehra wakes up and notices he has read the note and covered her and feels happily that she is getting through to him.

In the morning Zehra puts a suit out for Ömer and tells him about the choice she made as soon as he comes out of the bathroom. He looks at her silently and does not say anything.

At Salim's house, Hamiyyet finds the engagement ring Çetin has given to Canan and is angry with her daughter saying what it is about. Canan goes into the bedroom and calls Çetin asking him for advice.

They take the infant to Kerem's house. Kerem goes out to see if he can get any clues to the infant's mother. When he is gone two police officers come to the house. Sabah does not open the door and tries to hide the baby downstairs. She is angry thinking Kerem has informed them.

Ayşe opens the door to the House. It is Canan. Zehra is shocked.

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Cevriye comes to their rescue greeting Canan and introducing her as Zehra's good friend. Ayşe asks her in and Zehra takes her into the bedroom and explains the situation to her. Canan is dumbfounded by the story. Zehra tells her that she needs to be careful not to let the cat out of the bag in front of Ayşe.

Canan tells Zehra that she has argued with her mother over Çetin and left Salim's house. Zehra calls her aunt who is very worried and lets her know that Canan is with her. Hamiyyet calms down.

Nihat tries to get Müge to leave his family alone. She says that since he is responsible for her selection and hiring as a teacher it would look very bad if Ayşe found out about them so he better think twice before he says anything. She wants to meet him alone. He refuses.

Ömer is at the office going through the photos from the wedding day. He looks at them with longing and ruefulness. Özge is trying to resolve the problems with the new agreement but does not appear to be very successful.

Kerem arrives and brings the police inside. He tells them there is no one there and he cannot understand why someone has called the police. He realizes Sabah is in the basement and tries to busy the police upstairs so they can get away. He then joins them at Sabah's place and when Sabah tells her she thinks he called the police he is disappointed. He says he had called Ayhan Abi to help them find the mother and thinking they would get in trouble, Ayhan Abi must have informed the police. Sabah apologizes to Kerem.

At home, Salim and Şükran tell Hamiyyet the story of how Ömer and Zehra met and got married. The story makes Hamiyyet even more fond of Ömer for going to such ends for his sister.

Canan and Zehra sit with Ayşe and Cevriye in the living room. Canan spins tales about her friendship with Zehra. Ömer arrives and Canan introduces herself as Zehra's friend to him with a wink. Zehra realizes that this is going to look bad to Ömer and he is going to think something's up. Later in the bedroom Ömer asks Zehra what Canan is doing there. She explains the situation. He comments how well Canan plays her role and that lying appears to be a skill that runs in her family. Zehra is upset and says don't you see how you hurt my feelings. In the past… He cuts her short and says, there is no past for us anymore!

She approaches him saying, I might have made mistakes: kept quiet sometimes because I was afraid of being misunderstood or of getting into trouble. But do not forget that I love you and will love you to my last breath. However much you try to deny this, I see my heart in your eyes.

Çetin gets a call from someone called Piton. He appears to have a debt to him and he appears to be a serious threat if not paid up. Çetin calls Canan and tells her to try and find something of value in the House. Canan goes into the study and starts looking through the papers. She takes photos of some documents and finds a paper that shows Zehra is a member of the Kervancioglu Holding Board of Directors. She is jealous.

Zehra is getting a glass of water when she hears a noise in the study. She goes in. Canan hides under the desk. Zehra looks and sees nothing unusual so she leaves.

We see Ömer standing in a vacant building with a dreamy light pouring onto Zehra who is in his arms. He is calm embracing Zehra. Gradually she pulls back and as their arms stretch out she disappears. He looks at his hands and the only thing left is her wedding band in his palm. He begins shouting out for Zehra.

Zehra walks into the bedroom and hears Ömer shouting out her name in his sleep. She runs to his side of the bed and hold his hand trying to raise him from his nightmare. He is covered in sweat and appears seriously disturbed. He snaps out of his nightmare with his last call for Zehra. He is out of breath. Zehra is sitting quietly holding his hand. "Here I am;" she says gently. He looks at her. He looks at her hands holding his. He pulls it away and says what's going on. She says, you were having a nightmare. He denies it.

Ayşe tells Nihat that Müge has told her she feels Nihat does not like her very much. Nihat cannot bring himself to tell her the truth and tells her that he will try to be more considerate.

In the morning Canan meets Zehra in her bedroom and notices her purse. After they leave the room, she makes an excuse to return there alone and takes photos of her cards and sends them to Çetin. Çetin is elated and says now they can empty her account so he sends the information over to another friend to finish the job.

Nihat thinks Müge might harm Asya. Müge takes Asya to the park and sends erratic messages to Nihat. He runs to the park looking for Asya. He gets a call form Asya at the park. She is back at home.

Ömer calls Özge to talk about the agreement. She tells him that everything is fine. She then informs him that Zehra has waived all privileges to their joint accounts. Ömer is once more surprised. He calls Zehra and tells her to go to the study right away. Zehra feels from his tone that she is in trouble again.

In the study Ömer asks her if she has withdrawn her privileges to the joint accounts. She confirms. If you are not after money you are probably looking for something else. What is it? She says, it is not so and you know it. He says I know one thing and that is you are an excellent actor, Oscar worthy one. She says I do not care about money and accounts and things of that nature. I just love you. I did not marry Ömer Kervancioglu. I just married Ömer. Ömer says resigning from the Board, returning the money, withdrawing your privileges from the accounts, must all be part of a bigger con game. Tell me what it is. It will come out sooner or later. Everyone will see sooner or later. She says yes everyone will see, they will see how I have loved you. Ömer I fell in love with you and still love you! Ömer is speechless.

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Ömer says are you done! Zehra says yes. How can you be so cruel? What happened to the Ömer I know. You can't be him! How can you be so unkind! Ömer looks away. So you can't even bear my face, she asks. She suddenly grabs her arm and says. Listen carefully! Whatever you say, and what ever you do, I will not let you go. I would go if I knew that you would be happy in my absence. But it is not so because I know you feel the way I feel. Someday you will understand that you have made a mistake and done both of us wrong. I will wait patiently till that day comes.

She is about to leave when Ömer grabs her arm and pulls her back to him. He stares into her eyes. He takes her face in his palm. She abandons herself to the touch. He gently wipes away her tears says, you should not go like this…Ayşe should not see you this way. Zehra's heart sinks!

Nihat tells Asya that he will be right there. He returns to the House and agrees to meet with Müge alone in fear that she might do something stupid to Asya.

Sabah tells Kerem that she has thought things through and realizes that they cannot keep the baby. Kerem says it is true. Without papers they cannot even take her to the hospital if she needs medical care. Sabah is moved but agrees to take her back. She prepares and as they are about to leave, Sabah spots her mom behind the tree and gets her. She rebukes her for leaving the child. The mother passes out. Kerem bring over the car and they take her to his place.

Ömer has been moved by Zehra's words and sits in the study thoughtful.

Çetin's accomplice calls him and lets him know that Zehra has waived her privileges to the joint accounts so they could not get any money from it. Çetin calls Canan and tells her that Zehra has withdrawn her privileges to the accounts so they could not get anything. He tells her to meet him somewhere to come up with a new plan. She agrees. Zehra tels Canan that she will go with her to Salim's to sit down with her mother and talk this thing through. Canan leaves saying she is not ready to return.

Zehra is annoyed but says I have to get ready and take her there. She goes into the bathroom. Ömer walks into the bedroom and wonders where she is. The maid comes in with an envelope for Zehra. Ömer sits and opens the envelope after some hesitation. He sees that it is their wedding photo album. He puts it down but picks it up again and begins looking at them with longing. Zehra's phone rings. He looks at it. It is Şükran. He puts it down. Then his phone rings. It is Şükran. She says she called him since she could not reach Zehra. She confirms the Canan situation and asks him for help to return Canan home. Ömer tells her they will do everything they can. Clearly his doubts regarding the Canan situation are cleared.

Çetin tells Canan to look though the House for valuables or a safe. She gets annoyed saying I am not a thief. He says do you want to sit on side watch while Zehra basks in wealth and ease. She agrees.

Ömer puts the album and the envelope on the chest. Zehra comes out of the bathroom in her bathrobe. He says Şükran called and also called him and wants them to take Canan back. She says there is no need for him to go and she will do it. He says Şükran asked that they do it. He says both families should have no doubts about them, so he will go. Zehra thinks to himself, Ömer is such a bad liar!! And smiles to herself. She says but the problem is Canan does not want to go and she had gone out too. He says we can go and you can give her a call on the way. I don't have much time.

When the mother comes to, Sabah rebukes her. Kerem tells her to calm down. The mother says she has lost her husband and has no means to take care of the child but knows now that she cannot live without her child. Sabah wants promises that she will never leave her child ever again.

Zehra and Ömer are in the car driven by Can looking for Canan. She does not answer Zehra's calls. Ömer asks is there any specific place she might be. Zehra says there is one place they could try and gives the address to Can. It is on the waterfront. The music from their wedding dance is on the radio. They both remember dancing in the wedding. Ömer asks Can to turn it off. Zehra says I am listening. Can says what should I do. Ömer says do as Zehra Hanim wishes. She says you like this song, I think. He says I used to. When you like something, you can't just wipe it away like that. He hushes.

At the waterfront, Zehra sees Canan is not there and says they can leave. Ömer says let's stay a bit she might come. The attendant asks if they would like some tea. Zehra confirms so they sit at a table. She tells him about coming there with her school friends and bringing Canan whenever she came to visit. She speaks about the food they would bring to picnic and the shells they used to make little trinkets. He listens appreciatively. She seems to feel cold, so he says let's go.

Nihat meets Müge in a café. He tells her to stay out of his life and leaves. She has gotten a guy to photograph them together. She is planning to use them against him.

The mother has left once more but she rings the bell and Kerem opens the door. She says she was looking for possible employment. She then wants to leave but does not know where she is actually going but does not want to be a burden to them anymore. Kerem says he cannot let them leave like that. She has to stay until they find a job and a place. She agrees. Sabah is impressed by Kerem's kindness.

Walking on the street Çetin is picked up by Piton and his goons. He wants his money back and drags Çetin into the car.

Canan returns to the House and begins searching. First the bedroom and then the study. She finds the compromising photos of herself courtesy of Çetin. She is angry. But she is angrier at Zehra because she thinks she has given them to Ömer and that is why it is in his study. She is determined to get back a Zehra.

Zehra arrives and sees Canan in the study. Canan hides the envelope and pretends she was looking for some book. They leave the room.

In the bedroom, Zehra notices the album and sits down to look at the photographs. Ömer comes in and she asks if he opened the envelope. He confirms that he did. She looks at the pictures and comments on how nice they have turned out. He walks around trying to hide his interest.

Ömer is once more having a nightmare about his mother leaving which melts into the scene of Zehra disappearing into thin air. Zehra wakes up to his cries of "No! No!" in his sleep. She tries to wake him up when he suddenly pulls out of the nightmare grabbing onto her arm. Breathing heavily, he stares at her so close to him. He lets go. Zehra gets him a glass of water. Are you ok, Zehra asks. I'm fine, he says and gets out to go to the bathroom.

Çetin is being held in a large dark and dirty depot. Piton has a gun to his head demanding his money. Çetin mentions the name Ömer Kervancioglu and gains his attention. Çetin says his wife's cousin is my friend and I can get many things out of them.

Canan takes the wedding album and puts it in Ayşe's room to get back at Zehra.

S02E234 - 234.Bölüm Air Date: 07 December 2017 14:10 -

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Ayşe comes into her room looking for her phone. She gets a call and becomes busy with it. The Album is on her dresser. Zehra is sitting with Cevriye and Hediye in the living room. Canan comes very pleased with herself. She gets a call from Çetin and takes it in the foyer. She tells Çetin what she has done, and he tells her to take the album out of that room because they need Zehra to do things for them not get thrown out of the House. He tells her to bring Zehra to him.

Piton is angry that things might go haywire and begins beating up Çetin.

Canan quickly goes into Ayşe's room and pretends she heard crying and was concerned. Ayşe is surprised. Canan then tells her they are waiting for them for coffee in the living room. The two of them leave the room. She then pretends she forgot her phone and goes back in the room to take the album. Zehra comes in and asks Canan what she is doing in Ayşe's room. She says Çetin called her and she was upset and suddenly found herself in Ayşe's room. Cana stalls. Zehra meets with Canan in her own bedroom. Canan says I got a call from Çetin and got confused and found myself in Ayşe's room by mistake. Zehra rebukes her for still having anything to do with Çetin. She says I saw the photos and now know you were right.

Ömer is in the study with Nihat. Nihat tells him there are some problems with the partnership agreement and he has been a bit preoccupied so did not tell him earlier. He says he will ask Özge to send him the papers. Ömer says he will talk with her himself but cannot find his phone, so he goes to the bedroom. At the door he overhears a conversation between Canan and Zehra.

Canan says I have learned a lot from you. That money and wealth mean nothing and what is important is true love and kindness. She says Ömer is so lucky to have you and I am sure he appreciates you. Zehra says I am not the subject here but yes, I love Ömer a lot. Not for his wealth. I would love him even if he was penniless. Ömer is shaken. He goes in and looks lost. He apologizes and says he needs his phone. Canan excuses herself. Ömer stares at Zehra.

Zehra wonders what's going on. She asks if he is ok, he says his mind is preoccupied with some work matter. She sees the album on the chest and wonders how it got there. She then offers to call his phone. He responds absentmindedly. He seems to be somewhere else. His phone has fallen behind the chest. Zehra drags it out and scrapes her hand while doing so. She notes that he still has her photo on it. He notices the scrape with concern and asks if it needs looking after. She assures him it is ok. He does not insist. He is about to leave when Zehra asks if he needs his phone since he has not collected it from her yet.

Nihat wants to go out for a walk with Ayşe when Müge sends him another upsetting text. Ömer is in the study remembering Zehra's words to Canan. Zehra brings coffee for him. He thanks her and says he needed it. Zehra feels good that he is responding to her so positively and stays on. Ömer is clearly shaken out of his dark thoughts about Zehra and moved by her clear declaration of love.

Hamiyyet calls Zehra and asks her to try and take Canan home. Zehra says she will try. Çetin calls Canan again and tells her to take Zehra to Mahalle. Canan gets ready to leave with Zehra. Ömer realizes Zehra is taking Canan to Mahalle and says he will take them. When Canan realizes Ömer is taking them she informs Çetin. He tells her that she needs to get rid of Ömer. She is annoyed but tells him she will do what she can.

On the way Ömer and Zehra's song once more plays on the radio. They both reach out for it. Zehra takes back her hand. Ömer turns up the volume. Zehra says I thought you're going to turn it off. He says, why would I? Canan is irritated and says turn off this boring song. Zehra is annoyed saying this is our wedding song. Canan apologizes and says it is actually not that bad.

Kerem pays Adan's debt to the landlord and tells him to inform him if there are any problems in the future. When Sabah hears what Kerem has done, she forgets herself and gives him a big hug. The closeness moves both of them as they are feeling a strong bond forming between them.

Canan says she needs to buy a few things from the store and gets Ömer to drop them off before they reach home. Ömer wants to wait for them but she insists it is close and they can walk so he leaves. As they are walking on the street, two hooded men get off a van and approach them. Canan is not too alarmed knowing she is not the target!

S02E235 - 235.Bölüm Air Date: 08 December 2017 14:10 -

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The two hooded assailants take Canan. Canan keeps saying you have got the wrong person, but they do not listen to her. They take her in the van and Piton tells her to shut up at gun point. Piton them calls Zehra and tells her that they have her cousin and if she does not want her hurt she should avoid the police and say nothing to her husband and just wait for instructions. Piton then tells Canan let's see how much your cousin cares for you! Canan realizes she has fallen into the deep pit dug by herself!

Zehra is distraught. She runs after the van and calls out for help but when she gets the call from Piton she calms herself down and tries to think what to do. She goes home and as she ponders if she should go in her father arrives. She then gets the text from Piton asking for one million lira. Zehra tells Salim it is a text from Ömer and she actually has to leave right away and cannot go in. As she is walking on the road, a black van turns behind her and she is scared. It is Can. Ömer has sent him to pick her up. She gets in the car and goes back to the house.

A businessman named Sacit comes to visit Ömer at the office and talks about the new partnership Kervancioglu is looking at. Ömer asks how he heard of it since so far the talks have been confidential. He says Ömer has prepared a very attractive agreement for both sides that would make them very strong in the sector. While he says this in a complimentary way he adds that this might however worry the other businesses in the sector. After exchanging some niceties, he leaves. Ömer realizes there is a leak in the Company and asks Özge other than Board Members who else knows about the pending agreement.

At home Nihat and Ayşe are planning to go to the cinema. Zehra arrives and sits with them but her mind is clearly preoccupied. Ayşe asks if she and Ömer would join them. Zehra says Ömer is too busy these days. Ömer arrives. He is upbeat and says what is it that we are doing? Or rather NOT doing? Ayşe tells him about cinema. Ömer asks Zehra is she'd like to go. Zehra says I think Ayşe and Nihat are planning a twosome getaway. Ömer comments on his wife's considerate nature. Cevriye seconds that.

Kerem takes the mother and child back to their home. Sabah misses them a lot.

Zehra is at the door of the study wondering if she should ask Ömer for the money. She thinks if she asks him for money, she with lose him. But at the same time, she tells herself that Canan's life has to come first. Cevriye comes and sees her lingering there and asks if she is going in. Zehra says not and wants to go to her bedroom when she stumbles feeling dizzy. Cevriye thinks she might be pregnant. Zehra assures her that she is not. Cevriye takes her to her room and then goes to get her some water. Zehra sks her not to tell anyone especially Ayşe who might get to worried.

Cevriye is walking back with the glass of water when Ömer comes out and she tells him about Zehra not being well. He takes the water and goes to her. She has fallen asleep. He is concerned that she might have fallen sick because of his treatment of her. He covers her with the blanket and lies beside her looking at her. In the morning they are in bed asleep face to face, hand in hand. He is in his shirt and pants. Zehra wakes up and sees him and wishes they could stay like that forever. He also opens his eyes and they remain as is. Ömer wants to make sure she is ok. She says she is fine. They get up.

Şükran gets Kerem to take her and Sabah to the cemetery. It is the anniversary of Sabah's Parents' passing. They give Sabah some time to sit at their grave and mourn. Şükran is taking to herself about how Sabah is actually an adopted child and does not know it. Kerem hears this as he brings some water and is shocked.

Ömer is in the study holding the necklace he gave to Zehra on her wedding night saying to himself that Zehra should have it when Zehra comes in. She goes to him and says I would not ask you for this, but I have to. Just know that it is a life and death matter. I need one million lira right away! Ömer looks at her all shocked.

S02E236 - 236.Bölüm Air Date: 11 December 2017 14:10 -

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Ömer you expect me to give you one million lira without any explanation. She begs him to trust in him and that she cannot say anymore. He gets two calls from his office that interrupts this conversation. Zehra asks him to trust her. He says the fact that you do not give me an explanation is proof that it is you who does not trust me! He says you are not going to deceive me anymore. Zehra insists that she is not the type of person he thinks her to be. Ömer is mad. He says if Ayşe's doctor would give the slightest hope that Ayşe would not get sick anymore, I would not ensure this one mor second. Zehra says I have done nothing to deserve your lack of trust and one day you will realize this and then regret it.

Zehra leaves the room in tears. Ömer remembers his mother leaving them and thinks Zehra is also going to leave. He tries to figure out the game she is playing and keeps telling himself he will not let what happened to his dad happen to him.

Outside Zehra is mad at herself for asking Ömer for money. She goes in the bedroom and thinks what to do. Piton sends her photos of Canan all gagged and messed up. Zehra is shocked. She decides to take the kidnappers all her jewelry thinking at least it would buy her some time.

Kerem asks Şükran about Sabah's parents. Şükran tells him that they actually could not have any children and found Sabah as an infant left at their door, so they raised her as their own and never got around to telling her. Kerem feels they should tell Sabah but Şükran feels that it would be too heavy a blow to her.

Müge realizes Nihat is going to the cinema with Ayşe so she pours a sleeping powder in her tea and makes her fall asleep and miss the date. Instead she goes to the cinema herself and asks Nihat to see the film with her. He says she is crazy and wants to leave.

Zehra takes the jewelry and leaves. Can asks to give her a ride. She agrees. Ömer sees her leave and goes into the bedroom and sees the drawer open with all the empty jewelry boxes and is convinced that she has left thinking she cannot get anything else out of him. Can drops Zehra where she wants to go. Later she is picked up by the kidnappers who cover her eyes and take her to the depot. Piton sees the jewelry and says it must be a joke. Zehra begs them to let Canan go. He gives her one more chance to get the money. Zehra assures Canan that she will save her. Piton sees her wedding band and takes that too. They take Zehra away and remind her that if she tells Ömer, they will kill Canan.

Ömer is convinced that Zehra is gone for good. He keeps going over the matter. He says what about Ayşe. How can she do this to Ayşe? Zehra goes back to the House. Ömer sees her return and there seems to be a spark of hope. She goes to the bedroom all distraught. Asya goes to her. Zehra hugs her with tears in her eyes. Ömer arrives and again overhears her talking to Asya. She says if I have to leave some time remember that I love you very much. Asya asks her not to leave. She says sadly adults sometimes have to go. Ömer leaves.

Hediye comes and asks if Zehra wants to give any special instructions for dinner. Zehra says not. Asya leaves with Hediye. The maid comes later and tells Zehra Ömer wants to see her in the study. She goes to him.

Ömer is at his desk. Zehra walks up to him. He puts a briefcase full of money. He says here is your money and that she deserves it for the award worthy show she has put on. All that playing sick, fainting spells, returning the money, resigning from the Board, it was all for money and she should now take what she deserves. But know this, Ömer says, the curtain has fallen from my eyes. The game is over.

S02E237 - 237.Bölüm Air Date: 12 December 2017 14:10 -

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Ömer says take the money. All the one million is there. You deserve it for the show you put on. Zehra stands silent in tears. Ömer notices she does not have her wedding band and is convinced that she is leaving him.

Hediye knocks and comes in. Ömer closes the briefcase. Heidye thanks Ömer for the beautiful gravestone he has put for Ökkeş. Ömer says I owe him much more than such things. She says she visited the grave that day and it was beautiful. Then she talks about how Ökkeş loved them both and prayed that nothing would ever separate them. Zehra thanks Hediye in tears saying what a wonderful prayer. Hediye apologizes for making her cry. She says do not worry. Tears purify the heart!

Hediye leaves. Ömer says take the money. I do not want to see it in the House anymore. He leaves and goes to the veranda. He can hardly breathe! He remembers times they had on the veranda and her statements of love. He feels everything was just a show to get money out of him.

Zehra goes into the bedroom in tears. Piton sends Çetin with Canan's pink bag to motivate Zehra to get the money. Çetin messages her to meet her outside the House. Zehra sees him all beat up and wonders what has happened to Canan. She cries that she will tell Ömer. Çetin warns her that these are not people you can joke around with. They will kill them all and that she should get the money. Zehra takes the bag and walks back to the House. From the window, Ömer sees her walking back. She stumbles at the tree. Ömer's heart sinks but then he tells himself to forget it. She means nothing to him.

Müge tells Nihat they should see the film together. Nihat wants to leave so she grabs his wrist and scratches him before he can get away. Nihat goes home and when he realizes Ayşe had fallen asleep in the middle of the day he suspects that Müge might have done something and gets really worried. He goes to the bedroom. Ayşe is there reading a story for Asya. He joins them happily and briefly lets go of his worries.

Ömer goes back to the study and realizes Zehra has not taken the money. He has a glimmer of hope that she might not.

At the dinner table Ayşe notices Zehra does not have her wedding band. Zehra says she forgot it in the washroom after she washed her hands. Ömer thinks of how easily she lies.

Kerem enlists Ayhan Abi's help to find Sabah's real parents.

Zehra writes a letter for Ömer and leaves it on his desk in the morning. She takes the briefcase and walks out. She takes the money to Piton and once Canan is released she demands to have her jewelry back. She gets them and puts on her wedding band right away.

Ömer goes to the study and sees the money is gone. He sits all desolate at his desk and sees the letter. Zehra has written that she truly loves him and despite everything she sees everything in a positive light. She is thankful that he entered her life and asks him never to let go of her hand! Ömer is annoyed and crumbles the paper saying it is all rubbish! He says you might be like my mom, but I will not be my dad. He then burns the letter.

The kidnappers take Canan outside. Piton tells Zehra he is still not done with her. He tells her that Ömer is in the process of signing a big agreement and she needs to dissuade him from signing it. Zehra says this is not something she can do. Piton says she has to do it otherwise it would mean not only the death of Ömer but also the family. He then aims the gun in her direction and as she closes her eyes, he shoots.

S02E238 - 238.Bölüm Air Date: 13 December 2017 14:10 -

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Zehra looks around. Piton has shot one of his men. The guy lies there motionless. Zehra is petrified. Piton tells Zehra about all the usual daily activities of the Kervancioglu family including Ayşe and Asya and even the cleaning company that visits the house every two days. Zehra realizes they have them under complete surveillance. He says none of them would be spared if she tells the police.

She goes out and tells Canan to go home. Canan is distressed but accepts.

Ömer is thinking she will never come back when Zehra comes into the study and tells him there si something important she needs to talk to him about. Ömer just walks out saying there is nothing to talk about. Alone in the study, Zehra notices that Ömer has burned her letter.

Piton gives some money to Çetin for his services and then phones Sacid, the businessman to inform him about the developments in the signing of the agreement.

Müge begins sowing the seeds of suspicion against Nihat in Ayşe's mind. Ayşe notices the scratches on Nihat's wrist and wonders what is going on. Nihat wants to tell her about the situation but Müge sends him their photograph in the café and he can't get himself to come clean.

Zehra goes to the study to see Ömer but Nihat is there. He says Ömer is busy at the office. Zehra stumbles. Nihat asks her to sit. She asks if the agreement is being signed. Nihat says yes if no condition is set against it by one of the Board Members, it will be signed tomorrow.

Zehra goes to the bedroom and Piton calls again. He repeats his threats. She says she will go to the office tomorrow and try to do what she can. Ömer walks in and is angry. He asks her who she was talking to and why she is meddling with the Company's business. She seems faint and as he approaches her she says I did nothing wrong. She then faints in his arms. He is very concerned. He takes her and stretches her on the bed. She comes to and he wants to go get Hediye, but she grabs onto his arm and asks him to stay. He gives her water and looks at her all concerned. Then he remembers the phone conversation he has partly overheard and begins thinking if she could be the leak in the Company perhaps working with Sacid against him regarding the agreement. He gets up all upset and leaves.

Canan goes home. Hamiyyet is elated to see her. She becomes concerned about her sitting all quiet and upset. So the next day she encourages her to go out and meet with Sabah.

Kerem meets with a lady that might have information about Sabah's real family, but it is a dead end. Müge goes into Ayşe's and Nihat's room and puts hair and lipstick marks on his clothes for Ayşe to find.

Zehra gets up in the morning. Ömer has left early. She quickly gets ready to go to the office. She is worried that the agreement might get signed before she gets there. She keeps calling Ömer, but he does not answer. She remembers what Nihat told her. She calls Özge and tells her the agreement must not be signed, she wants to put a condition on it. Özge is shocked but tells her that she needs to sign papers for that. Zehra says prepare them I am just coming to the office.

Özge informs Ömer. Zehra arrives at the office and goes to Özge saying are the papers ready. Özge asks her to sit and when she leaves Ömer comes in saying he has accepted her resignation from the Board. He had not done it up till then, but he now realizes he had made a mistake. So, she cannot stop the agreement. Zehra is distraught saying what did you do?

S02E239 - 239.Bölüm Air Date: 14 December 2017 14:10 -

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Ömer says is the thing you are about to lose over the signing of this agreement so valuable to you? Zehra says, yes, it is dearer to me than anything in world; of course, referring to Ömer. Ömer leaves infuriated.

Zehra sits for a moment in Özge's office. She gets up once more alarmed. She wants to go to Ömer. Selin says he has very important matters to attend to, so he can't…Zehra is annoyed and said can it be more important than our lives? Selin is shocked. Zehra goes into Ömer's office. They send her a text indicating that they know she is in her husband's office. She realizes the mole is somewhere in the office sending messages. She is even more alarmed. She begs Ömer not to sign the agreement. He says give me one reason. She kneels in front of him and begs again. She says it is a life and death matter. He is disgusted. He says who are you trying to protect? He lifts her up and tells her to stop it and act in a manner that is befitting of the name Zehra Kervancioglu even if it is only in name. He then calls Can to take her home.

Sacit comes to visit Ömer again. He asks if the agreement has been signed. Ömer says it will be in a few hours. Sacit pretends he is there to congratulate him but also makes a point about sometimes running into difficulties at the last minute. The idea of Zehra in cahoots with this man further infuriates Ömer.

Canan is on her way to Sabah when Çetin cuts her off and tells her it is Zehra that was responsible for her kidnapping and she should not be deceived by her innocent image. Canan pushes him off and says I have had my fill of your lies. Canan goes to Sabah and Kerem invites the two of them for coffee at a waterfront café. There the ladies are picked on by two young men. Kerem takes care of them and teaches them a lesson.

Zehra goes home and once she realizes she cannot do anything else regarding the agreement, she calls Piton and says I couldn't convince Ömer, but I have a plan and have to see you. She wants to leave. Can says I have to take you wherever you want to go. She gets in the car. He asks where she wants to go. She says I will tell you on the way. Finally, she says let's go to Mahalleh. Can stops to let Ömer know. Zehra immediately gets out of the car, pretending she wants to get some air, then she crosses the road and gets a cab in the opposite direction. Can realizes and informs Ömer. Ömer asks him to follow her. He leaves the office.

They take Zehra to Piton. She tells him you can take me hostage then Ömer will not sign the agreement. Piton says what if he does. She says then you can kill me before you kill him, because I can't live without him. Piton keeps making fun of Zehra's great love for for her husband.

Ömer is in the back behind a wall seeing Zehra in conversation with Piton in the depot. He is wondering what game she is playing at with these sorts.

S02E240 - 240.Bölüm Air Date: 15 December 2017 14:10 -

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Piton taunts Zehra and finally pushes her. She falls and Ömer cannot hold back anymore. He jumps forward and shouts at them to take their hands off of her. He wrestles a few of them, headbutts Piton and takes Zehra and they run off amidst gunfire. Piton is mad and tells his goons to get them. Ömer and Zehra are hiding. Zehra says I know it is not the time. But if something happens to us here, I want you to know that I have nothing done wrong and I never betrayed you. I only tried to protect you. Ömer says it's not the time and I will not let anything happen to you. We are going to get out of here.

Outside Can is about to call the police when he is taken by Piton's men. They tie him up in a room.

Ömer wants to create a distraction for Zehra to run out but Zehra says I will not leave without you. Either we will get out of here together or die here together. Ömer's heart sinks. They move on. Ömer beats up another guy. They get into a room. Zehra notices his arm is bleeding. She bandages it with her scarf. She tells Ömer all she has done is to try and protect him. He responds what she has done is to take on something she cannot handle and put both their lives in danger. She has nothing else to say. Ömer wants to make a call but his phone appears to have fallen in the altercation, so he leaves Zehra to go and get it. Piton arrives and gets Zehra.

Kerem is talking with Ayhan Abi about Sabah and the search for her real parents when Canan hears it.

Nihat agrees to meet with Müge hoping to convince her to leave him alone. Müge creates a scene with another woman going up to him and putting her arms around him. She also calls Ayşe who after finding Müge's handiwork on Nihat's clothes arrives at the café just in time to see him in the arms of a woman. She goes home in shock.

Can manages to release himself and get away. Piton puts a gun to Zehra's head and shouts out to Ömer to come out or he will kill his wife.

S02E241 - 241.Bölüm Air Date: 18 December 2017 14:10 -

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Piton has a gun to Zehra's head. Zehra shouts out to Ömer to get out. Ömer comes in from the back, hits some of the men with a pipe. He stands hands up in front of Piton saying be a man and let my wife go. I am here. I am the person you want. Take me; let her go! Zehra is frantic. She lifts Piton's arm holding the gun. Ömer jumps forward and entangles with him. The sound of police sirens sends the men running. Piton shouts that this will not be the end. Ömer runs to Zehra who throws herself in his arms squeezing him hard. He finally gives in and embraces her. She keeps holding and squeezing his hand. The police come and ask a few questions. Officer Murat tells them they can leave. Ömer thanks Can for getting the police.

Zehra wants Ömer's arm to be seen by a doctor but he refuses. They go home. Zehra bandages it. Ömer is silent. Zehra then goes to get him some food. Ömer is very tired and preoccupied. He remembers his moments with Zehra in the depot and feels burdened by all these happenings. He falls asleep by the time Zehra comes back. Zehra looks at him saying over there, it was as if there was another Ömer, the Ömer who loves me. She kisses him on the forehead.

Ömer sleeping on the bed is awakened by Zehra's arm grabing his injured arm. He wants to pull his arm away, but she grabs on tighter, so he remains looking at her as she sleeps.

Teoman an old friend of Kerem comes to visit him. He becomes interested in Sabah.

In the morning Zehra goes looking for Ömer. He is in the living room playing with Asya. Zehra is concerned about his arm. Zehra then wants to talk with Ömer. He says he needs to go. He also says that since she is getting herself into matters that are far more than she can handle, she cannot leave the house anymore.

At the office Ömer meets Officer Murat who tells him there appears to be bigger hands behind the Piton affair. Ömer has his supicions but does not want to share them with the police before he has any concrete proof.

Zehra is clearing away last night's sandwich tray from her bedroom when someone knocks on the door. She opens the door with the tray in her hand. An old stoic woman is there asking for Ömer and Ayşe. She invites her in. Ayşe comes into the living room to meet the guest. Ayşe is upset from the Nihat affair. She reveals it is her paternal grandmother Bahşende who has come to visit. Ayşe is not very warm or excited. She is only respectful. Bahşende keeps complimenting her on how beautiful and classy a woman she has grown into. Ayşe thanks her without being impressed. When Zehra realizes she is Ömer's grandmother, she steps forward to kiss her hand but Bahşende coldly asks her for a glass of water. Zehra is surprised but goes to get it anyways. She comes back with the glass of water. Once Bahşende drinks, she then tells Zehra to go and get her suitcase from the car. Ömer arrives and hears Bahşende.

S02E242 - 242.Bölüm Air Date: 19 December 2017 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer steps forward, takes Zehra's hand in his and tells Bahşende Zehra is his wife and the lady of the house. Bahşende is surprised and apologizes reluctantly. Ömer says had you come to the wedding, you'd have known. She says I could not come. As you know. Apparently, she did not get along with Müzeyyen. Ömer is very cold and unimpressed with her. He says you should have informed us before coming.

Ömer is in the study thinking why his grandmother has returned after all these years. He has no patience with family members who have left them behind. Zehra comes in and says she realizes the presence of his grandma has upset him and wonders if he would like to talk about it. He asks ironically what makes her think he would talk to HER about it. Zehra stands there as if she has been hit with a cold bucket of water.

Bahşende wants to see Asya. Cevriye comes and greets the matriarch but she is a cold and physically intimidating woman, the exact opposite of Cevriye. Her cold and hard appearance scares Asya off and she hides behind Cevriye. Bahşende is not impressed that Cevriye is living with the family. She is not impressed with Zehra either.

Zehra goes to tell Ömer that dinner is ready. He says he will not join them and that they should go ahead. Zehra is about to leave when she returns and sits to talk. She tells him, whatever it is in the past between you and your grandma is your business, but it is not becoming for you to hide in your study like a child. You are the head of this family, and your place is at that table. It is also not fair to the other members of the family like Ayşe, Asya and Nihat (leaving herself out) to be punished like this because of whatever it is between you and your grandma. She goes on to say you know better…when he stops her saying she knows nothing. Zehra becomes silent and leaves.

They are going to the table when Bahşende asks her if Ömer is coming. Zehra mumbles that he is in the study and… when Ömer walks in and joins them. He pulls the chair for Zehra and they sit at the table and eat together. Zehra is very pleased to have him by her side.

Ayşe goes to Ömer in the study and thanks him for being there for him at all times (probably reflecting on how probably Nihat is not there for her anymore). She is also concerned that the presence of Bahşende unsettles Ömer and wants him to let go of the past. He assures her that everything will be fine.

In the bedroom Zehra thanks Ömer for going to the dinner table. The powers get cut off and she is scared and brings out the soft side of Ömer holding out to him and turning on the candles.

Sabah takes the keys for Kerem. Kerem asks her to stay the night as it is going to be a cold night. She stays. In the morning Teo sees her leave the house and thinks they are going together. He goes in and asks if he and Sabah are living together. Kerem tells him Sabah is not that kind of a girl and that they are friends.

Nihat asks Selin to investigate Müge and finds that she has a police record. He goes to her and tells her if she does not leave, he will expose her. She begs for another day to say goodbye to Asya and her job. Nihat gives her that.

Officer Murat wants to speak to Zehra about Piton. Ömer says they will meet him at the office. Zehra comes into the bedroom. Ömer notices how nice she looks in her beautiful flower-patterned dress and wonders if she is going anywhere. She says she has no plans. She brings the bandage kit and changes the dressing on his cut. She feels disappointed that he did not notice her outfit. She goes out into the living room. Bahşende begins implicit criticism of her as the lady of the house and her inability to get everyone at the breakfast table on time. Ömer walks in, takes her hand in his and tells her that they should leave.

At the office Ömer tells Zehra that she needs to be careful what she tells the police. Zehra is upset that he still suspects her of something. She says defiantly that she does not need to fear anything because she has done nothing wrong. She tells Murat how they threatened her and how she feared for Ömer's life as well as the whole Kervancioglu family including Asya. He leaves once the interview is done.

Müge comes out into the yard and gets Asya to play hide and seek. She then gets her in the cellar and locks the door on her.

S02E243 - 243.Bölüm Air Date: 20 December 2017 14:10 -

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Müge tells Ayşe that she has put Asya to bed and is leaving.

Later they cannot find Asya. Ayşe calls Müge all distraught. Zehra arrives with Can and hears a sound. It is Asya hitting on the cellar door. She gets her out and takes her inside. Müge also arrives and says contradictory things. Zehra becomes suspicious of her.

Zehra starts putting all the suspicious episodes about Müge together and wants to tell Ömer but his phone is busy. She decides to talk to him when he comes home. Müge decides to move into action. She tells Ayşe, she should spend some time with Asya because she seems to be lying again. She sits with her but Asya is not responsive and upset about being locked up in the cellar. Müge drugs Asya's milk but she does not want to drink. Zehra comes and realizes that the milk smells funny. She asks her where she got it from and takes it away. She si surprised because Hediye is very careful with these things and makes sure the milk is always fresh.

Kerem finds another family that might have a clue about Sabah's parents. He visits an old lady who appears to have been a nurse in the hospital she was born. She refuses to tell hima anything. But the young woman who takes care of her tells Kerem she can get information about Sabah's family. So Kerem is hopeful. He goes back to his office and sees Teo in Sabah's office and is annoyed. Teo says I wanted to see you since you were not there I thought I'd wait for you at Sabah's.

Hamiyyet and Şükran ask Sabah to take Canan as an apprentice to work for her. She agrees.

Zehra tells Ömer she wants to talk about Müge with him but they come to call them to dinner so he says let's talk about it later. She then asks if he thinks her dress is appropriate for the occasion since his grandma has arranged the dinner that night. Ömer has no patience for his grandma and says of course it is fine. They go to the table and Bahşende makes a comment about wearing appropriate clothes to a special dinner. Zehra apologizes for not having changed. Ömer cut her off and says, he prevented Zehra from changing because he felt she looks lovely in the dress she has on. He adds that in this House we do not burden ourselves with rituals and behave comfortably according to our personal tastes. Bahşende is silenced. Cevriye is pleased.

After the dinner, Zehra takes coffee to Ömer and wants to talk abou the Müge business but Ömer says he has no time right now. Zehra says but I am worried about Asya. He says Asya has her mom and dad and her uncle to take care of her; she need not worry about her. Zehra again has to swallow Ömer's cold treatment and leave.

In the morning, Ömer is getting ready when he realizes Zehra is having another nightmare; calling out for Ömer to stay out of danger. He kneels beside her bed and holds on to her hand to calm her. She finally snaps out of the dream and sees Ömer there. She is moved by the soothing warm touch of his grasp on her hand. He suddenly realizes the closeness and pulls his hand away and gets up.

Müge tells Ayşe she wants to take Asya to the park.

Zehra goes to Ömer in the study and again tries to tell him about her suspicions of Müge. He listens to the episodes she describes and dismisses them. He feels Zehra is just trying to draw his attention. He leaves Zehra hanging there.

Zehra goes to the Kitchen and finds the container of the drugs Müge had dropped in there. She then goes to the foyer and sees Müge taking Asya away in her car. She runs after them.

S02E244 - 244.Bölüm Air Date: 21 December 2017 14:10 -

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Zehra follows Müge in taxi. She realizes they are leaving the city. She calls Ömer. He does not answer. She runs out of charge and borrows the driver's phone. Ömer responds wondering who this is. Zehra tells him what is happening but gets cut off. Nihat is there and when he realizes Müge is taking Asya away, he tells Ömer about his history with Müge and that she has mental problems and could easily harm Asya and even Zehra.

Ömer blames himself for not listening to Zehra. He tells Nihat to calm down and go to Ayşe and try to handle things at the House. Zehra keeps trying to contact Ömer but they keep getting cut off.

Teo sets up a business meeting for Sabah. Canan encourages her to go. She is not that comfortable with Teo but goes because he has been introduced to her as Kerem's friend. Kerem is disappointed to see Sabah go in Teo's car and feels she has become too friendly with Teo. Teo arranges many real estate deals for Sabah.

In the House Bahşendne continues her harsh behaviour scolding Hediye for not serving a sweet with the coffee. She also insinuates that Zehra is not behaving properly by leaving the House without letting everyone know before.

Müge drives to a wooded area. Zehra follows her. Müge realizes she is coming and hits her from the back with a piece of wood. Zehra passes out briefly. Müge takes Asya into a little cabin and tells her she is going to be her mom. Asya wants to go back.

Nihat goes home and tells Cevriye what is going on. They try to distract Ayşe which is not too hard because she is preoccupied with her thoughts about being betrayed by Nihat.

Ömer arrives and begins searching for them. Zehra finally gets up and goes to the cabin. Müge take the child to a cliff. Zehra runs to her and realizes that she is disturbed so she begins trying to quietly talk her into moving away from the cliff. Müge starts shouting out for Nihat. Ömer runs in their direction. Zehra manages to grab Asya and push her away from Müge. Ömer arrives to get Asya but Müge grabs onto Zehra and pulls out a gun and puts it to her head.

S02E245 - 245.Bölüm Air Date: 22 December 2017 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer tells Asya to run and hide in the hills. He then begins talking to Müge. He calls Nihat and tells him to try and make her believe he loves her. Nihat begins making up statements of love her. Ömer and Zehra finally manage to distract her and get the gun out of her hand. She runs off. Ömer wants to follow her but Zehra grabs onto Ömer and shelters herself in his embrace. Ömer stays to calm her down.

They go and get Asya. They call Nihat and assure her that they have the child, and all is well. They want to leave but Müge has punctured all their tires. Their phones are also out of charge. So they return to the cabin and settle there for the night. Ömer realizes that Zehra suffered a head injury and tries to clean the cut. He is amazed at how brave she is and has thrown her life in danger to protect Asya. Zehra is shocked at how Müge could threaten a little child's life like that.

At the House, Bahşende criticizes Ömer and Zehra for not being at the dinner table. Ayşe says although they all live together, they also have their own private lives.

Teo tells Kerem he likes Sabah and is serious about her. Kerem is upset. Teo takes food to Sabah's place. As they eat, all Sabah talks about is Kerem and his likes and dislikes. Kerem arrives and is invited by Teo to join them for an outing. He refuses. Sabah does not go either since Kerem is not going.

Kerem gives money to the lady who claims to have know someone who can give them information about Sabah's parent. She comes once more to Kerem to ask for more money when Sabah hears their conversation and is devastated.

Ömer, Zehra and Asya get in the single bed and cuddle the three of them with Asya in the middle, to get warm. The couple appreciate the closeness.

In the morning, Ömer goes out as Zehra and Asya are getting ready. Müge is there with the gun. Zehra realizes and goes out. Ömer entangles with her and the gun goes off.

S02E246 - 246.Bölüm Air Date: 25 December 2017 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Müge has been hit in the arm. The police arrive. Officer Murat arrests Müge. They had Ömer under surveillance due to the recent episode with Piton and the mafia investigation in that regard, so they had followed the last signal from his phone.

Can takes them home. Bahşende scolds Ömer and Zehra for taking off like that and being late for breakfast. Ömer is is not impressed and tells her they should have eaten. Zehra remains apologetic. Bahşende also tries to criticize their unannounced getaway with Asya asking if they had a good time. Ömer says it was wonderful and tells Zehra they should do it more often. Bahşende is further annoyed.

At the breakfast table Bahşende snaps as Zehra for taking the cup of tea from Susan rather than letting the server set it beside her plate as she should. She insists that these are important proprietaries that should be followed. Ömer snaps back saying we do not burden our lives with boring rules. She responds rules of courtesy create order and prevent chaos. Ömer comes back saying within the unique space of the family, we can avoid chaos with pleasant behaviour and tolerance. Everyone at the table, other than Bahşende is pleased with Ömer's statements.

Bahşende then asks about Zehra's education as she would like to get to know her better. Zehra says she is a high school graduate and used to work as a secretary. Bahşende makes a big deal about her lack of higher education credentials. Ömer says degrees and diplomas do not describe a person adding that he has met many highly educated persons who were not even worth a single nail of Zehra.

Ayşe also talks about Zehra's talent in drawing and sketching and her handbag designs and how they are in business together. Nihat also talks about her professional presentation at the Board meeting. Bahşende is shocked that Zehra was a Board member who has joined the meeting. Zehra asks them not to exaggerate in her usual self-effacing manner.

Zehra then sees Ömer to the door. She thanks him for being there for her. He apologizes for not paying attention to her warnings about Müge. Zehra walks out and remembers her moments with Ömer in the cabin and is happy. She walks to Hediye who is tending the flowers and reminiscing about Ökkeş. She joins her in her work and consoles her about her husband's loss. Bahşende sees Zehra consorting with Hediye in this manner and does not approve of the lady of the House acting in this intimate manner with the housekeeper.

Sabah is mad at Kerem for thinking her parents could not be her real parents and blasts off.

At the office Officer Murat tells Ömer that the police want to investigate Kervancioglu financial books because the Piton affair appears to involve mafia hands in the business world. Ömer is shocked. He is angry with Zehra for getting the business into such a scandal.

In the evening, Bahşande again tries to insinuate that Zehra is not acting in the correct manner by not calling Ömer and not asking him why he did not come to dinner. Zehra says he said he had a lot of work and she did not want to bother him. Ömer arrives at this moment and sits beside her and kisses her in front of his grandma saying he is such a lucky man to have such a considerate wife adding that he would be ready however to put any work away at her simplest beck and call. Bahşende is further miffed.

Nihat tries to talk with Ayşe about the Müge situation but she keeps avoiding him. He finally tells her and when she realizes she becomes really mad that she had not been informed of it from the start. Nihat tells Ömer that Ayşe is very upset with him. Ömer tells him to hang in there and give her some time.

In the morning Zehra takes the mail to Ömer in order to see him. She realizes something is afoot and asks what's wrong. His concerns get the better of him and he says because of her actions, the Company is under investigation by the police. She says you keep insinuating I might have acted in bad faith or purposefully tried to cause harm. Don't you realize how you hurt me with these insinuations. She leaves.

Bahşende goes into the study to speak with Ömer in private. She says that he must divorce his wife right away.

S02E247 - 247.Bölüm Air Date: 26 December 2017 14:10 -

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Ömer says what are you talking about. Bahşende says Zehra is not an appropriate choice. He thinks he is in love with her. But she is clearly only after his money. As the matriarch of the family, she says, she feels it is her duty to try and avoid the same disaster that happened with her dad to repeat. She reminds him of how his mother left her father. She says Zehra, like Ömer's mother is a different class from Kervancioglu family and he should prevent her from harming the family by divorcing her. She then asks him to think about what she has said and make a brisk decision. Ömer remembers Zehra's words from the wedding night and his mother's words to his dad on the night she left, and he once more lapses into his morose mood. He wiggles his wedding band in deep thought.

Bahşende leaves the room. Outside she runs into Zehra. She asks if she needs something. She snaps that she only wanted to be alone with her grandson. Zehra goes into the study and tells Ömer that she is going with him to the office to help if any questions rise by the police. Ömer tells her coldly that the best help she can offer is to stay in the House and out of trouble. He leaves and while driving his preoccupations almost get him into an accident. He pauses to get himself together.

Zehra sits concerned about the police activities at the office. Ömer receives the warrant from Murat and tells Selin to assist him in his investigation. Zehra wants to call Ömer when he calls her. He asks him if she has any other bank accounts that he does not know of. He wants to be sure they open everything to the investigation and do not create unnecessary misunderstandings. She says she does not. She then asks if he will be late. He does not think so. Ömer pulls his drawer and sees his photo with Zehra from the early days. It brings him mixed feelings.

Sabah comes back after disappearing briefly and acts as if nothing has happened. Kerem realizes she is denying the truth. He thinks another shock might snap her out of this denial. She accepts Teo's flowers which Kerem does not appreciate.

Zehra has put on a nice dress for dinner. They are about to go for dinner when Zehra sees her shoes. She asks him to wait. She quickly runs and changes them and on her quick return slips and falls into Ömer's arms. He holds her, and they bask in the warmth of the moment.

At the table, Ömer asks Hediye to spare him the soup. Zehra then wants to serve him some other food when Bahşende snaps that serving food is the role of men, of course only when there are not servers. She then makes a point that it is only natural that she, considering her background, does not know these things. Ömer says I am very thankful that my wife shows me such care and asks her to go ahead and give him some food.

In the bedroom, Zehra thanks Ömer for supporting her at the table. He says I only did what had to be done. Ömer notices that she is limping. He goes out of the room. She gets in bed and takes out her book. The same photo of them is in her book. She looks at it. He arrives at the door and notices her looking at the photo. When he steps in, she gets nervous and drops the photo. He picks it up and gives it to her after looking at it briefly. She puts it away. He puts ice on her leg with great care. He then changes and sits on the chair to read.

Ömer is sitting beside Zehra in bed as she sleeps. He smiles and caresses her face. She wakes up and sees him. He has made breakfast for her and tells her that he has made many mistakes and asks for her forgiveness and promises to make amends. They embrace and are about to kiss when Zehra wakes up and realizes it was a dream and Ömer has fallen asleep on the chair.

Zehra prepares breakfast for Ayşe and takes it for her. Ayşe is very upset and has no appetite. She feels she can't forgive Nihat.

Ömer is in the study. He is thinking and touching his wedding band. He goes looking for Ayşe. Bahşende is in the living room and tells him, she is in her bedroom. She notices he is not wearing his wedding band.

Zehra tries to remind Ayşe of how Nihat loves her. Ömer walks to Ayşe's door and overhears Zehra listing for Ayşe the proofs of love. One who is ready to put their own life in danger to protect the other, to sacrifice everything for the other. She says sometimes, things might not go right but that does not mean they love you any less.

Ömer goes back to the study. Bahşende goes in and asks him did you decide about Zehra. He says I did, with the wedding band in his hand. He puts on the band and says I will never give up my wife.

S02E248 - 248.Bölüm Air Date: 27 December 2017 14:10 -

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Bahşende says Zehra will harm this family, like your mother did. They are from the same mettle. Ömer says I trust Zehra and am sure she will never harm this family. Bahşende leaves, dropping her broach in the study.

Zehra goes to Ömer and tells him that she has spoken with Ayşe. She is having a hard time but Zehra thinks that it would do her good if Ömer spoke to her as well. Ömer tells her that he will talk to her if Zehra thinks it would help.

Ayşe is looking at a photo of her childhood. it is a photo of their mom holding a five or six-year-old Ömer and Ayşe. Her mother's face is effaced. Asya sees the photo. Ayşe does not want her daughter to suffer the losses she and Ömer had to suffer in childhood. Ömer comes and notices the photo and tells her to let go of the past. She says I have reconciled with it and remember the good days. You need to forgive our mother too. He says I can never forgive a woman who leaves her two tots for the sake of money. Pain reflects from Ömer's tearful eyes when he hugs Ayşe.

Zehra has found the broach on the floor and takes it to Bahşende and asks if it is hers. She takes it and thanks her saying it is a family heirloom. Zehra asks if she needs anything. Bahşende snaps at her saying why she keeps asking her what a servant should be asking. Then she again begins talking about the etiquette of behaviour as a proper Kervancioglu. Ömer hears it and comes to Zehra's rescue and asks her to go out for a short walk with her and it is too stuffy in there. They go out. He asks Zehra not to let his grandma bother her adding that she is no different than a stranger to him. Zehra says that she tries to handle her because after all she is a senior member of the family. Ömer especially cuddles her when he notices his grandma looking from the window.

Later Zehra goes to Ayşe and sees the photo and listens to how Ömer was hurt when his mother left and how he has destroyed all reminders of her in the House.

In the living room, Bahşende snaps at Hediye for the quality of the coffee she has made. Hediye goes to replace it. Zehra gets up and says she can make it. Bahşende gets angry saying it is not your place to make coffee for me. She says everyone in this House is a unique member of this big family and should be afforded their own special respect. Then she adds as the lady of this House, I want to make your coffee with my own hands to welcome you to the House. She goes to the kitchen and consoles Hediye who has been brought to tears by Bahşende. Hediye reveals that she used to especially treat Ömer's mother in this manner. She also expresses her disbelief that a mother so dedicated as that of Ömer and Ayşe would just pick up and leave for no reason.

Sacit comes to see Ömer again to remind him of the offer of partnership he had given him. While he is waiting for Ömer in his office, Piton calls Sacid and says he needs papers to get out of the country. Sacid tries to cover it up and tells Piton never to call him again. Ömer tells Sacid cordially that he will go over the offer again and he leaves.

Sabah goes to Salim's for a meal as Hamiyyet and Şükran want to make sure she is not left alone.

At night, Zehra tells Ömer that Ayşe will be fine. She is a strong woman and most important she is a responsible and good mother and will give deep consideration to that to recover from this situation. Zehra then asks about Ömer's mother. Ömer snaps asking why she is asking that. She apologizes and says she will not ask again.

In the morning Zehra helps Ömer with his cufflinks. Asya comes and wants to draw with Zehra. Ömer leaves them together. Asya says she wants to draw the photo of her mother and uncle and takes out their photo with the effaced mother. Zehra is surprised. She says let's leave it for after breakfast. They go and Asya drops the photo. Later Zehra comes back and sees the photo on the floor. She picks it up and Ömer arrives to see it.

S02E249 - 249.Bölüm Air Date: 28 December 2017 14:10 -

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Ömer takes the photo from Zehra and snaps at her for meddling in his past. He says it is not too much to ask you to show some respect for privacy. She tries to explain that she did not take that photo, but he takes it and leaves.

Sacid visits Piton in an abandoned building. He wants Sacit to send him abroad. Sacit says he will have nothing to do with him. Piton seems set on making a move against Ömer Kervancioglu.

Ömer looks at the photo in the study and is about to tear it when Nihat knocks on the door so he puts it away. He tells Ömer that the situation with Ayşe remains bad and he feels terrible. Ömer tells him that he must try hard to regain her trust and never, ever again, compromise that trust in the future.

Kerem tries to upset Sabah's routine and shock her into accepting reality. She remains calm and unmoved by the disturbances he causes in her office.

Ömer goes into the bedroom. Zehra tells him once more that she did not take that photo. She says he just looks at things from her own limited vantage point and accuses her unfairly. He does not want to hear it.

Asya sets up a romantic breakfast table for her parents on the veranda and gets them to sit down and talk. Meanwhile Bahşende goes to Ömer and asks him to allow her to spend the rest of her days in the House with them. He agrees saying this is also your home. He then goes out with her to Zehra, Hediye and Cevriye in the living room and announces that his grandma will be living with them from now on. He asks Zehra to look to her needs as the lady of the House. Zehra accepts graciously.

Ömer then wants to leave for work. Zehra goes out to see her off. He tells her that his grandma will make every effort to take over the House, but you should not let her. Zehra remains silent. He asks if she is not planning to talk. She says what is the point when you do not hear me! He says if you are giving me the silent treatment to get back at me, then there is nothing to say, and he leaves.

Şükran calls Zehra and tells her about Sabah and her concern for her. Zehra is very upset about Sabah's trials and promises Şükran to talk to her. She then calls her friend and arranges to meet her outside.

Piton takes a taxi to Kervancioglu Holding building. The taxidriver sees his gun and later informs the police.

Sabah tells Zehra that she is fine and now appreciates her adopted parents even more for their love and kindness. Back at her office, Ayda comes to thank them for helping her and says without them she might have lost the chance to mother her child. The statement moves Sabah.

Officer Murat calls Ömer to tell him that Piton has been spotted around their office and they should be on guard. Ömer calls Zehra. She does not answer. He calls home. Hediye tells him that Zehra is out. He runs to his car. On the way he calls Zehra again. Zehra is walking in a back street toward the House. She answers the phone. Ömer tells her to watch out. She turns around and Piton has a gun to her head as Ömer is driving toward them in his car.

S02E250 - 250.Bölüm Air Date: 29 December 2017 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer gets out of the car and Piton aims the gun at him. Zehra screams for Ömer. The police arrive. Piton hesitates and finally puts the gun down. Zehra runs into Ömer's arms. She is falling apart. He tries to calm her and tells Officer Murat that she is not well, and they will go and give their statement at a later time. Murat accepts.

Ömer takes Zehra home. She goes to the bedroom. Ömer goes into the living room and Bahşende makes of point of Zehra not being there. He says she is resting in the bedroom. Ayşe says if you want I can get Hediye to serve your dinner in the bedroom. He says that will be good and leaves. Bahşende is angry that he did not ask for her permission to eat in his bedroom.

He goes to Zehra and tries to calm her. She is crying and tells him that she is angry at herself for going out and putting him in such danger. He wipes away her tears and tells her that it is all over and she should let it go. He then tells her she should take a shower to relax.

Koray returns from a visit with Yasemin and is very upset. Apparently, Yasemin wants to go abroad for studies and does not want to be tied to the engagement to Koray anymore.

In the morning, Zehra comes into the room in a bright red dress all freshened up. She open the window and sunlight and fresh air pour in. Ömer wakes up and takes pleasure in seeing her. As he is getting ready, Zehra helps her with his choice of watches. Asya comes in and tells Zehra she wants to draw the photo of her mom and uncle. Then she says but the photo is missing. Ömer realizes that he was wrong about Zehra taking the photo. He suggests that Asya draw her parents instead. She accepts.

Bahşende has invited some of her jest set friends to the House and wants to get rid of Zehra so she asks her for a favour. She asks her to pick up her new spectacles for her from the optometrist. Zehra goes to Ömer in the study and tells him that Bahşende has asked her to do this and she did not want to go without telling him in view of yesterday's incident. Ömer is surprised that his grandma has asked Zehra to do this. He says he will take care of the matter and she need not go. He also apologizes to her for the photograph incident.

Zehra goes back into the kitchen. When Bahşende sees her, she asks why she has not gone. Zehra says Ömer will take care of that. Bahşende then asks her for another favour. She tells Zehra that her friends are coming and since she has not yet been introduced to their acquaintances, she feels Zehra is not ready for it and should stay in her room while they are there. Zehra looks hurt but agrees and leaves.

Ömer goes into the bedroom and notices there is something wrong but Zehra refuses to tell him anything. So he goes out to find out for himself.

Bahşende is sitting with a few ladies in the living room. They note that they have not met Bahşende's new bride. She says she had something to do so she is not there. Ömer arrives and greets them and they say they are disappointed they could not get to meet his wife. Ömer realizes what Bahşende has done. He goes and brings Zehra to the living room and introduces her to them. They all comment on her beauty and Bahşendne is annoyed.

Asya is playing with Nihat's phone. Ayşe takes the phone and reads Müge's texts and realizes how Nihat had tried to get rid of her. She goes into the study and embraces him and forgives him. The threesome family rejoices in their renewed closeness.

When Bahşende's guests leave, Ömer goes to her and says Zehra is my wife and I will not have you upsetting her. At this time, Officer Murat arrives at the House and says he has a warrant to arrest Zehra for the charge of involvement in organized crime.

S02E251 - 251.Bölüm Air Date: 01 January 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer says what this is all about. Officer Murat says someone has made an accusation against her and they need to take her statement. Zehra says but I have done nothing wrong. Ömer tells her to calm down; it is probably a misunderstanding; they will go there and resolve it. He wants to go with her. Officer Murat says he will have to follow on his own. Everyone is devastated. Bahşende tells herself that this girl has made getting rid of her much easier that she expected. Ömer takes Zehra out assuring her that he will be there with her. She sits in the police car looking deeply vulnerable. They drive off.

Ömer sits in his car immediately and Can drives off behind the police. It is raining. On the way, Zehra looks back when they stop at a light and stretches briefly toward Ömer. Ömer sees her and feels miserable. They move on. Traffic police stop Can to check his papers. The police car with Zehra moves on. Ömer wants Can to speed up and catch up. They go. Zehra looks back. They are not there.

When Kerem is leaving Sabah's office, her parents' photo frame falls and breaks making Sabah break down into tears saying they are my real parents. They are the ones that saw to all my needs.

In the House Cevriye and Ayşe worry for Zehra. Bahşende insists that if there was nothing serious, the police would not take her away. She also says that this is a big scandal for their family and Ömer should not be seen there. Ayşe holds the fort saying Zehra is his wife and he is were he should be: by her side.

At the station they tell Ömer, Zehra will have to stay until tomorrow to give her statement to the prosecutor. Piton has accused her of giving him money to commit a crime. Ömer realizes that Piton is taking revenge because they had him arrested. Ömer asks to see Zehra. He sees her in the cell. He gives her his coat. He tells her what Piton has stated. Zehra says why would I do that. He kidnapped Canan and blackmailed me. Why would I kidnap my own cousin? Zehra just wants to be sure that Ömer believes her. She says I can endure anything, if I know you believe me. Ömer assures her that he believes her and will do everything to get her out of there.

Officer Murat gives Ömer Zehra's necklace and wedding band. He takes out the wedding band looks sorely pained.

He goes home. Bahşende is waiting for him in the dark. She again tells him that he should get a divorce from this woman who is dragging their family name in the gutter. Ömer tells her that she is actually suffering this wrong because she carries the Kervancioglu name. He explains that their business is the real target of the people who have accused Zehra. He reminds his grandma that he will never give up his wife.

Ömer goes to the bedroom. He lies on Zehra's side of the bed and looks at wedding photos. He cannot stand it.

In the morning the lawyer arrives at the station. Ömer is there somewhat unkempt. He has spent the night there. They bring Zehra out. She realizes he has not slept and she is concerned for him. They take her to give her statement. Nihat is there to support Ömer. Ömer looks broken. They bring Piton and he loses it. He entangles with him and they separate them. Ömer shouts at him that he is going to find who is pulling his leash. In the mean time Ömer notices Sacit at the station and thinks whether it is a coincidence. Zehra comes out and is taken back to her call.

Kerem fixes the frame and takes it to Sabah. He says even if I try to stay away from you, I can't. Koray comes. He is very upset. Kerem takes him to his house.

Ömer, Nihat and the lawyer go to Murat's office and wait for the prosecutor's decision.

Ömer goes to Zehra who is waiting in her cell. She goes to him. Standing on two sides of the prison bars, he says I wish I had better news. She asks how many years. He says the prosecutor has suggested ten years imprisonment. She collapses. He goes down and asks her to get herself together. That they are going to fight it. He then asks her to look at him and see how he looks to her. He says I am a prisoner like you. As long as you are here, I am also in chains.

S02E252 - 252.Bölüm Air Date: 02 January 2018 14:10 -

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Ömer holds Zehra's hands as she stands behind the bars and tells her that his mind body and soul are prisoners so long as she is in custody. He says he cannot breathe without her. He tells her that he will pay any price, even his life, to get her out of there. Zehra is shocked and says I would never bear such a thing. I will readily remain behind these bars forever to prevent any threat against your life! Freedom without you would be meaningless for me.

He apologizes for using those words and tells her that he actually must remain alive because he has something important to do. He has to become his champion and save her from there. Zehra laughs and their mood lightens up. He then asks her to go over the events once more for him, so they might come up with some clue to their solution. Zehra then describes the events that led to her asking for the one million liras. Ömer apologizes for not taking heed of the letter she left him that day. He then says they should try and see if statements from Canan and Çetin would help. Zehra says Çetin has disappeared. Ömer says then he will talk with Canan.

Ömer calls Sabah and tells her what has happened. Canan is scared confirming that Zehra did everything for her and is innocent. She goes to Officer Murat and gives her statement. In the mean time Sabah visits Zehra and Zehra tells her that she feels strong because Ömer is all behind her and she feels their relationship has completely recuperated.

Officer Murat tells Ömer Canan's statement is not enough to release Zehra. Ömer drives them back to Mahalle with Can. Ömer thanks both of them. Sabah gets off. Canan is upset that her help came to nothing. Before getting off she tells Ömer that she has an idea.

Salim finds out that Yasemin has broken up with Koray and is upset.

Ömer goes home and gets some money from the safe. His grandma comes in again telling him he should get rid of his wife. She says I have left an envelope in your bedroom which you should seriously consider. Asya is in Ömer and Zehra's bedroom looking for Zehra. She picks up the envelope and is about to open it. Ayşe takes it and tells her not to do that. She runs out and into Ömer's arms. She apologizes for opening the envelope in his room. He goes there and gets it from Ayşe and does not say anything about it to her. He then takes it to Bahşende's room and throws it on her desk warning her not to meddle in his life.

He then goes out. He gets a call and says he'll be there shortly. Canan walks up to Çetin in a dark street and gives him some money. He asks how she got it. She snaps at him and says it is none of his business. Canan leaves. Ömer is behind Çetin. Canan has apparently told Ömer that Çetin asked her for money and she arranges to meet him so Ömer can get him. Ömer gives Çetin a little beating telling him he knows all about the photos and the kidnapping and now he is going to go to the police and come clean.

Ömer walks toward Zehra's cell. He is solemn. Zehra runs up to the bars and asks if there are any developments. He takes out a key and says what do you think? She is overjoyed realizing it is the key to the cell. Ömer unlocks the door and takes her in his arms. Officer Murat comes and takes the key and Ömer thanks him for it.

At the House Ayşe and Cevriye are sad that Zehra is not there to join them for dinner. Ayşe wonders if they should start without Ömer. Bahşende says impatiently that there is no need to wait since he has chosen to spend his time around the police station. She adds that she has spoken to the lawyer and it is not likely that Zehra would be released anytime soon.

They are about to sit when Ömer and Zehra walk into the room hand in hand. Everyone runs to them happily. Bahşende is miffed. Before sitting Ömer says he wants to say a few words. He takes out the ring and putting it on Zehra's finger says, this should remain forever where it has always belonged.

S02E253 - 253.Bölüm Air Date: 03 January 2018 14:10 -

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Ömer takes Zehra into the bedroom and welcomes her back to her home. She thanks him. He suddenly takes her into his arms. She basks in the embrace. Salim calls and says he has been worried for her. She puts his mind at ease. She then goes to take a shower and comes back changed. Ömer compliments her on looking fine. She talks about her experience and how his presence helped her to get through the ordeal. Ömer says where else could I have been? He then takes her face in his hands and is about to kiss her when Ayşe knocks. Dinner is ready.

Zehra is apologetic for being late. Bahşende is curt as usual. The family sits for dinner. Bahşende again tries to make snide remarks about Zehra compromising the name of the family and the business. Zehra stresses that she did nothing to do that. Ömer and Nihat stand by her and commend her sacrifices for the good of the family and the business.

Teo takes a large orchid vase to Sabah and wants to take her out on a surprise date. She refuses both. He then goes to Kerem and Kerem reminds him that she is different from the girls he usually consorts with. Teo wants to make a bet with him over making Sabah fall in love with him. Kerem refuses. Teo leaves with his orchid.

Ömer goes into the study and again remembers the words of his mothers and Zehra's on the night of the wedding. He feels confused. He goes back in the room. Zehra is in her pajamas. She brings his pajamas. She asks if everything is fine. He says he is tired and remains somewhat cold. Zehra senses it and goes to bed disappointed. Ömer comes back. She has fallen asleep. He lies beside her staring at her in her sleep. They sleep calmly in each other's arms. He wakes up in the middle of the night and feels her in his arms. He is happy to have her there and falls back into sleep. In the morning, he wakes up and she is on his chest. He remains there. She wakes up too and they remain close looking at each other. He slowly wiggles out and leaves without a word. She is sad. He come back dressed. He wants to say something but she is asleep so he takes his phone and leaves. She opens her eyes gloomily.

Kerem sends Sabah a cactus anonymously. Sabah thinks it is from Teo and wants to throw it out too.

Koray moves out from Şükran's place and move in with Kerem.

The police tell Ömer that Piton has confessed to working with Sacit and they ask for Ömer's help to put the businessman behind bars. He holds a conversation with him which is recorded by the police. Sacit is arrested.

Bahşende takes the divorce papers and goes to Zehra's room and tells her that she does not have the appropriate qualities for a proper Kervancioglu bride and for the sake of the family, if she truly loves Ömer, she should sign the divorce papers.

Asya gets her dad to buy some red balloons and prepares a celebration for Zehra. Zehra is brought to tears by it.

Ömer is on his way home. He now knows that Zehra was completely innocent in terms of money and signing of the agreement. But what about those words. He wishes he had never heard them.

Bahşende once more goes into Zehra's room and asks her if she has made a decision. Ömer arrives and overhears them talking in the bedroom. Bahşende tells her the moment she signs the divorce, she will give her enough money to set her up for the rest of her life. Zehra once more reveals that she did not marry Ömer for his money or business. She says emphatically that she loves Ömer more than her life. Ömer's heart stirs as he remains behind the door.

S02E254 - 254.Bölüm Air Date: 04 January 2018 14:10 -

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Ömer leaves and does not hear the rest of the conversation. Bahşende says Ömer is aware that his marriage to Zehra does not have a future and is only with her out of pity. As a gentleman he does not want to break his promise and wants Zehra to take the first step. Zehra resists Bahşende's insinuations and says I have no doubt about Ömer's love for me. Bahşende says Ömer is the one who has prepared the divorce papers but does not want to break her heart.

Ömer goes to Hediye and asks for cheese Gözleme. Hediye knows Ömer only asks for this food when he is very happy and thinks it is because Zehra has been released that he is so happy.

Zehra remains in the bedroom with mixed feelings. Bahşende's words have reminded her of the mistreatments she has been enduring from Ömer since the wedding night and is beginning to wonder if his grandmother might be right.

Ömer eats his Gözleme and when Ayşe comes he goes to the study all excited about the thought that Zehra truly loves him. He again remembers Zehra's words from the wedding night and becomes restless. He goes to the bedroom. Zehra is not there. They run into each other as Ömer is about to leave. He says he is going to the office. Zehra wonders why he is going there so late. He says he has things to do and leaves. Zehra wonders if he does not want to stay with her.

In the car, Can says I wish you would have rested a bit. Ömer mumbles to himself; I could not stay. At the office he again ponders the past and looks at the wedding photographs.

Ayşe goes to Zehra in the bedroom and tells her how happy Ömer is about his return and tells her about the cheese Gözleme sign. Zehra is confused. She thinks Ayşe and Bahşende give her completely opposite signals regarding Ömer.

Ayşe and Nihat go to the cinema with Asya. Asya buys a lamb doll for Zehra.

Sabah throws the cactus away thinking it is from Teo and Kerem feels bad but since he has not said it was sent by him, he lets it go and invites them to have a meal in his office. As they are eating Koray arrives. Koray asks Canan about Yasemin and feels down. Kerem leaves with Koray. Koray is upset that Yasemin is now going abroad. Kerem cannot lift his spirits. He calls Sabah and they talk about Koray. Teo rings the doorbell.

Kerem drives Teo to Sabah's where he offers her a huge teddy bear. Kerem is sure she will throw him and bear out but Sabah sees Kerem in the car and is annoyed that he has brought Teo to him with the stupid bear so she accepts it to spite Kerem. Kerem is disappointed.

Cevirye goes to see Zehra who is not coming out of her room and tells her she realizes she is upset and warns her not to pay attention to Bahşende's bitter attitude.

Ömer is in the office pondering everything and falls asleep. Zehra wakes up in her dress alone on the bed. She realizes Ömer has not come all night. She remembers Bahşende telling her to watch Ömer's behaviour closely. Does he stay around alone with her or try to avoid being alone? His absence makes Zehra think again that Bahşende might be right and he cannot stand being in the same room with her and actually wants to end it all.

In the morning Zehra sees the little lamb Asya has left her. She goes in the living room and thanks Asya. Bahşende makes a point of Ömer not returning all night and stirs Zehra's feelings. Zehra leaves.

Ömer wakes up in the office and Selin is surprised to see him there. She goes to get him coffee. In walks Zehra. He wonders if anything is wrong. She says she won't take too much of his time. She puts the agreement prepared by Bahşende on his desk and signs it. She says if you want this, I have no objections. Just that my father does not hear about it right away. Ömer is confused.

Zehra walks in the park in tears. Ömer goes to the waterfront and remembers Zehra in the office telling him I wish you had the gumption to tell it to my face that you do not love me. I need that to get rid of my feelings for you. She pauses but Ömer is dumbfounded. What a pity you don't even have the guts to do that, she says and leaves.

Sabah is in her office. Ömer walks in.

S02E255 - 255.Bölüm Air Date: 05 January 2018 14:10 -

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Ömer asks about the conversation Sabah had with Zehra on the night of the wedding. Sabah describes everything to him. He is first elated to know that Zehra loves him and then suddenly realizes what a horrendous mistake he has made and his happiness melts. Finally, everything falls into place for him and all doubts are washed away from his mind but what is going to do?

Koray goes to Salim and tells him that he is leaving his job. Salim takes it with understanding and wishes him well. Koray goes for an interview at Ömer's company. Özge interviews him and later selects him after consultation with Nihat.

Ömer goes to the office and does not know how to move ahead. Nihat comes to him and tells him he is ready to listen if he needs someone to talk to. Ömer decides to tell him about the whole affair with Zehra. He tells him all about his reason for marrying Zehra in the beginning and how they later fell in love. He then tells him about how he has mistreated Zehra in an unforgivable way because of what happened at the wedding night and now she wants to divorce him. Nihat is in disbelief. He asks why did you not go and talk with Sabah on the very first day? Ömer says I was too scared of my doubts being right. I did not want to face the possibility that Zehra did not love me. I wanted to hang on to the flicker of hope that I might be wrong. Nihat consoles Ömer and says he should believe in the strength of their feelings for each other. Love will find a way. He tells him to go to Zehra and explain everything and ask for her forgiveness.

At home Zehra is wondering what she will do without Ömer. Bahşende calls her. Zehra goes to her and tells her she has signed the papers and if Ömer does the same, then it will be final. Bahşende assures her that she has done the right thing in taking the first step, otherwise she would have had to face Ömer's rejection.

Zehra goes to her bedroom. She is desolate and cannot imagine a life without Ömer. Asya goes to her and they play with the lamb. Mention of Ömer makes Zehra teary. Susan calls them to the living to have coffee. Ayşe and Cevriye are there. They serve a sweet and mention how Ömer likes it. Zehra almost drops the plate and her tears fall again. Asya says she was also crying in the room. Bahşende comes in and rebukes Zehra for her lack of self control and upsetting Asya. She tells her to go to her room. Zehra goes to her bedroom. Cevriye takes Asya away. Ayşe stays and snaps at Bahşende for mistreating Zehra. Bahşende persists in her ways until Ayşe is overcome with the stressful argument and passes out.

They call the doctor. Ayşe is taken to bed and Zehra sits with her. Ömer returns and looking for Zehra realizes Ayşe has passed out and runs to her room. He then calls Nihat. Nihat thanks Zehra and wants to stay with Ayşe but she asks to have Zehra with her for a while. Ömer thanks Zehra and leaves with Nihat.

Cevriye tells Ömer that Bahşende's bitter tongue regarding Zehra was the cause of Ayşe's collapse. Ömer goes to Bahşende and snaps at her saying everyone in the House is especially careful about Ayşe's health with Zehra on top of that list. He warns Bahşende that she better think twice about choosing her words when she talks about his wife or else.

He then goes to the bedroom and sits on the armchair. Zehra comes in and goes to the bathroom and changes into her pajamas. Ömer stands restless with the necklace he pulled off from Zehra's neck on their wedding night. He just says; I… and can't go on. Zehra stops and asks him to continue but he mumbles. She says if you have nothing to say I am going to sleep. Good night. He mumbles good night.

Teo takes Sabah to breakfast saying Kerem will go with them. Sabah sits with him asking where is Kerem. Kerem is watching from afar. Teo gives her a rose and tells her he loves her. Kerem sees her taking the rose and leaves all upset.

Zehra wakes up. She realizes Ömer is still sitting on the chair awake in his suit. She wonders if he did not sleep all night. He says that he did not and that they need to talk. She says so you have finally made a decision. She sits at the edge of the bed in front of him. He does not speak. She begs him to tell her once and for all that he does not love her. She begs him not to torture her with his silence. Ömer is dumbfounded. Zehra gets up all disappointed to leave. He suddenly grabs her arm and presses her tightly to his chest and finally says:

"How can you think I can let you go? I love you like a madman. You are everything to me. I cannot live without you. I cannot breathe without you. Without you, I would die, I would disappear. Without you, I am nothing!"

S02E256 - 256.Bölüm Air Date: 08 January 2018 14:10 -

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Zehra is in shock. She begs Ömer to tell her if he really means these things. She says if I fall one more time, I do not know if I can recover. Ömer says you have every right to doubt me. But believe me, the old Ömer is dead. Give the Ömer that wants to announce his love for you to the whole world a chance to prove himself and his love to you.

Zehra pulls back from the embrace. How can she believe him? Is he not going to go back again? Is it true? Ömer holds her and asks her to look into his eyes. He says she can only see herself. With tears in his eyes, he admits that he is not the kind of person that can easily express his feelings, but he has never stopped loving her.

Zehra asks for an explanation. He says I woke up from a pitch-dark dream and realized the truth. Let the past stay in the past. Let us move on. Zehra cries, she says the things we have endured are very painful. Ömer begs her to forget it all.

Ömer asks if she can forgive him. Zehra looks at him lovingly and says she has forgiven him. He is about to kiss her when her phone rings. Canan informs Zehra that Salim has had an attack and is not well. Zehra becomes concerned and says she will go to Mahalle right away to see him.

Teoman tries to get Sabah to stay and have breakfast with her. Sabah tells him she is not interested in his love interest. Teo later calls the people with whom he has arranged some work for Sabah and tells them to create some form of problem in the agreement.

Ömer accompanies Zehra to Salim's. They talk about the effect of Yasemin's break up with Koray on Salim. Ömer visits Salim and then reluctantly has to leave for work. Salim refuses to go to the hospital. Ömer sends a doctor to examine him.

Ömer is as light as a feather. He arrives to work all smiles and shows a more forgiving side to everyone. Nihat notices him texting with Zehra. Ömer tells him Zehra has forgiven him but adds that he has not told her the cause of his behaviour.

Ömer sees Koray has been hired in his finance department and is pleasantly surprised. Koray says he purposely did not tell him before because he did not want any favours in getting the job. They have coffee and talk about Koray's break up.

Bahşende rebukes Asya for playing loudly in the House saying it is not befitting a Kervancioglu. Cevriye puts Bahşende in her place saying for one, Asya is an Eray (Nihat's last name) and for two, she is a child and as such, should be given free reign to play as her heart pleases.

Sabah wants to have breakfast with Kerem, he evades it by saying he has work. She later asks him for help regarding the agreement that is giving her problems, Kerem refuses to help when he realizes it is linked to Teo. Sabah is confused about Kerem's behaviour.

Bahşende comments on Ömer and Zehra's absence from dinner. She wonders if her plans to initiate their divorce is working.

Ömer has dinner at Salim's and is very excited. He holds Zehra's hand under the table. Zehra wants to stay the night. Ömer has to leave but cannot. They linger at the door. He kisses her on the cheek and looks back again unable to leave.

S02E257 - 257.Bölüm Air Date: 09 January 2018 14:10 -

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Ömer goes home. Bahşende comments on the fact that Zehra is not with him. He curtly confirms that Zehra will be away for the night and goes to his bedroom.

Hamiyyet tells Canan to stay the following day with her uncle since she has to go somewhere. Canan says she has work so Zehra tells them she will stay with Salim. In bed, Zehra keeps remembering Ömer's declaration of love.

In the House, Ömer misses Zehra and lying on her side of the bed, he texts her and they both declare how they miss each other.

Sabah tries to talk to Kerem and see what is wrong with him. He evades talking about things. Sabah finally decides to ask Teo to help him with the problems she is facing with the case he referred to her. Teo calls his friend and fixes the situation and right away puts his hand on hers asking her to let him be his friend. She confirms that they are friends. Kerem sees their hands together and leaves angry.

Ömer arrives to visit Salim with Cevriye. He takes advantage of every appropriate moment to steal a kiss from Zehra's cheek. They talk and eat halva and tea. Salim's customer comes to the door worried that his order won't be ready on time. Ömer identifies himself as Salim's son. Salim likes the sound of that. Salim goes to the workshop to finish the order.

Zehra goes with Salim. Ömer comes. He has called Koray to come and help Salim. Salim is glad to have Koray. Ömer also tries to help but injures his finger. Zehra bandages his finger while he again steals a kiss from her. He asks if she is coming home tonight. She confirms that she will. Zehra says she is going to meet Sabah before coming home. Ömer says he will pick her up from there.

Sabah goes to Kerem while Teo is there and offers them some sweets. Teo invites both of them to the cinema. Kerem notices that Teo is getting calls from someone else and becoming antsy about it. Teo leaves after setting up a meeting place with the two of them. Kerem tells Sabah that he is not going at first and then relents and agrees to go.

Ömer gives Selin a list of purchases in preparation for Zehra's arrival at home. Zehra buys a new dress for herself and one for Canan as well. She gets all dressed and goes to Sabah for a brief visit. She tells her how things have recuperated between Ömer and herself. Sabah is happy for them and says she is thankful that her conversation with Ömer was useful. Zehra is surprised and asks about the nature of the conversation. Sabah explains that Ömer had come and asked her questions about what she and Zehra were talking about on the wedding night. Happiness melts away from Zehra's face when Sabah tells her everything.

S02E258 - 258.Bölüm Air Date: 10 January 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Zehra cannot hide her disappointment. Sabah tries to cheer her up saying she should look at the future and Zehra agrees but does not look too convinced. Sabah then asks her to braid her hair.

Ömer is at home. He has decorated their bedroom with rose petals and candles. He sits and imagines Zehra coming in and loving it all. He imagines them dancing to their favourite song. As he is about to kiss her, he is snapped out of his fantasy by a call. He leaves the room.

Zehra braids Sabah's hair. Ömer calls. She responds without excitement. Ömer arrives with a white flower bouquet and a present. He gets out and gives it to her. She is unresponsive. Sabah comes and they take leave. Ömer opens the door for Zehra and she sits.

Sabah walks in the mall with Kerem. They get their tickets and go to get something to eat. Kerem sees Teo with another girl and thinking Sabah likes Teo, he tries to prevent Sabah from seeing Teo with another woman. Teo finally arrives at the cinema. After the movie, they come out. Sabah and Teo say they liked the film. Kerem is irritable and says he did not like the film and refuses to join them for food.

At the office, Nihat charges Koray with reviewing the financial records to find the error that they have been looking for. Özge is not happy to have Koray look into this.

Ömer and Zehra arrive at the door of the House. She gets off. Ömer asks how come she has not opened her present and wonders if she is not curious. She opens it slowly. Two tickets to Paris. Nothing raises her spirits. Ömer gets a call from Ayşe's doctor who says she has completely recovered and is healthy. They both rejoice and Ömer once more thanks her for all she has done for his sister.

Inside Bahşende comments on the inappropriate behaviour of Ömer and Zehra in not being there on time for dinner and wonders if they would arrive for dessert.

Ömer wants Zehra to close her eyes and then he takes her into the bedroom. She looks at it all and is not impressed by the flowers and candles. Ömer approaches her and wants to kiss her when she pushes him back and tells him she has spoken to Sabah and knows that all the misery he caused her for the past months has been due to a misunderstanding. She is angry that he did not even bother to tell her that. She says the pain she feels is too heavy and does not go away with a mere apology. She leaves the room. Ömer is exasperated.

Zehra is all teary standing in the veranda looking into the distance. Ömer goes to her. He says he understands her, and she has every right to be angry at him but that he cannot change the past. He knows that a million apologies are not enough to take back his mistake. He then approaches her and wants to kiss her. She pushes him back saying since the gentle approach did not work, you are now resorting back to force. Ömer says she is not being fair and that his actions are only manifestations of his love for her. She says there is nothing you can do to take away the pain I feel. Susan comes and tells them that they expect them in the living room for dessert.

In the living room Zehra does not serve dessert for Ömer saying only those who deserve it will get one. But as eyebrows are raised, she says her plate is actually for the two of them. Ömer tells everyone that he and Zehra are going to Paris. Bahşende is annoyed saying it is not good weather for Paris.

Sabah and Teo go to eat. Alena comes and joins them and introduces herself as Teo's girlfriend. Sabah is happy to meet her. Teo is caught. They eat together and later drop Sabah off. Alena gets annoyed at Teo for looking at Sabah so much.

Kerem goes home and tells Koray who is working away that Teo and Sabah are going out and Teo is two timing her. Koray is surprised saying Sabah and Teo have nothing in common but also tells Kerem that he needs to tell Sabah the truth.

Ömer goes into the bedroom. Zehra is there. He puts his hands around her waist from behind. Zehra pulls out and asks what he thinks he is doing. He says he is embracing his wife. She goes out and comes back with bedding and his pajamas and tells him: "You do not expect me to sleep in the same bed with someone who does not trust me, do you?" He takes the pile and goes out.

Nihat goes to Ömer in the study. He has spotted Ömer going into the guest room and asks him how he is doing. Ömer explains that Zehra has found out what happened. Nihat tells him not to lose hope.

Koray takes the files to Nihat's office in the morning. He has found the error and made a report on it. Nihat commends him. Özge does not look too happy and congratulates him reluctantly.

Ömer goes into the bedroom. Zehra is sleeping. He wants to caress her but stops himself. He says he will not give her up.

Later Zehra goes into the bedroom. Ömer follows her and asks her to let Paris be a new beginning for them. They can forget everything and start afresh. He then says they should get her a passport to get the visa. She says there will be no need because she is not going to Paris. She wants a divorce. Ömer is stunned.

S02E259 - 259.Bölüm Air Date: 11 January 2018 14:10 -

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Ömer is shocked. Are you going to leave me? Ömer asks, revealing his greatest fear. Zehra says did you ever think that the reason for it is because you left me! Ömer promises that the things that happened will never happen again. He wants to caress her, but she pushes him away. She says you killed the little hope I had in my heart.

Ömer goes to the office. He is falling apart. Nihat comes and Ömer tells him what is going on. Nihat tells him not to give up. He says Zehra's severe reaction is exactly because she loves him so much. He adds that she is probably hurting as much as he is hurting.

Hamiyyet has to go to the country because a relative has passed away. She calls Zehra and tells her to keep an eye on her dad. She goes there right away. Zehra and Salim talk about Yasemin's separation from Koray. Salim tells her that he is not mad at Yasemin and understands her. He tells Zehra he will stand by his daughters' decisions at all times and does not want them to be unhappy under any circumstances. Zehra constantly looks as if she is on the verge of telling him everything.

Ömer tells Nihat the details of his marriage to Zehra and Ayşe's sickness. Nihat is mad at first that Ömer has hidden this from him. Ömer explains himself and says Nihat would not have been to keep it from Ayşe and that would have been fatal. He adds that the only reason Zehra is allowing herself to consider divorce is because Ayşe's doctor called and told them she has completely recovered. Nihat calms down and accepts Ömer's explanation and thanks him for his efforts.

Ömer goes home and Bahşende tells him critically that Zehra has gone out but not told them where to. He snaps back saying she is an adult and can go wherever she wants. He steps out and calls Zehra. Zehra is ironing his father's shirt and does not answer. Salim asks who it was, and she says it was Ömer, but she can answer after she is done ironing. Ömer calls again. Salim tells her to answer so she does. He asks where she is, and she tells him.

Kerem meets Teo and warns him against hurting Sabah. Teo tries to brush him off. Kerem pushes him against the wall and tells him to watch what he is doing.

The door bell rings at Salim's. Zehra opens the door thinking is it Şükran. It is Ömer. She asks why he is there. He says he is there to visit his father who was sick. She is irritated. He goes and sits with Salim. Zehra goes to make tea but is talking to herself all annoyed by Ömer's persistence. He goes into the kitchen and realizes why she has gone there. He says he wants to talk about her last words and grudgingly mentions the word divorce. She says this is not the time. She adds that she has not told her father. He looks hopeful at this statement. So, she says she has not told her father, emphasizing the word "Yet"! He goes back to Salim.

Kerem goes home. He is sick. Koray arrives and sees him in that state. He calls Sabah and the two of them make soup and squeeze juice for Kerem and take care of him.

Ömer has dinner with the family. Everyone commends Zehra on her cooking. Zehra is curt with Ömer and comments on his eating too much. He is relentless and says it is very tasty. Later Zehra says Ömer can take Şükran home and go from there. Ömer says he is planning to stay so he will take Şükran and then return. Zehra is further annoyed.

Zehra wants to make a bed for Ömer in the living room. Salim will not hear of it and says he will give them his bedroom. Zehra has to accept sleeping in Canan's room with him. Ömer puts on a pair of pajamas and looks funny because they are very small. He steps toward Zehra and takes her hands and begs her to forgive him. She pulls away her hands and turning off the light goes to bed turning her back on him. Ömer lies on the sofa staring at her.

In the morning Ömer is all dressed. He sits beside her bed. She is sleeping. He says I will never give you up and leaves. Zehra opens her eyes once he leaves.

Salim is in the living room. Zehra comes and says Ömer must have left for work. The door bell rings. She opens the door. It is Ömer. He has brought fresh bread. Salim gets up saying he must leave for work. Zehra goes to make breakfast. Canan also has to leave quickly. Ömer asks Zehra to sit so they can talk. He says you made a decision about the divorce on your own. I know I have made grave mistakes, but all those mistakes cannot end this love. Zehra suddenly remembers him pulling off the necklace from her neck on the night of the wedding and falls apart. She gets up and runs out of the house. Ömer follows her and she begs him not to follow her as she needs to be alone.

Zehra walks into a playground and sits on a bench. She takes out her phone and calls her lawyer asking him to begin filing for divorce.

S02E260 - 260.Bölüm Air Date: 12 January 2018 14:10 -

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Ömer arrives. Zehra is annoyed that he followed her. He says he got worried because she left in that state. She says he does not need to worry about her anymore. He says what are you talking about? You are my wife? She says not really! Ömer refuses to believe her. She insists that she is determined to follow through with the divorce. Ömer is stumped.

Ömer waits for her outside Salim's house. Zehra finally comes out to put out the garbage. She asks why he has not gone. He says he could not. He asks if she is doing this to punish him? She says no, she is doing it because she believes it is the right thing for the two of them. Ömer does not accept it and says this is not a simple thing that can be discussed here, I will go for now.

Ömer goes home. Nihat goes to him again and gives him support. He tells him to hang in there and that all will turn out well. Bahşende enters the study when Nihat leaves. She apologizes for the unpleasantness that has passed between them since she has returned to the House and tells him that in order to make it up to Zehra, she has prepared a nice dinner and wants to give Zehra a family heirloom ring. Ömer tries to get out of it but cannot.

Salim speaks with Zehra. Hamiyyet has returned. He tells Zehra that he understands that her husband is nice and does not complain about her absence, but they should not take advantage of his gracious nature. He tells Zehra to return home to her husband. Zehra cannot get out of it so she leaves. As she is walking in Mahalle Cevriye spots her on the street from her taxi. She stops and tells her that she was here to see Şükran and is on her way back to the House, so they can go together. In the taxi she warns Zehra not to let Bahşende take over her life and people like her need to be put in their place. Zehra remains humble and says Bahşende is the matriarch of the family and deserves respect despite her harsh words and behaviour.

Kerem finds out that Teo has been playing around with Sabah's customers. He forces him to go to Sabah and reveal everything to her. Sabah snaps at Teo and tells him to go away. Kerem apologizes to Sabah for having confronted her with the truth adding that he did not want her to be hurt. Sabah is surprised that Kerem had thought that she was going out with Teo.

Zehra is in the living room with Ayşe and Cevriye. She gets up to go change. Ayşe asks her to return Ömer's pen. Zehra takes it reluctantly. In the study Ömer finally decides to call Zehra. He asks where she is. She enters the study. Ömer is dumbstruck and takes a while to hang up. She tells him that her dad asked her to return. She returns his pen. He is about to talk when his phone rings. Zehra leaves. As she is lying down in her bed, Bahşende comes in and treats her with great kindness and asks her to dress up for the dinner she has prepared. Zehra tries to get out of it, but Başende cuts her short.

Zehra goes to Ömer and tells him considering their situation attending this dinner is not possible for her. He asks if she told Bahşende. She says she could not. He says the same happened to him. He tried but could not turn down her invitation. She says I cannot pretend anymore. He says there is no pretense. We are truly a married couple. She says he has to come up with some excuse and leaves.

Bahşende looks at the ring in her bedroom and reveals that she still disapproves of Zehra and is concocting another plan to get rid of her.

Ömer sits alone and remembers Zehra kissing him and the times they embraced and aches for her. He goes to the bedroom. She is lying in bed pretending to be asleep. He stands by her side and says I know you are not sleeping. He says I know how you feel but think about all the family. They have gone through all this trouble. Ayşe has also been told. Would it be right for us to shock them like this? Zehra does not respond. He leaves.

Bahşende has brought a special chef for the dinner. Hediye talks with him and they try his food in the kitchen.

Cevriye comes into the bedroom and sees Zehra unprepared. She immediately presses her to get up and get ready.

Cevriye arrives at the table. Everyone is there. Ayşe is about to go get Zehra. Ömer says Zehra is not well. Ayşe says no! here she is! Zehra comes all dressed up. Ömer gets up quickly and pulls her a chair. He is thankful to see her. Bahşende makes the introductions and says this is to welcome their bride into the Kervancioglu family. Zehra thanks her graciously and they begin to serve the food.

Before the dessert, Bahşende takes out the ring to be given to Zehra. Ayşe says this ring has been worn by the strong Kervancioglu women and no one is more deserving of wearing it than Zehra. Ömer gets up and pulls back her chair. They come face to face. He puts the ring on her hand saying the day she accepted him as her husband, she made him the happiest man in the world and thanks her for being in his life. He then kisses her on her cheek whispering in her ear that he loves her.

They sit, and she thanks the family. Ömer's phone ring. He takes it apologizing. Zehra's lawyer tells him that his wife has started divorce proceedings. Ömer looks at Zehra with disbelief.

S02E261 - 261.Bölüm Air Date: 15 January 2018 14:10 -

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Ömer is distraught. Ayşe asks if anything is wrong. He says it is something to do with work and asks to be excused from the table. Bahşende asks him to stay but he says he will be back immediately. He goes into the study and asks Zehra in his head how she could do this to them He remembers her telling him that she cannot endure living like this anymore and wants a divorce. He lashes out against the things on his desk and then crashes down onto the chair repeating to himself that he cannot lose Zehra.

Bahşende asks Zehra to go and get Ömer. Zehra goes into the study and sees the room in disarray. Ömer is sitting down with his head in his hands looking desolate and helpless. She calls out his name gently and asks him to pull himself together. He lifts up his head and says your lawyer called. I did not believe things would go so far.

He walks up to her and says I will make it up to you. I will not let you go. She says what you have done to me, cannot be remedied. He puts her hand on his heart and says this heart only beats for you. Zehra says that doesn't change anything. She then asks him to come back to the table.

Ayşe comes into the room and seeing the state of the room thinks they might have had a fight. Zehra covers everything up saying Ömer is upset over something related to work. Ömer is too broken to say anything. Ayşe asks him not to upset himself over work. Zehra and Ayşe return to the table. Ömer lingers a bit longer to pull himself together. At the table they talk about how Ömer has changed since his marriage to Zehra and become a gentler soul.

Ömer finally returns to the table. They serve his favourite dessert. He clearly has no appetite for anything.

Kerem speaks with Sabah and finds himself rejoicing at the fact that Sabah was never interested in Teo. At Salim's Hamiyyet serves food with supplies she has brought from the country and they talk about the high quality of the food. Canan says she does not like the food or the country lifestyle. The adults laugh.

Ömer thanks his grandmother for the dinner and excuses himself. He goes outside. Nihat follows him and again tries to boost his morale. Nihat insists that Zehra loves Ömer and it is exactly because of that, that she is so hurt by his mistreatment. He tells Ömer that you just have to persist in showing her how much you love her.

Ömer goes into the bedroom and sees Zehra on the edge of the bed. He sits opposite her and tells him that he cannot agree to the divorce because he loves her. He then asks her if she can truly tell him that she does not love him. Zehra hesitates and tells him she does not have to tell him anything. Ömer says she does not need to tell him anything because he can see her love for him in her eyes. She says even love cannot afford to forgive some things. Ömer says but you can if you want to. He says I will not let you kill this love. She says you killed the love by not trusting me.

She sleeps. Ömer stays up on the chair all night staring at her. In the morning he tells him that he cannot resign himself to a life without her. She snaps back by saying how he destroyed the most beautiful and meaningful night in their lives because of a misunderstanding without even giving her a chance to explain. He says he was too scared to ask her about it and have to deal with the possibility that she really hated him, that she could not stand him. He says he could not live without her then or now. He kisses her hand, but she pulls back again. She says she cannot continue her life with someone who does not trust her. She says she will wait until he has told Ayşe everything and then she will tell her father.

Kerem dreams about Sabah. He tells Sabah at the office that he had a nice dream. Sabah says if you don't say it to anyone it can come true. Canan notices something between Kerem and sabah. Sabah drops her scarf at Kerem's door. He takes it and begins reflecting aloud about his feeling for her. Canan overhears Kerem.

Ayşe tells Nihat she is bored of sitting at home and wants to begin some kind of work. She decides to discuss it with Zehra.

Ömer is in the study. Nihat arrives and asks for some papers. Ömer takes them from the drawer. With it, there is the CD Alev left when she was leaving. Nihat wonders what is on it. Ömer says he does not want it in anyone's hands. Nihat takes it and wants to see it. He promises to get rid of it. Ömer's mind is somewhere else. He leaves. Nihat looks at the CD and realizes it is a photo of the contract Ömer had prepared for Zehra to sign before their marriage. He wants to hide it from Ayşe.

Ömer goes into the living room. Zehra is talking with Ayşe. He thinks she is telling her about the divorce. He tries to intervene and then realizes Zehra just wanted to talk to her about the ring her grandmother recently gave her. Zehra later tells him, he has once more proven to her that he does not trust her. Did she not tell him, that she sould wait for him to explain everything to Ayşe first? Ömer is stumped.

Nihat goes into the bedroom to say goodbye to Ayşe. Ayşe talks about starting her own business with Zehra. Nihat inadvertently drops the CD beside the bed and the night table.

Ömer gets in his car and drives off beating himself up over disappointing Zehra again. His state of mind makes him unfit for driving and he is about to drive head to head into a truck driving in the opposite direction.

S02E262 - 262.Bölüm Air Date: 16 January 2018 14:10 -

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At the last minute Ömer swerves and gets out of the way. He stops the car to gather himself. He then drives to the waterfront. He remembers the sweet moments of the wedding night and then remembers the pulling off of the necklace. He then remembers the many times Zehra kept asking him what was wrong and he refused to talk. He remembers how she told him one day he would regret his doings. He screams into the sea with deep ruefulness: "Zehra!"

In the bedroom, Zehra begins to pack her suitcase. She begins to remember the hurtful moments of degradation by Ömer and cannot handle her wounded feelings. She tries to remember the good moments as well, but the bad ones keep rushing into her mind. Zehra feels her only way to get rid of the pain is to leave this bedroom and this House.

Kerem refuses to discuss his feelings with Canan. Sabah gets a call from a large business to whom she and Kerem had offered a business pitch. They are interested in meeting with then. She shares the great news with Canan and Kerem.

Sabah calls Zehra to share the news and Zehra tells her that she is separating from Ömer. Sabah is shocked and asks her not to rush into anything and give their love a chance. Zehra says I have made my decision.

Bahşende asks Zehra to join her in an event where she would like to introduce her to some of her social set. Ayşe says they have a business meeting with Zehra so she cannot go that day. She then gets Zehra to bring some of her sketches and show Bahşende. The matriarch is impressed by Zehra's skill.

On the pier, Ömer sits desolately still thinking about his situation. He calls his lawyer and tells him he will, under no circumstances, agree to a divorce.

Zehra gets a call from her dad and goes outside to talk. Ömer arrives and goes to her. He tells her that she once told him never to let go of her hand. He will never let he go. Zehra tells him Bahşende is looking from the window. Ömer tells her that he does not care who is looking. These are his true feelings. Zehra goes back into the bedroom. She is stirred by Ömer's touch but tries to snap out of it. She asks the heavens for strength to leave Ömer because she is clearly aware how much she loves him.

Nihat realizes he does not have the CD and tells everyone in the office to look for it.

Ayşe goes to Ömer in the study and tells him about her business plans with Zehra. Ömer tells him that they could use the Kervancioglu offices for their space and also take advantage of some of their staff. He asks Ayşe however not to tell Zehra that it was his idea. Nihat comes in. Ayşe wonders why Ömer does not want her to tell Zehra the truth. Nihat realizes Ömer's hesitation and says he probably does not want his wife to feel he wants to hover over her all the time. Ayşe accepts.

In the living room Cevriye tells Zehra that Ayşe has been talking with Ömer for a long time. Zehra thinks Ömer is probably telling her about the divorce. She becomes jittery. Ayşe goes into the living room and says she has something important to discuss with Zehra and wants everyone to hear. Zehra thinks is it about the divorce and becomes uncomfortable. Ayşe then says she has decided hwo she and Zehra can work together. Zehra is surprised. Ayşe tells her about working from the Kervancioglu Holding premises. Bahşende is not too happy about this partnership. Zehra tells Ayşe that she is not ready yet. Ayşe lets go but is determined to pursue it later. Ömer listens to the conversation without being seen and then goes back to the study.

Kerem tells Koray that he is in love with Sabah, but he does not want to tell her because if she does not feel that way, then he might lose her friendship as well. Koray tells him he should start with little nice gestures such as little gifts and then reveal his feelings for him.

Ömer goes into the bedroom and sees Zehra's suitcase on the the bed. He wonders how much she hates her that she is in such a rush to leave. He says one more time that he will not agree to the divorce. She says you are being a bully. He says defiantly, no, I am only in love with you. She asks if he put ideas in Ayşe's head. He says she asked for support and I agreed. She accepts that it could have been Ayşe's idea but assures him that such things would not keep her from her decision. He says neither will I be dissuaded from my decision. They tell each other: "We'll see!" He takes his pillow to leave the room. She says sodftly you can sleep in your bed; you did not sleep last night either. He says: "it's not necessary!" and leaves.

In the morning Asya goes into her parents' room and finds the CD on the floor. She takes it thinking it may be a cartoon CD.

Sabah sets up a nice breakfast and calls Kerem over. Kerem gives her a new backpack. He had noticed that he old one was torn. Sabah is impressed and grateful.

In the morning Ömer and Zehra run into each other at the bedroom door. He says we cannot leave each other's orbit; we are drawn to each with a great magnetic force. She says I do not want to destroy myself like a butterfly drawn to light. Her phone rings. Her lawyer says Ömer will not agree to a divorce, so this can prolong matters. She is angry with him. She says he has killed their love and has to accept it. He says he will never agree to a divorce. She tells him she will go and tell her dad right away. He grabs her arm to stop her.

S02E263 - 263.Bölüm Air Date: 17 January 2018 14:10 -

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Ömer asks her not to go. She persists. He asks her to give her time to tell Ayşe first. She calms down and agrees to that. Ömer goes back into the study to think things through. Nihat comes in and tells him they have run into some difficulty at the office and he needs to go there. Ömer tells him he cannot be of use to anyone in this situation and tells him how Zehra has given him time to tell Ayşe everything. Nihat is shocked and says Ayşe cannot handle such a thing. Their divorce would kill her. He says we have to do something. He says you need to find some time alone to talk with each other.

Ayşe goes into Zehra's bedroom and shows her a photo she has enlarged and framed. It is a photo of Ayşe, Nihat, Asya, Ömer and Zehra. She also reflects on how her brother has supported her throughout her life and got her through all difficulties. She tells Zehra he was also a father to her and she knows that he will be fine father to their children. Zehra feels miserable. Ayşe takes the photograph into her bedroom happily.

Nihat tells Ayşe and Zehra they should go to their cottage in the mountains. Zehra is hesitant but finally accepts. He says he will convince Ömer. Ömer goes into the bedroom and says he is surprised she accepted the invitation. Zehra says I did not want to disappoint Ayşe and it is a good opportunity for you to speak to her there. Nihat tells Ayşe they should take their own car to do some shopping first. They leave in separate cars and arrange to meet at the first stop.

On the way, Zehra gets carsick. Ömer stops the car and gently takes her out of the car and helps her recover. Nihat tells Ayşe he has forgotten his phone in the House so they return. Once there, he pretends he is sick and engages Ayşe and Cevriye in taking care of him so Ömer and Zehra get a chance to be alone.

Ömer and Zehra arrive at the cottage and meet the caretakers. They were apparently away the last time the couple had gone there. They have prepared the house for them. Both of them comment on the beauty of the bride (Zehra) and wish a long life together. Ömer says Amen to that.

Zehra refuses to unwind. Ömer tries to talk to her but she keeps blocking his attempts. Ömer goes out to cut firewood.

Şükran calls Koray to come and help Salim if possible. Koray has to deal with Özge's nastiness at work and finish his work fast to get to Salim.

Kerem invites Sabah to dinner. He says he has important things to tell her. Canan tells Sabah Kerem likes you. Sabah refuses to accept it. Zehra wants to go for a walk alone. The caretaker warns her that she should not go alone as there are wolves and jackals that can pose a danger to her. She refuses to listen and goes out on her own. Ömer goes after her saying where do you think you're going in these woods. She says somewhere away from him. He lets her go and walks back but remains in the background watching her. She begins to hear barking and gets scared. Ömer runs to her rescue. She throws herself in his arms like a scared little girl.

They return to the cottage. Zehra want to call Ayşe. Someone knocks on the door. It is an old lady selling wild thyme and herbs. She asks them for a glass of water and permission to rest at the door. Ömer insists to take her in. They invite her to eat with them. She says she has to go to her husband who is sick. She says she'd rather die that see him go first. She tells them to count their blessings and not miss a moment of their time together. She then extends prayers of long life and health for them as a pair. Ömer says amen to her prayers. Ömer buys all the herbs paying more than she expects saying they ar ea big family and his wife really liked her herbs. She is thankful.

Once she leaves, Ömer says he cannot get through to Nihat and Ayşe. Zehra acts frustrated and brings a cushion and sits in front of the fireplace. Ömer does the same. Ömer says he is very grateful to be there with her. Zehra says she felt the same way but after what he has done, they can no longer go back to the good days. Ömer suddenly darts up. She asks where are you going? He is upset and says I have to get some air.

Kerem calls Koray and tells him tonight, he is going to tell Sabah that he loves her He prepares a lovely table. Teo arrives at Sabah's office and asks Sabah to help him recover his friendship with Kerem. She accepts. Kerem's doorbell rings. It is Sabah. She is not alone; Teo is there too.

Şükran and Hamiyyet take food to the workshop and are glad to see Koray is also there helping Salim. They all eat together along with Canan.

Zehra sits in front of the fireplace alone. She notices a text arriving on Ömer's phone. Nihat has written that he has managed to keep Ayşe there so Ömer can be alone with Zehra. Zehra reads the text. She is angry that Ömer is playing games.

S02E264 - 264.Bölüm Air Date: 18 January 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer returns and Zehra snaps at him for playing games. She says you are up to your old tricks. He says it was Nihat's idea that it would give us a chance to talk. Zehra says did you think you could solve the problems by bringing me here? No, you can't? The problems are in my head. He says and my feeling for you are here, beating his heart. He says yes, I took part in a lie because I love you. She says maybe not trusting someone is the same as saying you never loved them. Maybe you never loved me. Ömer storms and holds her close saying, this is not the truth and you know better than anyone how I love you truly and madly.

Zehra wants to leave but they come face to face with a couple. They are neighbours who have heard Ömer is here and have come to thank him for helping them when their roof had collapsed. They have brought goat's milk yogurt. Zehra is impressed by Ömer's role in their lives. Zehra ends up returning to the house as they invite the neighbours to dinner and eat together. The neighbours are happy that their prayers for Ömer have been answered and he has found his love and married a nice woman. They extend further prayers for a lasting life for the couple and Ömer once more says amen to that.

Once they leave, Zehra says if our happily-married-couple act is over, I am going to leave now. Ömer protest against her description. You know it well, don't you? You have practiced it for months acting like the loving husband in front of others and then turning your bitter face to me in private and acting as if I am the worst kind of person in the world. Ömer melts at Zehra's reminder of his behaviour in the past.

Zehra leaves. It is pitch dark outside. Ömer begins to count thinking she is going to come back soon. However, it is not as soon as he expected so he runs to get his coat and follow her but when he comes with his coat she has come back and warns him not to say a word. She says she will leave first thing in the morning. He says we will leave together in the morning. Ömer locks the door and put sthe keys in his pocket.

Zehra goes to sleep in the room. It is too cold, so she comes back out. Ömer gives her a cushion to sit near the fireplace and warm up. She wants to drop firewood in the fire and some embers fall on her hand. Ömer fusses over her delicate arm.

Ömer is going to sleep in the bedroom but Zehra stops him saying he can sleep on the sofa. Ömer assures her that he will be fine in the bedroom despite the cold. Zehra insists that he can sleep on the sofa. So they both settle in the two sofas. The dark scares Zehra so they light some candles and begin to talk. Ömer happily recounts the story about coming there with his dad and Ayşe and how they had lost his sister and looked for her everywhere and found her in the closet with chocolate covered hands. Zehra asks how come your mother was not there. Ömer says she had left us and his joy melts away from his face.

Later he gets up and they continue talking intimately and smiling at each other through the night.

Kerem is irritated by Teo's appearance and has no chance to declare his love for Sabah. Koray spends the night working at Salim's and is late for work. He falls asleep on his desk. Özge keeps rebuking him.

Nihat asks Ayşe if she has found a CD lying around. She has not.

Ömer wakes up in the morning and sees that Zehra has taken the keys form his pocket and let herself out. He follows her and catches up with her. She is scared but tells him she will take care of herself. He is about to follow her when suddenly loses balance and falls injuring his ankle. Zehra helps him back to the house and feels responsible for what has happened to Ömer.

At the House Asya gives the CD to her mom so she can set it up for her to see. Ayşe takes the CD. She realizes it has to do with Alev and is about to see what is on it.

S02E265 - 265.Bölüm Air Date: 19 January 2018 14:10 -

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Ayşe cannot open the CD. She goes to set Asya up with some cartoon in another room. She does not tell anything about it to Nihat. Nihat is looking for the CD at the office and the House.

Sabah goes to Kerem's in the morning and sets the breakfast table. As soon as Kerem begins to talk again, Koray calls and asks him to get him some clothes as he was late for work and had to go there straight from Salim's. Kerem has to leave. At the office he finds Koray sleeping on his desk. Özge makes a face.

Zehra and Ömer return to the House. Everyone begins fussing over him. Zehra helps him to the bed and helps him with ice packs. Ayşe also comes and fusses over him. Ömer says I am a very lucky guy because I have two kindhearted women in my life taking care of me. If I do something stupid to waste this blessing, would you please forgive me? Ayşe responds, of course I will. Your credit with me is endless. She says things between husband and wife can be different though.

Ayşe asks if she can use Ömer's laptop and it is at the office. She sends his laptop to be fixed. She asks Can to get it back to her right away.

Kerem realizes Sabah has not thrown away his cactus and is happy. Sabah contemplates the possibility that Kerem loves her.

Bahşende visits Ömer and takes issue with home remedies prepared by Zehra for him. She says a doctor should come and see him. Ömer says Zehra's remedies have always worked very well for him. Zehra feels proud but adds that she has called the doctor already. The doctor comes. He examines Ömer. Ömer asks Zehra to get him some water and talks with the doctor alone. He says the doctor has advised rest.

Kerem wants to take Sabah to the cinema and then work himself up to telling her he loves her. Sabah realizes and turns down the invitation. Canan takes the tickets to Şükran and Hamiyyet. At night again Kerem tries to walk with Sabah to Salim's but she comes up with some excuse to stop him again.

Zehra leaves Ömer alone and he keeps on thinking of different ways to bring her back to him. Bahşende sees Zehra in the living room and tells her she should make sure Ömer has eaten his food. She goes there and feeds him his meal. He thanks her and says I wish my ankle would never heal and you would stay with me like this forever. He asks for her forgiveness again saying he regrets the mistakes he has made. She looks like she is on the verge of giving in.

Can comes in to get Ömer to sign some papers he needs to return to the office right away. He also has Ayşe's laptop are repaired. He takes the papers and then goes to give Ayşe her laptop. Ayşe takes the computer and sees the CD's content and begins to cry.

Zehra takes some breakfast to Ömer and realizes he is walking and is surprised. She realizes he has been playacting. He apologizes but says whatever I have done is because I love you and don't want to lose you. For that I am ready to do anything. Zehra again remembers the horrible moments and tells him, whatever I do I cannot forget what you did. I look at this bed and I remember that night, it does not go away. She wants to tell Ayşe. Ömer stops her saying let us tell her together.

Ayşe storms into their room. They say we need to tell you something. She cries saying, how could you do this to me? Zehra and Ömer are puzzled

S02E266 - 266.Bölüm Air Date: 22 January 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ayşe cries and says you are the people in my life whom I most trust, how could you lie to me. They realize that she has found out that their marriage was based on a contract.

Ömer is shocked. He just tells her, it had to be done. Ayşe says I thought you loved each other. Ömer says do not doubt that, I love Zehra dearly and that is not a lie. Zehra also says I loved Ömer and still love him. Ayşe will not be appeased and leaves in anger. Zehra wants to go to her but Ömer stops her and tells her he should talk to her.

Bahşende sees Ayşe and tries to find out what is going on, but Ayşe just goes into her room. Ömer goes to her and tells her how he cares for her and asks her to trust him. He cannot bring himself to tell her about her sickness. Ayşe feels completely betrayed. Ömer leaves.

In the bedroom Ömer feels miserable. Zehra tries to console him saying he is a wonderful brother and should not doubt that for a minute. Ömer feels Ayşe will never for give him. Zehra says she will be beside him until this matter is resolved and that the divorce discussions can be held for later as Ayşe would not be able to handle it at this point.

Hediye has not cleared away the breakfast table because Cevriye has not had breakfast. She had a headache and is coming later. Bahşende speaks in a degrading manner about Cevriye and she overhears it as she is leaving the living room. Bahşende's bitter tongue finally convinces Cevriye to leave the House. She goes to Sabah asking her to find a decent rental apartment for her. Meanwhile, Canan takes her home to stay with them at Salim's.

Canan tells Sabah Kerem is in love with her. Sabah denies it and says they are only friends and there can never be anything like love between them. Kerem overhears this and is dissuaded from declaring his love. He feels he can no longer be beside her because it is too painful for him and every time she approaches him, he acts cold and distant.

Zehra goes to Ayşe and tells her that she can think whatever she wants about her, but she should never doubt her brother's love for her. Ayşe asks to be left alone. Asya comes so Zehra takes her out to play.

Zehra makes some tea for Ömer to calm him down. Ömer stares at her as she sleeps and then draws toward her yearning for an embrace. Zehra notices his arm around her and lets it be, pretending to be asleep.

Cevriye informs Nihat that she is staying with friends for the night. He tells her to feel comfortable and do as she pleases. Cevriye feels unwanted.

Nihat is receiving unknown calls. In the morning he goes into the study and sees Ömer and Zehra and when he hears what has happened he realizes why Ayşe was crying all night. He realizes that Ayşe has been trying to keep the issue of the contract from him. While the three of them are discussing how to explain the marriage contract and the issue of Ayşe's sickness, Ayşe walks in.

S02E267 - 267.Bölüm Air Date: 23 January 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ayşe has not heard anything but wants an explanation. Ömer tells her that there is no deception in his love for Zehra. He insists that he loves her. Zehra confirms that. Ömer confirms that it started as a contract, but they have fallen in love. Ayşe thinks they are still continuing the act and does not accept it. She is also upset that her husband has been in on the lie.

In the bedroom Ömer wonders if his sister will ever forgive him. And on top of that, there is the divorce. He asks Zehra for another chance. Zehra says I gave you many chances, you squandered them all down and killed this love.

Bahşende goes to Ayşe to find out what is going on. Ayşe remains evasive. Bahşende also tries asking Nihat and Ömer but no one gives her any information.

Nihat discusses the problem with Ömer and Zehra in the study. Zehra suggests that they get professional help in order to tell Ayşe the whole thing. They agree to call a psychologist.

Canan tries to open Sabah's eyes to her own feelings for Kerem'. Sabah tries to deny them. Kerem decides to go to work for his father and gives up the real estate business. Sabah is upset that he is leaving and calls Koray. Koray tells her that she needs to tell Kerem that she is not happy to see him go. Koray says Kerem needs to hear that from you. Meets Asya at the door and leaves her with Susan and decides to go for a walk alone. She is feeling weak but leaves the House.

Ömer and Zehra again talk about Ayşe in the bedroom Ömer holds Zehra to himself and does not want to let her go. She tries to get away. He begs her to stay a moment longer. Zehra tells him not to upset himself and that things would go back to the good old days and Ayşe is sure to forgive him. He asks when will you forgive me?

Cevriye stays at Salim's house and she seems to be developing feelings for Salim. She is also upset that no one is calling after her from the House. She informs Zehra that she is at Salim's. Ömer and Zehra decide that perhaps it is better that Cevriye be away while they resolve the issues with Ayşe.

Nihat realizes Ayşe is not home and she will not answer his calls. Ömer calls Ayşe. She does not answer but texts that she is in the park and will go back shortly. Walking in the park, she feels dizzy. She remembers Ömer and Zehra's anniversary gathering and feels like a fool. She is being stalked by somebody.

The psychologist comes to the House. The psychologist asks to speak with each of them separately. First, she speaks with Ömer. She realizes how they have had a traumatic childhood in the absence of their mother and later their father. She notes how Ömer has taken the burden of parenthood for Ayşe. She also talks with Nihat and hears the Müge episode. She talks with Zehra. Zehra does not mention anything about her intended divorce. She then asks to talk with Ayşe but she has not returned yet.

Ömer calls Ayşe. She says I am coming home. He asks if he should go and get her. She says she is on her way. As she hangs up, Müge creeps up on her. She says what do you want. Müge says; "to talk to you." Ayşe is puzzled.

S02E268 - 268.Bölüm Air Date: 24 January 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ayşe refuses to go and says she has to go home. But she feels weak and suddenly passes out. Müge takes Ayşe in a taxi to her hideout.

At the House, Ömer calls Ayşe again. She is now in the taxi with Müge all passed out. Müge turns off the phone. Ömer becomes anxious. Since Ayşe does not seem to be coming, the psychologist leaves. Zehra holds Ömer's hand noticing his anxiety. Ömer is thankful.

Kerem feels bad that Sabah has no feelings for him, so he decides to give up his office and work for his father. Sabah is shocked and begins to make discrete efforts to make him stay.

Ömer, Zehra and Nihat begin searching for Ayşe. They call her friends. Nihat goes to check the places she frequents.

Ayşe comes to on Müge's sofa. Müge brings her soup. She tells her she passed out on the street, so she brought her there. She tells her that she wants to tell her the truth about herself and Nihat and asks her to give her a chance to explain things that she does not know.

Asya is looking for her mother. Ömer tries to distract her with food and takes her to "Hediye Abla's Restaurant" to feed her.

Ayşe is feeling better and tries to find her purse and leave. Müge comes with tea and asks her to drink some tea first. She tells Ayşe that Nihat brought her into the House. She says that when she found out that Nihat was married she wanted to leave the job but Nihat told her that he loved her and would not let her go. She says that Nihat would text her in the middle of the night. Ayşe drinks the tea which is drugged. She wants to leave but feels woosey and falls asleep again.

Ömer and Zehra drive to the police station to initiate a search. Zehra tries to constantly comfort Ömer and assure him that Ayşe is fine.

Kerem chats with Koray about Sabah. Koray tells him to give a chance to Sabah to tell him how she feels. Kerem gets a call from someone interested in his business. He goes there but Sabah is trying to send the guy away. She almost tells Kerem that she wants him to stay but does not and leaves Kerem hanging. He is very upset.

Cevriye is at Salim's and feels very rejected since no one from the House calls to ask for her. Hamiyyet tells her that she has preparations for a relative's wedding and would appreciate it if she would stay and help a few days. Cevriye is more than happy to accept.

At the station, Ömer and Zerha inform Officer Murat of the situation. As they are waiting, they hear news about a couple who died in a fire. The newly married husband goes in to rescue his new bride and the two of them perish in that disaster. Ömer and Zehra are stirred by the news. Ömer says they loved each other so much that they went hand in hand. Nihat arrives and is exasperated as Ayşe cannot be found anywhere.

Ayşe wakes up and walks slowly outside the living room and finally finds her bag. She takes out her phone and calls Nihat form the bathroom. She does not tell him where she is. She just says she is coming home. Nihat is happy.

Ömer, Zehra and Nihat go to Officer Murat and tell her that Ayşe has called, and all is well. Officer Murat then tells them that Müge has escaped from custody and he is happy that this did not involve her.

Müge realizes Ayşe has called outside. When Ayşe tries to leave, she grabs her and locks her up. Ömer calls Ayşe once more. He wants to go and get her. Müge answers the phone and says "I have your sister and if you did not recognize me, it is Müge. Surprise!" Ömer is astonished.

S02E269 - 269.Bölüm Air Date: 25 January 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer, Zehra and Nihat are all shocked that Müge has got Ayşe. Nihat reveals that he has been getting crank calls and now realizes they could have been from Müge. They go to Officer Murat again and tell him what has happened. The search starts. Nihat goes to get Asya. Ömer and Zehra go to the hospital where Müge was being held hoping that they could find some clue.

Ayşe tries to escape from the room through the window and calls for help. Müge comes in and beats her up. She then takes her to the washroom and ties her up and calls Nihat. Nihat realizes that she intends to kill Ayşe.

Ömer and Zehra try to get information from Müge's doctor but get nowhere. A patient becomes interested in Zehra's bag. Ömer is concerned that Zehra should not approach a patient in a mental hospital alone. But Zehra goes to her and begins talking. She asks about Müge. The woman says she has given Müge her keys to her apartment so she can go and water her plants. She says she is willing to do the same for her and gives Zehra another set of keys. Zehra thanks her and taking out her wallet form the bag gives her the bag. She then tells Ömer that Müge is probably at the given address.

Salim thanks Cevriye for her exquisite cooking. They leave the house together and Cevriye runs into Kerem on the way to Sabah's. He says he has just turned over to Sabah an apartment that might be suitable for her. She asks him to go with her and Sabah to see the apartment.

Ömer and Zehra run to the car and Nihat calls and tells them Müge just called him. He says she has lost it and intends to kill Ayşe. They tell him they are going to the address and send the address to him as well. They also inform the police who tells them not to do anything until they arrive.

Koray helps Özge and delivers all his reports. She finally tones down a bit and commends his efforts.

Kerem and Sabah are showing Cevriye an apartment. They are also trying to avoid talking to each other. Canan and Cevriye decide to lock them up in the apartment so they cannot escape from each other and have a decent conversation. Sabah tells him that she feels he is angry with her and cannot figure out what she has done to deserve that. He says they will remain friends and she can call on him whenever she wants but things have not turned out as he expected and that is why he is leaving. He says it is also better for her. She says that he should not decide on her behalf.

Ömer and Zehra arrive at the building. They run upstairs. Müge has dressed up and taken Ayşe to the rooftop. She is going to jump together with Ayşe and is waiting for Nihat to arrive so he can choose between the best corpse. Zehra notices an earring on the stairs so they run up. Ömer talks to Müge and tries to stall. He apologizes to her for letting Nihat marry his sister. He asks for a chance to remedy it. Zehra distracts Müge saying Nihat has arrived and Ömer gets Ayşe away. Müge falls over but drags Zehra with her. Zehra falls and grabs on to the ledge and remains hanging. Ömer opens Ayşe's mouth and she screams that Zehra is falling. Ömer notices Zehra hanging from the ledge.

S02E270 - 270.Bölüm Air Date: 26 January 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer pulls Zehra up with some difficulty and embraces her. They then include Ayşe in the hug.

They go home. Asya runs to her mom and the two of them go to the bedroom to rest.

Bahşende interrogates Ömer and Nihat. Ömer tells her that Ayşe was kidnapped. Bahşende is shocked and snaps at Nihat. Ömer tells Nihat to go and get some rest and when he is gone he warns his grandmother that she should behave more graciously with Nihat who has always been beside Ayşe in her tough times.

Sabah cries in her room talking to a photo of her parents. She says I did not intend to stay long because that's the only way to not getting tied. Kerem overhears her and realizes how upset she is. He leaves quietly. She goes on to say that she does not want to leave, and she does not want others to leave either.

In the bedroom Zehra remembers the recent events and becomes very emotional. Ömer arrives and she tells him that he needs to explain everything to Ayşe.

Ömer goes into the living room. Ayşe is there unable to sleep. He sits with her and starts by telling her that her cancer had returned. Ayşe is shocked. He assures her that she is fine now. He then explains how the doctors said that she needed to be calm and happy and since she thought Zehra was his girlfriend, he decided to get into a contract marriage with her to make his sister happy. He then adds that what started as a big lie, then turned into the most beautiful truth of his life as he fell in love with Zehra. Ayşe leaves in shock.

Ömer goes to the bedroom and feels he has deeply hurt his sister. Zehra consoles him and assures him that he has done the right thing. He is concerned that Ayşe would never forgive him.

Sabah is very sad that Kerem is leaving. Kerem thinks that Sabah is leaving and tells Koray. Koray tells him that he owes it to himself and to Sabah to tell her how he feels.

Ömer lies down beside Zehra without changing his clothes. He gets close to her. He puts his arm around her and she does not reject him and pretends to be asleep. He lies beside her awake all night.

Kerem goes to the real estate office in the morning and tears the rental announcement and tells Sabah he is not leaving. Sabah's face reveals joy after a long time. Cevriye becomes all teary at breakfast at Salim's. A call from the House turns out to be only Can asking about some mail. She feels no one at the House has felt her absence and feels unwanted. Salim tries to console her.

In the morning Ayşe is talking about the marriage contract between Ömer and Zehra in her bedroom with Nihat. Bahşende overhears it. In her room, Bahşende begins plotting against Zehra.

Nihat, Zehra and Ömer are in the study talking over the situation. Ömer is still concerned that he has seriously hurt Ayşe and she will never forgive him. Ayşe comes in. Ömer goes to her and begs for her forgiveness. Ayşe thanks him profusely. She hugs Ömer and then goes to Zehra and hugs her. Zehra and Ayşe look at Ömer all smiles.

S02E271 - 271.Bölüm Air Date: 29 January 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ayşe hugs all of them and says make sure there is nothing else you are hiding from me because I could not handle anything like this again. Ömer and Zehra look at each other concerned but say there is nothing else.

Ömer asks Zehra to go out for a meal. She refuses saying with the divorce in the forecast, they better not. Ayşe comes up with a dinner plan for the four of them. Zehra asks if Ömer put her up to it. Ayşe suspects something's wrong between Ömer and Zehra and is worried. Bahşende begins digging into Zehra's life. They keep forgetting to call Cevriye.

Ati is blamed by his boss for allegedly stealing from him. Kerem stops the guy from beating the boy. Ati swears he did not do it. There are robbers in the neighbourhood. Kerem takes Sabah to stay at his home. Sabah, Kerem and Koray sit for dinner. Koray turns in early to let Kerem tell Sabah he loves her. Nice dinner but Kerem cannot get the words out.

Ayşe and Nihat leave the restaurant early because Asya has woken up crying for them. Ömer sets up the scene with music and flowers asks Zehra to dance and just forget about everything until the end of the music. At home, he gives her the dress she had noted. She is surprised at every step. Ayşe tells Nihat she was probably wrong and Ömer and Zehra look very much in love. Ömer sees Zehra in the dress and begins to forget himself and wants to kiss her. Zehra snaps and tells him nothing he can do will change the fact that there will be a divorce. He says impossible. She gives him a blanket to go sleep in the office. As he comes out he runs into Ayşe getting a glass of water.

S02E272 - 272.Bölüm Air Date: 30 January 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer says good night to Ayşe and returns to bedroom. Zehra says why did you return. He says I ran into Ayşe and she looked very upset. Zehra says are you pulling another one of your games. He is very upset. Zehra almost crying says I am tired of this lying and pretending. Ömer says well then, I am going to tell Ayşe all about everything right now. Zehra stops him saying no she would be too upset; we can't do it now.

Ayşe goes to bedroom and is very sad. Nihat says maybe she should see a therapist because the things she has gone through are very trying. She is interested.

Ömer changes and asks if he can stay the night on the armchair. Zehra agrees. The lights go out. Zehra is scared and runs to light the candles but can't light the lighter. Ömer goes to get it from her and their closeness stirs their feelings. He wants to grab her. She is frozen and not letting go of the lighter. He takes the lighter and lights them.

She goes to bed and wakes up a bit later seeing Ömer with his neck stretched to the side. She wakes him up and tells him to get in bed. In the morning, she has her arm on his chest and when he wants to move it quietly, she digs it deeper into him locking him in. Then she wakes up and chides him for getting into her face. He is amused.

Kerem and Sabah have breakfast and go to office. Ati is not replying so they are concerned. Canan says the thieves have hit a couple of stores as well.

Ömer and Zehra go to breakfast. They try to pretend they have made up. Ayşe is very upset and does not buy it. Bahşende asks why and she says I have a headache and leaves the table. Nihat goes to her and she gets the number of the therapist.

Ayşe meets Ömer and Zehra in the study and tells them that since their relationship has been so odd, she has decided that they need professional help with it. So, they are to see a marriage counselor which she has called that very day.

Zehra is reluctant but acquiesces They meet the therapist and she says if they do not want to answer her truthfully, she would end the session. Ömer takes Zehra in the bedroom and tells her that they have to either tell the therapist the truth or Ayşe. He is also thinking that this therapy session might actually help him fix what has gone wrong in their relationship.

They go back, and he begins telling the therapist their story. She says although they fell in love after their contract marriage because there is a big gap between the start of the relationship and the moment they fell in love, the marriage might have unresolved issues.

Cevriye takes food to the workshop for Salim. They sit for tea and chat. The therapist gives them a questionnaire and they are to write their answers. They sit with their backs to each other. Ayhan Abi comes and tells Kerem that the woman was a fraud and knew nothing about Sabah's parents. The therapist looks at the answers and asks Zehra whether she is actually thinking about getting a divorce from Ömer!

S02E273 - 273.Bölüm Air Date: 31 January 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Zehra says I don't know what to say. The therapist says however you do not seem too certain about separation. The therapist says Ömer is very logical, but he has a serious fear of abandonment which may have been caused by a traumatic event in his life. Ömer hangs his head like a little boy at the mention of this. Zehra looks at him searching. He seems to hide from her eyes. The therapist adds that, Zehra has too much empathy so she has to learn to say no sometimes. She says their relationship is an attraction of opposites. He tries to solve things with his logic but she looks at them with her feelings. She tells them that their assignment is to spend 24 hours together and write down the positive and negative things that they perceive about each other. She also says that they are very much in love and this will help them solve their problems.

Zehra goes to the office with Ömer and keeps saying no to whatever he says. Ömer asks her to sit in the meeting and accepts her suggestions. Zehra keeps jumping too negative conclusions about his behaviour and jotting them in her notebook but soon she realizes she was mistaken and crosses over them. They eat at the office together.

Meanwhile the thieves in Mahalleh are busy and Ati can't find a job because of being marked as a thief. Koray suggests that he start work with Salim.

Ayşe realizes that Cevriye was upset by Bahşende and asks her grandmother to treat Cevriye better. She lets Ömer know and Ömer calls Cevriye and apologizes to her and says Can will be there to pick her up. She returns home.

At night Zehra looks at her notes and realizes Ömer has done nothing wrong all day. But she remembers the wedding night necklace pull scene and says she cannot forgive him.

In the study, Ömer cannot write anything because he recognizes himself as completely at fault. Ömer goes to the bedroom and says he does not know what to do and where to sleep. She says he can stay there. He asks if she has taken the notes the therapist asks. She says she has done some things. She again insists that nothing can be done and that Ömer has closed all the doors long ago.

In the morning Ömer notices that she has made a wall of pillows between them on the bed. He gets up and sees the notepad in Zehra's bag and takes it and notices that everything has been crossed out. Zehra wakes up and realizes he is hiding the pad behind him and goes to get it. They entangle. She lets go and says he can read it. He says he was just curious after last night's talk. He asks her to take it. She takes it. He stares at her. She says what is it; you have read my notes now you want to read my mind. He says, I wish I could read your mind and could erase everything and write it all over again.

Kerem and Sabah separate on the street and she runs into the thieves. Kerem comes back and they entangle.

Bahşende gets Salim's address and thinking she is going to save Ömer, goes to pay Salim a visit.

S02E274 - 274.Bölüm Air Date: 01 February 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Bahşende goes in. Salim and family are not ready to entertain. No coffee and pretty spread out. She later leaves, and we realize she has invited them to dinner that very night.

Meanwhile the Therapist meets separately with Ömer and Zehra. With Ömer she manages to get him talk about his mother and the trauma it has caused him. She tells him that he needs to open up about this to Zehra. To the two of them she says they need to write a letter to each other and reveal their inner feelings. Ömer says he will. Zehra is hesitant.

Sabah and Kerem get hurt catching the thieves. They go to office and tend to their wounds. Özge gets the advance she needs from work and gets angry at Koray for meddling in her business and telling Nihat. Kerem meets with Salim and he agrees to take Ati as his new apprentice.

In the room Zehra is feeling torn apart between her two selves; one telling her to leave and the other… Ömer says then we have to tell Ayşe. She says no, it will hurt her. Ömer asks wondering if Ayşe is the only reason she does not want to discuss the divorce. Zehra is puzzled. Ömer puts a pen in her hand and asks her to give them a chance and write the letter.

Zehra calls Sabah. She comes for a visit and Zehra tells her how hurt and lost she feels. Sabah then goes and sees Ömer before leaving and tells him not to give up and that Zehra loves him so.

Ömer goes to Zehra and she says she wants to run away. He holds her and squeezes her to his chest and says I can't let you go because it would be a betrayal of our love. Zehra leaves the room and someone calls Zehra. Ömer answers the phone since she is not there. He says thank you for letting us know. Zehra comes. She looks pale.

Salim, Şükran, Hamiyyet and Canan get ready and will buy homemade Baklava from a neighbour on the way. The family is sitting in the living room waiting for Bahşende's surprise guests. Ayşe says our grandma's surprises have no end. Ömer says indeed. They come and Zehra is shocked to see it is his father and family. Bahşende is pleased with herself.

S02E275 - 275.Bölüm Air Date: 02 February 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer takes Zehra's hand to steady her and assure her that all is well. Ömer remembers talking with Salim on the phone and then apparently he goes to Ayşe and explains the situation to Ayşe. She now realizes that Zehra is not in fact an orphan but has a family that she has hid from her and others as a result of the way their relationship started.

Ayşe goes to Salim and kisses his hand and is happy to meet them as she already knew they were coming. Bahşende is lost. Zehra excuses herself and goes to her bathroom in shock. Ömer goes to her, calms her down and brings her back. They have a nice dinner that Bahşende cannot stand and leaves early. After many nice exchanges the family leaves and Ömer gets Can to take them.

Ayşe thanks Zehra for all she has done for her and acknowledges the suffering she has gone through in order to hide her family. Zehra says what is important now is that we have reached such a day like this when everything is fine.

Ömer explains to Zehra that he did not tell her because she was not up to it and he did not want to upset her more. She agrees and thanks him. He then says I am going to the study to write your letter and again asks her to write one to him. Ömer writes the most moving letter explaining how he was hurt by the departure of his mother and how the poisonous words he heard from his mother to his dad were so like what he heard from Zehra on the night of their own wedding. He says he has gotten over that hurt and wants another chance from her to show that he can be her partner.

He goes to the room. Zehra has fallen asleep and in her sleep tells him that she has not written the letter. He asks what she would have written, that she wants a divorce. She says no I do not want it. He is happy.

Kerem reveals his love to sleeping Sabah and later we realize she has heard it. In the morning Zehra is very happy. She speaks on the phone with Canan and hears how her family was also happy with the visit. She goes to make breakfast with Asya. The divorce papers are delivered. She goes to put it in the room. Susan comes and says Bahşende wants to see you.

Zehra goes there and Bahşende says you have no respect for yourself. These two families have nothing in common. You are in it for the money. Zehra snaps again and goes gets the papers from her room. Ömer feels everything is being resolved. Zehra suddenly comes in and when Ömer wants to take out the letter, she stops him and says sign the divorce papers.

S02E276 - 276.Bölüm Air Date: 05 February 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer says I will not sign it. Zehra says OK so you leave me no choice but to go and talk with my father. She goes to her room and calls home. His father is not there but Hamiyyet says they are all very happy about the wonderful night they had there.

Ati begins work at the workshop and Salim calls Ömer to thank him for the night. Zehra is about to leave the house when Ömer calls her into the living room to tell everyone something. She thinks he is going to tell everyone about the divorce. He then announces that they have been invited to Salim's house for dinner. In the bedroom, Zehra says why he accepted the invitation. Ömer says if she is not happy he can call and cancel. She says no, they have probably started preparations and it is too late.

Hamiyyet is worried about not being able to get everything ready. She calls Zehra to ask what Ömer would like. Ömer says being together is fine and that whatever they prepare will be excellent as always.

Sabah is thoughtful as she has realized Kerem's love. She is also invited to the party. A businessman comes and tells Canan that they need carpentry and real estate business for their big operation. She is excited that she has found such a big job for her uncle and Sabah.

Bahşende fsays she is not going. Ömer goes into the bedroom with two ties. Zehra is sketching and tries to cover it with her fists when he asks her to show it to him. He sits beside her and holds her fists trying to move them gently from the page. She is stirred and slowly pulls her hands away. Then he asks her which tie he should wear with his suit. She goes and gets another tie. He asks her to tie it for him. She starts and stops half way again stirred by his closeness. Ömer enjoys seeing her desire him as much as he does. Everyone gets ready. They all go together.

A letter regarding the divorce is delivered to the house and Bahşende sees it. Everyone sits in the living room warmly talking. Sabah tells Zehra how nice it is to have this big family together. Zehra says it is too late. Sabah says no it is not; you just have to will it.

Ömer gets a call and the doorbell rings. The lawyer tells Ömer he has delivered the divorce papers. Ömer asks to whom. Bahşende walks in.

S02E277 - 277.Bölüm Air Date: 06 February 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Bahşende sits and says since everyone is there, she would like to say something. Ömer realizes she might have something to say about the divorce. He says let us hear it after dinner. Bahşende gets the cue and goes silent.

They eat and finally, looking at Ömer, Bahşende decides to keep it to herself and says she just wants to thank everyone. Everyone talks about Ömer and Zehra's future children. Zehra is sad. She goes out and remembers the night of the wedding. Ömer comes and says I ruined the most beautiful night of my life with my own hands. He says how wonderful it would have been if everything had gone right and they had a child. He holds her. Everyone goes home.

All has gone well and Salim and Canan sit together to talk. Canan tells Salim about the work she has gotten her from Abedin and gets permission to send him over. Salim accepts. The guy goes there and says the kitchen cabinets of the units in their building need to be finished. He leaves an advance. Salim accepts.

They get home and Ömer gets the letter from Bahşende and tells her not to meddle in what is not her business. He goes to Zehra and says he never would have thought that a piece of paper would hurt him so much. She says I tried but I could not find another way. Ömer says I will find it. He says my love gives me the courage to say so. I am determined to never separate from you. Zehra says I am determined otherwise.

Kerem is hungry. He calls Sabah and she tells him how to make simit with egg.

Zehra gets ready to sleep. Ömer says he won't be able to sleep. He asks what are you planning to tell the judge that you do not love me. Or that my husband does not love me. She says no. He holds her and does not let her go.

In the morning he is still sitting there. Zehra gets up to go he goes to her and says I have thought all night if you can tell me that you do not love me, I will not stop you. She does not say anything. She says my answer will not change anything. Don't you understand? He says I understand you cannot say you love me. He leaves all disappointed. When he is gone Zehra says I love you more than my own life.

Canan is excited about Abedin's business. Sabah says we have to investigate him first.

Ömer gets a call from the lawyer saying Zehra's lawyer wants to set up a meeting. He says I'll call you later. He crushes the letter and throws it in a drawer and says nothing's finished. Nihat calls and asks Ayşe to look for a file in Ömer's office. Zehra gets the same call from her lawyer. Ömer comes and says if this is what she wants, he will do as she wants. There is no need to have a meeting. He says he will accept whatever she wants. He will even accept the divorce if it what she wants. Zehra is shocked and drops her phone. There is no need for meeting, Ömer says. If you want it so much. We will do as you wish. She says I have to talk with my dad. He says sure whatever you say. Zehra looks disappointed.

Ayşe is looking for the file in the office and finds the crushed letter from the court. Ömer comes in and is shocked.

S02E278 - 278.Bölüm Air Date: 07 February 2018 14:10 -

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Ayşe says there seems to be an important letter there. Ömer takes the letter and says he will take care of it. Ayşe gets the dossier from Ömer and tells him how nervous she is about starting work. Ömer hugs her and reassures her about her skills. Ömer remembers their dinner beside the lake with Zehra. He tears the court letter. Zehra comes in and says she is ready to go to her dad. He says I am finally ready too. They step out.

It is raining. Ömer says we can't go and Zehra appears to be happy to hear it but then he says because the car is at the mechanic. Zehra says then let's take the taxi. Each time Zehra hopes that he will stop her. He is thoughtful. Does she love me? Can says the car is back. They get in the car. Selin calls from the office and says Ömer has an appointment with the Company lawyer. He says postpone it. Zehra says no we can go to my dad after your meeting.

Nihat introduces Ayşe to Koray, Selin and Özge. Ayşe tries to get to know them over cake and tea. Özge is cold and acts smug. Koray and Selin go along and enjoy it. Zehra and Ömer are in the office and Torgut Bey comes and asks to see Ömer alone. So Zehra goes to visit Koray. Torgut has prepared a contract for Zehra to sign to forego her interest in Kervancioglu Holding. Ömer is surprised and asks why he has prepared this and then realizes that Bahşende has ordered it. He is angry but decides to talk to her in person.

Zehra is talking with Ayşe about their business. Ömer says I'm ready let's go. Zehra hesitates but goes. On the way again Zehra hopes he could dissuade her. He wonders if that is what she wants from him.

Canan arranges to go out to eat with Sabah and Kerem. She then tries to leave and have them go together. But Sabah says they will wait for Canan. Salim sends Ati to get something.

Zehra has a headache. Ömer notes her hands are cold. He gives her water to drink and take her painkillers. The water pours over her and he tells her to get a napkin from the dashboard. There she finds the drawing she made of Ömer framed. She says it is not a good job. He says it is very precious for him and that separation or not this will not change. He remembers the day she drew it and did not want to show it to him. She cries and tries to hide her tears. Ömer says if you don't feel well, we can go another day to your dad. Zehra says it has to be done.

Abedin goes to Salim's workshop and tells him he has not done a good job so he wants his advance back. Salim says his job was well done. Abedin gets his goons to hit him. He falls and passes out.

Ömer and Zehra arrive. She gets out and walks to the door. She looks back. Ömer gets out and walks to her. He suddenly starts running in. He has noticed Salim on the ground. Zehra follows him and cries out to her dad trying to revive him.

S02E279 - 279.Bölüm Air Date: 08 February 2018 14:10 -

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Salim comes to. He says he just felt dizzy and passed out. It's nothing serious. Ömer notices the bruise around his eye and feels something's odd. Salim refuses to go to hospital. They take him home. Zehra goes to the bathroom and Ömer follows her. She is upset. Ömer reassures her and calms her. They go to Salim and she puts ointment on his bruise. Salim then tells her and Ömer to go home.

Meanwhile Sabah gets a call from a big company to handle their real estate business. She asks Kerem to join her in handling the business. They work on a proposal all night. Canan comes home and gets a whiff of what might be going on with Salim. Ömer and Zehra go home.

Ömer talks with Bahşende in the study and tells her off for preparing the divorce contract. He goes to the bedroom and runs into Zehra coming out of the bathroom in her towel with her hair wrapped up. He looks at her longingly. They go to bed. She can't sleep. In her head she wants him to hold her. In his head he wonders if he should. He just tries to calm her with words.

In the morning, Ömer gets message from Canan. He wakes Zehra up, so they can go and visit Salim. Canan talks with Ati and now is convinced that Abedin is hustling Salim. Salim goes to workshop with Ati. Ömer and Zehra come to Salim's home. Sabah as well. Canan tells Ömer privately about the situation. He leaves. She then tells Zehra and Sabah.

Ayşe is getting into gear at work. Salim goes to Abedin's office and tells him to pay his due. Abedin wants to hit him when Ömer walks in and stops his arm in the air. Abedin says who do you think you are. Pushing him back Ömer says I am his son. Salim looks at him pleased. Zehra also walks in with the girls just in time to see the scene.

S02E280 - 280.Bölüm Air Date: 09 February 2018 14:10 -

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Ömer gets the guy to pay Salim's money and apologize to him. They leave. Ömer takes Sabah and Canan to their office and Zehra goes with them to have coffee. Ömer takes Salim to the workshop and there he tells him about Zehra's intent to get a divorce and the whole situation; also, that he does not want the divorce.

Ayşe takes her group to lunch but Nihat calls her back and the couple lunch together. Koray tries to get Özge to unwind.

Bahşende calls Zehra and asks her to go to her immediately. Zehra tries to call Ömer but can't. She goes home. Bahşende tells her to sign the contract and not to take advantage of Ömer's kindness. Zehra remembers how Ömer had belittled her and her background in the past. She signs it indignantly and goes. Bahşende tells Hediye not to cook dinner because she wants to take her grandchildren out and celebrate.

Ömer gets himself home and Bahşende says she has done the right thing for the family and shows him the signed contract. He throws her the paper and says nothing will come between him and Zehra. He goes to the bedroom and Zehra says now I am certain about my decision. Ömer says you can't think that I had anything to do with the preparation of that contract. She says she wants to go; he says I can't let you. She pulls herself out of his arms. He opens the door and says OK go. She leaves.

Bahşende goes to Hediye and snaps at her for not preparing dinner. Hediye tells Susan not to mind Bahşende's ill manner and get to work with her.

Ömer tells Nihat that Zehra has gone to tell her father but also that he will not give her up.

Kerem and Sabah inform Canan about the meeting on Monday and prepare her for it. She is excited and goes to prepare her outfit.

Zehra goes to the workshop and tells her dad that she wants to divorce Ömer.

S02E281 - 281.Bölüm Air Date: 12 February 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Salim tells Zehra to give Ömer a chance. He asks if he treats her badly. She says no. He says then he has probably made a big mistake. Help him to redeem himself. Breaking a marriage is easy; trying to save it is hard. Try to choose the hard way. Zehra wants to give him details. He says keep the details private. Try to find a way in your heart to save your marriage. She leaves and feels lost. She begins to wander around.

Ömer is at home and does not know what to do. He goes into the bedroom and feels lonely and empty.

Meanwhile Özge and Koray work late and Koray says let's take a taxi together. Özge gives a bogus address and when he is gone goes another way.

Ömer calls Salim. Salim is worried but tells him that he has talked to Zehra and he should be patient and allow her to find her way. Ömer then goes out to find her. He calls Sabah. She is not there. He then remembers where she might be. Zehra is at the harbour. It is cold. Ömer finds her there and wraps her in his coat. She says don't make it harder for me. Let me go. I am in a dark hole and don't know what to do. Ömer says let us get out together. She holds him but again gets up to leave. He says wherever you go I'll be beside you. He then asks her to go home with him and promises not to say anything and even if she wants, not to stand close to her. He takes her home.

In the bedroom, he once more promises to make everything right. She pulls away and goes under the blanket. He asks her to rest and, in his head, blames himself for bringing her to such a state.

In the morning Ömer wakes up on the armchair. Zehra comes in. He has woken up and dressed. He says we'll be fine. She says we are far too broken. He says we can do it if we want to.

Canan arrives at the office. She is nicely dressed but Sabah as usual is in casual clothes. She wants her to change but she does not. Kerem comes and they go. Her outfit immediately gives a bad impression to the interviewers and they try to get rid of Sabah and the group. Sabah insists on staying. She says are you not curious if we can improve your business. She says I don't think we can work together, hinting at her outfit.

Salim calls Cevriye to ask about Zehra and Ömer. Hediye gets a call that she tries to hide. She is surprised that the person is in Istanbul. There is someone watching the house.

Ömer is waiting for Zehra to come out of the bathroom. He tells her that he did not prepare the contract his grandma gave to her. She says that is not the issue. One way or another, they were getting divorced and that will bring peace to both of them. She asks don't you think I deserve peace. He says you deserve the best of everything.

S02E282 - 282.Bölüm Air Date: 13 February 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Zehra says does that mean you want a divorce. Ömer says no. That is not what I said. He repeats the conversation word for word and then leaves the room. Zehra says he has accepted it but then why do I still feel so bad. She cries and holds his pillow. Ömer steps outside and Nihat comes. He asks if Ömer gave Zehra his letter. He says he could not. He adds that Zehra wants a divorce and he has agreed to it. Nihat is surprised but Ömer says no I did not mean it. I was just buying time.

Cevriye comes and realizes there is something amiss. She cannot get anything out of Nihat so she goes to Zehra in the bedroom. Zehra cries in her arms and tells her that she and Ömer and separating. Ömer comes and Zehra says I have told Cevriye. He asks that she does not tell anyone for the time being. She cries out that she cannot say it even if he had not said that because she does not believe it. She says I know how you love each other so I do not understand this. She leaves. Ömer tells Zehra, I ask for one thing. There are a few days left to the court date. Let us spend those days together in memory of our good days. He leaves the room.

Ayşe has a meeting with the group at the office. Özge keeps getting calls and excusing herself. They are done and Nihat arrives and asks Ayşe what they are going to do for Valentine's Day. They decide to tell Zehra and Ömer to join them for dinner.

Sabah gives an excellent speech about business strategy and engages the interviewers.

Ömer in his study remembers the dinner he had arranged by the lake and how they danced together while the swans swam and the moonlight lit the night. He is distraught.

Ayşe calls and tells him they should do Valentine together. Ömer agrees and makes a reservation. He goes to the bedroom and Zehra has just taken the ring off her finger. She says this is a family heirloom and since I am saying goodbye to the family, I must return it. Please give it to Bahşende Hanim. Ömer says no this will stay with you forever no matter where you are. No one else can wear it.

Cevriye goes to Salim and they also worry about the couple. Sabah is upset that they lost the project because of her outfit. She feels she should have listened to Canan and changed. But Canan tells her that her performance was excellent, and it is their loss. Then she takes her shopping to cheer her up.

Cevriye and Salim get stuck in the workshop. Ayşe calls Zehra and asks her to pick Asya up. Ömer comes and suggests that they go together. When they step out it is as if someone is watching them.

Sabah is uncomfortable with the purchases and wants to return them especially when Canan says Kerem will love your new look. Sabah does not go back with Canan. Canan takes out all her old plaid shirts and throws them out.

Ömer and Zehra go to the park with Asya and buy balloons. Ömer puts Asya on the swing. Zehra watches on. Ömer tells her I want to stop the time I have with you, but since you accepted my wish to be with me these last hours, time is flying by.

Kerem goes in the room and sees Sabah and tells her he loves her.

Hediye meets with someone and is surprised. Zehra is sitting in the living room when Bahşende comes and says, is this your strategy to make yourself indispensable to Ömer. You say you want a divorce but stay on and cozy up to Ayşe by bringing her daughter from school. You also continue to wear that ring. Zehra says I am only waiting for my time to complete. She takes off the ring and gives it to her. Ömer comes and sees the ring in Bahşende's hand and says what is this ring doing in your hand.

S02E283 - 283.Bölüm Air Date: 14 February 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Bahşende says Zehra gave me the ring herself. Ömer says I hope you had nothing to do with it. He goes to Zehra and asks if her grandma said anything. She is getting ready to leave. She says I have to go. She is very upset. He calms her down and says I can't let you go like this. Stay and rest. If tomorrow, you feel the same way, you can go. He leaves.

In the study, Ayşe comes and asks if Ömer has made the reservations for Valentine 's Day. He assures her that he has.

Sabah is happy sleeping in her bed and thinking about love. Zehra goes to the kitchen to get water. Ömer comes and asks her to join her the following day at the Valentine's Day program with Ayşe. She says she cannot lie anymore and asks that he understand him. She says the more I stay here, the more I hate myself. He says this will always be your home and that will never change for me. She leaves.

Early morning Zehra writes a letter to Ömer that she is leaving quietly because had she stayed she would have to explain to Ayşe why she was not going to the Valentine's Day date and she cannot lie anymore, and the truth would turn Ayşe's nights into nightmares. She says this is best for all. She leaves. On the way out, she runs into Asya who wants to go with her but she says this time she cannot take her but not to ever forget how she loves her. Bahşende sees Zehra going and is happy.

Hende calls Sabah and tells her that they are interested in her marketing strategy and want to see them again on Friday. Canan is excited and goes to meet with clients.

Nihat goes to see Ömer and Ömer tells her that Zehra is not going that night. Hediye looks at the old photo of Ömer and Ayşe as children with their mother and Cevriye walks in and they talk about how happy the family was then.

Özge sees Nibat working as a cleaner in the office and asks her not to reveal her familiarity with her at the office. They are from the same neighbourhood and Özge feels that at the office it would not look good for her.

Ömer reads the letter. Zehra goes to Sabah and asks to stay there a couple of days. Ayşe calls Ömer again to make sure about the dinner plans and remind him of getting a present. He has already got one in a beautiful heart shaped red box. Ömer goes to Sabah's place and asks Zehra why she did not let him take her there. He then asks her again to go to the dinner. He says it is not for Ayşe. It is for us. In memory of our good days, he says, we deserve this. Zehra is moved.

Hediye is talking on the phone, hangs up and gets concerned when Bahşende comes in. Kerem has prepared a dinner in his office for Sabah to eat and watch with a romantic movie.

Ömer arrives at the restaurant. Ayşe and Nihat are already there. He sits like a ton of sadness. Ayşe asks where Zehra is. Nihat keeps interrupting Ömer's answer with coughs and his orders. Finally, the moment that Ömer says I want to tell you something, Ayşe says Ah, here is Zehra. Zehra walks in, in a beautiful red dress, special hairdo and red lipstick and says sorry I'm late. Ömer is mesmerized.

S02E284 - 284.Bölüm Air Date: 15 February 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer gets up and pulls the chair for Zehra. He thanks her for coming. Ayşe and Nihat dance. Then they exchange gifts. Ömer takes out his gift. Zehra says sorry I did not get you a present. Ömer says your presence is the best gift for me. She opens the red box, There is a red candied apple in it. She remembers the night she told him about how she loves candied apples and that it is over 15 years since she had one. She is moved to tears. There is also a pair of beautiful ear rings for her.

Ayşe and Nihat have to leave early and go to a party. When they leave, the waiter brings Ömer and Zehra a cute red cake. Ayşe has ordered it. She sends a message and asks them to send her a video of them eating it. The waiter films them while they cut the cake and feed it to each other. Ömer is drunk with Zehra's closeness. He then asks her to dance. They do not get too close at first. He tells her this is our last night, please let yourself go in my arms. She melts into his chest with her hand on his heart and they move in beauty, pain and love as Zehra wonders what she is going to do without this man who melts her heart with the candied apple.

Sabah also gets the gift of a diary from Kerem. Zehra asks Ömer to take her back to Sabah.

At home, Ayşe and Nihat talk about how lovely Ömer and Zehra were together and show the video to Bahşende and Cevriye. Bahşende is confused about what's going on but reassured when Ömer comes home alone and sad. Ömer goes to the room and says to himself I can never let you go Zehra. Zehra waits for some message from him in Sabah's room. She goes to sleep.

Hediye hears that Ömer and Zehra are divorcing on Friday. She goes out to the park to inform someone. Bahşende realizes Hediye is not at home and gets angry that she has left without permission.

Zehra gets up and Canan is there. She tells her about the divorce and Canan is shocked. Ömer's lawyer calls him and says they have to meet with Zehra and her lawyer at her lawyer's office today to discuss everything before the court. Sabah, Canan and Kerem go to the meeting and before going in Sabah again changes into her casual clothes.

Zehra is at the lawyer and he says, since Ömer is not challenging the divorce it will not take long. Zehra is upset. The lawyer asks are you sure you do not want anything from Ömer. She says she is sure and cries. He gives her water. Ömer walks in and the lawyer asks where is your lawyer. Ömer is charged and says I do not need a lawyer.

S02E285 - 285.Bölüm Air Date: 16 February 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer says he wants to talk to his wife alone. The lawyer refuses and Ömer gets more charged. Zehra gets the lawyer to leave. Ömer says I never wanted to get a divorce. You forced me into it. I won't go through with it. Zehra goes berserk and says she can't stand this situation anymore. Ömer is shocked. He steps back and says your happiness means more to me than my own, so I will accept the divorce. In their heads they keep hoping that the other could do something to save their love.

Sabah sells her idea to the company and the three are very happy. Zehra goes to Sabah and cries. Sabah consoles her. Nibat has left the company and Koray is curious about it. Özge does not let on anything but she is occupied with something. She buys meds for someone when she goes and Koray follows her and realizes that this is not the address he had come to before and Özge lives in a less luxurious neighbourhood that she had let on.

Meanwhile Cevriye and Salim talk about Ömer and Zehra and are upset about the imminence of a divorce. Salim goes home and looks worried. Hamiyyet is concerned. She talks to Şükran about him and they talk about how it is best for him to marry someone.

Ömer cancels all meetings and sits in his office. Nihat comes and is surprised that Ömer accepted to divorce Zehra. Ömer says I agreed because I was scared that Zehra's condition would worsen. He says however, divorce or not, he will never give up Zehra. Nihat says I will go with you to court.

Susan tells Hediye that Bahşende was angry that she had left. Hediye wants to go to Bahşende but hears her talking on the phone and saying that the court date is today at 4. Hediye calls someone and tells them about it.

Zehra and Sabah go to court. Ömer and Nihat are there. Sabah and Nihat go to get coffee. Ömer and Zehra sit. Again, talking to each other in their heads revealing their love but Zehra feeling there is no way back. Zehra sees a couple coming out of the court and the woman leaving in tears. Zehra is moved. She gets up and stumbles. Ömer catches her and then sitting her down goes to get some water for her.

A woman comes and sits beside Zehra and says she is Jülide, Ömer's mother. She begs her not to divorce Ömer and that she has things to tell her that will for sure change her mind but cannot tell her then. She asks Zehra to trust her and stop the divorce. She also asks her not to say anything to Ömer. Zehra sits all puzzled as Jülide disappears and Ömer comes with water. Zehra is frazzled. Sabah tells her if you want you can stop this minute. Not go in court. Zehra gets up and goes to the door. Ömer asks if she is ok. Then he pulls out of her way. They go in and take their places.

Bahşende sits happily waiting for the phone call confirming the divorce. Hediye and Cevriye wait with heavy hearts in the kitchen. Canan sweats in her office. The judge tells Zehra to rise. He then asks her if she wants to divorce Ömer. She hesitates. Ömer looks desolate. The court asks her again. She hesitates again and finally says I do not want a divorce and Ömer's face brightens up with surprise.

S02E286 - 286.Bölüm Air Date: 19 February 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

The judge asks Ömer if he wants a divorce. He says not at all. The judge asks him to keep to yes or no. He says no, and the file is closed.

Outside Sabah congratulates Zehra. Ömer tells Zehra he does not know why she said no but he will do everything to make sure she does not regret it. When they leave the building, Zehra tells him that she wants to stay in separate bedrooms. As they talk Jülide looks on and longs for her son.

Bahşende's spy informs her that the divorce did not go through. Hediye hears it and goes to inform Jülide. Bahşende arrives in the kitchen and she cuts it short. Ömer and Zehra return home.

Canan fixes a nice feast to celebrate their new business which they enjoy with Kerem and Sabah. Koray gives Özge the meds and says I did not follow you to spy on you. I just wanted to give you the meds as it appeared to be important.

Ömer tells Zehra to rest. Cevriye goes to Zehra and realizes they have not divorced. She is happy and informs Salim who is also relieved. Bahşende goes to Zehra and tells her she knows they did not divorce. Zehra wonders how she knows. Bahşende snaps at her for not using her brain and finalizing the divorce.

Salim realizes that his sister and Şükran are thinking of finding him a wife. Later Ömer goes to the bedroom to change.

Zehra tells Ömer she does not want to hide anything. She wants everyone to know that they are in separate bedrooms. Ömer talks with Ayşe and then gathers everyone and asks Hediye to prepare the guest room for him. Everyone is informed that Ömer and Zehra are going through some problems and will stay in separate bedrooms.

In their separate bedrooms they each wonder what the other is doing. In the morning Nihat goes to Ömer. Ömer says Zehra has asked for some time and I now have a chance to get her back. Ayşe also sees Zehra and tells her that she is there for her whenever she needs to talk. Zehra is anxiously waiting for a call from Jülide. Bahşende talks with Ömer and says you should wonder why the woman who insisted on a divorce suddenly changes her mind. She says Zehra's intentions are ill and he should be careful. Ömer says just keep your thoughts to yourself and reminds her that Ayşe knows nothing about the divorce. Zehra comes and she leaves.

Zehra says that her father is coming to visit. Ömer says he'd be happy to welcome him. He then tells her that her hair looks very nice. Bahşende returns and says she has forgotten her phone. Ömer puts his arm around Zehra as his grandma gets her phone and leaves. Zehra feels awkward. She goes outside. Jülide calls and wants to make an appointment but gets cut off. Bahşende comes and says I realize you have managed to deceive my grandson but not me. She adds I will not allow what Jülide did to this family to repeat itself.

S02E287 - 287.Bölüm Air Date: 20 February 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Zehra says I do not understand you. Bahşende says I will never let my grandson suffer the same fate as my son. Zehra leaves.

Idil Kerem's ex-girlfriend has returned from London and crashes on Kerem and Sabah's party. Canan sees through her right away. She takes Kerem to show her around and Sabah is sad. Kerem receives a package. Sabah goes to deliver it to him at home. She realizes there is a party with Kerem's old friends.

Salim comes to visit. Ömer and Zehra go to welcome him. Ömer leaves them to answer the phone. When he comes back Salim goes and Cevriye goes after him to pay Hamiyyet and Şükran a visit. Ömer says your father is a very good person and so is all you family. Like yourself. Zehra asks about Ömer's father. He remembers him fondly and says that he was different from him because he would never hurt someone like I did you. He says he was hurt by the one he loved most and could not recover from it. We lost him early. Zehra then asks about his mother and what he would do if he met her. He says such a thing would never happen because he would never allow it. Zehra gets a call from Jülide but they get cut off.

Ayşe and Ömer and Nihat tell Zehra about the business and how everything is set up. Zehra gets another call from Jülide and this time she sends her an address. Zehra goes to meet her. Bahşende sends people after her. Jülide notices there are suspicious people there and she disappears before Zehra gets there. Zehra goes home and in the room hears a sound in the bathroom and is scared. Ömer comes and jokes with her a bit. Then he goes in the bathroom and brings Asya out who has been hiding there.

Asya asks Ayşe to play with her and talks about a friend who has a grandma that plays with her all the time. Ayşe feels sad.

Cevriye hears that Hamiyyet and Şükran are trying to find someone for Salim and is not happy. Koray tries to fix it with Özge but she remains cold and distant.

Jülide calls Zehra. Ömer walks in and realizes Zehra is not there. He picks up the phone and answers. Jülide longs for her son.

S02E288 - 288.Bölüm Air Date: 21 February 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Zehra comes out of the bathroom. Ömer says it kept ringing but no one answered. Zehra realizes it was Jülide. She says it's fine. Then she says she wants to sleep. Ömer wonders how come she wants to sleep so early. Ömer says he can't sleep. He says he is missing something. She asks what. He says his pillow. She says he can take it. Then he wonders where his phone is. She calls, and they realize it is in his pocket. He leaves.

Jülide calls and tells her that they can meet the next day. Sabah is at Kerem's and she is uncomfortable with his friends, Idil and the party. Kerem is also lost. Koray comes and tells him to go and talk to Sabah.

Ömer comes back and tells Zehra that the pillow did not do the job so he has come to get his book. He hides his book and says he can't find it. Zehra gets up and finds it for him and also tells him about counting sheep. This time he texts her if he can go and get his toothbrush. She accepts. He goes there, and she has it in her hand. He says there is another one. He goes to get it but comes back empty handed saying Susan must have moved it. She then tells him to count sheep as reading appears not to have helped. He asks how many he should count up to…and goes.

Ömer goes back again. He says I have come for the toothpaste now. He then sends another text saying my slippers are there. Can I get them? This is the last, I promise. Zehra gets up and gets a whole bunch of his things and goes to his room. She gives them to him. He then says my head hurts because I hit it on the table when I was looking for a file. She is concerned and sits him down to look at it. She asks if he is dizzy. He says very much. She says we must go to the hospital. He says his dizziness is not from the blow. She says then you must stop it.

In the morning Ömer takes breakfast to her room. She says she is not hungry. Hediye brings Gözleme. Ömer says Zehra is not hungry. Zehra contradicts him and takes the Gözleme. They sit down to eat.

Sabah and Canan are ready to go to the meeting. They call Kerem; he has forgotten. He comes in a rush. Canan tells Sabah she has to fight for Kerem and that Idil has her eye on him. Sabah says she cannot do it because that is not her.

Ömer tells Zehra to go with him to the office which he believes it is better than staying home with his grandma. She accepts but says she has to go somewhere later. At the office Ayşe asks them to come up with a logo. Ömer suggest ZEHRA. Zehra disagrees. Ayşe and Nihat laugh.

Cevriye is concerned about the woman (Aysil) Şükran and Hamiyyet are trying to hook up with Salim. Without thinking it through, she keeps saying things to hold them back. They invite her to go there and meet Aysil. Aysil is a very nice lady. Cevriye keeps being negative but Aysil is so positive that she is naturally defused. However, Aysil says finally that she is there because Fatima Hanim insisted that she come but she is not really interested in getting married. Cevriye gives a sigh of relief.

Özge blames Koray for giving her away at the office but Selin tells her that it was not Koray but Nibat that told her about Özge. Özge feels bad but is incapable of a proper apology. Şükran and Hamiyyet decide to persist in matching Salim and Aysil since they really liked her.

Ömer drives Zehra to a café. She drops her bag when getting off. Ömer runs to help her. He picks up her wallet and sees his photograph in her wallet and is pleased. She takes everything and goes in. Ömer leaves. Inside Zehra sits at a table with Jülide. As Ömer is driving off he hears a phone ring. He realizes that Zehra has dropped her phone. He takes it and drives back to the café and gets off looking for her. Zehra and Jülide notice him and are startled.

S02E289 - 289.Bölüm Air Date: 22 February 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Zehra runs outside and Jülide also disappears. Ömer says he has brought her phone which she appears to have dropped in the car. She thanks him and tries to get him to leave. He says it's cold. He wants to take her in and say hi to Sabah. She says Sabah has not come yet. He finally leaves.

Zehra goes back in and Jülide comes back. Jülide says even as a child he was always very considerate and nice taking care of others. She says that he and Ayşe had a very difficult childhood specifically after she had to leave. Then she notices a man outside and becomes anxious. She leaves without much explanation. Zehra is confused. She feels it is as if Jülide is under some form of threat.

Kerem breaks a date with Sabah to go to dinner with Idil and her mom. Koray tells him that he is not treating Sabah right. He says his feelings for Sabah have not changed. Idil is only a friend. Şükran and Hamiyyet talk about Aysil and then also discuss it with Salim. Salim is not interested but they won't give up. Cevriye is miffed.

Zehra tries to contact Jülide but her phone is off. In the room Zehra is anxious. Ömer comes and sees her struggling with the drawers and says he knows something is bothering her because she always does this sort of thing when something's on her mind. He then asks her to go for coffee in the sitting room with Ayşe. While he waits for her to get ready, he gets a photograph of her from the stuff Zehra has pulled out of the drawer. She comes out and sees it. She asks why he has taken it and he says since I am sleeping in the guest room, I wanted to have something of you, is it ok? She nods, and they go for coffee.

Ayşe talks about business but Zehra is occupied and does not hear. She asks to be excused. Zehra keeps asking about Jülide from Hediye. Hediye says she was a very nice woman and a very kind mother. Not the kind of mother that would leave her children. She says that they were not allowed to mention her name and she does not want to open old wounds for Ömer and Ayşe. Hediye is trying to contact Jülide and she can't. Bahşende goes to talk to her and she drops a plate. Bahşende is curt with her.

Ömer goes to Zehra and tells him that he does not know why she changed her mind about the divorce but he is very happy about it. He also realizes that she is very preoccupied and just wants to let her know that he is ready to talk whenever she is. She says I need some time. He says take all the time you need but know that I am here for you.

Later she notices Ömer's watch is in the room. She takes it to him. He is asleep. She fixes his cover. She then sits on the chair and falls asleep. Ömer wakes up and sees her there and wonders if lights had gone out and she was afraid. He wants to cover her but decides to just watch her.

In the morning, she wakes up and fixes his covers again and looks at him lovingly. She then leaves. Ömer is awake. He opens his eyes and smiles with pleasure.

Kerem comes. Sabah tells him to handle the social media aspect of the project. He shirks it saying he is not good at it. Cevriye goes to Salim's in the morning as they are sitting for breakfast and says she has brought börek. Salim pulls a chair for her and she sort of falls. Salim wonders if anything is wrong. Cevriye denies it. Sabah asks Kerem if he might still be interested in Idil. He freezes.

Ayşe goes to say bye to Ömer. Ömer sees her handbag and snaps. The bag reminds him of his mother and thinks Ayşe is using her bag. Zehra is thinking that she perhaps needs to tell Ömer about his mother. Zehra notices Ayşe crying in the sitting room. She asks what's wrong. She tells Zehra that she is upset because she really hurt Ömer unknowingly. She then tells her about the handbag episode. Zehra suddenly decides to talk to her and tells her I need to say something about your mom.

S02E290 - 290.Bölüm Air Date: 23 February 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Zehra wants to begin talking when Ömer arrives. He says if they want to talk privately he can go. Ayşe says I have to leave anyway. She goes. Ömer tells Zehra that he has hurt Ayşe and wants to make it up to her. Zehra tells him to leave her for now. Zehra thinks about the times she has heard Ömer and Ayşe talk about their mother. She needs to talk to someone. She calls Sabah. Kerem is about to talk to Sabah about Idil when Zehra calls. Zehra asks Sabah to go to her.

Ömer goes to Zehra and tells her he wants to take Ayşe for breakfast to make it up to her and asks her to join them. Zehra says she might have something to do tomorrow so she probably won't be able to join them. Ömer begins sneezing. Zehra wonders if he is getting sick. Sabah goes to visit Zehra.

Canan is angry with Kerem. Cevriye is restless in visits with Şükran and Hamiyyet. They go out for a walk and she walks fast in front of them.

Ömer opens the door for Sabah and leaves after greeting her. Zehra tells Sabah about Ömer's mother and their meeting. Sabah asks what is it that she wants to tell you and is worried that the secrecy might cause trouble in Ömer and Zehra's slowly mending relationship.

Ömer speaks with Nihat and says Zehra has been acting strange since the court day as if something is troubling her. Zehra tells Sabah that she feels Jülide is under some sort of threat. She says she is worried that she cannot talk to Ömer about it. Sabah advises against it and says she should leave that to Jülide.

Kerem and Sabah want to go to dinner. Sabah hears Kerem telling Idil he cannot make it that night. Cevriye runs into Aysil and is again strange and somewhat curt. She then goes to Salim's and chats. Again, she tells him to go and visit Zehra.

Zehra keeps calling Jülide and can't get through. Zehra finally decides to go and tell Ömer. Just as she is about to do it, Jülide calls. She again asks her not to tell Ömer. Zehra says she is putting her in a tight spot but Jülide asks her to trust her. At night Ömer goes to Zehra as she prepares to sleep. He still looks sick, has a sore throat and sneezes. He asks her to check if he has a fever the way Ayşe does Asya: by putting her lips to his forehead. She does twice and says no fever. He goes to his room sneezing away. He can't get Zehra out of his head. Zehra can't get him out of her head either and is worried about him. She makes ginger tea for him and takes it to him. He is pleased. Zehra tells him that he should not leave the window open. Ömer asks how she knows that. She says well we live in the same house!!! Ömer tells her that ginger tea and honey are perfect together. He is like ginger tea and she is like honey. She takes away his bitterness. She says he must have fever! He gets her to test his forehead with her lips again. He asks for more ginger tea.

In the morning Zehra goes to him. He is dressed and ready and thanks her for nursing him to health and looks at the three glasses of ginger tea and bowl of soup on the nightstand. He again asks her to join them for the nice organic breakfast he has organized in the woods with Ayşe. She says she can't go. Ayşe comes and says she can't go either and in fact they must all go to the office because the lawyer wants them to sign important papers. Zehra is anxious but goes.

In the office Ömer, Zehra, Ayşe and Nihat sit with the lawyer in Ömer's office. They sign papers. Nihat asks Ömer to go to his office. Ayşe begins to show something to Zehra. When Ömer is gone Zehra asks Ayşe to show her later as she has something to do. She leaves. Ömer comes and realizes that she has gone and wonders where she is.

Cevriye goes again to Salim's shop. She has brought Kayseri food. Özge realizes Nihat and Ayşe have given Koray more responsibility and appears to be jealous and inquisitive. Koray remains cold with her.

Zehra meets with Jülide and they immediately get in a cab and get off further. Jülide has seen some men after them but does not let on to Zehra.

Idil goes to Sabah and tells her that she and Kerem have always been the perfect pair and her going to London has not changed anything.

Zehra sits with Jülide beside the sea. Jülide is stirred and in tears. I have to tell you everything, I have to do it for Ömer and his happiness, Jülide sobs.

S02E291 - 291.Bölüm Air Date: 26 February 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Jülide tells Zehra that she might have left her children in person, but she has followed up on their lives closely. She says that she had to leave but she loves them more than life. She says that she and Ömer's father were very much in love. She also says that if Ömer has done Zehra any wrong it is not his fault; but rather hers. She says that she remembers the look on his face the night she left. She left him with a heavy burden that night and a broken heart that has never mended because she convinced him that she did not love him, but it was not true. She tells Zehra that Ömer has suffered a lot and the wounds he has sustained because of his mother's departure have never healed inside him. He has never gotten close to a woman because of that and Zehra is the only person that has softened his heart a bit.

Meanwhile Bahşende's man is following Zehra and gets a photo of the two women and sends it to her. Jülide is covered and Bahşende cannot figure out who she is.

Ömer wonders where Zehra is. His university friends call and want him to go to their yearly dinner. They say last year you missed it because you were getting married so now you have no excuse. Ömer apologizes and says he can't, thinking Zehra would not accept.

Idil tells Sabah that she is in no way suited to Kerem and should look in her own circle for a man. Sabah is upset.

Zehra goes home and at the door Bahşende begins questioning her. Sabah calls and she is happy to get away.

Canan arrives at the office and sees Idil sitting in Kerem's office and Sabah upset. She asks if Idil has told her anything. Sabah says no. Hamiyyet and Şükran serve Aysil's pastry while Cevriye is there. They all love it at first but when Cevriye realizes Aysil made it, she begins criticizing it.

In the bedroom Zehra cries thinking about the pains that Ömer has suffered and wants so much for him to know that his mother is near and loves him. He comes in and she tries to hide her tears. She then asks how he is. He feels it is unusual. He says when you are near me, I am fine. He says if anything bothers you, it bothers me so tell me why you cried. She says she was just feeling emotional. She then asks him to also share his feelings with her and not keep things from her. He says I have no one else to talk to but you.

Kerem goes to the office and Idil is there. He tries to get rid of her, but she stays. Sabah looks upset. Canan goes to look at files with Kerem. Sabah does not. Finally, when Idil is gone, Kerem goes to talk to Sabah but she is afraid that he is going to tell her he loves Idil and does not want to hear it so she evades him. Özge gets a call during meeting with Ayşe and Koray. It is a suspicious call that she takes in her office.

Ömer's friends call when he is in the living room with Zehra and Bahşende. Zehra says it is fine for them to come. They are coming for coffee, Ömer says. They come and chat. They ask about Ömer's negative qualities. Zehra says he has none. He says the change they see in him is because he has a wonderful wife.

Fatima Abla tells Şükran and Hamiyyet that she has convinced Aysil to see Salim. They tell Salim, but he tells them to let it go.

In the bedroom Zehra thinks what Ömer will do if he hears she has met with Jülide. She also wants to get him to talk about his feelings about his mother. He comes and thanks her for the evening. They chat, and he takes her hands in his. He says I should let you rest. She thinks I wish you stayed. He thinks please ask me to stay. She thinks I can't ask you to stay but wish you would. He says if I stayed… but what if she needs more time. She says Ömer. He whispers in his head; I love you and goes.

Zehra can't sleep and thinks he might have left the window open again. She goes there and covers him with the blanket and thinks about his pains. She kisses him on the forehead. In the living room she runs into Ayşe who is getting a glass of milk. They sit. Ayşe talks about her mom and says I know why our mother left us. She left us for another man.

S02E292 - 292.Bölüm Air Date: 27 February 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Zehra wonders if Ayşe is wrong or Jülide is lying. She is moved by Ayşe's description of their childhood suffering and goes to Ömer's room. He is sleeping with a book and Zehra's photo in his hand. She covers him and thinks how their lives are similar. She feels how he has suffered thinking his mother left them for another man. She talks about feeling whole with him and being unable to let him go.

Kerem frets over Sabah. Ayşe cries in bed and is consoled by Nihat.

Zehra, sitting next to sleeping Ömer, says now I understand everything and I am no longer angry with you. I never knew how you had suffered and why you pushed people away the way you did. She kisses him on the forehead, smells his clothes and tidies them and goes.

In the morning Zehra tries to call Jülide to discuss what she has heard. Ömer comes in and says I slept very well last night. He talks about an angel coming and looking over him and helping him sleep well. He says he hopes she comes again but next time he will try to be up, so he can thank her. Ömer goes to shower.

Koray tells Kerem to recognize that Idil likes him and Sabah deserves better. Sabah has a migraine. Zehra finally connects with Jülide and they plan to meet. Ömer comes out of the shower and hears that last part. He does not ask anything. She says let's go to breakfast. Ömer wonders what's going on and remembers the call he had answered and gotten no response.

Zehra asks Hediye about Jülide and if there was another person in her life. Cevriye is bothered by Hamiyyet and Şükran's insistence on pursuing Aysil for Salim. Kerem tries to help Sabah with her headache.

Ömer asks Zehra into the study and gives her the gift of a music box. She is moved and kisses him on the cheek. She wants to run away but he pulls her back. Is he going to kiss her? He whispers in her ear, I won't let my angel go.

Ayşe tells Zehra that she cried every night for her mom when she left. She adds that at least she had Ömer to cry on his shoulder, but he had no one.

Salim refuses Hamiyyet again but they say Aysil has accepted so you have to go for sure. Ayşe tells Zehra that a businessman Mehmet Bey wants to pick up his line of designs and wants to meet with her first. She accepts.

Koray finds that there is some problem in the company's books and may be intentional. Nihat charges him with investigating it and Özge looks worried.

Zehra brings coffee and cookies for Ömer in the study. She gets a call and leaves. Ömer is concerned. Why did she leave to answer it? Zehra leaves and goes on foot to a meeting. Ömer is concerned. He tells Can to take a file to Koray. Can takes Koray for lunch. Özge goes into Koray's office and handles the file. Selin comes. Ömer follows Zehra and sees her sitting in a café. He is about to leave, and he sees a man come and joins her at the table. What the heck is going on?

S02E293 - 293.Bölüm Air Date: 28 February 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer holds back and despite many urges to barge into the meeting, goes home. Bahşende's guy photographs Zehra with Mehmet Bey. Özge is caught in Koray's office by Selin but pretends she is looking for a pen. Şükran calls Aysil to make a date for her to see Salim. Cevriye's nerves are on edge with jealousy but she tries not to let on.

Sabah thinks Kerem is taking Idil on vacation. Koray notices that his office has been messed up. Selin tells him Özge was there looking for a pen. He goes to her office to get the pen but notices she already has one. He does not let on but finds her movements odd.

Zehra is very happy with the outcome of the meeting. She calls Jülide to set up a meeting with her. Ömer walks into the last sentences when she is sayng see you tomorrow. He is upset and thinks it is Mehmet again. He asks to see her in his room. Zehra worries that he might have learned something about her meetings with Jülide.

Özge is passing information to inappropriate sources outside the company. Kerem tries to heal Sabah's headaches with home remedies and fruits. Idil comes in and tries to butt in.

Mehmet calls Ayşe and expresses delight about his meeting with Zehra. Zehra goes to the guest room where Ömer is walking restlessly. He expects her to tell him something but she does not, so he begins asking about changing the decoration of the guest room. Zehra finally tells him that she had a business meeting with Mehmet and she sounds very excited about it and says wonderful things about Mehmet Bey. Ömer is annoyed by her enthusiasm. Ayşe comes in and says Mehmet has called and is very happy about the partnership. The two women discuss it enthusiastically while Ömer is annoyed by any mention of him.

Idil suggests and goes to Kerem's house to watch a movie. Kerem stays on the computer so that she would leave. Koray is there too. Finally, Idil leaves.

At night Ömer tries to connect to Zehra via text. He finally decides to go to her room. She is in her towel and is startled. He says he wants his cuff links, so he won't bother her in the morning. In the morning, he comes in again and asks for his cuff links saying the first ones were not right for his outfit. He asks her to put them on and while she is doing it, he keeps getting closer.

Zehra eats a few things in the kitchen and wants to run out. Ömer is in the living room and is not happy to see her leave in a hurry. Ayşe comes and Ömer is not happy she is not with Zehra at what he thinks is a meeting with Mehmet Bey.

Salim goes to Aysil's bakery shop and she serves him tea. He sits for a second cup of tea. Hamiyyet and Şükran spy on them hoping things would work out. Cevriye joins them hoping things would not go well. Zehra meets with Jülide and while they are talking she notices Bahşende's guy photographing them.

S02E294 - 294.Bölüm Air Date: 01 March 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Jülide tells Mohsen to get the pictures from the guy and then gives a box to Zehra saying she would like her to take a look at its contents. Zehra goes back and Jülide calls and informs her that all is well and not to worry about the photos. Ömer walks in and Zehra quickly puts the box in her drawer. Ömer asks about the meeting. She says the work meeting is actually at the office. He says then let's go together and go eat together after the meeting.

Sabah tells Canan that she has seen the tickets Kerem has bought for a trip and he is taking Idil on a trip. Idil has also told her that Kerem still loves her.

Ömer accompanies Zehra to the meeting and adds to his introduction that he is also Zehra's husband. Aysil and Salim reveal to each other that they are not looking for marriage. He takes another cup of tea so Hamiyyet and Şükran think all is going well. Aysil sees Salim off. Ömer goes into the meeting and sits.

Mehmet suggests that Zehra go to Dubai for a designer exhibition. She says she would love to but would prefer to discuss it with her husband first. Ömer is very pleased. Nihat calls Ömer and he leaves the meeting. Nihat and Koray inform Ömer that there is a spy in the company.

Kerem wants to take Sabah on the trip. Idil comes in and sees the tickets and immediately says it is for them. Kerem says it is not for her it is for Sabah and him. She is frazzled but is determined to keep up the game to boot out Sabah.

Finally, Ayşe and Zehra come t Ömer's office. Mehmet Bey comes to say goodbye to Ömer. Ömer is annoyed even to see him. Mehmet leaves. Zehra says I think you did not like Mehmet Bey. Ömer tries to evade the confirmation. They go home and Ömer is sulking. Zehra asks if anything happened at the office. She wonders why they did not go to the restaurant. Ömer says because the meeting dragged too long.

Salim goes home and evades talking about Aysil. Zehra invites Ömer to the bedroom where she has prepared a twosome dinner. Ömer is still sulking. When they sit Zehra talks too enthusiastically about Mehmet Bey so Ömer gets up irritated and says he is not hungry. Zehra stops him and asks him about going to Dubai. He says you can go if you really want to. Zehra says I thought it would be nice if we went together. He is softened and agrees.

Kerem thinks about travelling with Sabah. Sabah sleeps crying thinking she has lost Kerem.

Zehra looks into the contents of the box and reads Jülide's diary. She is convinced that Jülide has loved her children all along and has suffered equally through these years of separation. Hediye tells Zehra she knows that she is meeting with Jülide and she can be at ease with her. Zehra goes to Ömer with a banana smoothie saying I know you did not eat and I didn't want you to sleep hungry. She then asks if he was always a successful overachiever. He says he tried to find refuge in studying and working hard but he has heard that such characters are usually running away from their own feelings. Zehra is moved and before leaving she bends down and kisses him on the cheek. He is touched and holds her arm and asks her to sit a little longer. She wants to talk but he asks her to hush and holds her to his chest.

Ayşe visits Zehra in her bedroom and talks about the sadness of not having a mother. She asks her to take Asya to school. Canan realizes Sabah is not well and tells Kerem to stay away. Asya asks Zehra to take her to the park for a few minutes before going to school. While there, Jülide comes and wants to be close to her granddaughter. Ayşe calls Zehra that she has forgotten to give her Asya's clothes, so she is coming. Zehra tells her they are at the park. She then asks Jülide to leave immediately. When Jülide is leaving in tears, she is faced with Ayşe.

S02E295 - 295.Bölüm Air Date: 02 March 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ayşe passes without recognizing her. Ömer wakes up and looks for Zehra. She has already gone. He is frazzled. Zehra meets Jülide and tries to calm her down. Jülide is distraught that her daughter did not recognize her. She tells her that Ayşe has told her that she misses her mother.

Canan tells Kerem what Idil has told Sabah. Kerem calls Idil to arrange a meeting.

Ömer meets Zehra at the office. She says she had to leave early and has had no breakfast. They are about to arrange for a nice breakfast when Ayşe comes in with Mehmet Bey to sign the agreements and Mehmet suggest a meal after to celebrate the partnership. Ayşe and Zehra agree. Ömer gets them to bring the signing into his office. Nihat comes to get Ömer; he has forgotten that he has to meet with them. He leaves reluctantly. Zehra gets up. He kisses her and tells her not to tire herself.

Bahşende gets some photos from his guy but cannot discern the face. Aysil and Salim run into each other on the street. Is there something brewing? Cevriye sees them and is not happy. Salim leaves and Cevriye follows Aysil to her shop and goes in. She is about to tell her something when Hamiyyet and Şükran arrive.

Zehra and Ayşe talk alone in Ömer's office. Zehra tells Ayşe that she can meet her mother if she wants. Ayşe is perplexed.

Kerem tells Idil to tell him what she has told Sabah. She says I told her we were old friends and Sabah cannot handle that. She also tells Kerem that Sabah has plans to travel and go away from Istanbul.

Ayşe tells Zehra that she cannot see her mother and act like nothing happened. She also says she cannot go to the meal with Mehmet Bey. She runs to a taxi all upset. Zehra is frazzled and wants to go after her. She calls Mehmet Bey and tells her they need to cancel the meal.

Kerem wants to explain to Sabah; she is afraid he wants to tell her he loves Idil and evades him.

Ömer realizes Zehra and Ayşe are gone. He wants to get news of them but hankers over the best way. Ayşe is at home crying. Ömer calls her and realizes she has not gone with them. She says Zehra has gone without her to the meal with Mehmet Bey because Ayşe was not feeling well. Zehra comes to Ayşe and tells her as a child who has also been left behind by her mother, she would welcome any opportunity to meet her in order to ask the many questions that her departure has left unanswered in her head. Ayşe says it will do no good. Zehra does not insist.

Koray is investigating and Özge is throwing obstacles in his way. Ömer goes to Zehra and asks about the meal. Finally, he realizes it was cancelled. Zehra is getting ready to go out. Ömer tries to delay her thinking she is going to see Mehmet again. He pours his drink over her dress pretending it was accidental. He hides her phone. But she is prepared to go. Zehra runs to the meeting place with Jülide. She begins to explain that Ayşe will not be coming. Jülide begins to cry. Ayşe appears.

S02E296 - 296.Bölüm Air Date: 05 March 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Jülide hugs Ayşe and tells her how she has longed for her. Meanwhile Asya takes the box out of her mother's drawer and takes the infant booties and Jülide's diary to Ömer. Ömer reads a page of the diary and tells Asya to put it back as it appears to be the private diary of her mother.

Jülide apologizes and Ayşe snaps. She says you left two wounded children behind you and think you can fix it with a mere sorry. She leaves. Jülide asks Zehra not to leave Ayşe alone. She runs after her. Ayşe speaks of how her mother's departure wounded Ömer irreparably.

Cevriye cannot say what she wants to Aysil with Hamiyyet and Şükran in the store. Ayşe and Zehra return home. Ayşe asks how Zehra met with Jülide. She says that Jülide found her. Ayşe says they should stop meeting because Ayşe is concerned that it might affect Zehra and Ömer's relationship. Ayşe then sees the box. Zehra says I left it here for you to see. It is your mom's. She then leaves her alone with it.

Koray is expecting a file. He is leaving so he tells Selin to get it. Özge wants the file. Selin gets the file and puts it in the drawer. Özge goes and changes a page of it.

Zehra goes to the living where Nihat, Bahşende and Ömer are sitting. Bahşende brags about Ayşe her granddaughter starting the new business. Susan brings flowers for Zehra. Mehmet Bey has sent them. Ömer is annoyed.

Sabah snaps out of it and gets out and begins working again with Canan. Canan is happy to see her well. Cevriye, Şükran and Hamiyyet go to Salim's after Aysil's place. Cevriye realizes Salim is not interested in marriage and is happy. She leaves with Can. Kerem goes to Sabah with breakfast. She resists.

Zehra goes to show Ayşe the flowers. Ayşe is crying. She talks about how her mother has also suffered. She thanks her for showing the her the diary. Nihat comes so Zehra leaves. Nihat supports Ayşe's desire to see her mom. Hediye thanks Zehra for bringing Ayşe and Jülide together. She gives her cocoa and biscuits to take for Ömer. In his room, Ömer thinks about alerting Zehra to the dangers of "Mehmet Bey"! Zehra comes with the goodies and tells him a little bird told her that he likes cocoa and biscuits!

Koray reports that there is no spy in the company. Idil goes to Sabah and begins again telling her how Kerem loves her. Kerem overhears, goes in all crossed with Idil.

Ömer goes into Zehra's room and says the flowers should go because they are giving him allergy. Zehra says these flowers are not the type to do so. She goes in the bathroom. He drops the vase. She comes and rescues the flowers. He is miffed.

Ayşe decides that the box should be returned to her mom and wants to give it to Zehra. She begins walking to her room with the box when Ömer calls her from behind. She drops the box. Ömer begins helping her to gather it despite her refusal.

S02E297 - 297.Bölüm Air Date: 06 March 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer helps Ayşe with all the stuff and finally picks up a photograph. It is a picture of his mother and the two of them when they were children. He hesitates in giving it to her. He tells Ayşe to take care of her things as this is the second time he has seen these things that day. Asya was going around with some of the items earlier. Ayşe agrees and leaves nervously. Ömer goes to his study and thinks about Ayşe and in his head begs her to forget the past. Ayşe goes to Zehra in the kitchen and tells her what happened. She asks her to take the box back to her mom.

Asya takes a chocolate bar to Ömer so he can help her open it. Zehra's phone rings. Asya gives it to Ömer. It is Mehmet Bey. Ömer is angry that he is making a video call. Ömer tells him that Zehra is not well today and then pretends that they got cut off.

Nihat starts a meeting with Özge, Selin and Koray and tells them they will start on a new proposal. Outside, Özge tells her guy on the phone that she will send him the information as soon as she gets them. Kerem tells Idil to apologize to Sabah. She refuses and he tells her to leave. Kerem apologizes to Sabah.

Ayşe has a moment with her daughter and decides to go see her mom again. She tells Zehra she will take the box herself. Zehra goes to Ömer's study. Mehmet Bey calls and she realizes Ömer has told him she is sick. She feels Ömer is acting strange. Ömer is annoyed at Mehmet Bey's persistence.

Halit goes to Salim's workshop. He has mild dementia. He does funny things. Salim goes along with it and engages him.

Ömer goes to the bedroom and Zehra is looking at her old sketches. Phone rings and he wonders if it is Mehmet Bey again. It is Hamiyyet. Aysil is looking for her uncle. Cevriye is looking at a photo of Aysil. Hediye sees her and says Aysil is very beautiful adding that she also looks very kind. Cevriye is miffed. Aysil hears that Halit may be in the workshop and goes there. Salim realizes Halit is Aysil's uncle and she kindly takes care of him. Salim is touched by Aysil. Aysil says that Halit does wonder off and gets mixed up. She thanks Salim and takes her uncle home. Kerem asks Sabah to travel around the world with him.

Zehra takes tea and cake to Ömer. In the study they are about to start when Mehmet begins to text her. Ömer is annoyed and begins acting silly again. Jülide is waiting for Zehra when Ayşe comes with Asya. They meet and tears are shed. Susan takes an envelope that contains photos to Bahşende. She finally realizes it is Jülide Zehra is meeting.

Bahşende calls Zehra. Ömer tells her to remember he is always by her side. She goes and Bahşende begins telling her that she knows she is meeting Jülide. Ayşe and Asya come in. Asya runs ahead and says she had met her grandma (Mother's mother). Ömer has just walked in.

S02E298 - 298.Bölüm Air Date: 07 March 2018 14:10 -

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Ayşe, Zehra and Bahşende join forces to cover the situation. Ömer comes. He has not heard anything.

Salim takes Halit's wallet to Aysil at her bakery. She thanks him and tells him a bit about her life. Bahşende in front of Ömer congratulates Zehra on the new deal and reminds her of her limitations in terms of lack of university training. Ömer says she has all the necessary skills so she need not worry. Ömer wants to take Zehra out to dinner. She says Hediye has worked hard on dinner it would not be nice. Maybe another day!

Özge is being unusually nice at the office; buying cookies and a present for Koray. Ayşe tells Zehra she will continue seeing her mother and won't separate from her ever again. Bahşende calls Zehra again. In her room she tells her that Zehra is opening the doors to hell. She says that she knows Jülide and she is an evil woman. She forbids Zehra to see her again. She says I cannot promise that. Nihat tells Ayşe that it is better to tell Ömer sooner than later. Ayşe is anxious.

Mehmet Bey comes to visit Zehra with more flowers. Ömer is annoyed. Zehra goes to the living room. Ayşe gets Mehmet Bey to stay for dinner. Ömer is annoyed by his every word. Kerem and Sabah go to dinner finally. Mehmet Bey tells the story of how his basketball dreams were shattered by the entry of a tall basketball player in his high school years. Ömer asks about the year and school and reveals that he was the tall player. Ayşe remembers how his brother's team won the cup that year. And Zehra says that she is in no way surprised because Ömer does anything that he puts his hand to perfectly. Mehmet Bey wants to leave!

In bed Ayşe tells Nihat that she took Asya to meet her mom and she is very happy. He suggests that she tell Ömer as soon as possible. Ömer goes to Zehra in the bedroom. She is wearing nighties from her dowry. He thanks her for saying such nice words about him earlier. She says I just stated my true feelings. He holds her face in his hands and tells her that he never tires of telling her how he appreciates her existence in his life. He approaches her lips with his. Will this be the first kiss? She appears ready. At the last moment he diverts to her forehead. He says goodnight and leaves. Her heart is fluttering. She touches her face longingly. They think about each other while in bed.

In the morning Ömer once more goes to the bedroom. She's not there. He looks for her in the bathroom. Zehra comes in with coffee for them both. She is startled when he comes out of the bathroom. Ömer wants to take Zehra out alone. She says Ayşe has invited Mehmet Bey for breakfast. Ömer is annoyed and talking about Mehmet to himself says if you were going to come for breakfast you might as well have stayed the night!! He says he can't stay; Ayşe should not have invited him without consulting them and so on…Zehra hushes.

Kerem and Sabah have breakfast happily in the store. Canan comes and gets some. Idil comes to talk. Salim buys breakfast from Aysil.

Ömer goes to his study annoyed with the prospect of seeing Mehmet Bey again. Nihat comes and notes Ömer's annoyance with Mehmet's presence. Ayşe decides she is going to tell Ömer about their mom. Ömer is in a heated debate with himself about the "insolence" of Mehmet Bey when Ayşe comes in. She says she has to talk to him about something. He thinks it is about Mehmet's invitation and says he knows about it. Ayşe says no, it is about something important. She sits but hesitates.

S02E299 - 299.Bölüm Air Date: 08 March 2018 14:10 -

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Ayşe begins by saying that she saw someone yesterday. Ömer listens. Hediye comes in saying Mehmet Bey has come and Zehra is with him. It makes him antsy and wants to go. He says let's leave it for later. Ayşe agrees. They go. Mehmet Bey is talking about flying. It comes out that Ömer has a flying licence too. Everyone is once more surprised by him. Mehmet chatters and Ömer says to himself I suppose women like funny men!!! They go to the breakfast table and Ömer's irritation of Mehmet Bey continues. Mehmet Bey wants Zehra to join his team in Dubai. Ömer reacts with a no instinctively. He corrects himself saying two jobs will be too much adding that still it is Zehra's decision. Zehra agrees with Ömer.

Idil apologizes. Sabah tells Kerem to go after her and accept her apology. He does. Idil goes to Morad, an old friend in love with her. She manipulates him with her tears to go and give a beating to Sabah. Morad and his goons have Sabah's store under surveillance.

Ipek snatches Koray's taxi to get to her first day of work at Kervancioglu Holding. When she sees him there, she is ashamed. Özge is rude with Ipek and Koray does not like it.

Ayşe is upset that she did not tell Ömer that she has met their mother. Aysil takes a cake to Hamiyyet to thank Salim for finding a job for Ipek, her niece. Cevriye goes out with her and tries to bring up the marriage issue but Aysil silences her.

Mehmet Bey wants to see Zehra's old sketches. Ömer follows her and tries to stall her in the bedroom. Then he suggests that she show the sketches to Mehmet Bey in his study. While there, he keeps making distractions by dropping the drawer and files. Finally, Mehmet leaves and Ömer asks Zehra to put on his favourite navy-blue dress. She agrees.

Ayşe meets her mother and decides to create a chance meeting between her and Ömer. She calls Ömer and asks him to go pick up Asya from school alone and let Zehra get ready while he is gone. He agrees. He goes and, on the street, Jülide calls him from behind: "Ömer!" He freezes. "My son!" His eyes fill with pain and anger.

S02E300 - 300.Bölüm Air Date: 09 March 2018 14:10 -

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Jülide begs him to talk to her. They face each other. She tries to approach him, but he holds out his shaking hand with a frozen wounded look. She begs him to shout at her or kill her but not be silent. He walks away. Jülide falls to her knees. Mohsen comes and takes Jülide away as she cries.

Zehra is worried in the room. She feels there is something wrong. Ömer walks on with the voice of his mother in his head. Ayşe is also antsy. She calls Jülide. Mohsen shuts the phone and tells Jülide it was just Arcan. They better not answer. Jülide says how can I go into that madhouse now feeling this way.

Ayşe calls Ömer. No response either. They call her from Asya's school. No one has been to pick Asya. She runs there and sees Jülide's shawl on the ground. Zehra calls Ömer. He does not answer. She tells Hediye she and Ömer are going out to eat. Ömer goes to the waterfront. Voices of his mother, present and past, Ayşe's voice in childhood and his dad begging her mother to stay and everything else mixes in his head making him scream in pain.

Zehra sees Ayşe come home with Asya. Asya says my uncle did not come to pick me up. Ayşe is distraught and tells Zehra she has ruined everything. She takes Zehra in the room to tell her what has happened.

Burak tells his goons to give Kerem a scare. They go in acting weird. Kerem suspects something but when they see Sabah and Canan they leave. Ipek finds a mistake in the calculations and tells Özge. Özge is upset that she has caught her. Koray asks Ipek what's up but she says nothing.

When Zehra hears that Ayşe has set up a chance meeting between Ömer and Jülide, she is shocked. She tries to calm Ayşe and then runs out to try and find Ömer.

Aysil looking for Halit finds him with Salim. Halit forces Salim to go to the bakery with them.

Zehra looks through the streets but cannot find Ömer. She gets in a cab and looks. She is very worried. Ayşe calls. She is with Nihat. Ömer does not respond to his calls either. Ayşe blames herself.

Salim sits with Halit and Aysil. Halit says funny things. Salim sees how Aysil helps needy people in the neighbourhood and tries to hide it from him. He is impressed by her every time.

Bahşende is angry that no one is sitting at the dinner table. She goes to Nihat. He says Ayşe is tired and sleeping. Bahşende feels there is something wrong.

Idil goes to Kerem and Sabah and tells them Burak their old friend from school who likes her might come and bother them because he thinks Idil is seeing him. She pretends she is sorry and then goes. Salim goes home. Hamiyyet gives him some of Aysil's cake and says she is so nice. She has brought the cake to thank him for finding a job for Ipek.

Zehra goes home and tells Ayşe she has not found Ömer. She tries to calm Ayşe. Ömer goes to his father's grave. He remembers his father begging her mother to stay. He says you begged her to stay. A big man like you, begging her. She did not listen. Now she has come back. I will not let her ease her conscience. You died in pain and she will live in pain.

Burak goes and gives Kerem a beating. Zehra goes to Ömer's room and cries. Don't you know I can't breathe without you? Please give me a sign. Tell me you are OK. She texts him. No response. She falls asleep in the bed and suddenly wakes up to a sound. She goes to the study. He's not there. She goes to the living room and no sign of him. She goes back to her bedroom and as she is closing the door she sees him sitting on his side of the bed. He does not move.

She cries and thanks heavens that he is OK. She goes to his side of the bed stands there looking at him lovingly. He does not respond to her entry. He turns away and lies on his side. She sits behind him and takes off her shoes. She lies behind him and slides her hand under his arm and spreads his hand on his heart. It arrests him. Close up of his teary and wounded eyes. She says I love you. I love you very much. He lies there frozen with his glazed eyes.

S02E301 - 301.Bölüm Air Date: 12 March 2018 14:10 -

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Zehra remains beside Ömer silently all night. Ömer does not respond to her. She stays up while he sleeps and tells him that she will stay with him until his wounds heal and after. Ömer wakes up when she is asleep and takes some solace in her presence. In the morning, they wake up slowly face to face. Zehra says good morning. He responds in kind. Then he gets up. He sits on the opposite side of the bed. He is still a wreck. He gets up and leaves the room without a word.

Zehra goes to Ayşe and tells her Ömer is back. Ayşe wants to go talk to him. Zehra says he is not talking yet. We better leave him alone for now.

Sabah and Kerem are at home with Canan and Koray. They were beaten by Burak's men. Koray makes them tea. Zehra goes to see Ömer and takes him some food. He does not respond. Zehra says later or sooner you would have met her. He is angry but silent. She leaves. He begins to put the pieces of the puzzle together with Ayşe and realizes she had set up the meeting. He goes to her room and shouts at her saying how could you bring me face to face with "that woman" which is the term he will keep using for Jülide for a while. Zehra comes in and tries to calm him but he tells Zehra to stay out of it. He then forbids Ayşe to see Jülide again and leaves pulling his arm out of Zehra's hands. Zehra stays and tries to calm Ayşe.

Canan tells Kerem and Sabah that she thinks Idil has unleashed Burak on them. When Idil comes to visit them Kerem tells her that he loves Sabah adding that she should leave and not come back.

Ömer goes into his study throwing everything and getting madder by the second. Zehra goes in and tries to calm him down. She tries to explain Ayşe and her need and right to see her mother. It makes him angry and he leaves. Outside, Zehra ponders on this issue. Hediye comes. Zehra is upset over the problems between Ömer and Ayşe and she feels she has caused them by bringing Jülide in Ayşe's life. She tells Hediye that she is considering telling Ömer that she introduced Jülide to Ayşe. Hediye advises against it saying let Ömer have someone he can go to. Bahşende sees Hediye talking to Zehra and tries to get information out of her but Hediye won't talk.

Cevriye sees Aysil with a man in her bakery holding hands and hugging. She goes to Hamiyyet and Şükran and tells them. They are all shocked. Cevriye turns every possible positive interpretation of what she has seen.

Nihat tries to calm Ayşe. Ömer changes into his black pull over and black jeans. After brooding on his bed, he suddenly gets up and goes to Zehra in the bedroom and calls out her name. She goes to him. He hugs her and appears to calm down.

S02E302 - 302.Bölüm Air Date: 13 March 2018 14:10 -

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Ömer asks her to stop crying. Zehra says I can't stand you suffering like this. He thanks her for being with him.

Kerem tells Idil he loves Sabah and she is the most important person in his life. Idil leaves grudgingly. Sabah feels ashamed and leaves. She says she will be at the Real Estate Office. Canan goes with her.

Ömer and Zehra sit on the bed. He tells her to get dressed as he wants to talk with everybody. He goes to the study. Bahşende comes in and expresses concern about him and says the only time she has seen him like this before is when his mother left. He asks her to stay when Ayşe, Nihat and Zehra come in. He tells them that while living under this roof no one should meet or speak of that woman. Ayşe says which woman; are you talking about our mother? She says I cannot promise you that. Ömer says if you meet with her... Ayşe says what if I meet with her. He says I have said what I wanted to say openly.

Şükran and Hamiyyet talk with Fatima about Aysil. Fatima says there can be no other man in Aysil's life. The whole thing becomes very sensitive.

Zehra tells Ömer that Ayşe is very upset. He says I said what had to be said the only way possible. Ayşe speaks with her mom. Jülide apologizes for having entered their lives and causing problems between her and her brother and tells her that she will not appear in their lives again. Ayşe is very upset. She wants to continue seeing her mother.

At night Zehra goes to Ömer. She promises him that things will be fine and that she will be by his side and they will get through this together. He asks her to get in bed beside him. She does, and they sleep side by side.

Aysil is looking for Halit again. Salim comes to help her. He goes into the coffee shop. He calls Ati. Together they continue looking. Kerem goes to Sabah's place and tells her he will use the term girlfriend sparingly until she gets used to their new relationship.

In the morning Ayşe decides to go away for some days with Nihat and Asya. Cevriye tries to dissuade her but she does not budge. Zehra goes to Ömer in the study and asks him to say something to Ayşe to keep her from going. Ömer says she is an adult and can make up her mind about what she wants to do. Zehra tries but Ömer does not budge either.

Fatima decides to go to Aysil right away and inquire about the man she was seen with.

Bahşende warns Zehra that she better not meet with that woman again as Ömer has asked. At the door, Hediye asks Ayşe to stay. Nihat tells them to relax since it is only for a few days. Asya does not want to go. Zehra consoles her. Ömer suddenly comes out of study and stands facing them.

S02E303 - 303.Bölüm Air Date: 14 March 2018 14:10 -

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Ömer looks and just goes back to the study. Asya says I won't go without kissing my uncle. She runs to him in the room and asks him to go with them because her parents don't know how to play well. He assures her that he loves her but can't go because of work. Ayşe comes and gets Asya. Ömer is broken. They leave.

Ayşe asks Zehra to take care of her brother. Zehra goes to Ömer. He is in the study. Talk of Ayşe makes him angrier. What did Zehra expect of him, he says, to bring "that woman" back into their lives? He feels she has made her decision to leave him. She prefers their mother over him. Zehra just holds him and calms him.

Özge is sabotaging the files and is going to blame Ipek for it. Aysil and Salim keep looking for Halit.

Ömer feels he has to protect Ayşe against "that woman". Zehra comes and says I am going to kidnap you and take you away. She takes Ömer to the veranda for coffee and sweets.

Şükran and Hamiyyet tell Cevriye that they have told Fatima everything and she said it is impossible. Aysil is a very respectable woman. Aysil is beginning to feel pain in her leg. Salim and Aysil sit down on a bench to rest.

Ayşe goes to the office after dropping off her stuff at the hotel. She is there with Asya and Nihat. Asya plays with Ipek and Koray. Ayşe cannot concentrate. Nihat says maybe we should go back. Bahşende calls Ayşe and says she is going to meet her at the office.

In the verandah Hediye comes and asks Ömer to get Ayşe back. Ömer says it is not possible and that Ayşe as an adult has made her decision. Hediye feels unsteady. She goes back in the kitchen and calls Jülide and tells her what has happened. Cevriye hears her on the phone. Hediye reveals that she has been in constant contact with Jülide throughout the years giving her news of her children.

Ömer calls Nihat and asks about work. Nihat tells him that they are all in the office and that he should go there and perhaps talk with Ayşe. Ömer says I can't today. Bahşende goes to the office and Nihat leaves her alone with Ayşe to talk.

Sabah has to go to a meeting. Canan becomes sick and Kerem is there to fill her place. Zehra calls Ayşe. Ayşe tells her that she is thinking about moving completely. She is upset in the kitchen. Ömer comes and she drops the glass of milk. He asks what's going on and says Ayşe is thinking of moving. Ömer freezes.

S02E304 - 304.Bölüm Air Date: 15 March 2018 14:10 -

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Ömer leaves the kitchen without talking. Zehra tells Hediye Ayşe is thinking of moving. Bahşende hears it too. Ömer goes into his room and vents out his anger asking how Ayşe would do that to him. How would she prefer "that woman" over him?

At the office Ayşe tells Nihat that she feels this is the right thing to do for his brother because her presence in the house would upset him more. Zehra calls Ayşe again and says she wants to tell Ömer that she was her mother's first contact. Ayşe dissuades her. Zehra tells Ayşe that Ömer has fallen into pieces. Ayşe insists that this is best for everyone.

Zehra goes to Ömer. He is standing in the bedroom staring out the window. She wants so much to tell him the truth. She holds him from behind. She says, no one is to blame. He says, that woman is. She presented herself into our lives. He says, I never expected this from Ayşe. Zehra says, we have to realize how much Ayşe has been in need of a mother. Ömer asks, which mother? Can we call that woman a mother? Zehra says, we don't know her story. Ömer says, we know enough. She says, time can reveal things. Look at our story. He says, I could never have imagined this. We have never been separated, Ayşe and I. Zehra thinks Ömer should stop being a parent to her now that she has a mother she can fly to.

Aysil and Salim are about to go to the police when Ipek calls and says Halit is with her at home and they are going to the bakery. Aysil thanks Salim and they part. Sabah and Kerem go to the meeting. He says he was very proud of her. In the bakery Ipek, Aysil and Halit meet happily. At home, Cevriye has come with food for Salim and Hamiyyet and Şükran. He leaves to sleep. Hamiyyet says he spent the whole day with Aysil looking of Halit. They explain that Halit has Alzheimer's disease and gets lost occasionally. Cevriye asks, have you told Salim about what I saw? They say, of course not. Cevriye is not pleased. Fatima goes to Aysil's bakery but feels uncomfortable and does not tell her about the rumours!!

Zehra takes some food for Ömer. Ömer is thinking how Ayşe could believe "that woman". He agrees to drink some OJ and only takes a sip and puts it back. He sits all broken. Zehra says, I'll go so you can rest. He asks her to stay. She tells him time will heal. She holds his big hand in hers. He lets it be taken but does not fold it around hers. He thanks her for being there for him. She puts her head on his shoulder and Ömer, closing his eyes, emanates deep and immense pain.

Koray tells Ipek that he is pleased with her work. Zehra wakes Ömer up. She is in sportswear and has a similar outfit for him. She tells him that he has to go with her to the waterfront for breakfast and she will not take no for an answer. Nihat checks the work and compliments his team. They especially commend Özge which makes her uncomfortable.

On the waterfront, Zehra buys simit for breakfast and gets Ömer to lighten up. They feed the birds with it. Ayşe calls and Zehra tells Ömer to take her to the office for work. He tries to get out of it; she refuses.

Fatima goes to Aysil's bakery and meets Aysil brother visiting from Germany. She realizes what has happened. He leaves. She tells Aysil about the rumours and Aysil cries. She is extremely sensitive to her reputation in the neighbourhood.

Ömer and Zehra arrive at the office. Ayşe comes and says hi. Ömer says he'll be in the office. In her office Ayşe thanks Zehra for returning her mother to her. She insists that her brother also needs to face the problems he has with their mother. Zehra meets Ipek.

Cevriye hears about Ayşe and Nihat planning to move. She says, I have to go then. Zehra and Ayşe can't figure out something in their files. Zehra says I will call Ömer. He comes and Zehra leaves to get coffee. Ayşe hits her head on the side of the table. Ömer is very concerned. Ayşe asks him if he has nothing to tell her. He says, I have told you what I had to say. You know what I think, and you have chosen to disregard it. I have respect for your decision. Now just tell me what the problem is. He checks the papers and solves the problem.

Cevriye tells Bahşende she is leaving. Bahşende asks her to stay because it would help the return of Ayşe and her family. She agrees. Özge gets a call and we realize she is going to send classified material to someone outside the Holding. She is looking for a chance.

On the way home Zehra asks if Ömer talked to Ayşe. He says no much. He says I cannot understand why my sister wants to bring back the murderer of our childhood into our lives again. Zehra is silenced.

At home, the doorbell rings. Hediye opens the door and it is Jülide. Bahşende comes saying "You?" Jülide stands determined.

S02E305 - 305.Bölüm Air Date: 16 March 2018 14:10 -

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Jülide tells Bahşende she has to talk to her son. Bahşende says how dare you come here after ruining this family's life. Jülide says you were the one who did not provide a helping hand when I needed it. You know better than to say such things. Bahşende says I will not engage this conversation; you are just trying to shift blame onto others. She then sees Ömer and Zehra coming so she takes her into the study. Ömer and Zehra arrive and Hediye opens the door. She is all flustered. Ömer wants to go to the study but Bahşende asks him to go with her to the living room to discuss something. Hediye says the study floor is wet from cleaning. So they go. Hediye tells Zehra that Jülide is there. In the living room Bahşende tells Ömer that he has to make Ayşe return. Meanwhile Zehra goes to the study and talks to Jülide. Jülide expresses how unhappy she is that she has caused a separation between her children but she now recognizes that this is not the right way to talk to Ömer. Zehra helps her leave but Jülide drops a pin. Özge sends all the files to person she has been secretly talking to on the phone. Ömer returns to the study and finds the pin. Zehra comes in to talk to him but before she can do so Bahşende comes in and says the pin is hers. She also asks Zehra to go with her as she has something important to tell her. Outside she once more chides Zehra for bringing Jülide into their lives and says the worst is yet to come. Zehra is again held back from telling Ömer her part in the affairs.

Fatima tells Hamiyyet and Şükran that the man in question was Aysil's brother. They are shocked and immediately tell Cevriye. Cevriye is making dough. She asks Zehra to continue because she has to leave immediately. Zehra takes over and Ömer comes in. He is surprised to see her doing that. She asks him to get her an apron. Then she asks him to open the flour pack and pour a bit into the bowl as she is kneading. The package breaks when Ömer wants to open it and makes a mess. Ömer says she looks funny. She says is it that he is lazy and trying to make sure she would never ask for his help in the kitchen? He objects to being described as lazy and puts some flour on her nose. She throws some flour in his face and he is about to kiss her when Hediye arrives and cuts it short. Zehra and Hediye laugh. Ömer laughs a bit but then tries to keep a straight face.

Sabah is acting silly trying to hide her feelings and concern from Kerem. Canan tells her as much but she is just ridiculous. Kerem finally goes to her and says I feel like I am pushing you all the time. I do not want to force you. He is about to leave when Sabah calls him from behind. Koray tells his team that they have not managed to win the project. Then he gets a call from Company security telling him that they have found who has sent out the information. Koray later calls Ipek into his office and snaps at her for sending out the files. Ipek is shocked.

Cevriye goes to Aysil and begs her forgiveness. Aysil says she was very upset but thanks her for going to her directly and accepts her apology. Cevriye goes and tells Hamiyyet and Şükran everything; Salim arrives and hears at the door.

In the bedroom wearing matching outfits Ömer comes and sees Zehra all flustered. They sit down together Zehra wants to tell him everything but he says please do not get mixed up in what is going on between me and Ayşe. They hug and he goes to bed. In the morning, Asya goes to Ömer's room. He is happy and thinks they are back. He goes to the living room and Nihat tells him that they are only there to pick some stuff up. Zehra is walking along with Asya when Ömer sees them and snaps telling her not to say anything. Zehra goes and sees Ayşe in her room and then goes to Ömer in his study. He does not want to talk at first but she insists. She tells him that she was the one who got Ayşe to meet Jülide. Ömer is shocked.

S02E306 - 306.Bölüm Air Date: 19 March 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Zehra explains that Jülide appeared on the day of the court. Ömer is not happy to find out what was the reason for Zehra's sudden change of heart at the court. Zehra goes on to say that she was then curious to hear what Jülide had to say and then Jülide began to seem very real and truthful to her. Like a mother who has suffered for having lost her children. So Zehra explains that she talked Ayşe into seeing her. Ömer is silent. Zehra wants to touch him but he gets up and steps back holding out his shaking hand as he had done to Jülide. Zehra leaves under the weight of sadness. She goes to Ayşe and tells her. Ayşe calms her and takes her to the study to talk to Ömer but he is gone. Nihat tells them that Ömer just left. Zehra calls Ömer but he does not answer. Ayşe, Nihat and Asya take leave at the door. Bahşende tells Zehra she is the creator of this sad picture. Zehra is very upset and in her room as she sweats over the affair, Hediye consoles her.

Sabah tells Kerem she loves him. Kerem and Sabah go to Aysil's pastry shop and have a nice date. Kerem invites Koray and Canan to announce they are going out together.

Ipek tells Koray she has done nothing wrong. She cries not knowing how to prove her innocence. Koray begins deep investigation as he feels Ipek is genuine.

Hamiyyet and Şükran go and visit Aysil. They apologize and confirm their deep friendship. At home, Salim tells them off for pushing the marriage issue and causing problems for Aysil.

Ömer drives to the waterfront wondering why Zehra has done this. He remembers how she had asked for a divorce and then changed her mind. Nihat calls him saying they have lost the deal. Ömer goes to the office. Nihat goes to him. He snaps at Nihat but apologizes after. Nihat leaves and Ayşe goes to talk to Ömer. She tells him how indebted she is to him but that each person has his or her own feelings and ideas about life and can't be kept in a golden cage. She begs him not to blame Zehra for anything as she has entered their lives like an angel and stood by him despite all the horrid things he has done to her and continues to love him. Ömer remains silent. He drives home still upset. Zehra cries herself to sleep in bed. Ömer goes to his room, takes off his jacket and tie. Later he goes into their bedroom and sits at the edge of Zehra's side watching her sleep all night. In the morning she wakes up and sees him. She ges up and begs him not be angry with her and that she only wanted to make everything better and did not realize how things got this far. He gets up and she approaches him and asks him to forgive her. He says I won't forgive you! I won't forgive you because there is nothing to forgive. You are the most blameless individual in this story!!

S02E307 - 307.Bölüm Air Date: 20 March 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer holds Zehra and Zehra cries with joy. Hediye brings breakfast. She is happy to see Ömer back. She leaves the breakfast. Zehra is excited and wants to make breakfast for him or go out or…He just wants her.

Sabah acts silly. Canan tells her to watch a few romantic movies and learn from them. Kerem goes to get breakfast for them from Aysil when a man comes and insists on Aysil giving him money he is owed by her landlord. Aysil refuses. Kerem supports her. Later Salim brings Halit to the bakery. Ipek comes and Salim asks about how her job is at the Holding. She says fine and says nothing about the recent developments. Koray is investigating and realizes the computer was used to send the email after Ipek left the office.

Zehra talks to Ömer about Ayşe and wants him to reconsider. He is silent. She asks him to take her with him to the office as she has things to do there. They go there. When Zehra is with Ayşe Ömer joins them and asks Ayşe to come back to the house. Ayşe asks if she can see her mom. Ömer is silent. Ayşe says she can't do that. Ömer leaves. Zehra tells Ayşe I have an idea and begins explaining to her. At home Zehra goes to Ömer who is on the veranda looking in the distance and thinking. She tells him Ayşe wants their passports because they want to go and live abroad. Ömer is shocked. What a sudden and irresponsible decision. What of Asya, he says. He calls Nihat. Ayşe is giving instructions to Nihat on what to say. Nihat is not happy but acquiesces. Nihat says Ayşe is determined. She has a friend in Spain and they are probably going there. In his the study, Zehra tells Ömer that Ayşe wants Can to take the passports to her. She says Ayşe is leaving because he loves him so much and she can't stand the separation. She is disappointed that Ömer can. Ömer ponders but does not give the passports to Zehra.

Big Auntie calls Canan from the village. She asks about Zehra. Canan says she does not call that often and it could be because of the morose grandmother, Bahşende. The man once more goes to Aysil's bakery. As he is pushing Aysil, Kerem and Sabah arrive. Kerem punches the guy.

Ayşe and Nihat are in the living room. Asya is on Cevriye's lap. Zehra comes. The mood is heavy. Ömer comes with the passports. Ayşe walks toward him and he extends the passports but tells her: "This can't be!"

S02E308 - 308.Bölüm Air Date: 21 March 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer tells Ayşe that they should stay and that she can see whomever she wishes to see. Everyone is very happy! Clearly Zehra had set up the lie about Ayşe wanting to leave the country to move Ömer into action. Kerem hits the guy and he says this will not be the end! Zehra helps Ayşe unpack. Hediye comes and tells Zehra she has a visitor. Great Aunt Kadija is visiting. Bahşende is appalled by her appearance. Kadija has brought goodies from the village. Bahşende, unlike the others, does not appreciate the gesture. Hediye takes it to the kitchen and will make Tarragon soup with the special Tarragon Kadija has brought. At dinner time everyone talks about Zehra's goodness and how she has kept the house together by preventing Ayşe from going abroad. Bahşende insists it is because of the bond between the brother and sister and not Zehra. Bahşende does not eat the tarragon soup and says it does not agree with her. Kadija eats hers as well saying food must not be wasted in respect for the work that has been done for it to get from earth to the table. Ayşe and Ömer agree and take a second helping.

Koray goes to see Ipek at the Bakery and apologizes and asks her to come back. She says she cannot. Ipek then talks to Aysil. Aysil convinces her to go back, head up high. Koray tells Kerem about the Ipek situation. Kerem is happy sending texts to Sabah and being silly!

Zehra asks that Kadija stay a few nights. Bahşende tries to avoid it saying she probably has her own itinerary. Ömer also insists. Kadija observes Bahşende's intent and says she will make some time to stay.

In the bedroom Zehra tries to make herself look pretty. She puts on perfume and wants to change her pajamas. Ömer comes and says since Kadija is staying in the guest room, he has come here. Zehra tells him that Ayşe has stayed because he is a fair, goodhearted person and brother. She adds that he is a wonderful husband. He asks if all issues between them are resolved. Zehra responds yes. They are about to kiss when Hediye barges in and says Kadija wants to see Zehra. Ömer is impatient. Zehra goes promising to come back soon. Ömer changes and grooms himself in the mirror. He sits waiting. Kadija and Zehra talk and chat. In the morning, Ömer has fallen asleep in bed. Zehra comes in and apologizes for having fallen asleep in Kadija's room. He is disappointed. She kisses him on the cheek and refuses to kiss him on the lip.

Koray goes to work and sees Ipek there and is happy. He tells her that he is trying to find who was responsible for the leak. Özge is surprised to Ipek there. Halit goes to Salim's workshop and Salim gets him busy there with some work. Sabah goes to the bakery to keep guard and she helps Aysil as well. The guys come and Sabah threatens them with some plate from the counter.

Bahşende talks with Ayşe saying how happy she is that Ayşe has returned but when she realizes Ömer has allowed her to see her mom, she is angry. She goes to Ömer and tells her that he should not have done that. Ömer says I have tried to do my best to support Ayşe in all her life and for much of it you too were absent. I will keep trying to, as I have in the past. Bahşende goes into the living room, calls Zehra and begins telling her off for bringing Jülide into their lives. Zehra realizes that Hatice is at the door and does not want there to be tension.

S02E309 - 309.Bölüm Air Date: 22 March 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Hatice walks in and asks what is going on. Zehra defuses the situation and Bahşende leaves saying Zehra do not forget what I have told you. Zehra says Bahşende treats everyone that way. She insists that she is the matriarch of the family and asks Hatice to forget Bahşende. Hatice is determined to stop Bahşende. Koray realizes it is Özge. He tells her that the information was sent through Ipek's email. She immediately goes and snaps at Ipek. Ipal insists that she is innocent but Özge belittles her and tells Selin that although she looks innocent, she is guilty.

Zehra is concerned about a fight between Hatice and Bahşende. She puts on one of the scarfs Hatice has brought her. Ömer comes into the room and likes it on her. She wants to take it off but he does not let her. He holds her and says he is so happy. She keeps acting shy. . Ömer says you look even more beautiful when you are embarrassed. Ömer sweet talks her and tells her Zehra let us not wait any longer. She shows her embarrassment with her hands. He tells her let's take auntie and show her around Istanbul. In the corridor as they are walking, Ömer asks Zehra not to forget him while her Aunt is visiting.

Halit and Salim finish the shelf for Aysil and together they take it for her. Bahşende sees Hatice's goodies in the kitchen and gets angry over it with Hediye. Hatice comes in and notices it. Bahşende leaves. Hatice is determined to teach Bahşende a lesson. In the living room Bahşende emphasized that Hatice is just a guest in this house. Hatice becomes dizzy. Zehra and Ömer insist on going to the hospital. Hatice refuses. Ömer says then I will call the doctor. Hatice says I have lots to do tonight. She wants Zehra to read the Yasin for her for a special night. She also wants to give to charity (ehsan). Ömer says I will do it. She says that would be your doing. I have to pay for it too. Ömer says ok you give something and I will add mine to it and we'll donate it together. Ömer then convinces her to have the doctor see her.

Kerem and Sabah help out in Aysil's bakery. Sabah says Aysil reminds her of her mom. Kerem is upset that Sabah no longer goes to his house anymore. Aysil's landlord comes and tells her that things are resolved with the guy who had given Aysil trouble. Aysil is happy.

There is Azan and Zehra sits with Hatice and Hediye reading Yasin in white headscarves. Ömer is moved watching Zehra. Ömer comes in with Can. They have given out the Ehsan (charity) and Can has brought Hatice's meds. Hatice gives him homemade socks and cites special prayers for everyone.

In the corridor Ömer tells Zehra that the doctor has said stress has caused Hatice's upset and asks if something had happened. Zehra says she does not know. Hediye feels Bahşende might have caused her stress. Zehra is concerned. Ömer goes to her room and asks Hatice if anything upset her that day. Hatice says she looks tough but gets upset even over a sparrow going hungry. Ömer asks her to be more careful about her health.

Ömer waits for Zehra in the bedroom. Zehra comes and tells him she wants to sleep with Auntie that night. Ömer is upset and asks her to put him to sleep before going. She caresses him and kisses him before leaving.

Ayşe is concerned that her mom is not answering the phone. As Nihat consoles her, she says she loves him. She says when she told her friends that she wants to marry him they had warned her that he was a womanizer. He recognizes the sentiments but they both express deep love and agree that those warnings were baseless.

Ömer comes in the morning and wakes Zehra up with a kiss. She does not let him kiss her on the lips. Auntie is sleeping. He asks her to see him off.

Bahşende talks with Defne and is happy saying Ömer would be very happy to see her. Zehra and Hatice talk till morning. In the morning Hatice goes to Bahşende and says she wants to talk to her. Koray tells Özge that he knows she did it. She says she had to.

Outside Ömer tells Zehra he can't leave and as he keeps delaying it, Defne calls. Defne? Yes, his childhood friend. Zehra appears to be a bit jealous.

S02E310 - 310.Bölüm Air Date: 23 March 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer talks with Defne and realizes she has returned to Istanbul. He says yes you have heard right, I am married. She is beautiful, and I am looking forward to introducing you to each other. He tells Zehra that Defne is a very old friend and she has returned from France and he has not seen her in long. He says she is a very energetic and joyful person and he would really like them to meet. Zehra does not seem too excited. Ömer gets a kiss and still does not want to go but Zehra sends him off.

Hatice warns Bahşende about how she treats Zehra and says I can turn into a dragon if anyone messes with my sweet Zehra. She later is getting ready with Zehra in her room. Bahşende comes to visit them. Zehra is worried about friction but Bahşende is very polite and invited them to the breakfast table. Hatice accepts and then gives her a gift with grape edge embroidery saying it will be a sign of their good relationship with Zehra. She tells Zehra that she is going to Salim's and promises to see her another time. Zehra will take her to Mahaleh.

Kerem and Canan plan together and get Sabah to go to Kerem's place where he has decorated the house with roses and red balloons and tells her that this house is special to him because it brought them together and he wants them to have their children there.

Asya tells Ayşe she wants her grandmother to be at her birthday. Ayşe promises to tell her. But again, Jülideh does not answer her phone.

At work Ömer thinks about Zehra and calls her and tells her he cannot work thinking of her. Zehra is embarrassed to talk to him in front of Hatice. Nihat tells Ömer he will go to Ankara instead of him realizing he does not care to leave Zehra.

Salim delivers Halit and the shelf to Aysil's bakery and Halit invites him to tea and sweets. Zehra, Bahşende, Hatice, Ayşe and Cevriye have tea. Hatice takes leave of Asya who gives her a drawing. In her room Ayşe tells Zehra she is worried about her mom as she has not been answering her phone.

Ömer has returned and sneaked into their bedroom waiting for Zehra. She does not come and he is restless. She finally comes and is surprised to see him. He takes her in his arms. Hatice calls and she sends Ömer into the bathroom. Hatice wants to use their bathroom. She takes her somewhere else. She returns and briefly hugs Ömer and they finally go to see Hatice and Zehra off.

Koray informs Nihat that Özge is the one who sent the information to their competitors. Nihat sees Özge and tells her that they will initiate proceedings against her. Özge cries and says they threatened me. Nihat says you could have asked us for help, this is no excuse.

The family gathers to bid Hatice farewell. Can takes the two of them to Mahaleh. Ömer waits restlessly. Ayşe finally gets response from Jülide. She sets up a meeting to see her. When Jülide wants to start there, Mohsen gets a call from Arcan saying he knows Jülide is meeting with her daughter and she cannot. Mohsen tells Jülide they cannot go. Ayşe waits there but Jülide does not come. She calls Zehra who is on her way back. Zehra assures her that all will be ok. Then Zehra gets a call from Jülide. She is calling from a payphone and only remembers Zehra's number. She sets up a meeting. Zehra goes there but as soon as she arrives three men appear to kidnap Jülide. She tries to stop them but can't.

Ömer is awaiting Zehra in the study. She comes. She is distraught and runs to his arms saying Jülide was kidnapped.

S02E311 - 311.Bölüm Air Date: 26 March 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer sits Zehra down and listens to her story. He is not willing to believe it. He says it is probably a set up to get him to meet with Jülide. He tells Zehra that he knows her mother and she is not to be trusted. Zehra keeps asking what if you are wrong. He says I am not wrong. He says I don't want anything or anyone to come between us anymore. Don't let it. But Zehra can't get over it and keeps saying your mother could be in danger. Ömer asks her not to tell Ayşe about this. Ayşe goes to Zehra and Zehra holds back the information.

Sabah tells Kerem she cannot marry him without knowing who she really is. Kerem says he will help her find her real family but he loves her every which way. Meanwhile Bahşende talks with Defne on the phone and makes her promise to come visit the next day. Defne says do not tell Ömer so I can surprise him.

Ayşe feels jittery. Nihat is going to Cyprus and this adds to her jitters. She wants him to be careful. He asks that she sends him his suitcase as he will not have time to go home and pack. She takes the suitcase with Can and goes to see him off with Asya.

Hamiyyet and Şükran tell Hatice about Aysil and how she would suit Salim. Aysil's landlord tells her she has to move because he has to pay off his creditors. Salim hears and is concerned for her. At home with the ladies he takes his leave and sleeps early. Aysil asks Kerem and Sabah to find a store for her. They can't find anything but decide that their own store could do.

Zehra keeps asking Ömer to call the police. Ömer gets a call from Selin that Osman, a retired employee has had a heart attack. Ömer goes to hospital to visit him.

Jülide is taken by Arcan's men. She is defiant. Arcan calls her while she is in the car and tells her that she has violated their agreement and she and her children will have to pay. She warns him to stay away from her children. The men take her to a building and give her a shot to calm her. They are all sleeping. Jülide gets up and takes one of their phones and calls Zehra. She asks if her children are ok when one guy takes the phone from her. Zehra is upset. Ömer arrives and she tells him that they need to call the police. He resists. She says she is going to do it herself. She leaves the room.

Defne arrives at the door. Bahşende opens the door and they greet. Zehra approaches the door. Bahşende introduces Ömer's wife. Zehra greets Defne and then apologizes saying she has to leave right away and goes. Ömer comes and greets Defen as well but apologizes saying he has to take Zehra somewhere. Defne goes in with Bahşende. Outside Ömer gets the car as Can says Zehra has left on foot. Ömer follows with the car. Zehra sees Ömer and quickens her steps thinking he wants to stop her. At the next turn a car stops, Arcan's goons get out and kidnap her. Ömer cannot stop them.

S02E312 - 312.Bölüm Air Date: 27 March 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer runs into his car and follows them. They drive on and arrive at an empty building. The three men take Zehra into the building. Zehra sees Ömer behind the bushes. They lock Zehra in a room. Ömer goes around and tells her to be calm and that he is going to get her out. They put hand to hand on the window.

Hatice goes to Salim's and at the door Şükran introduces her to Aysil and the latter passes by to go to the bakery. Sabah and Kerem decide that Sabah's real estate office can be turned into a bakery café for Aysil but Aysil says she has decided to do it from the internet because the current bakery comes with the furniture which she does not have. Sabah and Kerem still think they can prepare themselves and surprise her. At home Hatice tells Salim that it is hard for a man to live alone. But Salim insists that he does not want to marry.

Defne sits with Bahşende and they talks about the grand old days. Bahşende keeps thinking how classy Defne is and thinks Zehra is bound to lose to her in the battle for Ömer. Cevriye meets Defne as well. She is an old friend and Hediye tells Cevriye she was liked by the family and Ömer as a very good friend. Cevriye does not like how Bahşende dotes over Defne. Defne also says she is looking for work and Bahşende says she must talk to Ömer and work at Kervancioglu Holding. She says she will consider it once she has heard of the places she has had interviews with. Defne leaves and Bahşende apologizes for Ömer not staying there to be with her. Defne does not seem offended and says all is well and that she will come back another time.

Selin and Ipek pack Özge's stuff and Ipek gets her office. Koray works with her on certain things and at night they leave together to go home. Ayşe talks with Nihat in Cyprus and they talk about how they miss each other.

The men sit at the table and as they play cards, they talk about their boss, referring to the name Arcan. Ömer makes some noise. One of the men comes out and he hits him on the head and he passes out. Zehra tells the others that she has to go to the washroom and warns them about Djin's staying in abandoned houses. One of the men is scared of Djins and becomes concerned. Ömer goes in finally and tries to open Zehra's door but cannot. Then he hits the two men and when they pass out, the other one from outside runs in aims at him with a gun.

S02E313 - 313.Bölüm Air Date: 28 March 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Zehra comes out of the room with a metal pipe and hits the man on his head. Ömer and Zehra embrace and then run out and get in the car and drive off. Zehra is distraught. They tell each other that they could not stand it if anything happened to the other. Ömer tells her that she is not his lost half; she is everything to him and before her he did not exist. She then again becomes worried about Jülide. Ömer asks for Zehra's phone and calls Murad Bey and tells him that Jülide Kesser may be in danger and he would like him to look for her. Zehra feels better.

At home Ayşe is anxious attributing it to Nihat's being away and her mother not responding to her calls. Canan is redecorating Sabah's office and Koray comes with food. Later Kerem tells Canan that he is going to surprise both Sabah and Aysil. He plans to buy the bakery so Sabah would not have to move and Aysil will have her bakery. Canan goes home all tired and tells the ladies about the developments. They visit Aysil and without ruining the surprise, tell her not to worry, something good hopefully will come out of all this.

At home Ömer rubs ointment on Zehra's arm and bandages it. Ömer comments on how Zehra acted like a superhero breaking door and hitting bad guys on the head. He tells her that he loves her very much and wants to sleep drowning himself in her eyes and wake up looking at those eyes. He says he wants her to be his. He says it is so hard to have her so close and not take her in his arms. She is embarrassed. He does not push it.

They have coffee with the family. Bahşende says if was not nice that Ömer left when Defne came. Ömer says don't worry we'll see her later, she won't mind. Bahşende also tells him that she is looking for work and he should consider finding her an appropriate job at the Holding. Ayşe goes to call Nihat. In the study Ömer talks with Nihat and Nihat tells him I have work to do but all is going well.

Zehra tells Ömer that she is very worried, and these people could do Jülide harm. Her life could even be in danger. Ömer calls Murad Bey and he says they went to the address he had sent, and no one was there. Zehra says I will go out to the verandah to get some air. Ömer calls Murad again and tells him to call them at any hour should there be any development.

Jülide is held by the men in a car as they talk with their boss and tells him that her husband, Ömer Kervancioglu saved her. They pass the phone to Jülide and the boss tells her that now that she has brought her children into the picture, he will show her all that he is capable of. Jülide tells him to leave her children alone.

Ömer goes to Zehra in the verandah. She is distressed. She is also worried that he is not worried enough for Jülide. He says you do not know her I do. I know the darkness in her soul. He says she has no place in my life and I am not to blame for that. Please don't upset yourself over her, he begs her. He then apologizes for causing more distress and wants to calm her. He opens the music box that he is holding behind him and a sweet melody pours out. Zehra is surprised and tells him how she took shelter in the calmness of the melody in childhood whenever she was sad. She then tells him how her mother never really held her as she sees Ayşe hold Asya or even her own mother hold Yasemin. Ömer is really upset and holds her tight with the music box in his hand.

Later they have fallen asleep in their clothes on the bed with Zehra's head on his chest. Zehra wakes up and caresses his face. He wakes up and she wants to pull away, but he holds her hand and puts it back on his face. They enjoy the moment. Later Ayşe goes to Zehra and tells her that she is very worried about her mom. Zehra holds back and only tries to tell her not to worry.

At the office Ipek asks Koray for help in completing files and he shows her the ropes. He then tells her that she should leave early for Sabah's office as Kerem needs some assistance from her. Later Selin comes and brings Koray coffee and cake but he leaves early and Selin is left alone.

Zehra goes to Ömer and tells her that she feels bad lying to Ayşe. Hediye comes in and says there is a strange man who looks beaten up at the door asking for Ömer. They go out. Ömer asks Zehra to wait at the door. He walks down and toward the man. It is Mohsen, whom we have seen with Jülide before. He has bruises all over his face. He tells Ömer that he is here because he felt he had no other choice. He adds that your wife knows me and that your mother's life is in danger.

S02E314 - 314.Bölüm Air Date: 29 March 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer says go to the police, why have you come to me. Mohsen says if I go to the police she will die. Mohsen says I hoped you being his son. Ömer says she is a stranger to me. Mohsen says your mother left to protect you and your sister, but the point is that she is now in danger. Ömer will not listen and goes to Zehra. Zehra says I have seen him with Jülide and appears to be someone she trusts. She asks what he is saying. Ömer says Mohsen is saying that her (Jülide's) life is in danger. Zehra wants Ömer to do something and Ömer wants to stay out of it. Ömer says we have informed the police and I don't want to get involved in anything that has to do with that woman. Ömer wonders how a kind man like Ömer would think of his mom in this manner.

They take Jülide to the same building where Zehra was held.

Ömer enters the room and they talk about how he does not like perfume because he is addicted to her scent. Later they sweet talk over making cake.

Selin keeps helping Koray at work. Ömer calls Selin and asks her to send him a number of documents. Ömer is thoughtful in his study. As he works he goes to the drawer to get something and finds the letter he had written for Zehra about how her talk with Sabah at the wedding had reminded him of the poisonous words of his mother to his father when she left them forever. He remembers writing it and thinks about Mohsen's words. He is angry that even after all these years hearing that his mother is in danger still upsets him. Hediye comes and tells him Defne has come.

Bahşende sits with Defne and keeps drooling over her. Cevriye talks about how Bahşende is kind to Defne and then leaves. Ömer comes and Bahşende leaves them alone. Ömer and Defne talk about the past. Ömer is not wholly there and worried about his mom. Zehra sees them from the corridor and goes back to the room. She is uncomfortable with Defne's presence. Hediye comes and wants to change the sheets. She notes Zehra's restlessness. Cevriye comes as well and Zehra is awkward. Zehra finally goes to Ömer and Defne in the living room and sits with them briefly. Ömer thinks she is upset because he is not doing anything for Jülide. Zehra excuses herself and goes into the study. She is upset that Ömer is calmly chit chatting with his friend when his mother is in danger. She sits and sees the letter.

Aysil gets ready to give up the shop. Halit tells Salim we have to go and fight with those who are taking away Aysil's shop. He promises him that they will go tomorrow.

Zehra reads the letter crying. Nihat calls and Defne says she has to go now. Ömer goes to the study and sees Zehra reading the letter and says so you read it finally. She hugs him and apologizes that she did not read it earlier. She says now I understand your pain. I feel your pain. But it also shows deep down you still love your mom and that is why you are so mad at her. Your wounds can only be healed with love. Please allow your mom to love you. He asks to be left alone.

Zehra goes to the bedroom. Ayşe goes to her and finally Zehra tells her Jülide is in danger. Ayşe goes to Ömer and begs him to do something. He says nothing. Ayşe sits crying in her room and Zehra goes to her again. She suddenly gets a text message from Mohsen saying Jülide is where they had taken Zehra. She runs and tells Ömer.

Hamiyyet decides to leave. Hatice tells them that Salim needs to stay without Hamiyyet and Şükran should stop making food for him. Same for Canan so he will realize that it is best to marry.

Ayşe calls Nihat and although Ayşe does not notice, we realize he is with someone in the hotel. The bed is unmade and there are two drink glasses on the table.

Ömer and Zehra go to the building. The police arrive, and they capture the men and then bring Jülide. Zehra hugs her. Jülide then turns to Ömer.

S02E315 - 315.Bölüm Air Date: 30 March 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Jülide hugs him and says my son. She says how her prayers have been answered and she is overjoyed that he has come to save her. He stands there, and pain pours out of his eyes. He looks at her. Zehra hopes that Ömer does not react negatively. Mürad Bey asks Jülide to go to the station to give a statement. She says ok and tells Ömer now that I have seen this day; I can die happily. Mürad Bey asks Ömer to go as well. He says he will go later. Ömer is shaky. He hugs Zehra. Zehra is very happy and thinks that Ömer has broken the chains and now they can be happy.

At home Ayşe also hugs him and thanks him. He goes to his room. Zehra tells her that Ömer allowed Jülide hug him without pushing her away. They feel Ömer has taken a big leap. Bahşende hears bits and pieces. Ayşe talks with her mother on the phone. Bahşende asks Ayşe to explain everything to her.

Zehra looks at her wedding album and remembers the perfect moments of that night and not the necklace pulling episode. In the study, Ömer remembers her mom hugging him.

Bahşende hears Hediye talking nicely about Defne and is happy. Hediye and Cevriye are shocked when Bahşende asks them to give her some food to take to Ömer. She goes to him and tells him he should not let that "evil woman" into their lives and that she does not deserve his help. Ömer says she has no right to meddle in that decision. Bahşende wants to snap at Zehra outside but remembers Hatice's words and stops herself and just tells her Ömer wants to be left alone.

Aysil is lost and they find her and realize some roughneck have attacked her at the bakery, so she had gone to the waterfront to drown her blues.

Ömer goes to the room. He is trying to connect the dots, but nothing makes sense to him. Could she be playing a game or is she really in danger? He does not notice Zehra coming in. Zehra tells him that his doubts are normal and that he is very strong that he is handling all of this without falling apart. They hug. She goes to get him food. She comes back, and he has fallen asleep. She sits beside him. He is having a nightmare. No! No! He says. She holds his hand and dries off his sweaty forehead. He says Zehra in his sleep. She kisses him, and he calms down.

Canan tells Salim and Hamiyyet about Aysil's situation and tells everybody that they have managed to help her keep the bakery. The next day finally Ipek brings Aysil to the store and they tell her that she can keep the bakery.

Zehra wakes up and sees Ömer is not there. She goes to the verandah. He is sitting there. She puts a blanket on his shoulders. His hands are cold. He has been there long. He says he could not sleep. He says I had accustomed myself to living without her and now…Mürad Bey calls. He is not up to answering. Zehra answers and he asks them to go for the statement.

Nihat has come home. Zehra goes around and cannot find Ömer. Finally, she goes out and see him pacing beside the car. They get in and go to the station. Jülide is sitting there. She keeps looking at Ömer. Ömer does not engage her look. Mürad Bey asks Zehra if she is filing a complaint against the men that kidnapped her. She says yes. He asks the same question from Jülide and Jülide looking all concerned at Ömer says no. I have no complaint against my husband. Ömer's face shows anger.

S02E316 - 316.Bölüm Air Date: 02 April 2018 14:10 -

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Ömer and Zehra are driving back. Ömer beats the wheel to vent out his anger. Zehra begs him to calm down. He says he is angry at himself for falling for her games again. They arrive home. Ayşe comes out and Ömer goes into the yard without talking. Zehra tells Ayşe what happened, and Ayşe is shocked and says if our mother does not explain this we cannot see her again. Zehra is convinced that there must be an explanation. She is certain of Jülide's love for her children.

In the yard Defne arrives in her affectations clothes and goes to Ömer and tells him he is ready to listen. Zehra comes and they go in the verandah to have coffee. Defne realizes it has to do with Ömer's mother. She tells him that he should not blame himself for not being able to forgive her because after all she was not there when they really needed her.

Ömer and Defne are in the study. Zehra goes there as well. Defne shows them a teddy bear keychain Ömer bought for her years ago and how she has kept it. Ömer shows her the pen she got her years ago and how he has kept it.

Zehra asks Ömer to meet her and Ayşe in the study. He goes there. Ayşe says let us give Jülide a chance to explain. Ömer says what is there to explain. Zehra says maybe there is an explanation. Maybe she had to do that.

Ayşe calls Jülide and asks her for an explanation. Jülide tells her that she cannot explain these things now, adding that they cannot meet for a while.

Defne stays for dinner. Ömer does not want to eat. Defne insists and they go to dinner. At the table Bahşende is very happy and she has made arrangements to serve Defne's favourite dessert. Defne reminds Ömer of how they developed a taste for it together. She gives him her carrots reminding him of how she always did that. Zehra notes that Ömer does not like carrots and he says he would eat them because she did not want Defne to get crossed. Ömer has a headache. Zehra is concerned. He holds her hand and says it will pass.

In the study Defne is with Ömer. She asks what he has decided. He says I need to satisfy all my suspicions and find the answers to the questions in my head. Zehra brings painkillers. He says he will not take any and it will get better. Defne says drink the water. That could also be helpful. He does it and thanks her for the recommendation. She wants to leave. Ömer offers that she stay the night. Zehra seconds that and she accepts. Zehra goes to ask Hediye to prepare the guest room. She also asks Ömer to go and rest. He promises that he will go soon.

Zehra wears her nice nighties and lights the candles and waits for him. The candles are almost burnt out and he does not come. She wonders if he is angry with her because of the Jülide episode. She sits herself down to read and falls asleep. Ömer comes in and realizes she has waited for him. He puts her book away and pulls the blanket over her. He puts out the candles and changes. He lies beside her looking at her. She turns and hugs him in her sleep. He relishes the moment. In the morning they are sleeping in each other's arms. Zehra wakes up and savours it. He wakes up too and they smile at each other. He apologizes for being late last night. She realizes that his work did not finish but he had come anyways because he had promised her. She is happy. He is sad that he missed her waiting for him in the candle-perfumed room. She says maybe you can enjoy it another time. He asks for an advance and gets a couple of kisses on the cheek and so does she. She then gets up quickly to attend to their guest because her aunt says getting up after your guests is inappropriate.

Aysil is very happy about keeping the bakery. Hamiyyet bids her farewell and she is leaving to go back to the village and Şükran decides to work for Aysil.

Nihat returns to work and someone keeps calling him. He meets a woman named Belis at a hotel. He is having an affair.

Someone keeps calling Canan and hanging up. She also feels someone is following her. We see him. It is Çetın. Canan is sad that her mom has gone. She is also not able to cook much. Salim goes to Aysil to get something for breakfast and congratulates her on keeping her business.

Ömer calls Mürad Bey and asks to be informed about the person they suspect is behind the kidnappings of Zehra and Jülide. Can brings the file for him. He takes it out and looks at the file and realizes it is Arcan Kesser, his father's old business partner.

S02E317 - 317.Bölüm Air Date: 03 April 2018 14:10 -

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Ömer remembers once more the night her mother left them with Ayşe crying after her. He is even more upset now that he knows she left them for her father's old partner. He thinks of how this man took everything from his father. He begins digging into the matter and realizes that the Company that Özge passed information to was in fact owned by Arcan Kesser so he realizes that Kesser has serious plans to harm him and the family. He vows that he would not let him do to him what he did with his father.

Arcan Kesser calls Bahşende and talks about his collaboration with her in the past. She is uncomfortable being reminded of it and does not want him to call her. He tells her that she needs to stop Jülide from seeing her children or else their old partnership (that of Bahşende and Arcan Kesser) might surface. Bahşende is agitated by this conversation but agrees to do it but also tells him never to call her again. Hediye brings her tea and she snaps at her for not knocking before she entered. Hediye says she did actually knock but realizes that Bahşende is in a bad mood and lets it go.

Zehra sits in the living room and remembers being in Ömer's arms in the morning and the sweet conversation and kisses. She then remembers how he had fallen apart after her mother refused to file charges against her assailants. Defne comes and tells her she knows that Zehra is very concerned about Ömer but assures her that Zehra has a very good effect on Ömer and is helping him get through this crisis. Bahşende comes and uses the address "my child", asking her to go and get Ömer to come and have coffee. Zehra wants to go but Defne takes it that Bahşende has addressed her (which she has) so Zehra sits back. Bahşende insists that if there is anyone that can convince Ömer to come it is Defne. Zehra lets all these inappropriate talks slip and does not react. Defne goes. Hediye brings the coffees. Bahşende says what took them so long and that when Ömer and Defne get together they just forget the rest of the world. Zehra lets it slip. She is about to go and get them, but they finally come. Zehra gets up and serves Ömer. Bahşende says she has to leave. Ömer asks his grandmother to see him before leaving. She becomes worried that he might suspect she is meeting with Jülide.

Ayşe goes to the office and realizes Nihat is not there. She calls him and Nihat answers from a hotel where his girlfriend is getting dressed. He says he had a little accident and has taken the car for repair. When Nihat arrives in the office, Ömer calls him and is annoyed that he could not be reached. He then tells him to find Özge because he needs to talk to her regarding the Company she spied for. Nihat goes to Koray and Koray says he knows her address and will try to find her.

Canan closes a deal for rental and is happily walking on the street when Çetın goes up to her and tells her that he is there to ask her forgiveness. She is mad and tells him to get lost and that he reminds her of the worst episode of her life. He begs her, but she walks away.

Bahşende goes to Ömer's study. He asks her if she knew her mother had left with his father's old partner Arcan Kesser. She confirms. He asks why she had not told him. She says I did not want you to get upset. I wanted to protect you. She tries to just put the focus on his mother and paint her as the full culprit. Ömer is angry and tells her that he should have been told and asks her if there is anything else she is keeping from him.

Canan does not tell Kerem and Sabah about Çetın because she feels guilty about her own behaviour during her association with Çetın. He sends her a text message again apologizing. She deletes it.

Zehra is in the bedroom and decides that she needs to do something to lighten Ömer up. She dresses up and decides to invite him to dinner and the cinema. She goes to him and he is taken by her in her blue dress. She makes the invitation but he nicely declines saying he is not up for it and does not want to ruin such a beautiful invitation, so he wants a rain cheque. Defne is also in the living room planning a party with old friends to cheer Ömer up. Cevriye realizes and is worried about Defne's presence in the house and her closeness to Ömer.

Defne goes into the study and tells Ömer and Zehra that they should all go to the party with their old friends. Ömer says he is not up to it. Zehra decides to test Ömer. She says I can't come but Ömer you should go, and she leaves ad Defne says I won't take no for an answer. Ömer looks at a loss as Zehra leaves.

Bahşende arrives at the dock with Can and tells him to go. Jülide is waiting for her. Jülide says I suppose he asked you to come. Bahşende tells her that as the matriarch of the family she is concerned for Ömer and Ayşe and demands that Jülide stay away from them or else. Jülide tells her that she is no longer the old Jülide and that she won't be swayed by her threats because she does not fear her. Jülide leaves Bahşende irritated.

Zehra is in the bedroom wondering if Ömer will accept Defne's invitation. Ömer gets a call in the study and says he is coming. Zehra hears Ömer coming and takes her book and pretends that she is busy reading. He enters the bedroom and begins looking through the drawers. Zehra asks what he is looking for. He says the car keys. She thinks to herself "He said he was not up to it, but he is going! Traitor!" She hides her disappointment and just says close your eyes and try to trace back your steps to the last time you saw them. He asks how. She puts her hand on his eyes and says think. He says I can't. She asks why. He says when you are so close to me, I can only think of you. I even forgot what I was looking for. He takes her hand off and kisses it. He then realizes he remembers that the last time he had them he put them in his coat pocket. She goes and gets them. He thanks her for her help and says he has to go but will try not to be late. Zehra is disappointed but reminds herself that he said he won't be late.

At night, Salim is closing shop and Ati takes leave as he has to go away for a couple of days. Salim hears a sound and sees Çetın there. He goes to him and asks if he needs anything. We see Çetın pressing his hands in his coat with a frozen face.

Zehra is getting ready. Once more she has a nice night gown on and sets up the candles and lights them. She remembers the many episodes that Ömer almost kissed her on the lips and the time he asked her what she thought about no longer "WAITING" referring to the consummation of their marriage. She is all excited.

Hours pass. She sits waiting on the bed. It is midnight. She is frustrated and decides to call him. She calls. He does not answer. He must be having a very good time, she thinks. A text message comes saying, go to bed; I will be late; I am not done; do not worry. She is hurt and unsettled.

S02E318 - 318.Bölüm Air Date: 04 April 2018 14:10 -

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Zehra sits on the bed and cannot sleep thinking of the times Ömer was close and the kiss on the lips imminent. She feels she cannot wait either. She is annoyed thinking he is having fun with his friends and she is here waiting for him breathlessly. She blows out the candles and calls herself a fool.

Çetın takes out a handmade keychain from his pocket and gives it to Salim. Salim is surprised but does not ask too many questions. He feels for him and takes him in and gives him some tea and leftovers from lunch. Çetın tells him that he has done horrible things and unforgiveable ones. Salim tells him not to lose hope and forgiveness will come if he is sincere. He lets him sleep in the workshop. Canan is going home alone at night and is scared. But it is only Salim coming home late too.

Ömer arrives and sees Zehra asleep. He sees her silk robe on the bed and all the blown out candles and looks at his watch and is upset. He realizes she had been waiting for him. He sits beside her and caresses her hair and kisses her cheek. He changes and comes back and looks at her some more. Something is on his mind. He covers her and goes out. He goes into the study and takes out a photo from the drawer. It is a photo of Bahşende meeting Jülide. He has spent the night meeting with Mohsen who has given the photo to Ömer and told him Jülide was forced to meet with Bahşende. He has told Ömer that Arcan and Bahşende are in touch. Ömer is trying to put this picture together.

Zehra gets up in the morning and sees Ömer is not there. She wonders if he is still out. She is upset. Can he have stayed out all night? She does not want to believe it. She gets dressed and goes to the study. He is not there. She goes to the guest room. He is sleeping there. She stands over him and is annoyed talking to herself. Where is your consideration; are you not a married man? You should have known I did not want you to go. You; the one who knows everything? You just know how to say no to me! Ömer wakes up and says what do I know? Zehra hedges around things and says it is of no importance. Ömer talks sweet and she tries to be a bit distant. Ömer asks her to take her cardigan and when she wants to take it, he pulls her over and holds her tight. She relishes it. Ömer kisses her neck and tells her that he loves her. She is satisfied.

Ömer goes to Bahşende's room and asks her about meeting with Jülide and Arcan. She says I met with her to get her out of my family's life and contacted Arcan to find that woman. Ömer tells him you do not need to protect us and when you meet with that woman you betray my father's memory. She justifies her moves with indignation.

Salim goes to Aysil's bakery to get a few things for himself and Çetın. Şükran is happy to see him there. Çetın has brewed tea and is waiting for Salim. There are some scenes that intimate that Çetın might want to steal money from Salim or hurt him. But Çetın remains docile and appreciative of Salim's kindness.

Ömer wonders about his mother's intentions. Zehra brings coffee into the study and reads about Arcan Kesser and that he is Ömer's father's old partner and that he was behind Kervancioglu Holding's losing of their last bid. Ömer suddenly comes in and before Zehra can ask anything, he takes the files and goes to the office saying he is in a hurry. Zehra is worried. Ömer goes to the office and with Defne they go over all the bids they have lost recently and see a trace of Kesser.

At the bakery they are expecting a blogger to come and check the fare. Canan identifies a young man as the blogger and they begin giving top notch service to him. Another older man comes as well. Aysil must go. They ignore the others a bit and give overt attention to the man they think is the blogger and then realize that the old man is the actual blogger and he leaves unhappy with the service. Canan feels bad for ruining the opportunity.

Nihat meets with his girlfriend and is mad that she keeps calling him. She says I know your situation, but I love you and need you. Nihat says I want you to stop calling. She says ok honey. I will call whenever you ask. Now let me show you a good time.

Mohsen is driving Jülide with another one of Kesser's goons. They are going to sequester her somewhere. Mohsen stops the car somewhere and says he must go to the washroom. He takes long so the goon goes looking for him. Mohsen comes and helps Jülide get away.

Özge comes and Ömer asks her why she did it. She says I did it because my sister is sick and Arcan Kesser offered me money for her treatments and then threatened to kill me if I did not do his bidding. She says I must stay alive to take care of my sister because she has no one else. Ömer is upset and forgives her. While Ömer is with Özge, Zehra calls but he does not answer. Zehra is upset again. How busy could you be, she wonders.

Zehra goes to the study. Ömer is there. He has just returned. Zehra asks how busy was he that he could not even send a text message. Ömer says it seems I have ignored my sweet wife too much. He says I am very sorry and the sweet talk begins again. He embraces her.

S02E319 - 319.Bölüm Air Date: 05 April 2018 14:10 -

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Once more Ömer and Zehra express their love for each other. Defne calls. She is coming for lunch invited by Bahşende. Ömer wants Zehra to stay with him. Zehra says she must go and make Sherbet with Hediye. They sweet talk about Sherbet.

Özge goes to Koray and Ipek to tell them that Ömer has forgiven her but she wants to beg Ipek's forgiveness. Koray tells her to tell them her tale.

Bahşende gets a call from Arcan. He tells her if Ömer is involved in taking Jülide, I will kill your grandson. Bahşende is worried. Ömer and Defne work on the file in the study. Zehra comes and asks if they are hungry. Zehra and Ömer sweet talk about Sherbet again and Defne wonders what's going on. He says they cannot stop work. Zehra says she will send them the food.

Salim leaves the workshop and gives 100 liras to Çetın as wage. He tries to reject it but Salim will not hear of it. Çetın is moved. Salim goes home and Canan has cooked such a salty and hard food neither of them can eat. Cevriye reminds Nihat of their anniversary. Nihat says he has prepared everything. He gets a call again.

Zehra is in the bedroom and is upset that Ömer is late and also that he does not tell her about Arcan Kesser. She is also puffing the pillows and as she is saying these things, the pillow bursts and Ömer walks in. Ömer comes in and they have another comic episode. Then Ömer's stomach growls and she realizes he is hungry, so she takes him to the kitchen to feed him. He eats a lot of food but they forget to turn off the stovetop and run back to the kitchen to turn it off but it is filled with smoke. He sweet talks her there too. Even though Ömer is not there, Zehra wakes up happily thinking about their late-night fare and adventures.

Ayşe feels Nihat is acting strangely and asks him, but he says everything is fine.

Zehra goes to the study and again they have sweet exchanges. He says he must go to the office but will return soon. He asks her not to go anywhere.

Canan and Sabah are waiting for the Blogger's entry and hope Kerem can convince him to write something good. But he finally puts his blog and he says he cannot recommend the place because of bad service. Canan is very upset. But then the younger guy comes and sets up a regular order for his office. So, they are happy after all. At the workshop Halit comes and refers to Çetın as a murderer of trees. Çetın is nervous but Salim handles the situation and when Halit goes, he explains that Halit has some mental confusion at times but is harmless.

Bahşende asks Zehra if she has seen Jülide recently. She says no and then receives a call. Zehra goes into the room and realizes it is Jülide. Jülide says Arcan is out of control so she had to run. Zehra realizes Jülide is stranded so she gets her address to go to her. She wants to call Ömer before going but she can't get through. She leaves a note for Ömer and goes. She forgets her phone. The note falls on the ground. Bahşende tells Arcan no one here knows about her.

Zehra sees Jülide and realizes she has stayed on the streets last night. She remembers Canan showing a house to her. The owner is dead, and no one has taken it yet. She takes Jülide there and tells her she is going to get Ömer and some supplies. Arcan's guys are looking for her in the neighbourhood.

Ömer comes into the bedroom. Zehra is not there. Mohsen calls Ömer and tells him something. Ömer remembers her mom hugging him, he then calls the police and tells them that Jülide is in danger. He goes around the house looking for Zehra. He is upset and cannot find her. Defne comes and asks what is wrong. Asya is playing hide and seek with Ayşe. She runs into Ömer and Zehra's room and finds the note. She tries to read it and takes it to Ömer and says you got a letter. He says how do you know it is mine? She says it has a big O on it. He takes it and realizes Zehra has gone to Jülide. He gets up and completely ignoring Defne goes out. Outside he sees Zehra arriving. She says; "Ömer, Jülide Hanim!"

S02E320 - 320.Bölüm Air Date: 06 April 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Zehra tells Ömer that Jülide is in danger and she has taken her to a safe place, but they must go to her soon. Zehra realizes that Ömer knows that Jülide has run away because he has been in touch with Mohsen. He says that he has informed the police about it. Zehra tells herself that this means he has not gone to the party but was late because he was dealing with his mother's situation. Ömer is upset that she has been putting herself in danger. Ömer also tells her about Jülide and Bahşende's meeting and her grandmother's explanations. Zehra is proud of Ömer. Her feelings bubble for him! Zehra says each day I am more captivated by you and he says each day, I fall deeper in love with you.

Bahşende looks at them talk from behind the window and wonders what is going on. They go in. Ömer goes to the study. Bahşende stops Zehra and asks what's going on. She says nothing and goes to her bedroom. Bahşende goes to her room tells her spy to be ready as she might need him soon.

Arcan's men are looking for Jülide around Mahaleh. Canan, Kerem and Sabah continue to help Aysil at the bakery. Salim teaches the work to Çetın. Ati calls and says his family has decided to move so he won't be coming back anymore.

Defne and Ömer are in the study. Defne tries to get Ömer to talk about his preoccupations but he says he prefers not to. Zehra comes and says sorry I did not know Defne was here. Ömer says I forgot to tell you; we were working and adds playfully that it was Zehra's fault for making him forget. She says she wanted to tell him something, but she will wait until he is done and they can talk in their room. She leaves and Ömer runs after her. Outside he stops her and tells her that he misses her. Zehra is concerned that Defne will be kept waiting. He does not care. He wants to prolong the moment. He makes her promise not to go far and then kisses her and let's her go.

Defne tells Ömer that she needs to look at the Company archives and leaves. Zehra asks Hediye to prepare some food and supplies for Jülide. She goes and starts packing some clothes for her in her room. Ömer goes to her and she says she is preparing things to take to Jülide. Zehra says you are coming with me, right? Ömer says you cannot go; we have done what we had to do and more. He tells her how he had felt thinking about the horrible things that might have happened to her when he could not find her in the house. She says but how can we leave Jülide there without food and supplies. He says give the address to Can and he will take the stuff. She is happy and also asks him to tell Can to get her a phone, so she can contact them if necessary. Bahşende notices Can taking stuff somewhere and she gets her man to follow him. Ömer also tells Can to take care he is not followed. But Bahşende's man follows him and gets the address to Bahşende. Bahşende sends it to Arcan Kesser right away and wants him out of their lives.

Ayşe is working in the house and Cevriye is upset that they are not spending more time with her. She also comments on how Nihat left early. Ayşe says he had a meeting. Ayşe goes to the office with two coffees. Nihat is not there. Selin tells her she does not know about any meetings for Nihat. Nihat is at the hotel with his girlfriend and she won't let him leave. Ayşe calls Nihat and he is not there. His girlfriend sends a message for her saying if you want to see your husband go to this room number at such and such hotel. She is shocked and goes there. She sees Nihat and his girlfriend as they step out of the room.

Can delivers the supplies to Jülide. Zehra talks to her and says she is sorry she could not bring them herself but Ömer feels it is too dangerous. Jülide seconds that and says she really likes how Ömer takes care of Zehra and says how happy she is they did not divorce. Zehra thanks her for helping her get through that episode. Jülide says even if you had divorced, nothing could have separated the two of you. You were made for each other.

Defne finds proof of how far back Arcan Kesser has been trying to harm the Kervancioglu Company and goes to Ömer to let him know. He ponders it and leaves the house. He is getting in the car when Zehra sees him and runs out. Ömer is mad and tells her that Kesser has been targeting every part of their lives and he wants to put him in his place once and for all. Zehra tells him that Jülide is their priority because Arcan is very dangerous. Ömer says that is not our issue. We have done more than she deserves for her. Zehra tells him that if something happens to her, she will never forgive herself. Ömer says do you think if anything happens to you I can ever forgive myself? He holds her tight and says you can't even begin to imagine my feelings. She abandons herself to his embrace. He says ok, I will come with you but not for her; I will do it for you.

Çetın is going to get coffee for Salim and himself and he comes face to face with Canan at the door. Canan freezes at his sight.

Zehra and Ömer go in the house where Zehra left Jülide. Zehra cannot find her there.

S02E321 - 321.Bölüm Air Date: 09 April 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer is annoyed and says so she is gone. Zehra says she had not mentioned anything; I spoke to her just a short while ago. Ömer says she is the type that leaves you hanging half way in the middle of things! Ömer calls Murad Bey again. Zehra continues looking and suddenly sees Jülide. She had been hiding as Arcan's men had come for her and searched the house. Zehra wonders how they found the address.

Canan is angry with Çetın and tells him what do you want with my uncle? Leave us alone. She tells him if you have any plans for us I will kill you along with myself. She leaves. Bahşende gets a call from Arcan saying Jülide was not at the address she had sent them. She says then she must have moved because she was there. Arcan does not care and wants her to find Jülide and threatens her that if not, he will reveal all Bahşende's past misdeed. This unsettles Bahşende.

Jülide is regretting that she entered her children's lives and says Arcan is a very dangerous man and will not give up looking for her and in doing so will harm her children and loved ones. She wants to go back.

Zehra speaks with Ömer in private. She says they must stop her. Ömer says if she wants to go back, we cannot do anything. Zehra says call the police. Ömer says what can they do. She refused to file charges against him, so their hands are tied. Zehra says I know you do not trust her but I do. If I am right, then we must act quickly.

Nihat follows Ayşe home and asks her to listen to him. But clearly, he has nothing to say. Cevriye sees them in the yard and comes out to ask what's up. Nihat says it is nothing serious.

Ömer stops his car in front of a house. Zehra and Jülide get off. It is a house that belongs to Ömer's Company. Ömer is going to hide his mother there. However, he remains distant from her whenever he addresses her which he hardly does. Jülide thanks them. Zehra says I, and then changes to we, do it with love. Ömer remains stony-faced. Jülide stumbles. They are concerned for her. Zehra says she will prepare some food. Zehra takes Jülide to the bedroom to rest. Jülide is worried that she succumbed to her longing for her children and by doing so has now endangered their lives. Zehra tries to calm her saying Jülide did the right thing to run away. She helps her go to bed and get some rest.

Zehra comes out and hugs Ömer from behind. Zehra says no one knew that place other than me. Ömer says this guy's spies are much closer to us than we think. We must be very careful. Zehra is surprised when Ömer tells her to let the family know that they will not go home tonight. She is very happy that they are staying with Jülide. Zehra calls Ayşe. Ayşe is crying in the bedroom and tries to get herself together and answer. Neither of them asks questions and just exchange the information and hang up. Ayşe comes out and Nihat is waiting for her there. He wants to take her out and explain. She says you don't owe me any explanation and I do not owe you any attention to what you have to say. It is all over. Ayşe goes to the living room and tells everyone that Ömer and Zehra are not coming tonight. Bahşende wonders if it has anything to do with Jülide.

Zehra tells Ömer what he needs to buy, and he earns a couple of kisses on his cheek for promising to get everything she needs. He also gets a text message from Arcan Kesser. Zehra asks to see it. He says return my wife or I will ruin your life.

Canan tries to discretely ask about Çetın from Salim. She says Salim should not take someone he does not know on. She adds that his face does not sit well with her. Salim says it is not right to judge people by their mere impressions.

Jülide comes out of the room saying she had a nightmare about Arcan. Zehra blurts that he sent a message to Ömer. Jülide is all flustered. She says I have to leave. He will harm Ömer. They are at the door and she wants to leave when they open the door Ömer is there. He says sternly what is going on here. Jülide says son; I must go; I cannot explain. Ömer and Zehra exchange a few glances and he says again sternly: "Would you please go in!" Jülide calms down and goes in with Zehra. Ömer goes in with the shopping in his hand and shuts the door.

Ömer and Jülide are sitting at the table and Zehra has prepared food. Ömer is forking his food without eating and Jülide is looking at him discretely. Zehra comes and apologizes saying she had to talk with her dad. She asks Ömer if he does not like the food. He says no I like it and will eat. He continues pushing the pieces on his plate. Zehra asks is anything wrong? Jülide says his mind is preoccupied. From childhood, he would play with his food like that whenever his mind was preoccupied. Ömer looks at her with anger. He slams his fork. Jülide immediately apologizes to him for everything. Ömer leaves the table. Jülide shrivels saying he will never forgive me. Zehra tells her to give him time.

Ayhan Abi visits Kerem and tells him that he has found Sabah's parents. They live in Germany. They had tried to find her and failed. His father is coming to Istanbul to meet her. Kerem is very happy and texts Sabah that he has a surprise for her the following day.

Ömer comes out the bathroom and sees her mother sleeping and again remembers the horrid night she left. He closes her door. He goes in and hugs Zehra. She tells him that Jülide is suffering a lot. She is worried about him. He says there is no need for that. Zehra says I know but she cannot help it. Zehra then reminds him that she apologized to him. He acknowledges it. She says there is a saying, those who apologize first, are the bravest and those who forgive first, the strongest. She then adds that Ömer is the strongest person she knows. Ömer looks deeply consoled by her words.

Ayşe tells Nihat that she wants a divorce. Ömer and Zehra are lying in each other's arms on the sofa in the living room. They hear a sound and Ömer's checks it out. There is nothing. They get back on the sofa.

In the morning Salim is surprised to see Çetın as he had apparently told him that he was leaving yesterday. Çetın tells himself I will not leave until I earn Canan's forgiveness. Salim is happy and says take this money and get some supplies I had ordered. He also tells him to get something for breakfast from Aysil's bakery. Aysil serves a young boy at the cash and then gets a call and goes to the back. The boy steals money from the cash and runs away. Çetın comes in and since no one is there to serve him, he leaves. Canan sees him leaving. When Canan goes into the shop, Aysil notes that she has been robbed. Canan clearly suspects Çetın. Kerem gets Sabah in the house and opens the door to a man who comes in with teary eyes and introduces himself to Sabah as her father.

Ömer does not want Zehra to leave his arms. She finally does and goes to Jülide's room. She is not there. She has left a note saying she has to go to Arcan to prevent him from harming them and asks for Ömer's understanding. Ömer is mad and tells Zehra you said give her another chance and I did. She did the same thing again. But I am no longer the innocent child she left the first time.

Jülide walks to Arcan Kesser who is pruning his roses with shears in his garden. He is speaking threateningly and puts the shears to Jülide's neck when she gets close.

S02E322 - 322.Bölüm Air Date: 10 April 2018 14:10 -

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Jülide says I am not afraid of you. You can go ahead and kill me. He says I am not going to kill you. That is too easy for you. You will live, and I will make you suffer every breath. He drags her into the cellar and locks her up.

Ömer and Zehra barge into their bedroom. Ömer says I am sick of this woman's games. Zehra says did you not read the note. She did it to protect us. Ömer says I remember everything but I do not believe her. I won't take another step for her. Zehra suddenly snaps and says I don't like this Ömer who does not listen to what other's think and only stands behind the walls of his own thoughts. Ömer is very upset and leaves the room with one more disappointed look at her. Zehra regrets her words.

Ayşe has made Nihat sleep in Asya's room and Asya is sleeping with her. In the morning, Nihat comes and Ayşe tells him that the divorce will go through for sure.

Sabah meets Hakan, her father. She is not exactly happy but rather distant.

Zehra goes into the bedroom. Ömer is sleeping on his side with his back to her. She sits on the bed behind him and apologizes to him. He opens his eyes and listens without turning. She says I did not mean to say those things. You are the kindest and most beautiful person I have ever met. I was unfair. I am asking you to feel and think like me while I have not gone through the things you have. I came to apologize but the thing I want to say is this, she says. Be as angry as you wanna be and say what you want, but I know that you too are worried for Jülide. I know you perhaps even better than yourself. I am mad about the man I know: the side of you that you sometimes deny; your pure heart, you kind soul. I love you so much… We see him sigh. Aren't you going to forgive me? Zehra says with tears running down her cheeks. She then begins to look trying to see if he is asleep. He closes his eyes. She thinks he has been sleeping all this time. She then says I am sorry I opened old wounds. But you must face them if you want to heal them.

Canan runs after Çetın with Aysil. She stops him and accuses him of stealing money from the shop. Aysil is a bit lost but Canan is determined. Çetın does not know what is going on. Canan calls the police. Salim later goes to the bakery and meets Aysil and Canan there. He asks Canan if she saw Çetın take the money. She says no but she saw him coming out of the shop and there was no one else. Salim says that is not enough to accuse him. He says he will go to the police station to see what came of the investigation. Canan is frustrated that she cannot tell them about Çetın.

Sabah's story is told. When she was born someone at the hospital had planned to sell a child to a family. She had been stolen and the family told that she was dead. Once the deal falls apart, she is then left at someone's door which happen to be the couple who brought her up. Her real family has continued to look for her since they were at some point told by a nurse that she was alive. It is too much for her to take in, so she goes out.

Zehra is making tea for Ömer in the kitchen. He comes and hugs her from behind. He apologizes that he has disappointed her. She says she wanted to apologize to him. He confesses that he knows and that he was listening to her in the bedroom. She once more says even if there is one percent chance that Jülide is under threat they should do something.

Jülide finds a photograph of her children in the cellar and is crying over it when Arcan Kesser comes. He brands her on her chest with a hot metal mold of his initials. He then bandages her and says she will get some painkillers later.

Nihat informs Ömer that apparently someone has filed a complaint against their company and there will be an investigation into their books. Ömer says facilitate everything as we have nothing to hide. He tells himself that it is clearly a move from Arcan Kesser. He puts Koray and another guy in charge of going over the books and opening them for the investigation.

Defne visits the family again. Zehra receives her in the living room. Bahşende comes as well. Ayşe comes to get her phone and despite lack of interest has to stay. Cevriye brings in a bunch of red roses. Nihat has sent it for Ayşe. She tells Hediye to put them in a pot and leave them in the living room. Cevriye feels the problem between her and Nihat is probably much more serious than he is letting on.

Ömer remembers looking at his mother as she slept in the house he had taken her to. He says you can't keep coming into our lives and leaving without a word. You have no right to do this. Zehra comes and is worried about Jülide. Ömer says we could hide her. But wherever she is, she keeps going back to that guy. Zehra says I know why she left. I inadvertently told her about Arcan Kesser's threatening text message to you. It really got her upset and she was about to leave when you came. Zehra says Jülide is worried that her husband will harm his children. We must go and rescue her. Ömer looks at Zehra and tells her: "OK; I am going to take you there, so you can see the truth with your own eyes."

They leave for Kesser's house. Kesser is informed that they are coming to his place. He warns Jülide not to make a sound and goes.

Nihat is upset that the roses were not received well by Ayşe!!! Ayşe asks him not to let anything affect his relationship with Asya. Later he sits reading a story for Asya. She wants him to read more. He gets a call and goes out. He is telling his girlfriend not to ever call again and realizes Ayşe is listening.

Ömer and Zehra arrive at the house. Mohsen opens the door for them saying Arcan Kesser is expecting them. They go in. They see photos of Arcan and Jülide in the living room. They do not sit and wait. Arcan Kesser comes and comments on how much Ömer looks like his late father and extends his hand but Ömer does not shake it. Ömer asks to see his mother. He says she is resting but he will get her to come down. He goes to Jülide and tells her that she must put on a convincing act to get rid of them. She finally comes and stands under Arcan's arm with a smile and welcomes Ömer and Zehra and asks them what they would like to eat or drink.

Zehra is confused and asks if she is ok. Jülide says were you worried about me? I am fine. Do not worry. I wish you had said you were coming so we could have prepared something. They take their leaves and as Ömer is going out he hesitates a moment looking at Jülide.

Outside Zehra begins to apologize to Ömer saying Jülide looked fine and she is stumped how she could have been so wrong. Ömer says; "No; you were right; she is in trouble!"

S02E323 - 323.Bölüm Air Date: 11 April 2018 14:10 -

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Ömer tells Zehra that he saw a blood stain on Jülide's shirt so Arcan Kesser is probably beating her. Zehra is very upset. Ömer says the police will not be of any help because he is probably threatening her, and she will not complain. But he has another plan and asks her to go and wait for him in their house. Zehra refuses and he agrees to have her help him. Meanwhile Arcan Kesser takes Jülide into the cellar again and reproaches her for bringing all this misery on herself and forcing him to act violently. He changes her bandage but also keeps pressing on it to teach her a lesson. Then he gets his men to set up a dinner table there. They bring a steak dinner for them. Jülide must sit and join him. He also opens a TV screen in front of them that shows the surveillance footage of the house.

Hakan asks Sabah to go to Germany to see her mother and siblings but Sabah says all my life is here. I cannot just drop everything and go. Ayşe is angry with Nihat and forbids him to use her daughter as a tool in his games. Şükran, Aysil and Canan talk about the thief. Çetın has been released but Canan cannot let it go. Şükran feels scared about having a thief in the neighbourhood and asks Canan to go and sleep at her house that night. Canan agrees. Aysil says they should apologize to Çetın. In the workshop Çetın thanks Salim for not giving up on him and trusting him. Canan calls Salim and tells him that she will stay at Şükran's tonight. Salim sees that Çetın is not well, so he invites him to stay at their place for the night since Canan will not be there.

Ömer and Zehra discuss their plan in the car and Ömer asks her to be very careful. At night, Ömer returns from scouting the place. Zehra goes into action. She goes to the guards at the door and says she wants to go see her mother-in-law and acts bitchy. The guards fear Kesser and do not want to get into trouble, so they try to get rid of her. She continues to divert their attention for a while and Ömer gets into the yard and goes into the building.

Ayşe is packing Nihat's clothes. Cevriye come sand asks why she is doing that over a little fight. Ayşe tells Cevriye what has happened and Cevriye is shocked and sympathizes with Ayşe. She asks her if she is certain. Ayşe says yes, it is a woman named Belis.

Kesser and Jülide see Ömer in the TV and Kesser taunts her with what is going to happen to him. Ömer looks in different rooms and comes face to face with a guard. Zehra arrives and hits the guy unconscious from the back. They go into the master bedroom and see Jülide's clothes there. Ömer then notices the camera. They leave and Ömer changes his plan.

He goes in front of the house knowing Kesser can see him standing there. Then Zehra opens the fuse box in the garden and cuts off the power. Ömer hears Jülide crying in the cellar. He stands there. When the lights go out, Kesser runs out of the cellar with his gun calling out for Ömer. Ömer waits for him to go and then goes into the cellar and is about to take his mother out. Kesser arrives from behind.

S02E324 - 324.Bölüm Air Date: 12 April 2018 14:10 -

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Kesser aims at them. Jülide begs him to kill her and let Ömer go. Ömer pulls her behind him. Kesser is about to pull the trigger when Mohsen jumps him from behind and gestures to Ömer and Jülide to get out. They run out and go to Zehra. Zehra is distraught and embraces Ömer as soon as they arrive. They get in the car and take Jülide to hospital. Zehra wants to get the police involved. Ömer says no good can come of that because we went into his house by force. Ömer agrees to take Jülide to their own house.

Meanwhile Kesser is mad at his men. He especially faces Mohsen. Mohsen says I did not want you to get in trouble with the police. Kesser cannot be appeased.

Hediye greets Jülide at the door. They take her to Ömer and Zehra's bedroom. Zehra settles Jülide and then goes to Ömer in the study and asks him to tell her about what happened with the gunshot. Zehra thanks Ömer for bringing Jülide to the house.

Canan goes home to get her nightie and sees Çetın there and is mad. In the morning Çetın sees there is nothing to make breakfast. He asks Salim if he should go get some things. Salim tells him to get something from the bakery and go to work. He tells Çetın that he will tidy up and he does not need to worry about it. Salim is feeling the problems of having no one to take care of the house. Dust, dirty dishes and no decent homemade food!

Sabah calls Zehra to discuss her situation. Zehra tells her that she needs to take this decision herself and not to worry about betraying the memory of her adopted parents because they certainly only would have wished for her to be happy. Sabah then tells Hakan that she will think some more about his suggestion.

Ömer is in his study. He calls Selin and asks her to take care of some things.

Zehra goes to Jülide and Hediye brings her some apple cookies. Bahşende barges in and is mad that Jülide is in the house. Zehra tells her that Jülide is in no condition to discuss such things. Bahşende leaves and goes to Ömer. She tells him that Jülide must leave the house and that he is defiling his father's memory and putting everyone in danger by bringing her here. He tells her to mind her own business.

Ayşe comes to see her mom and is very happy to see her. Zehra is very happy to see how Ayşe basks in the kindness and love of her mother. Later Ayşe sees Cevriye leave for the office to talk with Nihat. Cevriye suddenly sees a woman walk into the yard. She realizes it is Nihat's mistress, Belis who has come because Nihat is not answering her calls. Cevriye takes her arm and drags her out of the yard. Cevriye berates her as a floozy. Belis says our love is much more than a one-night stand and Cevriye is shocked.

Zehra goes to Ömer and speaks excitedly about the wonderful thing Ömer has done by bringing Jülide there. She wants Ömer to assure her that he will not do what Bahşende is asking and Ömer says I am not going to say anything because I love listening to you and watching you when you speak with such excitement. Then he asks her to tell him about what she told Kesser's guards. They have fun remembering.

Aysil and Şükran prepare a lunch for Salim and Çetın. Canan wants to tell Salim about Çetın. Şükran tells them that the thief was captured. Canan keeps quiet.

Hakan is about to leave. Kerem tells him that he has asked Sabah to marry him and now wants him to know too. Sabah overhears Hakan talk appreciatively of Sabah's adopted parents and is pleased.

Nihat has nothing to say to Ayşe other than "Are you not feeling well?!!!!" He goes into the verandah and Cevriye goes to him and stops herself from slapping him and just disowns him.

Can delivers an envelope from Selin to Ömer. Ömer goes to the bedroom. Ayşe is beside her mother. Jülide is caressing her hair. Ayşe runs to Ömer and hugs him and thanks him for bringing their mother home. Ömer gives Jülide an envelope and says this is your airline ticket to the US.

S02E325 - 325.Bölüm Air Date: 13 April 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer gives Jülide her passport as well. Ayşe asks him not to separate them from their mother again. Zehra says Jülide still needs to recover. Ömer says this is the safest way for everyone. Jülide agrees.

Sabah says that she is thinking Hakan's proposal over. Hakan says he has to leave the next day since he works at a factory and can't take more days off, but she can take however much time she wants; her mother is sick but will try to come and see her here.

Zehra goes into the study. Ömer is looking for his favourite pen's lid. Zehra uses it as a metaphor for things needing to be whole. She says you have found each other after so many years, you need each other. He says you saw that madman. I cannot put everyone in danger. Zehra asks how will Jülide be safe in the US. He says that he has taken care of every detail from where she will live to shop and etc. Zehra is impressed by the care he has taken. She finds the lid in his papers before leaving the room and says still I think there must be a way for a family to become whole.

Arcan Kesser has beaten Mohsen and tells him if you do not do what I have told you perfectly this time, I will take it out on your family. Mohsen is nervous. Arcan then calls Bahşende and says if Jülide is there, I will make all of you regret it. Bahşende goes to Zehra in the kitchen and snaps at her for convincing Ömer to bring Jülide here. Bahşende asks what her intentions are. Zehra says all I want is for Ömer and Ayşe to once more feel motherly love ad recover from their past. Bahşende remains silent.

Ayşe talks with Jülide and is upset that she is leaving. Zehra comes and Ayşe asks if she managed to change Ömer's mind. Zehra says no. Ayşe goes to talk to Ömer. Zehra tells Jülide that Ömer has a heavy burden, thinking about the security of the family. He has to make a hard decision. Jülide tells her the story of bees stinging Ayşe's eye when she was a child and how he had fretted over her and then spent the night screening her room to prevent bees from getting into her room and was also thoughtful about the bees.

Ayşe talks with Ömer in the study and tells him that he has complete confidence in his decisions. She only tells him that as a mother she could not stand two days of separation from her child and that their mother has suffered a lot all these years. She also says she is certain that she did not leave of her own volition. She tells Ömer she wanted him to know how she felt about everything and leaves.

Jülide is having a nightmare. Zehra wakes her up and calms her. Ömer arrives and wants to take his toothbrush. He is going to sleep in the guest room. Outside Zehra tells him that she will stay with Jülide since she is not well. He has a hard time leaving. They have a sweet exchange of affection in the entrance of the room and he finally goes.

In the morning Zehra helps Jülide get ready for travel. Ömer comes. Jülide goes to bid farewell to Hediye. Zehra tells Ömer are you truly ready to let your mother go. Just don't do something you might regret. Ömer is uncomfortable. Bahşende comes to the kitchen and snaps at Jülide. Jülide tells her she is leaving but she will remain in touch with her children and snaps back at her for not having helped her back in the days that she needed help. She says Bahşende is just as cruel as Arcan. Can comes and says it is time to leave.

Salim goes to the kitchen. It is a mess. Zehra calls and wishes him happy Qadr and Salim gives her his blessings and best wishes. Meanwhile Sabah tells Kerem that she is going to Germany to meet her parents and that she cannot ask Kerem to wait for her because she does not know what will happen. Kerem is disappointed. She then goes and takes leave from Şükran, Aysil and Canan.

Jülide takes leave of the members of the family. Ömer stands there. She finally hugs him and tells him she knows he is doing his best for the family. She embraces him and expresses her love for him. He stands but does not reciprocate her hug. Bahşende looks on from the window.

Ömer is restless in his study. He tells himself that he did not force her. He did not take the wrong decision but then remembers Jülide's kind words as she hugged him. He thinks about how every member of the family is now upset. Zehra comes and asks him what he is doing. He suddenly gets up and gets in the car. She gets in the car with him. He drives fast on the road until they reach Can and Jülide. She comes out. Ömer begins shouting at her saying why did you leave. Should I remind you of the words I heard you tell my father? Or are you too embarrassed to repeat them? She says I am very sorry. Ömer gets mad. Is that all you have to say? As if that would make everything go away! He turns around and tells Zehra to get in the car. Jülide suddenly says, Arcan had threatened your lives. He had planned everything to a tee of how he would kill you and Ayşe. I had to go. She begins to walk away. Ömer says don't go. He turns around and faces her. She also turns around. As they face each other, he sees a laser target moving on Jülide's chest. He says no; no! Suddenly a shot throws Jülide back.

S02E326 - 326.Bölüm Air Date: 16 April 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer grabs Jülide. She tries to talk to him. He begs her to be quiet and save her strength. He puts her in the car and with Zehra they take her to the hospital. She is taken in and Ömer stands against the wall all distraught.

The shooter is Mohsen. Arcan has threatened him and told him that he has to kill Jülide. Mohsen gets in his car but looks regretful.

Nihat is in the hotel room with the lady in red again. She is determined to end his marriage. Ayşe on the other hand has decided to give Nihat a chance because of Asya. Belis is upset and remembers how Nihat has told her that he is ending their relationship. As she is putting on her earrings, Nihat's phone rings. It is Ayşe telling Nihat that she will give him another chance. Belis responds that Nihat cannot take the phone right now and if she wants she knows where to find him. Ayşe breaks down. Cevriye comes in her room and realizes what happened.

Ömer is squatting against the wall of the operating room. He is all broken down. Zehra brings water but he refuses it. He says she was asking for his forgiveness, but he just wanted her to save her strength. Zehra comforts him. The doctor comes out and says the operation was successful; however, it depends on her strength to recover. They will have to wait and see if she will.

Nihat is telling Belis that she will never go close to his family again when there is a knock on the door. He opens it and it is Ayşe. She tells him that it is all over. Belis stands there triumphant. Nihat is lost. Ayşe sits at a park and remembers good times and closes the door on them. She calls Koray asks him to look through Nihat's accounts. Koray is perplexed and discusses it with Kerem later. Kerem is also brooding over Sabah's departure. Kerem says he'd better help Ayşe.

Şükran is leaving to visit a relative in the village and asks Canan to help Aysil. Ayşe goes home and tells Hediye that she has solved her problems and she is fine now. Zehra gives her a call and tells her that her mother is in the hospital. Bahşende hears it and the two of them go to the hospital.

Later Nihat goes home and Cevriye tells him that she is leaving. He says he had gone to end it. She tells him why he had to end it in the hotel room. She says that she is ashamed of him and is now leaving. Nihat begs her to stay and help him mend his relationship with Ayşe. She refuses and goes.

Ayşe and Bahşende arrive and Ayşe begs to see her mother. Bahşende asks Ömer about Jülide and he asks her not to pretend to care. She says my only concern is about you and Ayşe being bothered. She implies that Jülide has gotten what she deserved. He is upset and is about to answer back when Murad Bey comes, and he goes to him. Zehra tells Bahşende that her unkind words are driving her grandchildren away from her and she needs to recognize that. Bahşende is angry with Zehra. Murad Bey tells Ömer and Zehra that they have investigated the matter. Arcan was at home at the time of the incident recognizing that he is the kind of person that gets things done without getting his own hands dirty. Bahşende eavesdrops and later calls Arcan and he thanks her for telling him where Jülide was. Bahşende says I never told you to kill her; I wanted you to take her away. He taunts her by reminding her that they are old partners and she is as guilty as him in everything that has gone down.

Ayşe cries at her mother's bedside and begs her to survive because she and her borther need her. Outside Ömer tells her to go home and be with Asya. They promise to let her know as soon as Jülide comes to.

Arcan Kesser has given Mohsen a syringe filled with poison and charged him with injecting it into Jülide. He has sent him with another guy to the hospital. Mohsen calls him and tells him that Ömer and Zehra have not moved from her door, so they have not had the chance to do it. Arcan is angry and tells him he has until morning.

Ömer tells Zehra he does not want anything to happen to Jülide and is blaming himself for not being able to protect her. She comforts him saying that she will be fine. She tells him that he takes after his mother in being kind, pure hearted, proud and strong. Ömer is moved by this. Ömer says if you continue then I will get used to this and begin acting spoiled. She says you deserve it; I will say these things all the time for you. They then have a sweet and genuinely beautiful exchange about how their hearts beat for one another.

Canan has once more made a mess of cooking for dinner. Salim cannot eat. She says I am not a good cook, but I am a good house mate. Salim agrees and commends her for her energy and spirit. She then remembers Aysil has given her some borek and brings it to the table. They put away the food she has cooked, and she says she will feed it to the dogs. They eat the boreks happily.

Mohsen and the other guy are in the washroom. Mohsen tells the other guy to go check on Ömer and Zehra saying Kervancioglu knows Mohsen, so he better not be seen. Ömer and Zehra are sleeping in each other's arms on the chair. The two guys enter Jülide's room. Mohsen takes out the syringe and injects it into Jülide's IV bag.

S02E327 - 327.Bölüm Air Date: 17 April 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Mohsen and the other guy are about to leave the ICU when the doctor sees them, but they just get out saying there was a mistake. Zehra wakes up and says she has slept very deeply on Ömer's shoulder. Ömer says he has taken pleasure in watching her. He then goes to get coffee.

Cevriye has packed her bags and remembers the good days and finally leaves in tears. She leaves a note for Ayşe. Hediyeh finds it and brings it for Ayşe. Cevriye apologizes for Nihat and says she is probably to blame as well for failing to raise him to be a better man. Ayşe is saddened by Cevriye's departure. She later gets a call from Koray who reveals that Nihat has been using company funds to keep that hotel room for Belis Aydin and send her money for the past four years. Ayşe is dumbfounded. Later she tells Bahşende that she is divorcing Nihat. Bahşende is concerned that they should avoid too much publicity.

Ömer runs into Mohsen in the hospital. They talk long. We do not hear the content of their conversation. Ömer returns with the coffees and Zehra notes that he took long. He says he ran into Mohsen. Zehra notes that Mohsen is a good man and it is hard to think he works for Kesser. The doctor comes out saying the patient has gone into ciritical condition and they have to operate again. Zehra is frantic and Ömer tries to calm her.

Arcan Kesser's guy calls him and tells him that Mohsen carried out the job and that Jülide is taken in for another operation. Kesser is upset that he is losing Jülide and says Ömer Kervancioglu will have to pay for separating him from the woman he loves.

Aysil and Ipek go to the shop with suitcases because there are repairs being done at their apartment and they have to stay at a hotel. Canan decides to get Aysil to stay with them. Kerem comes and Canan tries to console him a bit. She then goes to take food to Salim. Halit goes to Salim and tells him he should prepare to go to war with those who are trying to throw them out of their apartment. Canan arrives and takes him with her. She humours him and finally gets him to go to their home. She then goes to Aysil and tells her that Halit did not feel well so she took him to their house. Aysil goes to pick him up but he refuses to leave. Canan then insists that they stay with them rather than go to a hotel. Together they clean the house and make food. Aysil does not want to stay. Ipek calls and Canan tells her to come to their place too. Salim comes and sees the house clean and filled with the nice aromas of home cooking. He is pleased and then sees Aysil and Halit are there.

Arcan Kesser tells Mohsen he is surprised Mohsen carried out his orders.

The nurse asks for blood. Ömer is going to give it as he has the same blood group. As they are drawing the blood, Ömer remembers demanding an explanation from his mother on the road and the shooting. He shakes as they are taking the blood. Zehra holds his hand and comforts him. Zehra suddenly gets up when she sees Arcan Kesser's man and she passes out. She has not eaten. Ömer and Zehra sit together on the hospital bed and Ömer brings a sandwich which has too much pepper and burns them both. They drink some juice together and express their love for each other in sweet exchanges. Ömer assures Zehra that everything is under his control.

They go out and sit at the door of the ICU. Arcan Kesser's guy is still there listening. The doctor comes out and tells them, they have lost the patient.

S02E328 - 328.Bölüm Air Date: 18 April 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

The doctor gives Ömer his condolences. Kesser's guy hears it and leaves. Ömer and Zehra look at each other stupefied. The guy informs Kesser and he goes mad. He says he is going to revenge himself on Ömer because he caused the death of the woman he loved. He calls Bahşende and tells her that Jülide is dead and that her grandson must pay for it. Kesser is planning to kill Jülide's children at her grave during the funeral.

Ömer and Zehra take Ayşe into the study and sit her down to talk to her. Later Zehra sits with Ömer and is concerned about Arcan Kesser's actions and Ömer's possible plans to deal with him. He tries to put her mind at ease and asks her to go and get some rest. Bahşende comes and gives Ömer her sympathies and wants to make sure he plans no revenge scenarios because Kesser is a dangerous man. He says the police will take care of Kesser.

Salim enjoys a nice dinner after a long with Canan, Halit, Ipek and Aysil at the table. In the morning he also finds a beautiful breakfast table set up and eats with Halit as everyone else has gone to work.

Ömer is sleeping alone in the guest room. Someone is approaching him. A glass falls and breaks. Ömer wakes up. It is Zehra bringing him a glass in case he wants to drink water. She clearly can't stay away from him. He pulls her in the bed and she goes to sleep in his arms.

Kerem tries to get his life back together. Sabah has said she would call him, but she has not. He is trying to get on with his life.

Çetın proves to Canan that the inappropriate photographs he had pretended to have taken from her were not her and they were only photoshopped.

Bahşende tells Nihat to fix things with Ayşe. She also tells him that Ayşe's mother is dead. He goes to Ayşe to try to patch things up. Ayşe him the evidence of his years of cheating on her and tells him to get out.

The family all wearing black leaves the house to go to the funeral. At the cemetery, Ömer and Can are covering the grave with dirt as the Imam reads from the Koran. Kesser's gunmen take their places. Fatihah begins and the family stands with palms up. Suddenly a group of police officers headed by Murad Bey arrive and surround the grave. Murad gives Ömer his condolences. Kesser's men have to pull back. The family leaves.

Ömer and Zehra walk into their bedroom after the funeral. Jülide is sitting on the bed smiling.

S02E329 - 329.Bölüm Air Date: 19 April 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer has faked Jülide's death to save her from Arcan Kesser's threat. After hearing from Mohsen that he was sent to kill Jülide, Ömer gets the doctors to announce Jülide's death. He takes Zehra aside and informs her as well, so she could act out her part.

Meanwhile Arcan Kesser is mad that Jülide is dead and has sent Mohsen and another goon to get him Ömer.

Ayşe comes and sees her mother and they are all very happy that things have worked out so far. Jülide hugs Ömer but Ömer again does not reciprocate it. Ömer tells Jülide to stay in the room and not go out under any circumstances. T0hey are going to hide her presence from Bahşende as well.

Later Bahşende goes looking for Ömer at bedroom door. Jülide hides behind the door but Ömer arrives on time to get Bahşende out. He tells Jülide to lock the door.

Zehra goes to Ömer in the study and notices that he is taking extreme security measures and wonders if he expects further threats from Kesser now that he thinks Jülide is dead. He says I am just being cautious.

Canan enjoys Aysil's stay with them. At night she tells Ipek how Koray used to be engaged to Yasemin and then she broke off the engagement. Ipek listens with interest how Koray was affected by the separation but is now over it. Aysil's apartment is finally fixed and they go back to their own place to Canan's dismay.

Zehra notices Cevriye's absence and goes to Ayşe to inquire about it. Ayşe tells her that Nihat has been cheating on her and that she is going to get a divorce. Ayşe asks Zehra not to tell Ömer until she is ready to tell him herself. Nihat calls her again asking her to take him back. She refuses.

Zehra goes to Ömer and does not feel good about hiding things from him. They make a date to meet on the verandah after Ömer is finished working.

On the veranda Zehra sits in Ömer's arms and they remember the time they were hanging from the cliff and how they confessed their love to one another. They reveal that they were saved from that danger by Can's brave father. They continue to express their love in different ways.

Mohsen and Arcan's bearded goon are in a car outside Ömer's house. They dress up as repair technicians and get through the security guards. Mohsen tells the other guy to stay back. He himself goes to the door and asks for Ömer. Ömer goes to the door and Mohsen walks him to Ömer's car at gunpoint. They get in and drive on. Zehra sees them from the window and then notices the bearded guy whom she remembers from her own kidnapping.

S02E330 - 330.Bölüm Air Date: 20 April 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Zehra runs after Ömer's car but they get the bearded guy and drive on. Zehra gets Can to get the car and they follow them.

Asya wants to see her father. Ayşe calls and they are going to go to the office to see him. Ayşe asks Hediye to keep an eye on Jülide. Nihat meets Belis and again tells her to stay away. He meets Ayşe and Asya in the office. Hediye almost gets caught by Bahşende when going to give Jülide her meds.

Ömer is taken to the woods where Arcan Kesser is waiting for him at a table. He is forced to sit down as Mohsen points a gun at him and tells the other guy to go and prepare Kesser's car. Zehra and Can arrive and begin searching in the woods. Can gives Zehra a knife. She sees Kesser's car and punctures the tires.

Mohsen turns the gun on Kesser. Ömer has colluded with Mohsen and asked him to take him hostage so he can get the police to capture Kesser. Kesser entangles with Mohsen and shoots him in the leg. Ömer goes after him. Ömer finds Zehra in the woods and tells her to go to Mohsen. He continues to look for Kesser.

Salim sees Halit. He says my niece is sick. Salim takes it to be Aysil. He goes shopping and also buys pain killers for Aysil. He goes home with lots of shopping and the pills. Canan tells him that Aysil and the family are gone as their apartment was fixed. There is a hint of disappointment in Salim.

Arcan Kesser runs and finds the bearded guy by his car and gets his gun. He then goes back into the forest and finds Ömer and shoots at him. Ömer gets out of the bushes and Zehra having heard the shot runs back to Ömer. The police are also on their way. Kesser gets Zehra and points a gun at her head in front of Ömer. Ömer's heart is going to explode.

S02E331 - 331.Bölüm Air Date: 23 April 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer offers Arcan anything he wants including his own life to release Zehra. The police arrive from behind and while Kesser is distracted Ömer entangles with him releasing Zehra. Arcan runs away with the police on his tail. Ömer and Zehra embrace and are relieved.

Asya insists on having her dad at home. Ayşe agrees to have Nihat come home. At night they wait for him but once more he has gone to Belis and calls late when Asya has finally fallen asleep. Ayşe tells him not to come anymore. Meanwhile Salim and Canan miss Aysil and family at home. Şükran reutrns from the country and comes to visit them.

Ömer and Zehra are at home and reproaching each other for getting themselves in danger. Hediye comes and says Jülide is running a fever. They visit Jülide. Zehra goes to get her meds. Ömer gives her a glass of water. Jülide tells him not to rush anything and behave however he feels comfortable with her. Ömer finds it hard to express closeness to her. Zehra tries to create situations where he would get closer to his mother. He still feels strange with her.

Aysil calls Canan and tells them Halit is missing. They all go to help find him. They look for him all night. Aysil is distressed. Finally, Ipek and Koray find him in the morning near the cemetery. They go to the bakery and Canan and Ipek make everyone breakfast.

At night Zehra comes to visit Ömer in the guest room. He keeps her with him and there is hint that they might be finally consummating their marriage, but he stops himself and says I want everything to be very special for you. They fall asleep in each other's arms. In the morning Zehra comes to the bedroom and Ömer comes with wet hair to find her looking for him. Zehra tells him that he needs to get close to his mother. He evades a response by embracing her and holding her tight.

They once more go to Jülide. Zehra urges Ömer to help his mother with the breakfast. Jülide feels full so Ömer leaves. He still feels awkward. He goes to his office. Ayşe finally tells her mother that she is going to get a divorce from Nihat because he is cheating on her. Jülide tells her to discuss it with Ömer right away. Zehra is with Ömer in the study. Ayşe comes and tells him about Nihat.

Nihat and Belis are in the car going on a trip. Nihat looks upset. Belis tells him to speed.

Ömer gets mad when he hears about Nihat cheating. He calls him. There is no answer. He wants to go and find him. Ayşe and Zehra try to stop him. Ayşe gets a call from Nihat. Ömer takes her phone and answers it. It is the police informing him that Nihat has been killed in a car accident.

S02E332 - 332.Bölüm Air Date: 24 April 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.


Ömer sits Ayşe down and tells her that Nihat has died in a traffic accident. Ayşe is frantic and they all go to the station. Ömer identifies the body and collects his things. As they are about to leave, a policeman comes to ask Ömer some questions. He is holding a pink handbag. Ayşe notes the bag and goes with Zehra. The policeman tells Ömer that there was a woman named Belis with the deceased and she was killed too. Ömer is shocked and wonders how he can tell his sister. Hediye tells Jülide about Nihat's death and she is concerned about Asya growing up fatherless. At home, Hediye informs the family that Cevriye has called and wants to bury Nihat in Keyseri. Ayşe refuses and says her daughter's father must be buried here in Istanbul. Bahşende asks Ayşe to keep the cheating business under wraps. Ayşe assures her and leaves. Ömer is angry with Bahşende for just thinking about the family name rather than Ayşe herself.

Halit is convinced that Ipek and Koray are spies. Aysil apologizes to Koray. He tells her not to worry. Zehra calls Salim and informs him that Nihat has died in an accident. Selin also informs Koray about Nihat's accident. Everyone is moved by the fragility of life and connects this insight to their own lives. Salim prays reading the Koran and Canan asks questions about committing sins and repenting. Salim tells her if one is truly repentant and returns to the right path, they will be blessed.

Asya wants to see her dad. Zehra distracts her with stories. Later Zehra goes to Ömer in the study and cries over Asya's situation. Ömer then asks her if he should tell Ayşe about Belis being with Nihat in the car. They decide to do so. They go into Jülide's room. She is consoling her daughter. Ömer wants to tell her about Belis. Ayşe remembers the police officer with the handbag and tells Ömer not to worry and that she already knows everything. Ömer and Zehra ask her to forget about Belis and that affair and concentrate on herself and Asya.

Canan goes to visit Zehra and the family. Defne is there too. Ömer asks Ayşe if she would like to get the help of a psychologist to tell Asya about her dad's death. Defne says I know someone. Ayşe says she can't make any decisions right now. Ömer asks Defne to just discuss it with her friend for now. Defne promises Ömer to do so right away. Canan does not like Defne's demonstrations of closeness to Ömer. She tells Zehra in the kitchen. Zehra says they are old friends and Canan should keep quiet about it.

Ömer goes into Jülide's room to get his charger. Jülide finds it for him. He thanks Jülide for being there for Ayşe and says Ayşe is very much like her and will find the strength to overcome this hardship like her mother. Jülide is moved. He looks like he might hug his mother but again he can't and takes his leave.

Ipek and Koray do not go to office and Selin is looking for them. We see them stuck in a storage place unable to get out.

Ömer goes to Ayşe in the verandah. She once more thanks Ömer for supporting her at every turn. She also tells him that she has forgiven Nihat and is over that affair.

Bahşende follows Zehra into her room. She sees Jülide on the bed and is shocked.

S02E333 - 333.Bölüm Air Date: 25 April 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Bahşende begins snapping at Zehra fo causing this deception and then asks if Ömer knows about this game they are playing. Ömer arrives and tells her that it is his plan and he will talk to her about it in the study. They leave. Jülide is upset that she is causing so much trouble for Ömer. Zehra says it is only his duty as her son.

Ömer tells Bahşende that it had to be done because Arcan Kesser wanted to kill Jülide. Bahşende says still he is not right to endanger the lives of Ayşe and Asya and himself by allowing that woman in the house. Ömer says I am responsible for the lives of all the members of this family including Zehra, Hediye, her and his grandmother as well. He assures her that he does not take this responsibility lightly. Zehra comes and Bahşende leaves. She says that the good that has come out of Bahşende's discovery is that now Jülide may eat at the table with all the family and spend time with her granddaughter naturally in the house.

Ipek and Koray were lured into the depot by Halit who thinks they are spies. He has locked them in from the outside. They stay there all night and get to know each other. Something seems to be developing between them. Halit finally goes to Salim and begins talking with Çetın. Çetın realizes what he has done and gets the key from him and goes and releases Ipek and Koray.

Asya goes to Zehra and asks her to call her father. Zehra again distracts her with flowers and birds in the backyard. Ayşe snuggles with Ömer. Ömer tells her to inform Hediye that Jülide will be eating at the table.

Zehra dresses up for the dinner and she asks Ömer to help her zip her dress up but the zip is stuck and the handle breaks in Ömer's hand. They go to the table with Jülide. Defne sees Jülide and is surprised. They greet each other. They sit at the table. Bahşende refuses to sit. Jülide wants to leave but Ömer asks her to sit. Bahşende asks to talk to Ömer. Ömer says we can do that after dinner. Bahşende leaves the room and the dinner. They eat. Asya wants to keep her meatballs for her dad. Zehra again distracts her with cake decorations and takes her to the kitchen. Ayşe cries and Jülide consoles her.

Ömer tells Ayşe that he and Zehra will take Asya on a short vacation and meanwhile Ayşe can get her act together. Ayşe agrees. Zehra is very proud of Ömer for this suggestion. They sit in the verandah and enjoy their closeness.

Bahşende is fearful that Jülide may try to reveal things from the past. She decides to call Arcan Kesser who is waiting for a chance to get at Ömer and has heard that they have left the house.

Ömer drives Zehra and Asya to the resort they plan to spend a few days. They discuss a future where they will have their own kids. Ömer says he wants five or six kids.

Bahşende calls Arcan Kesser and tells him that if he promises not to harm his grand and great grandchildren, she will give him information to his liking. She tells her that Jülide is alive and is in their house.

S02E334 - 334.Bölüm Air Date: 26 April 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Arcan Kesser wants his men to kill Ömer and Ayşe as well as the rest of the family. He is informed that Ömer and Zehra have left the house in their car.

Meanwhile Ömer stops for a picnic somewhere. Asya plays. Ömer and Zehra cuddle and sweet talk. They get in the car and arrive at the resort. One of the resort employees is in contact with with Arcan Kesser and reporting on Ömer, Zehra and Asya. The three of them unpack and change in their room and then go outside to walk around.

Canan is preoccupied with the idea of Çetın and if she should forgive him and get over the past. She meets him in the park and asks him to leave because his presence means she has to lie about not knowing him to all his family and friends. He asks her for a chance to lead a good life. He says that the bad circumstances of his life since childhood have never given him a chance to prove to himself and others that he could also be good. Canan becomes thoughtful. Ayşe tries to get over the past as well. She gets a call from Defne to meet her at the office for coffee. She talks with Ömer and Zehra and tells them that she is feeling much better. She goes to the office and meets with Defne. She shows Defne a photo of Ömer and Zehra with Asya and talks about his brother being happy. Defne shows signs of jealousy.

Zehra tells Ömer about her experiences with her mother and how she would escape to tree tops to get away from her anger. She tells Ömer that he is very lucky to have such a kind mother. Ömer hugs her keeping to himself the fact that Sevim was not realy her mother.

Heidyeh and Jülide walk in the garden and remember the good days. Bahşende looks at them and is irritated. In the living room Bahsende talks with Jülide and tells her that she should leave and prevent her children from falling victim to the dangers of Arcan Kesser. Jülide stands her ground and remains defiant.

Asya keeps referring to her father. Ömer and Zehra discuss how she will be affected when she finds out her father is dead. They take the cable car over the water. They discuss having children themselves. They walk around the pool. They look and Asya is gone. They run after her. Asya is lost and comes across the shady staff member. He takes her hand and wants to take her away when Ömer and Zehra arrive. Ömer tells him they will take their food in their room.

In their room Murad Bey calls and talks to Ömer. The shady guy brings in the food. Ömer opens the door. The guy rolls the trolley in and is about to take something out of his back pocket.

S02E335 - 335.Bölüm Air Date: 27 April 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

The guy takes out the receipt. Ömer signs it. Murad Bey calls again and lets Ömer know that they have arrested a number of Arcan Kesser's men based on the trap that Ömer set up for them by making reservations at another hotel. Zehra is proud of Ömer for thinking of this plan. They eat and then go out boating. They go back to the room and Zehra puts Asya to sleep and comes out to sit with Ömer but Asya wakes up again and she goes in. Salim calls her and commends them for taking the time to tend to the fatherless child. Ömer and Zehra sit beside the fire basking in the warmth of their love. They go back in and can't find Asya. They find her scared and hiding. The three sleep together. First she is between them; then Ömer goes behind Zehra and embraces her from behind as they sleep.

Ipek and Canan discuss Ipek's adventure getting locked up with Koray. Canan tells her to thank Koray for being there for her. Ipek sends a text. Koray is excited and wants to respond in kind but then he deletes his first reaction and sends a dry "you are welcome." He is scared of getting involved again. In the morning at the bus stop, he is again worried that he might be giving Ipek the wrong message. In the office, Ipek is a bit nervous around Koray. She wants to work with Koray as usual; Koray makes up some excuse and sends her away.

Ömer and Zehra are in the car with Asya returning. Canan calls and asks whether she would forgive someone who has done her wrong but is truly regretful and wants to make amends. Of course, Zehra says yes. Ömer and Zehra return home. Ayşe and Jülide greet them. Ömer holds back from Jülide and cannot hug her. Neither does he refer to her as mom. Zehra notes it and is concerned. Defne and Bahşende come as well. They do not enjoy Ömer and Zehra's closeness. Defne and the rest sit for breakfast. Bahşende leaves again. Jülide has made her special börek for them. Ömer gets a call and leaves before trying it.

Canan meets Çetın and tells him that she forgives him and by doing so, she is also giving herself a chance at leading a good life. He is elated.

Zehra changes Jülide's bandage. She feels really bad for her and the suffering she has endured with Arcan and now with Ömer's distance. She goes to Ömer and tries to encourage him to give his mother a chance. He says he can't. He has tried but he feels getting close to her is betraying the memory of his father. Zehra says get up we need to go somewhere.

Bahşende takes Defne in her room and tells her that she does not approve of Ömer's marriage and also tells her that Zehra and Ömer's marriage is a contract marriage and not based on love so she should not lose hope. She tells Defne that they were on the verge of divorce. She adds that she would approve of Ömer's marriage to Defne. Defne is intrigued.

Zehra takes Ömer to his father's tomb and tells him to talk to his father about his troubles. Ömer sits beside the grave and tells his father that the thought of that fiendish man touching his mother revolts him and even though he knows she went to him to protect them, he cannot tarnish the memory of his father by allowing his mother get close to him. Jülide arrives and tells him there are things you do not know. Ömer wants to leave but Zehra begs him to stay and listen to her. Jülide tells him that she might have left but she never betrayed her husband, Taher (Ömer's father). She says if that man (Arcan) had even touched her she would have killed herself. She then talks about how the longing to see her children had kept her alive. She is about to pass out when Ömer takes her in his arms and embraces her hard and calls her "anne!" (mother!)

S02E336 - 336.Bölüm Air Date: 30 April 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer continues to embrace her mother with tearful eyes. Zehra rejoices. Jülide talks to her dead husband saying he can now rest easy and that she is back with her children. They return home and Jülide again takes pleasure is seeing how close and in love Ömer and Zehra are.

Bahşende tells Defne that Ömer and Zehra's marriage will soon end and Defne thinks to herself that there is still a chance for her to get Ömer.

At home Ayşe is very happy to see her brother and mother together. Ömer goes and tells Hediye to prepare a separate room for his mother. Defne sits with Ömer and Zehra. Ömer tells Zehra that he has gotten Hediye to prepare a room for Jülide; Zehra approves. Ömer keeps talking about how he adores Zehra and how she is responsible for all the happiness in his life. Defne keeps getting irritated.

When Bahşende finds out that Jülide is getting settled into the house, she is mad and tries to get in touch with Arcan Kesser again to get rid of her but he does not answer.

Zehra goes to Ömer in the study and tells him now he too can move back into their own bedroom. Ömer holds her and tells her tonight we will finally be alone together in our bedroom. Let us forget that past and think of this as our first night. She agrees. They embrace. Defne barges in. She says she is going to prepare the documents against Arcan Kesser to be sent to court. She goes. Ömer goes into the bedroom. Zehra is nervous. She goes into the bathroom. She puts on make-up. Then she takes it off. She finally comes out. Ömer is in the bed. She goes and changes. They sit side by side on the bed and are about to kiss when Defne calls and says all the docs on Arcan Kesser are missing. She asks Ömer to go to the office. Zehra tells him to go and not worry. She says she will wait for him. He drags himself away. Defne shreds the documents on Arcan Kesser saying sorry Ömer I have to do this.

Ömer goes to the office. He and Defne are working in his office. Zehra takes a photo of herself in Ömer's cardigan and sends it to him. They chat playfully texting each other back and forth. Defne keeps trying to interrupt but Ömer is too engaged. Zehra tries to stay up but it takes long. In the morning Selin takes a large gift box for Ömer at the office. He is still working with Defne. He opens it and there is gözleme and other breakfast items in it. He gets excited and asks if Zehra is there. Zehra comes in. She is beautiful. Defne burns with jealousy as Ömer blooms with joy at seeing his wife.

Koray tells Ipek that they are only friends and he does not want to give her the wrong idea. Ipek is disappointed at first but takes it well and tells him of course what else could there be.

Ömer and Zehra drive home. As soon as they get back, Ayşe calls and asks Zehra to go sign some papers. He tells Ömer she will go and be back in an hour. He wants to drive her but Zehra says he should go and rest. Defne comes and says she will take her. Ömer cannot separate from Zehra at the door. Defne is irritated again. They get in the car and Defne talks about marriage. Zehra says when you find true love, marriage is beautiful. This makes Defne crazy. She presses on the gas pedal. Zehra begs her to go slowly. She keeps speeding until they crash into a tree.

S02E337 - 337.Bölüm Air Date: 01 May 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Defne comes to. The car is crashed into the tree. Zehra is out. Defne decides not to call the ambulance.

Jülide goes to Ömer's room and they have a gentle exchange. Jülide is looking for Zehra and they both appreciate Zehra's presence in their lives.

Ayşe calls Ömer and asks where Zehra is. Ömer calls Zehra. Defne decides not to answer. A passerby comes. She pretends to be out and asks for help. He calls the ambulance. They take them to the hospital. Ömer calls Defne. Defne answers in the ambulance. She tells him Zehra is in serious condition. Ömer responds in shock begging her to tell him that Zehra is still alive. She says she is alive but lost a lot of blood. Ömer tells Ayşe, jumps in the car and goes to the hospital. Canan calls Ömer saying she cannot get in touch with Zehra. Ömer tells her about the accident and Canan decides to go to the hospital too.

Ömer arrives and goes to the room number they give. Defne is there and gets out of bed and puts her arms around him. He naturally pulls her hands apart and leaves to go to Zehra with no attention to Defne. The doctor tells him that she is fine and a major artery was cut and had she not gotten there on time, she could have died. Defne says she does not know how she called the ambulance but she did. Canan does not like the smell of things and suspects Defne.

Ömer sits with Zehra and tends to her like a dedicated nurse. He sends everyone away and spends the night taking care of her. Defne is annoyed that he does not even go to her once. Kumru goes to see her at the hospital. Defne gets up and goes for a walk and sees Ömer feeding Zehra her dinner. Defne burns with jealousy.

Canan goes home. She has told Çetın but not Salim. Çetın asks about Zehra and she says that she is fine. She feels worried about Defne. Koray also calls and asks about Zehra.

Ayşe goes home and lets the family know about the accident. Bahşende immediately calls Defne to see how she is. The others are shocked at her lack of interest in Zehra. Jülide calls Ömer to talk to Zehra. Bahşende wants Defne to go and stay with them from the hospital.

Koray wonders if he has done the right thing with Ipek. She goes home with a friend and also does not go to the bus stop in the morning as usual. Koray misses her.

In the morning Ömer takes Zehra and Defne home. Ömer will not separate from Zehra. He takes her to the bedroom and continues to pamper her. Defne is eavesdropping behind the door. Ömer tells Zehra if she had died, he would have gone after her. He tells her they have not yet managed to become husband and wife in this life but they would in the other. Defne is happy to hear that they are not yet "husband and wife"!

S02E338 - 338.Bölüm Air Date: 02 May 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Defne is elated and feels there is a chance for her to win Ömer. She goes out and calls Kumru reporting her joy. Ömer goes and asks Hediye for breakfast. He goes back to Zehra. He feeds her breakfast, continuously expressing his love for her. Zehra wants to go out so he helps her put on a cardigan. Once they are done, Defne comes to say that there are files that need care and she is not able to do them alone. Zehra tells Ömer to go with Defne and not worry about her. Ömer goes reluctantly. Zehra goes back to bed.

Canan calls Ömer and realizes Zehra has gone home and tells Koray as well. Çetın helps Canan to go visit Zehra without Salim. Jülide visits Zehra. Ömer is again texting Zehra back and forth annoying Defne. He tells Zehra that he has a surprise for her when he goes home.

Canan arrives and meets Jülide. Then she realizes that Defne has taken Ömer away and calls the office and gets Ipek to spy on them for her. She tells Ipek to keep interrupting them. Ipek goes and takes a file for Ömer. Then she offers to get them coffee. Defne refuses but Ömer accepts. So she goes back again.

Defne tries to get close to Ömer on several occasions but Ipek is interrupting. Koray is also getting upset over Ipek's continuous texting back and forth, not realizing it is with Canan. He thinks there is someone in her life.

Ömer finally gets up and tells Defne that he is going back. Defne reminds him of her dinner for introduction to Company staff. He says he can't come because of Zehra but she insists. He says he will possibly go for just an hour.

Defne goes to her office and is annoyed that Ipek was interrupting but she calls Kumru and says she has prepared this nice dinner and Ömer thinks other people are coming but they are not. So it would be a private dinner for the two of them and she will make her move then. Kumru keeps telling her that she should not do that. Defne justifies her actions saying Ömer and Zehra are not a real couple.

Zehra does not expect Ömer to come anytime soon. Canan tells her you'll never know. The door opens and in walks Ömer. Zehra blooms with joy. Canan leaves them alone. They cuddle and Ömer gives her the surprise. It is a red candied apple. She loves it. They eat it together and talk love. Ipek calls Canan and tells her about Defne's dinner. Canan goes back in the room and Ömer asks if she is staying with Zehra since he has to go to Defne's program for an hour or so. Canan suggests that Zehra accompany him. Ömer thinks it is a good idea but Zehra is reluctant.

Defne is waiting alone at a table set for a few people. She feels this is the night! She turns around and sees Ömer coming holding Zehra's arm. Defne is frozen with spite.

S02E339 - 339.Bölüm Air Date: 03 May 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer and Zehra join Defne. Defne pretends to be overjoyed by Zehra being there. She then lies that she has cancelled the event because she thought Ömer can't come. Then she receives a call saying the report from the car insurance company has been delivered to the office. She is worried and tells them she has to go.

Ömer and Zehra sit and have fun imagining what it would be like if they had met each other under different circumstances and as different characters. Zehra imagines Ömer as a flirtatious, outgoing waiter trying to pick her up as she was sitting here at this restaurant. He comes with a cute Adana accent and delivers his pick-up lines and when she tells him she is married; he says he is going to die from her love then.

Ömer is a bit jealous of how Zehra is having fun with this character. He then imagines Zehra as a luscious and expressive flower girl falling for him as soon as she sees him at the table and inviting him to open his heart to her until she hears that he is married.

Zehra is jealous of Ömer's interest in the character but they end up laughing and having fun together. They then return home and Canan realizes no one else was at the dinner. She takes Zehra into the bedroom to change and tells her that she feels Defne is after Ömer. Zehra does not want to believe it. She makes her promise not to say anything to Ömer.

Koray takes Ipek home. He wants to ask about whom she has been texting to all day. She thinks he does not want to walk her home anymore so she tells him she will go the rest of the way herself. Kerem's father wants him to take over the family business. Koray suggests that he start his own business.

Canan helps Zehra get ready for bed and leaves. Ömer comes. They lie in bed and chat about Morteza and Yuliya again. In the morning Zehra gets up from a nightmare and panics when she cannot find Ömer. Ömer walks in with a breakfast tray and calms her. She has dreamt about losing him.

In the morning Canan is playing with Asya and Defne comes. Canan calls Ipek and through Selin finds out there was never a company dinner arranged for last night. Ömer and Zehra also come to the living room. Defne gets antsy about Ömer's extra care for Zehra. Canan goes out to play with Asya when she meets Adam, the old man who called the ambulance for Zehra and Defne. He has come to inquire about their health. Canan realizes that Defne has lied about calling the ambulance. She takes him in and asks him to wait at door until she announced him. He goes in and tells them Adam is there to see them explaining who he is. Defne becomes anxious.

S02E340 - 340.Bölüm Air Date: 04 May 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Canan wants to bring him in but he is gone. She looks for him but Bahşende comes and says she has not seen anyone. Canan goes and tells everyone that he has disappeared. Everyone is surprised. Bahşende comes and Defne realizes she has sent him away and is happy.

Ömer takes Zehra to the bedroom. Defne says she will wait for him but he says he is going to rest with Zehra for a while. There Zehra describes how she feels about Ömer and they remember the first night after the marriage. They also go out for a walk. She hears a sound and is scared. Her memory is jolted and she is getting glimpses of Defne driving fast and not answering the phone. Canan goes to Zehra and describes what happened with Adam but Zehra is again reluctant to accuse Defne.

Koray finds the letter from the Insurance Company on the floor and gives it to Selin. She sends it to the House as Defne has said she'll go there. Koray sees Sarp come to office. He is Ipek's friend and they are going to have lunch together. Canan tells Çetın about her thoughts regarding Defne.

Bahşende tells Defne that she will support her now that she is going to put up a fight for Ömer. Defne goes into the study later to work with Ömer. Ömer gives her the files and goes to Zehra again. Defne looks in her bag and realizes the letter from the insurance company is missing. She runs to the office to find it. There Selin tells her that she has sent it to the House. She calls Bahşende and asks her to get it. Bahşende calls Hediye. Hediye says I left it on Ömer's desk. She snaps at her and tells her to get it right away.

Ömer and Zehra sit and chat about going to Spain when she is better. She then goes to get water and Hediye comes out of the study with the letter. Realizing Zehra wants water, Hediye leaves the envelope with her and goes to get water. Zehra reads the letter and realizes the call to the ambulance took place two hours after the accident.

S02E341 - 341.Bölüm Air Date: 07 May 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Zehra is shaken. Hediye brings the water and takes the envelope. She goes into the study and calls Canan. Defne arrives and hears her talking from behind the door and realizes she has seen the letter. Bahşende comes and gives Defne the letter not realizing Zehra has already read it.

Defne ingratiates herself to Ömer by saying she would like to help with Zehra and Ayşe's business. Every situation annoys Defne more as Ömer consistently ends up revealing his deep love for Zehra and high regard for her talents. In bed Zehra asks Ömer not to go to work tomorrow. He does not answer definitively. He has to go to his study to answer a call regarding the Norway file.

In the morning Zehra wants Ömer to go walking with her. He has work to do but he finally surprises her and goes with her. Defne calls when they are walking and Zehra does not let Ömer answer. But she gets a call about work from Ayşe and answers so Ömer also bugs her and makes her hang up.

Çetın starts calling his friends to help him find Adam the old man who witnessed the accident. He finds the guy and informs Canan.

Ömer goes to the office and sees Defne. Defne says she needs to talk about something important with him. Later they have meeting with Koray, Selin, Ayşe and others and Ömer introduces Defne telling them about Defne's position in the Company. Again Zehra and Ömer text each other during the meeting, annoying Defne.

Canan gets Adam to talk to Zehra on the phone but he refuses to go to Ömer but reveals he was threatened by Bahşende. Zehra tells Canan that she will talk with Ömer about Defne. Ömer comes and takes off his coat. Zehra is in the study. She tells him, she wants to talk about Defne.

S02E342 - 342.Bölüm Air Date: 08 May 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer tells Zehra that he knows what she wants to say and she does not need to worry about anything as Defne is only a friend and no different that Ayşe for him. He refuses to listen to anything and goes to change. Defne has already talked to Ömer in the office and told him that she is worried that Zehra is not feeling good about her relationship with Ömer. Defne pretends that she does not want to ruin her friendship with Ömer and Zehra. Ömer tells her not to worry and that he will talk with Zehra and tell her that Defne is just like a sister to him. Defne is mad but hides her feelings. Zehra notices an envelope in Ömer's jacket and takes it out. She realizes that Defne has altered the letter from the Insurance Company. She tells Canan.

Canan gathers Koray, Kerem, Selin and Ipek at the Workshop with Çetın and tells them about the situation. She wants all their help to stop Defne. They hear Canan and Çetın's evidence and are all on board to impede Defne.

Defne goes to the House and begins implicitly telling Zehra that she will win over Ömer. Zehra tells her confidently that nothing can come between her and Ömer.

Defne sits with Ömer in the study and again enquires about Zehra. Ömer tells her not to worry that all is fine. She is annoyed and thinks she has to do something else. She then says she wants to invite Zehra and Ömer to dinner at her house. Ömer says Zehra will have to decide. Ömer tells Zehra but she does not want to go. Defne comes and asks again and Ömer says it is all up to Zehra. Zehra accepts.

She dresses up. Ömer feels he is underdressed. She says he is fine and they go to Defne's house. Defne is truly overdressed. She serves soup from an Arizona recipe. Zehra eats and smiles. Later when Defne is gone, Ömer also eats it and tells Zehra she does not need to be nice and eat that soup which he confesses tastes awful. Defne overhears and is upset.

Ömer keeps cuddling Zehra and treating her lovingly. He leaves for a short while and Defne again gets down to the business of trying to provoke Zehra. Defne talks about how she knows Ömer better than her. Zehra responds with confidence in their love. Defne feels beaten. Ömer comes and thanks her for a lovely night saying he had not seen Zehra is such top shape since the accident. Defne is further annoyed.

In the bedroom Zehra once more tries to tell Ömer but he says he does not want to hear about unnecessary things. She says but there are things you do not know. He says Defne might be a bit over confident but she has a good heart.

They sleep. In the morning Ömer is staring at Zehra sleeping. The doctor comes and gives Zehra a clean bill.

Ipek calls Canan and tells her that Defne is apparently organizing a trip to Norway with Ömer.

Defne goes to the House and in the study she tells Ömer that she has done all the preparations for a trip to Norway. Ömer wonders if everything can be in order in such a short time. As Zehra walks in, Defne says you know me; everything is done and I am very excited about our trip to Norway.

S02E343 - 343.Bölüm Air Date: 09 May 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Zehra goes in and asks Ömer not to go. He says it is an important trip. She leaves. Defne asks Ömer to let her talk to Zehra. Zehra talks with Canan on the phone and they discuss the Norway development. Defne comes and tells her that this is just a work trip. Zehra says it is fine. It is just that she and Ömer have not separated ever since they married but there is no problem if he needs to go. Defne goes and tells Ömer that Zehra has accepted.

Ömer goes to Zehra and she once more asks him not to go. Ömer thinks she is just being jealous and finds it amusing. He goes to the office. There again they text to each other and annoy Defne. Zehra tries to be serious. He remains playful and loving.

Zehra is very anxious. She waits for him in front of the house. Ömer suddenly arrives and startles her. She says that he has changed. He says that she seems to have changed. He says she is not acting logically. She is annoyed and leaves abruptly. He follows her to the bedroom. She is hugging a box of chocolate and eating them one by one. He again tries to reason with her. He also gives her a candied apple. Hediye comes and tells them their dinner is ready in the verandah. Ömer has surprised Zehra.

Defne sends her trip preparations to Zehra and then pretends she has made a mistake due to excitement. Ömer tells her that he will not go if she could give him a good reason that has nothing to do with Defne. He thinks to himself playfully come on stubborn Zehra, why don't you tell me frankly that you are jealous? Zehra is upset and leaves. She goes in the room and sits on the bed watching a movie on her iPad with earphones. Ömer asks to join her and they discuss the love triangle in the film in a way that reflects their own situation.

Defne meets with Hikmat Bey, the Company's Director of International Business to talk about the details of the trip. She realizes he has a pollen allergy.

In the morning, Ömer has his suitcase on the bed. Zehra is hiding something behind her. He comes in and realizes his passport is missing. He asks what she is hiding. She refuses to give it to him. He steps forward. She steps backwards. He corners her at the bathroom door. They have a playful exchange. He goes forward to kiss her on the lips. There is a knock. He is frustrated. He grabs her waist, opens the bathroom door and steps in closing the door behind them.

Hediye comes in and puts some clothes on the bed and leaves. Ömer steps out of bathroom and looks like he is walking on clouds. He walks out of the room. The bathroom door opens again. Zehra steps out timidly. She looks like she is walking on air too. She touches her lips and smiles.

S02E344 - 344.Bölüm Air Date: 10 May 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Zehra relives the moment. Ömer enters the study and wonders what she is doing now. His face shines with excitement. He relives the moment too. He goes back in the room. Zehra is still shy. He says he has lived the most beautiful moments of his life. Defne calls. Ömer tells her that she will be going to Norway with Hikmat Bey instead of him. Defne is mad. Zehra is elated. She wants to unpack. Ömer wants to do other things. She continues to be shy and evasive. He says he will go to the office but wants to take her to dinner tonight.

Selin gives Koray and Ipek the wonderful news and they tell Canan. Canan spreads the news and then calls Zehra and congratulates her on whatever it is that she has done to get Ömer to change his mind.

Defne is mad but she suddenly remembers Hikmat Bey's pollen allergy and leaves the office. She comes back with a bottle of pollen. Ömer arrives and sees the bottle in her hand and asks if she is sick. She says it is just a concoction for her hair and then hides it.

In his office, Ömer continues texting Zehra and annoying Defne. He also asks Selin to make a dinner reservation. Defne goes to her office and tells Selin to call Hikmat Bey for the meeting. She is too chipper which makes Selin, Koray and Ipek worried.

Zehra has a hard time choosing a dress. Jülide spends time with Asya. Bahşende is mad to see her in the House and tells her. Jülide is defiant. Later Jülide sees Zehra preparing for her date and is grateful that she and Ömer are so happy together.

Defne offers Hikmat Bey tea in which she has mixed a full teaspoon of pollen. Next we see Selin telling Koray and Ipek how Hikmet Bey's tongue had swollen and he almost died. Hikmat Bey is taken to the hospital. He needs to stay there a couple of days. They realize that now the only person that can go to Norway with Defne is Ömer himself.

Defne goes to Ömer and tells him what has happened. Ömer is dismayed. He goes home and tells Zehra that he will have to go to Norway because of what has happened. Zehra's heart sinks.

S02E345 - 345.Bölüm Air Date: 11 May 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Zehra is upset no matter what Ömer says. She leaves and Ömer goes after her. In the corridor Defne calls and Zehra is even more annoyed and goes back to the room. Defne asks Ömer to look at some emails. He goes in the study and gets caught. In the room, Zehra is further upset that he does not follow her. She decides to go to her father's home. She goes to tell him. He is on the phone and Defne is using terms like honeymoon. Ömer repeats it with surprise. Zehra only hears the word honeymoon and is too annoyed to wait. She thinks she will call him later from Mahalleh and tell him she is gone. Bahşende sees Zehra leave with a suitcase and calls Defne to inform her. They both rejoice.

In the office, the gang decides to drug Defne to stop her from going but it does not work.

Canan receives Zehra in Mahalleh and tries to calm her. She has to go to work so she leaves Zehra alone. Ömer goes looking for Zehra and does not find her. He calls her and realizes she is in Mahalleh and is astonished. He keeps telling her that she is being unreasonable and he would have liked to spend the last hours with her and now it is not possible. Zehra is further annoyed and hangs up.

Ömer calls him 29 times. She does not respond. But in the meantime, she burns the food and Salim's shirt while she is ironing.

Defne is joyful. She leaves to get ready. Canan and the gang meet at Kerem's.

Zehra burns her hand picking the burning food. The doorbell rings. It is Ömer. He grabs her and takes her in her house clothes and shoes and puts her in the car. Defne calls him as she is going to the airport in a taxi. Ömer is in the car with Zehra driving. He tells Defne that she is going alone. He is not going to Norway. He has postponed the meetings and by then, Hikmat Bey will have recovered and would join her. Defne bursts with anger. Zehra blooms with joy.

Canan calls Zehra. Zehra texts back that everything is ok and she is with Ömer. Salim realizes hanky panky is going on and calls Canan and tells her that he wants to see him and the gang at the workshop.

Ömer stops in front of a hotel and tells Zehra he has to meet a friend travelling here from Dubai. He was actually going to meet him in Norway but now he has to meet him here. He says she has to go too. Zehra begs him not to force her as she is in her jammies and slippers. Ömer says this is your punishment for being so difficult.

He drags her through the lobby and up to the door of the hotel room. Zehra begs him not to embarrass both of them. He will not listen. He opens the door and it is staged with red rose petals and candles. He picks her up in his arms, goes in and closes the door with one foot.

S02E346 - 346.Bölüm Air Date: 14 May 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer and Zehra spend the day together. Ömer gives her a set of pearl earrings. They go out for picnic and fishing and bike riding at the harbour. Defne calls and Ömer does not respond. It is going to be Zehra's day. Defne sits in her car crying. Zehra says that she and Ömer are finally husband and wife!!! They are dressed lightly and casually. Canan collects money from the group to help the poor after having told Salim that their gatherings are for organization of some donations for the month of Ramadan. Sabah calls Kerem and he tells everyone that he going to Germany to meet her.

Defne goes to Ömer's house and is about to go see Bahşende when Ömer and Zehra arrive. Ayşe says they have changed and Ömer says it probably is so. Defne grinds her teeth. Ömer says she does not look well. She dismisses it and goes with Bahşende and tells her that she is falling apart. Bahşende says hang in there.

Ömer and Zehra sit for coffee with Jülide and Ayşe. Then he takes her to their room and he has changed the design for her. She is surprised. They relax in the bedroom a while and Zehra is afraid their happiness is so perfect that it will soon be spoiled. They then go to Jülide. Ömer gives her his father's wedding band for Mother's Day. Jülide beams with joy. Defne sits at the harbour crying when Arcan Kesser comes to her asking why he has not been answering his calls.

S02E347 - 347.Bölüm Air Date: 15 May 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Arcan says we have a lot in common and says they can help each other. Defne walks away and says no. He calls and shows that he has recordings of many incriminating evidence on Defne and tells her she has to cooperate with her or he will turn them in to the police and Ömer.

Ömer takes Zehra to the office with him and also calls Salim and says they will go visit them for dinner. Salim is concerned that Canan cannot prepare a proper dinner. Canan gets help from Aysil and when Salim sees it he cancels his catering order.

Defne sees Ömer and Zehra in the office and feels rotten. Arcan Keser is sending her messages. Ömer and Zehra go to Salim. When Ömer is washing hands Defne calls Ömer and wants to tell him everything. Zehra picks up and is about to give it to Ömer. But Defne hears Ömer's endearments to Zehra and hangs up. Ömer invites Salim and Canan to dinner for the first Ramadan Iftar. Defne calls Arcan and says she will cooperate.

S02E348 - 348.Bölüm Air Date: 16 May 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Defne agrees to follow Arcan Keser's bidding but she is worried. Ömer gives Zehra a gift that hints at having a baby. They get up early and have breakfast in the dark for the month of Ramadan and Ömer says he will fast. Zehra is surprised. They go back to sleep and when he wakes up he almost forgets and drinks water. He goes to work and Zehra, Jülide and Hediye prepare the Iftar dinner. Bahşende hears that Salim and family are coming to dinner and is miffed.

Arcan tells Defne she has to bring Zehra to him. She calls Zehra and asks her to go shopping with her but Zehra declines as she is preparing for Iftar. Ömer keeps calling Zehra. Zehra has to step out to buy some vegetables. Defne in her car contemplates following her for Arcan but can't bring herself to do it.

Iftar is ready and the guests come and Azan begins so the family with their guests commence eating happily. Defne is outside in her car all distraught. As the family eats Defne comes in. They invite her to sit but she refuses. Hediye walks in with an envelope for Ömer. Defne is distraught that it might be the material from Arcan Keser.

S02E349 - 349.Bölüm Air Date: 17 May 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Defne pretends to pass out. They tend to her. Then they sit for coffee. Ömer wants to open the envelope. Defne tries to leave but Canan forces her to come back. The envelope is empty. Ömer wonders. Ömer tells Can to take Defne home. Then he and Zehra take Salim and Canan home. When they come back, Ayşe and Asya get Ömer to do the puppet show he used to do as a child. Zehra loves it too. Ayşe gives the puppets to him so he can do it for his children.

Ömer and Zehra keep talking about having a child. Defne gets an address from Arcan Keser. Selin overhears and informs Canan. Canan goes out the house to go to the address. She sees Çetın but does not tell him anything. Ömer goes to the office. He checks up on Defne. Zehra goes with Can to buy a few things.

She checks her phone. She tells Can to stop somewhere and gets off and starts walking. Cut to some men with guns awaiting someone. Shot of Zehra's legs.

S02E350 - 350.Bölüm Air Date: 18 May 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Canan has gone to the address not Zehra. She has sent Zehra home to check up on Salim pretending he is sick. Canan realizes it's a deserted restaurant. The gunslingers tell Arcan Keser. Çetın has followed Canan and the two of them get away. Canan tells Zehra. She goes home. Ömer is there. He accidentally breaks the music box and goes to office to fix it. He stays there all night and Zehra calls at night missing him.

Defne sees Ömer working hard for his wife. In the morning, Ömer has fixed the item. Arcan Keser calls Defne and tells her that this time she will have to take one of his men into Ömer's house. Ömer goes home and delivers the fixed music box and they dance together to its tune. He then asks to eat Iftar on the verandah. Defne distracts the security guard. The family is on the verandah. The man aims at Zehra. Defne jumps in front of Zehra and we hear the shot.

S02E351 - 351.Bölüm Air Date: 21 May 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Defne is hit. Ömer and Zehra take her to the hospital. Canan hears about it and cannot come to terms with it. Zehra feels guilty for what she has been thinking about Defne. Ömer knows that Zehra was the target and will not separate from her. Defne is only hit in the arm so she is fine. Kumru comes to visit. Zehra and Ömer leave them alone.

Ömer does not even want to let Zehra out of his sight to go to the washroom. He stands guard at the door and does not let anyone go in until she is done. Zehra sleeps the night beside Defne and in the morning Ömer gets her to go out and get some air. Before he calls home and calms his mother saying Arcan Keser will be caught and it will be over and she should not worry. He asks them to prepare a room for Defne as they are going to take her there.

When they come back Defne is not there. Arcan Keser's men have taken her. They inform the police. In the car looking for her, Defne calls and at gun point by Keser tells Ömer that she is with Kumru and not to worry. Keser says now that Defne has gained the Kervancioglu trust, she will be instrumental for him to manage destroying Ömer.

S02E352 - 352.Bölüm Air Date: 22 May 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Arcan releases Defne to do his bidding in Kervancioglu Holding. Ayşe goes to work with Asya. Asya draws Koray and Ipek together and shows them her drawing. Ömer and Zehra come home and Ömer snaps at Bahşende for blaming his mother for the Arcan Keser situation. They go to change. Selin calls and says that she is sick and won't be able to come to work for a few days. Zehra tells Ömer that she can be his assistant for this time. They go to work and have a lot of fun playing boss and assistant. Zehra is very meticulous.

Defne comes to work. Arcan wants her to get signing privileges. She says only family members get that. He says get it through Bahşende. Zehra comes in and gives her a dossier and tells her that she is assisting Ömer. Defne goes to Ömer's office where the couple are and says I have checked the dossier something is missing it is good that I checked before sending it off. Zehra is surprised and says it must be there and looks for it and finds it. Ömer is pleased and says just as I thought. Zehra is too organized to have missed it. He also says Zehra should book a business dinner for three. Defne thinks she will be the third but he says Zehra will go as his assistant. Defne is miffed.

A neighbor tells Aysil that she has found a good match for her to marry. She is upset and says she does not want to marry. Ömer and Zehra go home and joke about their new relationship as boss and assistant and laugh with Ayşe and family and Defne is annoyed again. Ömer says he is going to work and Zehra should follow him.

Defne convinces Bahşende (easily) that she should get signing privileges. Ömer keeps coming up with work for Zehra. He then dictates a letter to Yulia! Bahşende comes in and suggests that as appreciation of Defne's recent actions Ömer should include her in the Board of Directors and give her signing rights. They go into the living room and announce to Defne and others that on Friday she can join the Board of Directors meeting and there she will get the signing rights. Defne goes and calls Arcan and lets him know. He swears that he is going to now destroy Kervancioglu family.

S02E353 - 353.Bölüm Air Date: 23 May 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Arcan is elated about the development. Bahşende comes and Defne hides who she is talking to on the phone.

Zehra is very tired at night. Ömer and Zehra joke about the tough boss that has worked Zehra so hard. Ömer gives her a foot massage at her bidding. In the morning Ömer is asleep and Zehra is all ready to go to office in a black suit and red shirt. She wakes him up and gets him going.

Aysil hears that the man looking to propose to her is going to go to the bakery to see her. She is angry that they are so persistent. Canan goes to Kervancioglu Holding to discuss the Aysil situation with Ipek.

Ömer realizes how efficient Zehra is as an assistant. He gives her a dossier and she is to put it in the safe. She does not have the combination, so she puts it in the file. Defne gets a call from Arcan to send him a dossier. Canan goes to Zehra and they leave the office and go to Koray's office and talk. Canan says Aysil is very nice and in many ways like Zehra herself in terms of her kindness and resourcefulness. She says that she would have been wonderful match for Salim. Aysil's Uncle goes to the workshop and also talks about Aysil and how he would like to see her happily married. Salim feels uncomfortable.

Defne goes into Ömer's office and handles the dossiers. When Ömer goes back and Zehra follows they cannot find the dossier. He calls and closes down the office and gets security to search every office. Defne acts indignant and then goes to Ömer's office and says it is probably there. They find it under the table. Zehra feels ashamed. Ömer would not hear of it and hugs her. Defne is miffed.

Walking home, Aysil, Canan and Şükran are stopped by a man holding flowers. Aysil insists that she is not interested but is pushed to take the flowers. Çetın sees it and tells Canan that this kind of person cannot be trusted.

At home Zehra is still upset about creating havoc in the office. Ömer says she should not and that it was a great opportunity to test their emergency response protocol.

Defne is talking with Arcan about evil plans and Bahşende overhears but she has a heart attack. Zehra arrives. She runs to Bahşende and calls out to Ömer to get help.

S02E354 - 354.Bölüm Air Date: 24 May 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer tells them to call an ambulance. At the hospital Zehra calls Canan. She comes. She sees Defne there. Defne goes to get some air. She is concerned that Bahşende has heard everything. Arcan calls and she talks with him. Canan sees her and wonders what she is doing.

Ömer is moved by her grandmother's situation. The two of them remember the time when each of them thought the other was killed in an accident. The doctor says Bahşende is in no danger anymore but she is now paralyzed. They can take her home and care for her there. She might get better but gives little likelihood of it.

They take her home. Ömer gives instructions that she is not be left alone. She looks at Defne and is upset. Ömer and Zehra go to their room fall on the bed and ponder on their future and how they will stand by each other come what may.

Next day, Hediye goes shopping and Jülide says she will take Bahşende's soup and meds to her. Meanwhile Defne goes into Bahşende's room and tells her she is to blame for all the horrible things she has to make pass on Kervancioglu family and the man Defne loves more than anything in the world (Ömer). Jülide comes and tries to feed her the soup saying she does not care about the past and as she is her beloved's mother she will do everything in her power to help her get better. Bahşende refuses to eat.

Ömer gets a call that the nurse was in an accident and they cannot provide one for the next couple of days. They hear a sound in the kitchen. Jülide explains that Bahşende would not eat her food from her hand. Zehra says she will try her hand at it.

Canan and Çetın begin checking on the man that is asking for Aysil's hand and realize his address is bogus and his car was rental.

Zehra manages to feed Bahşende and Ömer is very pleased and thankful for Zehra. Zehra goes to get her meds. Bahşende forces herself and falls from the bed. Zehra comes and helps her up and tries to understand. Zehra understands that she is saying Defne!

S02E355 - 355.Bölüm Air Date: 25 May 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Zehra brings Defne to the room. When Zehra goes to get Bahşende's meds, Defne again torments Bahşende telling her how she is going to take control of everything and then save Ömer and get him as well.

At night Zehra is upset that she cannot understand Bahşende. Meanwhile Canan and Çetın follow Levent and realize that he is a con artist trying to find money to pay up his debt through marrying Aysil.

Zehra gets up early to make soup for Bahşende Ömer wakes up and she is not in bed. Bahşende does not eat. Zehra is upset. Jülide tells Zehra that Bahşende likes creamy barley soup. So she goes to make it. Ömer goes to help. They play and she tells him to leave so she can do her job. Jülide brings in the nurse for Bahşende. Defne gets ready to go to the board meeting where she is to get the signing privileges. Zehra brings the soup to Bahşende. She tries to feed it to her but she keeps trying to indicate the phone on her right side. She does not get it. Ömer comes and she says maybe Ömer could give it to her.

Levent is forcefully trying to meet Aysil. Şükran, Çetın and Canan go to the point of meeting when he comes they show him his picture with another woman and get rid of him.

Ömer goes to Zehra in the backyard. She says I knew you were there and was not afraid. He reminds her of the night of their wedding and asks if she was afraid of him that night. We go back. She says I always felt safe with you. They begin a similar step dance. He says I marvelled at your boldness. They reveal their love. Defne sees and burns with envy.

Ömer goes to Bahşende and says she should try to calm herself and eat the food that Zehra prepares for her so she can gather strength and get better. Defne gets him to leave. She torments her again and goes.

Hediye is in Bahşende's room. She forces a ZZZ out of her mouth. Hediye goes and gets Zehra. Defne is in the board meeting. Ömer arrives. Zehra tries to understand Bahşende and sees the phone. She has recorded Defne's voice. Zehra realizes what's going on. She quickly runs to inform Ömer. On the way there is traffic. She is trying to call Ömer but Ömer has left his phone outside and silenced it. Arcan calls Defne. Ömer tells her to answer it. She goes out and tells him to calm down she is about to get the signing privilege. When she goes back, Zehra comes. Defne asks is there anything wrong Zehra. Ömer takes out Bahşende's phone and they hear Defne's voice talking about her horrid plans for Kervancioglu Holding.

S02E356 - 356.Bölüm Air Date: 28 May 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Defne tries to explain. Ömer cuts her off and tells her she is a traitor. He tells everyone to leave as the meeting is over. Zehra leaves too. Defne says Arcan threatened my life and I have always been in love with you. Ömer says nothing can explain what she has done.

Ayşe is distraught and while Zehra consoles her, she wonders how people they trust so much can be such fakes. Defne then comes and Ayşe snaps at her in front of Koray, Ipek and Selin. Defne says she regrets it all. She leaves and contacts Arcan Keser. She says I am going to get out of town. He says no and that she will do as he says for the sake of both of them.

Zehra goes to Ömer. Ömer is very upset again mostly because he failed to listen to Zehra's warnings. They go home. Zehra and Ömer go to Bahşende and thank her. Ömer thanks her for saving the business and Zehra thanks her for trusting her. Hediye brings in the food. Bahşende does not want to eat but Zehra stays to give it to her.

Ömer sits in the living room with the family and tells them how Zehra has saved the family and the business and that she had warned him before and he had not listened. Hediye, Jülide and Ayşe listen and give sighs of relief. Bahşende has finished her soup and Zehra is about to leave when Bahşende holds her hand. Zehra tells her that she has been upset many times by her behaviour in the past but the two of them have always had a chief common factor and that has been their love for Ömer. Now Ömer is at the door listening. Zehra says, like her, she loves Ömer dearly. She adds that she holds no ill feelings toward Bahşende and wants her to make every effort to get better because she is the matriarch of the family and the family needs her. Ömer is proud of Zehra. He quietly closes the door and goes.

Canan and Çetın argue with Levent. Salim arrives as well and tells him to go. Aysil feels ashamed about the scene. Salim says she has nothing to blame herself for. Ipek and Selin remind Koray of their efforts and how they had always been right about Defne. Then they call Canan. Canan calls Zehra and tells her that they should have Defne under surveillance.

Meanwhile Ipek's university friend comes to office and Koray thinks that he is trying to get Ipek alone at an apartment. He gets the address and goes for her. Aysil's uncle arrives at the door and begins to make another scene. Salim sends Aysil in and tells her he will take care of it.

Arcan sends Defne to the office to get more documents. She gets in but realizes that all the files have been removed from her office and she can't get into the office computer. Arcan says you must tell me where Ömer is right now. Defne agrees.

Koray goes to the address. Ipek and the guy are setting the table. She says where everybody is. He says they are coming. Ipek trips and falls in his arms. Koray crashes in and pulls him off of her. Ipek is shocked.

Zehra goes to Ömer. He has left notes on the floor that add up to how he loves her madly. He thanks her for taking care of her grandma and tells her that they should go out for Iftar. Zehra asks if he has reported Defne to the police. Ömer says we'll talk about it later. Do not worry. Everything is under my control.

They go to the restaurant. Ömer has booked the whole place. They sit. Zehra asks him to recite poetry for her. He recites a beautiful poem asking the elements the secret of his love's beauty. When he is done, Zehra responds that the secret of her beauty is Ömer's eyes. They eat and are about to order tea when Arcan appears at their table with a gun. Defne is also there. Zehra is scared. Ömer tells her to look at her phone. A message from him says do not worry. I have everything under control. The police arrive. We go back to Ömer's office. He has apparently made a deal with Defne to hand Arcan over in exchange for not going to jail. The police take Arcan.

S02E357 - 357.Bölüm Air Date: 29 May 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

The police arrests Arcan. Defne asks Ömer for forgiveness. He is unmoved. Ömer apologizes for scaring Zehra. Zehra is concerned that Defne's actions were after all because of her love for Ömer. They go back.

Jülide is concerned about Arcan endangering her children. Ömer and Zehra come and tell her that he has been arrested. Jülide goes to Bahşende and thanks her for helping Ömer to catch Arcan.

Ipek gets a call that their home has burned down, and her granddad was injured. She runs there and does not accept Koray's offer to go with her. She is upset about Koray's actions. She goes to Salim's and her granddad and Aysil are there. Aysil wants to get a hotel. Salim and Canan ask her to stay. Salim tells her that she makes them very happy by staying and she should not feel uncomfortable. She says she will prepare a surprise Iftar.

Hediye has to look after Kaan a friend's baby but she has a cold. Zehra offers to keep the baby. Ömer wanted to spend the day alone with her and is upset that she has accepted this responsibility. He acts upset and refuses to help Zehra. The baby throws up on him. There are sweet comical scenes.

Arcan calls Jülide from prison and tells her that she is not rid of the dangers that stalk her children and if she wants to know the truth she has to visit him in prison. She goes there. Ömer goes to office and tells Ayşe about the baby and they facetime with Zehra to see the baby.

Arcan tells Jülide that Bahşende was in on all that he did and helped him get her away from her husband and children. Jülide is very upset.

Koray apologizes to Ipek. She does not accept. He then goes to apologize to Sarp but Ipek misunderstands and snaps at him and he leaves. Sarp tells her that she is mistaken. She feels bad. Ömer comes back and gives a hand with Kaan. Jülide goes to Bahşende and rebukes her for what she has done. Bahşende is uneasy.

S02E358 - 358.Bölüm Air Date: 30 May 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Bahşende falls over. She needs her blood pressure pills. Jülide hears her and goes back and gives it to her, basically saving her life. Hediye comes and takes over. Jülide thinks whether she should tell Ömer.

Ömer and Zehra are occupied with Kaan. Ömer is reading about bringing up babies and many of what he reads prove to be myths. They have a hard time putting him to sleep. Ömer sees his mom worried at night when he is taking the milk to Kaan. She is about to tell him something, but he asks her to wait until he has given the milk to the baby. He goes and gets engaged with putting the baby to sleep and does not return.

Aysil prepares a nice Iftar. They enjoy it together with Şükran. At night Salim leaves and goes to the workshop to put Aysil at ease at home. Aysil thinks their presence in the house is causing Salim unease. Çetın arrives at the workshop and marvels at his master's consideration. They have tea together.

Kaan wakes Ömer and Zehra and Ömer says the three of us can go to the park. Aysil is upset that she is making Salim uncomfortable in his own home. Ipek discusses Koray with Selin and Selin says Koray is probably in love with you.

Ömer and Zehra go to the park putting Kaan in Asya's old stroller. An older lady comments on how the beautiful baby takes after both his dad and mom. They do not correct her. They go back home. Ömer is just about to talk with Jülide when Hediye comes with Bahşende in a wheelchair. Jülide says she will take her out into the garden.

In the garden she tells her that her collaboration with Arcan ultimately caused the death of her own son, Taher. She says she needs to tell Ömer so that everything comes into the open once and for all. Right then Ömer walks into the garden.

S02E359 - 359.Bölüm Air Date: 31 May 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer goes ahead and tells his mom that Arcan has been convicted. She is happy and decides to forego telling him about Bahşende. Ömer holds Bahşende's hand and expresses joy that she looks much better and should come out into the garden every day. Ömer goes and tells Zehra as well. She is relieved. Hediye tells them that Kaan will be there another day.

Ipek and Koray keep failing to express their feelings for each other. Aysil and Salim are on edge as Aysil begins to look for a place. Sarp likes Ipek and realizes she fancies Koray and tells himself that he has to make a move as soon as possible.

Kaan has a fever. Zehra and Ömer panic. They want to go to hospital, but Ayşe calms them down. They are tired all night and finally fall asleep.

Arcan sets up his escape. In the morning Kaan is not there. Ömer and Zehra are worried. Ayşe and Jülide have taken him and they chat about how the young couple worry over the baby. They take Kaan back to his home. Back in the park, the two of them chat on a bench when Ömer gets a call from Mürad Bey saying that Arcan has escaped.

S02E360 - 360.Bölüm Air Date: 01 June 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer decides not to tell Zehra about Arcan's escape. They go back, and he asks Zehra to stay there while he goes to the office for something important. Ömer tells Can to take care no one leaves the house. He goes to meet Mürad bey. Zehra keeps calling her and he is embarrassed in front of Mürad Bey to express his love but cannot tell Zehra.

Zehra sees Jülide who says she needs some sewing supplies for Asya's dress. Zehra goes out to get it. Can misses her and she gets a cab before he can get to her. Can tells Ömer. Ömer calls her and tells her to go home. They get cut off because she runs out of charge. Aysil is packing to go to Fatima Abla's house. Sarp tells Ipek that he likes her.

Ömer gets a call from Arcan saying he has got Zehra. Ömer gets in his car and goes to the address he gives. Zehra goes back home and calls Ömer but he cannot answer. His phone is in the car.

Arcan faces him with his goons. He badmouths Ömer's father and says he was a coward. Ömer says if you are a man drop the gun and face me man to man. Arcan drops the gun and tells the men to stand back. Ömer presses him into the couch, squeezing his neck. Arcan is reaching for the gun.

S02E361 - 361.Bölüm Air Date: 04 June 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer hits Arcan and tells him his mother was never his wife and always loved his father and was only with him to protect her children. Arcan is provoked. They entangle and fight. The police arrive and they run away. Police pursues them.

Ömer is sitting in his car in front of that building with his head leaning back. Zehra calls. He answers, and she goes on and on about going shopping and no charge on the phone etc. etc. and Ömer just listens. When she stops and wonders what he is doing, he just asks her to go on talking.

Ömer goes to the house and to the bedroom and lifts Zehra I his arms and kisses her. They spend time together in the bedroom just lying together in different positions.

Aysil and Halit leave Salim's house and move to Fatima Abla's home. Sarp tells Ipek that if she does not want her as a boyfriend, he can no longer be her friend. Koray wants to talk to Ipek but Ipek does not answer her phone. Canan tells her to listen to her heart.

Zehra gets ready in the morning and while Ömer is getting ready to go to an important meeting, asks him to drop her off in Mahaleh as she is going to make Iftar for her dad. He is concerned. He goes with her and cancels his meeting. He sits in the kitchen and keeps interrupting her.

They have iftar with Salim and Canan and stay the night there. Mürad bey calls and says Arcan has gotten away. Ömer does not tell Zehra. They go to bed. Ömer wakes up near dawn and Zehra is not in the bed. He gets up and looks around the house all concerned. He sees the door is open. He runs out and sees Zehra on the street. She turns around and screams with her hands in front of her.

S02E362 - 362.Bölüm Air Date: 05 June 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

It is Halit Amca who thinks Zehra and Ömer are strangers in Salim's house. Ömer grabs him and then realizes that he has some sort of dementia and lets go. Salim comes and takes him away.

Ömer and Zehra go in and go to bed and Ömer remembers how he locked Zehra up at the depot where she almost died in the fire. He tells her that he was lost then because of his traumatic childhood and thanks her for opening the door to his heart. He apologizes for all the wrong he did her.

In the morning they leave. Arcan is near Ömer's house and sees them arrive. He is making new plans. When Ömer and Zehra get home, they realize that Halit is in their car. They take him in and he takes to Hediye calling her his Firüze and refuses to leave. Aysil and Salim come to get him but he will not go. So they return and leave him there for the time being.

Halit fights with Ömer thinking Ömer is after her niece Aysil and he thinks Zehra is Aysil. He then forces him to write a love letter for Firüze. Ömer is inspired to write a love letter for Zehra and gives a blank letter to Halit. Hediye and Halit go shopping together.

Sarp calls Ipek and Selin tells Koray that Sarp has expressed his love for Ipek and today he is expecting her answer and that is why she has gone to him. Selin believes she will accept him. Koray is disappointed.

Ömer takes his letter to Zehra. Zehra talks about how nice it would be if Salim married Aysil. Zehra can't find Halit and gets worried goes looking for him outside. Ömer sees and runs after her all worried. Halit comes with Hediye. They have been shopping. Ömer and Zehra go back in. Zehra feels Ömer is acting like a bodyguard and wonders if anything is up. Ömer gets a call from Mürad saying Arcan is dead and his boat exploded. Ömer is relieved and hugs Zehra.

S02E363 - 363.Bölüm Air Date: 06 June 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Ömer tells Zehra about the Arcan threat and Zehra is upset that he did not tell her and put himself in such danger. She is crossed with him. He gets Asya to bring her out into the yard and then sweetly kidnaps her in the car and takes her to the same hotel again. Their dinner is ready in the same room. He has also thought of everything and brought her nightie and toiletries.

Later Ömer watches a movie on the ipad on the bed. They argue about how the couple handle danger and threats and their relationship. Then they each recount their version of how the argument would go if Ömer were Mürteza and Zehra were Yüliya. It is delicious. They sleep and make up in the morning.

Koray realizes Ipak is going to Sarp's company and tears the papers culminating Ipak's training at the Holding. He does not want her to go. Hediye gets Halit to Mahaleh telling him he should go to her dad and ask for her hand.

Ayşe and Jülide discuss how Ömer has made Zehra an equal partner in all his assets at the holding. Ömer and Zehra leave the hotel hand in hand smiling. But Arcan Keser is sitting in the lobby and lowers his newspaper as they leave and says he is going to end their smiling days.

S02E364 - 364.Bölüm Air Date: 07 June 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Zehra and Ömer drive home. Zehra misses Kaan. Ömer says we'll go see them at night and take them the toy he had dropped in the car. Zehra wants to go and get a gift for the family. Ömer offers to do it but she says she wants to do it herself. Ömer leaves Zehra home to go to the office for a meeting.

Koray tears Ipek's document. Ipek cries but Selin tells her that Koray is seeking her attention. Koray prepares the papers and signs it for her to redeem himself. She is sad to have her training end at the office.

A customer is refusing to pay Aysil for the order she delivered. Canan tells Çetın and Salim overhears. He is concerned.

Zehra calls Can but Can says the car is at the shop to be fixed. She says she will get a taxi. We see that Can is taken hostage and is talking like that under threat to the lives of his parents.

Hediye realizes that Zehra is going alone so when Zehra gets in the taxi, she runs and joins her. The driver is Arcan Keser in disguise.

Ömer calls and Zehra says Can said the car was at the shop. He is surprised why Can did not let him know. He calls Can but he can't answer. He tells Selin to call the shop. He goes into the meeting. After the meeting Selin lets him know that Can has not been at the mechanics all day.

Arcan Keser goes a different way. Zehra suddenly passes out in the car and Hediye urges him to go to the hospital. They are stopped by the police and get their escort to go to the emergency. Ömer calls and Hediye lets him know. He runs to get there.

The doctor says Zehra is OK and can leave after a bit of rest. Arcan Keser comes into the hospital and when Hediye goes after a chore, he begins entering Zehra's room.

S02E365 - 365.Bölüm Air Date: 08 June 2018 14:10 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Hediye returns and Arcan Keser removes himself. Hediye has told Zehra how Ömer used to go to the cabin in the woods with his dad and loved it very much. So Zehra is planning to take Ömer on a surprise visit there. Hediye tells her that she should leave it for later since she is not feeling well. Arcan Keser hears about the plan.

Ömer arrives and Arcan Keser leaves. Ömer is very concerned and keeps pampering her. The three of them have iftar dinner outside and then return home. Ömer keeps telling her to get in bed. They arm-wrestle to see who should listen to whom. Zehra kisses Ömer on the neck and with this distraction wins the challenge. A strange message about the cabin is sent to Ömer by Keser which Ömer cannot understand.

Jülide has a nightmare about Keser coming and getting her at gun point taking her into Ömer and Zehra's room and shooting them. In the morning, Zehra is planning the cabin visit with Selin on the phone. Ömer gets ready and sees his father's photo in the study.

Jülide runs to Ömer and hugs him before he leaves. He guesses that like Ayşe who would come for a hug whenever she had nightmares, her mother has also had a nightmare. He tells her not to worry and take care of herself. Tahir's photo is picked up by Asya and then gets to Bahşende's room and Jülide's hands. They cry over it.

Salim meets Aysil's debtor and later we see him pay back Aysil's money. Aysil gathers that Salim is probably behind it and smiles. Aysil goes to Salim and thanks him for getting her debtor to pay. Ipek leaves an apple for Koray and thanks him.

Arcan Keser shoots Can. Zehra goes to the office and picks up Ömer. She has arranged with Selin to cancel all his meetings for the next two days. She gets him to drive on without telling him where. When they end up at the cabin, Ömer is very happy. Arcan Keser is looking on.

Inside the cute cabin, the couple expresses their love and absolute happiness. Then Ömer goes to collect some wood for the stove and Zehra is going to take care of the food. When Ömer leaves, Arcan Keser goes in and ties Zehra to a chair and pours gasoline around the cabin and as he sets fire to it, Ömer arrives and they fight. Zehra passes out in the smoke. Ömer finally hits Arcan Keser and he hits his head on a rock and passes out. Ömer runs in and knocks open the door and seeing Zehra's state cries out her name.

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