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Ömer and Zehra, from two completely different worlds, get into a pretended marriage under a secret agreement, each for their own altruistic reasons and despite their distaste for each other, have to maintain the happily married couple's act for Omer's family while hiding everything from Zehra's.

Genres: Drama | Romance
Station: TV8 (TR)
Rating: 9.75/10 from 8 users
Status: Ended
Start: 2016-09-19

Adını Sen Koy Season 3 Air Dates

S03E366 - 366.Bölüm Air Date: 17 September 2018 12:30 -

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It is seven years later. A little boy (Ali) is threatened by a man. Aziza arrives and rams into him making him fall and takes the boy away. He is so scared he has urinated in his pants. She takes her to their little home and washes him clean. They don't have much to eat but she prepares something. Aysil calls Aziza and tells her she has found her a job at a high class boutique, cleaning and perhaps also sewing. Aziza is grateful.

At Ömer's home everyone has gathered: Jülide, Salim, Hediye, Canan, Selin, Koray, etc. There appears to be a commemoration ceremony for Ömer and Zehra. They are possibly dead. Oğuz arrives in his car. He goes in and joins the ceremony. He is Ömer's cousin and has taken over running the business and later we realize he is looking for Ömer and Zehra's kid. Jülide is certain that the child is alive. Oğuz assures her that they will find him.

Oğuz has a fiancé, Yildiz who really wants to marry him but he is preoccupied with the search for Ömer's child and work so he is somewhat cool with her. They eat at the table together with an older Asya. Although she was somewhat curt with her grandmother Jülide earlier, she appears to look up to Yildiz.

Yildiz wants Oğuz to go see her try on her special dress for a charity ceremony of some kind. He reluctantly accepts.

Aziza feeds Ali in the morning and tells him not to open the door to anyone and goes to work. The landlord comes and breaks down the door and takes away their furniture and leaves him on the floor.

At the boutique the model is not there so they try the dress on Aziza for final touches. Oğuz and Yildiz arrive and when Oğuz sees Aziza he is taken by her! Yildiz notices and begins bad mouthing Aziza for wearing her dress and accuses her of trying to creep into bed with other women's men! Aziza slaps Yildiz. Oğuz sees the slap and freezes.

S03E367 - 367. Bölüm Air Date: 18 September 2018 12:30 -

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Yildiz pretends that it is she who has been disrespected so Oğuz demands that Aziza be fired. Yildiz is pleased. Oğuz gets a call from the office regarding work and wants to take Yildiz home but she refuses. She tells him to go and that she will be fine. The owner of the boutique fires Aziza reluctantly. The other employees sympathize with her but can do nothing. She leaves. Yildiz follows her with her car and then runs her over. She then panics. People gather and force her to take Aziza to the hospital in her own car and give their testimony to the police about the accident.

At the hospital the lawyer tells Yildiz that in view of the statements she is looking at time in prison. She panics and calls Oğuz. He is at a meeting and suddenly gets up and leaves. She also tells the lawyer that they are going to tell Oğuz that this girl is laying a trap for Yildiz. When he gets there, they convince him to go and give her money.

Aziza has just come to. She wants to leave to get back to Ali. The doctor says she is lucky; everything is fine but she has to wait for the serum to finish. Oğuz comes in and offers her money to end her entrapment game. Aziza is shocked and tears the cheque. He goes to Yildiz and says she does not want money. Oğuz is confused. Yildiz says she wants more. Oğuz gives her a blank cheque. Yildiz goes to the room and begs Aziza's forgiveness. Aziza just wants to leave. She has received a call from Kiliç realizing Ali is outside with all their furniture. She assures Yildiz she will not file any charges and leaves. Yildiz lies and tells Oğuz Aziza took the money. Oğuz sees her leave.

Jülide, Yildiz and Asya have dinner at home. Oğuz is busy on the phone in the study. Asya wants to go to the boutique with Yildiz but she says she has no time. Asya is upset. Hediye suggests that Jülide surprise Asya with a dress.

Aziza runs back home and takes Ali inside. Kiliç wants her to accept his help. She refuses knowing what else he is after. When the landlord comes, she chases him away. Kiliç is trying to take over her debts to make her indebted to himself. Aziza gives some food to Ali and then realizes she has left her key in the store. She tells Ali to stay home and runs to get it.

Jülide is in the boutique ordering a dress when she sees Aziza arrive and talk to the staff. She hears how Aziza has been wronged and lost her job. Jülide takes Aziza home and gives her a job helping Hediye. She is very happy and asks to begin that very day. Jülide and Hediye leave the house on some errand. Aziza takes coffee to the study for Oğuz. Oğuz turns around and is shocked to see her.

S03E368 - 368.Bölüm Air Date: 19 September 2018 12:30 -

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Oğuz continues to refer to her as a gold digger who is after more. Aziza is confused and says she does not understand what he is talking about and she does not deserve this treatment and also that someday he will regret what he is doing. He tells her to get out. She goes and with tears in her eyes is about to leave when she sees Oğuz on the floor in the study. Oğuz appears to have had a seizure. She loosens his tie and gives him some water. Yildiz arrives and knocks on the door. Oğuz, half awake, prevents Aziza from opening the door. Yildiz calls but Oğuz indicates to Aziza not to answer. Yildiz leaves. Aziza takes Oğuz to the taxi. Oğuz tells her to take him to a special doctor. They go there. The doctor is Oğuz's friend. He is apparently hiding his sickness from his family. The doctor indicates that Aziza has saved his life and he could go into coma the next time. HE tells him to calm and slow down and rest more and not forget his meds. He also charges Aziza with taking care of him. Oğuz and Aziza are feeling awkward. She leaves.

Kiliç gets his men to pretend they are police after Aziza and gets Ali out of the house and takes him to his repair shop. He wants to pretend that he has saved Ali. Aziza arrives and sees his note on the door and runs to Kiliç's shop and gets Ali shouting threats to Kiliç.

Meanwhile Asya is acting like a brat to her grandmother Jülide. The two of them with Hediye go to the boutique to get a dress. Then they go and visit Salim where Şukran and Canan also arrive. Canan is close to Asya and tries to talk to her with kindness.

Aziza feeds Ali and then goes back to the house to get her wallet. Oğuz goes back home. Yildiz calls and wants to meet but he says let's meet tomorrow, I need to rest. She decides to go anyways. Oğuz goes to his room and thinks about his encounters with Aziza. In the study he sees her wallet behind the door. He picks it up. There is a photo of her and a measly 5 lira in it. He misses the photo that was under the wallet on the floor. As he is looking, Aziza arrives and asks for her wallet back. She is about to leave when Jülide and Hediye arrive. Oğuz sees her talking to them and thinks she might tell them about his seizure. He goes to the door and Jülide tells him that she has hired Aziza to help Hediye. Aziza asks for leave. Oğuz follows her outside and tells her to be at her job the following day. Yildiz arrives and enters the yard and sees them talking to each other.

S03E369 - 369. Bölüm Air Date: 20 September 2018 12:30 -

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Oğuz tells her that he does not like to remain indebted to someone so if she needs work she can return tomorrow. Aziza says he owes her nothing and goes. Yildiz asks Oğuz what that girl is doing here and finds out that Jülide has hired her. She warns Oğuz that she could be a threat to their safety. Oğuz says he will keep his eye on her. Yildiz is miffed.

Aziza leaves Ali alone again in the morning and goes to work. Kiliç sees her in the morning and follows her and find the House's address. Oğuz sees Aziza and tells her now that she has come to work there, she should stay out of his way. That makes Aziza nervous. She begins work in the kitchen. Hediye tells her to take Oğuz's coffee for him. She remembers the doctor's recommendation regarding no sweets and removes the sweets that Hediye has put in the tray. She takes it to him. He is on the phone with his back to her. She puts it there and nerves make her drop some files as she is leaving. He turns and is annoyed with her. She says Hediye asked her to bring him the coffee.

Kiliç gets through security but before he can see Oğuz which he intends to do to end Aziza's employment at the House, he is thrown out by the security.

Oğuz has said he will not marry until he finds Ömer and Zehra's child. Yildiz is trying to get detectives to convince him that the child will not be found and is perhaps dead. Oğuz will not hear of it.

Aziza takes some clothes to Oğuz's room and again drops some papers. He comes out of the shower and is annoyed to see her there. She leaves quickly. Asya likes being with Yildiz but keeps snapping at her grandmother for not leaving her be. Aziza consoles Jülide and tells her Asya is lucky to have such a kind grandma like her. Aziza has to serve Yildiz's coffee. Yildiz tells her to leave this job. Aziza says I need to earn my living; that is why I am here. Yildiz pours the coffee on the floor and says then do your job.

Hediye gives Aziza an advance saying that is how Jülide always does things. Aziza leaves happily. When she gets home, she realizes Ali is gone.

Kiliç takes Ali pretending that the police have his mother. He then tells him to go into the House and steal whatever he can so they can take it and release his mother.

Ali sneaks in; Jülide has just left her box of Zehra and Ömer mementos on her bed. Ali finds Zehra's locket and sees their photos in it. Oğuz is passing and hears something in Jülide's room and is about to open the door. Ali looks anxiously at the door handle.

S03E370 - 370.Bölüm Air Date: 21 September 2018 12:30 -

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Oğuz goes in but Ali hides behind the closet. When he leaves, Ali runs out the window. Kiliç gets him and takes the locket form him. He receives a call and while he is talking Ali grabs the locket and runs. Aziza is looking for him, Ali runs into her on the street so Kiliç stands back.

At home Ali asks about stealing and Aziza explains why it is bad. Ali feels bad about stealing the locket. In the morning Aysil comes but he runs out to go hide the locket when Kiliç sees him. Kiliç gets Ali and the locket.

Aziza goes to work. Jülide thinks she has misplaced the locket. Hediye and Aziza look for it in the house. Yildiz comes and begins spreading seeds that Aziza has probably stolen it. Oğuz begins watching Aziza closely. Kiliç calls Aziza and tells her that he has her son. She asks Jülide for permission to leave. When she is leaving Oğuz notes it and asks why she is leaving so early. She evades the answer and leaves.

Aziza goes to Kiliç and he tells her if she does not give him what he wants, he will report Ali to the police with the locket. Aziza finally agrees but asks him to wait until she takes Ali home. Kiliç begins preparing himself. She takes Ali home and returns to Kiliç. Kiliç approaches her and she hits him in the head with a club and run off with the locket. She goes to the House and is about to put the necklace back in Jülide's box when Oğuz comes in and sees her.

S03E371 - 371.Bölüm Air Date: 24 September 2018 12:30 -

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Oğuz begins to question Aziza and then accuse her when Jülide comes in and says Aziza after you have put back the locket please serve my coffee in the living room. Aziza goes. She realizes that Jülide has saved her but she feels too ashamed and wants to leave. Jülide arrives and tells her that she is ready to hear her story whenever she is ready but asks her not to leave her job. Aziza feels she cannot share her story so she holds back but stays with the job.

Oğuz calls Ersin and asks him to send him the video recordings of surveillance cameras of the House. Aziza continues to be uncomfortable whenever she sees Oğuz making him more suspicious.

Kiliç goes to an old woman and asks her for help to get Aziza.

Aziza goes home and puts Ali to bed. In the morning he tells him to wait for Aysil. She leaves as Hediye calls and asks her to go early since she has a doctor's appointment. She goes and Ali follows her. So she has to hide him in the house. Hediye goes in the room so Ali runs out and hides in the garden. Aziza finally gets him out without anyone seeing him.

In the meantime, Aziza gets a package from the courier and forgets to deliver it to Oğuz. Ersin comes and Aziza suddenly remembers and gives them the package. They go in the study and look at the captures. They see a child. Aziza sees Ali in the videos and is frozen.

S03E372 - 372.Bölüm Air Date: 25 September 2018 12:30 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Aziza is upset. Oğuzis intrigued. Yildiz sees Ersin in the House and is not happy that Oğuz is again so involved in the search for Emir.

Oğuz takes Emir's file and keeps looking at the video of Ali in the study. Aziza returns the following day. She goes to dust in the study and drops Emir's file. Oğuz returns to the study to pick the file up and is upset to see it on the floor. He has a feeling that Aziza might be snooping and snaps at her. She says nothing. He takes the file and goes.

At the office, Selin has a bruise on her face. She says I ran into the door. Koray is going to leave and go to a different job. Tarik Bey is expected to take his place. Yildiz invites Oğuz to dinner at a restaurant. He accepts.

Jülide runs to give Asya her assignment book. Asya says coldly she does not need it. Jülide tells her it is due today. She sulks and later skips school and ends up at Salim's workshop.

Kiliç sends the old lady to get Ali out of the house. Ali goes to show her the way.

One of Oğuz's fired detectives gets a partner to call Jülide and tell her that they have her grandson and will give him to her for money. Jülide calls Oğuz but Yildiz turns off his phone at the restaurant and he does not get the call. She calls the bank and gets the money. They send her the address and she texts it over to Oğuz. She gets too excited and before passing out she tells Aziza about the situation.

Hediye and others take Jülide to the hospital. When Aziza returns, they call Jülide again and Aziza answers. They threaten to kill the child. She begs them not to kill the child and that she will take them the money. She gets the case and sets out for the address. Oğuz also opens his phone and realizes he has missed the calls and runs to the address leaving Yildiz miffed.

Meanwhile Ali sees Aysil and wants to go to her when Kiliç runs and chloroforms him.

S03E373 - 373.Bölüm Air Date: 26 September 2018 12:30 -

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Zuhra and his guy take Ali to an isolated farm and lock him in a cage without food and water.

Aziza hides the money under a tree and goes to the men claiming to have Emir. She demands to see the child. Oğuz's ex-detective stays out of sight but gives the orders. He tells them to threaten her by pretending that they would kill the child. She becomes anxious and runs to give them the money.

Oğuz calls the police. The men are trying to get the money from Aziza when the police arrive. They run away and the police arrests Aziza. Oğuz accuses her of being complicit in the crime. She claims to be innocent but her words fall on deaf ears and they take her.

Jülide is in a coma. Hediye informs Salim. Asya, Canan and Şukran are there. So they all go to the hospital and Asya demands to see her grandmother. She cries at her bed and apologizes for her behaviour and begs her to live.

Yildiz arrives and is surprised that Oğuz is not there. She remembers how she had blocked Jülide's call and fears being discovered. She calls Oğuz and is happy that Aziza is being blamed for Jülide's condition.

Ali is trying to get the key with a stick. Zuhra prevents it. Aziza is allowed a phone call. She calls Aysil and tells her that she is in jail and asks her to keep Ali. Aysil does not have the heart to tell her that Ali is missing.

Oğuz keeps accusing Aziza and telling her she is responsible for his aunt's condition. He says he will make her pay. She insists that she is innocent and begs him to drop the charges because she needs to get out and go home, thinking of Ali.

S03E374 - 374.Bölüm Air Date: 27 September 2018 12:30 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Oğuz demands to know why she wants so urgently to get out. Aziza remembers him seeing Ali in the video and decides not to tell him that she has a child. Oğuz goes to the hospital. He consoles Asya. Asya goes home with Canan and Salim. Yildiz keeps bad mouthing Aziza. Oğuz asks her to go home too. Oğuz goes to Jülide's room and blames himself for not stopping Aziza from working in the House.

Meanwhile Ali finally gets the key with his stick and runs away. He is chased by a couple of hoodlums and hides in a boat and sleeps under a rag all night. In the morning he is discovered by the sailor and runs away again. He is finally offered a sandwich by a nice vendor and pays for it with his football cards.

Meanwhile Aysil looking for the child goes to Kiliç and demands to know where Ali is. He says I do not know but adds that he can help to find him as a favour to Aziza. Aysil goes out searching again.

Oğuz goes to Aziza in the morning again. He degrades her as an ingrate who has taken advantage of Jülide's goodness. Aziza tells him that just because she is poor it does not mean that she is a heartless thief. She tells him that he has been deaf to the truth and the only reason that she is in prison is not that she is guilty but that he is richer and more powerful than her.

She is taken to the interrogator. She once more claims her innocence and demands to be released. The interrogator tells her that the only way she could be released right away is for her to accept guilt and sign papers to appear for her court date. She says she cannot do that because it would be a lie. Oğuz hears it but does not believe it.

Zuhra keeps looking for the child. Ali finally brushes with a little girl who turns out to be Zuhra's accomplice. Zuhra catches Ali again.

Aysil goes to prison and tells Aziza that Ali is missing. Aziza decides to accept guilt despite her innocence in order to go look for Ali. Despite Aysil's advice not to sign the papers as she could get ten years for it, Aziza signs the papers. They call Oğuz in the hospital and tell him that she has signed the confession of guilt. He is happy.

The doctor tells Oğuz that Jülide has woken. He goes in happily and tells her that he has put Aziza under arrest. Jülide tell him frantically that she is innocent and that she had prepared the money to get Emir from those guys. Oğuz is shocked.

S03E375 - 375.Bölüm Air Date: 28 September 2018 12:30 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Jülide wants Oğuz to go get Aziza. Oğuz takes her home and still wonders why Aziza signed the confessions if she is innocent. Aziza goes to Kiliç and demands to have Ali back. He says he knows nothing. Aziza threatens him but he just expresses desire for her.

Zuhra takes Ali to an isolated shack. He runs and hides in the back of a truck and gets back in the city. Aziza follows Kiliç but it leads nowhere.

People from Mahalle visit Jülide. Asya runs to her grandma lovingly. Yildiz comes and gives the jitters to Canan again. Jülide tells Yildiz that Aziza is innocent and Yildiz is annoyed especially when she realizes Oğuz has gone to get her.

Oğuz drives to Mahalle to Aziza's address. Aziza goes to the police and is about to report her son lost when the convenience store guy calls and says Ali just walked in and he would keep him until she gets back. She is on her way there when Oğuz sees her. He stops her and tells her that she needs to go to the House because his aunt wants her. She says she will not go there. He presses her arm and demands that she do as he says. She slaps him hard and leaves.

Oğuz returns to the House and tells Jülide that Aziza could not come today. Aziza picks up Ali and takes him home. Hediye and Jülide call Aziza. She talks to them. In the morning Oğuz is about to leave and when he opens the door, Aziza is about to knock on it.

S03E376 - 376.Bölüm Air Date: 01 October 2018 12:30 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Aziza goes in. Oğuz says his aunt would be very happy to see her. Hediye and Jülide are very happy to see her. She gets down to tending to Jülide. Oğuz asks her to stay and even move into the House. Aziza tells him that she will only stay until Jülide has recovered.

The police are after Kiliç and his stolen goods at the mechanic shop. He has to disappear for a while.

Aysil takes Ali to the store and gets him a candy bar. Ali sees the little girl that lured him back to Zühre and is afraid. Aysil leaves Ali at home and goes somewhere. The girl comes and Ali wants to shoo her away with a rock. She says she has nowhere to go since Zühre is also on the run from the police. She reveals that she too was kidnapped from her mother and does not know where her mother is. Ali says his mother with help her.

Zeliha, Şukran's niece, comes to Istanbul to shop for her pending wedding. She is almost run over by Tarik in his red sports car. Tarik saves Selin from a nasty old boyfriend demanding money from her on the street. He then goes straight to the office where he meets everyone in his sporty outfit. He is a cool and relaxed man who knows something about everyone. Koray fills him in on the business matters he is taking over. Tarik also fixes the computer crash and impresses everyone. He then leaves to go have fun in Istanbul.

Şukran and Canan find the open door and think there is a burglar but then realize Zeliha has arrived. They sit down to eat some of her cooking which Canan applauds.

Yildiz arrives and is angry to see Aziza. She snaps at her in the kitchen but Oğuz arrives and apologizes and takes Yildiz away. In the study Yildiz apologizes to him for losing her cool and says she knows that she has to treat Aziza well because of Jülide. Oğuz thanks her. Yildiz goes back to the kitchen however and continues her nastiness by emptying a bowl of salt in the soup Aziza has prepared for Jülide. Good thing Aziza had taken a bowl before this wasteful act!

Oğuz speaks with someone on the phone about Aziza. It is not clear what he has in mind. He then stops Aziza before leaving the house and seems to be pleading with her. He tells her that no one will disrespect her in the house in any way from now on and again asks her to remain at her job. Yildiz overhears it and is mad.

S03E377 - 377.Bölüm Air Date: 02 October 2018 12:30 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

S03E378 - 378.Bölüm Air Date: 03 October 2018 12:30 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Oğuz tells Aziza that she has taken the right decision to stay and work at the House. She leaves. Yildiz is angry. She receives supposedly condemnatory material about Aziza and wants to share it with Oğuz but does not get a chance.

Ali's friend Hayat gets sick and Ali gets Aysil to make some soup and secretly feeds it to her.

At work Tarik manages to sign a very good deal with a difficult partner despite being late for the meeting. Koray and Selin are surprised.

Zeliha's mother steals the money from her daughter.

Aziza crashes into Oğuz in the kitchen causing orange juice to spill over him and the floor. He tells her not to worry about it. He then sends Ejder, his chauffeur to get a guy and bring him to the House. Ejder is perplexed. He goes and gets the guy. He appears to be a nasty sort.

Oğuz, Yildiz and Jülide go to the verandah to have their breakfasts. Aziza serves them. When she brings the coffee, the guy walks onto the verandah talking loudly. When Aziza hears him, she remembers the guy attacking her in the past. She drops the tray and runs away. The guy sees her and refers to her as a criminal that has stabbed him and made him a cripple. Oğuz and Jülide tell him to stop.

S03E379 - 379.Bölüm Air Date: 04 October 2018 12:30 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Aziza runs off crying. Oğuz looks on. He thinks to himself now Jülide has seen her true face. Jülide goes to her room and feels upset. Yildiz tells her that she should forget about Aziza and that she is a bad sort. Yildiz and Oğuz go sit in the living room. Oğuz remembers the confrontation scene and Aziza's reaction bothers him. She appeared genuinely upset but he wonders why she did not say anything. Yildiz wants to continue degrading Aziza but Oğuz leaves saying he has work to do.

Aziza goes home and finds Ali taking care of Hayat. She helps the child and takes her to the doctor. Aziza is still shaken and hides for a while in the kitchen to cry out her pain and remember how the man had tried to assault her and she had managed to stab him and run away. Aysil comes and Aziza introduces Hayat.

In the morning after breakfast Aziza sets out with the children to find Hayat's parents. They go from park to park in the neighbourhood to see if she remembers the place.

In the morning at the House Asya notes that everyone looks upset. Oğuz and Jülide remain quiet and upset.

Oğuz goes to the gym and meets Tarik. Their conversation reveals that Oğuz's engagement to Yildiz is actually an act of sacrifice and not love. Tarik wonders how his friend can stand Yildiz. Oğuz asks Tarik to check in with Jülide and cheer her up if he can. Later Tarik takes Jülide and Asya out and jokes around with them lightening up Jülide's mood.

Yildiz goes to Oğuz in the study. Oğuz is pensive. Yildiz gives him the document she had meant to share with him. She says it is interesting that we were both investigating Aziza. Oğuz is angry that Yildiz had taken such an initiative on her own. She gives him the court document and leaves. Oğuz looks at the paper and realizes Aziza had attacked the man in self-defence. He gets up and leaves the house. Yildiz follows him in a taxi.

Hayat finally recognizes one of the parks and Aziza manages to find her home.

Oğuz calls his lawyer and storms at him for not giving him the full information about Aziza's police file. The lawyer confesses that he did not look it over himself and had left it to his assistant. Oğuz goes to the office of the guy whom Ejder had brought to the House. He receives Oğuz with respect and says he is looking forward to their business partnership. Oğuz says we need to get to know each other if we are to work together. He agrees. Oğuz then asks him to tell him about Aziza. The guy says he knew Aziza from a child shelter where he used to provide food for. When Aziza came of age and had no place to go, he took her in. Oğuz finally finds out that the guy had tried to force himself on her. He gets up and gives him a good beating before leaving his office. He then goes out and gets in his car.

Yildiz goes into the guy's office and realizes that Oğuz has beaten him up.

Oğuz goes to Mahalleh looking for Aziza. Aziza comes out of the store with two loaves of bread. He calls Aysil to tell her that they found Hayat's mother and returned her to her home. Oğuz sees her and stops the car and gets out. Aziza asks why are you here? He says I know everything.

S03E380 - 380.Bölüm Air Date: 05 October 2018 12:30 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Oğuz tells her that he knows she is innocent and that she needs not explain anything to anyone. He asks her to return to work. Aziza is happy. Oğuz goes home and tells Jülide that it was a misunderstanding and Aziza will return to work tomorrow. Jülide is happy.

Zeliha cries and can't find the courage to tell Samat that the money is gone.

Aziza makes a home remedy mixture for Oğuz for treatment of his diabetes. She goes to work. Ali stays with Aysil. She goes to the House and when Yildiz comes and sees her she is mad. She snaps at her but Aziza says I am here to earn my living.

Koray tries to get Selin to open up about her problems to him. He sees her being pushed around by her husband.

Aziza gives Oğuz the mixture again thanking him for believing in her. Oğuz is moved by Aziza's thoughtfulness. Yildiz realizes she does not know that Oğuz had called Cezmi. She goes and talks to Oğuz about his bringing Cezmi to the House in the veranda and she makes sure that Aziza hears it. Aziza is cleaning Asya's room and hears what Yildiz is saying and is shocked.

S03E381 - 381.Bölüm Air Date: 08 October 2018 12:30 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Aziza runs out when she realizes Oğuz confronted her with Cezmi. Oğuz realizes she has heard everything and runs after her. Aziza says I thought you were a good and just man. She asks if he was entertained enough by reminding her of her past pains. Oğuz wants to explain but she leaves her job and goes home.

Oğuz goes to the gym and tells Tarik how he has blamed a blameless person and feels horrible. Oğuz tosses and turns all night over this. In the morning he keeps calling Aziza. Aziza does not respond. He then calls Nesrin, the owner of the boutique and asks her to find a job for Aziza with a colleague and adds that he will pay for her wages. Nesrin calls Aziza but she does not respond thinking it is Oğuz. Aysil comes and Nesrin calls her and finally reaches Aziza and calls her in for a job. Aziza goes to work happily but when Ali wants to give her her bag, the strap breaks and he is upset.

Ali wants to buy a bag for his mom so he sets up a box and sells water. Kiliç who has opened shop somewhere else comes back in the neighbourhood and sees him.

Zeliha is crossing the street all distraught and falls as Tarik is passing. Before he can get out and help her, she gets up and leaves. Zeliha goes home and tells Samat that the money was stolen and that she will work and return the money. Samat tells her that she should not worry about the money but that he does not want his wife to work.

Oğuz is told that Aziza is set up in her new job so he is happy. Yildiz comes and asks to go out with Oğuz. He wants to skip it but she insists that as her fiancé he should spend some time with her. He wants to do a few things before they go out.

Yildiz goes into the veranda and is talking with her friend about how she is tired of waiting for a dead child when Oğuz comes and hears. He tells her that she no longer has to pretend. He will never start a new life before finding Amir. He tells her that they should take a break from each other. Yildiz goes to him and tries to make up but he bids her farewell.

She leaves angrily and goes to meet her friend at the boutique where she sees Aziza. She finds out that she has been hired with Oğuz's references. She is mad and goes to Oğuz and asks why he gave Aziza a reference. Oğuz tells her that he does not need to explain his actions to her.

Oğuz then goes to the boutique and outside in his car checks on Aziza from afar to make sure she is ok.

Cezmi is in his office cursing Kervancioglu because his business is going bad and all his orders are getting cancelled. Yildiz walks in and gives him the address of Aziza's new workplace.

S03E382 - 382.Bölüm Air Date: 09 October 2018 12:30 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Yildiz wants Cezmi to scare Aziza off. He says he will. Oğuz continues to check on Aziza and he dreams that she is back at the House and he thanks her for forgiving him.

Ali continues to set up his water stand. Aysil sees him and takes him to a store owner and asks him to keep an eye on Ali while he sells his water.

At the boutique Aziza is being stalked by Cezmi. Oğuz calls the boutique owner to make sure Aziza is fine. Aziza hears and realizes Oğuz is responsible for this job. At the House Oğuz remembers how upset Aziza was and is about to get an attack when he remembers Aziza's remedy and uses it. From the window, he suddenly Aziza coming and goes out to the yard to meet her. Aziza snaps at Oğuz and tells him to stay away from her. He runs after her and apologizes. She leaves.

Zeliha wants to find a job. Samat says no. Zeliha is not impressed. Yildiz goes to the House and tries to cozy up to Oğuz again. Tarik leaves as soon as she comes.

Aziza goes back to the boutique owner and tells her she is leaving. The owner asks her to stay because Aziza is a good employee and she needs someone like her. Aziza wants to make sure her pay does not come from Oğuz. She assures her that she will pay her herself.

Aziza is delivering some clothes. Cezmi follows her and drugs her. Oğuz is on his way to the office for a meeting with Tarik and Koray. As he is passing in his car, he sees Cezmi putting Aziza in the car. He tries to follows. He loses them at first but finally finds them.

Cezmi has taken her to a building under construction in an isolated area. He is about to approach her when Oğuz arrives and pulls him away. Oğuz runs to Aziza to make sure she is fine when Cezmi takes a club and hits Oğuz out cold.

S03E383 - 383.Bölüm Air Date: 10 October 2018 12:30 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Cezmi pulls a knife on Azize. Oğuz finally gets himself up and grabs Cezmi before he attacks Azize. Cezmi slashes Oğuz's arm. Oğuz punches him and he runs off after losing his knife.

Azize bandages Oğuz's cut with her handkerchief and dress band and helps him to his car. The two of them leave. Oğuz does not want to go to the hospital. Tarik calls him and Oğuz asks him to go get Cezmi. Tarik goes to Cezmi and ties him up. He finds out that he was told the address of Azize's workplace by a rich lady. The police come and take him away.

Ali continues to sell his water and make money. Kiliç can't go to him since he is being watched over by the surrounding vendors. Yildiz goes to the office looking for Oğuz and cannot find him. Canan has brought Zeliha to Koray for an interview. Koray is happy with the CV but says the final say would be with Tarik since Zeliha would be working as his assistant. Selin continues to be harassed by her husband. Koray cannot get her to open up about her problems.

Oğuz drives with significant difficulty to a house (probably a cottage of some sort). Azize helps him inside and finally calls his doctor friend. He comes and cares for his injury and gives them some meds. Oğuz tells Azize that she can walk a short distance where a neighbour will take her to the city. She takes her bag and leaves the house. Outside, she is about to leave but thinks twice.

In the house, Oğuz gets up and walks to the kitchen and sees Azize cooking food and smiles.

S03E384 - 384.Bölüm Air Date: 11 October 2018 12:30 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Azize tends to Oğuz. Yildiz looks for him. Tarik and Jülide are concerned that he does not respond to his phone. Oğuz finally gets up and recharges his phone and calls Jülide.

Kiliç tries to get to Ali but the fruit vendor is looking over him so he cannot. Azize calls Aysil and asks her to look after Ali.

Azize spends the night looking after Oğuz. In the morning a local neighbour leaves them eggs and milk. Azize also goes and gets water from a spring nearby. Oğuz eats Azize's soup with relish.

Zeliha argues with Samat over working. Her mother also does not want her to work. She goes for an interview. But Tarik has to leave and does not see her. He leaves it to Koray to get him an assistant. Koray gives Zeliha the job.

Zeliha's mother has kept some of the money and goes shopping with it and Zeliha spots her and wonders what she is up to.

Tarik goes to the house and meets Azize for the first time. Azize serves them coffee. Tarik drives them to the House. Azize gets out to leave. Oğuz asks her to come back to the House and her work. He says he wants to make up for his mistake. Azize says she can't and leaves. Yildiz sees them talking with each other and is dead set on getting back at them.

S03E385 - 385.Bölüm Air Date: 12 October 2018 12:30 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Tarik drives to the bus stop and talks with Azize. He tells her that Oğuz is basically a good man and regrets what happened. Azize goes home and remembers the occurences and decides to return to the House for work.

Oğuz shirks Yildiz at home and goes to his room wondering if Azize would ever come back. Yildiz goes to the office and finds out what happened with Cezmi from Tarik. She realizes that Oğuz has risked his own life to save Azize. She is mad.

Azize returns and begins changing the dressing on Oğuz's cut when Yildiz comes and shoos her away. But Yildiz makes a mess of it and has to go and get Azize. Azize comes and handles the bandage.

Zeliha starts work. Koray asks Canan to talk to Selin about her husband. Canan and Zeliha go to work together. Samet wants to come and see Zeliha that day. Zeliha asks her to come in the evening because she has not yet told him that she has found a job. But her mother calls Samet to ask him to come earlier because she wants to reveal Zeliha's secret. Samet finds out that Zeliha is working and is mad.

Ali buys the bag for Azize but Kiliç gets a hold of him and stamps on the bag breaking Ali's heart.

Oğuz asks why Azize returned to the House. She says like him, she does not like to have a debt to anyone. Later Oğuz talks with Tarik about Azize in the verandah. Tarik tells him that he seems very happy like he has not been in a long time and adds that he does not think Oğuz sees Azize merely as an employee. Tarik interprets Oğuz's silence as his agreement. Yildiz hears this conversation and is exasperated.

S03E386 - 386.Bölüm Air Date: 15 October 2018 12:30 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Oğuz is happy with Azize's presence in the house. She changes the dressing on his arm again and listens to and implements the doctor's recommendations for him. Oğuz thanks her for staying and taking care of him when he was hurt. She thanks him for saving her from Cezmi's assault.

Yildiz tries to get close to Oğuz again. Oğuz has no patience for her.

Selin snaps at Koray for discussing her private life with Canan. Her husband again comes to get money from her in the office. Koray sees it.

Samet goes to the office and snaps at Zeliha for not telling him about the job. He leaves. Canan gets Samet to meet Zeliha in the park and they patch things up. Samet tells Zeliha she can work if it makes her happy. She goes to the office and is working when Tarik comes in and realizing she is his assistant gives a quick greeting and tells her to pick up his suit from the dry cleaners and leaves. Zeliha gets the suit and Selin sends her the address of the hotel where the meeting is taking place so she can deliver it to Tarik directly. She goes there and is a bit shy when he opens the door and tells her to put it inside as he is on the phone.

Samet goes to the office with a bunch of flowers to congratulate Zeliha and Selin tells him she is at the hotel. He gets the address and goes there and sees Zeliha at the door with Tarik.

Ali is very upset that he does not have the bag to give her mother tomorrow for her birthday. Aysil goes and snaps at Kiliç. Then she brings paper and coloured markers so Ali could make a nice drawing for her mother's birthday. He is happy.

Jülide wants to get a sewing machince for Azize's birthday. She tells Oğuz and he says he will take care of it. Azize hears out of context statements from him on the phone and thinks he is still investigating her. She asks Oğuz if he has any problem with her. He says there is no problem. She is upset and is about to leave when he stops her and asks if there is something wrong. Ejder comes in with the package so Jülide and Hediye reveal the truth. Azize realizes Oğuz was simply preparing a surprise for her.

S03E387 - 387.Bölüm Air Date: 16 October 2018 12:30 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Azize realizes she has misjudged Oğuz's actions. Oğuz leaves. Jülide and Hediye get Azize to open the present. Azize says a sewing machine is too big a present and she cannot accept it. Jülide says they will set it up in the House and she can use it both for herself and for possible tasks in the House. She agrees.

Azize tries to find an opportunity to apologize to Oğuz but he makes it difficult for her. He finally tells her that there is no need for an apology. He adds that in view of what has gone before, her misunderstanding was to be expected and that he would be more careful from now on.

Samet confronts Zeliha and accuses her of sleeping around. He leaves without giving her a chance to explain. She goes home and tells Canan. Her mother is happy to overhear it since she does not care for Samet and wants a rich son-in-law. Zeliha just cries.

Samet gets a friend's car and follows Tarik and swerves in front of his car. Tarik gets off and tells him to watch what he is doing. Samet just shouts and threatens him.

Yildiz goes to a neighbourhood asking for Azize. She is in the wrong neighbourhood and gets mugged.

Aysil and Ali make a cake for Azize's birthday.

Azize realizes the shirt that was torn in confrontation with Cezmi was a souvenir from Oğuz's late father. She takes and mends it. Oğuz is very moved when he finds it mended in his room. He is very touched by Azize's gesture. He wears it and is thankful to Azize.

S03E388 - 388.Bölüm Air Date: 17 October 2018 12:30 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Oğuz looks good in his father's shirt. Jülide hugs him. Azize is happy.

Samet threatens Tarik. Tarik doesn't know what's going on and tries to calm him. Samet only rants and when he tries to attack Tarik, Tarik heads him with his forehead. Samet has to leave with a bruised face. Tarik tells him to cool off.

Azize goes home. Ali and Aysil surprise her with the cake. She is joyful. At night, Ali works on his drawing of Azize. It is a good liking. Did he get his drawing skills from his "mom"?

Zeliha has locked herself in the room. Şukran, Elmas and Canan are worried. She finally comes out. She wants to talk to Samet. He does not respond. In the morning, she leaves early to talk to him. Elmas follows her. She sees Samet in the street and he has a bruised face. He says I never want to see you again. She goes home crying. Her mother is happy and says this is the end. She locks her in the room and says you cannot see him again.

In the morning Oğuz goes to the kitchen to get a glass of water. Azize realizes he is leaving, so she quickly makes a sandwich for him since the doctor has told him to eat well and eat regularly. He is touched by the gesture and takes the sandwich.

On the road as he is driving, he remembers her making the sandwich and begins eating it with relish. At the office, Tarik realizes Zeliha is not in the office and tells Selin to call her and see if anything is wrong. Selin calls. Zeliha does not respond. Samet calls her and she leaves through the balcony to meet him in the park. There he again does not listen to her. He only asks if he was always a slut or became one because of that guy. Zeliha is speechless and walks away. Later she passes out on the street. Passersby call Samet from her phone. He just rants and hangs up. They then call Canan. Şukran, Elmas and Canan go to her. The lady tells Canan about what happened on the phone with Samet.

Yildiz finds the right neighbourhood and begins looking for Azize. Selin receives a letter from the court.

Jülide and Heidye go to check on Asya at the camp. Azize is cleaning the House when she realizes Oğuz has forgotten his meds. Tarik realizes Oğuz has eaten a nice sandwich in the morning and is surprised. It is not like him to act healthfully. Azize calls Oğuz about the meds. Oğuz asks her to take him the meds. She goes to the office. Tarik comes and gets her to stay and have coffee. Then they ask her opinion about the changes they are making in the office kitchen. Tarik then gets them to go have lunch at a street vendor. The three of them go but Tarik has to leave early. Oğuz eats happily with Azize. He looks extremely content.

S03E389 - 389.Bölüm Air Date: 18 October 2018 12:30 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Oğuz and Azize enjoy the lunch and the view. Julide calls and says they will not return until tomorrow. Oğuz takes Azize to the office so they can go to the House together after he has done a few things at work. She waits but does not feel well. Oğuz realizes and takes her to the hospital.

Ali calls during that time. She wants to go home. Oğuz gets her a cab and pays for it. he then gets in his car. Is he following her?

Yildiz goes to Mahaleh and asks around. Aysil prevents the storekeeper from telling her anything. She tells Yildiz Azize has moved from there. Çakı sees her. Her car does not run. He offers to fix it at their shop. She accepts reluctantly.

Zeliha is taken to the hospital. Canan gets Samet to visit her. He apologizes but insists that she should not go to work. Zeliha accepts. Canan informs Selin. Tarik overhears what happened with Zeliha and is preoccupied. Selin tells Canan Zeliha has to go to the office the next day to sign off her termination. Samet does not want her to go there ever again. Zeliha wonders why. She says we can go together. He refuses. He leaves.

Selin tells Koray that her husband has borrowed money forging her signature and not paid it back. Koray says let me take care of the debt. She refuses. Koray is upset that he cannot do anything for Selin. He goes to Salim and discusses his problem and asks for advice.

Ali draws a picture of his house and family. He draws himself, his mother and a tall dark-haired father. Kılıç longs for Azize.

Şükran against Elmas' wishes, tells Zeliha to invite Samet for dinner and to finalize wedding plans. He accepts. Zeliha goes to get a few things form the store. Tarik arrives in his red car and tells her he is sorry for what happened. She asks him to leave. The neighbourhood gossips look at them and begin to talk! Zeliha goes home and Tarik gets in his car and goes. soon Samet comes around the corner and hears the neighbourhood gossip about Zeliha handling tow men at the same time. He slams the sweets on the ground and returns home.

The taxi brings Azize to her destination and tells her Oğuz has already paid. She gets off. Oğuz has stopped in the back. He is only there to make sure she got home alright. As soon as she gets off, he drives off.

Yildiz tells Çakı that she will not wait any longer. Çakı says he will call her a taxi. Yildiz suddenly hears Kiliç mentioning the name of Azize longingly as he admires her photograph. Her eyes light up with mischief.

S03E390 - 390.Bölüm Air Date: 19 October 2018 12:30 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Yildiz realizes Kılıç is madly in love with Azize. She tells him that Azize is in love with him but is afraid of gossip. He is excited and gets a bunch of flowers and takes it to her at night. Azize is putting Ali to sleep and goes to open the door. She shoos Kılıç away but Ali is scared and cannot sleep all night.

Oğuz tries to make a sandwich for himself at the House but it does not turn out as tasty as the one Azize made him. He wants to call her but stops himself. The doctor calls and says he will send him Azize's meds. Yildiz calls and says I am at the door. Oğuz immediately calls Tarik to come and save him. Yildiz goes in with food. T-Bone steak. As she is taking it out, Tarik arrives and says they have to work. Yildiz is annoyed and has to leave.

Oğuz goes to pick up Azize in the morning. Kılıç is there with a car and wants to pick her up and when he sees her with Oğuz he goes mad. He follows them. Oğuz takes Azize to a restaurant to have breakfast. They enjoy a nice meal together and talk about how the worst thing a child could endure is having to grow up alone without a family.

Kılıç calls Yildiz and demands that she meet him at his place. There he tries to choke her saying that she has lied to him and that Azize and Oğuz are together. Yildiz tells him she is Oğuz's finace. He takes out his gun. Yildiz goes off all shaken.

Tarik continues to feel bad about what happened with Zeliha. He goes to her house and asks her to dial Samet's number so he can talk to him. Zeliha is about to do so reluctantly when they are once again spotted by gossipy neighbours saying Zeliha is handling two men at the same time. Samet arrives and hears it. He storms into the gate and screams at Zeliha and Tarik. Tarik now realizes who he is. He asks him to calm down out of respect for Zeliha so they can talk man to man. Samet throws a punch at Tarik. Tarik avoids it and Samet falls on the ground. Zeliha begs Tarik to leave. He leaves. Samet takes off his rings and slams it to the ground saying it is over. Tarik sees it.

Azize finishes late with Hediye and leaves in the dark. Kılıç is waiting for her in the car with his gun. Oğuz runs out to give her the meds. He says bye and goes in. Azize's telephone is ringing. He goes out to give it to her. Azize is confronted with Kılıç on the street. He grabs her and says she is his. She resists. Oğuz arrives and punches him. Kılıç takes out his gun. Azize wants to protect Oğuz. Oğuz shields her. Oğuz grabs Kılıç's hand. Azize also comes forward and entangles with them. Gunshot! Azize is hit in the stomach. Kılıç runs crying for Azize. Oğuz calls the ambulance and covers her wound with his jacket. She comes to for a moment to ask him to take care of her son.

S03E391 - 391.Bölüm Air Date: 05 November 2018 13:45 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

The ambulance takes Azize and Oğuz to the hospital. She is taken in and the waiting game starts. Yildiz comes with Jülide, Hediye and Ejder. She is annoyed that Oğuz is so concenred for Azize. She also does not want to be connected to Kiliç. Tarik comes and consoles Oğuz. Yildiz appears to suffer from some disorder for which she takes medication. She is so angry in the washroom that she drops all her meds and smashes things.

Oğuz visits Azize in her room and begs her to hold on. He then comes out and says he is going to get Azize's child. Yildiz is happy thinking Azize is married.

Zeliha is distraught. She leaves the house. In the mean time, Samet's mother comes and throws a rock at Şükran's window and bad mouths Zeliha. Zeliha hears this and later her own mother and is very upset. She goes into her room and leaves from the balcony window. Canan comes and hears her phone ringing. It is Tarik. She tells him that Zeliha is not well and has gone out without a word. Tarik looks for Zeliha in Mahalleh and suddenly spots her and follows her. He finally finds her at the top of a building at a construction site and runs to her.

Selin calls Yildiz and tells her that they have called from the clinic regarding her meds and she should pay them a visit. Yildiz snaps at her. Then Samet arrives at Kervancioglu holding and wants to meet with Tarik. Selin tells him that he has cancelled all his meetings and will not be in the office that day. But Samet is adamant and sits saying I will wait for him.

Oğuz goes to Azize's home and meets Ali. He tells Aysil about Azize and she tells him that Ali's father is dead. Kiliç overhears their conversation and is happy that Azize is not dead. Oğuz takes Aysil to the hospital and takes Ali to the House where Jülide and Asya try to engage him.

Kiliç breaks into Azize's house all distraught. He is mad at himself for hurting Azize. He then goes through her pictures and finds a diary. In it, she talks about her days in the orphanage and then how Ali entered her life like a gift from heavens. She then implies that she may have problems with the law regarding Ali.

Oğuz tries to make Ali comfortable in the House. At the hospital Azize's situation becomes critical. Aysil is frantic. Oğuz receives a call that disturbs him.

S03E392 - 392.Bölüm Air Date: 06 November 2018 15:45 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Oğuz goes off to answer the phone regarding work. At the hospital the doctors handle Azize's crisis and she pulls through. She remembers the time she found Ali, an infant, abandoned in the forest. Ali misses his mom and Yildiz burns everytime Oğuz handles him tenderly.

Tarik runs up the building and Zeliha faints in his arms. He takes her to his place. Samet is in the office making a scene with Selin. Koray comes and asks Samet to leave and stops himself from entangling with him despite Samet's taunts. Koray then calls Tarik and tells him about Samet and how he is asking for his address. Zeliha gets up and wants to leave but passes out again at the door.

Yildiz is getting angrier and angrier. He tells Ali that his mother is dead and will not come back to him. Ali refuses to believe her. Oğuz hears Yildiz and tells Ali that her mother is in the hospital but will get well soon. He then takes Yildiz aside and snaps at her.

Oğuz and the family go to visit Azize in the hospital. Azize has recovered. She is happy that Ali is being taken care off.

Kiliç is digging into Azize's past while the police search for him.

Yildiz is very angry. She takes a cab. Her friend Sinem keeps calling her and asking her to take her meds. She refuses. Sinem also calls Oğuz and asks him to give Yildiz a chance. He says he has done that many times and it does not work. Jülide overhears and consoles Oğuz. Ali comes and tells Oğuz that her mother's soup is ready to be taken to the hospital so Oğuz sets out for the hospital.

Taril gives Zeiliah a sandwich and tells her she needs to eat before she leaves. Koray calls Canan and tells her about Zeliha trying to commit suicide. Canan calls Tarik and says she will go and get Zeliha.

Yildiz arrives at the hospital. Azize is given a tranquilizer to sleep. Oğuz arrives and gets in the elevator to go up to Azize's room. Yildiz enters Azize's room and looks like she is going to choke her.

S03E393 - 393.Bölüm Air Date: 07 November 2018 15:45 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Sinem arrives and stopsYildiz. Yildiz's bracelet falls. They leave the hospital. Oğuz brings Azize her soup. Azize tells him that Kiliç was on her back for a while and she could not stop him. She apologizes to Oğuz. Oğuz tells her not to worry about Ali and concentrate on getting well.

Canan and Selin visit Zeliha. She is asleep on Tarik's couch because he has given her tranquilizer. Canan suggests that Zeliha stay with Tarik a couple of days since her mother, at home, could again trigger her depression. Tarik agrees but when Zeliha comes to she wants to leave again. She notices her phone. Samet has sent an insulting message. Tarik tells her that she needs to stay and calm down.

Yildiz sees someone to get poison. She wants to kill Azize.

Kiliç goes to birth registration office to find out about Ali. The police is after him and informs Oğuz he is there and they are moving in. Kiliç present the guy with Ali's birth certificate but they have to get out as the office is being evacuated.

Ali is afraid of thunder so Oğuz takes him in his bedroom and he sleeps beside him. In the morning, he takes him to see his mother. They take her into the garden for a bit. Yildiz realizes her bracelet is missing and goes to the hospital to get it. She sees Oğuz and Azize together with the child and is angry. She gets her bracelet and when Oğuz leaves, she goes in and wants to inject the poison into Azize's IV.

Kiliç takes the guy as hostage and runs out fromt he back. As he is holding him to the wall, the guy indicates that the birth certificate he is holding is clearly fake.

S03E394 - 394.Bölüm Air Date: 08 November 2018 15:45 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Kiliç realizes that Ali is not Azize's son. The police cannot catch Kiliç so Oğuz goes back to the hospital and tells Bariş that he would prefer to move Azize to the House the following day to make sure she is safe. Aysil stays with Azize for the night. Oğuz goes home and tells Ali that if he sleeps, he promises he will see his mother home the following day.

Tarik gives Zeliha an ice pack for her ankle. He then tries to do the junior psychologist's work. He gets her to evaluate the positive and negative in her life and character. Meanwhile Samet is trying to find Tarik's address. Zeliha takes her phone and goes to the washroom and appears to call someone. She hears Samet at the door bad mouthing Tarik and asking if Zeliha is there. She is very upset.

At the office, Selin tells her husband on the phone that they have no more money left and he needs to get his act together. Koray overhears it.

Oğuz takes Azize home and takes Ali to her. He let's them spend time together. He later plays with Ali in the living room. Yildiz sees Oğuz spend time with Ali and snaps at the child when Oğuz is away. Oğuz sees her and sends the child away. He tells Yildiz that their engagement is off as he takes off the ring from his finger and puts it in her hand.

Kiliç follows Azize to the House and calls her. He tells her that he knows Ali is not her son and she better meet her outside. She goes outside and is distraught when he tells her that he knows everything and wants everything from her.

S03E395 - 395.Bölüm Air Date: 09 November 2018 15:45 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Azize tells the people in the House that she needs to go and get some personal stuff from home. She leaves Ali at the House and goes home; packs her bag and says goodbye to Aysil. Azize has bought two tickets and is planning to run off with Ali to another city. Çaki sees her and informs Kiliç. Kiliç sees her and says he will take her and Ali to Greece and provide everything they want for them. Azize says she has to go and get Ali.

Yildiz asks Oğuz to keep up the semblance of their engagement for a short while for the sake of her family so she can break the news to them gently. Oğuz accepts and puts the ring back on. Yildiz then decides to kidnap Ali.

Tarik handles Samet and he finally leaves. Later the police come knocking at Tarik's door. Zeliha has called them. Meanwhile Elmas is on Canan's back trying to find out where Zeliha is.

Koray gets a lawyer friend to help Selin get a divorce.

Azize returns to the House. Jülide is not well so she is delayed taking care of her. Yildiz takes Asya to the cinema. Ali is playing alone in the backyard. Asya decides to go back. Yildiz gets a call that the deed is done. Ejder runs into the House telling them that Ali is missing. Azize runs out.

S03E396 - 396.Bölüm Air Date: 12 November 2018 15:45 -

Sorry, but right now we don't have any sources for this episode.

Azize is frantic. They search for Ali everywhere. They finally see in the surveillance videos that he has been kidnapped. The police pursue the matter. Kiliç comes to pick Azize and realizes Ali is kidnapped. He goes back and sends Çaki to find out whatever he can about it. He wants to save Ali as well. Yildiz tells her kidnappers to leave a piece of Ali's clothing at Kiliç's shop to make him the prime suspect. The police find it. Oğuz and Azize go there. Kiliç runs.

The kidnappers take Ali to a warehouse. Someone spots them and informs the police.

The police take Tarik to the police station. The lawyer wants to get him out. He sends the lawyer away and says he will stay there the night. Zeliha goes home and tells Canan what happened. Zeliha's mother is berating her daughter all time. In the morning Canan tells Zeliha that Tarik is still in jail. Zeliha goes to the station to withdraw her complaint. They bring him out. The two of them go for tea and he tells her she deserves a good life and should stay away from anyone who thinks otherwise.

Yildiz meets Çaki and is cooking some plan.

The police call home because Zeliha forgot her ID at the station. Elmas finds out about Zeliha's complaint. Zeliha goes home and on the way the old man, Azize's landlord runs into her and she drops her purse. The guy pursues her and sees where she lives. At the door Elmas grabs Zeliha's hair screaming that she is up to no good.

Oğuz and Azize go to the warehouse. The kidnappers have just gotten away. The police get some lead and move on. Azize sees Ali being taken away in a car. They seem to be headed to Adana.

S03E397 - 397.Bölüm Air Date: 13 November 2018 15:45 -

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Oğuz calls Tarik and Tarik gets on the trail of the kidnappers. Azize faints with pain in her belly. So they wait. Kiliç is there watching them. Tarik follows the guys. Somewhere he is held up. They kidnappers change cars and the ones with Ali go outside the city and leave the child with a nasty woman.

Tarik follows the guy with the van. He sees him go in. He tells Oğuz. Oğuz tells him not to make a move without him. He sends Azize home with Ejder and goes to Tarik himself. Azize gets out of the car midway and runs back.

The old man is trying to present himself to Elmas as a prospective son-in-law. Elmas locks Zeliha in the room and tells Canan she has to go and get Tarik. Canan cannot find Tarik and even when she calls him, he is caught up with the chase and cannot answer. Elmas is mad that Tarik does not answer.

Koray takes Selin to stay with Salim to be safe from Peker.

When Oğuz arrives and they want to move in on the guy, Azize arrives with a cab and makes a raucous so the guy runs off but not before Tarik gets a few clues from him. Azize blames poor Oğuz.

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